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Protective Custody

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As soon as Luke Carlito saw the dark figure enter his club he knew it had to be a cop. Luke was the manager here at the Palomino Gentlemen’s Lounge, and he also acted as bouncer when the need arose. He always kept an eye on the door, both to keep out the riff-raff and to size up potential troublemakers.

Plainclothes cops he could also spot, but he generally didn’t mind them coming in unless they were looking for a reason to bust the joint, but that didn’t happened very often as the Palomino was a high class strip club, or perhaps just a little less seedy than most.

The cop was wearing sunglasses, and had flashed a badge to get in the door, and was now searching the crowd as if looking for something or somebody. Luke then noticed it wasn’t a male cop, it was a WOMAN with a slightly muscular build, maybe in her late thirties, wearing a dark jacket and black jeans, a little rough in appearance, but still quite attractive.

“Can I help you?” he asked, approaching her.

“Maybe,” she responded, giving him a quick glance at her badge before putting it back into her pocket. “I’m Detective Lil St. Jean of the Metro Police. You got a gal working here by the name of April Breeze?”

“Yeah, we got April. Cute little blonde. She’s around here somewhere,” he said, scanning the club with his eyes. “She in trouble? You want I should go get her?”

“No, it’s alright, I’ll find her myself,” she said. “It’s not a big deal. I just need to talk with her.”

“Well, call me if you need me,” he said, adding, “I’m always ready to help the police of our fair city.”

“Whatever,” she muttered, moving past him.

Luke stared appreciatively at her ass as she walked away. Normally he wouldn’t allow an unescorted woman here into the Palomino, as all too often they were either hookers or customer’s wives — and either of those were bad for business. But this Detective St. Jean was different, he noted, smiling approvingly at her short, scraggly dark hair, which went well with her dark eyes and pouty mouth. Also, those tight black jeans she wore gave her a sort of biker-chick look, menacing but sexy.

“I wouldn’t kick her out of bed,” he mumbled to himself, then went back to work behind the bar.

Meanwhile, pretty blonde April Breeze was about to return to the dressing room to change for her next set when she heard a female voice behind her ask, “April, is that you?” At the same time she felt a hand gently grab her upper arm. She turned to see who it was.

“Detective St. Jean?” she said in a surprised voice. “What are YOU doing in here?”

“I need to talk with you, April.” Lil responded. “Somewhere privately.”

“Somewhere privately? In here?” the girl asked. “The only area here with any privacy this time of night is the lap-dance rooms in the back.”

“That’ll work,” Lil responded. “Let’s go.”

“But they’re only for lap-dances, Detective!” April protested. “Otherwise Luke doesn’t like any of us girls being back there.”

Lil thought about this for a second. “Fine,” she said, “You’re giving me a lap-dance then. Now move!”

“Lap-dances are twenty bucks a pop here,” the blonde added, amused. “Half of that goes to the house. You sure you want to spend that much just to talk to me?”

“Get going,” the detective said. “I’ve got enough money and this is important.”

“OK,” April said, instinctively grabbing Lil’s hand and leading her toward the back rooms. The other club patrons leered at the sight of the pretty blonde leading the dark-haired woman toward the lap-dance area. They’d have much rather watched the older woman get her table dance right there in front of them. That would have been fun to watch. But just then their attention was riveted back to the main stage as Sophia, the red haired feature dancer, suddenly yanked off her top exposing a pair of huge tits to the approving roars of the mostly male crowd looking on.

While the hooting and hollering continued, April and the detective reached the relatively quiet lap-dance rooms. Lil handed the girl a twenty and smiled at her. “In you go,” she said, motioning toward an empty booth.

Detective St. Jean then followed the girl in, and seated herself on the comfortable, plush sofa inside before turning her attention to the pretty blonde now standing before her, waiting to hear what she had to say.

“Rico broke out of jail earlier tonight, April,” she told the girl. “We think he could be heading this way.”

April paled at the news. “You’re joking,” she gasped. “Rico’s out? He’s free?.”

“I’m afraid so,” Lil responded, then looked around. “Maybe you’d better start dancing for me so that we don’t draw attention while we talk. It’ll look more natural than you just standing there gaping at me.”

