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Brenda’s Discovery

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She awoke, right hand between her legs, middle finger buried deep in her pussy. The wetness coupled with the sensitivity and a kind of empty feeling in her chest told her that she had orgasmed in her sleep again. A tear trickled down her cheek to join the wide stain that already lay on the bed sheets.

Brenda divorced her philandering husband three years ago. She had married him in her early thirties, but after ten years, his constant string of affairs had become too much to bear.

On their tenth anniversary (which he forgot) he was out fucking yet another work colleague and didn’t bother to come home. When he did, he found that she had dumped two suitcases of his clothes in the porch. He tried to get in using his key, but the door was locked and bolted from inside. After calling out to Brenda and knocking loudly, he picked up a rock from the front garden and in his frustration smashed one of the windows. Unfortunately for him, one of the neighbours in this peaceful suburb had already made a call to the police. Two officers on their way back to the station to finish their shift were no more than a quarter of a mile away when the call came through and arrived at the house just in time to see the glass shatter. He was arrested.

By the time Brenda’s husband came home again — this time sober — she had already consulted her legal advisor and started the divorce proceedings. He didn’t even attempt to get in, but picked up the suitcases and threw them in his car and drove away. He knew where he could find somewhere to stay. If he hadn’t been arrested he would have gone there sooner, to be with the twenty seven year old secretary that he had been screwing for the last three months. He was glad to be rid of his frigid bitch of a wife.

Actually, Brenda enjoyed sex. It’s just that her husband was her very first lover and her own inexperience made her reluctant to experiment or even to consider anything new. Jack’s lack of patience meant that before long his only interest was in getting to his own climax. Very, very occasionally she would experience an orgasm herself, but only when she had been anticipating his penetration for some time — such as on the day of her tenth anniversary. She had been dressed in a way that he liked; a wrap around dress that allowed easy access to her lace clad breasts. The outline of her suspenders and stocking tops was visible as she practised walking sexily in front of a mirror. She could almost hear the wetness as she walked; it was as if her pussy lips were rubbing against one another. But he didn’t turn up. The exotic meal she had prepared had gone to waste and the expensive bottle of wine had gone to her stomach.

Now, three years after he had gone she was desperate. She couldn’t bring herself to masturbate when conscious, but her sub-conscious took over in her dreams and more and more frequently she awoke to find the sheets in disarray, her pyjamas askew and soaked with sweat and her pussy leaking with her come.

Brenda got up and had a shower. The spray felt good on her body and although the water was warm, it had a cooling effect on her skin. The soap helped her hands slide across her breasts and her nipples still tingled at her caressing touch. For as long as possible she avoided slipping her hand down there, but when it was the last place to wash she had no choice. Her pussy lips felt swollen and sensitive and the hood of skin at the top made her shiver each time her fingers inadvertently touched it. She wanted to do it, but didn’t think she should, so she took her hand away and turned to face the jets of water coming from the shower head. It was a mistake.

The sensation of the streams playing across her nipples only served to heighten her arousal and as the fluid travelled down between her breasts, over her stomach and was directed into the valley between her legs, it trickled across her clitoris and she gasped. Her knees buckled and she closed her eyes and gave in to the temptation, her fingers working furiously as she strove to climax. At first she used her right hand, leaving her left to pinch her nipples and squeeze her breasts, but then it joined the other hand and the fingers penetrated her lips, while she continued to rub the swollen hood.

Brenda could feel the waves building up within her body. She slumped to the tiled floor, spreading her legs as far as they would go. She imagined that they were somebody else’s hands — not her ex-husband’s — and she squealed and grunted through her orgasm.


Later that day, Brenda sat eating her lunch alone. She spoke to herself, if only to hear a friendly voice, “Oh, Brenda, what am I going to do with you?”

She thought about it for a moment and then answered her own question, “What you need is a man inside of you.”

She was shocked at her own admission, but sitting there thinking about it, imagining a dick embedded in her pussy made her feel dizzy. She now knew that she had to find a man, if only for a quick one-night stand. She was at the same time both disgusted and fascinated by the idea, her feelings and desires.

