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Hell Week

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Kaley knew she had to come up with a good initiation for sorority hell weeks. She had thought about this a lot recently and thought she had found a great idea for her new pledges. She set it up perfectly. The new girls should be here by 9 p.m. and “he” should arrive around 10 p.m.. She called the tow truck company last week and made sure the guy that would be working (John) would fit the scenario perfectly.

This was a carefully thought out dare this year, although a little too daring for other sororities for Gamma Phi it was perfect. Gamma Phi had a reputation for outrageous behavior and the beautiful girls they allowed in.

She had already talked to the rest of the Senior girls and they all agreed this would be the best “hell week” dare they had ever had. In Gamma Phi though, it would be one night not a week,

The new pledges started arriving around 8:30 that evening. First was Lena “white feather,” she was an Indian girl from Arizona. She was a standout beauty. Long black hair, perfectly straight that shone like velvet. Beautiful almond ebony eyes you could fall into and never escape from. Her body just as exquisite with generous breasts and a nice plump firm ass.

Next was a Georgia peach, “Sally” also an obvious knockout, she was shorter but blonde and busty. Nice big tits that begged for release under her tight Victoria’s Secret bra. She had beautiful green eyes, the softest, whitest skin and an ass that would make Jennifer Lopez envious.

Last was Danny (short for Daniella). Tall and evenly proportioned, she definitely looked the dominatrix type. Kaley still wasn’t sure about Danny, but tonight would tell.

After they had all arrived and were comfortable in the living room, Kaley opened a couple of bottles of Wolf Blass southern Australian Chardonnay and returned to the living room to greet the girls and explain to the pledges, their dare. Kaley looked around the room before starting and being bisexual herself was getting excited just looking at these young women.

She started by telling them this was a dare, they could back out any time, but of course they would not be accepted to the sorority if they did.

“OK. Ladies this is your dare. At 10 p.m. a young man named John will show up here, he is a tow truck driver who thinks he’s coming out here on a call. Your dare is to get him to come inside, get him to drink one glass of wine then restrain him gently so he cannot leave. You will seduce him, tease him, make him rock hard and his balls blue. You will then start teasing each other until you all cum at the same time.

I will have to of course be an observer so I know you have all performed your dare. Any questions?” They all sat there stunned, mouths gaped open for a minute. Danny was the first to speak “It sounds like more fun than a dare to me”, she gave a lusty grin. Kaley looked at the other two and said “well are you willing to take this dare pledges?”. Sally and Lena looked at each other and shrugged, smiling. “Ok Sally said I’m in.” Lena added “me too”.

“Well then, I guess we should have a glass of wine and toast to your dare ladies and good luck” Kaley said. She poured everyone a glass and raised hers in a toast, they all followed her lead and raised theirs. “To the new pledges of Gamma Phi, good luck tonight”. Their glasses clinked touching lips and bonding the dare.

At around 9:50 with a good buzz from the wine, the young ladies all at ease and relaxed discussed who would be the first, to fuck the unknowing mysterious “John”. Danny said ” I’ll go first, and show you how its done.” They all agreed Danny should be the one to go first, she was the most out spoken and was built like an Amazon woman. Long coal jet black hair pulled back tightly in a pony tail, striking violet eyes that almost looked like they weren’t there.

Tall, she had to be at least 5’11” and just as sleek as a black panther. Besides Sally or Lena wasn’t sure how to go about restraining a man. Not like they thought Danny was but she was big enough too.

Kaley had brought out of another room, fur lined handcuffs, a blindfold and some soft nylon straps. Danny noticed the furniture was perfectly situated for her needs, the couch and two side chairs all nice and heavy, and all with legs. She knew already how she would lead her pray to the web. She whispered something to Sally who giggled and shook her head yes and then the same with Lena who also agreed.

All of them started removing various articles of clothing, Sally her summer dress, revealing her creamy huge titties heavily restrained by a beautiful green satin and lace bra and matching thong.

Lena was next removing her jeans and Arizona Cardinals sweatshirt. Kaley still couldn’t get over how beautiful she was, she could feel her insides stir as she watched Lena undress to see her white lace bra and panties revealing nothing, but everything. Kaley thought to herself “this might be more interesting than I thought.”

