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Ryan and Laura

Category: Incest
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Ryan was in the kitchen eating his breakfast watching her. She was wearing her nightgown which didn’t leave much to the imagination, pretty much see through. It flowed all the way to her ankles and clung very nicely to her womanly figure accentuating her large, full breasts. Every move she made, made her big titties sway from her body, Ryan so badly wanted to get up from the table and squeeze them.

Until IT happened. She bent down from the waist to reach for something under the kitchen sink. With that, her big tits just hung there under her gown, swaying to and fro like they had a life of their own. Ryan couldn’t take it anymore! Every day for the last month or so, this was the daily routine for him, watching his mom prancing around the kitchen in her almost see-through night gown as he tried to conceal his ever raging hard on.

As she rose up from the under the sink, Ryan moved in behind her and reached around from behind and squeezed her big titties! He couldn’t believe how big and soft they were as he kneaded them quickly. Laura jumped and squealed, turned around and slapped him in the face. “Ryan, what in the fuck has gotten into you” she screamed. He was in a trance from realizing how wonderful her tits had felt, staring at them while she yelled at me, making them jiggle.”Go to your room” was all he heard as he snapped out of it, looking a bit confused as he looked at his mother’s face, who had the look of anger and horror mixed together. But there was something else. As Ryan was turning to walk to his room, he noticed his Mom’s eyes made their way to his groin. Her eyes became even wider than before and she had the look of shock as if she couldn’t believe her little boy had a hard on for her. It made Ryan feel strange inside but also excited from her reaction. Once up in his bedroom, it didn’t take more than 15 seconds as he was shooting cum all over a towel.

Back downstairs, Laura was reeling over the event that just occurred. She couldn’t believe the audacity of her son groping her huge titties, but at the same time she felt something she hasen’t felt in years. Not since her husband left her and her son has she felt that electric sensation of having her breasts kneaded and caressed. She loved the sensation but not at the expense of her own son doing it. Can she blame him though? Here was an adolescent teenager going through puberty and his mother walking around in semi see thru nighties! Heck, she thought if she was in his shoes, she would probably do the same thing. She sat down in the chair trying to gather her thoughts about what she should do, failing to acknowledge the wetness in her panties.

Ryan was still hard as a rock even after stroking out a huge load. He couldn’t get over what he had done. The adrenaline still pulsating through his veins, he sat on the edge of his bed with his cock out, stroking it long and hard, with thoughts of his cock between his mother’s huge tits while she urged him on to fuck them faster and faster. He was in such a trance, he hadn’t realized his mother had opened the door and was staring awestruck as he continued to jerk off his meat. Laura couldn’t move. Her eyes were glued to Ryan’s big, hard cock. Try as she might to move, she couldn’t. Without realizing what she was doing, she inexplicably brought one hand to her nipple, twisting and pinching it, while her other hand found her moist, pussy lips. Ryan was meticulously working his meat with his eyes closed, heavily concentrating on what he was doing to his mother in his thoughts. He then heard what he thought was a moan, as he opened his eyes, he saw his mother in his doorway fingering her pussy and pinching her big titties. It startled him for a second, but in his testosterone frenzied state, he got up off his bed, walked toward his mother – who was not herself – grabbed her by the shoulders and flung her on his bed. Laura was beside herself. Not knowing what to do, she gave in to her son’s actions. Ryan tore her nightie down off her shoulders, baring her big titties, which were wobbling side to side from her movements, he grabbed her arms and put them underneath her tits as to hoist them up. He straddled her chest with his hard cock raging for some action. He couldn’t believe the sight before him. His mother’s big tits were below him as she had an unclear glaze in her eyes, obviously pure unadulterated lust. He couldn’t take it any longer. Ryan welled up some spit in his mouth, aimed his mouth over his mom’s cleavage and slowly let it drop from his mouth to the valley between her tits.

He plunged his raging cock inside her bountiful tits. In and out, in and out. “Fuck, mom, this is heaven” he said, looking down at her. Laura knew what was happening but just couldn’t do anything about it, as if she couldn’t move. Ryan had her transfixed by his raging cock between her tits. “Mom, open your mouth” said Ryan. She did as he commanded, and with that he took his cock from her tits and put it in her mouth. Laura didn’t need any prompting. Eagerly she wrapped her lips around his throbbing member and began sucking. Ryan did the thrusting while Laura did the rest. “Oh my God” was all Ryan could say. Never before had he thought he could stick his cock between her tits, but to do that AND get his mother to suck his cock was too much to fathom. With her cheeks sunk in from sucking on Ryan’s’ cock, Ryan began to feel the tension build up in his balls. He looked down at his mom and at the same time, Laura looked up at Ryan and gave him a sly wink. This brought Ryan over the edge! He started to tremble as he felt the electricity shoot from his toes all the way to his cock. Laura could feel him trembling as well, as she knew the imminent burst of cum was about to hit her. She sucked on him harder and pumped his ass towards her face quicker. Thick globs of cum started hitting the back of her throat as Ryan yelled in ecstasy,”AARRRGGHHHHH, FUUUUUCK”. His cock slipped out of her mouth, shooting strings of cum onto his mothers face.

When his orgasm subsided, he opened his eyes and couldn’t believe the sight before him. His mother lay beneath him, her face glazed with his cum. “What have you done?” she asked, cum dripping in between her parting lips as she spoke. “Hopefully, the start of many things to come”, Ryan said, with a ominous grin.

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