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Public Professions Ch. 01

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This is just a short little story. It has been a long time since I posted on here so I thought I’d get back into it with something light. Not sure about doing any more in this series, maybe if this is received well enough. I know there is definitely story for more and I even rewrote the ending to be more open. If you like this well enough, let me know and I’ll do more. However, I do have a few others projects I’m working on, some new stuff and some other chapters for what I already have written. Hope you enjoy! It’s fairly short, quick, and to the point!


I have a buddy, well, my best friend, Pat, who has a cousin, Katie, who is a stripper. She’s our age, we went to the same schools, had several classes with her. She’s a smart girl, went to college, never had family problems, and never had money issues. But she went to an amateur night once and she fell in love with the thrill of guys watching her. And she fell in love in the money. And the guys loved her. Needless to say, she’s also ridiculously hot and she’s also all natural, with awesome great tits. I always had a crush on her growing up. I dated her briefly in high school. However, it was one time when Pat and I were back for a Christmas break in college that we hit up the local strip club and we saw her. That was the first time I saw her naked, as it was for Pat, so he says.

It was interesting to say the least, our visit to the club. As soon as we sat down, she took the stage. We had just grabbed some beers and both nearly spit out our first sips when we actually looked at her. We recognized her immediately, and she us. She seemed happy to see a familiar face. We were more shocked to see a familiar face. After her dance, she came over to us, topless and talked to us like it was nothing. Even gave me and Pat a hug, topless mind you. I went back several times after that. I then asked her out. I then proposed to her. I would find out later, after we became engaged, after she told me her stripping days were over she told about one of the times Pat came to the club and paid for a VIP. She gave him a huge discount for the dance. She told me it gave her a thrill to dance for her cousin.

All she planned on doing was dancing. He stuck his finger in her pussy a few times during her performance which she said at first was weird, but she let him and it sort of sent a strange tingle through her body. After the dance they hugged and she put her panties back on. When she bent to pick up her top, he stuck a tip in her panties. She thanked him and pulled it out to put it with the rest of her cash when she noticed it was a thick stack of hundreds and twenties. It was a thousand dollars thick, to be exact. She was confused. Why had her cousin, which was odd enough to come watch her, even more weird to pay for a private dance in a booth (which I said earlier excited her), but now paid money that normally indicated a sexual favor. She thought he wanted sex. At first she wondered if she could do that, he was family after all. It started to excite her as he pulled his pants down, the idea of doing something taboo, even more taboo than being naked in front of him. She was actually coming around to the idea of being paid to have sex with her good looking cousin, maybe she would even discount this, she thought.

However, Pat did not want sex from his gorgeous blue eyed blonde haired cousin Katie, instead, he wanted a blow job. Which she gave. And she swallowed. And then at a family barbecue several months later, did the same deed, free of charge. In a bathroom I’m told though, not like in the middle of the backyard with family around, because THAT would be weird. And then, right before I had asked her out, but after I had sex with her once, she slept with him. But that made her too uncomfortable. She didn’t regret it, she told me she was excited to have tried it and she got a thrill, but she would never do it again, never do it with any other family members, she was done. Shortly after we got serious, she retired from stripping, and I proposed to her.

Katie was honest with me, so I felt I needed to return to favor, especially when she asked why I wasn’t freaked out by any of her story.

“You seem way too calm for all of this. Look at you, you’re smiling,” said Katie.

“I mean, it was an interesting story. I had a feeling you and Pat did stuff together. It didn’t really bother me. I had an idea about you two since the first time we saw you at the club. I wondered if he hadn’t already known, or even seen you there before because he seemed awfully pushy that night and insisted we go. To be honest, I’ve known you two for a long time, since I was like three, and I kind of always thought you guys were more than just cousins.”

Katie flashed her pearly white teeth at me as she smiled and sighed in relief, “well I’m relieved you understand, I guess, even though I did have sex with a relative, incest for Christ sake. But I’m happy you are being so understanding. I figured you would, after all you knew what I did in addition to the stripping, you were ok with how I made the extra income from the club, but I couldn’t be certain.”

