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Rave Slave

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I had resigned myself to another frustrating night alone without relief. It had been two weeks since I had last been allowed an orgasm, and the need was deep in my groin.

This was not the first time that a significant period of time had passed without contact from my master, but this was the longest he had gone without coming to me, and he had been very specific that I could not masturbate and cum until he told me I could.

So, naturally, I had not so much as touched myself since our last encounter. When you are a bought-and-paid-for sex slave, you do not risk disobedience, even when you are as desperate as I was to take my dick in hand and jack off wildly until I exploded in orgasmic redemption.

Looking back on it, I guess I should have read the warning signs of what was about to happen. Not only had it been two weeks since I had heard from Master, but the groceries in my apartment were starting to run out, and that had never before happened in the two years that I had been Master’s slave. He had always been good to me, treating me like a king (or a queen) when I deserved it, and treating me like a piece of dirt when I deserved that too.

So I was about to go on off to bed that Saturday night when suddenly the telephone rang. My heart soared, for who else would be calling, but Master. Sure enough, I heard his voice as I answered.

“Prepare yourself. We’re going out,” he said then abruptly hung up. I knew exactly how to prepare myself. I knew I had about 45 minutes before he would be at my door, and I had to be completely ready when he arrived. I rarely wore clothes around my apartment, so I was ready to immediately jump in the shower and wash myself thoroughly. But first I had to clean myself inside, so I gave myself a warm-water enema to clear my bowels completely.

Once that was done, I stepped in the shower and soaped myself down. As I washed my cock, I felt it begin to swell in anticipation of some unknown sexual adventure. I knew when my master said we were going out that we would doing something wild that usually involved my satisfying a group of men. As quickly as the thoughts of sex crossed my mind, they passed and I concentrated on the task at hand. After I had rinsed, I took my razor and carefully shaved off all of my body hair. I was very careful not to nick myself around my pubic area and legs. I had long ago had all the wispy hair on my balls and around my anus permanently removed, so that I was completely smooth all around my crotch area.

From where I was in the shower, I could see a translucent reflection of myself in the full-length mirror on the wall of the bathroom. Master had always encouraged me to take pride in my appearance, and I had to admit that I was a sexy little thing. I was of slightly below-average height and slender, with a round ass that often brought lustful gasps to those who encountered it. My cock was decent-sized, around six or seven inches when fully erect, and my face was of the sort to where I could pass for a man or a woman. And while I had nothing resembling sizeable mammary glands, my chest was well defined enough that with the right outfit, I could fake it enough to pass for a woman. Master often made me up like a woman and paraded with me as his “girl friend.”

When my shower was complete, and I was dried off and my dark shoulder-length hair was blow-dried, I stood at the door naked, with my head bowed, waiting. A few minutes later, I heard his key in the door and he walked in, carrying a briefcase. Master was a fairly tall man, a little over six feet, well built, with thinning blond hair and a goatee. He was dressed in black leather pants and a leather jacket, with no shirt. I couldn’t help myself, I found my gaze drifting down to Master’s crotch, where his large dick bulged in his tight pants. Master caught my gaze and leered at me.

“You want some of that, don’t you,” he said with a laughing tone. I just licked my lips and nodded. “You’ll get some of that, and more,” he answered. “But first…”

Master walked slowly around, occasionally lightly touching my body, and my dick immediately responded by leaping to nearly all of its full length. God, I was so hot, but I didn’t move. Abruptly, Master walked across the room to my bar, which he usually kept up to his specifications. He pulled out a bottle of brandy, poured two snifters and brought me one. On his instruction, I swallowed the sweet liquor in one or two deep gulps. I knew instinctively that Master had added one of his exotic potions to my drink, because he never shared his brandy with me unless there was something added that he wanted me to be on for the night. My eyes sparkled at the thought, because Master’s elixirs were always designed to heighten my senses and reduce or eliminate all of my inhibitions. I knew then that this was going to be a night to remember.

It would be, but not in the way I would have expected.

Once I had downed my drink, Master opened his briefcase and pulled out a few items. I was handed a satin thong, which secured my dick in a tight pouch and left my buttocks exposed. Master placed a dog collar around my neck and attached a chain to it. Finally, I was handed a mask, which fit tightly on my head. The mask had no eyeholes, just a nose hole and a slotted mouthpiece, which allowed air or liquid to enter my mouth, but would not allow me to speak. The mouthpiece was about an inch-and-a-half in diameter, the size and shape of an estimable cock, and a couple of inches long. When that was secured, I was led blindly out the door.

We went down to what I knew would be Master’s limousine; we got in and took off. We drove in silence for over an hour, as I could feel the effects of the drug I’d been given begin to work on me. I was nervous and excited as we drove to wherever it was we were headed.

Along the way, I had fleeting thoughts once again about my past, and at one point I tried to conjure up a memory from before I met my first master, but it was shrouded in an impenetrable mist. All I remembered was waking up in a hospital bed – what, three or four years ago – with no memory of how I got there or who I was. I was told that I had been found naked and beaten in a field outside this city, and brought the emergency room. There a doctor, a neurologist, told me I had something called gross amnesia caused by blunt force trauma. There had never been any indication at the scene where I had been found as to my identity. Unless they could find a key that would allow me to begin relearning who I was, I would be a John Doe.

