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Valentine’s Gift

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“What do you want for Valentine’s Day?” I asked, innocent of the results this query would have.

“What do you mean, what do I want?” Stacy asked back somewhat crossly.

“You know, do you want jewelry, chocolates, lots of roses, what?”

“You’re supposed to surprise me on Valentine’s!” she exclaimed.

“I know, but it seems so trite to try to surprise you, when there’s a predefined list of what constitutes a Valentine’s gift,” I hastily tried to explain.

“Well, since we’re poor this month, I would have let you off with flowers and a nice dinner. But now, I want something special,” she informed me.

“Anything for you, my dear,” I said.

“I want you.”

“I assure you, you will have one hundred percent of my attention on Valentine’s Day,” I replied.

“No, I want to have you completely. I want you to be my slave that night.”

Ah. Well, that was a little different. Until now, I had always been the more aggressive one. She was never demanding, certainly not when it came to sex. Unless her point was to make me think this was about sex and then ignore that aspect. That thought brought an unexpected shiver of pleasure to me.

Without missing a beat, I replied, “Like I said, anything for you.”

“Fine, just come home after work. No flowers, nothing special. I don’t want you to think you can bribe your way out of what I have planned for you.”

“Yes, Mistress,” I replied jokingly.

“Yes, maybe you better practice saying that,” she told me.

Valentine’s Day was several days later. I walked home that night, but I was not quite as unprepared as I had been instructed to be. Something in me wanted to resist the domination, just to see what would happen. Plus I doubted that any woman was one hundred percent sincere when she said she did not want flowers for Valentine’s Day. I had compromised with a single red rose.

As I showed up at our door, I looked up and down the sidewalk. No one was near our house and the entrance is well hidden from the street. Feeling foolish and nervous, I pulled out the leather dog collar and leash I had bought the day before. Before I could lose my nerve, I looped the collar around my neck and fastened it. Then I attached the leash. I quickly got down on my knees in front of our door and rang the doorbell. I put the rose in my mouth and held the handle of the leash up as though offering it to someone.

After a few agonizing seconds (could the neighbors see me?), the door opened and she stood there over me. A smirk crossed her face, but she got it under control and looked down sternly.

“I told you nothing special. Well, the leash is all right, at least I know you haven’t backed out. But the flower is too much. Give me that.”

With that, she yanked the handle of the leash out of my hand and gave it a jerk. I quickly crawled forward toward the door. Before I could make it inside, however, she deftly reached over my back and quickly swung the handle of the leash down on my ass. It didn’t really hurt through my jeans, but I scurried inside nonetheless. I definitely didn’t want the neighbors seeing this.

Inside, she walked quickly up the stairs to the bedroom and I struggled to follow on hands and knees. She seemed to approve of this and no more lashes were forthcoming. Upstairs, she gave me an upward jerk to indicate I should stand.

“You need to be dressed differently and you can’t change down on the floor like that. Stand here.” She tied the other end of the leash to a door handle so I couldn’t move more than a foot or so in any direction and then disappeared into a closet. In a minute, she had come back out with a pair of dress pants and a button down shirt.

“Take off your clothes,” she told me shortly.

I hastened to obey and she temporarily unfastened the leash from the collar so I could pull my shirt off. My socks, shoes and pants quickly followed. I stopped there and reached out for the clothes she held, but she pulled them back.

“All your clothes,” was all she said.

I pulled my boxers down and my dick popped free, already somewhat hard. Being naked around Stacy was an everyday occurrence, but the restraint and domination were getting me excited.

“Don’t get too excited,” she told me. “We’re going out to dinner.”

“Yes, Mistress,” I replied and my dick drooped a little at this news. I tried to send it a telepathic message telling it that if it would cooperate for a few hours, we might have serious fun later.

“I’m going to dress you. Don’t move except when I tell you to,” Stacy told me.

“Yes, Mistress,” I repeated.

She set the dress clothes down on the bed and I could see she held something else in her hands. Underwear and socks, I assumed. Then she knelt down in front of me and put her hands up to my dick. I barely had time to register what she was doing before she had looped a piece of leather around the base of my dick and I realized she was attaching a cock harness. I inhaled to protest, but a sharp glance from her made me hold my words.