“Well, yeah, I’m sort of cool with it because of your past, but I have another reason. Since you were honest with me, I’ll be honest with you,” I took a deep breath, “my mom is a porn star,” for the first time ever I told another person. I’m sure others in my family or my friends either had suspicions, or figured it out themselves, after all, the Internet is just a click away and porn is just so easy to come by; all types, fetishes, fantasies, just a click away. That’s how I found her, the Internet.

“She is? How did you find out?” Katie asked smiling, with a twinkle of interest in her eye, the same twinkle I saw when she reflected on her dirty deeds with her cousin.

“Well,” I took another deep breath, “I was searching porn one day back in college. On this one video site I was rolling over videos, checking out their thumbnails, when I noticed this one, a MILF going down on a young dude and swallowing. MILFs aren’t my style, but swallowing, as you know babe, definitely is. I got about a minute in before I realized that slut underneath the done up hair and ton of makeup was my mom. I was still skeptical but I continued to watch. She said something to the camera, and how she said reminded me of how she talked to me, but she was trying to be a porn star, so it was kind of nasty what she said. Now, I’m not talking amateur video, by the way, I’m telling you she’s a full-fledged, paid adult actress. So she was acting real slutty. Bu then the camera pulled back and I noticed a small freckle on her left nostril, and I was almost entirely convinced then. I watched her finish up, swallow the load, and then I finished.”

“You came to a video of your mother? Wow, that’s kind of kinky,” Katie smirked, giving me a quick wink.

“There’s more. I wasn’t entirely sure if it was her or not, so when I went home the next weekend I studied the porn video. I watched it easily a hundred times. Six minutes of just who I thought quite possibly was my mother sucking away at some young studs cock and swallowing his cream like it’s her job, which I guess it was. But my point is I came numerous times to it as I studied everything about her. The freckle was one thing, but I needed at least two more features to be sure, even though I was pretty certain already. In the video, the women has an extra piercing I notice in her left ear, and though her hair is a natural light brown with some blonde highlights, I noticed on her left side she had a group of hairs that were dyed dark. Her left side is her naughty side,” I chuckled to myself.

“So, was it her?” inquired Katie.

“Yes. I watched her cook dinner one night, I was just looking at a magazine at the kitchen table while she cooked, but I would glance and look at her when I could. I studied her now, looking for my clues. She bent to taste a sauce and pulled her pair back over her left ear and I saw her dark tuft of hair. Good as gold I thought, but I wanted to be one hundred percent. So at dinner, I sat to her left and during conversation she once again pulled her hair back, I didn’t see the dark hair again, but that didn’t matter, I saw the piercing hole. No little stud or earring like in the movie, but the piercing was there, I had my proof.”

“So was that it? You only found the one video?” asked Katie.

“No, I kind of left that part out. I found about a dozen movies at that time. Most were just blowjobs, but some were of her doing vaginal, one anal, a couple were creampies, including a double penetration scene.”

“She likes blowjobs too, eh? Like mother like son,” joked Katie.

“I know right?” I agreed, sharing a laugh with the love of my life over a very strange topic, “So that weekend I had this strange panic attack. It was like staying in a hotel and knowing just down the hall was a celebrity, that you two shared a wall, and rode in an elevator together, but you couldn’t do anything or say anything about it, you wanted to give them their privacy, if that analogy makes any sense. I mean, I knew her as my mother, of course, but now I knew her intimately as this porn star, I had seen every inch of her, jerked off to her, saw her being fucked, I fantasized about her, and I know I had become sort of start struck by her. I had to see more of her.”

“So you what, peeked on her showering, peeped while she changed, what?”

“Not quite,” I replied, “I went looking for her stash.”

“Stash?” Katie asked, not quite sure what stash I was referring to.

