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Valentine’s Day

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The café was warm, filled with low chatter and the pungent scent of roasting coffee. A jazz band sent its smooth sound over the vast expanse of crowded tables. Seated by the window, Hyuga bent his head over his sketch book, silently absorbed in the task of laying out the scene around him. His pencil glided across the page; he glanced around frequently to take in the exact detail of a certain mug or a woman’s blouse. Incessantly, he flipped the dark bangs out of his eyes.

“Hey, Hyu.”

Rafael slid into the seat before Hyuga, leaning forward to rest his elbows on the table. Hyuga looked up, startled, as Rafael’s shadow blocked his light. The strawberry-blond gazed at him with warm green eyes, a gentle smile playing on his lips.

“Rafael,” Hyuga murmured, leaning back in his chair. He brought a hand up to loosen the plaid scarf wrapped about his neck. “I didn’t notice you come in.”

“Have you been waiting long?” Rafael asked, his voice low, smooth—a bedroom voice, Hyuga realized. The Japanese man felt a flush begin to heat his pallid cheeks. For the first time, he noticed Rafael’s freshly pressed black suit, accented by a silky red tie.

“N-not really,” Hyuga replied quietly. He was suddenly self-conscious of his own plain, homely clothing—the tattered pea coat that had been his father’s, the thick wool scarf that his mother had made. He laid his pencil down across the page of his sketch book, averting his eyes.

“What were you drawing?” Rafael glanced down at the sketch. He noticed a waitress clearing a table nearby and waved her over.

“Oh! Ano…” Hyuga moved the pencil aside, hair falling over his eyes as he bent his head. “Just the café. The professor asked us to keep a sketch book. We’re supposed to do at least one sketch per day, small stuff, usually, but I haven’t done a full scene in a while.”

“It’s looking good, Hyu,” Rafael chimed.

The waitress approached their table and they ordered their coffees, Rafael’s a mocha with a triple shot of espresso, Hyuga’s black. The waitress whisked their orders away, weaving through the cluttered tables back to the bar.

The fidgeting pair was silent for a few moments, Hyuga brushing the hair away from his face, Rafael shifting in his seat. Finally, Hyuga cleared his throat softly.

“I didn’t know we were going formal today.”

“What?” Rafael raised an eyebrow, leaning forward and cocking an ear toward his companion.

“The suit,” Hyuga said. “What’s the occasion?”

“Oh,” Rafael chuckled. “This? It’s nothing. I just wanted to look good for you.” He looked at Hyuga, his charming grin widening.

Hyuga blushed at the frank confession. He swallowed, biting his lip.

“You didn’t have to do that,” he said, offering a nervous smile. “I feel under-dressed.”

“Oh, no! You look great, Hyuga.”

Hyuga raised his eyes to meet Rafael’s, and their gazes locked for a brief moment. Hyuga recognized the want in Rafael’s stare, the unnerving lust that was suddenly so obvious. The dark-haired man had to look away; he tried to think back to the last time they’d been together and realized that their last tryst had been over three weeks ago. His face heated. He could feel Rafael still looking at him, undressing him with those bright green eyes. The thought sent goosebumps racing down his spine.

The waitress returned to their table, setting the heavy mugs down before them. She made an offer that Hyuga couldn’t quite catch, something about pastries, but Rafael sent her away with a thank-you. Then it was just the two of them again. Hyuga moved his hand to clutch at the handle of the mug, staring down at the steam wafting up from the dark, aromatic coffee.

“So,” Rafael began, flexing his shoulders as he got comfortable in his seat. “How do you like your studies?”

Hyuga glanced up at Rafael, caught off guard by the sudden change in mood. Rafael sipped his coffee, steady green gaze watching Hyuga expectantly.

“They’re, ah… They’re alright. I enjoy them.”

“Are you getting along okay at the university?”

“I guess so. Things are different here in America, certainly. I’m not quite used to everything yet.”