While Lena was undressing Danny had taken off her dark blue suit with very low neckline she did not have a bra on but did have what looked like bike shorts for panties, Kaley guessed for the lines under her pants. She had beautiful tits, perfect size 36c nice and firm, with big areolas that were very erect. She had a very athletic stature, very muscular and yet feminine. Kaley could see why everyone agreed to let Danny go first, she definitely was a take control kind of girl.

Then the buzzer on the front door, all the pledges looked around at each other and smiled, and Danny said “here we go.” Kaley was the one to go to the door and greet John, she had called the tow truck company earlier in the week and asked for someone to come out and jump her battery, with hopes he would be what she was looking for, and he was. She opened the door and smiled at him and said “Hi John. I’m so sorry, I left my lights on again”

“no problem my pleasure, Kaley right?”

“Yes, I’m so pleased you remember.”

How could I forget he thought to himself she was beautiful, he wanted to bend her over his truck and fuck her hard the last time he was here. Fortunately for him she had a piece of shit battery. Kaley asked him ” would you like to come in before you get started out there?.”

“Well sure, be happy too” he replied. They both entered the foyer and she took his blue work jacket that said “John” on a quaint little patch on the front, and hung it up. She gestured in the direction of the living room and said “We have a small party going on tonight, I hope you don’t mind?”

“No of course not he says, I party sometimes too.” They both entered the living room where Lena, Danny and Sally stood to greet him in their very scantily clad attire. John’s eyes almost bugged out of his head and an astonished but pleased look came over his face. “Hi. I’m Danny” as she walked forward hand extended as a greeting. “Hi, I’m John” he says almost stammering shaking her hand. The other two Lena and Sally came forward and also introduced themselves to him.

Kaley offered him a seat and a glass of wine. “I really shouldn’t be drinking I’m working” he said. Sally the busty blonde with her sweet Georgia voice said to him “Sugah, one little of’ glass of wine won’t hurt will it?” and smiled. John almost came in his pants right there, god she was gorgeous how could he refuse this, he’d be a total moron.

“Well, ok one glass shouldn’t hurt,” John finally choked out. Sally slowly walked by John knowing his eyes were piercing her , grabbed another glass and filled it with chardonnay. Walking sexily towards him like a cat might prowl she handed him the glass. John thought to himself, ok I’m dreaming, is it me or are these beautiful creatures up to something here. If they are he thought, I’m not going anywhere. He relaxed a little and took a long drink of the wine. Not usually being a wine drinker he wasn’t about to argue or disturb the mood of this room right now. He could feel tension building and he had no idea why.

Lena got up and walked by him brushing his arm on the chair with her thigh on her way to the stereo. She could smell him he smelled of old spice mixed with rust and grease, but he was sexy. Big strong arms and a wide chest you could tell because he wore his shirt which also proclaimed him as “John” tucked into his pants . Light brown tousled hair, but it looked good on him. Big green eyes, she thought to herself ” I could easily do him.” She found a Crazytown cd and put it in the cd player.

The music started to play and Lena started to sway her long body in time with it. John watched every move she made, as did the rest of them. Sally started up a meaningless conversation with him, “how long you been doing this, do you like this kind of work?” All the while Lena still dancing, grinding as a stripper would do. God she moved like a snake so smooth, John thought to himself while trying to concentrate on what Sally was asking him. Kaley broke in and said “anymore wine anyone?”

“Sure,” three voices simultaneously answer, but not John. Kaley says John more wine?

John shifts a little knowing he doesn’t have any more calls waiting this was his last one of the night. “Yeah, sure why not, but you might have to help me with that jump later on” and laughs, as they join in with him and agree to any help he might need with his “jump.” Kaley walks over with the bottle and refilled his glass for him, she bent over he could see down her shirt. She had no bra on and her little boobs pushed at the material on her dress. He couldn’t help himself, all these beautiful women here and his heart and cock were pumping. Kaley noticed as she leaned forward the bulge in his dickey work pants that fit him nice and snug. She definitely made the right choice. She smiled and winked at him and took a seat on the couch.