“Just to make sure you’re completely mine, we’re going to harness this guy so he can’t get in any trouble,” she told me. As she spoke, she maneuvered the main band behind my balls and up over my dick. After that was secure, she passed a smaller leather thong around each of my balls and one just around my dick itself. She moved away and looked at her work in satisfaction. The touch of her hands and the feel of the leather restraints had gotten my dick excited again and it was pretty hard already.

“I hope you can get that thing under control before we go out,” she warned me.

“But, Mistress…” I started.

“I didn’t tell you to talk!” she exclaimed and delivered a stinging slap to my bare ass. “You only speak to answer my questions and acknowledge my commands.”

“Yes, Mistress,” I replied obediently. This exchange had only made my cock harder, though.

“I have thought about your potential embarrassment and come up with something to hold you down, so you will be a little more inconspicuous,” she informed me. “Lift one foot.”

I lifted first one foot and then the other as she slid a pair of underwear over them.

“The problem,” she explained while she pulled them up, “is that you wear those loose boxers all the time. So I got you something that will hold you in place better.”

“As she pulled the underwear past my knees, I realized that what she was putting on me was a pair of women’s silk panties. I started to step away and then, remembering the last slap on my ass, stayed still.

“You’re getting better,” she told me as she slipped the silk up and tucked my balls and cock in them. Only then did I notice that it was not only a pair of panties, it was a thong. The thin strand of silk slid up between my ass cheeks and exerted a delicate pressure right on my asshole. My cock got even harder and the pressure in the front pulled the thong even tighter against my anus.

“Mmm,” I moaned involuntarily.

“I think you better stop taking quite so much pleasure from this,” she told me.

I was starting to get worried. She wouldn’t really take me anywhere dressed in these, would she? She had to know my cock would stand at attention the whole time I was trussed up like this.

Even as I thought it, she brought over my shirt and had me slip into first one sleeve and then the other. Pants, sock and shoes followed and I was soon fully dressed again.

I was relieved to discover that getting dressed had distracted me enough (it was quite a pain, with me tied to the door) that my dick had softened considerably. The harness held it away from my body, though, and there was a noticeable bulge in my pants even when I was mostly soft.

“Hmm, all the ladies are going to envy me tonight,” she said as she ran her hand softly over the bulge.

To make matters worse, she then proceed to undress in front of me and then slowly pull on stockings, garter belt, a thong of her own and a sexy bra. She covered them with a short black skirt and a red blouse that perfectly set off her shining blonde hair.

“You look spectacular,” I dared to say and jumped as the expected slap caught me on my ass. My dick was hard once again and it looked like she was getting ready to leave the house.

She did compromise enough to let me wear a longer jacket over my clothes. She wouldn’t let me zip it, but if I didn’t move too quickly, it hung down enough to conceal my bulge to the casual observer. I didn’t want to think about what would happen if we went to a restaurant and I had to take it off.

A few minutes later, I was walking down the sidewalk beside her. We chatted as though nothing was unusual , but every gust of wind seemed to blow my jacket across to caress my dick and it seemed like every person we passed was staring at my crotch. The pressure of the harness kept me hard even in the cool air and as I got harder, the pressure of the straps only increased. I was nervous, embarrassed and completely turned on.

It was only a few blocks to the restaurant, a little French bistro that had opened a short time ago. As we walked in, I tried to hunch forward so my jacket would provide better coverage. The place was crowded with other couples out to celebrate their love and we had to wait to talk to the maitre d’. That was fine with me; the sooner they could seat us, the sooner I would have to take off my jacket.

I was trying to relax when a young man in waiter’s garb turned sideways to squeeze past me through the crowd. I tried to back up, but I couldn’t go anywhere and his ass brushed lightly against my protruding dick as he passed. My dick, oblivious to who was touching it, gave a little jump as he moved away. Oh my God, I thought, I hope he thought that was my hand or something in my jacket pocket. I didn’t think he could have felt the sudden jerk that betrayed my excitement.