The neurologist turned out to be my first master. He was a single gay man who saw an opportunity and took it. When my physical injuries healed, he invited me to stay with him, and I accepted, because I had nowhere else to go. I began having nightmares, so he soon began sleeping with me, a move for which I was grateful, because he offered security in a very uncertain world for me at the time. It didn’t take any time for him to seduce me, and over a period of a couple of months he taught me everything he could about gay sex. I had no memory of any other way to express love and appreciation, and I quickly assumed the role of the gay submissive.

The doctor took care of me until he decided I needed to be properly trained and sent off into a slave’s life. I spent two excruciating months under the tutelage of a large woman, learning proper slave etiquette. That was when I learned to enjoy being the center of a parade of cocks. Mistress would tie me to a table and let a succession of men fuck me in my mouth and in my ass, and I quickly grew to love it. Needless to say, when she was finished with me, I was a dedicated cock-whore, and I fetched a pretty penny at the auction when I was presented to the active underground sex scene that exists in this town.

Master had bought me and put me up in a clean, but Spartan apartment, and kept me as his slave ever since. I literally didn’t know any other life.

At last, the car slowed, shaking me out of my reverie, then stopped. I heard Master’s driver speaking to someone standing outside, but the mask that covered my ears and the glass partition that separated the back seat from the front muffled the voices. After a few moments we proceeded onward until we stopped for good. I could feel the vibrations from the ear-splitting music through the ground before we even got out of the car. I was led out of the car toward the source of the sound. I heard a heavy door open, which brought the music blasting out, and we entered. As soon as the door slammed shut, Master took my mask off and let me take in my surroundings.

It was a full-blown rave, but one for gays. We were in what appeared to be a gymnasium that was attached to an old, abandoned school. The gym was dark, except for an array of multi-colored lights swirling about the place. At the front of the gym was a DJ spinning a potent mix of industrial rock, heavy metal and rap, all at maximum volume. The gym floor pulsed with people dancing wildly, some as couples, some solo and some in groups. The vast majority were men, although there were a few women scattered about. Everyone was in various states of undress, including a few who were naked.

Master seemed in no hurry, but merely led me through the crowd, allowing people to touch me all over, sending my arousal soaring. It was all I could do to keep my cock from bursting from its confines at the sensual display of flesh all around and the light touch of hands on my super-sensitive skin. Master seemed to know many of the people there, as he moved easily through the crowd. As usual, people seemed drawn to him, and he looked completely in his element.

I was starting to become impatient, although I took great pains not to show it. I was ready to suck cock and eat cum; I was ready to feel a hot, throbbing dick in my ass shooting cum deep in my bowels. The drug was working on me in a big way, and I was feeling somewhat agitated.

Finally, we gravitated to an open spot near a door at the opposite end of the gym. He pulled me close to him and whispered in my ear.

“I want you to show these people what a good little cocksucker you are,” he said. “I’m going to fuck your mouth until I cum, and I want you to drink every drop. Is that clear?”

My only response was to drop to my knees on the hardwood floor. I reached up, unbuttoned and unzipped his tight leather pants and felt Master’s hard cock slap me in the face. It was big, long and hard, and it looked divine. I flicked my tongue around the shaft as I kissed my way to the base of his cock. The swollen pink dick sawed between my lips as I laved it with my mouth and tongue, working from the base back up to the head. A pearl of pre-cum formed at the tip of his cock, and I flicked it off with my tongue and savored the taste. I inhaled Master’s musky, masculine aroma and nearly swooned.

Abruptly, Master pulled back slightly, enough to push the head of his dick past my lips and into my mouth. Slowly, but steadily, he pushed his hard, fat cock into my throat. I had long ago been taught how to properly throat a cock, and I had become quite good at it. I relaxed my throat muscle and let my jaw drop open as far as it could. I swirled my tongue about the shaft as he pushed his way into my throat. It was only when I felt the cool leather of his pants on my cheeks that he stopped, and then only to adjust himself.

Quickly, he established a pumping rhythm in my mouth as I slobbered and sucked deeply on his divine root. It was hot in the place, and I could feel a trickle of sweat roll down my chest as I worked my hot mouth on Master’s hotter cock.

From out of the corners of my eyes, I could see that we had attracted an audience. Wonderful! I loved showing off my skills for a crowd. Some half-dozen to a dozen men had surrounded us, all of them with their hard cocks out. Two of these cocks were placed in each of my hands and I began to stroke them as I sucked off my master.

Soon, Master picked up speed and began to more forcefully pump his cock into my throat. I could feel his hands gripping my hair as he fucked my mouth roughly. Low moans of pent-up desire were wrenched involuntarily from my crammed-full mouth as Master’s cock moved faster and faster in my throat. He hovered over me, skull-fucking my head with a full hip motion as he drove his cock back and forth in my throat.