John by now could feel himself getting a little foggy from the wine and was a little concerned about driving home and voiced his concerns. “Ladies as much as I would love to stay and party with y’all I do have to drive home and I’m feeling a little buzzed already.”

“AWWWW” a loud cry from Sally “I’ll bet you could drive just fine right now.” This was Danny’s in. She stood and took control of the conversation making up some story she had heard about a new way to tell if you can drive and pass a sobriety test. She asked John “You want to try it?”

“Hell yeah” he says.

Danny said ok, you need to lay down on the floor here and points to the middle of the living room floor. John set down his glass and got down on the floor laying down on his stomach. “No,” she said on your back. He rolled over and laid on his back. She said now stretch out your arms and legs to the sides and shut your eyes. Feeling a little apprehensive John did as she said. The minute he shut his eyes the girls went to work, Danny grabbed one arm and slapped the fur lined cuffs with a strap attached on his wrist as did Lena on the other.

John tried to get up but he was too late he was, they had already attached the straps to the furniture legs. He started to panic and said “Hey what the fuck are you doing here?” Danny ran her fingers through his hair and said “shhhhhh” we are not going to hurt you, in fact this might be the best night of your life. Sally was busy attaching the straps to his legs and then to the chairs on each side. He was secure she thought and raised her arms as if she was done tieing a calf in a contest and giggled.

Danny grabbed the blindfold and started to put it over John’s eyes when he tried to jolt up. She quickly pushed him back down and said “John, we are not going to hurt you this is a dare for new pledges in our sorority although I cannot tell you what the dare is, I can tell you it will be most pleasurable for you. John already feeling very vulnerable and even a little frightened at the whole scene insisted on being able to see. Danny looked around at the pledges and they all shook their heads yes, let him see.

Sally started unbuttoning Johns shirt, leaning close to him as she undid each button pressing her huge tits into him. She could see him start to sweat as she was to the middle of his shirt. She leaned down and with her long pink tongue licked and flicked at one nipple, while Lena had moved to the other side of him and helped sally lick and suck his nipples as they undid his shirt. Slowly bringing it up over his head. John felt his cock grow hard, “just nothing that hurts” he thought to himself.

Danny had moved down to John’s pants and started undoing his belt. Seeing the huge bulge in his pants she rubbed his cock through his work pants. John moaned aloud “mmm yeah.” She could feel the head of his cock and the ridge around it. Stroking it while working his belt with one hand undoing it and pulling it out through the hoops. She started undoing the top of his pants and felt his hard prick jump in his pants.

“We’re gonna take you on the scenic route to heaven baby” Danny told him. Un zipping his pants being careful not to catch anything valuable on the way down she started to tug and pull them down along with his boxers, John was so glad he listened to his mother at this moment. Wanting to help her he lifted his ass up so she could lower them all the way down to his knees his cock sprang free. The girls all looked at each other and grinned, they were quite happy with John’s tool.

Sally kneeled beside him undid her bra and let her huge breasts bounce forward sticking one in John’s face to suckle. Being more than horny now almost dreaming John closed his eyes and started tongue fucking her nipple. While Lena also took off her bra and released full sweet brown titties with the darkest brown nipples that stood out like a little hershey’s kiss. She rubbed them up against Johns chest.

John sucking and nibbling on Sally’s huge breast turns his attention to the hershey’s kiss. “Mmm” he thinks damn she’s got hot fucken tits. Something about the dark brown hard nips really turned him on and his cock showed it as it sprung and jump while he sucked on Lena’s nipple.

Danny gestured to Sally to move down to Johns cock and help her suck him. They both took a side and start licking the head, John thought his fucken balls were gonna explode his cock was engorged. He couldn’t believe how damn lucky he was to be a tow truck driver this very minute. He could feel two wet hot tongues licking the head of his cock as his mouth was full of the hardest nipple he’d ever sucked. Lena pulled her sweet tit out of his mouth and moved down towards Danny and Sally except she crawled in between John’s legs. He thought “Oh my god I’m gonna cum so fucken hard, so fast.