It took a few more days before Brenda finally convinced herself that she should do something, but then she realised that she had absolutely no idea how to go about it. She dragged through her memories recalling when friends had told her about the goings on at nearby hotels. She assumed that if she went alone to a bar, then somebody would try to pick her up.

The following Saturday, she spent nervously shopping for something to wear that evening. Eventually, she plumped for a simple black cocktail dress. It was perhaps a little more figure-hugging than she would have liked, but the length came to just above the knee and more importantly, it made her feel good. She already had some black leather shoes with four inch heels and a small clutch bag at home, so she was now all set. Or was she? She mentally scanned her underwear drawer and realised that she didn’t have anything black. She headed for the nearest lingerie shop.

The selection of black in her sizes appeared limited, but this was the only establishment she was going to be able to get to. She found a beautiful lace design including suspenders, but couldn’t find the briefs in her size to go with the bra and belt. All they had was a thong. She really wasn’t sure about it, as she had never worn one before — even though her ex-husband had bought her one once. Deciding it was that or nothing (and here she thrilled at the mere idea of going commando), Brenda made her purchases and headed home.

Having had a light snack at about 6pm (in case she was taken for a meal), she showered and got ready to go out. She took her time and luxuriated in the erotic feel of dressing up, starting with the suspender belt and stockings. She put on the high heels and paraded up and down in front of the mirror. Although she had a little spare flesh, she considered she didn’t look bad for her age — except for the dark brown, bushy triangle between her legs. When she pulled on the panties she knew that it didn’t look right; there were tufts of pubic hair sprouting from either side.

She headed back into the bathroom. Having taken a pair of nail scissors from the cabinet, she slipped off her knickers, sat down on the toilet seat and began trimming the hairs. After a while she had neatly shortened the entire region, but when she put her panties back on she was still less than pleased with the result. She walked back into the bedroom and opened the bottom drawer of her dressing table and picked out the tube of depilatory cream that she used on her legs earlier. Reading the label, she smiled when she read that it was safe to use (with care) on her pubic region.

Twenty minutes later Brenda stood in front of the mirror once more and admired her handiwork. She had neatly styled the shortened hairs into a tiny delta shape. She put the panties back on again and confirmed that there was no longer any hair being displayed. Just to make sure she squatted down with her knees spread wide apart. It looked good, sexy. So much so that she wondered how it would feel, so she ran a finger either side of the gusset and marvelled at how smooth it felt. She pulled the gusset to one side and was pleased with the way it looked. Re-covering herself, she idly ran a finger over the silky material — and nearly fell over! She almost came from one single touch of her labia and clitoris.

Just after 8pm Brenda pulled into the car park at a hotel about five miles from home. She was worried that she might see somebody she knew, but breathed a sigh of relief when she entered the bar and could see no familiar faces. She made her way to the bar and awkwardly perched herself on one of the stools, nervous in case she showed just a bit too much leg.

“Yes madam, what can I get you?” asked the barman.

“Oh, er… a vodka and orange, please.”

While she sipped her drink, Brenda used the mirror behind the bar to scan the room; there appeared to be three couples, two men in the furthest corner booth talking quietly but animatedly and three further men dotted around. She tried to catch the eye of the seemingly single men, but only managed it with one. She smiled sheepishly and he replied with a straight-faced nod, before turning his attention elsewhere.

After more than an hour had passed, along with another drink she still hadn’t been approached. One of the couples had left and another looked as though they were leaving also. Another man had come in, but he had made is way straight to the one that Brenda had smiled at. She could be wrong, but they looked as though they might be a gay couple.

Feeling down, she decided to call it a night — two drinks was her limit if she was going to drive home.

She swivelled round on the stool and stepped down, suddenly aware that her skirt had risen high enough to display the band at the top of her stocking. She tugged her skirt down.


Brenda jumped at the sound of the man’s voice. He had approached her just as she had turned round.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you,” he said. It was one of the two men from the corner booth.

