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Volleyball Buddies

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Joe and Alex had been very good friends for several years and played volleyball together for about 6 months. In that time, Joe’s marriage had been experiencing strain and, finally, Joe and his wife decided that it was time to end it amicably. With no children in the short 2-year marriage, it was painful but necessary to end the relationship. Alex, meanwhile, was single and had brought dates along to post-game drinks at the bar, but it didn’t appear that he was dating anyone with regularity at the moment.

One evening after the game Joe and Alex hit the showers and began to get dressed in typical fashion. As Joe was sitting on the bench, Alex turned to say something to a friend across the room and suddenly Joe was at eye level with Alex’s penis. Alex had a very long and slender penis, just like Joe’s, but for some reason Joe never noticed Alex’s penis before today.

Joe had masturbated a few times in college with a friend of his but that was the extent of his homosexual activity. But today, with the divorce behind him and feeling somewhat lonely, Joe thought about what it would be like to touch that penis and maybe even put it into his mouth. He began to get an erection at the thought and quickly put a towel in his lap. Alex laughed at another comment from a friend across the other side of the room and continued to get dressed, never the wiser about Joe’s secret stolen glance and thoughts.

It was Friday, which meant that afterwards the volleyball players would gather at the local bar and have a few drinks to meet up with other friends. After a few hours, Joe was ready to leave but asked Alex to wait in the parking lot because he’d been having problems with his car. Sure enough, Joe’s car wouldn’t start.

“Any chance you can give me a lift home?”, Joe asked.

“Fuck it, Joe. Leave it here. Let’s hit the bar and figure it out later.”

They made their way over to the bar in Alex’s car and had a good time with their friends until about 12:30. Alex wasn’t much of a drinker but Joe definitely had a few too many to drive home at least at the moment. Alex suggested they go back to his apartment which was not far away, have a bite to eat or maybe go for a swim in the complex’s swimming pool.

“Usually people are swimming on weekend nights, especially girls”, Alex said. “Let’s go back to my place, chill out, have a few drinks, see who’s at the pool, maybe go for a swim. You can’t drive anyway, bro’, so it’s not like you have much of a choice!”

They both laughed at that and took off in Alex’s car. The evening was warm and calm and swimming actually sounded like a great idea to Joe.

As they drove past the apartment complex’s pool they noticed it was dark and, unfortunately, devoid of females. By now it was just after 1:00 AM so it wasn’t too much of a surprise. Actually Alex was the night owl of the apartment complex, frequently going skinny dipping by himself in the wee hours of the morning. “Looks like we missed the action at the pool. If you’re still up for it, let’s swing by my house and pick up some drinks and come back. Sound good?”

“Yep, sounds good to me”, Joe said.

Alex found a six pack and a bottle of vodka set them on the kitchen counter. Seconds later he disappeared into his bedroom and came out totally naked, carrying a towel. “You going with me or not?” he asked as he wrapped a towel around his waist and threw another to Joe.

“Um, yeah, sure, I’ll go”, Joe said, trying to remain cool. Alex’s thin, limp, cock looked even better, tastier, after several drinks. It was literally all Joe could do to keep himself from falling on his knees and jamming it right down his throat, sliding his tongue along its long, smooth shaft, tugging on his hairy balls. Just the sight of it was making him hard.

Alex’s dining room door led out to the walkway which was only about 50 feet from the pool patio gate, so it was easy to see how comfortable Alex had become with skinny dipping since the pool was practically outside his door.

Alex walked out the door jumped into the pool while Joe undressed and as he did so, he became rock hard. He walked out on the patio and dropped his towel. Naked and unashamed, with a solid erection, his long, slender penis pointing high and hard, he paused before going into the water. Alex commented that he was also rock hard and was loving the water. Still sporting a firm cock Joe slowly walked toward the pool. He thought Alex’s eyes lingered on his tool before he jumped in, which excited him even more.

“I love being naked in the pool”, Alex said. “I love the feel of water washing around my balls. Don’t you like it too?”

“Definitely. Au naturale.” Joe said.

After they swam for a while, they both got out and sat at the pool bar and had another drink. Joe and Alex both were still very hard and Joe commented how horny he was. Loosened up by the alcohol, Joe brazenly asked Alex if he had some porn because he wanted to watch an erotic movie and “ease the tension”. They both laughed at this euphemism and Alex said that he’d try to find something as they walked back to Alex’s apartment.

