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WAM-Bam! Thank You Ma’am

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He came rushing through the kitchen.

“I’m late.” he said flatly, slamming his briefcase down onto the table. “Would it be too much trouble for you to be something resembling a wife? You know? The good kind, you wake me up with a smile, make sure my clothes are neatly pressed, have dinner on the table for me, as well as breakfast.”

He glanced around as she sat calmly with her coffee.

When she said nothing he glared at her. “Nice. You know something? You suck.”

With that he grabbed his briefcase and rushed out with his shirt untucked and his hair not combed.

She smiled to herself. She used to care. When they first got married she was a doting wife, always happy to jump at his every whim. Andrea picked up the phone and called her best friend Michelle.

“Hello?” Michelle answered cheerful as always.

“Another morning, another day started with my asshole.” Andrea sighed.

“Again? You really need to do something about him.”

“I know but my only options are to divorce the bastard or kill him.” She laughed at both thoughts. She didn’t want to leave him, but something had to give. “You busy today?”

“Nope. Shall we do lunch?” Michelle asked happily.

“That’s what I was thinking. Maybe give the girls a call?” Andrea was hopeful; being around her friends always picked her spirits up.

“Cool, I’ll meet you at our usual and call the girls. Breathe honey, everything will be fine.”

Andrea hung up and then cleaned the kitchen up. Tears were falling as she did; this wasn’t how she wanted her life to be. When she finished she tossed the sponge in the sink. Looking at the clock it was about time to get ready to go meet the girls.

She stripped down and eyed herself in the mirror before getting in the shower. She was about 5’7″, medium golden brown hair, perky c cups, and an ample figure. She hurried through the shower not wanting to be late when she heard the phone ringing. She streaked naked and went to grab it.

“Hello?” she answered pleasantly breathless.

“I’m so sorry about this morning.” Her husband said quietly. “I’ve been sitting here since I came in feeling like a dog for how I treated you.”

“What’s going on with you?” She dropped to the bed and sat there.

“I don’t know.”

“Is there someone else?”

He hesitated before answering. “No, just work.”

She thought that over, and decided to take a chance. “You’ve been an ass for quite awhile.”

“Look I’m not trying to be.” He was getting agitated. Every time they argued she pointed that out. “What the fuck do you want from me, Andrea?”

“You to quite being a dickhead and treat me like a human being.”

“I do. Jesus Andrea, you’re the one who won’t pay attention to me.” He was sounding petty.

“Oh really?”

“Yeah really. You don’t take care of me anymore. I want…NO I need my wife to take care of me.” He growled into the phone. “That’s what a fucking wife is supposed to do. Take care of all of her husband’s needs!”

“Awwww are you a widdle baby? Do you need to be followed around and cleaned up after?” she said mockingly.

“God damn it Andrea!” he was growled at her again. “Just shut the fuck up!”

“No! I am tired of just shutting up. You don’t want to hear what I have to say? Hang up.” She took a deep breath continuing with her thought over his protesting. “I am not your mother. I am your wife. I shouldn’t need to baby you!”

“Shut up. Shut up. Shut up. Shut up! Shut the fuck up!!” His voice gradually grew louder as she was speaking her mind.

“Fuck you!” she yelled back finding her courage.

“Excuse me?” he responded stunned.

“I have to finish getting ready.” she said as nicely as she could with her temper up.

“Where are you going?”

“What do you care?” She let some attitude back in.

“Being a bitch doesn’t suit you.” he snapped.

She never talked back to him, and now she was. He was determined to have the last words.

“Heading out with your little WAM group?” He was pissed and she could hear it.

“As a matter of fact, yes…and I’m thinking of joining them!” she slammed the phone down trying to catch her breath.

Her four friends all lived in an old house they bought and remodeled. Each had their own room, but they resembled a four-person love affair. It was an honest open relationship between all of them. Men weren’t in the picture often. All of them had been burned one too many times. After he found that out he began to refer to them as WAM. Women Against Men. The thing was none of them were exactly against men. Michelle was her best friend, and from that friendship she met Samantha.

Samantha and she hit it off wonderfully. A little too much, and that scared Andrea. She never thought she could feel for a woman the way she did for a man, but Sam was everything any man Andrea knew wasn’t.

Sobs racked her body as she thought about everything and she threw the phone across the room in her frustration. Once she calmed she threw on jeans and a sweater and went to meet her friends.

Relief immediately washed over her once she spotted them. Especially when she saw Sam. Her eyes were red and puffy and she was beginning to resemble Rudolf. As she approached they all jumped up to hug her. She dropped her head on Sam’s familiar shoulder and let the tears flow. Sam gently massaged her back and let her cry. She was livid over the entire situation. If Andrea were her woman, she would treat her like a queen.

After a moment they all sat down and Andrea spoke quietly, “Sorry I’m late Ron called.”

“No problem baby.” Mackenzie spoke almost too cheery.

She reminded Andrea of a tall lanky Care Bear. She was always cheerful and tried to spread sunshine and love everywhere she went. No one could resist her big, rosy cheeks, long dark hair and big brown eyes. Her chest was practically flat, which went along with her athletic boyish figure. In her spare time she coached basketball since it was her first love.

