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Virgin Housekeeper

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The cleaning girl, Monica, had arrived early on Friday afternoon. “Good afternoon, Ms. Stephens.” Monica said.

“Please, call me Jennifer.”

Opening the door to her two thousand square foot home, the tall, statuesque woman smiled at her cleaning girl. The eldest daughter of a neighbor down the street, Monica had grown into an incredibly sexy young woman. Jennifer shut the door behind her and stared dreamily at the young woman, shaking her head slightly.

Only a few months over eighteen and soon going off for college, Monica wore a skin tight pair of worn out jeans and a ragged t-shirt. The pants had a few small holes in them as well, through which Jennifer could glimpse some of the young woman’s delightfully pale flesh.

Following Monica into the kitchen, Jennifer watched in admiration as she bent over to pick something up, a piece of food, or perhaps a small hair. The house was fantastically spotless ever since the young woman had started cleaning three days a week for Jennifer and her husband, Rick. He was frequently out of town on business and Jennifer had taken to admiring the young woman’s body as she cleaned. Jennifer’s heart fluttered as she saw the outline of the girl’s ass. Bent almost double, Monica had a tight body, the kind that made everybody turn their heads, just to make sure they were seeing what they imagined.

Feeling excited, Jennifer briefly touched her own mound beneath her skirt, cupping the warm flesh. While she held her fingers between her legs, Jennifer watched as the girl stood, the tight pants leaving nothing about the shape of Monica’s firm butt to the imagination. Face flushing, Jennifer started to move her hand inside her skirt when the young woman spoke.

“I’m going to start in here today,” Monica said, not looking back. She strutted to the sink and opened up the counter, to drop whatever she had picked up in the trash. Jennifer stared at the young woman’s backside, continuing to push her fingers beneath her skirt. Overwhelmed with the desire to touch herself, she stood in the hallway, watching the young woman start the dishes. Admiring the long, light brown hair cascading down Monica’s back, Jennifer wondered if the young woman would freak out if she tried to seduce her. For her age, the girl seemed remarkably ignorant at times.

In contrast to Monica’s shiny, flowing light brown locks, Jennifer had an auburn shade that curled lightly around her face. A few freckles shone against her rather pale skin, where the younger girl showed some freckles, Monica also had a healthy light tan from being out in the sun that summer. While standing in the hallway, one hand buried under her green, loose skirt, Jennifer decided to try something.

“Monica,” Jennifer said, watching as the younger woman set down a plate to dry on the counter. The sink was spraying water on full blast. “Oh my god,” Jennifer said, just as she started to insert a finger inside the folds of her slick outer labia.

Turning around quickly, Monica had a worried expression on her face. The next plate she picked up sprayed water all over her chest and pants, splashing on the floor a bit as well. Embarrassed, the startled teen looked back at the sink and set the plate down, turning off the water. Beneath her light tan, Jennifer could see the pink staining Monica’s cheeks.

“What’s the matter?” Monica asked, turning around again, surreptitiously wiping herself with the kitchen towel. Her white shirt was clinging to her perky breasts, revealing the teen forgot to wear a bra. Jennifer’s breath quickened as she saw Monica’s tiny, pink nipples pressed against the sheer top.

“How would you like to do me a special favor?” Jennifer asked, not removing her hand from her pants but keeping it there, one finger slowly moving along the length of her mount, bottom to top. “I think I have some clothes that might fit you,” Jennifer continued, sighing as she removed her hand from her skirt, just before the finger reached her clitoris. “How about I help you get changed while I explain?”

The teen’s eyes grew wide when Jennifer removed the hand from her skirt, she could see the moist, wet sheen of something on the older woman’s finger. Swallowing visibly, Monica looked slightly shaken as she realized the older woman had been touching herself, watching.

“Sure,” Monica said, voice cracking. “I don’t have to lift anything heavy, do I?” Monica shrugged, the petite girl’s movements emphasizing her delicate frame.

Jennifer gave a throaty chuckle, shaking her head. The curled locks swept back as Jennifer strode forward to drape an arm around the younger woman’s waist. She was several inches taller than the younger woman, while in fantastic shape, her chest and hips were larger. Next to Jennifer, Monica seemed even more a tense, insecure teen. Grabbing her charge around the waist, Jennifer started to escort the younger girl back towards the hallway, so that they could walk up stairs to the older woman’s bedroom.

“No, you don’t have to do any heavy lifting,” Jennifer commented, giving the younger girl’s waist a squeeze as they walked. “But you will have to strip,” Jennifer said, starting to climb the stairs, letting go of the teen. “So you can change.”

The younger woman frowned nervously as Jennifer ascended the stairs ahead of her. The green skirt swished back and forth in front of her and unless she was imagining it, Jennifer’s nipples were hard underneath the older woman’s lighter green top. Monica knew that some people were attracted to the same sex but in the small town she lived in, any of the girls that might have come out of the closet had kept it to themselves in Monica’s school. Knowing that Jennifer was married confused her, as the older woman was very attractive. Shouldn’t her husband have been satisfying her enough so she did not have to touch herself?

Jennifer disappeared into the bedroom first, heading to her walk in closet. “Just take off all your wet clothes,” she called over her shoulder, not looking back to see if Monica started to strip or not. Puzzling over the woman’s arousal, Monica finally remembered that her employer’s husband was frequently out of town and had been gone for a few weeks. Maybe that’s why she was touching herself, Monica thought, maybe she had been interrupted by Monica’s own arrival?

Taking the t-shirt off was harder than it should have been, as the thin, white fabric clung tightly to her nubile form. Once half naked, Monica felt the room heat up and looked down. Her own nipples had perked up, the small, pink aureolas stiffening and jutting out from her firm breasts. For a moment, Monica’s own fingers strayed over the tips of her nipples, idly caressing them. She pinched one, then giggled, shaking her head. The swollen nipples shrank slightly as Monica felt embarrassment, worried Jennifer might have noticed her casual masturbatory gesture. Swiftly, she started unfastening her slacks, peeling the blue, tattered pants off of her hips and down to her ankles.

Bent over, Monica had not seen Jennifer depart the closet and walk quietly around her, admiring the younger woman’s nearly naked body. Jennifer noticed Monica’s tight white cotton panties. They clung to the younger woman’s ass so tightly, Jennifer thought she could see where her pink pussy started and ended. Amazed, Jennifer noticed that the young woman had either shaved or waxed completely, her pussy bald underneath the thin white fabric. Hands full of some clothing, Jennifer set her bundle down on the bed as Monica straightened, kicking the slacks to the side. Jennifer could feel her own cunt start to get warm again, after her brief self exploration downstairs, she was ten times as excited now that the younger woman was nearly naked in her room.

As Monica stood straight, she turned around, face flushing completely. “Jennifer,” Monica stammered as she hid her breasts with one hand, putting her right hand over the nearly transparent cloth covering her pussy, “I didn’t hear you come out.”

Jennifer reached out gently and pried Monica’s hand off of her breasts, shaking her head slightly. “Monica,” the older woman said, “I have breasts too. This is not the first time I have seen another woman’s.” Monica felt less embarrassed and allowed her to pull her hand to her side, revealing her chest. “Take a look at these,” Jennifer said, turning to the pile of clothes on her bed. “You’re a lot more petite than I am but I have a few things which might fit. At least for the day.”

Nodding, Monica tried took a deep breath and stopped covering her pubic mound to pick at the clothes on the bed. Jennifer’s face had flushed slightly at the mention of seeing another woman’s breasts and Monica did not know what that meant. She herself had admired many girls in high school in the gym showers or after cross country practice. On the team, most of the girls had even smaller breasts than Monica, which had made her proud of her petite, b-cup boobs.

As Monica turned to the clothing pile on the bed, Jennifer bit her lip, wondering how she could manipulate the younger woman into doing her bidding. Between her legs, Jennifer felt like she was on fire, desperate to finish what she started in the hallway. While watching the young woman pick through a few skimpy outfits, she could not decide if she wanted to try touching her now or wait until she realized what she had hidden amongst the clothes on the bed. Jennifer stood next to the younger woman and stared out the window briefly, considering. I might never get a better opportunity, Jennifer realized. Now or never.