Suddenly, with a strangled gasp, Master pushed his entire length as far as he could down my throat. I felt his cock swell, followed a split-second later by a torrent of cum that jetted out the end of his cock and splashed down my throat. My throat convulsed in frantic swallowing as I fought to keep from choking on his prodigious load, and to make sure I ate every drop, as I had been instructed.

When he was finally finished, he jerked his cock from my mouth, but not before he deposited one final glob of cum on my outstretched tongue.

“Tell everyone how much you love the taste of cum,” he commanded. “Tell them what a cum-whore you are.”

I looked around at the crowd that surrounded us, still idly stroking their cocks. I spoke in a clear voice that only slightly betrayed my excitement.

“Oooooh yeah, I love cum,” I purred. “I’m such a cum slut. I want to suck all of your cocks and fill my belly with all of your sweet, hot cum.”

“What else do you want?” Master said, tauntingly. “What about that succulent ass?”

My eyes sparkled as I nodded, “I want to feel all of your cocks in my ass. I want you all to fuck me hard and fill me up with cum. I want to bathe in it. I want to swim in it. God, I love cum. Oooh yeah, you know how much I love it.”

At that, Master gave a sort of disdainful flick of his wrist and walked away, leaving me kneeling on the hard floor with a dozen hard cocks around me. I was momentarily confused. Was I supposed to follow Master or not? The question was immediately answered when the man in front of me and to my right thrust his hard dick into my mouth and in to the hilt, all in one motion. This man’s dick wasn’t nearly as long or fat as Master’s and I could easily suck him. I eagerly sucked the cock, while two new cocks were placed in my hands.

It didn’t take long for the man in my mouth to reach orgasm. All of the men in the circle, in fact, appeared to be bursting hard, and this one quickly reached firing strokes, pumping a nice quantity of cum down my throat.

For the next half-hour or so, one man after another came over, pushed their cock into my mouth and allowed me to suck them off. Because I had expressed a desire for them all to, “fill my belly,” with their cum, I felt obligated to swallow all of them, although as time went on some of their cum drooled out the corners of my mouth and down my chin onto my chest. At some point, I felt someone pull my thong off my hips, down my thighs and off my legs, leaving me naked on the hard floor. I was startled to realize that a female hand was rubbing my ass cheeks, lightly fingering my asshole and reaching between my legs to fondle my balls. My cock was already rock-hard, and it bounced off my chest as the person manipulated my dick, leaving a tendril of pre-cum on my belly.

My knees were beginning to hurt and my jaw ached, when I felt my chain pulling me up onto my feet. I thought for a moment that Master had returned, but I quickly saw that a woman held the chain. She was on the smallish side, but there was no mistaking the air of authority she possessed. She had pale skin and her pretty face had a slightly Oriental appearance, enhanced by her long, straight black hair. Her features were delicate, but her attire was about as far removed from delicate as could be. She wore knee-high leather boots, with fishnet hose and a garter belt that was attached to a bustier, which served to push her otherwise modest breasts upward and outward. Each of her nipples was pierced with a small ring and a chain was attached from one ring to the other.

She looked my naked body up and down, lingering her gaze on my swollen, drooling cock, which bounced obscenely from my clean-shaven crotch. Then she spoke, and her words chilled me.

“Well, my slave, are you ready to perform for my little party?” she said. “Oh, you haven’t been told yet, have you? Your former master had some debts he needed to discharge, so he has given you to me to play with for the night. You said you wanted to swim in cum. I believe we are going to give you what you want. Before this night is finished your ass is going to be fucked so wide open, you’ll think a train had been up there. We’re going to cover you in so much cum, you will indeed be swimming in it. You’re going to be our fuck whore for the night, and you’re going to love every minute of it. What do you say to that?”

“Yes, Mistress,” I said meekly.

“Gooooood!” she said as she flashed a wicked grin. “You’ve been trained very well. I think we’re going to have some fun with you tonight.”

With that, she pulled me along to a nearby stairway and we headed down the steps, followed by a parade of men. There was a dusty odor as we descended into the old locker room, which was dimly lit by one naked light bulb that swung over the room. When we reached the room, we were met by a couple dozen more men who sat on the benches that rimmed the room, all of them naked sporting big cocks that were in various stages of arousal.

My emotions were in turmoil. I was crushed that Master had apparently sold me to this woman, I was apprehensive about taking on this many men, but the prospect also excited me to the point of madness, and by now I was so horny and hopped up on Master’s potion that I was ready for anything.

The floor of the old locker room had been covered by several tumbling mats that had been spread about the room. I was ordered to lie on my back and display myself. I spread my legs as wide as they could go and thrust my pelvis forward, causing my hard cock to bounce off my stomach. I grasped my butt and pulled the cheeks open to show my pink anus, which was already gleaming with the sweat that had trickled between my legs.

