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Sitting there at the computer Cassie waits. She knows her time alone is dwindling. Smiling to herself she types out her story. Letting the words take her over. Letting her mind drift off and meet her imagination. She laughs softly and shifts restlessly in her chair. Her fingers flying as the story pours out of her. Her body picks up the urgency of her fingers and words.

Moving constantly trying to find a way to ease the building need the thoughts create.

Cassie hears a light tread on the stairs leading up to her door. Her head pops up from her work and she smiles secretively. Her hands continue to fly as she tries to get those last thoughts down before she has to stop. She hears the key enter the lock and reaches up to let her hair fall free over her shoulders. Her long burgundy tinted hair hides her face. Cassie sits there eagerly waiting to hear the door open and shut quietly. She waits for the keys to be dropped on the table by the door and the sound of the closet door opening and closing. The tap of shoes comes down the hardwood floor towards her. Her body tenses in anticipation of her lover walking through the door. Her fingers slip from the keyboard and fidget with her silk robe. Smoothing the non-existent wrinkles from the sensuous material. Her hands fold and unfold in her lap nervously. The door to her office slowly opens and the sound of steps becomes muffled on her thick carpet. She swings her chair around to face her love. Her mouth parts in a soft grin as she unfolds herself from her chair slowly. She meets the softly sensuous gaze focused on her.

“How was your day love?” she asks, “Did your students enjoy the new book you took in for them?”

A soft throaty voice answers her back. “It was just one of those days. And yes they did enjoy the book for the most part.” Cassie walks slowly over to her lover letting her hands gather her close in an embrace. Gently hugging and soothing her tired lover. She steps back and gazes into Lyra’s face and then takes her hand. She leads Lyra out of the room and down the short hall to their bedroom. Her thumb gently caresses Lyra’s palm as they walk. Entering the bedroom Cassie encourages Lyra to sit on the side of the bed as she kneels behind her. Her hands gently massage Lyra’s shoulders and back through her clothes. Hearing sighs and feeling the tension ease somewhat from her lover. Her hands continue their slow and easy pace down her back until it becomes awkward for her to move.

Leaning over Lyra’s shoulder, Cassie speaks softly in her ear. “Undress for me baby and then come and lie down. Please?”

A short, quick nod of the head and Lyra stands up. “Yes I will. Just give me a moment.”

Lyra walks into the bathroom and closes the door partway as she undresses. She talks about her day as she undresses. Her throaty voice telling about students and the troubles they are having and her fellow teachers. She opens the door back up and steps out covered in a jewel-toned silk wrap similar to Cassie’s. She walks back over to their bed. At the side of the bed she loosens the belt on the robe and lays face down on the bed. Lyra notices the oil sitting on the nightstand and the towel near her pillow.

She smiles over her shoulder at Cassie. “I see you have been busy dear.” A soft chuckle escapes her.

Cassie offers her a gentle smile. “Of course love. I wanted to try something different for you,” laughing softly, “and on you as well.”

Cassie opens the bottle of oil and the aroma of Jasmine with a touch of vanilla spills into the air. She pours a bit into her hands and gently warms it in her palms. Lyra watches her movements and lets her hand idly stroke Cassie’s knee and the top of her thigh. She can feel Cassie’s skin shiver lightly under her hands touch. She eases up a bit and shrugs her robe off her shoulders, a quick yet seductive movement of her body. Lyra deliberately meets Cassie’s eyes. She watches Cassie’s reaction as her robe falls to the top of her lush bottom. Cassie’s slowly rubs her hands together coating them with the oil. She nudges Lyra back down flat on her front.

“Honey? You do realize that my body doesn’t get that flat on the bed, right?” Lyra says with a small giggle, feeling Cassie nudge her lower with her forearm.

“Well love I have realized there are some very lush reasons for you to not be able to lay flat for me.” Cassie answers her back with gentle laughter in her voice.

“Well yes love, since you, yourself have that exact same problem. I would hope you do understand.” Lyra bursts into a deep laugh with this.

Cassie’s eyes mist at that sound. “Lyra, love, do you realize how rare that laugh of yours is baby? It’s beautiful to hear you laugh.”

Lyra turns her head slightly and catches Cassie’s eyes shimmering with unshed tears of worry and love for her. She smiles up at Cassie, “Well love I have a reason to laugh when I have you in my life. You make me want to laugh.”