“Monica,” Jennifer said, still staring out the window, “I was playing with myself in the hallway, while you were doing the dishes. I’m sorry.”

“That’s okay,” Monica said, “Your husband has been away for a while. I would be frustrated, too.” She was holding a tight black top against her chest, to see if it would fit. The material was almost spandex and would stretch.

Jennifer felt her heart skip a beat as Monica said she understood. “Do you ever get frustrated, Monica?”

“Sure,” Monica said absently, tossing the black spandex top on the bed. “But I don’t have a boyfriend, so, I’m out of luck.” The teen picked up a pair of workout pants, also in black and then tossed those to the side. “I tried to touch myself, once,” Monica muttered, grabbing the next item off the bed. “However, it did not feel nearly as good as my friends said when they tried it. I was so frustrated that night, I vowed I would get a boyfriend.”

“Did you?” Jennifer was intrigued, she had never discussed the younger woman’s love life, or sex life, before.

Monica’s shoulders slumped while she looked at a blue top. “No,” she sighed, “I mean, I like plenty of the boys, but, I think I was meant to find the one at college.” The blue top she pressed to her chest and she turned to Jennifer. “Does this look okay?”

Turning back to face the younger girl, Jennifer nodded, “That will fit fine, I think. I wear it to bed sometimes.”

“You can fit into this?” Monica gasped, surprised. Her cheeks flushed as her brown eyes stared into Jennifer’s green ones, “Sorry, I mean, you’re not fat or anything.” Crimson flooded her cheeks when she finished, eyes wide. “Oh my god! I can’t say anything right!”

Chuckling throatily, Jennifer shook her head, smiling. “I know what you mean,” Jennifer said, “Here, let me show you.” Without another word, the older woman stripped out of her top, showing her full, firm breasts and delicate pink nipples. They were only slightly hidden beneath a cream colored, lacy bra. “They are bigger than yours,” Jennifer said, holding her hands under her bra covered nipples, pushing them out less than a foot away from the younger woman’s chin. A half step back and Jennifer stood straight, running her hands down her stomach. “However, I’m not fat, and I don’t take offense to the comment. You haven’t seen me workout before, have you?”

Monica’s blush crept away slowly as she caught herself looking, for too long, at Jennifer’s large breasts. They had a few freckles but Monica could not remember seeing a more perfect pair of tits. They were big, round and would fill even more than her hand, maybe even two hands. “I’ve always wanted bigger boobs,” Monica whispered, face heating up again as she saw just how flat Jennifer’s stomach was. “What kind of exercise do you do? You look amazing.”

“I’ve been into yoga for over a decade,” Jennifer said, putting her hands on her hips and cocking one to the side as the younger woman appraised her physique. “Thank you for the compliment. You must work out, too. Most girls your age aren’t nearly as trim. What’s your secret?”

Monica seemed to have forgotten she was clad only in her white cotton panties, watching her boss, almost half naked. “I do cross country,” she said, standing straight. “I finished first in state this year.” A note of pride entered her voice as she stood straighter, her perky breasts standing tall. “I’m the fastest girl on the team.”

Jennifer watched the young woman stand there, tits jutting out and full of her accomplishments and knew that one way or another, she would have her. Tearing her eyes away from Monica’s delicious frame, Jennifer looked at the bed and smiled, noticing the very end of her surprise was peaking out of one of the other pairs of pants. An idea crossed her mind and she reached behind herself, fingers searching for the clasp of her bra. Monica stood tall, shoulders back, lithe frame covered only by the slowly drying white cotton panties, watching as her boss slipped the cream colored bra off. Massive breasts exposed, Monica stared at Jennifer’s chest, almost forgetting to breath.

“What do you think?” Jennifer asked, cupping her full breasts. “My tits are completely natural,” Jennifer proclaimed, lifting them lightly. Leaning her head down, the nipples were so close to her mouth, Jennifer was tempted to lick one, just to see what the girl would do.

“Wow,” Monica breathed, staring at Jennifer, full breasts occupying her full attention. “I have never seen such perfect breasts.” Crimson again flushed Monica’s cheeks and Jennifer noticed the teen’s nipples perk up, stiffening once more. “I expected your aureola’s to be larger,” Monica commented, unable to help saying more. “They look the same size as mine. But your tits are so much bigger!”

Jennifer chuckled, running a finger around the areola of one firm, voluptuous breast. The pink nipple stiffened instantly as Jennifer continued to idly circle the nipple, enjoying the sensation, especially the audience. She pretended to have forgotten Monica was watching and tugged at the nipple, having teased herself more than enough.

“Do your nipples feel good when they get touched?” Jennifer asked, rolling the pink, swollen nipple between her thumb and forefinger.

Monica swallowed, feeling hot and suddenly remembering her near nakedness. The question bothered her less than her nudity and since Jennifer seemed genuinely curious, Monica looked back at the bed to hide the flush heating her cheeks. “Yes,” Monica replied, pulling a pair of pants out of the pile. “However, I’ve only done it a few times. I can’t seem to orgasm by myself,” Monica whispered, throwing the pants down and picking up another pair, even smaller.

Looking back at Jennifer, Monica’s eyes grew troubled, shining with wetness. “I’m still a virgin.”

Jennifer stopped touching her breasts and let her hands fall, staring at the slender little nymph. That makes sense, she thought, in so many ways. Aloud, she said, “That’s completely okay. I was over twenty when I first had sex. There is no need to rush.”

Monica nodded, smiling and feeling overwhelming gratitude. If they weren’t naked, she would have given Jennifer a hug right then. Jennifer walked over and pulled the object she hid out of the pile, showing it to Monica wordlessly. “Here,” Jennifer said, handing Monica a slim, glass dildo. The phallus was about six inches long and ribbed in concentric circles. Staring, Monica had heard about dildos, but never seen one in person.

“What is that for?” Monica asked, but she suspected. Her thighs grew heated as she imagined using the thing to please herself, finally achieving her first orgasm. “Wouldn’t it hurt?” Jennifer shook her head, cupping both of Monica’s hands around the device.

“No, it would not hurt. It feels very good, in fact.” Jennifer reached out, gently, to caress Monica’s cheek as she stepped even closer, intentionally invading the teen’s personal space. “I can help you learn how to use it,” Jennifer whispered, one hand reaching out to brush a stray lock of light brown hair away from the teen’s cute face. “Shall I show you something?” Monica nodded, looking up into Jennifer’s eyes, curious what the older woman would do.

“Lay down,” Jennifer asked gently, “Let me help you.” Monica nodded, still curious, and got on the bed to lay down. She put her head on a pillow, laying on top of the comforter, and kept her legs pressed tightly together. After a moment, Monica seemed to relax, the tension draining from her stomach and legs as she allowed them to spread apart slightly, no longer clenching the muscles to press them together. Jennifer could not believe the teen was willing to lay there, awaiting her pleasure, with no idea what the older woman had in mind. Smiling encouragingly, Jennifer decided to keep her skirt on for the moment, desperate to keep Monica under whatever trance she was in.

Monica watched as Jennifer climbed up on the foot of the huge bed, kneeling down next to her. The strange glass dildo was in Jennifer’s right hand, her left caressed the outside of the younger woman’s hips. Having been unsuccessful more than a dozen times in trying to make herself orgasm, Monica found the idea of a teacher somewhat gratifying. Watching the full figured Jennifer caress her thigh relaxed her and seeing the full, pink nippled tits of her boss naked in front of her made the young teen feel like this was all a dream. Ms. Stephens is really nice, Monica thought, I can’t believe she is going to help me to orgasm. Her pink, delicious looking cunt showed in detail through the wet cotton panties, with her legs parted slightly now, Jennifer could hardly wait to taste.