“That’s not good enough,” Mistress said with a touch of anger in her voice. So she straddled my head, giving me a clear view of her shaved crotch, which gleamed with liquid of some sort. I quickly discovered that it was cum from an earlier sex act, as she slowly squatted over my face and rubbed her juicy cunt all over my lips, nose, cheek and chin. Then she pulled forward slightly and commanded me to lick her ass. I stuck out my tongue and discovered that her asshole was full of cum, as well. This woman had apparently been quite busy earlier in the evening.

I licked her asshole, then back to her pussy, cleaning her up as instructed. As I worked my tongue around in Mistress’ crotch, she reached for my ankles and lifted my legs until my butt was off the mat and my asshole was open and exposed to the crowd. Laughter and obscene comments were made about what they called my fuck hole. It didn’t take long for someone to kneel in front of me and begin licking my asshole. I felt like I was in heaven as the man – I could tell it was a man from his beard – rimmed me out vigorously. As he tongued me, he pressed a couple of fingers to my ass and began to finger-fuck me, all while I continued to eat Mistress to several orgasms. I could feel my face being drenched with her female juice as she rode me hard.

When the man had me good, wet and open, he pulled his face away and I felt the head of his cock nudging at my opening. He didn’t fool around, but slowly pushed the head of his cock past my anal ring and into my ass. If my mistress’s pussy hadn’t covered my mouth, I would have screamed from the pain of the sudden entry. But once the man was in all the way and he began to fuck me with long, even strokes, the pain quickly dissolved into intense pleasure. The man’s dick was good-sized, not too big, but not too small, and he quickly hit all of the hot spots in my ass with a vigorous rotation of his hips.

Abruptly, Mistress climbed off my face, released my legs and motioned for the crowd to close in. A man straddled my face and pushed a cock into my mouth. Quickly, he got into rhythm with the man fucking my ass, pushing and pulling me back and forth between their hard dicks. I was delirious with lust as these two men worked my body. My cock throbbed between my legs, but my hands were preoccupied with a pair of cocks that I was stroking. I was in cock heaven, and I loved it. I wrapped my legs around the waist of the man fucking me and urged him with my body to fill me as deep as he could.

The man pushed himself relentlessly back and forth in my hot ass, while the man at my head roughly fucked my mouth. Suddenly, I felt one of the cocks I was stroking begin to spurt and I felt his hot cum splash across my chest. Seeing that display caused the man in my mouth to pull out abruptly and spray his cum all over my face. He shot his cum all over my cheeks, my nose and across one eye.

That proved too much for the man in my ass, and with a roar, he plunged as deep as he could and fired off several hot bolts of cum into my hungry ass. At the same time, the cock in my left hand exploded, and I lifted my head to get as much of his huge load as I could in my mouth. The men spent themselves in me for long seconds before pulling away, leaving me whimpering on the mat in deprivation.

But I didn’t have long to wait. I felt myself being turned over, onto my knees, then I felt my hips being pulled backward until my gaping, dripping asshole found itself in contact with the head of a truly remarkable dick. I looked back and saw that I was about to be fucked by a huge, well-tattooed man with a fat 10-inch cock. I was apprehensive for a moment, but he took his time and simply pushed the head of his cock slowly until he had it in, then he let me slide down his wonderful, thick shaft. The man was back on his haunches, and on his instructions, I got on my knees and worked my butt back and forth, with the man’s hard, throbbing dick stretching my ass wonderfully and filling me to the brim.

As I rode the man’s massive cock, I was in position to take on three more cocks as they stood in front of me, and I alternated sucking and jacking them off, until they each grabbed their dicks and exploded all over my writhing body. They covered my face, neck and shoulders with their white cream, and it dribbled off my chin onto my chest.

I was shaking with lust, and the need to cum. I had not yet mastered the art of orgasming without a touch, so the need to cum was acute. Mistress seemed to sense this, and, for once, she took a measure of pity on me as she watched from the side, although her idea of pity was to make a display of my arousal.

“Why don’t you show us all how much you appreciate being fucked,” she said. “Why don’t you show us how much you like having a big, hard cock in your ass by jacking off and shooting your cum all over the mat. Do it for us. You know you love it. But don’t cum too soon. Make it last. I want you to scream when you finally explode in passion.”

Groaning, I took my cock in my fists and began to slowly work it up and down. I had to grit my teeth to keep from shooting off the moment I took my dick in hand. Slowly, I got into rhythm with the wonderful cock that was fucking me from behind and beneath. I stroked myself very carefully for long minutes, until finally, I heard a voice in my ear, the voice of the man fucking me. He was telling me to cum, to squeeze the hot cum out of his big long poker.

I gasped in lust as I felt something like an iron rod flow out the end of my cock, and with a scream I fired off two week’s worth of pent-up cum in front of me. The first shot arced several feet in front of me, eliciting oohs from the crowd. The rest splattered about the mat in front of me. At the same moment I was getting my much-needed relief, the cock in my ass swelled to impossible proportions, then I felt his wet cum fill my rectum to overflowing. He shot half-dozen distinct, hard bursts up my ass, as I milked his cock of all his precious cum.

