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Joann Watches Her Husband

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About a month ago I had become frustrated by the lack of money for even the simplest promotions at the radio station I work for. At first I thought it was simply a matter of the station owner being a cheap bastard, but after a little digging around I learned otherwise. I discovered that the lack of money was real, not just an excuse from a penny-pinching owner. But when I learned the cause of our money problems I didn’t get angry, I got excited.

It seemed that our secretary, a cock stiffening mid 30’s Mexican woman named Joann, had been embezzling money from the company for the last four years. Never big sums, just a little here and a little there. I could have turned her in and sent her to prison, but I had a better idea.

As long as she agreed to be my whore, there was no reason for anyone else to learn about her embezzling. Joann grudgingly agreed to the arrangement. What choice did she have? I had wanted to fuck Joann from the moment I first saw her three years ago, but never made a move because she was married. Now it didn’t matter. I had spent the last month fucking her as often as possible, in as many different places as possible.

I rarely saw Joann on the weekends, but this Saturday would be different. Everyone in the company had to be at a local club for the anniversary party for our Spanish station. It had been on the air for ten years and that was a good enough reason to have a party. I volunteered to help set up the club for the party. Not because I cared much about the party, but it gave me a chance to scout out the place. The chance to fuck Joann in a public place was too good to pass up.

Arriving at the club early, I was let in by one of the DJ’s from the Spanish station. As he returned to setting up some equipment, I walked around the club. Our Spanish station had a tendency to do remote broadcasts from some pretty seedy places; thankfully this wasn’t one of them. Everything was clean, the tables weren’t scarred and the chairs weren’t split with the stuffing coming out. This was a definite step up for the station. On the walls there were many large floor length mirrors. That’s not unusual; many clubs have mirrors on the walls. But over the years I’ve known a few club owners and whether the club is high class or low class, they all watch their customers one way or another. Some do it with cameras, but others simply watch through a one-way mirror. The owners say they want to make sure drugs aren’t being sold. Please. They want to watch girls shake their ass. I guessed that at least one of the mirrors was one-way. If that was true and I could find out where the one-way mirror was, I had a place to take Joann. The thought of fucking Joann as we watched everyone in the club (including her husband) was making me hard. The trick was to find out where the one-way mirror was.

When no one was looking, I slipped into the clubs’ offices to see if there was a room behind one of the mirrors. They were three offices in the back, but only the owners’ office actually shared a wall with clubs’ main room. If there was a one-way mirror, I’d find it there. Thanks to a cheap lock, I let myself into his office in about two seconds. It was the offices’ back wall that abutted the main room. But the only thing on the back wall was wood paneling and a couple of bad paintings. I checked the paneling closely to see if it could be removed to revel a window, but the paneling wasn’t hiding anything. The only other thing on the back wall was closet door. That had to be it. I flung the door open, moved a few coats aside and began inspecting the back of the closet. Nothing. I was about to leave when I punched the side wall of the closet in disgust. When I did that, the wall popped open revealing a small room with a couch and a very large one-way mirror. You could see the entire club from here. This would be the perfect place to bring Joann.

Now came the hard part. Waiting for the party to start and for Joann to show up. About an hour before the hootenanny was to start, Joann arrived with her husband in tow. She was wearing a pair of old Levi’s that by themselves wouldn’t attract any attention, but with Joann’s legs and big round ass filling them out, they looked spectacular. The white sleeveless blouse she wore contrasted perfectly with her dark skin. I smiled and nodded at her as she looked my way.

With her husband occupied by a talking with a DJ, Joann crossed the room to talk to me. “Not today. I won’t do anything with you today. Not a thing.”

Smiling broadly, I said, “Do you really think I’m going to pass up the chance to get into those jeans? I’ve already got the place picked out. With any luck, we’ll be able to watch your husband. Maybe next time he can watch us. Do you think he’d like to watch me fuck you?”

Joann winced, but didn’t say anything. She just turned around and walked away. She knew that at some point today, despite her protests, I’d be fucking her.