“Sure,” the girl said quietly. “Yes, of course.”

April Breeze had been dancing here at the Palomino for about six months now. The beautiful 22-year old had moved here after the drug trial of her ex-boyfriend, Rico, which had ended with his conviction on two counts, and a sentence of eight years at the state pen. Rico was bad news, abusive to her and always in trouble with the law over drugs and/or weapons violations. April’s testimony had helped put him away after the police discovered three kilos of his coke in her apartment, with him then trying to say it was hers. It was Detective St. Jean who had convinced April to turn state’s evidence in exchange for keeping her out of jail and her record clean. The D.A. had agreed, and April had taken this job shortly thereafter. But now Rico was apparently back out on the street, as the detective had just informed her.

“You’re supposed to be giving me a lap-dance, April, remember?” Lil reminded her.

The pretty blonde nodded, and immediately began moving her body to the music. In addition to having beach blonde hair that reached down just past her slender shoulders, the young beauty possessed a creamy complexion with perfectly formed breasts, and a gorgeous round ass that the customers here drooled over. Currently she had on a white lace teddy with matching high heels and stockings that showed off a pair of incredibly hot, silky long legs that moved very seductively when she danced. Lil thought she looked a lot like that singer, Shakira.

“So what am I supposed to do now, Detective?” April asked, looking concerned. “Do you really think Rico might be coming here to get me?”

Deep down, Lil St. Jean didn’t think much of that possibility. Rico was probably making a beeline for the border right now, where more than likely he’d be nabbed by the feds. But she didn’t want April to take this possible threat lightly. She stared at the girl’s beautiful body swaying sensually before her as she thought of an answer.

“Revenge is always a possibility. Your testimony did play a key role in his conviction. And you know how psycho he is.”

April’s body continued its sensuous movements and the detective couldn’t help but take notice. This girl was truly beautiful, her body seductive and silky as it swayed provocatively before her eyes. Lil ran her tongue over her lower lip as she stared transfixed at the girl’s gorgeous scantily-clad body. April smiled. She’d seen that same look before from her male customers. So she did now what she always did when she got that look: she slowly turned around, offering Lil a view of her sexy rear end. The detective watched mesmerized as the blonde’s gorgeous panty-covered butt swayed into view, wiggling ever so seductively before her. Lil had to fight the urge to reach out and grab one of those curvaceous cheeks. She had never before entertained this kind of desire for another woman, but watching April’s body was affecting her in a very unexpected way. She licked her lips before speaking.

“Why don’t you stay with me tonight, April?” she suggested. “You know, just to be on the safe side. Rico would never look for you at my place, and I’d love to have you.”

The dancer turned around and stared at her. “Really? You’d let me do that? Stay at you place?” The girl’s eyes shined with gratitude and relief.

Lil smiled and assured her, “I insist you come home with me tonight. When do you get off work?”

“In just half an hour, at eleven”

“That’s perfect,” Lil said. “Then it’s settled. You’re in my ‘protective custody’ as of right now. And just to be extra safe I want you to remain back here with me in this private booth until you leave tonight, just in case Rico decides to make an appearance. Got that?”

“Yes, ma’am, if you say so,” smiled the younger girl. “Let me go tell Luke. He won’t mind — not as long as you continue to buy table dances for the rest of my shift!”

“Don’t worry, the metro police budget can afford it,” laughed Lil. “Now hurry your pretty little ass back here.” She patted April’s butt and the girl giggled and ran up front to inform her boss.

When she returned, April didn’t think Lil would actually insist she continue dancing for the remaining half hour, but she was wrong. As soon as she re-entered the booth, Lil handed her five twenty dollar bills, saying, “This should cover us ’til quitting time, I think. And I want my money’s worth, young lady. I never throw away a hundred bucks needlessly. Now, unless I’m mistaken, aren’t you supposed to strip totally nude during these private dances?”

April began to protest, but clearly the detective was in the right, so she nodded and resumed dancing, slowly peeling off her skimpy top, exposing her two ripe, well-formed breasts. Lil thought they looked about the size of tennis balls, only a lot more enticing.

“You’ve got a gorgeous body,” Lil sighed, watching her every move. “Such incredibly soft skin. And such beautiful tits!”

