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Only In Paris

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The music in the club pounded in his ears. The lights were low, and the lasers lit up the fog atmosphere. Cage dancers gyrated in their steel boxes high above his head as he walked through the crowd. Even though this was typically his scene, Paul was anxious- he wasn’t accustomed to being alone in a group of people…waiting. This wasn’t his city, wasn’t his language.

Only the Club vibe was familiar. He had flown five thousand miles to be here- to be at this club at this time. Faces appeared and disappeared to him, but none were the ones he was looking for.

Circling back, he assumed a position near the door. This was conveniently next to the bar, and Paul sipped an unintelligibly pronounced drink while keeping an eye on the entrance. A statuesque woman in a low-cut blouse and hip-hugging pants entered the room and walked past him. His eyes followed her onto the dance floor, the movement of her hips hypnotizing him.

Suddenly, two thin arms snaked under his from behind and pulled him backward into a tight embrace. Paul could feel the soft press of breasts against him, and he knew exactly who had him off balance. Slowly turning in her grasp, he faced the girl behind him and kissed her deeply. He hadn’t seen her in almost four months, and it felt amazingly good when he pulled her into his arms and held her tightly for a moment. As she moved against him, the blood started to pound his ears, and he closed his eyes as her heat spoke directly to his cock. In the space of a minute, he was embarrassingly hard. Running his hand over her tight top and short skirt didn’t help the situation, either.

Leaning down, he whispered in her ear, “I hope he shows up soon…I can’t wait to get my hands on you.” She looked up into his shining blue eyes and winked.

“Let’s dance.”

Veronica led Paul onto a dance floor already packed with gyrating sexy bodies. The place was alive with sexual energy, and she could almost smell the lust in the air. Paul only had eyes for her though, and she would have some fun with that while she waited. He was obviously about to burst through his nice tight pants just from kissing her, so there were definite possibilities here. She began by dancing in close to him, their legs fitting together to rub each other’s crotch with pressing thighs.

With feline grace, she wrapped a hand around the base of his neck and quickly pulled him down until his ear was within range of her mouth. An onlooker might have thought that she was whispering naughty fuck words, but they would be wrong. Veronica knew that the right kind of attention to his ears could turn him into an animal, and she savored the moment before going in for the kill. In her grip she could feel him gasp in anticipation. She teased him at first, breathing into his ear before giving his neck a little lick…he shuddered at her touch. For the kill she started to gently nibble at his earlobe, increasing the intensity until she had to take care not to break the skin. Every muscle in his body was tensed as he stood in the middle of the dancing crowd, oblivious to everything but the lips that were torturing him with sensation.

Shaking himself loose, he stood up straight, opened his eyes, and fixed her with an intense gaze filled with mindless lust. For a brief second, she thought that she might have gone too far, and that he very well might spin her around, bend her over, and fuck her right there on the dance floor, but then Paul’s gaze shifted to something behind her and he smiled as if contemplating sweet revenge. She was about to turn around when she felt someone new press himself against her ass, grinding in like an expert. Veronica was still distracted by this new crotch when Paul leaned in for a passionate kiss, catching her off-guard. She could feel that she was beginning to succumb to the outright hotness of it all, reaching back to pull the newcomer into her harder while running the other hand through Paul’s hair.

Coming up for air, Veronica leaned back to kiss the third and final member of their party. Pressed between the two men, she felt her clit pulse with excitement and a rivulet of juice escape her soaked, naked pussy. It was time to go somewhere private, she thought….

Brian smiled as her reached around Veronica to fondle her breasts through the sheer top. He loved it when she squirmed her cute little ass against his cock. It was only fair, of course- she had been teasing the hell out of Paul when he’d walked in. The younger man, now thoroughly enflamed by her tormenting, looked ready to take on every woman in the city if he could only get them to line up. It had been Veronica’s idea to meet at this club, and it wasn’t hard to see why- the dancing bodies and pounding music were pure eroticism.

She grabbed Brian’s hand and walked toward the door with Paul following behind. Once out on the street, they walked together and held hands as a group. They laughed and joked with each other, the lust temporarily simmering down to manageable levels.

Brian quickly led them to the hotel up the street. He had already checked in and set things up for them, handling all the luggage, stowing away some Godiva chocolate (he knew her tastes well), and verifying that they had indeed been given a room with a very, very large bed. Veronica was ceremoniously handed the key and laughed like a little kid at Christmas as she opened the door and pulled her men into the room with her.

