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Jane Strays Far From Home

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Jane’s annual trip visiting US clients was nearing its end and the novelty of travel was wearing off. She was alone on the trip, it had been successful and she had made some new sales and visited some of her existing customers but she tired easily of the nights alone in hotels. Room service or restaurant? Watch TV or read her book? Usually one hotel was much the same as another and mostly they weren’t too comfortable for a lone female traveller.

This place looked a little different though. When she checked in earlier that day the restaurant and bar had caught her eye, it looked stylish and friendly and above all not too threatening. City hotels were generally better than small town motels, she could even risk a drink there without being hit on she thought to herself.

She decided to eat downstairs, and to take a drink beforehand so she lost her workday suit and showered. The hairdryer in the room was playing up, so she had to towel dry her long brunette hair. This didn’t bother her much, as her hair pretty much took care of itself, but it left it slightly damp as she dressed in an above the knee skirt and simple blouse. Her breasts took care of themselves too, on the small side, but firm so no bra was needed. She wanted a little freedom after wearing her suit all day.

Down in the bar she ordered a white wine and sat for moment taking in her surroundings. “Fresh from the shower?” a voice came from over her shoulder. As she turned to look a young man passed her to sit at the next stool. A bit arrogant she thought, the seat was free but he didn’t know that, and his question was a too forward for her liking.

“I’m sorry?” she replied. Her voice didn’t come across quite as miffed as she intended, he was much younger than her, and cute, and she couldn’t help warm to him.

“Wet hair. It’s a giveaway as there’s no pool here.” he quickly said as he turned to the bartender. His words were hurried and familiar, as though he was assuming compliance on her part without any introductions or formalities.

“Ok” she said, and nothing more.

He ordered himself a glass of beer and she studied him as he looked away towards the beer being poured. He was indeed cute, but he was out of her league, probably only 23 against her 39 and anyway, why was she even thinking these thoughts? She was married, faithful, and couldn’t think of anything worse than being chatted up by guys in hotel bars. At least he wasn’t the fat travelling salesman type she normally attracted. Anyway, he probably wasn’t attracted, why did she assume he was?

He received his beer and turned towards her and talked again. “Beautiful hair” he said curtly.

“Thank you” she said. And instantly cursed herself. Damn, that wasn’t what I wanted to say, I should be getting rid of him. She wanted to be offended by his arrogance, but couldn’t quite express herself in the words she spoke and realised the “Thank you” sounded much too receptive.

“My name is Danny” he said and offered her a hand.

“Jane” she replied, and shook his hand lightly. Again she cursed herself for appearing too welcoming, but his handshake was warm and he looked into her eyes as they greeted.

She pushed to defend herself and asked “How do you know that seat isn’t taken?”

“Sorry, it looked empty and you looked alone. Maybe I should have asked. So is it taken? Are you waiting for somebody?” He settled slightly as if sensing her increased comfort with his presence.

“No.” She had to say. Though she instantly realised this was her get out and she missed it. She could have said she was meeting a friend, but somehow she let the truth out.

“Then here we are Jane, you and me, both alone. And you with beautiful hair.”

He was after her! She thought to herself, flattered and nervous at the same time.

“Tell me something more about your self.” He asked, and sat waiting.

“I don’t know what to say.” She replied. Then added “I’m from England.” and instantly felt foolish.

“That’s obvious.” He replied, and paused for her to speak again.

This was stupid, she felt like a schoolgirl in the presence of somebody 15 years her junior, and anyway, what did he see in her.

She wanted the upper ground and decided to turn tables on him. “Tell me something about your self”.

“Anonymous sex.” Is all he said, and she was stunned. That was it, she shouldn’t be here. This just wasn’t her. She didn’t talk to guys in bars, she didn’t flirt with them and she definitely didn’t do anything like what she thought he had just suggested. It was time to go.

Before she could turn away he took her hand again. “I love anonymous sex.” He said, and looked into her eyes. It was a light hold and she could have continued to turn and she would have been free, but instead she looked around to check if anyone else had heard. What was wrong with her? Why didn’t she just leave?

He had the upper hand again, and she was so nervous, but she stayed put and returned his gaze. “And?” was all she could come up with.

“And so do you.” He replied.

Jane was so out of her depth now, the butterflies fluttered in her stomach and she thought she might be shaking, but still she remained.

“No.” She said, “No I don’t. I have never done that.”

“You have never done it, but you enjoy the thought, don’t you?” He released her hand and sat back slightly, displaying confidence, confidence that she was free to leave but that she would choose to stay.

She observed his confidence and although she was offended to think that she was relinquishing control to somebody she didn’t know, she stayed put all the same. She breathed heavily and the butterflies in her stomach moved down and for the first time she acknowledged to herself that this was turning her on. She shifted in her seat and felt warmth glow between her legs. As she did so she could see in his eyes that he was reading her emotions. She felt naked and helpless and knew that she was falling into his grasp.

“What room are you in? He asked, and shifted from his stool, taking for granted that they would be leaving right away.

Jane looked around, again worried that somebody would have heard. About her the bar, gathering pace, just went about its business. People chatting, laughing, serving, getting on with their own lives and nobody had given them a passing glance They were just another couple preparing to leave.