“Why, thank you, detective,” April responded, smiling shyly, continuing to move her body sensually to the music. “I’m glad you find me attractive.”

“Yes I do. Tell me, April, do you have a boyfriend?” Lil asked her. “Anyone since Rico?”

“No, ma’am,” the girl responded, moving slightly closer. “Not yet, anyway. Oh, I’ve had plenty of offers, but the guys around here seem just as creepy as Rico was. I’m giving up on men for a while, I think.”

“Oh, really?” the policewoman smiled, her hand reaching out slowly, tracing a finger along the girl’s belly as it swayed ever so seductively before her. “No guys whatsoever?”

“Well, not for a while,” the pretty blonde responded, smiling at her. April felt certain the detective was hitting on her, and she was flattered at the thought. Only one way to be sure, though. She then slowly turned around and bent over slightly, reaching behind her back to pull down her lacy panties, revealing her gorgeous round derriere for the detective’s close inspection.

“Mmmmm… very nice,” Lil murmured, eyeing the beautiful silky smooth rear end as it swayed to the music before her adoring gaze. “Back up a little bit, April. I’d like a closer view of your sexy butt.”

April was totally nude now, except for the white high heels and stockings she still wore. She edged back a couple of half steps, wiggling her ass close to the detective’s face.


Lil’s hand slapped her naked rear. April laughed in surprise. “What was THAT for, Detective?” she asked.

“Sorry, I just couldn’t resist,” Lil answered, laughing. “You’ve got a lovely ass, April, just right for spanking… caressing… or kissing.”

“I’m sorry, what was that last part?” the girl asked, turning around slightly and looking over her shoulder.

“Oh, nothing,” Lil said. “Keep dancing. I’m really enjoying this. Your body is truly lovely. I could watch it forever.”

April smiled again. She, too, was enjoying this strange sensation of dancing nude for another woman. And she also realized that it was beginning to turn her on. She had always known her body attracted the men who came in here every night, but here it was having the same effect on another woman. Lil’s slap on her ass had ignited something inside her. April was half hoping she’d do it again. She wiggled her butt right in Lil’s face trying to tempt her.

SMACK! It worked!

The detective laughed out loud. She, too, was getting extremely turned on, enjoying this incredibly hot sensation of having a beautiful young female dancing nude before her. As the music continued to play she found herself reaching out to caress the sexy body glistening before her, first running a hand up the girl’s silky smooth leg and then patting the firm ass swaying only inches away. She gave it a gentle squeeze. To her surprise April didn’t pull away.

“The fun I could have with this delicious body,” Lil thought to herself. “I want her in my bed tonight, and not just for sleeping, either!” Again she gently stroked the beautiful butt swaying before her. Lil wanted it. She wanted it bad!

A bit later, when April’s shift finally ended, the young blonde excused herself and ran into the dressing room where she quickly changed, putting on a long jacket over her lingerie outfit, and then she hurried back to where Detective St. Jean waited for her. The two women then walked hand in hand out the back door to the detective’s car. As Lil opened the passenger side door for her pretty companion she told her, “I really enjoyed having you dance for me tonight, April. Watching you makes me realize how some women could be physically attracted to other women. You really turned me on!”

“Why, thank you, detective! I enjoyed it, too.” Her voice quivered as she spoke. “If I was ever going to be, you know, with another woman… I think I’d want it… want her.. to be you.”

Lil responded by reaching out and pulling the girl to her tightly and forcefully kissing her deeply on those soft red lips. At first April started back in surprise, but then she quickly relaxed, allowing her body to melt into the older woman’s tender embrace. She wasn’t going to fight this. She exposed her neck to Lil’s hungry kisses in complete surrender, right there in a quiet corner of the parking lot.

Moments later the two women were snuggled together in Lil’s car, speeding back to her condo, with April’s body pressed up against the older woman, her jacket opened so that Lil’s hand could caress her silky smooth thigh while they drove.