When they were all inside, Paul and Brian wasted no time in turning on her. Her clothes disappeared in a matter of seconds and their mouths and hands seemed to be everywhere at once. In a sexual fog, Veronica laid back on the huge bed, distantly aware that her two lovers’ clothes were flying through the air. She watched them strip for only a second and then they were on her.

The mercilessly teased Paul knelt next to her head and guided his again hard cock to her lips. With an impish little grin she sucked him deep, reveling in his sudden moan of pleasure. She had been sucking this very cock, on and off for three years, and it seemed like more fun every time. He was so cute, so young and eager to stick his nice big dick anywhere he could. Just as Veronica was reaching over to play with his balls, she felt her legs being spread and closed her eyes, anticipating whatever might come next. A soft tongue wrapped itself around her clit, and a finger thrust itself into her juicy pussy. Her back arched as she pushed her crotch toward Brian. She had loved the touch of his hands from the very beginning, over a year ago now. He was her age and more patient with sensual matters…but not too patient. A second finger worked its way into her dripping slit, and the tongue on her hot spot became more insistent.

She was groaning and gasping around the hard cock in her mouth when it was suddenly withdrawn. Veronica gave a little moan of anguish over the loss, but Paul had been temporarily satisfied by her oral attention, and was now bent on overloading her senses with pleasure. He scooted down until he was alongside of her, gathered her wrists together, and held them above her head. Paul took both hands in one of his, and kissed her roughly while he played with her breasts.

For a split instant, Veronica could see how they looked from the outside- these two strapping men ravishing her, holding her down and forcing her to accept the pleasure that they inflicted upon her helpless body. She envisioned their hard cocks, waiting to penetrate her. They had done that the last time, taking turns fucking her, coming, and then recovering- switching off so that they could work her for hours before losing steam, then holding her close in a puddle of their combined juices.

The vision, added to the memory, sent her over the edge. She surrendered to Brian’s mouth nibbling at her tender pussy and screamed into Paul’s neck as he continued to hold her tightly. True to form, her spasming cunt was gently coaxed into several aftershocks by a very talented set of lips and fingers.

God, she loved these trips…

As she lay there shaking and gasping from the force of her climax, Brian and Paul settled in on either side of her, gently holding her and stroking her skin. Weakly, she reached out and pulled them in to her, a man’s head on each shoulder. They kissed her and touched her, and no matter how many times she experienced it with these two, it always felt so right. Veronica sighed with a tired happiness and squeezed her boys in close.

Paul looked down at her sleepy smile and couldn’t help the grin he felt coming. He loved her. She had redefined the term for him, and his world revolved around her. Other lovers could come and go, and some might even stay for a relatively long haul, but she was his eternal fixation. He knew all about her obsession with cocks, knew exactly how she felt about him and Brian, and he knew how happy it made her to be with both of them at the same time. Seeing her so blissful was the closest thing to heaven that he knew.

Brian closed his eyes as he leaned down to kiss Veronica’s forehead. She was amazing, and he intended to relish every moment. Her panting had subsided to soft sighs that he found intoxicating. He squeezed her and though about how beautiful, how amazing, how wonderful she was. This was always where she was happiest- post-orgasm, snuggled between two men that she loved, reveling in the feeling of being connected. Granted, he liked it better when they were alone, but seeing her this incredibly happy was a rare treat and besides, he got along well with Paul and the three of them always had fun together. It was a shame that Paul lived in San Francisco and he in New York- there were some ridiculously macho good times to be had if only they could hang out together. Brian would certainly take this, though- there was no one that he’d rather share Veronica with. Looking at her smile, he knew that the girl he’d fallen in love with was happy, and it filled him with peace. He was in a strange foreign city, but he had his girl and his friend, and there wasn’t a care in the world.

Veronica ran her hands down both of their backs at once, feeling the muscles going all the way down to the asses…what wonderful thrusting muscles those were. She cupped an ass cheek in each hand and leaned over to give Brian a hot kiss. The men could feel her sexual energy returning in force, and they knew what that meant. This very phenomenon was why they saved their orgasms for round two, if not round three. And usually, the second or third round was where Veronica went kinky on them. The last time, in Acapulco, the three of them had gone through a gallon of chocolate syrup during session number two, and figured out that pubic hair and fondue didn’t really go together in session number three.