With her free hand, Jennifer started to caress the young teen’s inner thighs, which made Monica jump on the bed. Ms. Stephens flashed her most beguiling smile and Monica relaxed again, the butterflies in her stomach fading away. The short nails of Jennifer’s fingers raised goose pimple’s on the teens thighs and her pubic mound was getting heated. The thin cotton panties were wetter now than they had been as she climbed the stairs. Inhaling deeply, Jennifer could smell the sweet, musky odor of the young woman’s desire. Her hands spread the younger woman’s legs wider still, until she was spread eagled on the bed, her head resting on the pillows, pink nipples straining, fully erect. Jennifer had never seen a more delicious, sexy sight in her life.

“What are you going to do?” Monica whispered, her eyes shining, as she lifted her knees slightly with her legs spread. “I’m a virgin,” Monica continued, brown eyes pleading, “Can you help teach me without…” trailing off, Monica stopped talking, not wanting to ask about keeping her hymen intact directly.

“It’s okay,” Jennifer said, shifting position to kneel between the younger woman’s legs. The green, frilly skirt was the only thing that separated Jennifer from full nudity, her g-string had been discarded while she hunted around in the closet. “First, let me show you what I usually do.” Green eyes bright, Jennifer lifted the skirt and pulled it off of her head while kneeling. The statuesque older woman had a trim, muscular physique, without any excess fat. Her curves were still full, with the kind of body that would turn anybody’s head. Monica felt herself grow hotter still, staring at the older woman kneeling between her legs.

“Start with your nipples,” Jennifer said, moving her hands to her breasts and gently plucking them with both of her hands. The dildo lay on the bed now, just in her reach. Later, Jennifer thought, I will take her virginity my way. “Go on, do what I do,” Jennifer continued, as Monica simply stared at her play with her own breasts. The teen started to caress her chest in mirror image of Jennifer’s casual stroking and started squirming in a moment, her thighs burning for attention.

“Oh, god, Jennifer, this feels so much better than when I did it at home.” Monica moaned, her back arching, the pink nipples being stretched by her hands. “Why am I so much more excited now?”

“Your body is just reacting to mine,” Jennifer said, smiling, continuing to pull and caress on her own pink nippled, firm tits. “Enjoy this for a moment longer,” Jennifer moaned, her own pubic mound in desperate need of attention. She could feel her pussy starting to drip a bit of her own pre-cum, in sexy anticipation of more satisfying touching to come.

Moaning, Monica dropped back to the bed, staring at Jennifer’s chest once more, still pulling and pinching her nipples with two hands. The pink beads flexed and bent under her fingers as she started to look down to see Jennifer’s bare pussy. Even though a few girls on her cross country team had shaved theirs, it was the first time Jennifer had seen another pussy up close, or in such a state of arousal.

“Tell me what to do next,” Monica moaned, watching a dribble of wetness seep out of Jennifer’s outer labia. The sight was driving her mad and Monica’s inhibitions about what to try and what to do were rapidly fading away. “Please, I wanna feel good.”

Watching the sexy teen was driving Jennifer mad and when the young girl asked her to do more, she happily complied. Her right hand drew a lazy line down the flat, rock hard abs of her stomach to circle her pubic mound. “See my pussy? I get it waxed,” Jennifer said, “My skin feels so much better without hair.” Monica nodded, staring at the tips of Jennifer’s hand, hardly breathing, only pinching her nipples. “When you touch yourself, start at the sides,” Jennifer said, caressing her inner thigh from the middle up, to her center. “Tease yourself,” Jennifer squeaked, her voice going up an octave as she finally touched her outer labia, at the base of her pussy. “If you are wet, then insert a finger, just a bit.” Her index finger penetrated the outer folds of her hot slit and she withdrew it, showing Monica the wet tip. Shuddering, Monica nodded, eyes fixated on Jennifer’s finger.

“If you aren’t wet enough, you can lick your fingers, first.” Jennifer said, starting into the teen’s eyes as she brought her finger to her mouth and licked it clean, sticking her tongue out to circle the fingertip, as if she was sucking on her husband’s cock.

Ignoring the last sentence, Monica looked worried, “But I’ve never had anything inside my pussy. Won’t that, you know, break my cherry?” Monica had stopped touching her breasts and her hands lay limp on her chest as she worried.

“No, no, your cherry is further inside,” Jennifer soothed, “And besides, you can just lick your finger, as I did, to get it wet.” Nodding, Monica relaxed, as Jennifer started to touch herself once more. “The top of your pussy is your clit, you know that, right?” Nodding again, Monica grew more excited as she watched the older woman start to finger fuck herself in front of her. The older woman moved her fingers in a circular pattern on her pussy, moving her clit round and round. “Oh, yes,” Jennifer moaned, “If you are already excited, this should be enough.” Her voice grew rough as she started to buck her hips, moving them in tandem with her frantic fingering.

“Would you like to see me cum?” Jennifer moaned, fingers flying, her left hand pulling at her huge breast.

Nodding, Monica watched as the older woman continued to finger fuck herself. She had never watched a porn movie before and the few times she had seen a copy of a magazine or a friend surfing the web, nothing of the sort had appealed to her. Watching the older woman frantically masturbate her gorgeous, pink pussy in front of her, however, was almost heaven. She could smell the wonderful scent of Jennifer’s musky, sweet pussy in the air and after a minute, she felt as if Jennifer was finger fucking her own clit, running those hands around her tight, slender thighs. The heat kept building in her pussy as she watched Jennifer’s face flush and the movements grow more frantic still.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Jennifer moaned, arching her back as she cried out. The rush of her orgasm took her breath for a moment as her pussy convulsed, her fingers stilling for a moment. Her green eyes grew wide as she stared Monica full in the face, loving every second of her powerful orgasm. She had fantasized about women for decades but this was her first ever experience doing anything with one. Jennifer was in heaven as her orgasm faded and she could feel her juices running over her fingers, down between her thighs. The teen’s brown eyes were wide, her breathing frantic as she played with her nipples.

“What do you think, Monica?” Jennifer asked, her face flushed as her fingers continued to slowly massage her outer labia, still careful not to penetrate her own throbbing slit. “Would you like to try it, just like I did?”

In response, Monica spread her legs wide, the lithe teen nearly doing a full split as she held a thigh with her left hand and slid her right underneath her thin, white panties. Even though she had been extremely shy to do anything in front of the hot, older woman, watching her apparently cum all over her fingers had persuaded her to do anything the older woman suggested. Her slender, long fingered hand was visible underneath the panties as Jennifer watched the young woman first dip a finger into the base of her pussy, and then slid it upwards. The motion was identical to Jennifer’s demonstration and she licked her lips as she watched Monica first touch her sensitive clit.

Her pubic mound on fire, Monica started to finger fuck her clit fast as she could, positioning her index and middle fingers just to the sides of the delicate nub. Jennifer could see it pressed against the thin cotton, the teen’s juices having soaked through the material. Eyes half closed, the teen arched her back as she twirled her fingers around her clit, pressing the delicate flesh against her panties. Panting, chest heaving, the teen carried on masturbating in front of Jennifer as the older woman watched, her own pussy still oozing cum. A few minutes passed as Monica writhed on the bed, fingers working her clit furiously, before the desperate teen gave a shrill cry and bucked her hips, crying out.

“Ooooh,” Monica cried, her fingers ceasing their frantic motion as she clamped her legs together, arching her back and landing a bit sideways. Her whole body convulsed in a series of spasms as she experienced her first orgasm. Monica felt as if her world had exploded in pleasure as her orgasm ripped forth. Quivering, she lay on her side, gasping for breath, as she clenched and unclenched her thighs together rhythmically. Monica slowly came back to reality as her head cleared, the waves of pleasure slowly receding from her mind. Panties soaked, she felt herself wetter than ever between her legs. Slightly embarrassed, the teen removed her hand and pushed herself off of the bed, afraid to meet her boss’s eyes.

“Thank you,” Monica mumbled, making as if to rise off the bed. “I have to go now,” Monica said, leaning over as if she would swing her feet down.