All the while Joe was becoming increasingly, almost painfully hard, as he walked around in the nude and watched his excited friend find some porn. Alex was certainly comfortable with nudity in front Joe, who was still thrilled by the newness of the experience. Every once in a while Alex would look at Joe’s penis, and Joe would do the same in an unspoken but very deliberate manner.

Alex put on a movie with a threesome, two guys and a mature woman with nice, big tits a thick mat of dark brown pubic hair. She was very attractive, slender, and appeared to enjoy what she was doing. The men, who were average sized, were taking turns shoving their rods into her mouth and hairy vagina.

Alex and Joe began slowly masturbating in two separate chairs opposite the television when Alex shocked Joe by bending down and flicking the head of his penis with his own tongue. After stretching a while longer the top of the head disappeared into his mouth. Joe was more excited than ever and nearly ejaculated when Alex’s cock head vanished into his own mouth.

“Oh, my god dude that is amazing!” Joe said.

“Yeah, I love to give myself head”, Alex said. “It feels great! I can’t reach very far but what I can feels awesome. I love having my cock sucked and since I can’t get it every day from someone else, this is the next best thing!”

Watching another man fellate his own penis was incredibly exciting to Joe! Alex paused from his solo suck and asked, “Have you ever sucked your own dick?”

“Yeah, I tried a long time ago. I could flick the head with my tongue and that’s about it. It’s been years, though.”

Joe bent over and began to stretch and even extending his tongue was still an inch or so away from the knob.

“You’re close but you need a little help to reach. Do you want some?”

“Definitely!” Joe replied enthusiastically.

Alex got up from his chair, still rock hard, and walked over to the chair in front of Joe. Joe said he was ready and bent down as close as he could, mouth open. With Alex standing in front of Joe, he could see Alex’s penis up close for the first time. Pre-seminal fluid leaked from the head and left a thin, shiny, trail down the front of his fleshy stalk, bulging with thick deep blue veins. Joe bent down and grunted that he was ready to try it, to self-suck, to auto-fellate. He sobered quickly as the feelings, sights, sounds, and smells intoxicated him.

Alex, facing Joe, very gently pushed down on Joe’s shoulders. As he did, the base of his penis rubbed up against Joe’s cheek and came to rest against his face. In his peripheral vision, Joe could see Alex’s hard penis and scrotum literally within a tongue flick and Joe’s own penis was now in close enough proximity to be licked. Slowly Joe extended his tongue until the tip came to rest in the clear pool of fluid that had collected at the tip. By pulling up on his staff and with a little more pressure from Alex, Joe made contact with the salty, slippery liquid and retracted it into his mouth to taste it. He smiled and said that was enough and began to relax back into a sitting position, Alex’s cock still against the side of Joe’s face as he sat up. Joe was shocked and amazed at the variety of feelings that were coursing through his body and how excited he was.

Joe looked at Alex’s tool and wanted so badly to engulf that long, thin cock and suck it into his mouth as far as it would go. He wanted to pump it into his mouth and play with Alex’s huge set of hairy balls and just keep sucking for all he was worth, masturbating his own penis at the same time. He wanted to look up at him with his mouth stuffed full of penis and just keep sucking and sucking until Alex blew out a major load. Joe wanted to see Alex have an orgasm, and he wanted to experience it with him.

But that would have to wait. Alex simply walked over toward the TV and shut off the DVD player and put on some music. Joe’s cock was straining to become harder which was impossible at this point, and watching Alex walk around with that hard slender steel cock was only compounding and redoubling his excitement. Joe’s adrenaline was pumping so hard through his body that every step Alex took was like a freeze frame moment; the angle of his body, the movement of his penis and scrotum, everything was locked in and frozen in time like a series of photos in an album. His mind was paging through the pictures out of time and out of sequence, looking at more interesting pictures longer and spending less time on those he found less erotic.

Alex went over to the bar and poured a few glasses of water and motioned for Joe to come and join him. The bar was open into the kitchen and had a few cloth-covered bar stools. Alex sat down with the bar to his back and Joe did the same. Both of them were still rock hard and with only a slight motion Joe could feel the fabric caressing his testicles. “Wow that feels great to just sit here on the stool”, remarked Joe. “I love that feeling on my nuts.” Alex smiled and said that he also liked it and sat here nude frequently in the evenings because it was a nice view of the pool but people looking in could only see him from the waist up. “Remind me never to eat anything that has fallen on your bar stools!”, said Joe and they both enjoyed a laugh that broke the tension.