In a minute, we were being led to our table, in the middle of the restaurant. I tried to determine which seat I could take to minimize my exposure to the restaurant’s other patrons, but the host pulled out a chair and offered it to Stacy and I was forced to take the one opposite her. As he was helping her off with her jacket, I took advantage of his distraction and quickly slid my jacket off and dropped into my seat. I was only standing for a second, but it seemed like I was exposed for minutes and every diner in the place had had a chance to glance up and see the bulge in my well-pressed pants.

The host gave me a bit of a strange look when I handed him my jacket from a seated position, but he took it without comment and left us. I quickly slid my chair under the table cloth and then unfolded my napkin and put that on my lap for good measure.

“This place is so sexy,” Stacy commented. A few nearby diners glanced her way and she smiled back at them.

“Just think about it,” she went on in a quieter voice, “all these couples are here for Valentine’s Day. You know most of them are thinking about fucking when they get home. Like those two over there. They’re making out already. Can’t you just picture them going at it when they get home?”

I looked, of course, and once I did my mind did form a picture of the two of them – him dark, her blond, both of them good-looking – making love passionately on a big white bed. I shook my head to clear the image from it, but my dick had already responded to the brief fantasy.

The dinner was amazing, even through my nervousness. I knew no one could see my lap under the table, but I also knew that I would have to get up to leave eventually. Stacy kept me semi-hard by feeding me oysters, licking drawn butter from her fingers and keeping up a stream of comments about the diners around us. These last were injected quietly into her normal conversation and several times she had to change topics quickly when a server approached. The only thing I was grateful for was that our waiter was not the one who had brushed against me. It was a sign of my arousal, though, that I couldn’t help notice that our waiter’s crotch was right at eye level for me as he stood beside our table. It seemed like every time he approached, I turned and inadvertently looked right at his slight bulge.

The bottle of Champagne we ordered also intensified my arousal. Every time I leaned forward to take a sip of it or a bite of food, I felt the silk underwear slither around my cock and the silken cord slide up into my ass. The chairs were hard and I could feel the heat of my ass where I had been slapped. The leather of the harness was pushed up against my balls.

Eventually, I couldn’t stretch the coffee any longer and we got ready to leave. Now what am I going to do? I thought. I wasn’t particularly hard at that moment, but even a slight erection would be accentuated by the support of the harness. Our coats were neatly hung on a coat rack near the door – a good thirty feet from our table. Stacy gave me an evil grin and stood up.

“Ready?” she asked with a slight smirk.

In a fit of inspiration, I reached out and grabbed her left hand with my left as I stood.

“Of course, my dear,” I responded. I put my right hand on her lower back and guided her across the floor, walking slightly behind her so her body and our linked hands gave some slight coverage to me. Fortunately, the Champagne gave me the courage to walk quickly across the floor without worrying overly much about what people could see. We reached the coat rack and I slipped into mine facing the other coats. By the time we turned and walked out the door, I’m sure my face was quite red.

Outside, Stacy looked at me with mixed admiration and annoyance.

“That was quite good,” she told me, “but you’ll pay for it. Let’s walk the long way home, through the park. I need to walk off some of that crème brulee.”

I readily agreed. Now that I had gotten out of the restaurant without being either majorly embarrassed or arrested, I was up for anything. Walking through a deserted park, with my coat to cover me, seemed like, well, a walk in the park.

The park is long and narrow, stretched along a residential street. A sidewalk bordered the street for the length of the park, but Stacy led me across to the far side and we walked through the grass. We were at least fifty yards from the sidewalk, walking through the dim shadows of the hedge that marked this side of the park. I relaxed even more. There were few cars on the street and only two or three pedestrians along the sidewalk.

We had only strolled a few dozen feet, however, when Stacy stopped me. When I turned to face her, she flowed up against me and latched her mouth onto mine. She kissed me hungrily, lips open, tongue probing, devouring my mouth. I responded in kind and kissed her back in a way we don’t normally kiss unless we’re about to make love.

I was so caught up in the kiss and the feel of her body against mine that it didn’t seem strange when she reached a hand down and started caressing my rapidly hardening cock through my pants. It was only when I let out a small moan that I remembered where I was and looked around quickly. We were still quite alone.

