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Under the Desk

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If it weren’t for her long, lanky legs I would probably be the new sales manager, in fact, well on my way to the top instead of here, on the bottom, as it were. As it turned out, I missed the advancement because of a simple good deed. On the way to my office I stopped to help the new employee. And because of that one altruistic act, my career took a sudden and significant turn, a definite lowering in stature. My position now is quite different than the one I thought I was getting, but, all in all, I have to admit that it turns out to have a few advantages.

Let me start at the beginning. Everyone knew that Bob and I were competing for the big promotion. We both had been with the company about the same amount of time, two years, and we both had been about equally successful. The problem was that only one of us was going to get the top job.

Confident in my abilities, I felt reasonably sure that I would win out and get the position. After all, I’m smarter and provide better, more creative ideas than he does. Bob, however, I have to admit, is a little more outgoing and works the people angle a touch better than I do. He has a gift of persuasion that I seem to lack. Between the two of us, he excels in sales while my strength is in operations.

Most people say that I have the brains; he has the talk. That’s the main difference between us. Ok, physically, he has a slight edge. He is bigger than I am, taller by about six inches and more muscular but what I lack in strength I like to think I make up in determination. Sure, he’s a little better athlete. He often attempts to engage me in various sports but so far I have avoided the confrontation, always coming up with some lame excuse to get out of any direct competition outside of work.

To tell the truth, I’m reluctant to challenge him in physical activities. Besides being a little bit afraid of him I didn’t want to provide an arena where he would come out on top. With the office talk as it is, I didn’t want him to have any obvious advantages to brag about. There may have been a touch of real fear involved also. Frankly, although I didn’t like to admit it, he intimidates me a little.

The month before the decision was made for the promotion, the company hired Marie. The minute I cast eyes on her I was as smitten as an awestruck teenager. She has a look about her that simply swept me off of my feet.

Let me describe her if I can. Marie is a beautiful young lady with shoulder length, straight brown hair that curls just a little at the ends. She is probably a little too young for either Bob or I but she is so attractive and so desirable that we both had to try for her. She’s tall and slender, with pert, firm breasts and long, long, long, luscious legs, the kind that made me stop and stare as though I were seeing the latest natural wonder of the world.

When Marie first walked into the room, her majestic strut captivated me the way she announced her commanding presence with a long, protracted stride. There was no way I could pry my eyes from those majestic, lanky legs. Finally, I was able to take in the whole vision. Piercing brown eyes, that accented her creamy cheekbones, sparkled with the mischievousness of a young imp. She sported a knowing smile, revealing a twinkling glimmer. It was as if she knew that the world was hers to play with, as though she recognized that all of us mortals were mere toys to be wrapped around her little finger, as we begged for the opportunity to please her. Her defined appearance reminded me of a coquettish beauty who is accustomed to getting her way, like a pampered, spoiled, young princess.

For all of her obvious charms, for me, it was her sumptuous legs that really knocked me out. Long, lanky, smooth, curvy and delicious, they danced through my every thought like an obsessive narcotic. My eyes were drawn to them like bears to honey. Somehow, with one quick glance, she knew right away that her legs had total control over me and it didn’t take her long to use their power to her advantage.

Bob and I immediately began to hit on her, each of us vying to be the first to go out on a date with her. Bob delighted her with his boyish charm and handsome good looks while I flirted with her relying on my quick wit and sharp intellect for her smile and respect.

Right at the start, I sensed a difference with the youthful beauty. After the first day, I discovered that I was very infatuated with Marie and her temptress-like manner. She completely melted my generally stoic manner and I found that I was totally unable to resist her charms. From the beginning I demonstrated a willingness to please her, an eagerness to do anything for her. All it took was a flash of her gorgeous legs and I was putty in her hands. It was almost as though each luring leg was some Greek siren that tempted me with their bewitching seductions.

Entering the foyer of the office one morning, she sat at her desk in the corner as I walked in. Gazing wistfully at her, I was struck once again by her overwhelming beauty. She was perfect at her job as a receptionist, friendly, outgoing and vivacious.