Jennifer had been lost in her own near orgasm, slowly fingering her own pussy, delirious after seeing the nubile little woman experience her first climax. “Wait,” Jennifer said, removing her hand with a regretful sigh. “I have one other thing I can show you,” Jennifer said, “Some women hate it.” Frowning, Jennifer shrugged, then smiled wickedly, “For others, like me, it’s one of the best, most satisfying orgasms I’ve ever had. This is a very special trick.”

Monica, cheeks flushed, was surprised by this and had assumed that Jennifer would be done at that point. After all, the older woman was just trying to be nice, Monica still thought. The teen was still innocently thinking the older woman was only being nice, and not attracted to her, sexually. Curious and still unsteady from her massive, mind bending climax, Monica nodded her head, looking up at Jennifer with one delicate eyebrow quirked.

“You aren’t going to put anything inside me, are you?” Monica asked, nervous, glancing at the ribbed phallus next to Jennifer’s naked thigh.

“Well,…” Jennifer paused and Monica frowned, her per nipples softening as she moved to stand up again. “Nothing that would tear your hymen, I promise.” Jennifer said in a rush, her own cheeks flushing. Suddenly more nervous than ever, the older woman paused, reaching a slick fingered hand out to touch the younger woman’s cheek. “All I want to do is help to teach you how to feel good,” Jennifer whispered, gently. “Is that ok?”

The younger woman sat back down on the bed and swung her feet around, resuming her laying position. “Now you have me curious,” Monica said, her nipples starting to swell once more. “How can anything be better than what I just felt? I was in heaven!” Jennifer chuckled at the younger woman’s enthusiasm, feeling her own excitement rising once more. All the younger woman’s talk about not putting anything inside her pussy had given Jennifer ideas that she had never entertained before. Since Monica appeared to be pliable, Jennifer was of a mind to see what sort of kinky things she could do with her.

“First, you have to let me take these off,” Jennifer said, running her hands up the teen’s thighs and pulling on her panties. “Is that okay?” Monica nodded, lifting herself off of the bed, allowing Jennifer to slid the panties down to her ankles. Tossing them aside, Jennifer admired the pink, glistening pussy for the first time. Her mouth started to salivate as she contemplated licking Monica right then. Mouth dry, Jennifer wanted nothing more than to taste Monica’s pussy, to feel the petite woman’s thighs wrapped around her head.

Without another word, Jennifer swiftly bent forward and put her mouth over the young woman’s pubic mound, her long tongue flicking out to caress her moist box. Monica was at first outraged the woman had simply started to suck her, however after a moment, her mind reeling, she buried her hand’s in Jennifer’s hair. “Suck me,” Monica cried, pushing her pussy into Jennifer’s waiting, licking tongue, “Lick me, oh, yes.”

Jennifer could not believe the taste as her tongue danced up and down the sexy teen’s labia, her saliva mixing with the girl’s juices to flood her crack. Gulping, Jennifer sucked the juices down greedily before rising, forcing herself to stop assaulting the delicious box. “Get on all fours,” Jennifer said, kneeling once more towards the base of the bed. “I’m going to make you feel incredible.” Monica nodded, her face flushed, eyes wide. Her long brown hair draped over one shoulder, she got on all fours, as if she was going to be penetrated doggy style.

“What are you going to do now?” Monica asked, her voice cracking. “Your tongue was just perfect, Jennifer. I want you to lick me like that again.” Monica’s demands surprised Jennifer, as the younger woman was clearly enjoying herself. “Would you make me cum again, please?”

Nodding, Jennifer smiled, grabbing the dildo off the bed. “I’m not going to put this in your pussy,” Jennifer said, making Monica relax and become confused, simultaneously. If the dildo isn’t going into my pussy, Monica thought, then what does she have in mind? Mind wondering, Monica stopped paying close attention until she felt Jennifer slide under her parted, lean thighs, to start eating her once more.

As she lay down, Jennifer started to eat Monica’s pussy once more, her hand still gripping the glass dildo. She started to slowly stuff the ribbed phallus into her own aching pussy first, slicking the hard rod with her still flowing juices. As she continued to lick and suck Monica’s clit, the young woman started to buck her hips, still on all fours, desperate to cum once more. In moments, Jennifer withdrew the dildo from her pussy with a touch of regret, positioning it just above the wrinkled, light brown sphincter of Monica’s rear entrance. The glass tip slid down the brunette’s crack until sliding a hair inside her anal cavity, causing the teen to buck her hips and jump slightly.

“Jennifer, what was that?” Monica shrieked, clenching her ass tight, moving her sphincter away from Jennifer’s mouth and the slick glass prick.

“Just relax,” Jennifer said, “Trust me. Let me lick you, and you’ll cum like never before.” Monica slowly relaxed, her thighs opening wide again as she positioned her pussy directly over Jennifer’s face. Nearly giggling with delight, the older woman wrapped her lips around Monica’s clit and started sucking, bringing the slick folds into her mouth. Once more, she placed the glass dildo at the puckered entrance to the luscious teen’s rear entrance, holding the round tip steady. The teen moaned softly as Jennifer brought her clit inside her mouth, with her most sensitive spot being so thoroughly sucked, Monica felt herself drowning in pleasure, as if her whole world had compressed to a single point of awareness, beating like a heartbeat inside her core.

Loving the taste of the teen’s delicious pussy, Jennifer used her left hand to touch herself once more, almost forgetting the dildo she held in her right. Monica’s hips started moving in a slow figure eight, her grinding causing the dildo to slid all along her crack, Jennifer’s grip unable to hold it steady. The older woman almost dropped the dildo, lost in her own ecstasy, before remembering her design on Monica’s tight, virgin backdoor. She gripped the ribbed phallus tighter and moved the tip to Monica’s puckered sphincter, this time, sliding the tip inside nearly an inch. The teen moaned softly, her movements halted, as she felt the dildo penetrate her most private opening.

Arching her back, Monica shuddered, her pussy convulsing against Jennifer’s face as the buxom woman kept sucking on her tender clit. She could feel the glass dildo slowly slide into her rectum, the first ridge pushing her sphincter wide. Groaning, she forced herself to relax even as her pussy clenched, on the verge of a massive orgasm. Her mind was in the clouds as Jennifer slowly pushed the dildo further inside, past the first two ridged nubs. As each one passed through her sphincter, she could feel her anal ring stretching almost painfully. After the larger ring pushed into her bowels, the slim portion of the phallus felt even more pleasurable, deliriously so.

As high as the teen felt from the constant sucking and licking of her clit, the dildo sent her into a new, surreal realm. Filled like never before, Monica could no longer hold back her orgasm, feeling the dildo slid half way inside her ass. Gasping for breath, the teen lay forward, head on the bed, spreading her ass cheeks as wide as they would go. For the first time in her life, Monica was being penetrated and the feeling combined with the older woman’s lips on her clit drowned her in electrifying, deep pleasure as her insides melted.

“Oh, yes, Jennifer, more,” Monica gasped, wanting to feel every inch of the fake cock. Her backside was on fire, a different, more fulfilling sensation than she expected. As the dildo penetrated further, her cunt started to squirt cum onto Jennifer’s waiting face, the dildo finally hilted inside her ass. The orgasm coursing through her body was like nothing she had ever experienced, the rippling pleasure emanating from her tight ass, from her convulsing pussy, sent tingling sensations all the way through her toes.

Jennifer let go of the toy, the ridges keeping the phallus fully hilted, to concentrate on her own aching pussy. Face, hair and comforter soaking wet, Jennifer licked and sucked as much of Monica’s orgasm as she could, loving the sight of the gorgeous little nymph with her ass sticking out, the phallus buried deep. In moments, her own orgasm built and exploded, her fingers working inside her wet cunt while twirling madly around her clit. Still unsatisfied, the buxom Jennifer sighed after her orgasm faded away, wanting the little nymph to fuck her with the dildo next.