“Her stash, her porn stash. Her library of all her work,” I saw the light bulb come on in Katie’s mind then and she nodded, indicating for me to continue. “And I found it. She left to do some shopping for some stuff I needed before I headed back to college the next day but I stayed home to ‘pack’. I searched on her computer, but nothing. Then I thought she probably has hard copies. So I went into her closet, and sure enough, lined up on a wall was a huge built in shoe rack. Only about half of it was actual shoes, the rest all her videos. She didn’t hide them or keep them secret. I mean, from me and my brother and sister sure, because we never went in there, but she shared her large walk in closet with my father, so he had to have known. And there were hundreds of DVD cases and some old VHS tapes. Some were actual releases with fancy boxes and cheesy titles and movie jackets, some were just stuck in cheap paper sleeves. I quickly ran to my room, grabbed my laptop, ran back to her closet and copied a few of her disks to my computer. I grabbed mostly the shitty disks with handwriting on them, curious as to what was on those more than the ones I could easily find online, some of which I already had.

“A few days later, back at school, I finally had some time to go through my finds. Some were homemade with her and my father. Some dated back to around the time I was born; my dad must have converted old home movies to DVDs. They were all hot, and I came to them numerous times. However, at this time I also made a horrific discovery. I had left one of her disks in my DVD drive on my computer. Weeks passed before it was time to go home again and I dreaded it. Sure enough, one afternoon, I’m all alone in the house, I sneak back into her closet to put it away and inside the DVD sleeve is a little note that said, ‘Chris, when I see this DVD has been returned, we are going to have to talk. Eleven at night I’ll speak with you in your room. Mom’.”

“So, what did you do?” asked Katie, pawing at her pant in anticipation.

“Well, I had been caught. Busted. So I returned the video and waited until night. I wondered when she would check. Turns out every day I had been home because that night, I got a knock at my door.”


“Come in,” I said, my voice cracking, knowing who it was as I rested in my bed.

“Hi sweetie,” my mother said, barely above a whisper. “I know you know what I do from time to time.”

I swallowed hard, time to face the music, I thought. “I’m sorry, I found you online and I just had to know and…” she cut me off.

“It’s ok,” she assured me, sitting sideways at the foot of my bed, turning to speak to me, her top twisting about her torso, showing off her profiled figure to me, “in this day and age porn is so easy to come by I’m surprised it actually took you this long. You’re brother doesn’t know, but he’s older and married, so who knows how often he actually looks at it, and I’m not sure about your sister. I know she watches porn, she told me; I always suspected she told me to see how I would react because maybe she came across one of my videos too.”

“She’s never told me,” I tried to assure her, finding it hard to believe my sister would be old enough to look at porn, but then again, she’s a senior in high school.

“I’m sorry you saw me like that. Some of it can be pretty dirty. But then again its porn so I guess it’s supposed to. If you watched what was on that disk you know that I’m pretty open about everything when it comes to sex. It’s funny you chose that disk. That was made by your father. It was all his favorite scenes I did last year.” She thinks I only watched just that one disk. Not that it mattered, seen one video of your mother fucking someone and she knows, might as well be a thousand, numbers don’t really matter at that point.

“Well dad has good taste.” It was meant to be a compliment, but instead it gave away feelings on her profession.

“Oh, so you liked it,” she asked, shifting on my bed, sitting cross legged facing me now in her cute pink pajama outfit with an equally cute smile. Funny, my mother could be just a plain old mom, slutty porn star, and cute middle aged women (or should I say cougar who looked years younger than her age), just with a slight change of attitude and makeup.

“Uh, yeah, I mean, guess there’s no hiding that now. Yes, I enjoyed the videos on the disk. You’re very pretty mom, you’re very good at what you, um, do.” I was blushing, which I didn’t even think was possible given how much blood was in my rock hard dick.

“Thank you, sweetie! It’s nice to know you’re appreciated by a fan.” She looked down at my lap, at the tent my cock was making through my sleeping shorts and sheets. She pointed, “can I see it?”