Cassie smiles and quickly rebuts to Lyra. “Okay enough of this maudlin crap baby. I owe you a massage and my hands are eager to touch your skin.” At this Lyra feels soft hands gilded with slick oil slide gently across her shoulders. Warm smooth hands soothing and pressing into tension filled muscles. Cassie’s hands maneuver down Lyra’s back in firm long strokes then back up to knead the stress spots. Cassie’s hands dissipating one ache but creating another, different ache in their wake.

Cassie leans down over Lyra’s shoulder and talks to her as she slowly massages her back. Telling Lyra all the mundane details of her day, letting Lyra know that she was missed in the process. Gentle words to match the gentle touches of skin against slick skin. As she talks Cassie scoots back easily in order to reach more of Lyra’s body. She wipes her hands off with the towel at Lyra’s hip and takes Lyra’s robe in her hands and slides it completely off her body.

She feels a shiver run the length of Lyra’s body and smiles to herself. Cassie leans down and places an easy kiss on Lyra’s nape, letting the tiniest brush of her tongue tease the skin there. Another shiver courses through Lyra’s body and her hands grab on to Cassie’s knees on either side of her hips, squeezing gently. Cassie places a final kiss to Lyra’s neck and scoots back and down off of over Lyra’s body. Settling to the side, Cassie’s re-oiled hands continue their exploration of Lyra’s creamy, soft skin. Her hands trace patterns over the small of Lyra’s back one way, and then turning her nails under she gently she scrapes her nails back up barely touching skin. She straightens up and lets her hands cover Lyra’s back and press gently, then a bit harder.

Stroking all the way back up her back and then down fully until she reaches the top of Lyra’s lush bottom. Her hands pause and then ever so gently stroke down over Lyra’s bottom to the tops of her thighs. Her fingers almost meeting between Lyra’s thighs pressing just inches below the part in her lover’s thighs. Another stronger shiver courses through Lyra’s body, her hips moving restlessly for a moment at that caress.

Cassie sees the there, but gone movement and leans over Lyra again. Starting at the top of Lyra’s back and working down, she kisses a teasing trail down her lover to the small of her back. Lyra lets out a gentle moan as Cassie’s tongue once again teases her skin. The hyper-sensitive small of her back and Cassie’s tongue makes her hips buck up off the bed. Cassie’s watches Lyra’s body bloom with a full-body blush.

“Love, I see that blush of yours is back again. I wonder what caused it this time?” Cassie asks laughingly.

Lyra leans back over her shoulder, meets Cassie’s eyes and slowly sticks her tongue out at her. “Brat woman, you know exactly what…NO wait WHO caused this blush this time.” Lyra’s laugh fills the room as her body blushes again.

“Watch that tongue love. You know how it gets you into trouble every time you flash it at me.” Cassie issues that final remark before places another gentle kiss on Lyra’s lower back followed by another glide of the tongue against oil slick skin. Lyra’s hips move against the bed again as another moan passes her parted lips.

“Cassie, baby. I want you love. Please.”

Cassie’s head looks up as she talks, “Not just yet Lyra, love. Let me do this for you. Be patient my heart. Do this for me, please?” Cassie places another quick kiss on the small of Lyra’s back and lets her hands smooth once again over oil slicked skin. Brushing the tops of Lyra’s thighs with both hands slowly stroking down one thigh and then back up again. The back of Cassie’s hand brushes lightly against the slightly damp curls between Lyra’s thighs. Lyra lets out a full body shiver. Even that whisper soft touch sends sensations through her body.

Cassie reaches over with one hand and pours a bit more oil onto Lyra’s legs. One slow drop at a time the oil hits her skin sending a continuous shiver through her body. Her hands slowly smooth the oil into her skin releasing the soft fragrance into the room once again. Hands running slowly from the top of Lyra’s thigh to her ankle then slowly rubbing back up. Cassie’s thumbs pressing and releasing the aching spots and then caressing the sensitive spot on the back of her knee. Lyra lets out a low moan with each caress. Cassie’s thumbs once again tenderly brush the damp heated curls at the juncture of Lyra’s thighs, this time lingering a bit. Lyra’s hips push back into Cassie’s hands wanting more of that touch on her aroused skin. Hands brush softly once more then pull back. Lyra tries to follow her move nudging back again. Cassie’s hand settles in the small of Lyra’s back and gently presses down, stilling her movements.