“Good morning, Marie.” Hardly able to hold back my enthusiasm, I greeted her with a smile on my face and anxiousness in my heart. She glanced up and pouted, her lower lip curling down in a little-girl posed manner.

“Hi.” She responded sadly.

“What’s the matter?” I asked, concerned about her demeanor.

“There’s something wrong with my computer.” She whined softly. “It must be unplugged or something.” She batted her long eyelashes at me, waiting for me to come to her rescue. Staring into the deep pools of those dark brown irises, I melted like ice on a hot, summer sidewalk.

“Well. Let me take a look.” With heart in hand, I walked around the low wall that sheltered the front of her desk. The wall was about three feet high and curved around the desk, protecting her completely from anyone who walked in. There was quite a bit of space below the desk with depth great enough for even her long legs.

Marie rolled her chair back so I could slip under and with that simple movement; I began the short journey that completely changed my life.

On my knees, I paused for a second before sliding under her desk to sneak a quick peek at her outfit. Marie was wearing a tight, bright red sweater, her perky breasts jutting perfectly against it, filling it out in a sexy, evocative manner. A short, black mini-skirt rode halfway up her thigh, a tiny slit on each side seductively exposing more of those exquisite legs. The slits added an additional air of naughtiness by revealing enough luscious upper thigh to allow the mind to preoccupy itself with what was farther up those long extensions.

Glancing surreptitiously at her long, shapely limbs, I felt myself react immediately and my little guy hardened in lustful arousal. My eyes were drawn by the bright, beige pantyhose and I heard the swishing sound nylons make as she casually rubbed them together. It was almost as though she was purposely using the sounds as a form of seduction. The nylons were shiny and sheer and the way they clung tightly to her legs made my mouth water. Aching to touch the gorgeous gams, I reluctantly tore my eyes away and glanced down at her black shoes.

The frighteningly high heels pointed down from the bottoms and the surface shone brightly, as if polished regularly or perhaps made out of that shiny vinyl.

My breath caught momentarily as the vision of her lower body overwhelmed me. Unable to resist her charms I felt myself react to the sensuality of her sumptuous legs. They were sculptured perfectly, long, slender and extremely erotic. Never before had I reacted to a woman’s legs in such a bizarre yet thrilling manner. There was no doubt in my mind that these were the most fantastic legs I had ever laid eyes on. My mouth hovered inches away as I imagined tasting the sleek nylons, running my hands up and down the sheerness, kissing and fondling the gorgeous gams, and treating the limbs with the reverence that they deserved.

Realizing that my pause had gone on too long and that I had been blatantly staring, I reluctantly tore my gaze from those fantastic visions of beauty and proceeded with my menial task. With a sigh, I headed away from the beauty of her legs and inched towards the wall.

As I crawled forward on my hands and knees I saw her shoes sneak out of sight. Seconds later I felt the hard heels land gently on my back, resting casually, as if accustomed to being placed there. A tremor shot through me and I stopped suddenly. An entirely new and pleasant sensation coursed through my entire body. On my hands and knees, used as a human footstool, I felt a rush of satisfaction that I had never felt before. The breath caught in my throat. A state of rapture came over me.

“Ooh! I have my very own footstool! So soft and comfortable. Finally I can relax.” Marie’s voice sounded so playful and excited that I joined in the fun.

“I’m at your service Ma’am. Here to please.” The words came out with a just a hint of humor. Even though completely flushed with excitement, I tried my best to keep the situation light.

The truth was that I felt a totally unfamiliar and yet strangely profound sensation blazing through my body. A long forgotten yet pronounced drive of masochism stirred in my groin. For some reason I was becoming tremendously aroused by this peculiar act of playful servitude. It was as if the supplicating position I was in and the humbling gesture of her legs resting on my back combined to completely subjugate me. Suddenly, thoroughly, a deep need to be used in this manner came over me. Becoming a lowly piece of furniture, a thing, an object, provided me a shelter, a haven of demeaning value to this goddess.

My mind fogged in a completely lustful haze that totally immobilized me. The web that her legs cast ensnared me, trapping me in a prison of lust.