They all made idle chatter talking about getting together for a ladies-only weekend get-a-way while they ordered. Andrea was finally relaxing and having a good time. Time away was probably what she needed.

She was reaching for her water when she saw Stephanie gasp and choke. Everyone jumped up and did what they could for her. Steph was the shortest of the gang at five four; she was almost flesh and bone. What she lacked everywhere on her body she made up for with tits and ass. She was a knock out with her dark skin and black hair. Her big full lips begged for attention and usually found it.

Once she could get a breath, she took a sip of water and then explained. “I thought I saw Ron.”

“Why would he be here?” Sam asked irritated.

“I don’t know that he would.” Andrea spoke as she searched the other people dining. “I never told him we come…” Her voice dropped off as she located her husband making out with his secretary. “Oh God….” The tears popped up again.

“No.” Michelle took her face and held it tight. “You will not let that piss poor excuse for a man upset you.”

Andrea nodded and looked around at her friends. “He said there was no one else.”

“So he’s a lying piece of shit.” Sam said matter-of-factly.

“What am I gonna do?” She waved the waiter over and ordered a snakebite shot.

They all looked around at each other and then finally Michelle spoke, “What do you want to do?”

“What are my choices?” she asked dejectedly.

“Divorce him.” Stephanie offered.

“Kill the bastard.” Mackenzie added in happily.

“Get even.” Sam added icily.

“That’s it!” Michelle pounced on that idea. “You have to get even. It’s a moral imperative.” She added quoting their favorite movie “Real Genius”.

Everyone began laughing while Andrea was turning the idea of revenge over in her head.

“Look we all know what a shit Ron is to you. We’re tired of it. You’re tired of it. Soooo let’s come up with a plan.” Michelle said quietly as her green eyes glimmered with trouble.

Michelle was the tallest of the group at six foot two. She had flaming red hair that when worn up resembled a Mohawk. She worked out a lot so she was built up a bit, she was all legs, and loved to show them off.

“Ok, so how can I get even?” Andrea waved over the waiter again. “Another snakebite. Please.”

“Wellllllll I was thinking if he wants to be a dog, then let’s let him be one.” Mackenzie smiled.

“Or if he wants to act like a wimpy little baby.” Stephanie pouted and sounded like a child, “Then we can tweet him wike a baby.”

“Then during the times he thinks he’s the shit, we’ll break him.” Sam laughed evilly.

“You need to play him.” Michelle piped in excitedly. “Get him to take some time off, then we’ll train him.”

“Time off? Train him?” Andrea was lost. The alcohol was going right to her head.

“Ok, get him to take his vacation time.” Mackenzie whipped out a mini notebook and began making a list as she spoke now. “Tell him you need time away for the two of you, then trust us to set up the rest.” She winked and blew a kiss at Andrea.

“So what exactly happens then?” Andrea asked thinking she was missing something.

“The plan is if Ron acts like a dog, then we’ll train him to be a good dog. Train him to accept you’re the Master.” Mackenzie said firmly. “We’ll get him his own little bed, collar and food dish. It’ll be so sweet to see that bastard on his knees.”

“And if Ron acts like a baby, then we’ll have to take care of da widdle baby.” Stephanie added her eyes sparkling with mischief. “Hardcore style! Diapers, crib, overalls…I mean the works.”

“This is crazy.” Andrea shook her head flagging the waiter back. “Amaretto stone sour.” The waiter nodded and she went back to listening.

“No. It’s not crazy.” Mackenzie piped in, “It’s perfect.”

When the waiter came back they all ordered dessert and then gave her pointers on how to begin. “First you need to leave him for about a week or so.” Michelle offered.

“Totally.” Samantha agreed, “You can come stay with all of us. I have a nice big bed.” Winking she lifted her water in a mock toast her blue eyes dancing with happiness.

Sam had wanted to get her hands on Andrea for years, and now she had a perfect opportunity. Sam was the quietest, yet boldest member of WAM. She resembled a very classy man, short choppy dark hair that could be styled. Small breasts that never needed a bra and no defined curves.

“Perfect! You come spend a few days with us, so you can relax and get the hang of the new you.” Michelle winked; “I’ll volunteer to be your slave for practice sake anyway. After a week he’ll be begging you to go on that trip.”

“Then you bring him to visit us and we’ll slip him a little something, and when he wakes he’ll be at WAM’s mercy.” Samantha clapped her hands while saying this.

“Well?” Michelle asked anxiously.

“I don’t know. All this winking is making me nervous.” Andrea looked around at the expectant faces, giggling as the alcohol was taking over.

“At least think about it?” Mackenzie asked quietly.

Andrea nodded eating her dessert quietly. She was tired of being walked on by her husband. The idea of getting even and taking charge sounded heavenly. Of course the thought of being alone with these four women sounded even better. For years they had tried to get her to join them. Just for a little fling, but what scared her was she was sure once she did join them, she wouldn’t want to go back to her “normal” life.

“Ok. I’ll do it.” Andrea spoke softly and felt a weight lift.