“Oh, that’s OK. I didn’t realise you were there, that’s all.”

“Look, my colleague and I noticed that you had been sitting all alone over here and guessed that you may have been stood up. Am I right?”

“Um, something like that,” she lied.

“Well, we’ve celebrating landing a big deal for our company and we wondered if you would like to join us? No strings, honestly. We’re just feeling happy and want to make everybody else happy. If the bar had been full we would have a bought a round for everybody, but there seems little point. Anyway, we’d really like you to join us.”

“But you don’t know me.”

He smiled. It seemed to light up his face as he said, “Friends don’t know each other until the meet.”

Brenda opened her mouth to reply, but really couldn’t think of an answer. “OK,” she said lamely.

He escorted her over to the booth and introduced his colleague.

“This is Barry and I’m John. We own a software company and like I said, we’ve just cracked a major deal.”

Brenda slid onto the curved bench seat and moved around closer to Barry. John followed her in as she asked, “So just how big is this deal? I mean, what’s it worth?”

“You’ve heard of Microsoft?”

“Of course,” she answered.

“Well, they started by signing a deal with IBM for an operating system. What we’ve done isn’t quite as big, but we’re going to supply the software for the next generation of computers for cars. I can’t tell you the name of the manufacturer, but if you look out in the car park most of them are made by them.”

She paused a moment to take it in. “But that would… I mean, you would be millionaires!”

“At least,” he grinned. He caught the barman’s eye and waved him over. “Bring us the most expensive bottle of champagne that you’ve got and put it on my room.”

It transpired that the two men had known each other since school and that all they had ever been interested in was computers. Sure they played games, but they were far more interested in what else they could do. They went from school to University together and eventually gained their degrees with an invention that they had developed. They told her all about it. How it was possible to use parking assist technology to make driving safer. The vehicle would sense an obstruction ahead and stop the car safely in time. Of course it was a lot more complicated than that, but it went way over her head.

The men were pleasant and cheered her up immensely. Before she knew it they were ordering another bottle of champagne. While listening to their banter Brenda began to wonder of one of them might want to bed her. Her cheeks flushed a little as she had this thought and she could feel her nipples harden as she breathed deeply, rubbing them against the soft lace of the inside of her brassiere.

“Anyway, we’ve dominated far too much of this conversation. What about you? Tell us all about yourself,” said Barry.

“Me? Well, there’s not much to tell really. I’m divorced. I work as a teacher at a local school and that’s about it really.”

“So why have you come here tonight?”

Brenda blushed even deeper. She couldn’t openly admit her reason, but she couldn’t think of a plausible excuse.

“So you weren’t meeting anybody then? Ah, I thought so.”

“Why did you come here then?” John seemed a little too eager as he asked the question.

Deciding that she had better be honest, or at least not try to lie (she never was any good at it anyway), she said, “I was feeling lonely and I was hoping to meet someone.”

Suddenly realising that it sounded like she was suggesting that she hoped to be picked up, she gulped the rest of her glass and stammered.

“I… I mean… well, that’s to say… I just wanted to…” her voice failed her.

Barry smiled, “Don’t worry Brenda. We understand. Do you usually find what you’re looking for?”

“No! I mean I’ve never been here before!” she blurted.

“You mean that we were the first men to talk to you?”

“Yes,” she said simply.

“I don’t believe it! A stunning looking woman like you? Beautifully dressed and wearing stockings too? The men around here must be soft in the head.”

Brenda was flattered and almost missed his comment about stockings. She wondered how he knew, but then followed his eyes down to where he could see that her skirt had ridden up far enough for to reveal the dark bands and even part of the black silken strap.

John said, “I never could resist an attractive woman in stockings.”

She had been wondering if either of these two men would be interested in her, but now the thought rose unbidden in her mind of lying in bed, naked, between these two good looking men.

Barry spoke up, “Let me guess; what you’re really looking for is sex, right?”

She couldn’t even speak, let alone answer intelligibly. The blood was rushing in her ears and she was experiencing an aching in her breasts and pussy.