They continued to chat, exchanging pleasantries as they nursed their coffees. Hyuga gradually began to relax as Rafael talked to him about art and school. Occasionally, their tongues would switch to Japanese, and this eased Hyuga, made him feel more at home. The time passed quickly; when the waitress brought their check Rafael immediately reached for his wallet.

“I’ve got it, Rafael,” Hyuga offered.

“Oh, no, Hyu. I’m not about to let the university student pay.”

Hyuga laughed quietly, sweetly, and Rafael smiled.

“I’m twenty-seven years old, Rafael. I can pay for my coffee.”

“Probably so,” Rafael mused, “but this is my treat, along with this.” Rafael reached down to pull a heart-shaped box of chocolates from his bag, setting it on the table before Hyuga. “Part one of my Valentine’s Day gift to you.”

The gift, along with the casual statement, surprised Hyuga; he stammered out a thank you as he reached out hesitantly to lay a hand on the box, gazing speechless at Rafael. Once more, the two were left with their eyes locked.

“Hyu,” Rafael said, and Hyuga couldn’t help but jump slightly. “Would you like to come back to my place?”


Rafael’s bed was unmade, his room cluttered with various papers, boxes and chests, and articles of clothing. Cigarette butts lay scattered on the nightstand, which was stacked with books and envelopes, a digital clock trying to hold its ground in a tiny corner.

The mess didn’t surprise Hyuga. He’d been here before. Countless times, in fact. By now he knew the path to the bed and could make it in pitch darkness, with his eyes closed, backwards. He stepped gingerly, routinely, over the items littering the faded carpet, feeling Rafael’s fingertips ghosting over his bare skin as he went.

He let himself fall back onto the wrinkled sheets, eyes straining in the darkness as he waited for Rafael to switch on the bedside lamp. He waited for what seemed like ages, sitting on the edge of the bed, listening to the soft rustlings of clothing being removed before the grungy yellow light illuminated the bed area.

Finally he was able to see Rafael, standing before him, smiling that sweet, innocent smile that made Hyuga’s heart jump. Though the sight of the other man was familiar, his own body still responded as if this were the first time, butterflies fluttering in his stomach, a warm pressure coiling in his abdomen. Rafael was gorgeous. Slender yet lightly muscled, a track star since high school, tall and confident, with those warm, welcoming green eyes.

Hyuga swallowed, his gaze gradually lowering to rest on the impressive erection that laid flat against Rafael’s tummy.

“Hyuga,” Rafael said, his gentle voice husky with desire. He took a step toward the bed and Hyuga leaned forward obligingly, raising his trembling hands to rest on Rafael’s narrow hips.

Almost immediately, Rafael’s sure fingers found their way into Hyuga’s black, silky hair. The touch sent shivers down Hyuga’s spine as he took the head of Rafael’s erect shaft into his mouth. Rafael moaned lightly, more of an exhale than anything, running his hands through the dark locks. He bent his head to watch as Hyuga worked his cock.

By now, Hyuga was an expert by experience, though Rafael’s had been the first and only penis he knew besides his own. He had learned quickly over the past year and knew just what to do to make Rafael peak in a mere few minutes. Starting from the base, Hyuga ran his tongue along the sensitive veins that traveled up the underside of the man’s cock before licking the slit at the tip and then sucking the whole head into his mouth, all the while gently fondling the tender sack that hung heavily below. It didn’t take long for Hyuga to build up a rhythm, gradually taking more of Rafael’s seven inches into his mouth as he went. The wet squelching sounds he created as he worked and Rafael’s sighs and moans never failed to arouse Hyuga.

It took all Rafael had to keep from thrusting forward into the hot depths of Hyuga’s throat. He stared with lidded eyes and parted lips as his lover pleasured him.

“God, Hyuga. That’s it, baby. Damn, it feels so good.”

The low, sensuous rumble of Rafael’s voice gave Hyuga goosebumps. He moaned into the man’s cock, feeling his own arousal quiver without being touched.

“Oh, fuck,” Rafael groaned. “I’m close, babe.”

Hyuga sucked with fervor, eager for his lover’s hot essence in his mouth, but Rafael pushed him away gently.