“Are you sure? Once we start this there’s no going back.” Sam eyed her intently.

For a brief moment doubt passed across her face. She reasoned it out in one thought, no matter what happens she won’t be going through it alone.

“I’m positive.” Andrea was firm and smiled brightly. “So ladies, where do we begin?”

“First of all, you are no longer Andrea.” Sam smiled, “Now you are Andi. Our Andi.”

“Welcome to WAM baby!” Stephanie flagged down the waiter and ordered a bottle of champagne. “We do not hate men, we simply found that we do not need them to make us happy. I’m Steve.”

“Hey Steve.” Andi smiled.

“We live happily in a huge house with four bedrooms, three bathrooms and a basement. We share the daily chores, and respect each other’s privacy. I’m Mike.” Michelle giggled.

“Hi Mike.” Andi giggled with her.

“We fuck whom we want, when we want.” Mackenzie was firm. “No one judges us. We protect each other and support each other. I’m Mack.”

“Hey Mack.” Andi blushed.

“Should you choose to stay with us, we’ll expand the house…. And if you decide to keep your pet, we’ll treat him accordingly. You never know, that could end up being great fun for all of us. I’m Sam.”

“Hello Sam.”

“Everything will move at your pace, but we probably should get some ground rules set.” Sam smiled. Her mid was wheeling a mile a minute; she’d waited a long time and would be damned if it got screwed up now.

“I agree, just let me run to the bathroom.” Andi excused herself and went.

She was singing softly to herself. She walked into the bathroom and heard the soft moans coming from the stall. She snickered to herself and took the free stall. She was in the process of pulling down her pants when the young woman moaned out, “Oh yess Ronnie…I love your cock.”

Andi dropped her pants and her heart sank. She sat down on the toilet and heard him grunting and groaning.

“Hell yeah Janie, mmmm…so much better than that bitch of a wife I have.”

Andi stayed put until they were done. They were leaning against the adjoining wall bumping against it. With every thump she cringed.

“Mmmmmm Ronnie…” Janie groaned deeply letting her voice drift up to a squeak.

Andi felt her lunch coming up. She clamped a hand over her mouth to stifle any gagging sounds she was making. It wasn’t long until she heard the tell-tale groan of Ron’s orgasm. She wasn’t surprised, he barely had any stamina.

She continued holding still trying not to toss her cookies until they left. When she heard them open the door to leave, she opened her stall door a crack to peek and make sure it was them.

The moment she saw him check the mirror to make sure he looked good, she uncovered her mouth and threw up on the floor.

“Jesus Christ!” Ron said in an over exaggerated whisper. “That’s about disgusting.”

“Maybe she couldn’t handle our good sex.” Janie said snidely and then left the bathroom.

Ron’s shoes clicked on the tiles as he followed Janie.

Andi managed to turn herself and grab the small garbage can to finish being sick. Tears were falling hard and fast. Questions were flooding her mind.

After a few minutes the door opened and Sam asked quietly. “Andi?”

“Sam?” Andi sniffled.

“Too much alcohol?”

“Oh God Sam.” Andi began to cry a bit harder. “He fucked her in here.” she said in a shaky voice as she leaned forward trying to clean up some of the mess with toilet paper. She was sober now.

“What? Who?” Sam asked totally confused.

“Ron was fucking Janie.” Andi growled out, “In the stall next to me. Christ Sam, I heard them. I saw them.” Then she opened the door and faced Sam with revenge in her eyes. “I want him to pay.”

“You got it girl.” Sam said firmly and handed Andi a wet paper towel for her face.

They used paper towels for the rest, and then Andi went to let their waiter know about the bathroom. While she was taking care of that Sam went back to the table to fill the girls in on what was going on so Andi wouldn’t have to say it again. The girls spent the rest of their lunch firming up their plans.

By the time Andi was on her way home she felt relieved and alive. She thought after finding her husband cheating she would’ve been devastated, and maybe she was a little bit but now she knew the truth.

She walked through her house looking at the old pictures of them on the wall. There was a time when they were happy and in love.

“Where did it all go?” she asked the silence wiping a lone tear away.

As she got to the master bedroom she found she had a spring in her step as she packed her bags. Once they were packed she ran them to her car and then came back to her room to get ready.

She was recreating herself and was thrilled. The person she had put away on the shelf was coming out to play and there was no stopping her. She called the Radisson and booked the best room they had. Tonight WAM was going to celebrate the transformation in style with the help of Ron’s credit card.

Tonight had to be perfect. She would set the stage well and then move on with her life. Ron was a competitive bastard, she knew without a doubt he would follow after her. She set the dining room table with candles, his favorite foods and mood music.

She took another shower, slipped into new underwear and then glanced into the mirror. “I don’t know you.” She said to the reflection, “but something tells me I’m going to love you.”

Smiling she admired the black lace bra with matching panties. Her breasts were bigger now than they were when she bought this, and the tops of her breasts popped out of the top. She dabbed a bit of perfume on them and then slipped into her new dress. Well it wasn’t really new; she bought it on a whim year’s back and knew this was the perfect moment for it. It was a basic black dress made of slinky material, short with a deep v-neck that clung to every curve. She added fishnets, chunky heels and deep red lipstick. She blew a kiss at the reflection as she heard the front door slammed.