Alex and Joe casually and occasionally touched themselves to move their penis or to stroke themselves to stay hard. The warm breeze through the screen door was very comfortable and picked up the scent of flowers from the patio and pool area. Joe commented how nice it smelled and Alex offered to show him the flower garden that was right outside. Joe and Alex made their way out the door and Alex very proudly explained the outstanding combination of greenery he had planted. Some were for color, some were for pollination, and some for scent. There was even a small section dedicated to herbs, which, when touched, released powerful scents. “Here”, said Alex, offering his hand for Joe to smell after he raked it past a rosemary plant. “I like to cook and my ex-girlfriend got me started with growing herbs. It’s her legacy, I guess. One of them, anyway.”

Joe thought for a moment about what had gone on in the past hour, and injecting the reality of the past into the conversation was far over due. “Alex, are you bisexual?” Joe asked nervously.

“I date women only”, said Alex. “I would not call myself a bisexual because I am not attracted to men. On rare occasion, I like to do homosexual things, but…it’s complicated.”

“I have time!” Joe laughed. “What do you mean?”

“Well, I like homosexual activity, but I could never be ‘on a date’ with a man. I mean, this may sound strange but I love to perform oral sex, and I wouldn’t stop another man from doing the same, but I could not have ‘feelings’ for a guy. I know that sounds bizarre, but that is the best way I can describe it.”

Joe was stunned because he had a very a similar sense of this same topic.

“Alex, I know EXACTLY what you mean! And I’m not one of those people that is afraid they are gay. I mean, over the years I’ve had situations where I could have done something fun with another man, but not go out on a dinner date. It’s a way of being attracted but just physical. I get it.”

“Exactly. But I’ve experienced it with females, too. I knew this girl, a real knockout. Something about me really got her going, but she would never go on an actual date with me and believe me I tried. She would booty call me at all hours and it lasted for months. She was just not attracted to me as a person, so it was purely recreational. And I’ve had a few experiences with some of my male friends but it was just for fun. It wasn’t like we were going to cuddle up and watch a movie! Just another way to release tension. That’s the way I look at it.”

And now that same tension had returned. Both were at full mast and Joe looked long at Alex’s penis and imagined what it would be like to have it in his mouth. Alex wondered the same thing as he very obviously eyed up Joe.

Alex suggested that they go back into the living room and masturbate together. Alex put the DVD back on and they both watched the movie as they began to stroke harder and harder, faster and faster. Joe watched intently as Alex slid his hand along his cock and raked his fingers over his balls. The scene on the movie changed to an oral daisy chain. The woman had a cock in her mouth and a mouth on her pussy, and the man licking her was being fellated by the other man. The man she was sucking was giving long deep head to the other man and after a few minutes the woman began to orgasm, which led to the end of the daisy chain. The two men slid into a 69 and began to fellate each other, playing with balls with the tips of their fingers. Eventually each man had a handful of scrotum, a mouth full of penis and a fingertip in his ass. The men, obviously skilled in fellatio, timed a powerful simultaneous orgasm. For the purpose of video, the money shot blasted perfectly on each others’ faces. The blond man was eager to lap up the semen. The dark-haired man, although an enthusiastic cocksucker, wasn’t interested in licking up his partner’s come and let it slide in a gooey trail off his cheek and chin.

Like an electric shock coursing through his body, Joe heard Alex say “I like the taste of come once in a while. Sometimes when I’m really horny I’ll come in my own mouth or shoot into my hand and lick it up. I think it tastes good.”

Joe’s mind was overloading. He was totally nude, masturbating, in his friend’s living room, watching two guys suck each others’ cocks. As if that wasn’t enough, his friend just offered up that he liked the taste of semen.

“Why don’t you finish what you started? Suck yourself off, Alex. I want to see it.”

Alex sat down on the floor and began to bob his mouth over the tip of his long cock. Joe began to masturbate furiously as he watched his buddy orally stimulate himself. Joe got up and walked over to another chair so that they were facing each other at an angle that allowed both of them to watch each other. Joe bent over and flicked his tongue toward the tip of his cock but was still short by a few inches while Alex increased his self-sucking oral pace. After about 2 minutes Alex pulled his mouth off his cock and moaned loudly that he was ready to come, all the while jerking his cock with long, firm strokes. At this, Joe lost control and began to moan loudly as he approached climax. Alex smothered the head of his own penis again, his meaty balls bouncing rapidly as he masturbated and sucked his own cock.