“Don’t worry Brenda. You’re safe with us. If at any time you feel uncomfortable, just say so. Here have some more champagne.”

She lifted the glass to her lips. The cool liquid soothed her nerves and the conversation returned to more normal subjects. At first she had tugged the hem of her skirt back down, but ignored it as it rose again. She giggled at a joke that John told and put her hand down on his — except that it was no longer there and her hand landed on his muscular thigh instead. She moved the hand and took another sip of wine.

John was looking down her suspender clasp which had crept into sight. “So, how easy is it to do these things up?” he asked.

“It’s simple really. Look, I’ll show you.” She moved her hem up a little as she unfastened the clasp and then demonstrated how to do it up again.

“Wow! Can I have a try?”

She nodded and giggled as he bent over a little and fumbled around on her leg. Finally, he managed to release it, having enjoyed rubbing his knuckles against her bare flesh. But then he accidentally let go of the end and the elastic whipped it up out of sight beneath her skirt. He made to retrieve it and lifted her skirt.

“Whoa tiger! I’ll get that.” She reached up under the hem and fished around until she got hold of the strap again. “There you go. Don’t let go of it again.”

John fumbled for a lot longer in fastening than he did in unfastening and he seemed to be caressing her inner thigh as he did so. But she didn’t say anything; it was nice.

“My turn,” said Barry. Without asking he hooked his thumb under the hem and tugged the skirt up out of the way. By now, both men could see her lace panties.

“I want to try it again,” said John as he pulled her left leg toward him.

Brenda was enjoying the attention so much that she was unaware that they had spread her legs in the pretence of getting in a better position to unhook / hook her stockings. When they had finished, they both left their hand on her leg, gently tickling the flesh.

Suddenly realising her situation, Brenda said, “What if somebody comes?”

Barry purred in her ear, “If that’s what you want, who are we to argue?” His hand stroked up to her lace covered crotch and his fingers tickled lightly.

Brenda’s mouth formed a perfect ‘O’ as he gently pressed the material into her slit. It was like fireworks were going off in her brain and they only got worse when his fingers eased the material aside and began to probe her pussy. She closed her eyes and moaned gently as he gradually pushed deeper inside. When two fingers were in up to the knuckle, he began to finger-fuck her. He used his thumb to play with her clit.

Brenda had let her hands fall to her sides as the men played with her, but now John took hold of her left and guided it to his crotch where, to her surprise and delight, she felt his naked dick. It was big and it was hard — much bigger than her ex-husband’s. But she didn’t get to think about it for very long, as her hips suddenly began to buck involuntarily as she approached orgasm. There was nothing she could do, but she hoped nobody else in the bar could see or would notice her movements.

When she had calmed down a little, Barry leaned close again and said, “Perhaps we should go somewhere a little more private?”

John had already tucked his cock away and now took hold of her hand again and helped her out from behind the linen covered table. Barry grabbed the remains of the champagne and walked after them. At the lift, the doors opened and a couple exited. The trio got in alone and the men pushed the button for the floor on which their adjoining rooms were situated. Before the sliding doors had even closed, John had pulled Brenda into his arms and was French kissing her. Meanwhile Barry knelt down behind her and raised her skirt. She gasped as she felt the sensual lace on her skin as her thong was smoothly dragged down to her ankles. She had managed to unsteadily step out of them from one foot when the doors opened again. The elderly couple standing there looked at her with disgust — her skirt was still bunched up on one side and her panties were dangling from one foot.

Giggling all the way to the room door, she stood behind Barry as he tried to open it. She felt John grab her hips and press his erection into the crack of her ass. His left hand travelled up to her breast, grasping it. The fingers centred on the hardened nipple. Meanwhile, his right hand travelled around and down. He pulled up the hem of her skirt and plunged his hand between her legs. It was only because he was holding her in this way that she didn’t crumple to the ground. As he carried / pushed her through the door, she vaguely recognised that she was probably going to have sex with two men, and they were both comparative strangers!

