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Nudist Resort Seduction

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It happened when my wife and I were staying at a really nice nudist resort in Tucson, Arizona.

We met a nice local couple, Connie and Dave. They were probably in their early 50s, a few years younger than us. Like us, they had a few extra pounds, but they were both attractive. She had really nice curves. Unlike most of the other women at the nude resort, she was not shaved and had a full bush. He was shaved down there.

In fact he had a nice circle that was shaved all around his crotch. They were both sexy. I have to say I found him more attractive than her.

I am bi and when I could, I sneaked looks at his dick and balls. He was circumcised and looked thick. I have often fantasized about being with a man like him.

The four of us wound up in the conversation pool talking when the sun went down and most people had left the pool area for dinner. They told us about good places in eat nearby and about some of the local sights. They told us about the javalena that sometimes come into the resort area in the evening.

I love taking pictures, and had my camera out at night taking pictures of the javelinas, the landscape, everything but the nude people at the resort. Taking pictures of them is, of course, forbidden. That night he brought over his camera and joined me in taking pictures of some of the amazing sights around the resort. Later he said he would like to get copies of some of my shots. I said “Sure.”

The next day he brings a thumb drive when they come to the resort. He and I left our wives by the pool and went to the room where my wife and I were staying to transfer the images from my laptop to his thumb drive. Like just about everyone else, we were naked. I sat at a table in our room working the computer as he stood next to me, to my right.

I had never been alone with a naked sexy man like that, and I stole a couple glances at his cock. I think he noticed, and he moved close.

Meantime, his flash drive had a file labeled personal. I accidentally on purpose clicked on it, and up popped shots of Dave and his wife posing for the camera. They were clearly having sex and taking turns with the camera. He had an enormous erection.

All of this happened pretty quickly. But I looked at one amazing shot of him, and then up at him and just said “Wow, you are big! That’s amazing.”

“Ha, you think so,” he said. “You weren’t supposed to see those shots.”

Actually, I think he intended for me to see those shots

In any case, I looked at the picture of him, and then glanced to my right at his cock in real life, which was growing larger and was very close to my face. I looked up at his face, and he just smiled.

“You like it,” he said.

“God, it’s gorgeous,” I said.

“Go ahead, you can touch it, if you want.”

As he moved closer, I was almost trance-like as I reached for his magnificent penis. I touched it and he moved closer still. Now he was very close to my lips. I inhaled his scent, and my head just seemed to move to him like a magnet was pulling me to him.

I kissed his cock and licked it. He moaned and brought his hands to my head. I opened my mouth and took as much of him as I could into my mouth. I made love to his sexy cock. I licked his cock, lifted it and licked his balls. I wanted to make him cum. I wanted to be his bitch, his lover.

I got up and said “I want you in bed,” and took him to the bed my wife and I had been sharing. He sat on the bed and I kneeled between his legs and went back to work on his hypnotic love tool. God I wanted him so bad. I was hard as a rock and he was even harder. I pushed him down on the bed and got him to scoot up so he was on his back. I got between his legs and licked him and sucked him. I pushed his legs up and farther apart as I licked under his balls. I pushed his legs higher and licked at his tight sexy asshole.

Then I went back to his cock, licking and sucking him as my hands fondled his ass and anus. I fingered him and sucked him and I could tell he was getting close.

Suddenly, he tensed up and erupted shooting ropes of his cum into my mouth. I swallowed and swallowed and licked the beautiful head of his amazing cock.

Afterward, I just lapped at his dick as it deflated, licking it and loving it.

“Oh fuck,” he said. “That’s the best blow job I have eve had. You are fucking amazing. My wife never does that.”

I crawled up to him in bed and kissed his chest, nibbled at his nipples and then kissed him on the lips. He opened his mouth and we just made out for a little and I said to him “I loved sucking you and making you cum. You are so fucking hot. I will do that for you anytime you want.”

“Good,” he said, “because I want more of that.”

“And,” I said, “If you want to fuck me, I will prepare myself for you. I love your cock.”

I told him he should go back to the pool and I would meet him out there in a few minutes. He let himself out, and I masturbated as I relived every detail, every arousing, delightful moment of my first time sucking cock and told myself it won’t be the last.

Before my wife and I left the resort a few days later, I sucked him off four more times. Three times as his house when his wife was away. The last couple time he sucked me too. I felt like I was falling in love with him. And when we were at the pool, I was constantly leering at him, flirting with him. looking at his cock and licking my lips. I think my wife caught me flirting with him once or twice, but she never said anything. She has known for quite some time that I wanted to make love to a man.

He never did fuck me, but I told him if he ever visited Austin, I wanted to sleep all night with him. I told him I still wanted him to fuck me and make me his bitch.

Needless to say, it was the best vacation ever.

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