My cock was quite hard by now and strained against the silk of the panties and against my dress pants. The harness was tightened completely now, trapping the blood in my penis and creating just a slight amount of pain. The feeling of her hand and the various restraints were causing shivers of pleasure to run through my body. I stifled another, louder moan.

Then I felt her hand fumbling at my zipper.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

Her only answer was to bring her hand back and then deliver a firm slap directly on my dick. I winced in pain and saw stars for a few seconds. By the time I could think straight again, she had my zipper undone and was fishing in my pants. I looked around in fear this time, but the only people in sight were a couple walking a dog at least a block away. I decided that if she wanted to slip her hand in my pants for a moment, who was I to complain?

I didn’t suspect what she was really up to. She deftly pulled the panties off to one side and grasped my naked cock in her warm hand. I couldn’t repress my moan this time and I think I very nearly came just from that initial touch. Then I opened my eyes in surprise as she pulled my dick right out of my pants and into the open.

I nearly gasped out a question before I remembered the slap of a minute ago and kept quiet. What she said as she broke our kiss didn’t reassure me.

“I want you to leave this out while we walk through the park,” she told me. “I want to have something to play with.”

I hesitated only a second, weighing the fear of having my hard dick hanging out against the tremendous excitement this was generating in me. “Yes, Mistress.”

With a nod, she turned and started to walk up along the shadowed hedge. When I didn’t move to follow fast enough, she reached back and grabbed my exposed tool. I followed quickly, then, and she kept her hand wrapped around my length as we walked.

She somehow kept up a stream of inane conversation, which I answered monosyllablically as I nervously scanned both the width of the park and the sidewalk for passersby. My dick, happily unaware of its potential for embarrassment, waved proudly in front of me, the harness keeping it rock hard in Stacy’s hand.

As we crested a small rise, I realized there were people walking toward us on the sidewalk. They were still pretty far away, but I could tell from the streetlights that the group consisted of three young black men. Even from this distance I could hear them talking loudly and laughing. As long as they stayed on the sidewalk, they wouldn’t come any closer than about fifty yards to us, but fifty yards doesn’t seem like very far when your rigid dick is sticking out in the night air in a public park. The shadows of the hedge suddenly didn’t seem as dark or encompassing as they had.

As they drew even with us, I tried to move behind Stacy a little so her body would shield me, but she gave my dick an impatient tug and I quickly stepped back up beside her. The young men seemed caught up in their exuberant conversation and weren’t paying any attention to us. Then, as we were about to pass from their view, one glanced over toward us. Oh shit, I thought, there’s no way these guys will let this pass. They’ll be over here in a second to make fun of us.

There was another burst of laughter from them as we passed out of sight and their conversation seemed to drop in volume. Were they whispering about me? Trying to decide how best to mock me? I didn’t dare turn around for fear of instigating even more problems.

For a long ten seconds, these thoughts raced through my head and I tried to mentally prepare myself for the sound of their voices calling to us or even their footsteps pounding toward us. Finally, though, I realized I could still hear their laughter – and it was obviously moving away from us. I hesitated a few moments longer and then darted a glance back over my shoulder. The young men were quite a ways behind us now, still walking away from us on the sidewalk. I had no idea if their laughter was directed at us – at me – or if it was a continuation from their previous conversation. I breathed a sigh of relief as they passed out of view behind the rise we had just ascended.

We were now within a block of the end of the park and I wondered what Stacy had in mind now. The street at the far end was quite busy and walking out onto it like this would almost certainly mean getting arrested. The only reason I wasn’t already scared to death was that there was a small hill between us and that street. To reach the street, we would have to move around to our right, nearer the sidewalk. Our only other option was to follow a path up the hill which led, I knew, to a small overlook surrounded by bushes. I was about to break down and tell Stacy this had gone far enough, when she turned us toward this path. From where we were, I could see that there was no one the length of the path, but it was more difficult to see if anyone was seated at one of the benches on the top of the hill.

Abruptly, Stacy brought us to a stop. “Stay here a second. Don’t even think of putting it back in your pants.”

With that, she was gone, walking quickly up the path. I looked around nervously and, while I could hear the sounds of vehicles and pedestrians from the street ahead, I couldn’t see anyone from where I was.