Rolling over on her side, she faced Paul and took his half-hard cock in her hand. It quickly came back to life as she tugged and stroked it lovingly. She knew what she wanted to do next, and it was best done while he had all that pressure built up…she knew that he made a point of not getting off for several days before these trips, just to make the first night more explosive. Smiling innocently, she leaned over and whispered in his ear.

“Did you bring it?”

Paul’s brow furrowed, trying to figure out what she meant. He had brought lots of things- toys, lubes, props… His eyes widened as he realized that there was only one thing she could mean. He pulled his head back and looked at her, his eyes asking her if this was what she really wanted. They had only played that way by themselves, never in front of another person, and as comfortable as he felt with Brian, this was still an unexpected twist.

Veronica looked back at him and gave a little nod. Nodding back, Paul withdrew from the bed and found his bags in the corner. Rummaging through his things, he came upon an item that had been tossed in as an afterthought. After hesitating just a second, he pulled out the purple rubber cock. He turned around to see Veronica stepping into her harness, pulling it up, and cinching the straps tight. It was a sight that he’d seen many times, but something about her gearing up to fuck him pushed his buttons in a big way. As she made little jumping motions, pulling the harness securely over her hips, his nervousness turned into white-hot lust. There was just something about someone so cute and feminine being the fucker for once that blew his mind. Once again, his cock was hard and pointing at her.

Brian watched the other two from his vantage point on the bed. As soon as Paul had gotten up, Veronica had whispered her plan to him. Normally, he would just as soon have excused himself for a while, but she had asked him to stay, watch, and play with her afterward, and so he would indulge his curiosity and see what this was all about. He could see that Paul was apparently past worrying about being watched, and seeing Veronica putting on the strap-getup-thing was clearly turning him on. Paul walked over and kissed her, handing her the purple cock. She put it through the strap-on ring and buckled it down. Kissing him again, it bumped against Paul’s cock and sent a thrill of excitement through him. She took his stiff shaft in hand and led him over to the bed by his stiff cock. The bottle of lube was there waiting, and she handed it to him.

Veronica knew that there were certain steps that he had to take in order to be ready for her, and she was getting excited watching him go through them. First, he lay back on the bed and took a large squirt of lube in his hand. His eyes closed as he pulled up his legs and massaged the lube in behind his balls, into his secret hole…the place only she was allowed to go. Next, a finger probed inside and he gave a soft gasp as it entered. Veronica realized that she was absentmindedly stroking the rubber cock as she watched him, just as a man would before thrusting it into a waiting lover. This realization led to another…that the strap between her legs was squishing wetly as it rubbed her soaked nether lips.

After what seemed like an eternity, Paul opened his eyes and reached his unlubed hand out to her. When she took it, he pulled her down to him in a modified missionary position. Taking the rubber shaft in his lubed hand, he stroked it up and down and kissed her with an intensity that seemed to belong only to the about-to-be-penetrated. He rested his ankles on her shoulders and guided her in, maintaining a smoking eye contact that was 80% hot lust and 20% trepidation. Paul blinked when the head touched his ass, and his electric blues closed again as it started to enter him. When the glans made it past his tight ring, he sucked in his breath, nodding to let her know that everything was feeling good. Moving his hand from the cock to her harness, he pulled her into him slowly, groaning with the intrusion. When she was all the way in, he held her there, his breath coming in gasps of pleasure. The experience of being penetrated had an almost narcotic effect on his brain, and he could feel the static begin to crackle in his head. Gently, she pulled out half way and pushed it back in, producing a low moan. His eyes opened and he moved his lubed hand to his cock, stroking it to hardness as he watched her move above him.

Paul was in a state of sexual oblivion. When she pushed into him, his mind had announced the end of its broadcast day and thanked the audience for watching, and now he was operating on pure sensation. As she pushed the cock into him, he felt that familiar mix of helplessness and pleasure that made him feel more submissive than anything he had ever known. An aggressive sexual animal at other times, impaled on her cock, he was utterly hers for the taking. And take him she did.