When he was finished, he sort of disdainfully threw me forward off his cock, so that my chest, belly and cock smeared my cum all over the mat. Cum bubbled out my distended asshole as I seductively rolled my hips up and around in invitation. Cum dripped from my face in big globs as I groaned in lust that had only been momentarily sated.

Sensing the invitation, two well-built black men stepped up, knelt down with their licorice sticks and proceeded to fuck my holes. The one in front of me sat back on the mat, with his legs spread and his 9-inch cock pointing at the ceiling. I wasted no time in cramming my mouth full of his delicious black meat, at the same time that the other was straddling my thighs and dipping his cock into my open ass. He slid right in, all the way, and together they fucked me with powerful strokes as I lay flat on the mat, wallowing in the slime that I and others had left there.

After a few minutes of hard, steady fucking, I heard them groan simultaneously and felt them shoot cum deep in my ass and deep down my throat. They pulled away, and were quickly replaced by two more young black studs. Meanwhile, two men had slid to the mat on either side of me, filling my hands with their hard cocks. As the two blacks worked themselves in me, I gave these two cocks my best hand job and was soon rewarded by two cocks spurting prodigious amounts of cum that they chose to deposit in my hair. At the same time, I felt warm cum splatter across my back.

I could feel my cock beginning to harden again as I slithered on the mat. Involuntarily, I began a humping motion with my hips that brought a gasp and a groan from the man fucking my ass. He picked my hips up off the mat and began to fuck me hard and fast, as my hard dick bounced rhythmically under me. With a roar, the man fucking my ass pushed as deep as he could and let loose a long, thick load of cum. Ditto his friend, pumping hot white cream down my throat, filling my belly.

I was pulled back onto my knees and another big hard cock filled my ass and began to work at pumping all of the two previous loads of cum out of my ass and down the backs and insides of my thighs. Glancing through my mask of cum, I saw a man with an average-sized cock slide on his back and quickly engage me in a 69. He reached up with his hands, pulled my hard cock to his mouth and sucked me in, all the way to the hilt in one huge suck. I gasped from the pleasure of feeling a hot mouth on my cock while I was getting a hard cock in my ass. This was something I rarely got the chance to experience, and it triggered an immediate reaction. I reached over and inhaled his cock in my mouth while my hips went into overdrive, pushing my cock relentlessly into the man’s throat.

As I sank my cock deep in the mouth below me, I would pull away from the cock in my ass, and vice versa. Quickly, the two men sandwiching my body picked up the rhythm of my body, and worked me into a frenzy. Abruptly, my head was wrenched off the cock below me and I was confronted with two cocks at either side of my head. I grabbed them in each hand and quickly began alternating sucking the three cocks at my head. I panted and squealed as the sensations of lust swept over my body. I reached up and sucked the man at my left, then went to the man at my right, then the man next to him, then back to the man underneath me, and on and on.

It was too much. With my entire body spasming wildly, I felt my cock explode in a white-hot gusher of cum down the man’s throat below me. I think I screamed in passion as I erupted, and in that moment the cocks in front of me came in a rain of semen. The man below me shot a huge wad that splattered on my neck and jaw before oozing all over the hand that had been pumping his dick. The two men in front of me covered my face with a succession of wet cumshots that covered both of my eyes with white goo. From my right side, I felt a hot cum bolt smack my ear and the man finished by ejaculating all in my hair. Yet another man splashed his cum in my hair, which was already becoming matted from the cum that had been shot in it. Finally, as the man slid out from under me, I felt the man who had been steadily fucking my ass, pull out and baste my buns with an equally thick load of cum.

I knelt with my head down in momentary exhaustion, but that hesitation cost me. THWACK! I felt the riding crop slap my ass, smearing the cum that had just been deposited there. WHACK! She blistered me again, snarling, “No time to rest, whore! We’ve got cocks over here that need taking care of. Let’s go!” I was stood up for a moment, long enough for the room to see my cum-covered body, then I was pulled back to where a man with what was easily an 11-inch dick leaned back on the floor. He idly polished his magnificent, pink tool with a lubricant of some sort while I was instructed to squat over his dick, facing him. I did as I was bidden until I felt the head of his dick at my still-gaping asshole. With a long, seductive groan, I slid slowly down the man’s huge cock, impaling myself easily on his meat.

“Time for you to do the work, slave,” said Mistress as she curled the riding crop around my face, where cum still dripped slowly onto my chest and shoulders. I was glad at that point that I had gotten myself in good condition, because I was about to be put to the test like I had never been before. I worked my hips over the man’s long dong in a slow steady pace, and he quickly grabbed my cock and stroked me to renewed hardness. I felt, rather than saw, the crowd of men press in on us, and my mouth was quickly filled with a cock. After awhile, the man’s hands left my cock and he began to force my hips down faster and harder on his cock. He began to fuck upward with more purpose until he clenched his eyes shut and fired off a large cum load deep up my ass.