When the door closed Brenda felt male hands roaming over her body, stroking, touching, pinching, and kneading. Her clothes seemed to simply fall away as she stood between the two men, until she was left dressed only in her stockings, suspenders and high heels. She longed for them to take her to the bed and enter her, but they seemed to be taking their time. One of the hands was between her legs, two fingers pulling her labia apart and a third entering the wet warmth of her vagina. It was all too much and she was on the verge of another orgasm.

Brenda felt firm hands on her shoulders, urging her downwards. When she opened her eyes she realised that Barry and John had both pulled their dicks out. They looked so different; John’s thick and long, Barry’s thinner but even longer. John had thick, bushy pubic hair, but Barry appeared to have none. She reached out and wrapped her fingers around each of them. She started to rub them in unison.

Barry placed his hand on the back of her head, pulling her towards his cock. At first, she wondered what he was doing, but then realised what he wanted. Brenda’s ex-husband had often asked her to do it, but she had always refused. The mere idea had made her feel ill, then. Now, she found herself wondering what it would be like, how it would taste. She kissed the head. It looked shiny and hard, but when her lips touched it felt silky smooth. As she drew away she felt something sticky and a string of pre-come followed. She let go of the shaft to wipe it away with the back of her hand.

“Stop teasing me and start sucking my fucking cock you little slut,” he growled. He grabbed her hair with one hand and his dick with the other and mashed her mouth onto it. She didn’t want to do this, but she was frightened by his sudden display of aggression. Brenda closed her eyes and began to open her mouth. Before she knew what was happening, he had forced it in until it hit the back of her throat and she started to gag. She felt a momentary relief when he withdrew, but then the shaft drove back in. Again she started to gag and again he withdrew. It didn’t become any easier, but she got used to it after a while.

With Barry pre-occupying her mouth, Brenda had ignored John’s dick and he was feeling left out. He stepped around behind her and grabbed her hips. With one swift movement he lifted her to a standing position, where he pushed her knees apart. He used two digits to finger-fuck her for a few seconds and then positioned his cock at the entrance. He waited; timing his move to coincide with Barry’s thrust. He rammed it all the way home.

Brenda screamed around Barry’s cock, but was silenced as it slid further into her throat. She was being assaulted from both ends at once and they didn’t seem to care if they hurt her. Then, for a moment, she thought she might be wrong as the long shaft withdrew until just the head was past her lips. His hips made shorter movements and he started to grunt. Then her mouth began to fill with warm, salty fluid and she understood what was happening. She fought back the urge to vomit, trying to make room for the volume of liquid. When he shoved it deeper again she had no choice but to begin swallowing.

Gasping for breath, Brenda clung onto Barry while John continued to pound into her, his thighs slapping against her bare ass cheeks. She felt him shoot inside her, but he didn’t stop he just kept going. She was so numbed by what had happened that she hadn’t recognised the nearness of her own orgasm. John had and he was determined to bring her off as well.

Brenda’s knees and legs began to tremble, so John held her up, toes dragging across the carpet. She began to sob as the next waves of climax came crashing down upon her.

John’s cock slid out of Brenda’s vagina. He picked her up in his arms and carried her to the bed, where he laid her down. She looked down past her parted knees and saw that Barry’s dick was still hard. She was surprised. Her ex-husband usually rolled over and went to sleep after sex. She wondered if he was going to climb on top and fuck her normally. She liked the idea of that, although she was starting to feel a little tired.

She felt John climb onto the bed next to her. He lifted and turned her head. She could now see his deflated cock, still slick with her juices and some of his semen.

“Come on girl, now lick me clean,” he said.

Brenda wasn’t too happy with this. It was bad enough to have to put it in her mouth, but when it was covered with spunk and had been up her cunt? She had little time to consider an alternative as the head was dragged across her lips. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth to allow him in. Once more she tasted the musky, slightly salty flavour, but it was mixed with another, more potent tang — her own come. The sense of revulsion was overwhelmed by fascination and, yes, arousal. When Barry slid his cock into her she was more than ready to receive him.