It seemed like an hour before she reappeared, although it can’t have been more than five seconds. She waved me on toward the top of the hill and I took a deep breath and climbed the path.

The top of the hill was deserted and surrounded by thick bushes that were at least chest high on me. Over the tops of them, however, I could see down several streets. There were pedestrians, vehicles and bicyclists moving along them, oblivious to the fact that the man whose head they could see over the bushes, if they cared to look, had his penis hanging out in the night air. I jumped as I heard voices and realized that the people walking along the sidewalk at the end of the park must be just on the other side of the bushes, at the bottom of perhaps a twenty foot slope.

Stacy looked at me and held her finger up to her lips. I wanted to tell her there was nothing to worry about, I wasn’t about to make any sound that might attract attention to me. Even though my nudity was completely blocked from any observation, I felt much more exposed up here, where I could see quite a few people. Stacy motioned to me and I walked over to her. She turned me around and positioned me so that I could see both the streets and the path we had walked up. At least I would be able to see anyone heading up the path well before they saw me.

The slight reassurance this gave me evaporated when Stacy dropped to her knees in front of me and leaned forward to kiss the head of my dick. I jumped at the sudden pleasure and fought down a moan. I started to shake my head in protest and then realized that the passersby would be able to see that and might wonder what I was doing. By the time I had thought of this, she had leaned closer and was running her tongue up the length of my solid shaft.

My knees went weak and I thought again that I was going to come on the spot, but she knew just when to stop to keep that from happening. Then she sank her mouth down on me and I forgot about my fear, about watching the path and about what the pedestrians might see as the waves of pleasure exploded out of my cock and flooded my body. Miraculously, I kept enough presence of mind to not moan aloud.

After the initial shock, I realized that I could control myself enough to keep from coming, at least for a minute or two (one of the few advantages of no longer being in my twenties). As Stacy continued to suck me, I looked around and gave myself up to the thrill of getting a blowjob in the presence of dozens of people without any of them knowing. On the other side of the intersection, I could see a few couples walking arm in arm along the sidewalk, presumably returning from their own Valentine’s dinners. Stacy’s comments from the restaurant came back to me and I briefly had fantasies about each of the couples I saw, regardless of their age or attractiveness. I imagined one woman, probably in her late forties, discarding her expensive coat and riding on top of her husband’s dick in their fancy bedroom. I imagined a young punk couple assaulting each other on their futon as a CD from Hole blared in their tiny apartment. I pictured one couple, a pair of professionals about our age, with her kneeling on a bed while he stood behind her and pounded into her pussy with a big dick.

All of these thoughts flashed through my head in a moment, as Stacy hesitated at the top of my dick for a moment and licked the head. Then all coherent thought was driven from me as she sank down on me again, taking the entire length of me deep in her throat. At this, the pleasure and the fear became almost too much to bear and I felt my orgasm gathering in my balls, straining against the harness to make its way up the length of me.

But Stacy sensed this too and quickly pulled her mouth up and completely off of me. She just sat back for a moment, knowing that the slightest touch or kiss on my genitals would send me over the edge. I drew in a ragged breath and then checked the path again as the cool air worked to push me back from the edge for now. We were still quite alone, but I was both relieved and disappointed when Stacy grabbed hold of my cock and started to delicately slide it back into my pants. By now, there was no choice but for it to stay sticking straight up, and she slipped the silken panties up over the tip and used them to hold it snug against my belly. She zipped me up and stood to join me.

“I think you better hold your coat in front of you the rest of the way home,” she whispered.

“Yes, Mistress,” I whispered back.

With that, she turned and headed down the path without a backward glance. I quickly dug my hands into my pockets and pulled my coat in front of my massive erection before following her.

I felt like I was high on something for the rest of the walk home. The pleasure, the fear, the restraints of leather and silk, and the blood still pulsing in my stiff cock – they combined to cause me to stumble after her in a daze, barely aware of the people who passed by me. I wasn’t sure I could find my own way home, so I just followed the angelic vision of my girlfriend as she led me toward a heaven of pleasure and submission.

At home, Stacy was abrupt and commanding.

“Drop your pants around your feet,” she said shortly.

I instantly did as she asked, fumbling with my belt in my hurry to please her.