“Gentle love, relax into this first. It’s not time just yet.” Lyra glances back over her shoulder.

“Baby I can’t take much more. I want to touch you; I want to hold you…Soon, please?”

Cassie leans up over Lyra and kisses her gently. Her tongue tasting her love’s lips once more. Pulling back and meeting Lyra’s eyes, Cassie speaks softly to her.

“We are almost done my heart. Then we can hold each other forever if you want.” Lyra’s forehead rests gently against Cassie’s for a brief moment.

“All right love I can wait for your loving arms to hold me a bit longer.” Pulling back from Lyra, Cassie lets her hands run down the untouched leg. Caressing it like she did the other leg; slow, easy strokes down then back up. Pressing and caressing all the right spots. One last slow glide up Lyra’s legs and Cassie leans down and places a kiss in the center of Lyra’s back. Slowly she works her way up Lyra’s back placing small tender kisses along her spine, only stopping when she reaches the nape of her neck.

Cassie’s hands rest against the outsides of Lyra’s plumped out breasts, fingers stroking against smooth skin. Lyra starts to edge up and on one side as she does Cassie moves off to the side and lies down next to her. Their hands slowly and gently stroke down each others back as they move closer together. Their bodies touching from breast to thigh, lying there together, just watching each other for the moment. Each savoring the nearness and the emotions that have no need to be expressed. Lyra leans in and places a deep kiss on Cassie’s mouth. Her tongue teasingly tastes Cassie’s full bottom lip before gently sucking it between her lips to nibble. Every breath brushes their full breasts together, letting hardened nipples brush against soft skin repeatedly. Cassie’s breath catches when Lyra’s arm’s wrap around her and pull her closer into her body, snuggling her gently.

“Honey, don’t you want me to finish your massage first?” Cassie asks Lyra as she pulls back slightly from her. Lyra’s full laugh spills out into the room.

“Cassie, baby, you do more of that massage and I can’t guarantee how long I can sit here idly while your hands touch me. You make me melt baby.” Smilingly Lyra continues, “I want to make love with you.”

Cassie’s eyes meet Lyra’s as she tells her, “I want that too honey.” Arms tighten around each other as they kiss slowly once more. Tongues touching lips softly, darting out to taste and tease gently. Their bodies moving closer to one another. Cassie’s thigh slips between Lyra’s legs, just as Lyra’s slips between Cassie’s parted thighs.

Lyra lets out a soft moan as Cassie’s thigh nudges up higher into her body. Cassie’s hands caress Lyra’s hips and slowly tighten on them as she pulls her down and in on her thigh. Lyra gasps and lets out a moan against Cassie’s mouth as her body responds to Cassie’s touch. Lyra’s teeth nip Cassie’s full bottom lip and sucks on it teasingly. Soft moans slip from her lips once more as one of Cassie’s hands travel up to her arm with feather-light teasing touches to just above Lyra’s full breast.

A breathless kiss later the back of Cassie’s hand brushes down over the top of Lyra’s breast and causes her to moan and shiver against Cassie’s body. Lyra’s head arches back pushing her torso closer to Cassie. Her breath catches as Cassie’s hand palms her breast and slowly molds it to her hand. The feel of Cassie’s palm rasping lightly over Lyra’s hard nipple, causes her breath to speed up.

Cassie laughs softly “Oh do you like that one baby? If you don’t I can stop.”

Lyra’s liquid blue eyes connect with Cassie’s golden brown ones. “Don’t you stop woman. I will not survive at this point. You tease.” Lyra’s fingers dig into Cassie’s hips and pulls her as close as she can get her. She trails one of her hands down and across Cassie’s belly and rims her belly button with feather-light touches.

Now its Cassie’s turn to gasp and shiver for Lyra, moaning into Lyra’s mouth she kisses her hard one more time. Lyra presses her thigh higher into Cassie and rocks Cassie’s hips eliciting a hard shiver and another stronger, louder gasp. Cassie nips at Lyra’s jaw and slowly kisses her way down Lyra’s neck.