However, as Jennifer rose off the bed and looked at Monica’s prone form, the dildo still buried in her ass, body twitching slightly, she could tell the younger woman was finished for that morning. She slowly removed the phallus and then, watching Monica’s face, slowly deep throated the toy. The younger woman could not believe her eyes, watching the sexy, big breasted woman suck a dildo that, moments before, had been buried in her ass. It was the dirtiest thing she had ever seen and the sight was enough to re-ignite her desires. Monica wanted to do more, the session with Jennifer having opened her eyes to pleasures she had never dreamed of.

“Jennifer,” Monica said, rolling over to sit on the bed, crossing her legs. “That was amazing.” Face flushed, her pink nipples still erect, Monica licked her lips, “What else can we do?”

Surprised, the older woman set the dildo down, “Now, you can get back to work.” Monica’s shocked expression made her laugh, “However, tomorrow, I can teach you something else. Would you like that?” Monica nodded, causing Jennifer to almost change her mind right then and there. Tomorrow, Jennifer thought, I’m going to teach you how to eat my pussy. The buxom, auburn haired woman’s pussy heated up at the thought. “Let’s get dressed.”

The housekeeper finished getting dressed reluctantly, still wanting more but unable to give voice to her desires. Her long brown hair was matted to the sides of her head, face flushed from the massive orgasm. “Jennifer,” she finally said, dressed once more, “Is there anything…special…you’d like me to do?” The housekeeper stepped closer to the older woman, who’d also dressed once more.

“Actually, there is,” Jennifer said, grinning down at the smaller, younger woman. “Clean,” she said, patting her on the cheek. “Tomorrow, if you do a good job today, maybe I can teach you a few more things.” She bent down and whispered into the maid’s ear, “Would you like that?”

Shuddering, the housekeeper nodded, irritated that she had to go back to work but excited about learning more from the older, more experienced woman. She spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning, hoping each time she glanced over her shoulder that the busty Jennifer would be watching her. However, for the rest of the day, she was ignored. By the time she finished the last of her duties, she was certain that Jennifer was gone. However, as she reached the door, the older woman came downstairs and gave her a big smile.

“Monica,” Jennifer said, “Please be here early tomorrow morning.” She smiled wide. “I have a lot I want to teach you.” She stepped closer and looked down at the younger woman, smiling, her auburn hair framing her face in a pretty way. Monica could feel her nipples grow firm, looking up at her boss. Without another word, the older woman leaned into her, kissing her softly on the lips, then slid her tongue into her mouth. Reaching out, Monica grabbed her waist to steady herself, lost in the sensation as Jennifer kissed her thoroughly.

No sooner was it started than it ended, and Jennifer stepped back, still smiling, her pink lips shining from their saliva. Biting her lip, Jennifer shook her head slightly, eyes heavy lidded. “Until tomorrow,” she said, walking over to the front door and opening it. Reluctantly, Monica walked over to the door and left, wanting to say something, to stay, but knowing that the older woman had promised more tomorrow. Satisfied, she walked home, excited about learning more from the older woman the next day.

Jennifer spent the night dreaming of kinky and dirty things she could do with the hot maid who seemed just as eager to get into bed as she was. One thought kept bothering her all night long until she finally went shopping to get a special surprise for the brown haired, tight bodied young woman. The next morning, Jennifer was tempted to wear nothing to open the door, but she instead put on a black silk robe. Her matching g-string on underneath felt sexy against her skin and the lacy, half cub bra showcased her tits to maximum advantage.

Before she went downstairs, she decided to add a garter belt and black stockings, her favorite lingerie. Feeling sexy, she admired herself in the mirror, the light dusting of freckles on her face, cheeks flushed. Just thinking about the maid’s arrival had her practically dripping. She went to the kitchen to pour herself a glass of water when the doorbell rang. Without hesitating, she set the glass down and tried not to walk too fast to the door.

“Come in,” Jennifer said, opening the door and stepping out of the way.

The younger woman walked in, swishing her hips slightly, showing off her tight form clad in yoga pants and a t-shirt. She had been awake since six, having trouble sleeping. The brown haired woman had debated what to wear for at least an hour that morning before settling on the yoga pants and t-shirt. After she entered the busty, older woman’s house, her nipples grew stiff against her pink shirt. Curious what the older woman had in mind, she had skipped on bra and panties. Turning around, she saw Jennifer shut the door and lean against the frame for a moment, arching her back. Staring at Jennifer’s lingerie clad bottom, her black garter belt and stockings, Monica could barely breath. After the excitement the day before, she wanted to explore, to experience everything with the older woman. Feasting her eyes on Jennifer’s silk clad body, Monica became painfully aware of how stiff her nipples had grown. She reached up to caress them over her t-shirt just as Jennifer turned around.

“So you like my lingerie?” Jennifer walked over to the younger woman, swishing her hips, enjoying the sight of the housekeeper’s cheeks flushing with each step. “I bought a surprise for you last night,” she said, licking her lips. When she got close enough, she ran her hand through Monica’s hair, then leaned down, biting her earlobe. “I think you’ll enjoy it.”

Shuddering, Monica looked up at the other woman, staring into her brown eyes. She admired, respected Jennifer and could hardly believe that such a beautiful, mature woman wanted her so badly. Until yesterday, she’d never given serious thought to being with a woman, now, standing in the foyer of her boss’s house, she only wanted to touch, taste and lick her.

“Jennifer,” Monica said, “I’ll do anything you want. Let me lick you.”

The auburn-haired woman gave her a light peck and then grabbed her hand, tugging her after up the stairs. She led her quickly to her bedroom, feeling her thighs on fire as she walked up the stairs and down the hallway. “Climb up here,” Jennifer said, squeezing her breasts and staring at the sexy brunette. She stripped out of her robe, revealing her matching, high end black bra and g-string. The garter belt and stockings were something that she rarely wore unless she wanted to drive her husband wild. From the look the maid was giving her, the outfit had the desired effect on her as well. Pulling her g-string to the side, Jennifer smiled at the maid, showing her the slick, moist lips of her vagina. She was so horny, the older woman couldn’t help sliding a finger in between her lips, so anxious she was for the younger woman to taste, to touch her.

Monica crawled up onto the bed, breathing heavy and trying not to stare at the gorgeous sight of the sexy older woman’s shaved, slick pink nether lips. Kissing the older woman’s stomach, she moved sensuously up, kissing and licking the auburn-haired woman’s chest in between her glorious mounds before finally draping her long brown hair over to the side, staring into Jennifer’s eyes.

“I want you,” Monica said. Licking her lips, she tilted her head, staring into the auburn-haired woman’s brown depths, her pupils dilated. Grinding her hips into the auburn-haired woman, she felt Jennifer’s muscular legs wrap around her buttocks, heels digging into her. In response Monica licked the older woman’s chin, then playfully sucked on her bottom lip. Staring into the other woman’s eyes, she bit down, tugging Jennifer’s lip when she felt her yoga pant covered mound grind against the auburn-haired woman’s nether lips.

“Ohh, Monica,” Jennifer gasped, leaning her head back and reaching up to run her hands through the younger woman’s long brown hair. Stroking it, she felt the maid start to press her center harder against her wet pussy, the sensation sending tingling sparks throughout her body. “I want you so bad,” she said, in heaven.

Nipples on fire, she tugged Monica’s ass tighter against her, loving the sensation of the younger woman’s body pressed tightly against her. Staring into the younger woman’s beautiful brown eyes while Monica started to grind against her faster, working into a steady rhythm, Jennifer could read the lust, the desire, in her orbs. With her hands wrapped into the younger woman’s hair, she pulled her head down to kiss her again. Tongue extended, she felt Monica start to suck on her slick organ, giving it fellatio. The feeling started to drive her wild, and Jennifer’s eyes rolled back, her mind awash in pleasure.

Sucking on Jennifer’s tongue, Monica was loving the taste, the feeling of rubbing against the older woman and she wanted more. Leaning in, she started to slid her tongue into the older woman’s mouth even as she felt the auburn-haired woman’s legs start to shake, her heels no longer clasped tight against her butt. Thighs slick, she could feel the wetness building between Jennifer’s legs, soaking her yoga pants. Monica started to kiss the auburn-haired woman even more fiercely, sliding her tongue into her mouth and opening her mouth wide. Jennifer swallowed in response, making a gasping sound, even as she returned the kiss. Monica could contain her curiosity no more. She pulled her head back, feeling Jennifer’s grip on her hair loosen, and kissed down her neck.