Finally, with a sense of loss, I tore myself from the strange position, temporarily ending the masochistic sensation. From above, I heard her let out a tiny sigh of disapproval indicating her disappointment with my decision. Crawling out from under her feet to the outlet, I was reinserting the plug that hung partially out when I heard Bob approach.

“Hi, Marie.” He said in his usual insincere, slick manner. Quickly, I attempted to back out, more than a little embarrassed with being caught under the desk. Before I could escape, Marie’s foot pressed against my rear preventing any further movement. Hesitating, I obeyed the silent demand of her heel and remained where I was, freezing instantly, totally immobile. Something in me would not allow any resistance against the firm pressure of the biting, sharp heel. Her foot controlled me somehow and I yielded to its imperial command.

“Hi Bob.” She answered sweetly and a little too pleasantly. Her voice seemed a little more flirtatious than when she talked to me. Or was I just imaging it?

“What did you decide about this weekend?” He asked. Before I could evaluate the conversation Marie pushed harder against my rear and forced me to lie flat on the floor. She ground one heel sharply into my butt, digging the point of her heel in firmly as if emphasizing some particular point. The other shoe rested softly on my shoulder, the toe part on it directly and the heel touching the front.

The sensation her feet caused in me felt strange, yet somewhat calming, as I lay on the floor under her. With unquestioned obedience, I didn’t fight the commands of her feet. Accepting the position without question, a rush of raw lust clouded my mind. Used now as a rug to her feet, surprisingly I felt myself harden against the floor. The unfamiliar awareness of being under her in this manner was causing a physical reaction in my soul as well as my groin. Yet I didn’t resist. I couldn’t. I didn’t want to leave this place at her feet. My hips, as if with a mind of their own, ground slowly against the floor, causing my turgid manhood to leak as the rubbing brought him close to explosion. The bizarre act of erotic submission was overwhelming. The very act of humbling myself to the beautiful Marie in this manner revealed some sort of secret part of my soul.

“I’d love to go out with you.” She replied coyly to Bob, the way a teenager accepted her first date with the football jock.

“Good, I’ll pick you up around seven.” The two continued chatting for a few more minutes but the words floated by, lost in the haze that befuddled my mind while I remained ensnared under her desk. Her imperial feet imprisoned me there. The odd feeling was like an opiate blurring my mind while enhancing my senses. It was hard to describe the powerful sensations. Mentally, I felt relaxed, almost comfortable lying there under her feet. Emotionally, I felt used, degraded somewhat, but deep down I relished the feeling and a part of me accepted the new position as though I belonged there.

After Bob left, she kept her feet on me for a while. Time stood still as the minutes ticked by. As long as she rested on me I couldn’t move. Frankly, I couldn’t even think. My mind disengaged and accepted it’s due.

Finally, Marie removed her feet from my back, placing them directly in front of my face. My butt and shoulders immediately longed for their return. As my eyes refocused upon reality, returning from the erotic state of bliss, the first thing I saw was the reflection from the shine of her shoes a scant inch from my nose. Inhaling slightly, a hint of the scent of the shoe fabric became apparent. Breathing deeper I thought I smelled a bit of foot odor, that musky female perfume. The aroma intoxicated me. Remaining there by the delicate foot, uninhibited now by the strange feelings, I lingered much longer than I should have, captivated by her exotic feet and legs. Finally, I rose, leaving her blessed feet behind, my face tinged red. She moved a bit as I crawled out, slightly brushing her exquisite leg against my cheek. The gesture seared into a part of my psyche and I surrendered readily. There was no doubt. I belonged to her.

As I stood, Marie studied my face with a sly grin on hers.

“How come you’re going out with Bob?” I managed to ask her, awkwardly trying to regain some composure and some sense of self-respect. “I thought that we were doing something Saturday.” Her smile beamed at me the way an adult grins at the cleverness of a little child.

“We are, silly. Remember? You said you would help me clean my apartment. Come over around noon and you can make lunch for us before we start cleaning. Won’t that be fun?” Her face lit up as if pleased with the solution to this problem. Unable to resist her charms, I nodded agreeably and went off to work.

