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Waking You Up

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The first thing I know in consciousness is the tickling of your chest hairs on my nose as I breath in and out. Instinctively, I reach up to rub my nose, inadvertantly flicking your nipple as I do.

“Hmmmm” you breath out, shifting slightly to wrap your arm around my shoulders. You are so warm that I snuggle closer, running my hand over your chest to find your other nipple, still soft in relaxation. A slight brush of my hand brings it to attention to match it’s counterpart.

I raise my hand off your chest now, lightly teasing your hairs with my fingertips. The dim light from the clock allows me to see the faint smile on your face, but you are clearly still sleeping.

My hand drifts downward, dusting your chest hairs again on the way. My fingers find their way down the trail of hair to your pubic thatch. These hairs are still moist from our shared joy earlier. I tickle them, none the less. I smile against your chest, remembering my earlier screaming, your earlier groaning, our words of passion. I notice, now, the moisture between my legs, dripping out between my thick lips to needlessly lubricate my thighs. I shift slightly against you to raise one leg up over yours. The coolness of the air on my wetness is stimulating.

I feel your relaxed manhood against my thigh now as it trembles slightly in response to my teasing. I wonder when you will wake up and find me here, carressing you. I decide to test.

Slowly I slide my body down yours, never losing contact along the length of you. I gently move my body over your leg and push your thighs apart and up. Laying down between your legs, I lick the end of your flaccid cock to be rewarded by another sigh from you.

Slowly, deliberately, I lick around your scrotum. I know that you love this, and I love it too. I am pleasantly surprised by the taste of myself and that musky taste of you. The aroma of our earlier lovemaking is strong, but not quite overpowering. I reach one hand down to my own wetness as I reach the other up to you. Lifting and exploring your folds and parts, I lick and lick and lick you clean, like a Cat (ironically). Still you have not come to consciousness, and I am glad.

The joy and excitement I have from ministering to you is matched by your physical response. Your cock thickens and lengthens slowly but surely as I continue to lick fondle and drool. After flicking my own spot to a brief but satisfying orgasm I bring my juicy hand back up for a fresh taste of myself.

With both hands now to the task, I can lift and massage your balls while I take your half-hardened penis in my mouth. You taste so good to me and feel so good on my tongue. I love sucking you and feeling you get bigger in my mouth. Licking and sucking and pulling on you gently, I pay no attention, now, to whether or not you are still sleeping. I hear your sighs of contentment and feel your hips move slightly. These instinctive responses to my ministrations are all the encouragement I need.

Sucking. Sucking and pulling and swallowing around you, I warm to this job and find my own body responding in kind. I use both hands to push your legs farther apart, then reach under and grab both butt cheeks to hold. Your cock is hard in my mouth now. Hard and ready for what your hips are requesting with their rhythmic thrusts. My toes curl as I give you one last (for now) hard suck. Then I leave that glorious pole to dive deeper and suck on your balls again.

Grasping and sqeezing your butt, I pull you up slightly from the bed so I can make long firm strokes with my tongue that go from your butt crack, firmly over your perineum, over your scrotum and along your cock. Teasing and reaching I get closer and closer to your hidden hole with each tongue stroke. I feel your hand on the back of my head now, and pause to look up.

Your eyes smile down at me in wonder, a brief question flickering there.

“You woke me up with pleasure. It is my turn to be the giver.” I state the obvious plain truth. Your smile of passion rewards me and renews my vigor. Your hand drifts to my cheek with a sweet carress of thanks.

“Move yourself around, Cat, so I can play, too.”

“In a minute, honey. I have something I need to do first.” I move lower still, adjusting my hands to push your legs up, bending your knees, and spreading your butt cheeks.

Tenderly I reach down with my tongue and flick it over your hole. You throw your head back with a groan of pleasure. I flick again and again and again. I bend down, closer still, and plant a wet, sucking kiss. I release one butt cheek so that I can press my small finger to the spot. You lift yourself up and open more for me, begging me for more of this special stimulation.

Begging is hardly necessary. I start to ring your hole with small circles of tongue swirls. Firm and wet and hot, my tongue is hungry to give you this pleasure. Drooling on my finger to moisten it, I then press it into you. I pull it out again for more lubrication, then in again. Your groans are musical and full of building suspense. In and out, in and out my finger goes, finally getting past that ring of muscle. My tongue and teeth move to your perineum, sucking and stroking and nibbling while I move my finger in and around and out, massaging your most private part.

I move my mouth upward, forward until I’m suckling your balls again. My other hand moves to stroke your throbbing cock. Still working your back door with my finger I move again so that I can place my lips around the head of your manhood. Slowly I take you in, glancing up at your face, thrown back and contorted with pleasure. Each small suck in my mouth brings you into that warmth a little more. Stroking your length I can feel you getting close.

The sensations I feel at giving you pleasure are almost as satisfying as when I’m the recipient. The hard, tight embrace of your anal muscles on my finger, the throbbing of your cock on my tongue, the tender, thin skin of your cock under my fingers, the overwhelming smell of desire and passion surrounding us, these all are driving me, too, to climax.