Having placed herself between his thighs Lena leaned down, cupped his balls in her hands and started licking them. Rolling her tongue around each nut, stroking them. John had never had anyone lick his balls before they tightened at the touch of her tongue like someone had wrapped a rubber band around them. She worked his nuts, taking one then the other in her mouth gently rolling them. While Sally and Danny pushed on both sides of his rigid cock their tongues meeting in the center, touching.

John thought he’d never seen anything so fucken hot as two women sucking a mans cock together. They worked themselves down his cock running their tongues along his thick bulging vein down the base of his cock and around back to the front only to have their tongues meet again around the head of his cock.

Danny sat up as John watched intently and removed her shorts. She had a beautiful pussy, pubic hair so dark it was almost blue and it was perfectly groomed. Danny leaned down to John’s ear and said “I”m gonna ride your cock like a jackhammer.” John shuddered. He watched as Danny stood over him and straddled him, he could look up and see her slit. It was wet, he could see her juice drenching her black pubes. As he watched her slowly squat down over him spreading her pussy lips so he could see her pink clit. Lena still massaging his balls lightly keeping him hard as steel.

Danny reached the head of his cock and felt it jerk forward, she grabbed it firmly and rubbed it back and forth down her slit, spanking her little clit hard with the head. Moving back down to her fuckhole she started to push herself down on his cock, only the head though and she pulled back up. John arched trying to ram his cock into her. Sally stood up and removed her thong showing the creamiest white skin and softest, looking bare mound. Sally might be from Georgia but there wasn’t a hint of peach fuzz on her pussy.

Sally stepped over his chest and straddled him. John looked up again and could see her puffy pussy lips above his head, she moved her pussy right down over his face. Smashing her sweetness into his mouth, rocking his tongue to her clit back and forth making him suck her pussy.

Danny pushed her cunt down on him hard taking him all at once, making John moan “mmmmmmm” as he thrust into her while sucking Sally’s pussy, Sally moaned and told John “come on sugah, suck my clit..fuck my peach with ya tongue baby.” John lapped her soaking cunt while her juices dripped onto his face, he could still feel Lena working his nuts.

Danny squeezed his cock with her vice like cunt, up and down. She was fucking him wildly bouncing on his prick like a ball. He found her rhythm and jammed his cock deep in her making her scream out ” fuck me baby, stick that hard cock up inside me, split me open.” That made John wild and rammed her faster and harder while Lena squeezed his already tight balls tighter.

Sally told him “suck my juices, lap it up sugah.” John felt like his head was gonna blow off and he wasn’t sure which one first. He plunged his tongue deep into Sallies hot cunt while he rammed his cock hard into Danny making them both cry out in pleasure. Lena quite fucken horny by then and wanting some stimulation stood, walked over and faced Danny and straddled John so that her pussy was right in front of Danny’s mouth.

Danny being ever observant while riding Johns cock opened up Lena’s pussy lips and started to lick her clit, Lena moaned aloud..”God yes, eat my pussy ” and moved back and forth to Danny’s tongue. Kaley laying on the couch watching was so turned on she also started fingering herself, her pussy sopping wet from watching the fucking and sucking going on on the floor.

Sally could feel her clit swell and started to moan ” I’m getting close honey, oooooh your gonna make me cum in your mouth baby, drink my juices” John moaned out loud not being able to talk but knowing his balls needed to release this hot jizz deep into Danny’s tight cunt. Danny stuck two fingers into Lena’s hot hole making Lena also cry out “finger fuck me baby, fuck me hard.” Danny started plunging into Lena’s pussy with two fingers while slamming down on John’s cock. Rocking his hard pole.

Sally whispered “baby, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum.” while she smashed her clit into Johns tongue.

Danny could feel her own pussy tighten inside and rode John even harder knowing she was close to cumming and told him “I’m gonna make you shoot your load baby, I’m gonna make you shoot it deep inside me.” Lena looked down at Danny and told her “I’m gonna drench your fingers baby I’m gonna cummmmmmmm.” Sally started to move wildly over Johns mouth screaming “fuck meeeeeeeeee, I’m cummmmmmmmmming.” John let out a muffled cry and thrust up into Danny jerking as he started to flood her cunt.