“Come stand beside the couch,” she told me.

I obediently waddled over, my pants around my ankles and the head of my penis protruding well above the top of the panties that held it against me.

“Bend over the arm,” she said.

I stood at one end of the couch and leaned forward over the arm, placing my hands on the cushions to steady myself. This pressed my cock against the wide leather arm, which was cool enough to make me flinch. I didn’t make a noise, however, and I let my weight drop onto the arm, crushing my dick and leaving me dangling awkwardly. My face pressed against the seat and I inhaled the sexy aroma of real Italian leather.

I had barely relaxed when Stacy delivered the first stinging slap to my bare ass.

“This is for covering yourself when we left the restaurant. I was out to display my toy for everyone. Your only thoughts tonight should be about what I want and how you can please me.”

“I’m sorry, Mistress,” I mumbled, but not before another blow fell. Then I just cringed under a barrage of smacks as she alternated between my ass cheeks. The pain was considerable and I closed my eyes and gritted my teeth against it. But my cock was harder than it had been all night and I looked forward to each burst of heat with both trepidation and longing.

After an eternity of sweet pain, when my ass burned across every inch, she stopped. I started to take a deep breath to recover until she grabbed one ass cheek and pulled it aside to swing a last smack directly on my exposed asshole.

“Uh!” I grunted involuntarily as the pain swept up into my anus, fading into a warm glow as it passed into my dick and balls.

“Get up,” she commanded as she walked away.

I pushed myself painfully to my feet and stood with my head bowed, still reeling with the pain of the spanking.

“Take the rest of your clothes off, even the panties,” she told me. “Leave the harness alone.”

I swiftly did as she said and soon stood stark naked, with my red ass exposed and my engorged cock held tightly by the leather straps.

“Upstairs. Crawl.”

I dropped to my hands and knees and followed her obediently up the steps to our bedroom.

“Lie on the bed. On your back.”

I crawled up onto the bed and eased myself back. Even the soft comforter stung my abused butt as I lowered my weight onto it.

Stacy walked up near the head of the bed and bent over. I guessed what was coming. In a moment, I felt her fastening the cuff of our restraints to my right wrist. I used them to tie her up often enough that we left them on the bed, but this was the first time I had ever been bound by them.

Stacy slowly circled the bed, attaching a strap to each of my wrists and ankles and pulling them until I was spread-eagled and quite immobilized. She then slipped a pillow under my head so I was looking down the length of my trussed body. The sight of my penis trapped in its leather cage and straining away from my body in its quest for release turned me on incredibly.

Then Stacy stepped into view at the bottom of the bed and I forgot about my own body as I ogled hers. She stood with her back to me and began unbuttoning her blouse. I watched in admiration as she slipped the blouse off of her shoulders and let it fall halfway down her back. This revealed her first, smaller, tattoo on her shoulder. I’ve always thought tattoos were sexy as hell and I love the extra appeal they add to Stacy’s lovely body. A few seconds later, I was rewarded with a view of the other one as she dropped her shirt. I love her smaller tattoo but I absolutely adore the one on her lower back. It’s a Celtic design, vaguely sinister with its hooks and points, that must be six inches high and stretches the width of her back. It’s the perfect complement to the place where her back curves in to a narrow waist before giving way to her shapely ass.

Next, she undid her skirt and dropped it to the ground, revealing that beautiful ass surmounted by the fabric of the garter belt and split by the thin ribbon of her G-string. The garters framed her lovely thighs and her stockings encased the sexiest legs I’ve ever seen.

Finally, she reached behind her back and undid the clasp on her bra, allowing it to fall unlamented toward the ground. She moved her hands in front of her chest and then slowly turned around. She held her breasts in her hands, covering the nipples. Her tiny hands couldn’t cover her voluptuous boobs, though, and I stared hungrily at those magnificent globes. She moved her hands down, uncovering nipples that were as hard as little stones. She held her breasts out as though offering them to me and I strained forward against my restraints. A faked look of surprise crossed her face.

“Oh, I guess you can’t lick them for me right now, can you?” she teased. “I guess I’ll have to do it myself.”