“Lick me,” Jennifer begged, pushing the top of the brunette’s head down further. Arching her neck, she could see and feel Monica kiss her breast bone, sliding her tongue down lower, then caressing her navel. She shivered, the sensation both ticklish and enticing, her legs twitching with her anxiousness. “Please, Monica, I want to feel your tongue in my pussy.” Pushing harder, she felt Monica move down lower, and gripped her hair tighter while bucking her hips, anxious.

Feeling the auburn-haired woman’s hands grip her hair tightly, Monica moved her head lower, sliding her tongue to the top of Jennifer’s pubic mound, planting a kiss just above her g-string clad lips. Shivering, Monica felt her own pussy grow wetter as she smelled the heady scent of Jennifer’s desire. Eyes wide, the maid slid her tongue down the outside of Jennifer’s tiny black g-string, using her hands to balance as she started to tease the other woman even more. A moment later, she sucked the other side of the g-string covered pussy, drawing Jennifer’s skin into her mouth. She sucked lightly, savoring the musky scent of Jennifer’s mounting lust. Playfully, she bit down on Jennifer’s thigh, making the other woman jump.

“More,” Jennifer groaned, tilting her hips upwards, attempting to bury the younger woman’s beautiful face in her pussy. In response, Monica brought a finger to her center, and gently pushed the g-string to the side. “Fuck me,” she begged, feeling of Monica’s digit sliding her g-string to the side, exposing her lips. Jennifer wanted the younger woman to lick her, to finger her, to make her cum.

She had never before licked another woman but after the experience the day before, Monica wanted to lick Jennifer’s pussy and feel the older woman cum, just as she had cum the day before while the older woman penetrated her with the dildo. Hearing the older woman begging for it was a huge turn on for the younger woman. She slid her finger around the outside of Jennifer’s pussy, tracing the pink, slick folds. Hesitate despite her lust, Monica brought her finger to her mouth, tasting the cum. Surprised at the sweet, thick flavor, she licked the outside of Jennifer’s pussy with her tongue, the first time she had ever gone down on a man or woman.

Jennifer gasped when the younger woman started to lick her and felt her stomach twitch, surprised and excited at the housekeeper’s eagerness to please her. She folded her right hand into the younger woman’s hair, attempting to pull her face harder against her now dripping pussy. She felt Monica’s tongue trace the outline of her lips and shuddered, pulling Monica’s hair in response. A moment later, the brunette finally slid her tongue over her clit, and she felt like she might cum right then, her vaginal walls clenching in sudden spasm, so wound up she was.

Cupping her lips, Monica sucked gently at Jennifer’s clit, surprised at the sudden gush of wetness. Despite the awkwardness of licking her, she quickly delighted in the taste, the feeling of the older woman’s muscular thighs pressed against her cheeks. Curious what it would feel like, she slid her index finger inside the older woman’s pussy, surprised at how tight it was. The slick, wet flesh felt soft against her hand and she heard Jennifer moan, pushing herself down, forcing Monica’s finger deeper inside.

After a few moments of sucking on Jennifer’s clit, she could feel her pussy clenching around her finger. She knew the older woman was not cumming, but her intense arousal was surprising. Sucking harder, she brought Jennifer’s clit into her mouth and moved her finger deeper inside. The taste of Jennifer’s gush of pre-cum was sweeter than she would ever have imagined and Monica started to fuck the older woman’s pink pussy faster, her hand moving in and out. After a few strokes, she slid a second finger inside, looking up at the auburn-haired woman, who started to caress her nipples, arching her back. Moaning and panting louder, Jennifer’s face was flushed and seeing the look in her eyes, Monica started to lick around in a variety of movements to see what the woman’s reaction would be. Then she withdrew her fingers, sliding her tongue to the base of Jennifer’s pussy and pushed her thighs back, stuffing her tongue inside the pink hole as far as it would go.

The g-string got in the way briefly, until she pulled it to the side, eager to continue her oral experimentation. She started ramming her tongue in and out of the older woman’s tight pussy. Monica felt her nose collide with the auburn-haired woman’s slick pink lips, and her face grew smeared with the older woman’s slick, sticky fluid. Monica started to grow more excited herself, stiff nipples digging into the comforter underneath her t-shirt and her thighs started burning, aching with need.

Jennifer pulled her knees up closer to her chest, bringing her hips off the bed, enabling the young brunette to penetrate her deeper still with her tongue. Panting, Jennifer felt the rush of an orgasm start to build, the feeling of Monica’s tongue sliding in and out of her dipping pussy driving her to a massive climax. Feeling the auburn-haired woman start to shake, the housekeeper slurped upwards, gulping down the auburn-haired woman’s pre-cum and then twirling her tongue around Jennifer’s clit before clamping down, sucking hard.

When Monica’s lips encircled her clit once more, the sexy auburn-haired woman older woman felt her insides liquify and her climax spill over. Concentric circles of pleasure rippled outwards from her core, her vaginal walls shaking, her pussy twitching and leaking even more cum. Moaning long and hard, Jennifer let go of the younger woman’s hair and spread her legs wide, arching her back. She pushed her stiff clit harder against the maid’s pert lips. “Oh, yes,” she cried out as her brown eyes rolled back and she felt a second wave roll through her body from Monica’s delicious sucking motion. Back arched, Jennifer felt her mind reel, unable to think, as waves of pleasure crashed through her. The sexy brunette’s tongue worked in circles and her lips sucked at her tender, swollen clit. Finally a full minute later, her orgasm subsided, and she relaxed, collapsing down into the bed further. Laying back down on the bed, Jennifer was feeling spent and delirious from the climax for the moment, needing to catch her breath.

Just when Jennifer came down from the clouds and collapsed onto her bed, she looked down and met Monica’s brown eyes, which stared lustfully at her. “That was amazing,” Jennifer said, in between spasms from the maid’s languid, persistent licking. She caressed her nipples and felt a smaller orgasm ripple through her, more an aftershock to the massive earthquake a minute earlier. “Kiss me,” she begged, licking her lips and staring at the sexy young woman.

Monica wasted no time in climbing up to meet the auburn-haired woman’s lips, kissing her passionately. Despite the slick, sticky aftermath of Jennifer’s orgasm covering her lips, the auburn-haired woman returned her kiss with fervor. Shaking with need, Monica pressed her slick pant clad nether lips into Jennifer’s as the auburn-haired woman started to tongue kiss her in return. Groaning, Monica writhed against her, desperate for attention. Breaking the kiss, the brunette arched her back and deliberately, teasingly, rubbed her pert nipples into the auburn-haired woman’s chest, her eyes half closed as she did. “You’re amazing,” Monica said. “And you taste delicious.”

“I think so too,” Jennifer said, grinning. She reached down and grabbed Monica’s tight ass, pulling her mound against her slick pussy and gyrating for a moment. Eyes smoldering, she looked into Monica’s brown eyes and whispered fiercely, “Oh, god, I want you to fuck you, Monica.”

“I want you to fuck me, too,” Monica said, leaning down and flicking her tongue against the auburn-haired woman’s cheek. “How do you want me?”

Frowning, the auburn-haired woman’s cheeks colored and she looked to the side. “I have a toy,” she said. “I was dreaming about using it on you.”

“Didn’t you use it on me yesterday?” Monica asked, pausing in her gyrations, barely able to breath.

“This one’s the new one I mentioned,” Jennifer said, “I want to fuck you, hard,” she said, looking back up at the maid. Her cheeks were flushed and she looked nervous. When she did, she clutched the brunette’s ass, and pulled her tightly against her slick lips, moving to stimulate her clit. The feeling made her groan in need, and she continued, “Maybe you could use a toy on me after I fuck you?”