The rest of the day went badly for me. No matter what I did I couldn’t seem to concentrate. Many times throughout the day, I felt like I was still under her desk and under the spell of her feet and her legs. At a staff meeting Bob clearly held the advantage over me. He was sharp and perceptive while I could barely contribute, my mind wandering back to those odd feelings as I lay on the hard carpet.

There was nothing I could do to stop thinking about Marie’s legs. Those long, slender legs. Sitting in the chair at the meeting I turned red remembering lying on the floor with her feet on me. Lost in the reverie, I was wondering about my reaction to the strange yet exciting situation when the boss asked me a question. Stammering out a confused and inappropriate response, Bob finally interrupted, answering with the correct reply. He was complimented for his astuteness and I was reprimanded. Afterwards, I left the meeting with a sour taste in my mouth. Usually I was the one who had all of the answers.

Saturday, twelve o’clock sharp, I arrived at Marie’s apartment. The night before was spent in a restless and agitated state. Deep in sleep I had tossed and turned as my dreams were filled with various visions of Marie and her luscious legs. In the drama that played in my head, she towered over me as I lay under her desk, standing above me like some kind of beautiful goddess, her long legs stretching upwards, disappearing under her tight mini-skirt. Just before the alarm, at the periphery of one dream I was vaguely aware of kneeling before her, her awesome legs resting on my naked back as some kind of footstool while she and Bob kissed passionately on the couch.

Breaking out of the nightmare, I awoke with a start. For some reason, the vision of Marie and Bob making out with me at their feet aroused me yet, at the same time, caused feelings of humiliation. Somehow the two emotions, arousal and shame, got all mixed up and seemed to fuel each other. The humiliation, the degradation, both added to the excitement and created a fire of raw lust, confusing me thoroughly.

During the drive to her apartment I fought against the masochistic elements of the dream. My sense of pride took control and I vowed to sexually conquer Marie before her date with Bob. There was no doubt in my mind that I was going to seduce her into bed and satisfy her so completely that she wouldn’t want to go out with him. Or if she did, she would be too spent to want him.

That was my plan.

When I arrived, we immediately started cleaning her place. As I labored diligently, I noticed Marie did less and less work. A thought flashed through my mind as I scoured her toilet. We had never gone out and here I was, on my hands and knees, scrubbing her ceramic throne. It certainly seemed that Marie and I had a different sort of relationship.

After I finished the bathroom I wandered through the apartment trying to find Marie. She was sprawled sexily on the couch. As I studied her from the side I couldn’t help but notice her long legs resting on the coffee table. She was leaning over slightly, applying polish to her fingernails while glancing now and then at the television. My eyes followed the trail of her naked gams as they spanned the length from the couch to the table. For a brief instance, I felt a pang of envy for the table, remembering a similar position from the day before. Before I could say anything she looked up and gave me one of her princess smiles.

“If you hurry and finish the rest of the apartment I’ll let you do my toenails.” She said and wrinkled her cute little nose. She waved one of her bare feet at me as if displaying a present. My eyes were drawn to her lanky legs and I stared at her toes. The gesture made me grow hard inside the confines of my pants. She seemed to notice the slight growth and grinned. Her eyebrows shot up as she acknowledged my arousal.

“You did say you were here to serve.” Her look was one of challenge.

Moistening a dry mouth, I rushed through the balance of the chores and when finally finished, hurried to the couch. Marie was sipping a coke and watching some television soap opera. Relaxed yet in control, she didn’t even glance at me as she handed me the nail polish. Her hand motioned me to the floor in front of her, shoving the coffee table away with a foot. Like a humble servant, I knelt obediently. Her foot landed on my thigh, resting lightly. As soon as it landed on me I immediately felt the same strange sensation that coursed through me yesterday. Transfixed, mesmerized by the long, lanky, perfect legs, I slowly opened the bottle. Carefully, my eyes reluctantly leaving the sight of her gorgeous gams, I applied the bright red liquid, taking the time to do it right.

It didn’t take long before I became enthralled with the process. Totally absorbed in the precious duty, I felt a sense of wanting to be there at her feet, needing to be there.

The phone rang during my delightful chore, interrupting the blissful harmony.