Suddenly Alex stopped jerking and focused on sucking as he began to orgasm with his mouth locked over his cock head. Alex’s breathing became louder and harder, completely breathing through his nose now as semen quickly filled his mouth and he swallowed his own come. Alex teased his own balls by scraping his fingernails over the hairy sac while his semen continued to pour into his mouth, flooding it with warm, white cream.

“You’re eating your own come! Fucking unbelievable!” Joe yelled.

Joe was still attempting to bend over, stretching his body to match mouth and cock, leaning down toward his own penis when an unexpectedly sudden climax tore through his body. Joe opened his mouth and semen pelted Joe’s tongue and cheek as he began to come. Joe yelled out loud as hot cream trickled, shot, and oozed out of his cock. Joe closed his mouth on what had landed inside and swirled it around before swallowing his load.

Joe and Alex both stroked their cocks through the orgasm, Alex eventually relaxing as his mouth retreated from his penis leaving a slick helmet of come and saliva visible atop his long thin penis, a high water mark of where he’d treated himself to completed fellatio.

Alex squeezed the final drops of come onto his finger and licked it clean before sitting back and leaning against the sofa. Joe’s face and neck were streaked with trails of semen as he sat upright, watching Alex’s long cock soften and go to half mast. As it lost its firmness it pointed directly out from his body, and Joe noticed that it was still quite long.

Joe made his way over to the bathroom and cleaned up while Alex sat up on the sofa. When Joe returned, Alex was in the kitchen and asked him if he wanted a drink.

“I think I could do with something stronger than water this time” Joe said with a chuckle.

Despite an incredibly intense release it wasn’t long before both Alex and Joe were excited again.

“Do you want to try a Twisted Sister?” asked Alex.

“What is that, a drink?”

“Not exactly”, Alex laughed. “It’s a sexual position where we sit on the floor with our legs in a V. We scoot up to each other as close as we can until we touch balls and cock bases. Each of us sucks our own cock, then we switch back and forth. I suck yours and you suck mine.”

“Sounds like it requires a lot of flexibility!” laughed Joe. “Yeah, I’m up for trying it.”

The two got into position on the floor. They spread their legs wide allowing their hard and bulging cocks to meet and rub at the base. Each mouth opened and reached for its own salty cock head. Alex easily sucked his own cock head, but Joe needed a little pressure in order to flick his cock with his tongue, which Alex provided by gently pushing down on Joe’s neck. After several minutes of solo lick and suck, and some very stimulating ball to ball action they began to try the difficult Twisted Sister maneuver.

Alex’s penis was so long that Joe simply bent down and it was available to him. He closed his eyes and opened his mouth and took his very first lick of his very first cock. The preseminal fluid was salty and slick and tasted great. A small residual of semen remained with its own distinctive taste. Joe couldn’t believe he was performing oral sex on another man and was exhilarated. He greedily sucked more of it into his mouth and reached down to fondle Alex’s balls. In this awkward position not more than an inch or two of Alex’s penis slipped into Joe’s mouth, and he definitely wanted more.

Alex bent over, sliding slightly more of Joe’s tool into his mouth. Joe watched in awe as the cock in front of him slipped into his mouth while his own rod slid into Alex’s mouth. Joe’s eyes were like lasers on Alex’s mouth as he watched and learned as his friend sucked his cock and he mimicked Joe’s oral work. He was excited and no doubt his own salty fluid was leaking into Alex’s mouth. Alex’s spongy head popped into and out of his mouth again and again and he began to really enjoy the feeling of warm penis in his mouth, and he wanted more and he wanted it now.

“If you would like to, we can 69”, Alex suggested. “It’s OK if you say no.”

“I would love to”, Joe said.

Joe and Alex went into the bedroom and moved into a comfortable 69 position by lying down on their sides. Joe had never experienced anything like it before and savored the tactile sensations of licking Alex’s penis and hairy balls, taking in the familiar but slightly different aroma. He pulled up gently but firmly on Alex’s cock to milk some more pre-come before opening his mouth wide and diving down on his friend’s tip. He licked the purple pink bell end carefully, thinking about how he would want the same done to him. Alex was experienced at fellatio and what he delivered to Joe was nothing short of wonderful. Alex was fondling Joe everywhere and occasionally a finger brushed against Joe’s anus, sending electric bolts coursing through his body. The mere thought of being touched in such a manner was beyond taboo.