Chuckling at the slightly disappointed look on the Japanese man’s face, Rafael said, “Sorry, Hyu, I know. But I wanna save that for somewhere else.”

Hyuga stared up at him, those intense, dark almond-shaped eyes now filled with such wanton lust.

“Please, Rafael…”

The nearly-whispered plea made Rafael’s stomach flip. He leaned down to kiss the other man, their tongues dancing. When they parted, breathlessly, Rafael nipped lightly at the shell of Hyuga’s ear. He growled hotly, “Lay back, baby,” and Hyuga obeyed with no further prompting, falling back onto the stack of pillows piled against the headboard. He spread his legs slightly, tantalizingly, exposing himself to Rafael.

The strawberry-blond climbed onto the bed before Hyuga, taking a moment to regard his lover splayed before him. Hyuga’s body shape was shorter and thicker than his own, the man’s biceps boasting a slight bulge from the physical strains of his job, a six-pack just noticeable on his flat stomach. His hair was healthy and darkly vibrant, long and styled in a way that framed his face. His expression was usually one of sheepishness, shyness, and perpetual apology, and it was this somehow charming feature that had drawn Rafael to Hyuga in the first place.

Now, however, spread out on his back for Rafael, Hyuga’s expression was one of blatant desire. The Japanese man shivered, eyes fluttering shut as Rafael’s cool hands ran up his creamy white thighs, brushing teasingly around his thick, five-inch erection, which glistened with pre-cum. The hands continued their trek up his body, twirling about his navel, sliding across his smooth stomach, massaging his chest. He felt cold teeth brush against his perked nipple, and he let out a quick gasp. He grabbed a hold of Rafael’s hair as the other man sucked and nibbled at his sensitive pink buds. Laying beneath him, Hyuga could feel Rafael’s dripping arousal brushing against his own. The friction was almost unbearable; he pushed his hips up against his lover’s.

“Rafael, please,” Hyuga begged quietly, his back arching as Rafael’s hungry mouth traveled up to his neck.

“Tell me what you want, Hyu,” Rafael purred. He kissed his way up along Hyuga’s jawline before reaching his lips, kissing him tenderly at first, but gradually with more passion as Hyuga’s legs wrapped about Rafael’s waist.

“Inside,” Hyuga moaned once Rafael released his lips. “I want you inside me. Please.”

Rafael grinned, staring into the eyes of the man below him. “Of course, babe,” he murmured. “But I’ll have some fun, first.” He pressed their lips together again briefly before moving down Hyuga’s body, the tip of his tongue trailing along the flushed, heated skin as he went. When he came at last to his lover’s erection, he lapped eagerly at the pre-cum that dripped down its length. Hyuga’s cock had a slight curve to it when erect, and, unlike Rafael, he was uncircumcised. Rafael took great pleasure in tenderly stroking and teasing him, toying with the foreskin, pulling at it gently as he suckled the very tip, as he did now.

Hyuga cried out, his hips bucking up slightly as Rafael’s hands and tongue continued to play with his cock. His hands grasped reflexively at the bedsheets once he felt the other man’s hot, moist tongue probing at his entrance. He whimpered, opening his legs to allow Rafael more room.

Rafael’s fingers clutched at Hyuga’s thighs, pressing the other man back down against the mattress as he flicked his tongue along the man’s tight, puckered hole. He reveled in the triumph of making the usually quiet, mild-mannered Hyuga gasp and cry out in ecstasy. Rafael’s mouth moved back and forth, dividing attention between Hyuga’s eager ass and throbbing cock. He made use of his strong, flexible tongue, thrusting it inside his lover’s ass and savoring the sweet whimpers he was rewarded with. He slid his hands along Hyuga’s legs up to his abdomen before bringing them back down to run along the length of Hyuga’s cock.

The Japanese man was flushed almost crimson now, one hand tangled in Rafael’s hair, the other pinching at his own nipple. He squealed when he felt Rafael’s mouth engulf him fully, while at the same time thrusting two fingers into his wet, slick entrance.