“Excuse me? See, my…”

Her smile went away, “Excuse you. You have seen me having sex with people all I’m asking is too see what I’ve done to you. Besides honey, I’ve seen and had sex with and touched and sucked hundreds and hundreds of cocks.”

And there was the porn star version of my mom. Which actually put my mind at ease. I was no longer talking to my mom, but an actress I had developed a crush on.

“Here, tell you what, I’ll take my top off, you show me you’re thick, long, veiny cock,” my mother moaned to me, licking her lips. My favorite porn star came to play! She took her pink top off and revealed her magnificent beautiful tits cradled in a lacy black bra.

“My God”, I thought to myself, as I stared at her and slipped off my shorts and boxers in a daze.

“Wow, you really do get turned on by me. Look at you, like a young version of your father. So, have you ever made yourself cum while watching me? I bet you have. I bet you stroke this big piece of meat wishing it was my hand,” she said, grabbing my cock.

“Well, now it is,” she started stroking it up and down, real slow, staring into my eyes, all the while moving closer and closer to my face. Then she kissed me passionately. No tongue, at first. Then our tongues danced. The only reason we stopped kissing is because I moaned and tensed slightly as she squeezed my cock.

“I’ve done a few films were I pretended to have sex with my son. But now I actually get to. But we need to make that last a good long time. First I need to perform my specialty. I bet you know what that is, don’t you?” I did, and oh how I couldn’t wait.

She kissed me one last time before lowering her beautiful face into my lap. She slowed her strokes as the kissed my purple head. Then twirled her tongue. Then the stroking stopped, and the pleasure multiplied exponentially as she slowly drew me into her tight vacuum mouth. It was like nothing I had ever experienced. I had received blowjobs that were off the charts by some very talented young ladies, but none of them did it for a living. My mom had been sucking cock before any my girlfriends were even born, and she’s undoubtedly sucked more, and she has to be good, or she wouldn’t get paid to do it. But there’s something else my mom had going for her that no other girl had: she was my mother.

She bobbed her head up and down on my pulsing cock like I had seen her done hundreds of times. But instead of trying to time my ejaculations with some guy on camera she was blowing, I just got to sit back and ride out the pleasure, which came sooner than I probably wanted, but I didn’t really care, it just felt so damn good.

And since this was her specialty, I knew how she intended to finish, at least, I hoped, I had some doubt, maybe swallowing might be too much for her since I was her son. I ignored that thought and completely let go of caring about anything and a moment later, I was engulfed in pure bliss. I groaned. My cock stiffened. I shot off into my mother’s suctioning willing mouth. Shot after shot, into her mouth. All the while she kept sucking and bobbing on my dick, licking my sensitive crown.

When I finished, she crawled up and looked me dead in the eyes. I hadn’t seen her swallow yet and was afraid she was going to kiss me with my load in my mouth, but instead she opened her mouth, showed me her prize, and then made quick work of swallowing it down her throat. My mother had sucked me draw and swallowed my load. This is heaven, I thought.

But I was only at the gates of heaven, I was about to step through them. My cock wilted to a half chub, lightly bobbing as the blood left my root. My mother got off the bed and I thought my fun was over, but like I said, heaven was just steps away.

She lowered down her shorts and panties in one motion and revealed her bare pussy to me for the first time. Well, I had seen it many times, but this was completely different. Returning to the bed she also returned to licking my shaft, bringing life back to the half dead. In no time I was resurrected. I was about to walk in the kingdom of Heaven. She straddled and shimmied up me, kissed me and sat down. I didn’t go in, not yet. Her hot, wet pussy was grinding ever so slightly on shaft, ensuring it remain hard as we made out as lovers. Then she lifted up and reached around and grabbed hold of my manhood, directed it to its home, and lowered herself down. Heaven.

