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Millenium Party

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This story tells of the great time we had at a millennium party that we were invited to.

It started with my husband and myself at another party a few weeks before the New Year. While we were there we became friendly with another couple. We went out a couple of more times with them for meals and drinks, and it was on the last occasion that they invited us to a millennium party at a friends house in the country. We said that we would love to go.

The Party:

The night of the party arrived and we were both dressed ready and waiting for the taxi. I had been having a hard time keeping my husband off me, as I was dressed very sexy. I had bought a long black dress that fitted like a second skin; it had a low front and was backless. It was open the full length both sides and was held together with strips of the same material buttoned on one side. There were four of these strips either side, thus showing a lot of flesh down each side of my body. I had no underwear on as it would of shown, and black leather stilettos to finish it off.
I had used dark and light blue eye shadow, with a black eyeliner to accentuate my eyes, red blusher on my check bones and burgundy red lipstick, it was all I could do to stop him stripping me off and giving me a good fucking.

The taxi came and off we went to the party. The taxi driver was looking at us in his mirror, so for a laugh I made a point of adjusting the top of my dress causing one of my tits to fall out, It must of made his night.

On arrival we could hardly believe our eyes, it was a very large house, with massive gardens and a long drive. There were lots of posh cars already there. We went up the steps to the front door and rung the bell. A large doorman showed us in and we joined the party.

I was aware of most of the men looking at me, and making comments to each other, by the look on their faces the comments were probably about fucking me. The women’s faces said what a slut I was. I did not mind this from either parties, as it has happened several times before as you may of read in our other stories.

We meet up with our friends, and the husband couldn’t keep his eyes off me, and his wife said I looked great. Mind you she looked pretty good herself in a very short red dress, black stockings, and high heels. With dark makeup and bright red lipstick. I thought to myself I would like to have both of them fuck me while my husband watched, then joined in, perhaps later.

As the night went on we were introduced to lots of other people, then my husband was taken away by a couple of men to see some other guest he might be interested to talk to.

I was not on my own for long, and was soon talking with other guests, then dancing in one of the other rooms.

I had not seen my husband for some time, but this did not worry me much as I was having a good time myself. After a while whilst looking around the house I came upon a card game, some of the guests were playing strip poker while a crowd of others watched. There were a few women and men in various states of undress. One of the women said she’d had enough, put her dress back on and left the table. A man asked if any other women would like to take her place, nobody answered. He looked at me and said I looked like a women who liked some fun, how about it. I laughed and said I did so why not, to a round of applause.

I sat at the table but first mentioned that it was a bit one-sided as they could see I only had one item of clothing on. They agreed that I could have four free forfeits before I had to take of my dress, and I only had to play as long as I wanted, but once a hand had been dealt I had to play that hand whatever the outcome, I agreed.

We carried on playing; I lost a hand, one of the other women left when she was down to her panties, then some of the men lost. I lost another two games. The last women left when she lost and had to take her panties off leaving her naked, she got dressed and left to watch, nobody else wanting to join in, this leaving me the only female left playing.

I had noticed that my husband was now in the crowd watching. I played on. Another man lost, then I lost my last free item. The next hand was dealt and mine was a good one. I played it but three kings beat my pair of queens and jacks. I had to remove my dress. I stood up and unbuttoned one side and let it slip to the floor, I was now naked, my tits ass, and to many comments my smooth shaven cunt on show to everyone.

I sat back down and they said I could talk my clothes and retire, or I could play one more hand. If I won I took my clothes and each of the other players would put one hundred pounds into the pot, which would be mine. If I lost, I would lose my dress for the rest of the night and I would be their slave all night to do whatever they wanted without question. The crowd went quiet; I looked around the table there were five men, that was five hundred pound. I looked across at my husband, he smiled and shrugged his shoulders and mouthed it’s up to you. The crowd started to shout “come on love, go for it”. I looked back at the men, laughed and said lets deal. There were a lot of whistles and cheers. The hand was dealt and although I once again I had some good cards, four of the others throw their hands in, which left one more, I laid my hand on the table, he smiled and put down his cards, they beat mine. He got up and walked around the table, pulled me up and said with a grin “well it looks like your ours for the night” and with that inserted his fingers into my wet already wet cunt. He said to the crowd that the slut was already wet to a round of applause. He continued to frig me in front of everybody until with a loud moan I came, then he pushed me onto my back across the card table, saying they were going to have some fun with my body tonight. People in the crowd started shouting to start the show and give the slut a good hard fucking.

He knelt between my legs and started to give my smooth wet cunt a good licking. Nibbling and teasing my clit, making me cry out in ecstasy. When finished he got up and roughly rammed his cock deep into my cunt, shagging me hard and deep until he cum. After he had come he held his cock to my mouth and told me to lick him clean. I licked and sucked all traces of cum off his cock until it was clean. This carried on until all the card players had fucked me, then I was told to walk around and cater for all the other guests needs. I was soon bent over another table with cocks shoved in me from both ends.

As I walked around the house naked, cum running down my legs, and on my face and tits, I was shagged over and over again, in the ass, mouth, cunt, wherever they wanted in any position they wanted.

The host then thought it a good idea to write on my body, so with a permanent marker pen he wrote all sorts of crude comments, like “suck and pinch these” under my tits, and “fuck this slut bandy” across my stomach, arrows pointing up the insides of my thighs and down to my ass with enter your cocks here wrote by them. Then to complete it, this slag wants to be fucked tonight by everybody on my back. I was made to walk around like this all night.

Not only did the men take turns with me, but the women also enjoyed humiliating me by fucking me with vibrators, dildoes, and bottles. Several took turn at punishing me for being a slut, spanking me with their hands or whipping me with belts over all my body, enjoying watching me writhe and squirm, straining against the hands holding me down, and hearing me cry out as the leather stung my ass, tits, thighs, and over my naked cunt, not only from the pain but from the orgasms that it was causing me to have. The sensations made more intense by other women pinching, and pulling on my nipples making them stand out large and erect.

The night went on, I was made to crawl around on all fours to people, so to lie across their laps and be spanked or have one of my holes fucked. By the early hours I was covered in red marks, love bites, and cum, so I was told I needed a shower, a golden shower. I was taken to an outhouse and laid down on the dirty floor where the men took turns in washing my used body with their piss. I had to hold my pussy lips open while they pissed over it, to open my mouth and taste their piss, it splashing all over my face and in my hair, running down between and over my tits.

Afterwards I was tied spread-eagled across a worktable and left there. For what was left of the night, men and women came in when ever they wanted to abuse my body in any way they felt. This included my husband and our two friends. My husband saying that it had been my own choice, so he and the friends might as well join in, and they had enjoyed watching me perform, and any way he knew I was enjoying it being the slut that I was. The women said she had very much enjoyed making me cum with the vibrator.

The final humiliation was that the host had videoed all the action over the night, and said it would make good viewing at other parties, so heaven knows how many other people are going to see me naked and humiliated, my body used and abused by all.

At the end of the party I was allowed to shower and given my dress back, along with the two hundred and fifty pounds, for being a” fucking good shag, and a first class whore and slut” as he put it. He said nobody had ever gone that far before, and I said I had never enjoyed a party so much.

As I showered the mess came off, but the writing wouldn’t. I thought anyway it would be a talking point when shown to others. We have seen the couple a few times since the party and had some good sessions with them both. They told me they had seen the video at another party and it was quite a talking point, most asking when I was being invited to another. Perhaps one day :).

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