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The Delivery Man

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The pizza deliveryman had noticed the girl who ordered the Italian subs before. Her bright eyes and long raven locks were hard to miss and when he stood by her desk while she paid, it seemed that she always leaned forward a little too far. She always had a smile for him too and on more than one occasion he could have sworn that their fingers lingered when she paid him.

He hoped that today would be one of those. He walked to her desk and looked around, she was in the office all alone, he smiled.

“Valerie, here’s your sandwich, and how’s your day going?”

“It’s going very well thank you and how is yours going?” Taking the sandwich, letting her fingers linger just a bit as she paid and the electricity shot up her arm, to her breasts, hardening her nipples and shooting down to her pussy …a small sigh as she took a deeeeep breath and smiles demurely at the handsome man…unwrapping the sandwich slowly she chatted with him as she looked at it and ran her warm, pink tongue across her pouty lips as her eyes shined…

“Gosh, I’m so hungry and this looks delicious!” As she bit into the sandwich she glanced up to see him staring down at her… a small dollop of dressing from the sandwich on the corner of her mouth, her tongue flicked out and slowwwly drew it back. Her eyes traveled to his pants where she noticed a swelling and a sly grin came over her face.

“Ummm, what’s your name?” as she put the sandwich down

“Rick” he replied

“Rick I have a big carton I need moved in that office over there, could you help me?”

“Sure”, he replied as she led him into the darkened office; not noticing the way his hips moved in time with hers or the way his eyes took everything in like a predator. She pointed to a box and asked.

“Could you put that on the table for me and help me tape it shut?”

“Where’s the tape?” A small grin escaped his lips and his foot swung the door shut behind him. He walked over, lifted the box. Walking up to him she offered the tape to him and suddenly everything changed.

“You fucking slut, you little whore, I’ve got you now.” He grabbed her wrists with one hand and taped them together quickly.. Before she could cry out He slapped a piece of the tape over her mouth and dragged her up onto the table.. Her ankles were seized and spread wide as He taped them to the table legs and He stepped back with an evil glint in His eyes.

“Prick teaser”, He spat. “You’ve been flirting with Me for weeks you fucking tramp and now you’re going to get your reward.” He lifted a box knife and grabbed the front of her dress. The razor sharp blade slipping down between her breasts and slicing through the dress and her bra.. He unfolded the clothes onto the table and looked at her struggling against the tape.. Only her panties left on, her breasts full and the nipples telling Him all He needed to know about this fucking cunt.

He drew the box knife slowly down her belly, not pressing hard enough to break the flesh but letting her know that it was indeed headed for her nether regions. Her hips flexed and bucked at the thought of the knife being that close to her private parts. She couldn’t quite figure this Man out, He had seemed so polite and nice over the time He’d been delivering her lunch and suddenly He had this mad glint in His eyes and a cruel smile on His lips.

She moaned behind the tape as the knife slid under the edge of her panties and He lifted till the elastic snapped and parted … the cool air rushing in on her (as she suddenly realized in embarrassment) wet seething cunt. The realization that He was affecting her like this hitting her like a blow.

He slid the flat of the blade down her lips and then lifted the glistening tool to His lips. She watched Him lick her off and her face turned bright red, her eyes closed in shame, but her body thrilled and tensed at the thought of this Man taking her any way He wanted.

“All right you fucking cunt, now your lesson is about to begin. Don’t Tease the Delivery Boy 101 is in session.” His hand suddenly slapped viciously down on her gaping pussy, making her cry out behind the tape and her body thrash to escape the pain, but also sending a blast of excitement racing into the depths of her cunt and up her spinal cord to explode in her brain.

Slap, slap, slap…. she looked up at Him with tears in her eyes from the pain and the need that was growing in her. He was driving her crazy, but she couldn’t let Him know, those terrible things He said about her couldn’t be true, she wasn’t a slut, she wasn’t a whore, she had never been a prick tease… what was He talking about … confused and frightened, but excited beyond belief she screamed when she suddenly felt Him shove 3 fingers deep into her tight cunt … working them in deep and hard.

No niceties about it, this Man was trying to reach her depths and turn her inside out. His hand pushed and spread and finally began thrusting back and forth like a fucking machine, her hips involuntarily rising and falling with His rhythm. He laughed and reached down to strip the tape off her mouth… she gasped for air and prepared herself to scream… when He spoke quietly.

“Don’t even think about it slut, not a fucking scream. You will talk only when talked to and you will do as I say.”

“yes Sir… just please don’t hurt me.” For some reason she moaned softly.

“Don’t hurt you? Are you fucking kidding you nasty little cumslut, I’m going to hurt you till you can’t stand it and you beg for release, and then I’m going to hurt you some more. Got it whore?” He grinned.

He looked up from the girl on the table… His fingers still pumping in and out of her and scanned the office quickly with His eyes. She felt … ‘was it relief?’…. When His hand suddenly slipped from her cunt and His looming mass moved across the room. ‘Dear God, how does He move so quickly,’ she thought to herself. He rummaged in the desk drawer and grinned when He came out with a couple of the big black folder clips with the spring loaded ends … spinning them around His forefinger He walked slowly back to the girl, making sure she was watching Him.

“What, what are you going to do with those?” she asked softly.

Laughing, He showed her… the cruel black metal biting into her tender nipple as He applied them to her breasts. The pain was excruciating and sudden, her nipples throbbed and shot stabs of pain throughout her body. He fiddled with the clamps a bit, making sure they were situated well and then returned to His original stance. Slap, “oh my god.”