“Hello? Oh hi, Bob.” Marie answered sweetly. She ground her foot into my thigh as if emphasizing some point. She pulled the one I was polishing out from my hand and rested it on my shoulder. Puzzled, I looked up at her. Her legs had parted slightly and my eyes drew slowly up them and inevitably searched the blessed juncture, desperately seeking the area where they met, craving the vision that lie between. Her shorts were so brief that the edge of her panties could be discerned. She noticed my lustful, untactful stare and took quick action. Swinging her foot behind my head, Marie forced me down to my hands and knees. From this position I could no longer peek between her legs. Her feet rested comfortably on my back.

With that purposeful action I had become her footstool again! Used as a casual piece of furniture. In some part of my brain it registered what she was doing. She was talking to my rival while I knelt before her as a human footstool. Yet instead of feeling anger, I felt incredibly aroused. For some unknown reason I remained patiently in the obsequious position until she finished the conversation. She must have talked for a long time, yet I stayed motionless, thoughtless, like the piece of furniture I had become, completely contented in the humble position. Finally, she hung up, ending the conversation. None of the discussion had registered to my feeble brain.

“You can finish my toenails now, silly.” She giggled as she removed her feet from my back. Torn, I returned to my chore. It felt so good to be used. Patiently, carefully, I decorated the tiny appendages as if they were the most important things in my life. Cherishing the silkiness texture of her beautiful feet, I actually felt their heat on my fingers.

When finished with my duty I held both of her feet in my hands while the polish slowly dried. Every so often, I leaned forward and breathed softly on the toes helping the liquid to harden. Strangely, I felt content sitting there on the floor, my mind blank and free from any worries other than simply pleasing her. The emotions were the same as the ones I felt when she pushed me to my stomach under her desk, making me lie under her feet. It was the sensation of being used. There was something about submitting to this simple task, abandoning my sense of pride and becoming a tool for her that fulfilled some deep need in me. It was a sense of surrender, a sense of fulfillment.

A commercial interrupted her show and she took notice of me finally. Seeing the pleasure I was getting from my duty, she gently pulled one foot from my hands. As she did, I gazed up into her eyes and was lost in the depths of the dark brown irises. Just that simply, she took control of my soul. She was watching me intently, her deep, brown eyes studying me, as if judging me. Finally, Marie smiled sweetly, seemingly pleased at my behavior. Almost as a gift she rubbed her bare foot against my cheek, caressing it gently. It felt like a pet. I sighed, falling in love.

Marie wasn’t finished. The gentle caress of her foot on my cheek turned into something else. Working her foot slowly from my cheek towards my mouth, she sparked more arousal. My breathing became shallow. With her foot directly in front of my face, her big toe softly touched my lips. As it did, I opened my mouth just slightly and kissed the tip of her toe reverently, closing my eyes. She nodded. The toe pushed lightly against my lips parting them further. My tongue snuck out and tenderly licked the smooth skin, the way I did when I offered a soft French kiss. Without hesitation, Marie inserted the delicate toe further into the receptive opening. A tiny groan escaped my throat as conflicting emotions flashed through me. The sensuality of the moment overwhelmed me, enslaving me.

My lips formed a round O and I sucked the single digit in, licking, kissing and sucking it. Her toe slowly penetrated my mouth and she worked it back and forth like a cock, in and out, in and out, as if I was performing fellatio with her miniature organ.

“See how quickly you learn? You’ve already graduated from my footstool to my own little foot boy.” She announced proudly. “That’s what you are. My very own little foot boy.”

Her other foot pressed insistently against my ever-hardening member. My penis rose against my pants and my hips pushed back against the pressure. My eyes closed and I was filled with a feeling of ecstasy that I never felt before. Quickly and suddenly, as the events of the day climaxed, so did I. It was easy to succumb to her wicked feet, surrender to her luscious legs, and give into the raping of my mouth by her toe. Spurts of semen shot violently into the confines of my pants.

Marie chuckled quietly as I filled my shorts with the seeds of my devotion.

Realizing what I had done, Marie stood, pulling her foot from my mouth. Groaning at the absence of her toe, I slowly floated down from the rapture of the mind-blowing climax. My senses were overwhelmed with sensations of lust and worship. My eyes opened to see her examining my soaked trousers. A stain covered the entire front of my tan pants, spreading wider. My face turned beet red. Stammering something incoherent, I tried to explain as she giggled and shook her head.