With a grunt, he pulled me off his cock and slid out from under me. I could feel his cum drip out my ass onto the mat below me. Immediately, his place was taken by a man with a big cock who fucked me from behind as I remained in a squatting position. Meanwhile, a group of men crowded around my head, pushing their cocks to my cum-covered face. I sucked with abandon at all of them, pulling my mouth off one and onto another in random succession. Every so often, a cock would shoot cum onto my face or in my hair, adding more slimy goo to the mask of cum that covered my head. Dimly, I felt the cock under me shoot and pull out, leaving his cum to drop onto the mat.

This went on through three more men either fucking me from behind or lying under me and making me ride them. Of course, a parade of men continued at my head, fucking my face and cumming in my mouth or on my writhing body. Sometimes the men fucking me would give my red, swollen dick a few strokes, to keep my lust at a fever pitch. I must have looked like an alien, with my head and face completely covered in a glaze of cum.

Finally, a fourth man slid underneath me and pulled my ass onto his cock. He wasn’t nearly as big as some of the others I’d had, maybe seven inches or so, and I barely felt him as I rode his slender hips. But then I sensed the crowd pull back a little, then my torso was pulled back, and I had an inkling of what was coming. Sure enough, a man knelt between my legs, aimed a solid 8-inch cock to my already-filled ass and pushed the head in. Slowly, he insinuated his dick in with the cock that was already in me until the two cocks were fully embedded in my unbelievably wide-stretched ass.

The two dicks seemed to spar with each other, each one vying to be the deeper of the two. Eventually, they began to establish a rhythm, filling me deep then backing away. I looked up through the blurry haze of cum that covered my eyes and saw that at least a dozen men surrounded us, jacking their cocks at the sight of me being double-fucked. Almost instinctively, I took my cock in hand and began to work it, reveling in the feeling of being so supremely degraded. Soon the duo in my ass picked up speed, as did the hands of those who were jacking off to the spectacle, me included.

Suddenly, the two dicks fucking me swelled to impossible size in my ass, and the men threw their heads back and fired off at the same time, bathing my ravished ass with their twin loads of cum. That caused me to shoot a surprisingly thick cum load up and over my abdomen, and then the room seemed to explode in orgasm, as all of the men surrounding us sent a rain of cum flying in every direction. They saturated every single inch of my body with thick, hot cum. I squeezed my cock hard to get every drop from my dick as I reveled in the cum rain that had washed over me.

When everyone was finally spent, the man in front of me pulled his wilted dick out of my ass, then I was rolled off of the man below me and was greeted by a pool of cum that had glommed off my body onto the mat. I was nearly spastic in my cum-hazed delirium. I sensed rather than saw that the locker room had emptied of nearly everyone, and I thought for a fleeting second that my ordeal was over.

But then I felt the riding crop under my chin, pulling my head out of the white slime that had pooled on the mat. As I was pulled into a kneeling position, I noticed that the thunderous music that had reverberated through the building all night had stopped.

“Time to really earn your keep now, slave,” Mistress said. “As you can tell, the music’s over, and in a minute all the hardcores will be coming down here looking for some action. What they’re going to get is a show. You think you’ve been fucked so far tonight? Buddy, you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.”

It took a second for her words to penetrate my benumbed brain. I had already taken at least a dozen or more men in my ass – including two at the same! I’d had probably twice that many in my mouth and three times that many had cum on my body. I was lying in a huge pool of semen, covered from the top of my head to the soles of my feet in ejaculate. And I hadn’t been fucked yet?

Just then, however, another crowd of men, a couple dozen at least, piled into the locker room. This was a rougher crowd than previously, and they whooped and made obscene comments about the cum whore that lolled wantonly in the middle of the room. Many of them simply took out their cocks at the sight of me, and others stripped naked, hanging their clothes on the hooks that rimmed the room.

No one touched me, however, and that puzzled me until I saw the crowd part for two of the largest humans I think I’d ever seen. They were certainly the largest I could remember seeing, and the thing was that they were identical twins. They were both nearly seven feet tall and over 300 pounds of solid, coal-black muscle. Their heads were completely shaven and they were naked except for a miniscule thong that failed to adequately hide two of the biggest dicks I’d ever seen. They were still semi-soft, yet their dongs hung a good eight inches between their legs.

Mistress strolled up to me as I cleared my eyes of cum. “We’re going to play a game called rotisserie,” she said with a wicked smile. “This is Calvin and this is Clyde, and they are going to make… well, you’ll see. Gentlemen, you know what to do.”

The two men leered down at me as I instinctively shied away from them. They quickly lost their thongs, exposing their rapidly stiffening cocks. I watched amazed as they stroked them into something that resembled mahogany, massive slabs of meat that looked to be over a foot long, and were a good three inches in diameter. I had never taken a cock that big, let alone two at the same time.

All of that flashed through my throbbing brain in but a moment, as the twin giants reached down and picked me up as if I was a baby. One held me by the waist and without ceremony fitted the head of his dick to my open, swollen asshole. I had never felt anything like it as he pushed the slick head of his cock past my flaming sphincter and pushed his log up my ass in one steady thrust.