As Lil pulled into her parking space, the two women kissed again. They then hurried upstairs into Lil’s condo, laughing in their eagerness to be alone together. As soon as the door of the condo had closed behind them they were once again in eachother’s arms. Off came April’s jacket, revealing the gorgeous curves of her dancer’s body, scantily clad only in the lacy white lingerie she’d hastily slipped on before leaving the club. Lil’s arms embraced her possessively, clutching her body tightly, hands roaming freely down her silky back, eventually coming to rest on the younger girl’s firm rear end, which she squeezed and caressed lovingly.

“Let’s go upstairs,” the Detective murmured, pointing the way after they had kissed for at least a full minute. “You first, because I want to admire the view of your gorgeous ass.” April smiled and began moving, her butt swaying provocatively as she climbed the stairs. Lil followed right behind her, licking her lips as she watched April’s succulent bottom move from side to side. Suddenly, halfway up the stairs she stopped the girl, reaching her arms around April’s slender waist. “I can’t take this torture any longer! I’ve got to have this gorgeous butt right now,” she hissed into her ear. “Bend over for me, April. Right now!”

April responded to the authoritative tone in Lil’s voice, promptly obeying her command. “Like this?” she asked, kneeling down onto the carpeted stairs in front of her, her head and arms resting on another step, while her back arched demurely so that her beautiful tempting ass was now raised in Lil’s direction.

“That’s perfect,” murmured the detective, positioning herself behind the girl, gently running her fingertips up April’s legs and then gliding them softly over the girl’s upturned butt. “These lovely panties have got to go,” she remarked quietly to herself, before slowly pulling them down past the girl’s thighs and then drawn like a magnet she passionately began kissing and licking the round perfumed rump offered deliciously before her. “I’ve been wanting to do this all night,” she whispered in a husky voice. April first felt the woman’s hot breath on her ass followed by the distinct feel of Lil’s soft lips, teeth and tongue. While her mouth was pressed against the girl’s bottom, Lil’s hands caressed the girl’s thighs, gliding over the smooth skin of her ass, then resting at the sides of the girl’s swelling hips, squeezing and massaging the delectable feast of flesh poised so alluringly before her eyes.

The pretty blonde moaned aloud as her gorgeous butt was thus kissed, licked, and fondled. She was enjoying this moment every bit as much as Lil. She’d always been proud of her shapely round derriere, and found it especially wonderful to surrender it to such an appreciative ass-worshipper as Lil, who hungrily covered every inch of the gorgeous tush with saliva and hot kisses.

At last the older woman’s desires were at least temporarily sated. She tenderly squeezed the beautiful ass one last time before motioning for April to rise and continue her climb to the top of the stairs. In this way the two women at last reached the door to Lil’s bedroom. Again Lil pulled the girl tightly to her, kissing her deeply, her tongue entering the young blonde’s pretty mouth. “I want you so badly,” she murmured. “You know, you belong to me now, and I’m going to keep you all to myself, beginning right now!”

She then quickly stripped off the rest of the younger girl’s clothing, her top, high heels, and stockings, April emerging totally nude and prancing in the direction of Lil’s large bed.

“Not so fast, my delicious playtoy,” the detective said. “We’re not in that much of a hurry. First I have a desire to bathe that gorgeous body of yours. C’mon, into the tub with you!”

April pretended to look indignant. “A bath? I’m not dirty! At least not yet!”

Lil laughed. “No, of course you’re not! I love your hot body exactly the way it is. But I’m going to take a bath myself, and as long as I’m getting into the tub I also want your pretty naked body in there with me for my viewing and handling pleasure! Right now, my pretty babe!” SMACK! Her hand playfully slapped April’s ass. April laughed in response and seconds later both women were in the bathroom.

Lil turned on the water and began swiftly pulling off her own clothes. April helped her to undress, and then Lil poured some fragrant bath oils into the tub as the two women continued to caress and kiss eachother’s beautiful bodies even as they entered the water.

The bath itself was heavenly. April was impressed with Lil’s athletic build now that she was naked, as well. Her firm tits, and sexy, smooth skin were those of a woman who obviously took good care of herself. Both ladies enjoyed soaping the other, running fingers and hands along every delicious inch of the other’s body. Lil gave special attention to the younger girl’s perfectly formed breasts and especially her sexy round ass.