Joe was a natural. After a few short minutes Joe was able to take several inches of Alex’s cock into his mouth. As the penis slid into his mouth the first few times he suppressed the gag reflex as the soft tip tapped and pressed against the back of his mouth. Alex groaned and grunted as more and more of his penis disappeared into Joe’s warm, open mouth. Joe relaxed and moved cautiously, slowly accepting the very tip of Alex’s penis to enter his throat. Alex stopped sucking Joe’s cock to watch as Joe worked and struggled and finally, vanish balls-deep into Joe’s mouth. Joe’s eyes were closed as he concentrated on slowly inching that thin cock into his mouth and down his throat. He was able to reach out and lick Alex’s balls with his mouth totally stuffed with Alex’s long, thin shaft. Alex let out a loud, guttural moan as Joe looked directly into his eyes and flicked his scrotum again and again, his mouth full of cock, with Joe breathing heavily through his nose. Alex had only been deep throated a handful of times and the feeling was incredible. Joe was shocked and amazed that he was able to deep throat on his first try.

Joe slowly let Alex’s cock slide out of his mouth and sighed out loud as Alex returned his attention to Joe. Alex struggled but could not put away nearly as much of Joe’s penis into his mouth, but his technique was incredible and Joe quickly inched toward a toe-curling orgasm. Alex moaned “mmm-hmmm, mmm-hmmm” and gave slight nods encouraging Joe to release whenever he wanted, but it was when Alex held Joe’s scrotum in his hand and gently massaged it that Joe could not hold back any longer. A lightning-fast release possessed his body as he recoiled repeatedly, blasting several jets of semen deep into Alex’s mouth.

Joe wanted to give Alex an equally intense release, so he motioned for Alex to sit up on a chair. As he knelt between Alex’s legs Joe began deep-throating Alex again. This time Alex was quickly overtaken by orgasm and the first bolts of come rocketed out of Alex’s penis before Joe could get Alex’s cock out of his mouth. A huge load of semen coated the inside of Joe’s mouth and slid down his throat as Alex continued to orgasm. The horrible taste made Joe wince and he reflexively spit onto Alex’s cock and balls. Joe continued to jack Alex with his hand, and as Alex reached his peak, Joe watched Alex’s semen erupt like water from a fountain directly upwards from Alex’s fleshy pipe. The next two or three blasts of come went directly vertical and landed on Alex’s cock and Joe’s hand, giving Joe ample lubrication. Joe’s hand speedily slipped up and down Alex’s shaft and over the head of his long tool. The head was much wider than the shaft, Joe noticed as Alex continued to eject huge ropes of semen out of his body. Alex loved the attention and could feel he was ready for a second orgasm.

Alex screamed and instinctively took over jacking his own cock. Joe leaned back and watched wide-eyed, excitedly as Alex rubbed and stroked his semen-slathered cock into a full-blown self-induced orgasm right in front of Joe’s face. Joe noticed that Alex’s balls tightened against his body immediately before he began to come a second time, but then quickly loosened into a bouncing, fleshy bag of testes. Alex’s balls danced and darted in random directions by Alex’s vigorous stroking efforts. Although he had just sucked Alex’s cock to the peak and beyond, Joe was now overcome with a new kind of excitement by witnessing another man masturbate right in front of him. Even though Joe had enjoyed masturbating in the mirror, watching Alex get off inches in front of his eyes was totally different and very erotic.

During Alex’s second orgasm, Joe noticed that the first spurt Alex released was smaller than any from the first orgasm, and the remaining semen had simply flowed out of Alex’s penis like lava from an old volcano. As Alex finished ejaculating for the second time Joe watched intensely as Alex’s hand made sticky sounds, semen running through his fingers and all the way down his long shaft to his hairy balls. Even after Alex removed his hand, Alex’s cock remained hard and rigidly pulsed as his orgasm subsided. Joe loved this new experience and thought how cool it was to watch this, to take it all in, to enjoy it, to be a part of it.