Although I had taken many a cock up my ass since becoming a gay man’s slave, nothing could have prepared me for the combination of pain and pleasure I felt as he rammed his pole up my butt. I would have screamed, but just as I dropped my head to yell, my mouth was crammed full with the other twin’s equally massive dick. As he supported me under my shoulders, he rammed his cock roughly into my throat and commanded me to, “suck my black motherfucking cock, bitch.”

My eyes watered and I had trouble breathing, since my mouth was stuffed full of cock and my nose kept getting covered by the man’s large balls, and by the remnants of cum that still streaked my face. Finally, my nostrils cleared enough so I could get a little air, nevertheless, the lack of oxygen made me even more light-headed than I already was. I seemed to lose touch with reality at that point, and things began to invade my consciousness, whispers of the life I’d had before I was attacked.

Meanwhile, the men who were brutalizing me had found their rhythm and began to fuck me in a way I’d never been fucked before. The intense pain of their initial intrusion as melded into a feeling of incredible sensuality, a sexual bliss I’d never experienced before. I wrapped my legs around the man fucking my ass, and I wrapped my arms around the man fucking my face, urging them both on. Incredibly, I realized that my cock had sprung up to full hardness yet again. The twins certainly noticed.

“Looks as if the whore likes it,” I heard one say. “Oh, he likes it, all right,” said the other. “Look at his cock.”

Indeed, my gleaming cock jutted up to the ceiling in full roar, as the men worked themselves in me. Suddenly, they flipped me over so I was facing the floor, their cocks seeming to gouge my mouth and ass wider as they changed position. But that didn’t change the fullness of my two orifices. They cored me like, well, like a rotisserie, like I was the meat on the skewer, with over two feet of cock in my body, seeming to rip me in half. I felt, rather than saw, the crowd come in close. Everyone was naked now, with rock hard cocks in hand. All except Mistress, who was bent over at the waist accepting a cock from behind as she watched her friends abuse me.

“Baste the whore, men,” she said in a flushed tone. “Can’t have a good roast without marinade.”

On cue, two or three men on each side of me fisted their cocks extra-hard and shot their loads on my back, another layer for my already cum-slick body. Relentlessly, the twins pounded their cocks in me, as men would come two or three at a time and shoot cum on me. They’d fuck me facing down for a while, then they’d flip me over and let the men cum on my chest side. Some of the cum stuck to me, but most of it slithered off my body and onto the mat, widening and deepening the pool of cum that was gathering on the mat.

My cock was almost painfully hard, but I had no way to relieve myself. Fortunately, as I was faced downward, some one ran his hand to my cock and began to milk me with soft strokes. That seemed to signal the twins, because their pace quickened and I heard their grunts that told of their approaching orgasm. I was giddy with lust as their cocks pulsed even larger than before, before their heads seemed to explode. I thought I was going to drown as the man in my mouth filled my throat and pumped his cum straight into my stomach. I gave a strangled groan as he filled my belly with his red-hot seed, even as his brother filled my ass with so much cum that it ran out my ass, past his cock and over my balls and iron-hard cock. Dimly, I felt the hands working my cock quicken and I suddenly deposited a load that felt like a gallon, but really only amounted to a small bit of semen, being it was my fourth orgasm of the night.

Unbelievably, the twins weren’t done, but rather, they flipped me around facing up, then pulled their cocks out with loud pops and swiveled me around so that the man who had been in my ass was now at my head, and vice versa. I felt an enormous feeling of loss when they wrenched their dicks from my body, but that only exacerbated the pain/pleasure I felt when they crammed their dicks back in me. I vaguely recall the slightly tangy taste of the cock that had cum in my ass, as he plunged his dick into my throat. They fucked me in something approaching a frenzy for just a few more minutes before I felt them cum again. In the position my head was in, I couldn’t begin to swallow the cum load of the man in my throat, and his cum dripped down my cheeks and into my hair.

This time, they eased themselves out of me, then laid me back into the pool of cum. I was sprawled out, exhausted, trembling on the mat as I wallowed in the cum of several hundred men who had passed through the room. The drugs that my former master had given me earlier in the night had long since peaked. My mind was a hollow shell, as I lay there nearly comatose.

But when I opened my bleary eyes, I could see there were still a dozen or more men left surrounding me, all naked and looking down at me with hungry looks. And Mistress was still there, still calling the shots. She, too, had a feral look about her, and I wondered what was next. I began to get scared at that point, but then Mistress’ look softened a bit as she knelt down between my widespread legs. With both hands, she cradled my ravaged cock, then she snaked her right hand between my cum-flooded butt cheeks, to my gaping, swollen anus. Slowly, she worked her hands over my groin. With her left hand she slowly stroked my cock, which began to show signs of renewed life. With her right hand, she slowly worked her fingers at my distended hole. She quickly had three fingers pumping slowly, methodically in my ass. After all it had been through, three fingers didn’t seem like much.