“I’m not finished with this sexy tush yet,” she thought wickedly to herself. April shrieked as she felt Lil’s teeth bite her wet right butt cheek. “Yummy,” she said to April’s squeals. The kissing and fondling between the two continued throughout the long and luxurious bath. Both women enjoyed it immensely.

After drying eachother off the two nude beauties emerged laughing from the bathroom and at last climbed together up onto Lil’s huge bed and began a long and sensuous kiss as their bodies intertwined together atop the sheets. Lil then pushed April’s head back onto a pillow while her lips then proceeded to travel hungrily down the younger girl’s neck, moving slowly onto her smooth soft shoulders, and ending up moments later kissing the blonde dancer’s beautiful breasts. These Lil licked and sucked greedily, her hands squeezing and caressing the girl’s supple body as she feasted on it’s many lush delights.

April’s legs opened invitingly as Lil’s mouth finally made its way down her smooth stomach, nibbling its way further down to her shaved, now moist pussy. This she licked, tentatively at first, and then more forcefully, eventually thrusting her tongue deep into the girl’s opening, sucking hungrily at her clit. Lil’s arms held tightly to the girl’s body, April’s hips bucking in ecstacy, her hands gripping the older woman’s hair as moments later the relative quiet was broken by her joyous scream announcing a loud and satisfying orgasm. Lil continued kissing and licking the lithe body following the climax, then slowly working her way back up the younger girl’s sweet torso until at last she was once again kissing that pretty face. April tasted herself on Lil’s mouth as their lips came together, tongues entwined.

The two women continued this passionate necking, both panting, exhausted from the effort. Moments later, as they lay there locked in a tender embrace, April’s attention was grabbed by something bright and shiny on Lil’s nightstand. “And what do you use these for, I wonder?” she laughed, leaning over and picking up the detective’s police hand-cuffs and then dangling them before her.

“Put those down. They’re not a toy, my pretty plaything,” Lil responded with a pretend frown. “Right now, unless you want mommy to get mad. And if mommy gets mad, her little girl gets a spanking on her pretty ass!”

April’s eyes lit up, and instead of returning them to the nightstand the younger girl mischievously clicked one end of the handcuffs around her own left wrist, and then the other end around Lil’s bedpost and onto her own right wrist. Both her hands were now securely handcuffed to Lil’s bed. “Oops,” she said, with an expression of mock innocence. “I don’t know what possessed me to do that, mommy! Oh well, you’d better get your key and release me.”

Lil laughed and grabbed the shrieking girl around the waist. “So, you’re a bad girl, are you? Well, we know what happens to disobedient little bad girls!” She clutched the laughing blonde.

April screamed and tried to get away, but Lil was too fast and the handcuffs also kept her from moving far. Besides, she wanted this and both Lil and her knew it. April quickly gave up her struggles and submissively allowed Lil to prop her up onto her elbows and knees so that her firm round butt stuck up seductively wiggling in preparation for the punishment to follow. Lil enjoyed the sight for a few seconds, then licked her lips and then raised her hand in the air. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

“Ow, please stop!” laughed April, as Lil’s palm and fingers repeatedly slapped the gorgeous silky globes of her ass cheeks. “Please forgive me, mommy! It was an accident! I didn’t know what I was doing. Ouch! Ow!”


“Like hell you didn’t,” retorted Lil, still feigning anger. “And you can address me as ‘Mistress’ for the remainder of this evening, young lady! You deliberately hand-cuffed yourself to my bed — as far as I’m concerned that officially categorizes you as my slavegirl for the rest of the night! Do you agree?”


“Ow! Yes, Mistress, I agree with whatever you say!” laughed April, surprised at how much she was enjoying the sensation of getting her butt sensuously spanked by this woman.


Lil was also really enjoying this experience. Here, handcuffed to her bed was a gorgeous young blonde female stripper, totally nude, her beautiful ass propped up seductively for Lil’s enjoyment and amusement. The girl’s gorgeous body bound and totally submissive for her pleasure. Yes, her property, willing to do whatever she wanted. Whatever she wanted… hmmm… that gave her another idea.


“You’re my pretty slavegirl now, aren’t you, April?” she asked. “You’re here for your mistresses’s private pleasures, right?”

“Yes, Mistress! Of course, Mistress!”