Lena cried out “I’m cummmmmmmmmming” and jerks back and forth spasming flooding Danny’s mouth and fingers. Danny could feel John’s cock shooting hot cum deep into her and couldn’t hold back any longer. She started to tremble and yelled “I”m gonna cum on your cock, I’m gonna drown you babbbbbbbbbbbbbbyyyyyyy” as John rammed her jerking as he came for what seemed hours and hours Danny shuddered and moaned “mmmmmmmmmmmm godddddddddddddddd I’m cummmmmmmmming baby ram me hard.”

John still spilling cum into her rammed his raw cock deep in her splitting her, feeling the back of her deep cunt. Sally still shaking climbed off of John and layed beside him on the floor watching him thrust into Danny as she cums all over his thick dick. John started to shake again and said “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh goddd ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ride my cock baby ahhhhhhh your gonna make me cum again” thrusting up wildly into her shooting again hot cum deep into her hole.

Lena shook and let out a whimper, she leaned down and kissed Danny deeply on the mouth thanking her. Danny still trembling and rocking from her own orgasm seconds ago, wiped her face and smiled at John. John returned the smile and collapsed. His heart beating so hard he thought it might escape him.

Everyone was out of breath, and extremely exhausted then, Danny climbed off John’s raw cock. She rode him good she thought, his cock was bright red from a good half hour of constant hard fucking. She looked up and noticed Kaley sitting on the couch fingering her cunt and walked over to her spreading her legs. A little hesitant, Kaley tried to resist but Danny forced her legs open exposing her chocolate pussy.

Using both her hands she spread Kayley’s lips revealing a hot pink clit, hard and swollen. Danny eagerly went to work on Kayley’s clit knowing it wouldn’t take her long, she inserted two fingers deep into Kayley’s soaked hole and found her spot, gently stroking inside her up and down while wildly sucking and licking her clit.

She could feel Kayley’s body start to go rigid as Kayley yelled out ” I’m gonna cum..god I’m gonnaaaaaaaaaaa cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” her body writhing up and down with spasms as Danny continued to probe and lick her, till she collapsed down into a heap on the couch. Danny stayed there and continued sucking her sweet cum and juices until Kayley grabbed her head and lifted it up. She smiled at her sweetly and said “that was absolutely fucken great girl.”

Knowing she has satisfied and been satisfied, she turns to see Sally unlocking the handcuffs on Johns wrists. Danny moves to the other side and also unlocks his right wrist lightly kissing it before letting him have it back. He smiled up at her his face and chest glistening with sweat from the great fuck he had just given her. Lena untied the straps on his legs. John sat up and shook his head trying to get the cobwebs out or maybe just trying to wake up. “So,” John says “do I get to know now what the dare was?” Kayley having pulled her panties back up and dress down says “sure, you were a great sport about this.”

“Goddamn are you kidding girl, anytime you get new pledges you can call me,” and laughed, they all laughed. Kayley said “the dare for them was to get you to drink one glass of wine, then restrain you gently, seduce you while all of you reach orgasms simultaneously.”

“Well,” John replied did they make it?” Lena, Sally and Danny all looked over at Kayley waiting and Kayley replied “oh yes they definitely made it.” The pledges all jumped up, jumping up and down yelling at their acceptance into Gamma Phi, which also allowed John another memorable sight of a bunch of beautiful women jumping up and down titties swinging everywhere..

John shook his head again and wondered if he was ever gonna wake up. “Well then I’m glad I could be of help ladies” his legs weak from constant ramming he pulls his shirt back on and carefully stands up pulling his boxers and pants on. He could still smell Sally’s peach on his face mmmmm he wouldn’t be washing for a while he thought to himself. The ladies all gathered around John and put their arms around him and hugged him, telling him how great he was and thanked him.

All the while John’s was thinking “they are thanking me?” He said “no I think its me that should be doing the thanking here, you were right Danny I will remember this night for the rest of my life.

As he started to leave, Kayley handed him his jacket from the coat rack and said “about that battery, it’s fine actually” and winked at him. John with a sly grin on his face said “well yours maybe fine but I don’t know about mine, I might call you for a jump soon.”

They both laughed.

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