Fingers molding Lyra’s full breast in her hand, Cassie kisses further down tasting the skin just above her hand. Her eyes look up to meet Lyra’s, her body still rocking slowly on Lyra’s thigh. Eyes meet as Cassie’s warm breath teases Lyra’s aroused nipple. Her tongue darts out to lap at the hardened nipple before slowly closing her mouth over it and sucking ever so gently.

Lyra’s body shivers at the combination of sensations against her body. Warm mouth over hard nipple and slick wetness on her thigh as Cassie moves against her, on her.

“Cassie, baby, don’t stop please…” the last fades into a moan as Cassie’s teeth graze over Lyra’s now sensitive nipple. Tongue circling around that sensitive nipple again and again, Lyra’s body arches her deeper into Cassie.

Cassie can feel the slick wetness on her thigh from Lyra’s arousal. Her free hand presses Lyra’s lush bottom down onto her thigh, as she presses her thigh up higher into Lyra. Rocking her hips slightly with that hand as her mouth once again covers Lyra’s hardened nipple and tastes deeply. Lyra’s hips slowly match Cassie’s rhythmic motion. Her eyes close and her head falls back as her breathing deepens even more. Soft moans escape her parted lips as her hips rock into Cassie’s thigh pressing down more and more. Cassie’s mouth moves to Lyra’s other breast as her hand molds the other one still.

The combined sensations push Lyra further up and towards her first release. Cassie lifts her mouth off of Lyra’s breast and speaks softly against her mouth as she starts to kiss her.

“Let go baby. Come for me.” Kissing deeply Cassie’s hand guides Lyra in a deeper rhythm against her. Her fingers gently slide between Lyra’s legs from behind to touch the damp matted curls between her thighs. One soft touch followed by another slightly deeper touch against slick swollen flesh causes Lyra to slip over the edge. Moaning into Cassie’s mouth, Lyra lets her first orgasm rush over her. Cassie can feel Lyra’s body tighten and release against her thigh and on her fingers cradled against Lyra. Cassie feels her body tighten even more at her lover’s orgasm knowing this night has just begun.

Lyra’s forehead dips to Cassie’s shoulder, rests there for a moment or two before looking into her eyes. Watching Cassie’s eyes as Lyra’s hands begin a slow exploration of Cassie’s body. Her hands frame Cassie’s face gently tugging her closer for a long slow kiss leaving them both breathless once again.

Lyra’s fingers caress and stroke Cassie’s face and down over her jaw re-learning her lover’s face. Hands’ wandering over smooth skin as Lyra’s mouth tastes Cassie’s again and again. Cassie’s hands grip Lyra’s elbows to hold her closer not wanting to lose even a breath of contact between the two of them.

Lyra moves her mouth close to Cassie’s ear, whispering, “I am not leaving you love. You don’t have to worry that I will, Cassie.” Lyra leaves a soft kiss on Cassie’s face near her ear.

Thumbs circling around Cassie’s neck and the top of her chest, leaving sensitized skin in their wake. Lyra’s tongue laves Cassie’s ear before gently nipping it between her teeth. Cassie’s body shivers as she lets out a low moan. Lyra continues tracing Cassie’s ear with her tongue knowing this is one of her lover’s sensitive spots. Seeing just how sensitive it can become as she teases. Her hands moving slowly lower over the top of Cassie’s chest fingers curled under slightly letting her nails play delicately on skin. Leaving a trail of goose bumps in their wake, fingers finally brushing the tops of Cassie’s full breasts lightly.

Cassie shifts restlessly against Lyra’s body as her lover’s warm breath sighs against her ear. Letting out a low moan Cassie turns her face towards Lyra and kisses her deeply once more. Lyra shifts against Cassie letting her thigh slide against her gently, pressing in slightly. Feeling the slick wetness coating the curls against her thigh Lyra laughs softly.

“Do you like that love?” she asks Cassie softly.

Cassie’s heavy-lidded eyes meet Lyra’s, “Oh goddess love…you know I do. I love when you touch me.”

Lyra’s hand slides down to cover Cassie’s full breast, her thumb teasing the nipple making it more sensitive. “You mean touch you like that dearheart?”

Cassie’s body arches deeper into Lyra’s hand. Her hands resting on Lyra’s lush hips gripping and releasing as the arousal running through her body takes over in a rush. Her breath catches as Lyra kisses down her neck. Spreading feather-light kisses across the smooth expanse of Cassie’s chest.