“And I can do anything I desire with this beautiful body, can’t I? Anything I want to do with this beautiful ass?” Here, she leaned down and kissed it. “This gorgeous, sexy ass!” She kissed it again.

“Mmmm… Yes, of course, Mistress. Thank you, mistress. I love this so much… Uh, what exactly does my mistress have in mind for my pretty ass?”

Lil laughed wickedly in response. Again, she bent down, kissing the younger girl’s slightly reddened butt cheeks, and then said, “I’ve got something else in my nightstand that might interest you… besides just handcuffs.”

She smiled, and then proceeded to reach into the nearby drawer and pull out a fairly large strap-on dildo. “Here’s something that I think your mistress might really enjoy using on your pretty body right now… on this gorgeous butt.” She patted and caressed the girl’s tush affectionately while she talked.

April slowly nodded her head. She then watched as Lil stood up and donned the strap-on, adjusting it securely to her pelvic region and waist. In a minute it looked like Lil had an erect penis growing out of her pussy. April’s eyes widened, her mouth agape, but she also remained submissively in her slavegirl position, head down and ass up, now licking her lips in anticipation. Seconds later her ‘mistress’ climbed back onto the bed and crawled up behind her.

SMACK! Lil slapped her ass.

“Are you ready to get fucked by your mistress now, my pretty slave?” Lil inquired, bending down to plant yet another wet kiss on the girl’s gorgeous ass poised quivering before her.

“Whatever pleases you, mistress,” April responded meekly. “My body is yours … here only for your pleasure.”

“That’s an excellent answer, my pretty plaything,” Lil said, squeezing the girl’s beautiful buns, then grabbing the strap-on and maneuvering it tenderly up against the blonde girl’s wet pussy, gently stroking it in anticipation.

“Here it comes,” Lil said softly, as the phallus was then plunged deeply into April’s body, lubricated by the girl’s own juices. The young girl gasped. Lil’s hands grabbed tightly onto her swelling hips, her fingernails digging into April’s soft ass as the strap-on glided again and again into her pussy.

“Oh, mistress! Oh! Oh! Oh! It feels so good!” For the first time in her young life April was being fucked from behind by another woman. It was a totally new sensation for her, and one that filled her with complete sexual ecstacy. “I love you, mistress! I’m yours forever!”

Lil laughed, enjoying this incredible experience of having a pretty young girl at her mercy, totally submissive to her and loving it. She smacked April’s sexy ass while continuing to fuck her from behind. April’s moans continued, louder than before. Again Lil slapped her ass. And again. And still she continued to fuck the younger girl from behind, both women in complete ecstacy.

“I love you, too, my beautiful slavegirl!” Lil said, continuing to pump away. “You’re mine, all mine! I’m your mistress and your mommy now! You belong exclusively to me!” SMACK!

Finally, after several minutes, both women climaxed, and the ride Lil was engaging in eased to a halt, with her still mounting the younger girl’s trembling body. Lil then leaned down and gently kissed the back of April’s exposed neck, cooing softly into her ear, and then she slowly removed the phallus from her pussy, all the while tenderly running her lips along the girl’s glistening shoulders, back, and rump. She then slowly turned her over onto her back, and began kissing and sucking on April’s now upturned breasts. April looked at her lovingly. “That was wonderful! I love you, Lil,” she sighed. “I want to be your slavegirl… your lover… forever! My dearest, sweetest mistress.”

Lil kissed the girl on the lips, grabbed a key and unlocked the handcuffs, freeing April’s arms, while at the same time removing the strap-on from herself. She then pulled the younger girl’s face to her own, kissed it tenderly again, and then positioned herself back onto a pillow, pulling April’s head down so that the girl could now suck on her own trimmed clit for a while, as a good slavegirl should. April smiled and went at it. She didn’t disappoint, either, kissing and sucking her mistress’s pussy with enthusiastic abandon. A few minutes later the two women were once again locked in a soft embrace, and shortly thereafter fell asleep still snuggled in eachother’s arms.

A couple hundred miles away, Rico was arrested in a stolen car and was soon on his way back to jail. But while his part in this story was long over, the loving relationship between the pretty erotic dancer April and her dominant new mistress/girlfriend Lil was only now beginning.

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