The sight of her thrusting forward and rocking her hips into him, her breasts swaying above him, and most of all, her eyes shining with lusty delight brought his cock to life in his hand. Her hips and his hand moved with the same rhythm as a universe of ecstasy shook his body. He had no conscious mind, only flashes of thought and powerful physical impulses. The rubber cock was a blatant intruder, but the last thing in the world Paul wanted was for her to stop. Gradually, he became aware of a rising tide of energy in his balls, and he knew that she was about to fuck him right into an orgasm. He moved his legs from her shoulders to around her hips and began using them to pull her into him.

Several minutes of furious fucking later, she saw his gaze move from her to his cock and back again several times. This meant that he was getting close to spurting- her favorite moment. Veronica always got so horny doing this. When his eyes closed again and he went stiff, she fucked him even harder, and her eyes went wide with sexual wonder as the climax took him. Paul’s back arched and he let out a groan that was pure helpless pleasure, loud and hot. His hand was a blur on his cock, and suddenly thick ropes of come erupted and flew amazing distances. He screamed and yelled until she was afraid that hotel security might be called, but Veronica rode him until he was a spent, limp pile on the bed, covered with his own come from belly to shoulders.

Giving him a quick snuggle, she then slowly withdrew from him, eliciting a last groan from the fucked-out Paul. Turning to the wide-eyed Brian, she quickly unbuckled the harness and tossed it into the corner. He could see that she was in pure lust mode, not to be denied. As sexual a being as she was, he had rarely seen her like this, and it excited the hell out of him. He knew that his stamina was about to be tested.

Totally focused on getting him ready to fuck the living daylights out of her, Veronica knelt in front of him and immediately started sucking and stroking his cock. Her head bobbed, and he closed his eyes, feeling her small soft hands and warm lips around him. She was sooooo good at this…

Brian could now feel his pulse through his penis, and knew that she was having the intended effect. His hands went to her hair, and his hips began to respond to her actions, pumping gently back and forth into her mouth. He leaned back, reveling in the moment, savoring the feeling of her soft, hot mouth on him.

All too soon, she decided that he was hard enough and lay back, pulling him down on top of her. He complied willingly with her desires, kneeling between her spread legs and rubbing the head of his cock against her slit.

Brian looked down to verify what his cock was telling him. Sure enough, Veronica was literally dripping punany juice. Apparently the act of taking the strap-on to Paul really did turn her on as much as he’d heard. Looking into her eyes, he could see that she was practically on the edge, and he hadn’t even started yet.

Quickly, he remedied that. Brian thrust his hips forward, burying his thick cock in her oh-so wet pussy. She bucked against him, and he dispensed with the pleasantries as she was clearly beyond wanting them. Establishing a rhythm, he fucked her hard and fast. Veronica arched her back and thrust right back against him as he gave her the furious sex she needed. She was always in need of a hard cock after wielding the rubber cock, and it was a historical frustration that if she had the satisfaction of fucking Paul into an orgasm, then he was unable to service her right away in the manner that she really wanted…a cruel either-or decision that was being delightfully short-circuited tonight.

Closing her eyes, she concentrated on how his cock felt plunging in and out of her. She could feel his eyes on her as she moved under him, and that always got her hot. Snaking her small hand between them, she started rubbing her clit as he continued grinding away with that wonderful tool. Veronica had been awfully aroused when they started, and she was now on the verge of an epic orgasm. The nerve endings in her pussy were overloading as she felt herself go over the edge…Brian watched as the beautiful girl beneath him closed her eyes and started screaming.

Upon coming, some women whimper, some moan, some even cry out with hoarse voices, expressing their pleasure to whoever might be listening. Veronica, on the other hand, yelled to the heavens when she came; a habit that her lovers had long come to understand and appreciate. As a general rule, they tried to have ice cream on hand afterward to sooth her tired throat…before inspiring more screaming and yelling, occasionally to the annoyance of the neighbors, not that they cared.

This time would be especially loud, and he knew it. Veronica had been bottling up and suppressing her arousal for hours, and now it was going to come out, one way or another. Her eyes rolled back in her head as her hips began beating against his with a furious energy. He could feel her hand between them, jilling herself off as he maintained the pace of his thrusts. Suddenly, she stiffened, and the loud beautiful noises erupted from her rigid form as her orgasm ripped through her.

This was Brian’s favorite part- fucking her after she had already orgasmed. Veronica was always sooooo sensitive at this point that she thrashed about and screamed like a banshee when fucked, and that very reaction did it for him. After giving her a merciful few seconds, he began sliding into her again, feeling himself build up to a spectacular orgasm of his own. Brian’s balls started to feel full, and he knew that it was only a matter of minutes, pumping his hard cock into this amazingly hot woman, until he came.