Moving lower and lower with her kisses till her breath fans the tops of Cassie’s lush breasts. Lyra darts her tongue out to teasingly taste Cassie’s skin. Flickering back and forth mapping the contours with her tongue as she moves down lower, placing a kiss in the valley between Cassie’s breasts. Lyra’s hands cup Cassie’s breasts as her head dips that final inch bringing her mouth even with one nipple. Breath, sighing against Cassie’s nipple, Lyra’s tongue darting out to flick gently, once, twice before covering it completely. Sucking lightly as her other hand traces circles around the skin of Cassie’s other breast. Lyra’s teeth graze over Cassie’s nipple making her entire body shiver hard. Cassie’s hands knead Lyra’s hips as her arousal grows.

Her touches almost frantic against her lover’s soft skin. Lyra’s teeth close around Cassie’s nipple and nip gently before pulling back and blowing cool air against it. Watching as the air makes Cassie’s nipple tighten even more, Lyra comes back in close and flicks her tongue repeatedly against it.

Lyra’s hands move down Cassie’s ribcage, her fingers moving sensuously against skin. Slowly moving down touch by touch. Lyra’s mouth works across the mounds of Cassie’s breast to the untouched one. Her breath warm sighing deeply in and out over Cassie’s skin before dipping once more to taste and caress with her mouth.

Lyra’s thumbs knead Cassie’s hips as her lips work over an aroused nipple, driving her arousal even higher. Lyra can feel Cassie’s slick wetness on her thigh, more pronounced then it was just moments before. Lyra’s hands move slowly towards Cassie’s belly button and rest there for a moment. Her eyes meet Cassie’s for one long deep look. Cassie’s head falls back as Lyra slowly moves lower down her body. Her hands hovering just inches above Cassie’s damp mound, as her mouth kisses a trail lower.

Rimming Cassie’s belly button with her tongue, nipping the edge with her teeth making Cassie’s body arch. Another nip causes her to let out a long slow moan. Lyra’s just barely touches Cassie’s damp curls with her thumbs. Cassie’s moan turns into a soft scream of pleasure as her arch causes Lyra’s thumbs to slide down further to brush her clit softly. That soft touch turns into a deeper one. Lyra’s thumb circles Cassie’s clit, pressing down just a bit. Cassie’s hips arch into Lyra’s touch as her hands grip the sheets on either side of her hips. Lyra’s fingers trace down Cassie’s swollen moist lips, sliding down and slowly back up to brush her clit once again. Cassie’s breath catches as her arch helps Lyra’s fingers tease her even more. A fingertip slides just inside Cassie’s welcoming entrance then just as quickly back out. A here but gone touch, one that she isn’t even sure actually happened until Lyra deliberately slides her finger in deeper this time.

“Ohhhhh, love you are killing me slowly.” Cassie says breathlessly.

Lyra’s mouth hovers over Cassie’s mound as she lets out a deep chuckle, “That’s the point love. I’m slowly tormenting you with desire and love.” Her chuckle sends a puff of air over Cassie’s mound causing goose bumps to rise over her body and a gasp to come out of her mouth.

Lyra leans in closer to Cassie, letting her lips barely touch her damp mound. Her bottom lip grazes Cassie repeatedly. The skin of her lips creating a gentle tug against Cassie’s mound. Lyra finally lets her lips press gently into that soft, damp skin. Lingering, Lyra’s lips part and her tongue slides out to taste a small line of skin down to just above Cassie’s softly parted lower lips. Pulling back just enough that her tongue lifts away; she blows a cool breath against that damp, heated skin.

Cassie’s hands tangle gently in Lyra’s long, beautiful red hair. Cassie’s fingers graze Lyra’s temples and tug gently trying to get Lyra to meet her gaze. “Lyra, love, you’re sure? Is this what you really want?” Cassie’s eyes intently watch Lyra’s face for signs of apprehension.

Lyra’s fingers reach up to tangle with Cassie’s fingers. “Awww, baby. You know, love, that I don’t do anything that I don’t desire to do.” Lyra smiles softly, “Cassie, love, I want to do this with you….for you baby.”

Cassie gives Lyra a shy smile, “I just want you to be sure love…that’s all.”