“Hey!” Ron yelled, then stopped silent. “Wow.”

He was in the dining room looking around. He slipped his jacket off and tossed it aside.

“Andrea?” he called out.

She must’ve known what a bitch she was being and decided to make it up to him. He rubbed his groin in anticipation. It’d been over a month since they made love and even though he already had himself a hot piece he was ready and willing for more.

Thrusting her breasts forward she put her chin up and went to greet him. He was still walking around the room taking in everything. She smiled watching him. For the first time in her life she understood what the phrase, “Revenge is sweet” meant. He was every bit as handsome as he was the day they met. Dark blonde hair, green eyes that sparkled and an ass you could bounce quarters off. As he rounded the table he saw her walking towards him.

“Damn, all this for me?” he asked huskily.

She could see the bulge in his pants. A knowing smile spread across her face and she reached out to pull him to her for a very passionate kiss.

In her mind she wondered what it would feel like to have Sam’s lips pressed to hers. He moaned softly into the kiss letting his hands run over her curves and soft material. His hardness was pressing into her thigh. She reached down and stroked him gently. He broke the kiss and looked her over again then went to pour a drink.

“Wow, you look almost good enough to fuck.” He let out a low whistle.

“Almost?” She tipped her head to the side and knew she had made the right choice. “Too bad there are no bathrooms around.” She gave a smile that would make the Cheshire Cat shiver.

“Bathrooms?” He looked at her confused.

“But then your bitch of a wife isn’t as good as your secretary. Is she?”

“How?” before he could ask more she continued speaking.

“It sounded like Janie is quite the secretary.” She turned away and continued on, “Ooooo Ronnie!” She mocked and he grabbed her arm stopping her.

“What are you talking about?” he asked her while tightening his grip.

She laughed. “I’m talking about you fucking some slut in the bathroom.”

He let go of her arm and slapped her. “She is not a slut.”

Andi reached up and touched her cheek. “How dare you?” She snapped backing away from him.

“If you could be a proper wife, I wouldn’t be using her.”

Stunned by his words she asked calmly, “Is that so?”

“Yes.” He was confident that the look in her eyes meant she was ready to beg his forgiveness.

Andi got her coat and slipped it on. “Ron, I’m leaving you. I will be staying with my friends.” She turned and felt his eyes bore into her back.

“Go on and leave you fat cow. I can replace you.” He slammed his drink down.

Andi didn’t respond. She walked out with her head held high.

“ANDREA!” He yelled as he heard the door close. When she gave no response he threw his glass against the wall and sulked.

Once alone in her car Andi cranked the radio up and let the harsh beats of Nine Inch Nails wash over her. Ron hated this music. Come to think of it he hated all music but country. That really annoyed her. She laughed to herself lately almost everything about him annoyed her. When they first got together he was kind and sweet and gentlemanly. Then over the years he changed. He became set in his ways, demanding and rude.

She waited for the tears to come, and when none did she laughed harder. Instead of feeling heartbroken and crushed she felt alive and free. Her cell phone flashed with an incoming call. She lowered the radio and answered it. Before she could say a word she heard Michelle’s eager voice.

“Andi?” Michelle asked cautiously.

“Hi Chel.” Andi breathed a sigh of relief and giggled, “I did it.”

“You really left him?” Chel asked happily shocked. Then she sobered. “Are you sure you’re ok with this decision?”

“Yes.” Andi answered confidently.

“Cool! Look we’re already here at the hotel waiting for you. So just park and meet me out front. Ok?” Chel sounded excited.

“Ok, I can do that, I’ll be there in about fifteen minutes.” With that said Andi hung up and concentrated on driving.

Chel looked over at Stephanie and Mackenzie and they all burst out in laughter.

“This is so exciting! Andi is going to flip when she sees Sam all decked out!” Mackenzie spoke between giggles.

“You better call Sam and let her know Andi will be here soon.” Stephanie was calming down a bit. “Do you think they’ll join us at all tonight?”

Chel gave Stephanie a ‘What? Are you crazy?’ look and called Sam’s cell phone.

Sam was sliding up the knot on her necktie up as her phone rang. Trembling she stepped out of the small dressing area in the hotel room she acquired for the night and anxiously answered it.

It was Chel, letting her know that Andi was on her way and that she would be there in less than fifteen minutes.

Sam felt her stomach knot as her heart began to race. She had been in love with Andi since they met and she really got to know her. Sam hung up the phone, picked up the single yellow rose she bought for Andi and went down to the lobby.

Sam looked like a handsome young man. She knew the desired look was achieved by the comments she heard made by the women walking by her. All of them were talking about how hot “he” looked. Beaming with pride Sam reflected on how she came to be this way.

From a young age she knew she was different. She always wanted to have a penis of her own. While her friends were busy dreaming of getting busy with boys, she was dreaming of getting busy with her friends. For her family’s sake she tried to be normal. She even married her best friend Mike from high school.