Looking up, he saw Paul, still a bit shaken from his treatment at the end of the dildo, stepping over toward Veronica, and stroking his cock back to hardness in time with the rhythm of the intertwined couple’s hips. Brian pulled out of the quivering girl and gently turned her over onto her hands and knees. Admiring the ass in front of him, he wiggled his stiff cock back into her dripping pussy and resumed his pace. He loved this position, loved being able to look down and see his meaty length disappearing into her.

Paul kneeled in front of Veronica and presented his now-hard cock for her attention. She shakily pulled his hips toward her face and sucked his cock into her mouth with one quick motion. He was still super-sensitive from his earlier orgasm, and the sensation of her hot lips on him was almost too much to bear. When Veronica cupped his swollen balls, his head rolled back and he began gently thrusting into her mouth, matching his strokes with Brian’s in a porno-perfect fingercuffs position.

Veronica could feel herself getting close again. The feeling of getting fucked by one hard cock, sucking on another, and just knowing that there was a come shower in her immediate future was revving her engine yet again. Taking her hand from the balls in front of her, she reached beneath her and gave her throbbing clit the attention it craved. That did it- the rising tide of the massive orgasm wouldn’t be denied. Her toes curled and she started to shake as the boys continued to plunge their hard members in and out of her. For those few seconds, she lost all track of where she was and what was going on around her- the overwhelming pleasure of it all washed over her again and again…

Brian had been on the edge for some time, wanting the experience to last, and giving Paul a chance to catch up with them. When she went stiff this time and started to moan around Paul’s cock, he knew that this was it- he was passing the point of no return. Looking up and meeting Paul’s gaze, Brian nodded to indicate that it was time. As soon as he was sure that Veronica was on the downslope of her climax, he pulled out and quickly laid her down on her back. Then he plunged back in for a few last strokes as Paul stood over her, jacking himself off at a lightning pace.

Feeling his balls go tight, Brian pulled out and continued the action with his hand, shooting hot white come all over her. Veronica’s eyes opened just in time to see him erupt, and she giggled with excitement as the thick, warm juice splashed onto her stomach, breasts, and throat. Just as Brian’s climax was winding down, Paul let go with as much cream as he had, aiming right for her suddenly open mouth. For his second orgasm in half an hour, it wasn’t bad at all, and she reached up to tug the last few drops out of his stiff tool onto her waiting tongue. Laying back down flat, Veronica reveled in the sensation of being covered in the physical manifestation of her men’s lust.

Her hands went to it, feeling its texture and heat, and she closed her eyes, once again picturing the scene. Spent, sweaty, hot men kneeling between her legs and standing over her, staring down at her still-panting form with a mixture of reverence, lust, and love. The smell of sex was thick in the room, and that was just fine. She shivered with a sudden chill as the love juice started to cool on her body.

Something warm, soft, and wet began to rub her down, and she opened her eyes. After coming, Paul had retreated to the bathroom and dampened some towels with hot water, one of which he passed to Brian, and both of them were cleaning and massaging her tired form as a team, pausing to kiss or squeeze her whenever they had a chance.

Once done, they helped her up onto the big, soft bed, and snuggled in for a nice, long break. Sore muscles were stretched, cold water was sipped, and loving touches were exchanged. In truth, although the sex was the stuff of Penthouse Letters, these were the times that made them pause and remember later- the downtimes, when the affection and laughs were had. Here and now, with the men she loved here with her, Veronica wished she could take this moment and put it in safe deposit box, keeping it pristine and clear forever.

In the next two weeks, they would explore the City of Light, tour the Louvre, sip coffee pretentiously in a café on the Seine, toast each other on the observation deck of the Eiffel Tower, make a scene at the Sacre Coeur, check apartment rental rates in Montemartre (just for fun), secure fun and naughty local gifts for Paul’s wife, Brian’s fiancée, and Veronica’s boyfriend, and have sex of some kind another twenty-three times. But it was that moment at the hotel on the first night, that they would all privately cherish above the others, much as they might tout the tourist adventures to outsiders. The three knew why they were there, and why they would get together again and again, in various locations around the world for many years to come. Spread out locations aside, they were three of a kind, and would always be.

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