Lyra’s eyes light as she meets Cassie’s gaze “Hey baby, no worries…remember this is for us…always.” Lyra’s lips place a kiss at the top of Cassie’s mound and slowly slide down till her lips just touch Cassie’s clit.

Cassie arches up into Lyra’s parted lips, bringing them into full contact. Lyra’s lips gently close down over Cassie’s swollen clit. Her tongue traces around till she hears Cassie let out a low deep moan.

Lyra lets out a soft moan as her tongue dances against Cassie. The soft vibrations against that sensitive skin is enough to make Cassie let out a long low moan and arch up deeper into Lyra’s beautiful mouth. That arch causes Lyra’s tongue to slide low enough to slip gently and softly inside Cassie’s entrance. Lyra feels Cassie’s slick heated walls contract hard against her tongue and smiles against her lover’s body.

“Lyyyyra…” Cassie softly moans her love’s name as her hands tangle in her russet colored hair. “Oh love you are trying to shatter me aren’t you?”

Lyra lets out a husky giggle as her tongue dances inside of Cassie’s aroused body. She relishes every husky moan and sigh out of Cassie’s mouth. Intimately knowing that they are all for her, because of her and what she is doing to her lover’s lush body. Lyra’s fingers gripping the tops of Cassie’s thighs slowly slide to the top of Cassie’s mons stroking gently. Fingers gently and teasingly stroking already aroused skin sending Cassie higher and higher. Lyra’s tongue slides fully inside Cassie as her fingers gently slide between her swollen lower lips and caress her clit.

The combined sensations are almost an overload for Cassie. Lyra knows just a bit more will send her love flying over the edge. She draws back a bit and watches Cassie. The deep flush of arousal makes her lover sexier then ever in her eyes. Lyra relishes that power and the bond between them for a long moment knowing that she holds her lover in her hands as well as deep in her heart.

Smiling lightly against Cassie, Lyra darts her tongue out to slide deeply inside her as her fingers circle Cassie’s swollen clit again. Cassie’s body is a whirl of movement. Her hips arch up to meet her beloved’s sweet tongue and fingers. As her body starts to slide over the edge of arousal and into orgasm, she entangles one hand with one of Lyra’s. She wants the extra bond of that touch between them as Lyra’s tongue works magic on her body. One more dive of Lyra’s tongue inside Cassie sends her completely over the edge into one of the deepest, strongest orgasms of her life. Her body contracts around Lyra’s tongue as her breath sighs her lover’s name.

“Lyra………ohhhhhhh love….yessss.” Cassie’s body arches a final time and then slowly stills against Lyra’s. Breathing hard with her heart beating fast Cassie gently tugs Lyra up from between her thighs and into her arms. Leaning in to kiss her deeply, she tastes both her lover’s sweet lips and herself on her lover’s lips.

Fingers tangled together as their bodies wrap around each other they kiss till both are breathless once more. Bodies still on fire with eyes blazing and hearts full of love they nestle together for the moment to catch their breath.

Cassie gently laughs against Lyra’s well kissed, re-swollen lips before kissing her breathless once more. “Ahhhh love you are beyond beautiful to me. Do you know that?” Cassie states even though she knows her lover’s answer.

Lyra’s eyes twinkle as her mouth turns up in that sexy half grin that Cassie fell in love with. “I’m just me baby girl. No more…no less.” Laughter from both Cassie and Lyra blending together as the heat in their bodies simmers just under the surface waiting for that next touch or taste to set them off.

“Hmmmm love. Something tells me this night isn’t over just yet. I want to finish tasting that beautiful body of yours.” Lyra’s eyes go wide as she really realizes that this night will continue for a while longer. Slowly the lovers’ doze off, their bodies’ one continuous line of contact, neither knowing where one stops and the other begins.

Cassie, wakening slightly, rolls on to her back and reaches over to pull Lyra into her body. Her hand encounters an empty space in the bed next to her where her lover should by lying. She jolts awake suddenly, tears in her eyes, immediately knowing that Lyra isn’t there. Silent sobs wrack her body, as she curls around the pillow in Lyra’s spot. The realization that it was all just a sweet, heart-wrenching dream makes her wish that it hadn’t ended. She quietly whispers to the empty room “Te amo mi corazon querida. Wherever you might be. I miss you.” Her eyes close as her heart breaks, her mind and body giving up the fight and sending her into a restless, dreamless sleep.

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