Mike was easy-going and was all for the idea since he too was hiding a secret from his family. They tried to make love several times, but Sam hated the feel of anything penetrating her. Each time they were done she would end up in the bathroom violently ill. Mike knew it wasn’t him that made her ill. He too felt queasy afterward. After talking with a friend of his, he realized the problem and took the liberty of buying Samantha a strap-on.

Sam laughed to herself remembering the night he presented it to her.

“Look, I’d love to be fucked up the ass. You don’t have the equipment to do that.” he told her pointedly. “So I got us the needed equipment. Sammy, I really care about you. You can give me what I need for now, and I’ll help you learn to be what you need.” His eyes softened as he spoke those words.

Sam had busted out laughing at his preposterous idea. Mike, losing his temper stomped his foot, took her hand and slapped the realistic fake cock in her hand.

“This can be yours. No more being penetrated. Now you are the one with the power.”

She remembered him helping her put it on. His hands were gentle as he made sure it fit the way it was suppose to. There was a small piece that fit between her lips that would caress her clit as the cock moved. Over the next few weeks as they practiced with it he taught her to be one of the boys.

Little by little she transformed from being “girly” to being more masculine. She cut her hair, began working out and called herself Sam. For her family’s sake she would be feminine when she needed to be.

One night Mike took her out and they ran into Mackenzie and Michelle. Sam had been friends with them for years, yet she never knew that the girls went both ways. They were at the bar meeting up with Stephanie. They introduced Sam to Steph and the four of them formed an instant bond. About six months later they pooled their money, bought the old house and began living the life they had all wanted.

Sam and Mike came out of the closet and filed for divorce with Michelle following suit. Michelle’s ex-husband was a jerk. If there was a way to make things harder on Michelle he did.

On the other hand, Sam’s was amicable. To this day she and Mike are still great friends.

Sam pulled herself from her memories and rubbed the bulge in her pants that she wore. Mike had been right there was power in it. She saw Sam’s car pull up and she went outside to greet her.

The first time Sam and Andi met was on a cold rainy night when Andi came over to cry on Chel’s shoulder about Ron. Andi was dressed in black oversized sweats and her hair was up in a ponytail. She looked absolutely adorable.

Chel persuaded Andi to spend the night when she told them all how miserable she was. Long after everyone went to bed Sam stayed up playing Gin with Andi and found herself falling head over heels for her that night. They shared their dreams, hopes and fears. Together they laughed and cried and Sam realized that Andi was everything she had dreamed of finding in a woman.

Tonight was Sam’s chance to prove it.

Once Andi pulled in at the Radisson she took one last look at her face in the mirror. She frowned at the redness where Ron had slapped her. With determination in her eyes she spoke aloud, “Soon you’ll get a chance to slap him back.”

Andi got out of her car and walked towards the main entrance. She was beginning to feel a bit giddy. For the last two years her friendship with Samantha had grown. Once she realized her feelings for Sam were a bit deeper than friendship she considered leaving Ron. The only things stopping her were her family; she knew they would disown her. They thought Ron walked on water, and if she said she was a lesbian or bi, shit would hit the fan. The other was even though she wasn’t in love with her husband; she did still care about him.

She had wild dreams over the last year that she could sneak away with Sam and have a wild romantic get-a-way, or that Ron would stop being a prick and they could invite Sam into their love life. Then she could have both of them and everyone would be happy.

“Keep dreaming Andi!” she said to herself.

Andi got out of her car and walked towards the main entrance. She saw a handsome man leaning against the brick column with a rose and thought that was the sweetest gesture, to be waiting for his lover. As she got closer she noticed his eyes never left hers, and the gentleman was walking towards her now.

Andi’s heart began to race and her palms were getting wet with perspiration. Her nerves were getting the best of her. She smiled shyly at the handsome man and then noticed the blue eyes. Andi felt a pull in her gut, realizing who it was.

“Oh my God.” Andi spoke in a trembled whisper.

“Hello Beautiful.” Sam said smiling. She closed the small gap between them and offered Andi the yellow rose. “I couldn’t find any purple ones on such short notice.”

“Oh my God.” Andi was still in shock.

Sam took a chance and pulled Andi into a snug embrace. “You smell wonderful.” Sam moaned softly, “Like a yummy caramel sundae.”

Andi wrapped her arms around Sam and inhaled deeply. Sam smelled wickedly like a man, like a forest with a sweet musk overtone.

“You smell wonderful.” Andi said quietly stepping back. “Where are the others?”

“They are waiting for us in the lobby.” Sam couldn’t stop smiling. “Would you like to go join them?”

Andi nodded and let Sam lead the way. They no sooner walked through the door when Stephanie, Mackenzie and Chel pounced on them. Andi was wrapped in the warmth and love of her friends and she felt renewed.

“Are we going to get our room?” Chel asked bouncing like a teenager.

“Yes, I’ll go check us in.” Andi smiled and broke free from the tangle of arms.

She went to the counter and checked in making sure to get an extra key to share. As she was walking back to them Sam was walking to meet her.