“I think you liked that.” She stated. She turned and walked away. Watching her cute little ass wiggle seductively as she strutted towards her bedroom, I sighed with a love that was very profound.

“I have to get ready for Big Bob.” She said, tossing the word big over her shoulder. The way she emphasized the word I wondered if it had any reference to the size of our weapons. In the past I was more than a little self-conscious about the lack of size of my little guy and now, because of her footwork, she knew exactly how big it was. Or wasn’t. Surely she didn’t mean big in that sense, she was just talking about how he was taller than I am. She couldn’t know about the size of his cock yet. Could she?

“When can I see you again?” My voice pleaded as I hollered at her from the other room. Although I was totally embarrassed about climaxing while sucking her toe I was incredibly captivated by her. It was apparent that I needed her. And more than that, I wanted her. There was no way I could ever give her up, no matter what the cost.

“Well. I’m not sure when I’ll be back tonight. Or even if I’ll be back. How about tomorrow around one? We can go shopping.” She poked her head out of the bedroom to finish her thought. She had removed her tank top and held it partly against her chest. I could see her pert breasts peeking out, the nipples thrusting boldly. Instantly, the mere sight of her body mesmerized me.

“I need nylons. Nylons and shoes.” She paused as my eyes stayed riveted on her chest. “You can buy me some nylons and shoes. Would you like to do that my little foot boy?” I nodded slowly as she smiled knowingly at me.

The long, dreary night was spent in anguish. Reviewing everything we did that afternoon, I couldn’t believe I responded to Marie and he wicked legs in such a bizarre way. Feeling totally humiliated, I couldn’t believe I had behaved in such a manner. What must she think of me? And even worse, would she tell Bob about my peculiar behavior? Just thinking about the possibilities made my face turn bright red, yet remembering the passion; I felt a stirring in my pants at the same time. Reaching into my shorts and readjusting him, I glanced down at the little guy. How could he be aroused at a time like this? How could I be so turned on and so embarrassed at the same time? What was happening to me? What was Marie doing to me?

Showing up a little before one the next day, I knocked at her door. There was no answer. Waiting on her steps I saw Bob’s new flashy car drive up the street, towards Marie’s apartment. Ducking behind some bushes I waited for him to drop off Marie and leave. Peeking through the leaves I was surprised to see Bob and Marie locked in a deep, passionate kiss in the front seat of his car. Breaking from the embrace, Marie’s head disappeared from view. It looked very much as though her head was in his lap.

As the minutes ticked by, my little guy got very hard as my mind imagined what was going on in Bob’s car. All I could see was the look of delight on his face.

As Bob drove away and Marie walked up the path wiping her mouth with a hanky, I stepped out from my concealment. Marie smiled when she saw me.

“There you are! Right on time. What a good boy you are.” She glanced at my groin and shook her head. As she unlocked the door, I wondered if she noticed the prominent erection in my pants.

After she waltzed inside, I followed her in, hypnotized by the syncopated motion of her round ass as it swiveled back and forth. Her hair was disheveled and her lipstick worn off. As she walked through the front room she casually discarded her short red sweater. It was obvious that it was the same one she was wearing the day before. It fell to the floor. Following her towards the back, I stopped and picked it up.

Waiting outside her bedroom, I wondered what I was supposed to do. Sadly, it appeared as though Bob scored first. Part of me became angry, upset over losing the contest. But I couldn’t ignore the fact that there was another part of me that was responding in a different manner than I expected. There was no doubt that I was turned on by Bob’s conquest. The image of sweet, sexy Marie getting fucked royally by Bob was driving me wild with a lust I had never felt before.

Marie emerged after a few minutes dressed very casually. The tiny shorts she wore only accented her long legs that much more. Her firm, pert breasts nicely filled out a tank top that stopped well above her belly button. My eyes wandered from her beautiful face down past her sexy chest to the long, long legs. Naturally, I couldn’t take my eyes from those sexy gams. Any thoughts of staying angry with her about what she and Bob had done quickly dissipated. Lust was the only emotion that remained.