“Oh, yes,” Monica said, feeling the auburn-haired woman’s nails dig into her ass cheeks. “Jennifer,” she said, staring into her brown eyes, “I want you to fuck me with your new toy.”

Smiling suddenly, Jennifer raked her nails up the maid’s back and then licked her cheek. “I’ll show you,” she said, brown eyes wide and full of mischief.

With a final, quick peck, Jennifer got up and walked out of the room. She found the pink plastic bag in her closet and then grabbed the toy, smiling to herself. She disappeared into the bathroom and walked over to the sink. She washed the pink shaft with soap and water, which was attached to a small pink base. Drying it off quickly, she walked back to the bedroom and saw Monica laying there, fondling her breasts, the t-shirt discarded. Seeing the petite woman’s lovely nipples, stiff, and her young face flushed with lust brought a tingle to Jennifer’s pussy. “What do you think, Monica?”

Looking over to the side, the half naked maid saw the pink strap-on dangling from Jennifer’s hands. Attached to a small, triangle shaped base, the phallus had a uniform shape, narrow at the tip and black straps for a harness. While Jennifer’s other toy had felt incredible the previous day, the strap-on cock made her eyes light up at the thought of getting fucked by such a pretty looking toy.

“Fuck me,” she said, grinning. “Put it on, please.” Rising from the bed, Monica reached out to help the other woman while Jennifer slid her g-string off. Then, she pulled the harness over her hips, the black straps slung low on her waist. After a few moments of tugging and pulling, Jennifer gave an experimental thrust in the air, to see if the strap-on was mounted properly. This made Monica blush and giggle, reaching out to tug on the phallus with one hand, standing next to Jennifer and sliding her hands down the other woman’s hips. “You look hella sexy,” she said, giving Jennifer a quick peck on the cheek. “Do you want to take these off first?” She smiled, tugging on the waistline of her yoga pants.

Without hesitation, Jennifer reached over and pulled them down, kneeling next to the young woman, staring at her pretty pussy. She could smell Monica’s desire and as she stood up, she could barely contain her excitement over what she was about to do. “Lay down,” Jennifer said, brown eyes dilated. “I want to look into your eyes while I fuck you with this.”

Grinning even wider, the young woman lay back down on the bed, spreading her legs and sliding her hands provocatively down to her thighs. “You’re so sexy,” Jennifer said, climbing onto the bed. She knelt in between Monica’s thighs, positioning the strap-on at the slick junction and staring lustfully at her wet pussy. Her skin was so creamy, flushed and shining from her earlier climax that Jennifer thought she might end up cumming from using the strap-on on the sexy young woman. “Ready?” she asked, steadying herself with her left hand and holding the strap-on with her right.

“Fuck me now, love,” Monica said, lifting her hips up, impaling herself on the strap-on tip. “Oh, that feels good,” she said, just as Jennifer started to slide the shaft inside. After it penetrated her just an inch, she started to feel her hymen constrict, “Ah, careful,” she said, the inside of her pussy aching, the virgin entrance tight. “Ouch,” she said, bringing her legs up to her chest. “Slowly.”

Jennifer could barely hold back, despite the obvious pain the maid was in as the strap-on cock penetrated her virgin pussy. “Okay,” she said, enjoying the feeling of her strong, muscular thighs touching the virgin’s smaller, toned legs. “Is this better?” She backed off for a moment, holding the tip of the strap-on inside the brunette’s slick, pink outer lips. Reaching down, she started to massage her clit with her thumb, delighting in the soft moans Monica started to give. Finally, Monica reached down and grabbed her waist, pulling her closer, forcing the strap-on deeper inside. Her pussy was so wet, the strap-on penetrated her easily. Jennifer had to stop when Monica started to whimper in pain, despite the teen’s anxiousness, she wanted the younger woman to enjoy every inch of the fake cock. Pausing, she held the strap-on two inches inside, playing with Monica’s clit until the frown slid from her face and she started to pant.

“Oh, yes,” she moaned, as Jennifer slid the strap-on further inside, nearly half way buried into her virgin pussy. She could feel the brunette’s thighs, so soft and smooth, against her hips as the she worked the strap-on back and forth in slow, small thrusts. “Harder,” Monica begged, reaching up and pulling on the sexy older woman’s nipples. “Make me cum.” Monica still felt sore, but the feeling of Jennifer’s clever, strong fingers manipulating her clit had made the pain of being penetrated slowly recede until she felt nothing but pleasure, as the cock started to slide deeper into her aching tunnel.

Groaning, Jennifer started to thrust faster, moving the shaft in and out of the sexy younger woman’s pussy in long, deep strokes. The movement was awkward for a few minutes as she adjusted to the feeling of the strap-on mounted over her clit. When she started fucking the younger woman faster, she leaned down, stretching her legs out and draping her auburn hair, slightly slick from sweat, just to the side of Monica’s face. Pussy on fire, she could feel every thrust bringing her closer to a second orgasm, just from the stimulation of the strap-on base digging into her clit. “Kiss me,” she gasped, when the younger woman released her nipples and instead wrapped her hands around her back.

Monica’s head was spinning from the rampant movements of Jennifer’s buttocks, plowing the strap-on in and out of her soaking wet pussy. Despite the initial pain, the heady, erotic sensation of the older woman leaning into her was driving her quickly to a massive orgasm. She started to fully enjoy the sensation of the strap-on plowing in and out of her soaking wet cunt. She kissed her boss passionately, her hands caressing her back, loving the taste of the older woman’s mouth. With one hand, she caressed the Jennifer’s back, feeling her sweat soaked flesh, down to Jennifer’s ass. Grabbing it, helping to push her boss’s hips faster, harder into her. Tongues swirling together, she grew short of breath, her orgasm fast approaching. “Soon,” she said, gasping. “Oh, yes, you’re so amazing.” Clenching the older woman’s muscular ass in both hands, she pulled on each thrust, forcing Jennifer to go deeper, groaning as the strap-on bottomed out in her pussy. “Yes!”

Responding to Monica’s frantic moans, Jennifer leaned back and repositioned her legs. Then she grabbed the brunette’s knees, bringing them up to her chest and slid her hands down to grab her ankles while thrusting slower than before. Once she gripped the maid’s ankles she brought her legs high into the air, holding them together nearly level with her face. She then started to push faster still, holding Monica’s legs back to her chest. In that position, she could feel the strap-on going even deeper into the younger woman’s dripping pussy. Jennifer loved the feeling each time as she bottomed out, bouncing into Monica’s ass cheeks with her muscular, stocking clad thighs.

Pinching her own nipples, Monica could hardly believe how completely filled she felt with the strap-on pounding her pussy. With the older woman grabbing her ankles, pushing her legs back, the strap-on hit her g-spot on every thrust. Gone was the feeling of tightness, of pain. With each long, slow stroke, Jennifer’s sexy thighs bounced into her ass. Squeezing, twisting her nipples, she gasped, face flushed, “Now,” just as her first ever vaginal orgasm tore through her body. Jennifer pushed the strap-on deeper inside, her own nipples begging for attention, when the younger woman had her climax. Wanting the younger woman to experience an even more mind blowing climax, she reached down as Monica arched her back, using her right hand to flick her clit mid climax. Feeling Jennifer’s fingers start to flick her clit, Monica felt as if a second orgasm blasted off right after the first, screaming a long, animalistic cry while her pussy clenched and spasmed over the dildo.

Jennifer could feel her thighs grow slick, the maid’s pussy drenching the bed and their thighs from the force of her climax. Face flushed, Monica took a long moment to stop shaking and Jennifer gently helped her legs fold back down onto the bed. “You’re sexy as hell,” Jennifer said, her voice thick with lust.

“So are you,” Monica said, grinning with satisfaction. “That was amazing.”

Leaning down, Jennifer playfully licked her nipple and then her chin before giving her a long, wet kiss. “Wow,” Jennifer said. “I almost came too.”

“Can I try it?” Monica asked, giving her a naughty smile.