“If you want to go join them we can. Or we can spend some time alone.” Sam brushed a flyaway strand of hair from Andi’s face. “Nothing will happen that you don’t want to happen.”

“I know.” Andi smiled up at Sam.

“Would you like to go up to our room?” Sam asked hopeful.

“Our room?” Andi asked coyly.

“Ok, my room. I needed a place to get ready, so I got myself a room.” Sam smiled and hoped Andi wouldn’t think that she did that on purpose. “However it works out to our advantage if we want to be alone for a little bit.”

Andi looped her arm through Sam’s. “Let’s tell them we’ll catch up to them later.”

“I hoped you’d say that.” Sam relaxed a bit. “Let’s take them a key and then run away.”

“Sounds like a plan to me.” Andi pulled Sam’s hand and together they delivered the key.

Nothing more was said by anyone as Sam began to lead Andi toward the stairs winding around the bar and swimming area. They slowly walked up the stairs pausing on one of the platforms to watch the happy couples dancing in the tropical bar. The slow sultry song had Andi swaying her hips to the beat.

Sam leaned in behind Andi, thinking how they were made to be together. Andi fit so perfectly against her body and their heights made them seem as if they were a male-female couple. Most of the people walking by whispered about how adorable they looked. No one could tell it was two women.

Keeping focused on the dancers Andi took notice of Stephanie and Chel dirty dancing with what would be considered a hottie.

“Mack looks good. Don’t you think?” Sam asked getting closer to Andi.

“Where is she?” Andi asked looking around.

“Dancing with Chel and Stephanie.” Sam laughed.

Andi looked closer and the three waved to them. “Oh my God!” she gasped. “I didn’t even realize.”

“Silly girl.” Sam tickled Andi’s side. “How could you miss Mack?”

“I was absorbed in someone else.” Andi admitted quietly.

Andi tensed a bit feeling Sam pull her closer. She was happy and nervous all at once. Like when you are on a first date. She decided to let her fears go and she leaned back into Sam’s embrace.

“I’m scared.” Andi said nervously feeling as though her heart was about to come out her chest.

“Of what Beautiful?” Sam was in heaven to be holding Andi this close.

Getting excited Sam gave Andi a tight squeeze. Andi jumped forward when she felt a distinct hardness press into her ass.

“What?” Andi turned and looked confused as her gaze went to Sam’s groin.

Sam gently pulled Andi to her. She lowered her head and with a seductively whispered into Andi’s ear she explained. “It’s a strap on little one. I always wear one when I dress like a man. I like the power I feel knowing I have a bigger dick than most men.”

Andi felt a pull deep within her and found she suddenly wanted to touch Sam’s penis very much. They pulled apart a bit and in Sam’s eyes Andi noticed a new look. She couldn’t define it, but those blue eyes gave her goose bumps.

“So, um….where’s our room?” Andi teased.

Relief slid over Sam and she laughed. “Anxious now?”

“Maybe a bit curious?” Andi giggled like a schoolgirl deciding to be brave.

Grabbing Sam by her necktie, pulling her closer, Andi then let her other hand slide down to feel the bulge in Sam’s pants. Sam gasped as the gentle tug shifted and moved along her clit.

Andi liked the reaction giving it another squeeze. It wasn’t what she expected. The fake penis had a bit of give to it and if felt real. Sam moaned in Andi’s ear speaking in a deep voice, “I can’t wait to use it on you.”

Andi blushed and looked around.

Sam stepped back and took Andi’s hand. “C’mon, let’s go relax.”

Sam led Andi up to the spacious suite.

The lights were on but dim. It seemed very romantic. Andi kicked off her shoes and flopped down onto one end of the sofa. Sam took hers off also and sat at the other end. They talked about Ron, the weather, and the possibility of going dancing later before Sam got up to get them a drink.

The night was going well, though Sam could tell Andi was holding back. They had only been alone for about an hour, so Sam thought she would give it a little more time and if nothing came of it, she would spend the night alone crushed.

Andi stretched out a bit on the couch with her head tilted back and her eyes closed. Sam knew she was probably emotionally drained. This had been one hell of a day. She sat back down and Andi lifted her head with a grin.

“What?” Sam asked hoping that the look of lust in Andi’s eyes was for her.

“Just thinking…” Andi said teasingly as her cell phone rang.

She glanced at it, picked it up and seeing the caller id she sighed. She took a deep breath to calm herself and then answered it.

“Hello Ron…..I don’t think so…..” she laughed haughtily speaking with an attitude, “Whatever….Look there’s nothing to really say right now. Give me time to think. Ok? Later.”

She snapped the phone shut not waiting for a response. Something flashed across her face as she opened it shutting it off.

“I’m going to change.” Andi said somberly, rising to her feet, retreating into the bathroom, leaving Sam sitting on the couch.

Andi slipped out of her dress, tossing it into the corner then stripped down completely. She looked around and realized she didn’t bring in her overnight bag. She leaned against the cool water trying to catch her breath. Since lunch this afternoon her whole world had been turned upside down.