“Ok.” She uttered as though deciding the course of action. “First, you need to do the laundry, then the dishes. I’m tired and I need to take a nap. I’m so exhausted. Then maybe later we’ll go shopping. All my clothes are in the bedroom.” With that she walked over to the couch and plopped down.

As I was picking up the discarded clothes I found a crumpled pair of panties mixed in with her nylons. Taking the whole load into the laundry room, I began to load the wash. For some reason, I set the nylons and the panties aside. In the back of my mind I remembered reading somewhere that delicates needed to be hand washed.

Carrying the articles to the bathroom, I filled the sink with soapy water. The nylons were turned inside out. The crotch seemed a little soiled as though something spilled there. Staring at them a million thoughts raced through my mind. Knowing I shouldn’t do what I was about to do, I brought the crotch to my face. With the blessed area next to my nose, I breathed in. The scent was perfumed, pleasant with a touch of sweat and something else. Inhaling deeply I felt myself react to the odor. An odd sensation grew in my loins. My tongue snaked out and I licked the area. The taste burned into my brain.

Carefully placing the nylons into the water, I picked up the panties. I smelled the outer areas front and back before inverting them. The crotch was stained. With what I didn’t know. Her essence, her sweat, her juices, Bob’s juices, I didn’t know. And more importantly, I didn’t care, I just wanted to taste.

My tongue slowly licked the area. The taste filled my senses like a powerful drug. An aphrodisiac. My cock throbbed in my pants and I wanted her more than I ever wanted anyone in my life. Cleaning the area thoroughly with my tongue I finally dropped the panties into the sink.

With the chores done, I wandered into the living room. Marie was sprawled on the couch on her back. One long sexy leg rested on the floor, the other on the couch. Captivated by her lanky gams, I sat on the floor next to her foot. Surely she wouldn’t get upset if I just kissed her toes once? After all, I did clean her entire apartment.

Placing a soft kiss on the top of her toe I smelled the scent of her unwashed feet. Glancing up at her I saw that she hadn’t stirred. Boldly, I licked the big toe, tasting the sweat of the night before. Becoming more courageous, I continued my lavish cleaning.

Finishing with the outer part, I sucked the big toe into my mouth, wrapping my tongue around it, back and forth, sucking and sucking. Working my way between each toe, I cleaned every nook and cranny of her toes. My crotch became unbearable as my cock grew with the excitement.

Satisfied that her one foot was robbed of all its scented essence, I maneuvered my way over to her other one. As I licked this one I realized that Marie had awakened. She shoved her cleansed foot into my crotch and pressed hard against my cock. Groaning, I slavishly sucked her toes in ecstasy.

“Not so fast this time.” Marie announced as she removed her feet and stood up, pushing me away from her so that I landed on my butt.

“Before you get yours, I need to get mine.” Staring at her as she stood towering over me like some long-legged goddess, I couldn’t fathom what she meant.

“Follow me dummy.” She strode into the bedroom, her cute little ass swinging playfully.

Scrambling after her, I arrived just in time to watch her as she slid the cut-offs down her legs and kicked them away. Naked from the waist down, she placed her arms akimbo and looked at me.

“Let’s see just how good that tongue of yours is cleaning something other than feet.” She sat on the edge of the bed. My eyes traveled from hers, down her tank top, to her luscious legs. Slowly, Marie spread them apart, finally revealing her glorious, naked pussy.

Kneeling like the subject I had become, I crawled over to her. My eyes were unable to see anything but the object of my desire.

“Lick me.” It was all the encouragement I needed. My tongue snaked out and tasted her womanhood. The hairs surrounding her seemed matted, almost sticky as if something spilled on them. Not caring about this I continued on with my blessed duty, my heavenly quest.

The delicious flavor of her essence filled my mouth as I reverently worshipped her. Slowly and with tremendous respect, I did my utmost to insure my performance was as pleasant for her as I could. The pleasure seemed all mine however as the act of kissing her beloved pussy was exciting me as much as it seemed to be her.