She continued to lick up and down the length of John’s shaft until it was clean, by which time he too was hard again. She turned back to Barry whose weight was pressing her into the bed. She simply loved the feeling of being overpowered in this way. But then he paused, reached down and placed his hands behind her knees and lifted them up. He pushed her legs up over his shoulders and then pressed his cock into her pussy, even deeper than before. Brenda had never been penetrated so deeply. She moaned and writhed as he moved faster and drove harder, his sweat dripping down onto her breasts to mix with the sheen of perspiration that already glossed her skin.

She watched as her breasts bounced up and down with Barry’s thrusts. She could see his cock slamming into her stretched pussy. When he came, she saw his semen squeezing out around the sides. He withdrew and slumped over onto the other side of the bed. Now John was standing at the end of it looking down at her.

“Turn over and get your ass up in the air, you horny little bitch.”

She struggled onto her side and then up onto her hands and knees. She spread her legs ready and felt John kneel on the bed behind her. He slowly entered her.

“You’re loving this aren’t you my little whore? Aren’t you?”

She nodded.

“Tell me.”


“Yes, what?”

“Yes I’m loving it.”

“Loving what?” he pressed.

“What? Ah! Oh! I’m loving it. I’m loving you fucking me. Both of you.”


John pulled out of the wetness with a slurping sound. He slid forward running his cock across her pussy lips and rubbing against her clit. He slipped it back in for a few more strokes before withdrawing again. This time he allowed the shaft to slide in the other direction, running across the sensitive tissue surrounding her anus. It felt so wrong, but she let him do it anyway. She was much happier when he was back inside her vaginal tunnel.

“Oh! What are you doing?” she asked, concerned.

“Relax sweetheart. Just enjoy the ride.”

He continued to stroke in and out, but the finger that he had placed on the puckered hole now began to probe.

“Ah! No please don’t. I don’t want you to do that,” she pleaded.

But he ignored her and continued fucking and fingering. She couldn’t believe it, but his invasion of her ass was making her feel light headed with arousal. He finger-fucked her using the lubrication from her pussy juices and Barry’s come. When he pushed a second finger in it hurt a little, but within a couple of strokes she had forgotten about it. She could feel yet another climax approaching. She dropped to her elbows to support her body — and in swift move John removed both his cock and fingers. She felt him probe her ass again, but his fingers seemed to have trouble gaining entry. Suddenly his cock broke through the grip of her sphincter muscles. She screamed.

Barry clamped a hand across Brenda’s mouth.

“Shut up you silly bitch; or we’ll have people knocking on the door.” He laughed, “Then we might have to share you!”

The pain caused her orgasm to be put on hold, particularly when he spanked her cheeks hard, but as this caused her anal muscles to relax and the prick in her ass became more lubricated, the hurting receded.

To her disgust, she actually began to enjoy what he was doing to her and before long the telltale signs of approaching orgasm began again. She couldn’t believe that it would be possible to have a climax from being fucked there.

The warmth that spread through her insides was prompted by the spurts from the end of John’s cock, but her body took over from then and she grunted like an animal in response.

Before she could move, another stick of flesh, fatter than before was forcing its way up her anal passage. She looked over her shoulder at Barry.

“Again? Don’t you guys ever tire?”

“Not with a horny little slut like you to keep us amused all night.”


When Barry had shot his load into Brenda, both men took a break. They grabbed a couple of beers from the courtesy fridge and offered one to her. She took a few sips and then said, “I think I need to take a shower.”

“Good idea,” said John. “We’ll come and watch.”

She was about to object, but realised that there wouldn’t be any point. The trouble was that she needed to urinate badly and couldn’t wait. They followed her into the bathroom, leaving the door open. She lifted the lid and sat down. A steady stream of pee began to flow.

“Hey, open your legs and let us see,” said one of the men.

She hoped that she wouldn’t have to endure this most personal invasion for very long, but the champagne had made her bladder full. Finally, the last drops squirted out into the pan and she reached for some toilet tissue to wipe herself.