After a few minutes, Alex and Joe regained their composure, got cleaned off and dressed. Joe asked if Alex could take him back to his car to give it another try. On the way, Alex offered to call AAA to get a tow. But when Joe put in the key and the car turned over on the first try, Joe said, “What do you know? Started right up.”

“Cool”, said Alex. “I hope you are OK with all this…stuff tonight. I guess I’ll see you next Friday at volleyball. ”

“Maybe sooner” laughed Joe. “Yeah, I am totally cool with it. It was fun”, Joe laughed.


For the next 6 days Joe could do nothing to take his mind off his experience with Alex.

Every single day he masturbated at least four times a day and was more than ready for Friday. His mind was racing with the possibilities and he couldn’t help but wonder if Alex thought that their interlude was a one-time deal. He was prepared for that, thinking that the experience was great even if it were only once. He had gone on a date on Tuesday and had a great time with a new girl he had just met, Brenda. She was a few years younger than Joe and after dinner they had gone back to her place and had a fantastic fuck-fest. She sucked and fucked him until the wee hours of the morning. He didn’t think about Alex that night at all, that is certain. But the next day, as his body refilled his semen vats, his hormones pulled his mind in a million different directions. He was masturbating after work the next day and began to think about sucking on that long cock and having his own cock sucked at the same time. The experience was intoxicating to recall and it wasn’t long before he let out a scream and an unusually forceful stream of semen nearly flew across the room. “Brenda, Brenda, Brenda!” he forced himself to think, but the truth was that both sets of sexual experiences were incredibly erotic and satisfying.

Alex, on the other hand, had no problem visualizing a rematch with Joe. He was having a dry spell with the ladies, partly of his own doing and partly theirs, and hadn’t had any sex that week. Alex was getting himself off every day at least once but he had only one thing on his mind. His thoughts were on getting his new friend back to his house once again. Alex was vexed with what he imagined could be serious challenges to that eventuality. First of all, it was Joe’s first time. Maybe Alex had caught Joe in a rut and last week was a total fluke. That was likely, Alex thought. Chances are Joe got it out of his system and that was the end of it. He concluded that Joe’s experimental interlude had begun and ended, most likely.

Secondly, Alex had accidentally ejaculated in Joe’s mouth and, even though it was unintentional, Joe was obviously not a fan of semen and was turned off by having a big load of come coating his tongue. Alex figured all those these things probably summed up an experience that Joe wouldn’t want to repeat.

The first time Alex fellated another man, his gay friend Trent, he remembered enjoying the experience as a cool thing to do, convinced at the time that it would likely be his first and last. He had been 23 when he met Trent and got to know him over the course of a few months. One night one thing led to another and without any planning or foresight on either of their parts, they ended up with each other’s cocks in their mouths. Alex remembered enjoying it, although Trent was a little more forceful than Alex would have liked and Trent had tried repeatedly to convince Alex to try anal sex. Trent was hung like a mule and the thought of having that thick rod punching into his rectum was scary to say the least. For many reasons the encounter with Trent was singular and shortly thereafter their social circles separated. In fact, Alex figured afterward that the entire situation had been a calculated setup, not a chance encounter at all and that bothered him that he was, in a sense, used.

Either way it didn’t matter much to him because Alex had fun with the experience and certainly did not regret it. It was his first homosexual experience and remained the only one for about two years until he had some experiences over the course of a few months with Bill, a close friend at the time. Yes, Trent and Bill had been the only ones before Joe. Each experience was different and exciting but after 8 years, the memories of Trent and Bill had all but faded and were now replaced in vivid clarity with thoughts of Joe.

The excitement was too much. Alex was scheming to get Joe back to his place or get himself invited over to Joe’s house. Either venue would certainly suffice; he was thinking about putting Joe’s dick right back into his mouth and sucking that hard tool until it exploded. Unlike Bill and Joe, Alex enjoyed the taste of semen and liked the feeling of the spasming cock in his mouth. Bill and Alex had enjoyed a very satisfying albeit sparse recreational sexual relationship over a span of a few months. Its fundamental purpose was to provide a source of fun and excitement, the ultimate recreational activity, free of charge. It didn’t have any complicated feelings, relationship guidelines, rules, or expectations. It epitomized, in a sense, two people using each other expressly for sexual favors, a zero sum game.

By contrast, the situation with Joe was totally different. He hardly knew Joe and had no idea where he stood or what this night had meant to him. In the case of Trent and Bill he knew exactly what they wanted from him and from themselves. The mystery of the situation intensified in Alex’s mind.