“I’m getting close,” you tell me, pleading in your voice. “Please come here so I can play too.”

“No,” I tell you, not taking time to explain. I must continue this pleasuring of you. I am enjoying the giving.

You throw your head back to your pillow again, a primal groan escaping your lips. Your hips are thrusting into my face, forcing your cock into my throat. I want to swallow you whole, but my own passion overtakes me.

Taking both hands from their tasks, I press them down on the mattress aside your hips. I push down and drag my body over yours, up towards your face. I feel your hard cock quivering over my chest and pause to use my hand and direct it’s head to my nipples. I get on my knees and put my face over yours. still holding your cock.

“I want more.”

“Anything, anything you want is yours, Cat. What is it you want more of?”

“I need you to fill my ass again.” My passion is nearly out of control now. My hand on your cock is almost violent in it’s demands.

“Ouch!” you say, removing my hand from you. “Ok, I’ll comply! Turn around, honey. Assume the position.”

I let go of your cock and toss myself over the bed, offering you my butt. I reach to the floor and find the lube bottle, handing it back to you.

“Sheesh, Cat. you are amazing. Waking me up and demaning sex.” You say this jokingly. We both know you love this play, and the tapping of your hard cock on my backside while you open the bottle tells me you are as turned on and ready as I am.

“Just fuck me, honey. Please?” I take on the beggars role again. You love this game, too, and I know it.

“OH?” you pretend surprise. “Did you want me to do something with this?” you ask as you stroke your lubed up cock on my backside. You quickly find my hole with a finger and start to drip the lubricant onto it.

“Tell me, Cat. Is this where you want me to put my cock?” Your finger is already pressing into me, gently coaxing me to open and relax. I groan deep in my chest and reach back to pull my cheeks apart further for you. “Right here?”

“Yes” I breath out. “Please. Please, please, please, please.”

“Hmmmm. I think you need to feel THIS.” You thrust your finger in as deep as it will go, being rewarded by a shudder from me.

“Oh yes, thank you! I do need that.” My breathing is ragged, my pulse is racing, and every nerve in my body is shimmering with attention. “More!” I whisper into the mattress. “Please more.”

You pull out your finger and in an instant your cock head is at my door.

“Here you go, Cat. This is what you’ve wanted, right?” Still teasing, you press the head of your hardness in just a smidge.

“Oh yes, it is. Please please please keep going.” I can hardly contain my excitement now. I stretch my whole body toward accomodating you, my hands pulling my butt open for you, my face pressed into the mattress. With all this stimulation it’s difficult to keep my anal muscles relaxed.

Finally, you press into me. Push, push, push and you are past my ring of muscles. OH! The feeling of fullness is so stimulating I immediately orgasm, clenching you and moving one hand around to my crotch.

“Yes, Cat, that’s it.” You comfort me as if from something frightening. “Just let it go and enjoy the feelings.” You grasp my hips and pull me onto you, pushing yourself into me slowly, deeply.

“Oh yes, this is what I needed, honey.” I move my hands above my head now, looking for something to push against. Since I’d flung myself sideways on the bed, there is nothing for me to push against so I grab sheets and hold on to them.

“You got me so close, I’m not going to last long here, Cat. Where do you want me to squirt?”

“Right there, honey. Please just don’t stop what you’re doing. Please, ” I manage to grunt out the words, pulling in breath between your thrusts.

You take the cue and start to pump more purposefully. You build steam quickly, pumping and thrusting, pulling my hips back into you quickly and firmly. The sensation of feeling you drive into my ass has overtaken me again, rendering me speechless, but by no means silent. I am grunting and nearly yelling as I groan, each of your thrusts pushing these sounds from me. I orgasm again, flying over the edge of sanity. And again I go, crashing against the rock cliff in ecstasy. Again and again, flying over countless cliffs with each thrust of your cock in my ass.

You reach one hand around, still thrusting into me almost violently, and grab my snatch with force. OH! I explode again, seeing sparks behind my eyelids. Anyone within hearing distance must wonder if it’s great sex or murder occurring in this room. I completely lose control now as you pull me into you, holding me by my crotch, pressing on my clit with the butt of your hand and sliding through my wetness with your fingers.

The pleasure, the near pain, the emotional surge of having you there, all over me, is more than I can bear any longer. My mind has become a blur of exploding synapses and I am nearly weeping in sensation overload.

And then stillness. You have pulled me back to you one more time and all large motion stops. I feel suspended in ecstasy as I feel you spurting inside me, filling my backside with jolt after jolt of your jism. I arch my back and orgasm again, every muscle in my body clenching in response to your gift. We both shout one last incomprehensible noise, a gutteral sound that is uncontainable. For several minutes we remain in that pose, classic in it’s grace, the embodiment of passion.

We collapse together in a pile, me underneath you until you roll on your side, pulling me spoonlike into you. As soon as my breathing calms a bit, I find the breath for one small phrase.

“Sorry to wake you, honey.”

A light chuckle is all the response I get before we drift off to sleep once more, your softened penis just now slipping out of me.

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