She raised her right tit in her hand and leaned down to lick her own nipple, just flicking the tongue lightly across it. I struggled again to reach her but I was well trussed and could barely move an inch. She smiled as she moved her tongue to her left tit and repeated the performance. My body screamed at me in desire and frustration.

Then she lowered her breasts against her body and slid both hands, together, down over her stomach, pausing to toy idly with her belly button ring. I began to whimper with desire as her fingers slowly crossed the garter belt and plucked at the waistband of her panties. Then she slipped both hands inside the panties and started rubbing her pussy and playing with her clit. She seemed to stop paying any attention to me as she fingered herself under the panties. She spread her legs wider and arched her back, which pushed her boobs and hot cunt marginally closer to me – but I still couldn’t get anywhere near them.

Abruptly, she moved her hands to the sides of the panties and pulled them down in one swift motion. In seconds she was straddling me on the bed, moving up my restrained body and rubbing her dripping hole against me. Then finally, her pussy was directly over my face and she sank down on me. I opened my mouth, stuck out my tongue and assaulted her pussy as best I could.

There was no technique on my part, no attempt to find the clit. I just flicked my tongue rapidly and let her grind into me however she wanted, fucking my mouth, my tongue, my nose. Her cunt was sopping wet and her juices were filling my mouth and sluicing down over my face. I inhaled the glorious smell and taste of her as I tried to work my tongue deeper inside of her. All I wanted was to completely devour her willing pussy. I strained against my bonds, wanting to be able to pull her tighter against me, wanting to run my hands over her ass and tits.

She started bucking on top of me wildly, holding both hands against the wall to keep her balance. It was all I could do just to keep my mouth against her pussy. By now she was crying out to me as she worked herself up to an orgasm.

“Oh my god, you eat my cunt so good, slave. I’m just going to use your mouth to get myself off over and over again tonight. That feels so fucking good. After I come, I’m just going to hold my pussy over your face until you beg me for another taste….”

Her voice became muffled as she suddenly clamped her thighs around my head and forced her pussy down onto my tongue as hard as she could. All I could hear was a prolonged scream as her orgasm swept through her and made her entire body clench with its spasms. At some point I realized that she had let go of the wall in her passion and grabbed my hair, pulling my face even tighter against her.

Finally, she let my head drop back to the pillow and relaxed her thighs. I continued to lick and kiss her thighs and crotch as she pulled slowly away from me. She lifted her body off of my face and slid down the bed beside me. There she dropped onto the bed, exhausted, and laid her head on my chest. As she lay there catching her breath, eyes closed, I wondered if she would just fall asleep like that and leave me aroused, bound and unsatisfied.

Eventually, she moved and slowly sat upright. She ran her hand slowly down my chest and on to my cock. She played with me a little, touching and stroking gently, just enough to torture my leaden shaft. I felt sure that each touch would bring me blissful relief, but she knew enough to keep me just short of the point of no return. I groaned and wriggled around uselessly.

“I bet you want to get fucked, don’t you?” she asked. “You’ve been thinking all night that you’d get fucked. That’s the only reason you let me do all this. Well, maybe I don’t want to fuck you now. Maybe I’m too tired. Do you think I should just go to sleep?”

“Please, Mistress,” I replied, “Please fuck me. I want you to fuck me so bad. I’ll do anything for you. I’ll eat you out all night. I just want to feel your beautiful pussy. I’ll do anything for your pussy.”

“You really want to get fucked, don’t you? Tell me how much.”

“Oh Mistress, I want to get fucked so bad I can’t stand it. Every cell in my body is screaming ‘Fuck Me! Fuck Me!’. Please, please fuck me hard, Mistress,” I replied.

“Very well. But you have to wait just a minute.”

With that, she got up off of the bed and walked out of my sight. The sound of her footsteps receded and I realized she had gone into another room. What was she doing? I had thought she was going to fuck me right then. I needed it, I needed release.

I began to struggle in earnest against my bonds. If they would have come free, I would have leapt up and chased her down, wherever she had gone, and taken her right on the floor, or bent over the nearest piece of furniture. After a minute or two, I gave up when I realized I was just pulling the restraints tighter.