For the first few minutes we kissed as she slowly rose and sank on my piston. Her hole tighter than any young gash I had before. But this was a porn star I was fucking, I wanted to fuck like a porn star.

So I grabbed my mother by her hips, flipped her onto her back, grabbed one leg and lifted it over my right shoulder and started pounding away. Her tits bouncing all over on her chest. She rolled her head side to side, moaning, louder and louder.

“Fuck, fuck me you mother fucker,” she screamed. My father had to have heard, but I didn’t think about that at the time, I thought about my mother and what she would think if she knew I was slamming some tight porn star. Oh wait, that’s right, I was slamming my tight porn star mother!

“Harder! Slam that fucking cock in me. Make me cum!” I thought she was just saying things a porn star says, but sure enough, a moment later she tensed up, sucked on her index finger, and her cunt squeezed my shaft to the point I could barely move inside her. I had made my mother cum. What joy, what pride.

Both feelings faded as she came down from her high and pushed me off her, but my joy soon returned and she got on her hands and knees. She spit on her hand and rubbed her saliva on her asshole.

“You can fuck my ass, sweetie, but only if you come in my pussy.” A strange mix of mom and porn star just then, she said it as if “you can have cookies, only if you eat your broccoli”.

Who was I to say no to my mother? Because she just came on my cock, and with her spit, I slipped into her tight anus with little problem. And she didn’t even flinch as some of the other girls had when I did it with them, then again, I was now dealing with a pro. I slid in and out slow, then faster. But I could feel the lube was running short, and so was my fuse.

I pulled out, lined up with her pussy and slammed home, bottoming out. I just held her like that for a second as I felt her pussy spasm a few times, small mini orgasms. Then I reached, grabbed both her tits and pulled her up to me. She arched her back and pushed back into me. I started to work my cock in her again but I was slow close to the end. I stopped again, making it last. Pulled her close, her back flush to my front and kissed her on her neck. I then roughly pushed her head back down and she knew why. I started slamming hard into her.

“Oh fuck, I’m close mom.”

“That’s it, fuck me. Fuck my pussy. Fill me up. Cum in mommy’s pussy.”

I started pumping into her as hard and fast as I could, “Mommy, mommy, here it cums….” I shouted out.

I grabbed and squeezed hard on to her hips and pulled her hard into me and started dropping my second load into her, this time in my place of birth. A place where I had seen dozens of men finish, including my own father, I now got to place my flag, plant my seed. Well, not literally, I’m sure she’s on birth control. But the primal thought and thrill of shooting into a pussy is something that is hard to explain, even more hard when it’s your own mother.

When it was all done and the stars left my vision, I grabbed my mom by her tight stomach, bear hugging her, and pulled her back onto me as I fell onto my back. She started giggling. Then she sat up and I felt my cock leave her worn pussy and my cum spilled, splattering out on to my abdomen. She rolled around and lay on top of me, pressing her breasts into me, kissing me.


“Oh. My. God.” Exclaimed Katie. “No wonder my story of fucking Pat didn’t bother you, you fucked your own mom, who is a porn star!”

“Yeah, a few times, actually.”

“It happened more than once?”

“It happened a few times after that, yes. In fact, I fucked her again later that evening.”

“Oh, please, do tell,” said Katie, smiling ear to ear.

“Well, turns out my dad kind of heard us, as you can imagine. And he kind of watched pretty much the last act, me finishing inside my mother and all.”

“Oh no, was he angry?”

“No, he said that once we rest and catch our breaths to bring the action back to my parents bed, to, and I quote, ‘have some real fun’. No joke.”

“And? You can’t just leave me hanging like that,” Katie said, bouncing like a little girl and the bed.

“We did. And it was very fun. But that story is going to have to wait.”

“Fine, fine. Fair enough. You’re going to have to show me some of these videos of your mother,” said Katie, grabbing my arm and pulling me with her towards the computer.

“I can do better, I’ll show you the video of later that evening, when me and my father both fucked her at the same time,” I said, following after her.

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