They walked from the bar, her slightly ahead of him as they made for the lift. He pressed the button, and turned to her, he was taller, about 6ft, with fairly short blonde hair, he was suntanned and fit but before she could take in any more the bell rang and the door opened. She hesitated slightly but then moved into the lift with him. She knew they would kiss, that is what lovers do in lifts, and she could barely hide her nerves. She turned her head slightly to press the button for floor 5. He stepped towards her and as she turned back she melted into his arms, their mouths met and for the first time she made a positive move and kissed hard against his mouth, warming to his grip upon her. She could feel moisture building inside her and as the doors opened for the first time she didn’t want his advances to stop.

Moments later they were in her room. She walked in before him and as the door closed his arms enveloped her from behind, he kissed her neck gently and his hands moved over her body. The buttons of her blouse were soon open and he pulled it back off her arms to leave her upper body naked. He caressed her breasts and nipples, she could see her slender form in the mirror, his suntanned hands all over her and she could see his silhouette as he traced his tongue down between her shoulders.

He dropped to his knees and the zip of her skirt was next. It fell to the floor and she stepped from it. He pushed against her slightly and moved her forwards lowering her face down onto the bed.

Now his exploring mouth was at waist level. He hooked his fingers into her simple black G-string and pulled it down below her thighs and over her heels. He pushed her legs apart now, with his knees between hers. She felt his moist tongue moving firmly down between her arse cheeks and he ran his fingernails over her buttocks, pulling them apart as he probed deeper.

She was stirring inside now as he pushed her knees further apart on the bed, forcing her to arch her back and push her arse into the air slightly. She felt vulnerable as she knew what was on view now, but she made no effort to move when she felt his tongue press against her ring, probing and licking.

He brought his hand up and very gently stroked her pussy lips and her moist entrance. All the time his tongue was working into her, she felt more and more of his saliva around and in her rim as he worked on lubricating her. She was aware of where this might lead and although she was a virgin there and had shunned all anal activity in the past she couldn’t bring herself to stop his good work. She pushed her arse upwards to give him more access which enabled him to stroke more of her pussy. As his tongue worked deeper his fingers moved towards her clit and she felt herself melting before him.

She was so turned on now, but at the point where she thought she would go over the edge he pulled away and stood up, quickly removing his clothes behind her. This was her opportunity to roll over and change the pace, maybe take his cock in her mouth or pull him on top of her, but she did neither She just lay there waiting for his next move.

All this time he hadn’t spoken to her nor she to him, but now he lay down on top of her and as he kissed her neck he spoke in soft reassuring words.

“From the moment I saw you I knew I had to have you, so fresh and clean, just waiting there for me.”

He carried on kissing her and as he did so she felt him push his hardness against her, like a hot iron rod against the cheeks of her arse. It was obvious now what was going to happen but the increased tension only served to heighten her arousal, she wanted it to happen.

On the suitcase stand near the bed was her wash bag, and showing from the top was her shower gel, he moved slightly away from her and reached for it. She was still face down on the bed as he stroked her back with one hand and deftly squeezed some shower soap into the other. She could tell he was working it onto his cock, and then she felt the first real violation. He added gel to the saliva around her ring and gently worked a finger inside, then two. She couldn’t believe what he was doing, but she lifted her arse and gave him more access, and in doing so gave him the signal that she was happy with what was about to happen.

He pressed the head of his cock against her and gently the first inch or so slipped into her, there was pain there but now he started to talk to her again.

“Easy baby, relax, you are doing fine, just relax and push back onto it.”

She did as she was told and pushed back onto him. As the head of his cock and the length of his shaft started to penetrate past her tight sphincter she felt less acute pain and more of a discomfort, but she pushed again. She could now feel it deep inside her, she had no idea of the size but it felt huge but as she moved forward again it became more comfortable.

He took over the movement, and rhythmically pushed in and out. As the movements became regular she just mellowed in a blissful haze of pleasure. She forgot the discomfort she had felt leaving the bar with a man she barely knew, she forgot her husband and her prudish feelings of insecurity, and finally she forgot her nervous anticipation of being anally fucked by a complete stranger.

As he moved in and out, each thrust longer than before she shifted her hand beneath her and for the first time felt her streaming pussy and her aching clit. Moving her middle finger in circles around her button she started to moan. All her inhibitions left her now as her orgasm built inside. Her body tensed, forcing herself backwards onto him, taking the full length of his thrusting cock deep into her passage. As wave upon wave overcame her she felt him thrusting harder and in one final thrust he groaned and she felt the heat of his load spurt into her bowel.

They both collapsed forward and their panting bodies recovered together as he ran his lips gently over her shoulders. After a minute his dick subsided and slipped from her and she lapsed into a daze.

Eventually he stood up and she sensed he was dressing. Strangely she made no move to turn towards him. As she recalled the passionate blur of the minutes that had passed she realised she couldn’t really remember what he looked like, nor even his name and yet she felt content. He leant down and kissed the base of her spine but said nothing, and turned for the door and left.

She stayed on her stomach, and almost as soon as the door closed her hand strayed again to between her legs. She smiled as she felt the warmth build again.

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