Again she waited for the misery and guilt to wash over her but still there was none. She grabbed Sam’s hairbrush off of the counter and brushed through her hair. Andi then took her time washing her face, letting the lukewarm water act as a soul cleansing. Andi gently patted her face dry, and located the complimentary robe, then snuggled into it.

After she was situated she went back out to Sam. “Would you like to come stretch out in here?”

Sam rose slowly and not saying a word walked over to Andi.

“Come lay by me…” Andi said nervously, “we can talk.” Andi then stretched out on the top of the covers watching Sam as she slowly undressed.

“I don’t want you to think you have to do anything.” Sam spoke reverently.

Andi smiled, then kissed Sam softly.

“I’ve dreamed about this moment.” She whispered against Sam’s lips, letting her hands work on the buttons of the shirt. “I want you Sammy.”

“I want you too.” Sam sighed with relief reaching out to Andi. Her hands came into contact with bare flesh and she moaned softly.

Andi blushed and sat up to push the shirt off Sam’s shoulders. The lightweight undershirt stretched across Sam’s chest and had two very distinct hard buds poking up from the material. Sam lifted herself off the bed enough so that the shirt could come off. Then she lay back pulling Andi with her.

Andi’s long dark hair was falling forward framing her face. Sam tangled her fingers in the rich thickness of it and pulled Andi down to meet her lips. The kiss started slowly with a slight touch of tongue.

“You’re so beautiful, Andi.” Sam said barely able to breathe.

Sam gave Andi a gentle push so she could lay over her. She looked down into the deep pools of cinnamon, then went back for another kiss. This time Sam traced Andi’s lips with her tongue before gently coaxing them apart.

Andi moaned into Sam’s mouth trying to move Sam so she could sit up. Sam took her time moving making sure that they moved slow enough to not break the kiss.

Once they were sitting up, Andi pulled back and knelt on the bed. Sam followed Andi’s lead pulling off her undershirt. They were facing each other kneeling. Andi smiled as she drank in the sight of Sam’s bare breasts. They were small made up of mostly nipple, which was why Sam didn’t need a bra.

Andi reached with a trembling hand to touch them. The nipples were already hard yet felt soft to her fingers. Sam moaned, softly reaching to untie the robe. Andi leaned in and kissed her deeply while Sam’s fingers worked on the loose knot.

Once it was undone Sam’s hands were inside stroking and touching Andi’s soft skin. Sam ran them firmly up Andi’s sides feeling her sensuous curves. Her thumbs ran under Andi’s full breasts and Sam cupped them lovingly, giving them a squeeze.

Pulling back Sam pushed the robe off Andi so that she could take in the sight of her new lover. She eyed Andi unscrupulously.

Andi shivered under Sam’s steady gaze. No one ever looked at her so intensely before and it was making her skin tingle and burn.

“Damn you’re beautiful.” Sam groaned as she spoke, aching to do more than look.

Tears filled Andi’s eyes and she rolled away from Sam’s searing gaze.

“Baby? What is it?” Sam stretched out enveloping Andi in her arms.

“I’m not beautiful. I’m fat and flabby.” she trembled a bit fighting back the tears. She could hear Ron’s voice in her head reminding her every time he saw her naked that she needed to lose weight.

Sam rolled back and then pulled Andi to face her. She wrapped her in her arms and caressed her back. “Is that what he’s been telling you all these years?”

Andi looked away guiltily.

“He lied.” Sam said firmly.

“No.” Andi shook her head. “I’m short and fat…I know I am.”

“You’re short. You’re over-weight. However fat is an ugly term, and ugly is something you’ll never be.” Her hands traveling back up Andi’s curves to her breasts. She cupped one and held it lovingly, “Look how big and full these are.”

Sam then took the nipple in her mouth rolling her tongue around the hardened peak. Andi moaned and arched her back to meet the hungry mouth. Sam decided to find out how her girl liked things and caught the nipple in her teeth. Andi sucked in her breath in and felt her pussy get wet. Sam bit a little harder and Andi moaned. Her hands came up and held Sam’s face there.

Sam took the hint and used her teeth to chew on it a bit. Andi began to squirm and shake. Sam bit down hard and heard Andi’s voice come out in a quiet tremble.

“Oh god!” she cried out.

Andi stretched out and spread her legs wide. The pinch of Sam’s teeth was making her wetter than she ever had before. Her body was tensing and she reached for the waist of Sam’s boxers. Using her foot and free hand she began to push the boxers off. She met with success when the phallus flopped free. When Andi felt it hit her leg she was stunned that it really felt like a real penis. She wasted no time reaching for it to stroke it.

“Show……I wanna know how…” She could barely talk or breathe.

Sam stood up over Andi and unstrapped herself. Once one side was unbuckled she moved it aside. “It has nubs that rub my clit juuuust right, and the way it’s shaped it stays snuggly in place.” She saw desire flash in Andi’s eyes.

“What do you want Lover?” Sam asked hoarsely.

“Fuck me.” Andi replied, her voice thick with lust.

“In good time. I have plans for you.” Sam strapped herself back into strap-on and then dropped to her knees over Andi.

“Kiss it.” she told Andi firmly.

Without hesitation Andi did as she was told. She swirled her tongue around the head of the penis and then suckled the head in after kissing it.