Friday was volleyball day. Unbeknown to Alex, Joe’s mind was also racing in conflicted directions. On the one hand, he was concerned what last week’s interlude meant to him personally and how he had permanently redefined his sexuality. This led to confusion and deep concerns about what life had in store for him. Joe could not help but wonder, as he reflected on last week’s crazy experience, what was next. Would he ever do that sort of thing again? If so, what would that mean? There was no question that remembrances of Alex’s cock in his throat conjured up deeply sensual, exciting thoughts. Was he homosexual? The questions bounced off the inside of his mind all week long. Every evening when he was home he couldn’t help but think about the craziness which invariably led to furious masturbation and incredible, high-energy spurts. By Thursday Joe’s cock was so raw from masturbating he had to apply lotion. As quickly as the testosterone ebbed post-orgasm, it returned with a vengeance hours or, in some cases, minutes later, forcing his body into wild vacillations of excitement and release. Joe spent many sessions in front of the mirror imagining his friend Alex was with him, next to him, sharing enjoyment.

On Friday, Joe stimulated himself to one last jizz shot right after work, stuffed his chapped cock into his shorts and made his way to the gym.

Alex’s thoughts were the essentially the same as Joe’s albeit at a lower amplitude. Having had homosexual experiences before, Alex was more grounded in his own sexual preferences and had learned over time that he had a la carte tastes in sex. He loved to make love to a woman in every way possible. He had very basic attraction and feelings for women and they made him feel happy, content, and “together” when he was in a relationship. On the other hand, an evening with a male friend that turned sexual was more like a trip to the amusement park. It was great fun, a little dizzying, and something you probably don’t want to do every day. Oddly enough, Alex reflected, the intensity of the sexual release from a male/male orgasm was notably more intense than those he experienced with a woman, but that was probably because it was forbidden, secret, and rare.

Joe and Alex arrived at the game within moments of each other, said hello and joined teams on opposite sides of the net. After a good workout, they headed for the showers but Joe stopped Alex a few feet from the entrance.

“Alex, I’m just going to go ahead and say this”, he said, looking at the wall. “I’d like to get together. Would that be OK?”

Alex laughed out loud. “More than OK buddy! More than OK. Follow me home then?”

When they arrived at Alex’s house, both Joe and Alex wasted no time. Within seconds both were undressed, rock hard cocks bobbing. With no words needing to be spoken they fell to the floor and immediately began to enjoy a wonderful, sensual 69 position. Joe’s penis slipped deep into Alex’s throat as Joe lapped and sucked at the spongy head of Alex’s long slender penis.

“I love the taste of precome”, Joe muttered, slapping his own face gently with Alex’s cock. “It tastes so fucking good, so salty. I fucking LOVE it, love it”, he said as he again devoured as much of Alex as he could, impaling his face on Alex’s thin rod, squeezing up from the base to liberate more and more of the clear, slippery fluid.

Alex concentrated hard on sucking Joe, administering long licks and whorish sucking pops as he slipped Joe’s dick into and out of his mouth, sliding it along the inside of his cheek.

“You gonna come in my mouth this time, Joe?”

Joe grunted.

“Yeah, I thought so”, said Alex. “I’m going to make you come right in my mouth again. Come in my mouth. Fuck my mouth.”

Both Alex and Joe were so excited that they knew this oral playtime would quickly reach its crescendo. The fact that they were playing volleyball mere minutes ago and now had each others mouth wrapped around cock was incredibly exciting.

Sweat scent filled the air as the excited pair began a quick march to climax. In a matter of minutes, spurt after spurt of semen flooded Joe’s mouth as Alex screamed out his first orgasm. Joe struggled with the large quantity of spunk, swallowing and getting spattered on his face. Joe followed quickly, releasing his own torrent of sticky juice into Alex’s waiting mouth.

They both took a few seconds to savor the experience then rolled off and onto their backs.

“Dude, this is one wild thing to do!” Alex said.

Joe laughed out loud. “If someone would have told me a year ago that I would love to suck cock and swallow come…I think it’s safe to say I wouldn’t have believed them! Now, I would turn beet red! I have to admit that it’s fun.”

“It’s a good thing it’s only Friday night”, said Alex. “My weekend is free.”

“So is mine, dude”, Joe laughed. “So is mine.”

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