“Are you sure?” Jennifer asked, withdrawing the strap-on and tilting her head to the side. “You don’t have to, you know,” she said, stepping off the bed and unbuckling the harness. Inwardly, she was begging for the younger woman to try it, but she did not want to seem to eager.

“I want to,” Monica said, getting up and helping to unbuckle the last strap. “Jennifer,” Monica said, holding the harness while the other woman stepped out, “I really want to. Please?”

The older woman laughed as she stepped out of the harness and then reached over to tweak the younger woman’s nipple, giving her a wolfish grin in return. “I’d love it if you fucked me with this,” she said, helping to position the strap-on over Monica’s mound, holding the shaft in one hand.

“Can you help me buckle these?” Monica said, tugging one of the straps in place and frowning. The auburn-haired woman reached over and started to assist, in seconds the strap-on was mounted over the brunette’s pussy and she gave a few experimental thrusts into the air, just as Jennifer had done previously. “Awkward,” she said, laughing.

Kneeling down, Jennifer slid her tongue along Monica’s thigh, and then impulsively took the strap-on into her mouth. Giving it fellatio for a moment, she looked up at the sexy maid while she sucked the last vestiges of her cum from the shaft. “If my husband tasted this good,” Jennifer said, stopping, “I’d give him head anytime he wanted.” Monica chuckled and then reached down to grab the older woman’s hand.

“Jennifer,” Monica said, “Can you kneel for me?” Her cheeks colored, and then she gripped the other woman’s hands, giving her a quick peck on the cheek. “I want to see your tight ass,” she said, surprising herself, “While I fuck you.”

Surprised, Jennifer winked at her. “Whatever you want,” Jennifer said, letting go of her hand and grabbing her hair, pulling her in for a long, lingering kiss. “If you want my ass that badly,” she said, grinning, “Take me.” She crawled onto the bed, kneeling on all fours and looking back at the sexy brunette. The sight of the gorgeous, petite maid, cheeks flushed, naked with the strap-on mounted on her waist turned her on immensely. She could feel her pussy growing even more wet with the sight. “Fuck me,” Jennifer moaned, arching her back to spread her ass crack wide. She saw Monica lick her lips and stare, making her quiver with need. She thrust her hips back and forth, as if she was already being taken from behind, “Oh, I want you,” Jennifer moaned.

Licking her lips, Monica slowly climbed onto the bed behind her boss, brown eyes smoldering. Seeing the other woman kneeling doggy-style, her slick pussy lips a bit puffy from her earlier orgasm, and the light brown, tight sphincter of her backdoor spread wide before her made her delirious with lust. The black garter belt and stockings framed Jennifer’s creamy, pale flesh deliciously. She bent down and gripped Jennifer’s ass, biting one cheek and using her fingers to caress her pussy. “You have such a sexy ass,” she said, biting and licking while her right hand played with Jennifer’s pussy lips. “I want you so bad,” she said, sliding her tongue down. She almost put her tongue into the other woman’s backdoor before catching herself, swallowing hard and instead, thrust her tongue into Jennifer’s dripping pussy.

When it made contact, Jennifer moaned and she started to lick and suck the older woman’s dripping slit, while her nose almost pressed into the her ass. The smell of her dank backdoor, combined with the sweet, musky smell of her pussy, made Monica nearly swoon. After a minute of licking and sucking, Jennifer started moaning incoherently, in between panting, gasping pleas for the petite brunette to fuck her.

Wrapping her hands around Jennifer’s hips, Monica buried her face in between her thighs, lost in the sweet, delicious taste of the other woman’s pussy. The older woman’s slit was dripping wet and Monica could tell she was only moments from orgasm. Finally remembering the strap-on awkwardly buckled to her hips, she straightened, giving the muscular ass cheek a final, hard bite. Jennifer yelped in pain, looking back at her reproachfully. Grinning, Monica said, “I’m going to fuck you silly.” Slapping Jennifer’s ass, she could see the other woman’s cum, mixed with her saliva, had left a shining trail down the insides of both her round, pale thighs. With her left hand grabbing Jennifer’s ass, she used her right to guide the strap-on into Jennifer’s dripping pussy, staring in excitement at the pink lips as the phallus slowly penetrated her.

Moving slowly, the younger woman adjusted her hands, gripping the Jennifer’s toned ass cheeks and pushing the fake cock deeper inside. “How does that feel?” Monica asked, slapping the other woman’s ass after the dildo had penetrated her half way, the pink shaft spreading her pussy lips.

Mind awash with pleasure, Jennifer looked back at the housekeeper woman and licked her lips, feeling herself on the brink of orgasm after the tongue lashing. She could see the open lust written on Monica’s face, her brown eyes intent on her rear end and she felt the younger woman push the dildo in all the way. “Oh, yes,” she said, whimpering, nearly cumming from the succulent feeling of the dildo fully penetrating her tight pussy. “Fuck me,” she said, looking back down and arching her back, pushing her ass into Monica’s toned, tight thighs. Feeling her stomach clench and her pussy quiver, Jennifer knew her orgasm was close. Starting to thrust her hips back, she moved to impale herself on the dildo, loving the feel of the shaft move in and out of her tight, wet pussy. “Fuck me,” she begged, lust filling her voice.

Monica watched the older woman bucking her hips, ramming the dildo in and out of her pussy, and could hardly believe how sexy the experience was. Jennifer’s twin globes of creamy perfection split to showcase her tight, puckered ass, which Monica was staring at, squeezing her nipples with one hand, the other squeezing the buxom woman’s tight ass while she grew more frantic, moaning in lust. Finally, Monica shook her head and started to squeeze Jennifer’s ass cheeks, moving her hips in time with her boss, fucking her with the strap-on. She could tell from the pitch of Jennifer’s voice the other woman was on the brink of cumming, and she slapped her ass. Yelping in surprise, Jennifer moaned, “Spank my ass,” just as Monica slapped her ass cheek again. Shaking in ecstasy, Jennifer felt her orgasm nearly burst forth from the second slap, and could no longer impale herself on the strap-on, her thighs quivering too much to continue the movements.

Slapping Jennifer’s ass over again, Monica worked the movement into her bucking hips, loving the sight of Jennifer’s ass cheeks quivering, her hand tingling from the spankings. She started fucking her faster, seeing the older woman halt her movements, knowing Jennifer was only seconds away from a massive climax. Impulsively, she reached down and grabbed the auburn-haired woman’s long, sweaty locks and pulled, jerking her head back.

“Ohh,” Jennifer moaned, feeling her hair pulled.

“Cum for me,” Monica said, pulling her hair and then slapping Jennifer’s tight ass again. While pulling the older woman’s hair, she started to fuck her harder still, the strap-on nearly going all the way out before she rammed it back into her boss’s tight pussy. She heard squishing sounds from the her cunt with every slap of her thighs, and Jennifer started moaning, shaking uncontrollably as Monica kept frantically fucking her dripping pussy.

“Ohhhh,” Jennifer cried, shaking, her orgasm finally cresting over her, the pain of Monica’s hair pulling, her ass on fire from the spankings, providing a delicious counter point to the sizzling ecstasy of the strap-on pounding her pussy. Arching her back, she pushed back, impaling herself to the brink, as her pussy clenched around the phallus, gripping it and drenching her thighs with a flood of cum. Letting go of the other woman’s hair, Monica slumped a little, feeling her thighs grow slick from Jennifer’s climax. She could not believe how incredibly sexy it was to fuck the other woman with the strap-on, the feel of control, grabbing her hair, slapping her ass. Withdrawing the phallus made Jennifer’s pussy make a sound and both women laughed a little.

“Wow,” Monica said, standing shakily to remove the strap-on from her waist. “That was incredible,” she said, licking her lips and staring at Jennifer’s ass. “Wow.”

“You’re unbelievable,” Jennifer moaned after a moment, collapsing on the bed and looking over at her. “That was one of the best orgasms I’ve ever had,” Jennifer said.

“Even if it was my first time?” Monica quipped, and grinned.

“True, for a beginner,” Jennifer said, licking her lips, “You’re incredible.”

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