Sam moaned and slid down Andi’s body so that she could plant kisses all over her breasts. She suckled the neglected nipple, letting her fingers plunge into Andi’s wetness. Andi cried out and squirmed at her new lover’s demanding touch. Sam pulled away giving both erect nipples a small nip before heading down Andi’s body. She nibbled her way down to the waiting pussy. Andi’s legs were wide open, and Sam slipped further down stroking her own cock.

She licked up the wet slit and then plunged her tongue inside. Andi moaned and shook. Sam’s talented tongue was giving more pleasure than she had ever felt with someone’s mouth. After a few luscious minutes Andi twisted herself to pull at Sam’s leg. Tonight was a night for trying new things and fulfilling fantasies.

Sam paused looking up at Andi.

Andi could barely speak, “please? I’ve always wanted to try going down at the same time.”

Sam laid back her cock standing straight up. “Climb aboard sexy…”

Andi wasted no time, climbing over. She let Sam direct and guide her pussy where she wanted it; not afraid of anything at this point. The moment Sam’s hot mouth went back to work Andi deep throated Sam’s cock. She used her hands to stroke it knowing that it would rub on Sam’s clitoris.

Sam moaned and it vibrated through to Andi. Andi was feeling bolder and let her fingers slip down teasing Sam’s ass. Sam arched her hips up, giving Andi an invitation to try what she wanted. Andi wasn’t slow or gentle sliding her middle finger in with one stroke.

“Oh God Andi!”

Sam trembled and grabbed Andi’s hips tight holding her on her face. She growled and bit Andi’s hard clit then used her tongue to lap at Andi’s wetness. She was ready to taste all of Andi. She let go with her left hand and slipped two fingers into Andi then moved her wet fingers to Andi’s ass and pushed her middle finger in. Andi cried out and her orgasm flooded over Sam’s face.


Andi felt weak from the power of the most wonderful orgasm of her life. Nobody had ever played with her ass before. They slide their fingers out at the same time, while Sam kept her hands on Andi massaging her muscles a bit.

As Andi calmed she let her head rest on Sam’s thigh giving it a nip before rolling off and to the side.

Sam sighed with content and then flipped herself to lie face to face with Andi.

“I want more, are you ready for more?” Sam asked breathless.

“I want everything you have to give.” Andi moaned leaning in to kiss Sam.

She could taste herself on Sam’s lips and was energized again. Sam positioned herself and began to push into Andi. She felt Andi stiffen. “I’m going slow.”

“You’re so big.” Andi gasped for air.

“I bet you say that to all the boys!” Sam teased.

“Puh-lease…they were all infant sized compared to you.” Andi’s eyes twinkled as she wrapped her legs around Sam. “I want to be fucked hard!”

That being said Sam thrust her hips up fast and hard. Sam had been waiting to find someone who loved it hard and fast. Andi’s moans filled the room as the big cock filled her completely.

Sam moaned as she had what she thought of as a mini orgasm. She began to thrust all the way in and then pull almost completely out. Andi moved with her arching her hips to let Sam get deeper in as she kissed her thrusting her tongue to match the rhythm set.

Andi began to lift her hips higher while moaning, “Harder.” She pushed against the thrust, “Harder baby, please!” she cried out.

Sam thrust in hard and held still; she needed to catch her breath. Once she felt she could speak she asked as steadily as she could, “Do you need it harder?”

“Yes, please Sammy.” Andi begged.

Sam pulled out leaving only the head of her cock inside. “How bad does my girl need my cock?”

“I need it bad, please Sam, please don’t tease me.” Andi begged trying to pull Sam to thrust back into her.

Sam gave a deep chuckle that sent chills up Andi’s body. She moved off Andi and stood at the end of the bed.

Sam took Andi’s ankles firmly in her hands giving them a yank. Andi easily slid down the bed to Sam and before she could fathom what was happening Sam flipped her over. Sam knew from years of late night talks this was a fantasy of Andi’s and she intended to make it happen.

“Is this what you want baby?” Sam asked in a husky voice.

She spanked Andi’s ass pulling her up onto her knees, and then drove her cock home.

Andi cried out and felt the pinch of Sam’s fingers in her hips.

Sam spanked her again asking, “Is this what my girl needs? You need my cock fucking you hard?”

“Yes!” Andi cried out pushing back against the thrusts. “Harder!” Andi cried out.

Smiling to herself. Sam reached up and grabbed a handful of Andi’s hair using it as a reign before slapping her ass again. She fucked her hard and fast feeling her own orgasm approaching.

“I’m gonna cum baby, do you want to cum with me?”

“Make me cum with you.” Andi begged.

Sam yanked Andi’s hair and spanked her ass a few more times riding her as hard as she could. Flesh slapping against flesh was now being echoed off the walls.

“FUCK YEAH SAMMY!” Andi screamed out groaning while Sam could felt the orgasm through the dildo.

“Andi!” Sam lost it crying out as her own juices dripped down her legs.

They collapsed together in the silence of the room and in a matter of seconds they fell asleep naked and spent on the bed.

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