The club filled quickly once the doors opened at noon. The volume increased as well. Between the music and all the people in club, you had to shout to be heard. There were so many people it was a struggle at times to locate Joann. But every time I did, she was clinging to her husband. It was about two o’clock when her husband walked by me. After a quick hello, he proceeded to the bar. That left Joann by herself. Before she could latch on to someone else, I was standing next to her.

“It’s showtime, Joann. I can’t wait to hear you begging for my cock.” She didn’t move. She stared at me with pleading eyes. “I’ll give you a choice, Joann. You can go with me now or I can put you on your back right here and fuck the hell out of you.”

“Alright. Where do you want me to go?” She sounded defeated.

“Go back to the office area. I’ll meet you there in five minutes.”

When I walked back to the offices a few minutes later I found Joann standing in the middle of the hall. Her expression reminded me of a kid that’s been sent to the principals’ office. She looked dejected and a little afraid.

I walked up to her and began running my hands up and down her bare arms, feeling her silky soft skin. I tried to sound reassuring. “Don’t worry, Joann. This won’t be a quick fuck. You’ll get all the attention your beautiful body craves. It’s just a shame that you never tell me how much you love my cock. You love being fucked like a whore but you never admit. Think how much better it would be if you just gave in. Let yourself be a whore, Joann.”

Anger flashed across her face as she said, “I’m no whore. I just want you to leave me alone.”

I sighed. “No you don’t, Joann. You need to be a whore. Don’t you remember how you put on your old high school cheerleader uniform and danced for me? How about all the times you’ve blown me? Or the time you took on the two part-timers at the station? You must remember attacking our interns’ pussy. Let’s see, oral, anal, double penetration, and lesbian sex. Sounds like a whore to me.”

Joann blushed and remained silent. I led her through the office to the closet and into the tiny hidden room. She spoke when she saw the window that looked out into the club. “No! Let me out of her! I won’t do it!” She tried to shove her way past me. Her determination surprised me. I struggled to push her down on the couch.

“It’s a one-way mirror. They can’t see you. Can’t hear you either, with all the noise out there. So you can get as loud as you want when you plead for my cock.” I sat down next to Joann. “Take of your blouse.”

Her dark eyes never left mine as her fingers slowly undid each button. In a matter of a few moments she transformed from a nervous woman to a whore. She couldn’t help herself. She really did love being a whore. I stroked her luscious thighs as she discarded her blouse, revealing her perfectly toned torso and two large breasts straining against her bra. As she worked to free her breasts, I unbuttoned her jeans and slipped a finger under her panties, into her pussy. She was already moist. She became wetter quickly as my finger continued its mission. A shudder went through her body and a moan escaped her lips. The rapid pace of my finger caused Joann to fumble with her bra, but she eventually removed it, tossing down next to her blouse. My free hand attached itself to one breast while my mouth attached itself to the other. My tongue lapped at her nipple. Her breath was coming in short, sharp gasps. I slid a second finger into pussy, increasing the attack and the volume of her moans.

I stopped sucking on her breast so I could watch her face. It was contorted in ecstasy. “Are you ready to cum for me?” She nodded. “Are you my slut?” Another nod. “Tell me. Beg for me.”

Joann tried to speak, but she couldn’t control her moans as she writhed under the pressure from my fingers. Finally she managed to sputter, “Make me…cum! Please…cum! Fuck…me!” She was now shaking violently. Her brunette hair was flying in every direction as her head flopped back and forth. A few strands of her hair stuck to her forehead as she had begun to sweat. She latched on to the couch with one arm and onto my shoulder with the other as her orgasm began in earnest. Her moans had been replaced by guttural cries. Her hips were bucking so wildly it was tough to keep up the pace with my fingers. She tried to say something, but all that came out of her mouth was, “Fuck…God…cum…yeah!”

“Let me hear it, bitch. Who owns you?”

Just before her orgasm reached its crescendo, she squealed, “You own me!” I wasn’t about to slow my pace. I wanted to see how long I could make her hold the orgasm. My fingers continued to furiously work her pussy, causing Joann to keep screaming and shaking. It was tough to tell if she was having one continuous orgasm or a series of them. Her cries of ecstasy had reached a fevered pitch a few minutes earlier and just kept going. Her body was practically vibrating. She looked at me with an expression that seemed to be a cross between ‘keep going’ and ‘please stop.’ I would have kept going, but my cock was in desperate need of attention. I pulled my fingers out of her soggy pussy and Joann collapsed on the couch with an exhausted but contented look on her face. She slowly quieted, taking deep, ragged breaths to regain her composure.