“Rafael, no, please,” he begged. “I’m going to come!”

The strawberry-blond sucked tightly on Hyuga’s cock like he would a lollipop; he released it from his mouth with a dull, audible pop. “That’s alright,” he said, kissing the sensitive head. “Come for me, babe.”

Within a few moments Hyuga was cumming hard, filling Rafael’s mouth with thick jets of semen as he arched his back up off the bed. Rafael felt the fist in his hair tighten, felt the muscles around his fingers clench, and felt, of course, the hot cream shooting down his throat. Had he not been prepared he might have choked, but he was used to this by now, and he took in as much as could before letting the excess drip out of his mouth and down Hyuga’s softening length.

Hyuga exhaled heavily, relaxing as he floated down from the height of his orgasm. He lay back limply against the pillows, lips parted as he panted lightly. He opened his eyes slightly when he felt Rafael move back up to kiss him, allowing him to taste the odd, deep taste of himself—of his cum, his ass, the sweat of his lustful body—on Rafael’s tongue. Weakly, he raised his hands to rest on the other man’s shoulders, closing his eyes once more. He heard the rummaging sounds made as Rafael reached out to dig through nightstand drawer, and he shivered with a knowing anticipation, already beginning to feel his cock twitch with the stirrings of revival.

Rafael kept Hyuga’s mouth busy with the kiss as he dug around for the lube, cursing himself for his clutter. His fingers grasped at various objects—crumpled pieces of paper, lighters, pens—before swatting them away. Eventually he reached back far enough and was able to feel the smooth little bottle at his fingertips; he pawed at it until he was able to clutch it fully in his hand. He snatched it out quickly, anxiously, releasing Hyuga’s lips as he did so.

Before Rafael could pour out the lube, Hyuga laid a hand on his wrist to stop him. Rafael raised an eyebrow questioningly.

“Sorry,” Hyuga apologized habitually. “Could I… Could I put it on you?”

The question, proposed in that lovely, quiet voice with such innocence sent a surge through Rafael’s cock, which was already at full mast. He consented immediately, handing the purple bottle to his lover.

Hyuga drizzled the lube onto his fingers and into his palm; the clear, jelly-like fluid began to warm slightly as he rubbed it along Rafael’s long, hot cock. The dark-haired man watched Rafael’s expression shift as he continued to stroke—the green eyes glazed, the brows furrowed, the soft, full lips opened as a deep, throaty groan escaped them.

“Damn, Hyuga,” Rafael hissed. “I can’t hold back anymore.”

“Please, do it,” Hyuga purred, lapsing suddenly back into Japanese, revealing his fervor and anxiousness.

Hyuga lifted his hips up of the bed, allowing Rafael to slide a few pillows beneath him so that he laid back at an angle. Rafael hovered over him, massaging his thighs and buttocks to relax him. Hyuga exhaled deeply; he felt Rafael’s cock just barely pressing against his entrance, teasing him.

“Hurry,” he pleaded finally, and Rafael obliged, pushing the slippery head of his cock into Hyuga, who sucked in a sharp breath. The strawberry-blond gradually thrust further and further in, pulling out a bit each time before slowly pushing in deeper. His low moans and Hyuga’s hitching gasps filled the cluttered room.

Once Rafael was buried to the hilt, he leaned forward so that he lay completely over Hyuga, his breath tickling the other man’s ear. Hyuga wrapped his arms around Rafael’s neck and hooked his ankles about his waist. The two were still for a moment, basking in the sensation, reveling in each other.

“Shit,” Rafael breathed finally. “You’re so fucking hot and tight, Hyu, I can’t wait anymore.”

“I’m ready,” Hyuga said. He moved his hands up to tangle his fingers once more in Rafael’s hair. “Fuck me, Rafael.”

Rafael withdrew, with excruciating deliberation, almost to the point of pulling out completely before thrusting back in with a force that made the mattress springs screech. He buried his face in the nook of Hyuga’s neck as he continued to move his hips, plunging forth into the incredible heat.