Finally, at long last, my grateful hands ran up the lovely limbs of hers, fondling gently as I did. Reaching her saucy ass, I grasped her cheeks softly and squeezed. At the same time I mouthed her fount. My mind was lost in some sort of lustful daze, her beauty captivating me beyond any other sensual joy.

Hearing her groans I toyed with her clit, sucking, nibbling, teasing and licking. Feeling her hands grab my hair and yank my face deep into her crotch, I concentrated on her climax as if that act was the most important thing I could ever do.

With a loud sigh I felt her entire body relax as she drifted down from the heights I had taken her. The supplicant that I was, I remained there at her pussy, softly caressing the folds with my tongue. Her hand petted the top of my head as if rewarding me for the momentary pleasure. There was no doubt in my mind that I would have stayed there, at her delicious cunt, forever if only she would have allowed me to.

Finally satisfied, she pushed me away. Staring down at me, I remained on my knees before her gazing up at her as though she was a Goddess.

“Did you like that?” She asked. My face clearly showed my feelings as I literally beamed. “Did it taste funny?”

“Funny? What do you mean?”

“Well, I didn’t have a chance to wash after Bob and I, well you know, after we did it.” The truth finally dawning on me, I realized what she was talking about. Marie and Bob had sex last night. While worshipping Marie, I had also cleaned Bob’s sperm from her pussy.

“It was ok.” I answered meekly, acknowledging both to her and to myself that I would do anything for her. She put her foot on my crotch, rubbing my turgid cock.

“You like my legs?” She pressed hard as I nodded. “You want to come?” I groaned loudly as I erupted into my pants.

“I’m glad you liked it, get used to it. Now it’s time for you to go.”

The following Monday, I walked into the office a bit nervous. Bob and I were to give our final presentations to the general manager. We both knew that whomever did the best job would get the promotion. Having worked all night, I felt I was ready. Yet the experience with Marie lingered in the recesses of my mind.

Entering the foyer, my eyes immediately focused on her. She was wearing a blue dress today. Short and tight, it highlighted all of her natural charms. Her long legs, encased in nylons stuck out from her chair, ensnaring my eyes.

“Hi Marie.” I said carefully, unsure of what role I should be taking.

“Hi.” She answered coyly. “Do you want to play footstool this morning?” I stared dumbfounded.

“What do you mean?”

“You know. Like we did last week. You get under my desk. I put my feet on your back. You know, footstool.” Like the fool I was becoming, I stared into those beautiful brown eyes with amazement. She had to know that today was the day we gave our presentations. My whole future depended on it. If I got under her desk, that would be the end of my chances for the promotion. She had to know that if I obeyed her now, I would be sacrificing my whole livelihood.

She smiled at me sweetly, almost innocently. Yet there was a bit of mischievousness in them. My eyes drifted from those wholesome ones of hers, down to her legs. Those long, beautiful legs. The mini revealed almost the entire length of the sexy, perfect limbs. My mouth felt dry. Licking my lips, I tried to think. My mind began shutting down. Surrendering before the lovely legs seemed the course to take.

Without a care in the world, I dropped to my knees and crawled under her desk. A chuckle emitted from above as I felt the familiar weight of her captivating legs on my back. A feeling of comfort came over me and I felt home.

Bob wandered in a few minutes later, anxious for the all-important meeting. With one her feet directly under my nose, I barely heard their conversation.

“Has the meeting started?” Bob asked.

“No, they’re just about to begin.” Marie answered slipping her foot out of her shoe and dangling the precious ped under my nose. Inhaling deeply, the odor filled my senses with a rush similar to a potent drug.

After the meeting, Bob returned to Marie to tell her the good news.

“I got the promotion!” He announced excitedly. My mouth was full of her delicious toes as I soaked the ends of her nylons with the salivating receptacle.

“That’s great Bob!” She exclaimed joyfully.

“It means a lot of overtime though.” Bob said reluctantly.

“Oh, don’t worry.” Marie told him. “I’ve got an idea.”

“What’s that?” Bob asked.

“I’ve been meaning to tell you. We have new furniture. And I’m sure that will help with your overtime. We can relax, put our feet up, and some how, things will work out.” She emphasized her point with a quick poke of her toe across my face.

It seemed that things would work out for me too.

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