I was about to pull off my jeans when I realized Joann had coated my fingers with her juice. I could have wiped them on something, but I had a better idea. “Open up, slut. Suck my fingers clean.” Joann practically swallowed my entire hand as she noisily sucked on my fingers. “Good girl. Ready for my cock? How do you want it? In your pussy or anal?”

Joann lay there for a moment and I enjoyed the sight of her sprawled across the couch. Her chest was heaving as she still was regaining her breath, her jeans were down around her ankles, her panties pulled to one side and soaked through and a satisfied, lopsided smile on her face. It was a fantastic sight. Finally in a lazy, sleepy voice she said, “I want you in my pussy.”

I yanked off my jeans and boxers, then grabbed Joann of the couch, standing her in front of the one-way mirror. “Look at all the men out there, Joann. How much do you think they’d pay for a chance to fuck you?” Just at that moment, Joann’s husband sat down at the table closest to the mirror. “Seems that your husband wants to watch me fuck his bride. Ready to put on a show for him?”

At the sight of her husband, Joann seemed to come back to her senses. She pulled out of my grasp, promptly falling to the floor because her jeans were bunched around her ankles. Her big, awe-inspiring ass stared up at me. I wanted drop on top of her and fuck the hell out of that ass, but I was even more interested to see how she’d react as I fucked her and made her watch her husband.

I pulled her to her feet as she started begging. “Please don’t do this. Don’t make me watch him. Please!”

“But you just asked me to fuck your pussy. I thought he might be able to pick up some pointers on how to keep you satisfied. Don’t get me wrong, Joann. I love fucking you, but you’re such a greedy whore you’re wearing me out.”

Joann continued pleading, but I just turned her to the window, bent her forward and impaled her pussy with my cock. Grabbing a fist full of her long brunette hair, I pulled her head up, making her look at her husband as he sat on the other side of the mirror oblivious to the fucking his wife was taking no more that ten feet away. “Please! No!” Her pleas were becoming less frequent and less insistent. The whore that needed to be fucked was reemerging.

I was already close to cumming, but I tried to pace myself. I shouted at her husband, “Your wife is a great fuck! Can you make her do this?” I grabbed her hips and thrust deeper into her. It sent a shudder through her body and elicited a wail. “She doesn’t scream like that for you does she? She’s a whore. You need to fuck her like one. Tell him how good I am, Joann. Beg for my cum.”

For a moment, I thought she was going to cry. But suddenly, she started shrieking in ecstasy. “The Goddamn son of a bitch is better than you!” she shouted at her husband. Joann was now meeting the thrust of my hips. Our bodies were slamming together with such force, I was surprised bones weren’t broken. “Fuck me, bastard! Give me your cum!”

After hearing that, I couldn’t hold back anymore. I quickened my pace, making Joann squeal even louder. She threw her head back against my shoulder as her body began to convulse. Her orgasm seemed to be even more intense than her first. “That’s it, baby.” I said. “Tell me how good it is.”

In a high-pitched wail she said, “It’s so fucking good! Cum in me!”

I obeyed, shooting my load deep into her hot wet pussy. After Joann milked out every drop I had, I staggered backwards and fell on the couch. Joann slumped forward, against the glass. I swear I heard her mutter to her husband, “Why can’t you fuck me like that?”

“Get over here, Joann. Clean off my cock.”

Joann still had her jeans around her ankles and they caused her to fall to her knees as she turned to me. She crawled the rest of the way to me and engulfed my cock with her warm wet mouth. My eyes went back and forth between watching Joann’s head bobbing up and down on my cock and watching all the girls in club shake their ass in the club. I love watching Mexican girls dance. They don’t hold anything back. They move like they’re having sex. Watching those girls dance and my own Mexican girl swallowing me, I had an idea. But I’ll tell you about it next time.

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