He heard Hyuga’s voice in his ear—a voice so low and quiet it was often barely audible—crying out in ecstasy, moaning the same words in Japanese over and over as he begged for more, “motto!” and pleaded, “onegai!” But the word that most frequently escaped his lips in a rush of breath was, “Rafaeru!”

Hyuga’s trembling hands slid about Rafael’s back and clutched at his shoulders; his toes clenched with each forward rock of the strawberry-blond’s hips. His eyes shut tight as the heat and pressure enveloped him, made him see stars behind his eyelids. He felt his heartbeat thudding hard in his chest, felt Rafael prop himself up to watch him, felt the gliding fingers caressing his collar, neck, and cheek. Hyuga’s hands fell away from Rafael’s shoulders to claw at the bedsheets.

“Look at me, Hyuga,” Rafael panted, and Hyu forced his eyes open to meet Rafael’s steady green stare.

“I’m c-close,” the raven-haired man managed to sputter out, his parted lips dry from panting and moaning, his weakening legs beginning to unfasten themselves from around Rafael’s waist.

Rafael continued to thrust into Hyuga, sweat rolling down his temple and chest. A familiar tightening in his abdomen quickened his motion and pushed a growl from his throat. He reached to lace his fingers with Hyuga’s, whose moans had turned to feeble gasping as he, too, neared his climax.

“Inside,” Hyuga whimpered. “C-cum inside, please…!”

“Ah, fuck, babe,” Rafael grunted, clenching his teeth. “Cum with me.”

Rafael released one of Hyuga’s hands to reach down and stroke the man’s neglected erection in time with his thrusts.

“Rafaeru!” Hyuga cried, back arching up off the bed.

“Shit, Hyu…ah!”

They came together, Rafael thrusting one last time into Hyuga before filling him with his thick essence, Hyuga sending a stream of cum onto his stomach and Rafael’s hand. Their sharp cries broke the air of Rafael’s bedroom, which was stifling with the heat of their bodies.

Slowly the two men came back down to earth. For the second time that day, Hyuga’s body went limp on the bed; he licked his lips, bringing a shaky palm up to wipe the sweat from his brow. Rafael slumped over his lover, allowing his spent cock to soften before pulling out slowly, releasing a thick stream of his cum from Hyuga’s ass.

Hyuga moaned lowly as he felt Rafael’s semen drizzle from his entrance. He nuzzled into the other man, who rolled from on top of him to cuddle up against him, taking him into his arms.

“Thank you, Rafael,” the Japanese man sighed softly. “For everything today.”

Rafael chuckled, smoothing Hyuga’s damp hair, brushing it away from his face. “You don’t have to thank me, Hyu,” he said. “I do what I do because I want to. Because I want you. Because I love you.”

Rafael laid a kiss along the side of Hyuga’s mouth, and the other man turned his head so that their lips caught.

“Aishiteru,” Hyuga murmured, cupping Rafael’s cheek in his hand, and Rafael grinned, touching their foreheads together. They snuggled against each other, a comfortable silence wrapping around them, the light of their afterglow gradually dimming.

“You know,” Hyuga said after a while, “in Japan, Valentine’s Day is different than how I’ve noticed things are in America. Here, the men buy the women chocolates and gifts, but back home, it’s the women that give chocolate to the men they like.”

Rafael laughed. “Are you saying I’m the girl then, since I got you chocolate?”

“I suppose so,” Hyuga smiled infectiously. “But I’ll take your chocolate as a honmei-choco, and you can expect this favor returned on White Day this year.”*

The two kissed again, Rafael chuckling into Hyuga’s lips.

“I’ll be looking forward to it,” he said.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Rafael.”

“Happy Valentine’s Day to you, too, babe.”

* Author’s Note: “Honmei-choco,” (literally meaning “true-feeling chocolate) is chocolate given by women to men in Japan on Valentine’s Day. Honmei-choco is only given to a man that the giver has romantic feelings for, including a husband or boyfriend. The gift of honmei-choco is usually reciprocated on March 14, White Day, when men give presents to women.

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