After what seemed like a long time, I heard her footsteps again. I tried to look at her, but I couldn’t move my head enough to see her. With agonizing slowness, she walked across the room and came into my view. I ran my eyes appreciatively down her body again – and was shocked when I got to her crotch. She had a massive penis protruding from between her legs! After my initial surprise, I realized she had put on a strap on dildo and the huge fake cock was now bobbing up and down in front of her as though it had always been part of her body.

I was shocked, but incredibly turned on. She knows that I have a submissive streak and that the depths of my fantasies include acting like a slutty woman.

“You begged me to fuck you, right?” she asked. “Well, I’m going to fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before. Literally. Do you still want fucked so badly?”

I paused for a long moment, eyeing up the cock that was so much bigger than my own decent sized tool. “Yes, Mistress.”

“Don’t move while I adjust your restraints,” she told me.

As I watched her moving about with the big dick sticking out from her, she pulled another set of straps out from under the bed. Those certainly hadn’t been there the last time I had used our bondage gear on her. She attached one just above each knee and then loosened the ones on my ankles. I resisted the urge to try to trap her with my feet and pull her against me. I trusted my Mistress.

She bent my legs up so they were spread and in the air, just the right position for getting fucked. Then she tightened the straps above my knees and the ones on my ankles. I was now suspended with my legs spread and my ass exposed.

She disappeared for a few seconds and returned with a bottle of lubricant.

“Time for you to get fucked good and hard, slave boy,” she told me.

She carefully smeared lubricant down the length of her dick and then reached down and stuck a glob directly on my asshole. The cold of the lube and the attention of her finger had me squirming and moaning instantly.

“Hold still,” she commanded.

I forced myself to lie quietly as she knelt between my legs. My doubts resurfaced as I watched that monster cock disappear between my legs. But my own dick was now so big and hard I thought I might even rival the dildo.

Then there was another touch against my asshole, light at first, and then more demanding. It was extremely pleasurable, triggering all the nerve endings down there and stimulating my prostate already. Then she sank down farther and the pain started. I must have grimaced because she looked at me, not unkindly, and told me, “Don’t worry, I’ll take it slow. I want to savor deflowering my little slave.”

Slow indeed. She slid forward a little at a time and with each passing second, the pain grew – but not as fast as the pleasure. Finally, the head of her cock slipped past my anal ring and I let out a gasp of pain and pleasure. It felt like I was splitting apart, like my innards were getting overfilled. Yet an ungodly pleasure was passing through my body, not focused in my dick like normal sexual pleasure, but pushing all through me. It was like the pleasure was an entity of its own, filling me and trying to burst through my skin.

With a sudden thrust, she was inside of me the whole way and I lost all coherent thought. At some point she asked me if everything was alright and I could barely form the words to tell her, yes, everything was wonderful, just please, please, don’t stop. Then I was just moaning and crying as she started to stroke and then pound into my ass. I pushed back against her as best I could and just screamed out my pleasure as she fucked me hard. Through the bright light filling my vision, I could see her heavenly body thrusting at me and that more than anything drove me into the absolute abandon of raw lust.

I had actually lost track of my desire for an orgasm, as the feeling of getting fucked good and hard was so fulfilling that I had no room to want for anything else. Then she reached down and wrapped her hand, still covered in lubricant, around my shaft. At once, the two pleasures merged and after a few furious strokes of my cock, my body exploded into a million pieces and my cum erupted from me in a torrent. I don’t usually shoot my load very far, but the first shot landed directly on my face and I eagerly licked it as the orgasm raced through me and the pressure in my ass built to the point where it seemed like I was having an anal orgasm, too.

Finally, the waves of pleasure slowed down and Stacy followed suit. She let go of my cock, now completely spent, and took hold of her own to ease it out of my ass. For a second, I felt an uncomfortable sensation and then she pulled out of me and I just felt an emptiness and a longing. Being penetrated, being invaded, had felt so good.

Stacy pulled the dildo off and undid the restraints. We were both beyond exhausted from our orgasms and the great fucking Stacy had given me. Soon, we were lying sprawled on the bed, limbs intertwined as we whispered sleepy endearments to each other. As we drifted off to sleep, I heard her whisper one last thing.

“Wait until next Valentine’s Day….”

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