When she began to add her pinky to the three fingers, though, it began to dawn on me what she was about. Sure enough, before long, Mistress folded her thumb into her palm and began to push. She took her time about it, rhythmically stroking my now rock-hard cock, getting me relaxed and open to her. Nevertheless, when she reached the knuckles at the base of her fingers, I tensed slightly, and that elicited a purr of satisfaction, because she abruptly pushed her fingers hard into my ass until her whole hand was buried up to her wrist, then she curled her fingers into a ball, significantly expanding the size of the fist in my rectum. I screamed this time, loud and long. Mistress didn’t back away, but began to pump her fist powerfully back and forth.

Even though her hands were relatively small, I had never had this done to me, and at this stage of the night, with the dawn’s light streaming through the dingy windows high above the room and my body at the long end of an incredibly abusive orgy, it was painful. At the same time, the pleasure in my lust-fogged mind, from the felling of being fisted and stroked at the same time, was incredible.

Back and forth, Mistress pumped her fist wetly in my ass, sinking deeper with each thrust until at one point she had her arm imbedded in my ass halfway to her elbow. I think I passed into some state beyond bliss, beyond any conscious, coherent thought except the tactile pleasures Mistress was inflicting on my sex-ravished body.

Through cum-blurred eyes, I saw the remaining men begin to surround me. There were maybe a dozen or so, all of them beating their meat as they watched Mistress’ assault on me. I closed my eyes as a kaleidoscope of swirling images ransacked my mind. I felt myself being transported to some distant cosmos, as I writhed around the arm that was impaling me. I shook and I shimmied in the cum bath that pooled on the mat.

From somewhere far away, I seemed to remember hearing myself scream, then my guts seemed to flow out my groin as a fifth orgasm swept out in the bubbling cum shot that oozed out the end of my cock. I stiffened and jerked as the powerful climax rippled through my body. The last thing I remember was a final rain of cum that showered over my body, covering my face and chest in another layer of cum.

I don’t know how long I lay passed out on that mat, but when I awoke the shadows were beginning to lengthen. I came to with a start, at the realization that I was alone – utterly, completely alone. The first time I tried to move, however, pain screamed from virtually every muscle in my body. I also tried to open my eyes and found them nearly covered with a thick crust of dried cum. I picked my head up off the mat to discover my hair was sticky with a still-viscous goo from under my head. I looked down and saw my body was streaked with scratches and red marks from being manhandled so roughly for so long. I was encased in a web of dried and nearly dried semen, not unlike the prey of a spider. As I came to a more wakeful state, I realized that my entire crotch area throbbed in pain from being so severely manipulated. My dick and scrotum were chapped from all the abuse and from all the cum that had dried around the area. But it was my ass that was really sore. It felt like a sequoia had been thrust up my rectum, and, incredibly, there was still wetness around my swollen anus.

As I began to move, I felt my stomach churning, and when I went to roll over, the room went into a spin, I saw stars and my belly regurgitated a fairly impressive amount of cum. In sudden, rapid need for water, I crawled painfully to the next room, the old bathroom that led into the showers. I managed to find a faucet that rendered rusty-colored water that I slurped up like it was the finest wine.

When I had gotten something to drink, I pulled myself painfully to my feet, using the sink as support. I managed to shamble back into the locker room, then I stumbled to the stairs leading up to the gym. Panic was beginning to grip me as I stumbled and crawled up the cold, bare stairs. I collapsed when I reached the top of the stairs and realized that I was indeed alone. Alone with no idea where I was, naked and filthy after a completely, deliciously degrading experience as the whore for a party of several hundred men. Just trying to piece together what happened brought my cock stirring to life, despite my fear, but it was much too sore to do anything with.

Besides, I was trying to get my foggy mind to comprehend the fact that there was no trace of the previous night’s activities, nothing that would have indicated that several hours earlier this gym had been throbbing with sound, with energy, with people, hundreds of people. Outside, it was another story. The area surrounding the old school was littered with beer cans and empty liquor bottles. But there was not a soul in sight.

And as the sobering reality of my situation hit me I completely broke down. I bawled like a baby, cursing the fate that had robbed me of my identity and had turned me into such a slut. I had been trained to believe that what I was doing was normal, but at that moment, I knew something wasn’t right about the way I was living.

But that didn’t solve my immediate problem, and as the day darkened into night, my fear began to unhinge me. I crawled back downstairs, huddled on the still-slimy mat where I’d been gangbanged and finally fell into a fitful sleep. The next day I felt a little stronger and explored the area. Because I was unable to find any clothes, I knew I had to be careful not to attract attention. I managed to find some scraps of junk food, half-eaten hamburgers and some doughnuts that had been left over from the rave.

After spending another night in the locker room, panic really set in, because it appeared that I had truly been abandoned, left to whatever fate came my way. And that’s just what happened that third day at the school. I was scavenging the grounds looking for food, when I sensed something, and turned around to see a large police officer staring at me. He looked me up and down, then a leering smile slowly widened on his face. As he licked his lips in a lascivious manner and rubbed his bulging crotch, my blood began to chill. Somehow I knew my life as a gay sex slave was about to take a turn for the worse.

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