Slap, “OWWW that hurts … it hurts really bad,” suddenly bursting into tears as He slapped her throbbing little pussy yet again. She was torn by the pain from her nipples and her pussy and suddenly noticed that they seemed connected. The pain increased, but so did her arousal. Not believing that pain could feel so good she was stunned into quiet for a moment, but when He reached down and twisted a clamp, she howled like a wounded wolf bitch. He continued stroking in and out of her pussy, the pain no longer even a consideration… Her hips grinding and thrusting as He took her further and further into uncharted territory.

He watched her carefully, and when He knew she was beyond redemption He growled down at her… “Slut, whore, cunt, bitch, this is what you’ve been waiting for all your life isn’t it?” Her answer shamed and excited her, “yes Sir, oh god yes. I never knew, I never suspected … oh please have mercy.”

Again He burst into laughter, “Mercy? Do I look like a merciful Man? Do you think you deserve mercy after all the times you have taunted Me with your breasts and your covert glances? There will be no mercy here girl. Only My will.”

Her tongue hung from her mouth, spittle forming on her lips, an almost constant moan issuing from her throat. She’d never felt anything close to this. Sure, she’d played around a bit, she’d let a few have her for a plaything. But, she had never really understood what the big deal was. This Man, this … sandwich delivery Man was violating her and she loved it …,

“I love it Sir … Oh God help me I love it.” The cry burst from her throat

Laughing “You love it? Of course you do whore I’m going to let you in on a little secret.” He bent low over her and growled into her ear, “I love it more. I love watching a little miss goody two shoes like you writhe in ecstasy and pain, I love watching the prim and proper lady of the office grunt as she cums all over My fingers, and My face, and if you are real good…My cock. Would you like that bitch? Would you like Me to slip My cock into that tight little underused cunt of yours and pound until I fill you with My cum? Is that what you really want?”

“Noooooo, no no no…” she tried with all her strength to muster just a little bit of resistance. “You can’t, You mustn’t, no please I don’t want that you bastard, don’t you dare.”

He laughed, His face drifting down her body slowly and agonizingly biting and licking her as He moved south to her mound. His fingers slamming in and out of her, her body reacting separately from her words. Hips rising and falling with every stroke He made, rolling side to side to feel the penetration even as she tried one more time to stop Him.

When His lips slid over her cunt, and His tongue slithered in…it was over. A pitiful moan escaped from her lips, her back arched up, legs taut, eyes closing, tongue sliding over and over her full lips as she accepted the fact that this…this was what she wanted more than life itself, to be taken by this Man, to be used as a fucktoy, a slut, a whore, she was everything He called her and more.

He devoured her like a decadent dessert. His lips covering her cunt, His tongue slathering over the pink flesh and slapping the clitoris repeatedly. Her taste simply magnificent, He dove deeper and deeper into the succulence of her wet dripping juices. Her body reacted naturally, heaving and lurching against the tape, wishing only that she could wrap her legs around Him and pull Him even further into her. He growled as He feasted and the sound drifting up from her legs where He was muffled along with the vibrations sent her over the edge again and again.

He feasted for a long time, in no hurry, savoring her, relishing the control He had, noting the reactions of her body as He hit individual hot spots. ‘How would she behave if He did’ … this? His tongue slowly dragging up through the lips.’ Or this?’ Suckling on her clitoris and then biting the hard little pearl till she cried out in lust and pain and confusion at the feelings He was engendering in her.

Finally, He raised His face and leered at her. She moaned at the sight of His face glistening with her juices, His eyes a strange blue seemingly not a speck of white or black to be seen. It startled her but thrilled her beyond belief as well. A savage bite to the inside of her thigh made her cry out in pain. He had her attention.

He straightened His back and stood … looking down at the girl taped to the table…He slowly undid His belt. As He unbuttoned the clasp on the jeans and slid the zipper down they fell to the floor at His feet. He was nude underneath, His cock hard and threatening, and the head purple and coated with His precum. He grasped the cock and smeared the juice back and over the head and shaft and slapped it against the tight hole leading to her deepest recesses.

When He shifted forward and pushed the head through her entering, she howled like a wolf. When He drove it all the way into her depths she fought for air and raised her hips to angle the best and fastest entry. She had nothing in mind but getting that cock further into her.

They moved together as if they had been together forever. Their mutual lust rising and driving their bodies into a startling frenzy of madness and passion that was frightening to behold. The only word that could describe the force and franticness of their union would be brutal. He pounded unmercifully into her, her body rebelling against her mind and repeatedly exploding into violent spasmodic orgasms. He drove on an on, the inevitable beginning to creep through His cells and His nerves setting on fire.

When a sudden bolt of energy sped down His spine and threatened to explode in His testicles, He paused. Gathering His wits, His breath and calming His nerves for one last surge, He proceeded to fuck her like a wild beast. His hips swinging back and forward on a fulcrum, powerful muscles driving Him as deep as possible and drawing Him back to the very edge of slipping from her then exploding Him back forward in a savage dance as old as time itself.

She screamed…an earsplitting sound that rocked the entire office building as her body bowed unnaturally in one more orgasm. It sent Him over the edge. His balls pumping jism into her beaten cunt at enormous velocity. He shuddered and stood pinned in her, unable to withdraw; impossible to move until the nervous seizure that gripped His body expended itself.

With a sudden shiver, His body relaxed…His eyes closed and a low feral growl issuing from His chest for a few moments. She whimpered beneath Him, looking up at this Man who had taken her in ways that she had never even read about. Her mind, as it came back slowly, running through the possibilities from now forward. She gasped as He withdrew from her…He stepped back and stared at her, then picked up her clothes and wiped the cum and juices from His cock.

With a sneer, He looked down and spit out, “next time try Chinese you silly cunt.” He turned quickly and slipped out of the door without a sound.

The girl lay on the table, taped spread eagled, juices dripping from her body and waited pitiably for someone to find her and release her. When she finally was free and had described her assailant to the police, she went home and found herself craving cannoli.

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