“Why don’t you show us how you play with yourself?”

Brenda opened her mouth to deny that she ever touched herself down there, but she could tell that they wanted to see her do it. Already their cocks were beginning to swell. She slipped her hand down and stroked the tender (and slightly sore) flesh. The fleshy hood still tingled when she moved across it. The eroticism of performing this act in front of two (until recently) strangers brought her to a surprisingly swift climax.

Barry leaned into the shower and turned on the water. It was a walk in unit with a large overhead nozzle. She didn’t care about her hair, but was glad that she had the foresight to wear waterproof makeup. She walked under the warm spray and began washing away the remains of their sexual antics. Barry and John joined her and they all began giggling as she soaped them and they responded in kind.

She felt refreshed and re-energised when she emerged from the bathroom, but she wasn’t sure what was supposed to happen next. In her fantasies about allowing herself to be ‘picked-up’, she had only ever gotten as far as the bed. She looked over her shoulder at the two men following her; they both had grins on their faces and by the size of their dicks were clearly raring to go again. She couldn’t believe it. She was feeling mildly sore, particularly in her bottom, but she had never experienced such excitement before. She may never have this opportunity again. She simply had to go along with it.

Brenda turned to face John and Barry and struck an erotic pose, hands on hips.

“Well? What did you want to do now?”

They looked at each other and their grins widened. “How do you fancy a bit of DP?” asked Barry.

“Oh, OK then. What’s DP?”

Barry looked at John again and they both started guffawing. John eventually managed to say, “Perhaps we’d better show you.”

Taking her hand, John led Brenda over to the bed and jumped onto it. He pulled her towards him and told her, “Hop on, you gorgeous little tart.”

Brenda knelt on the duvet, placed her hands either side of John’s head and swung her left leg across his body. He held his cock up as she lowered herself down onto it. Although she had washed her private parts while in the shower, her vaginal passage was still well lubricated — and the tunnel gaped. There was very little resistance as she bottomed out. Slowly she began to rise and fall on the long shaft.

Barry climbed onto the bed behind Brenda and then pushed her shoulders forwards. It didn’t feel as good in this position, but she continued the movement — until she felt the head of Barry’s dick nudging between her ass cheeks. She stopped moving and looked behind as the longer of the two cocks forced its way up her anus. The entry here wasn’t as smooth as it was in her pussy, but the muscles relaxed after a few thrusts.

Brenda no longer had to make any movements herself; as Barry slapped his thighs into her cheeks she naturally moved up and down on John’s prick, her breasts swinging in time.

“Oh, fuck! That feels so good. I’m completely filled up. I never knew it could be like this. Oh, I think I’m coming again! Ahhh!”

Her mouth clamped shut as she strained, her whole body urging the coming climax to arrive. The trembling began and her whole body oscillated with the pleasure. It seemed to go on forever and only started to subside as her two lovers reached their own orgasm.

Finally sated, the group fell apart and collapsed onto the bed where they all dozed off.

It was perhaps 6am when Brenda began to stir. Barry had gone back to his own room leaving his friend John on the bed next to the gently snoring woman. She got up and went to the bathroom to shower. When she returned, John was sitting up.

“I’d better get dressed and go. I still need to prepare some work for my students for tomorrow.”

“Can’t you spare five more minutes?”

“Why?” she asked, although she had an idea, judging by the semi-erection he was sporting.

“Come here and I’ll show you.”

John swung his legs around and placed his feet on the floor. He put his hands on her hips and pulled her forward. She had to part her knees in order to stand either side of his legs. His head dipped down and she felt — for the very first time — the roughness of a tongue slithering along her pussy lips. When it touched her clitoris it tickled deliciously.

Brenda threw her head back and groaned.

“Why didn’t my husband do this to me? Maybe I would have sucked on his little pencil of a dick if he had. Maybe things would have been different,” she thought.

She opened her legs wider, allowing him better access to her labia. In response he dipped his tongue into the inviting warmth. Brenda grabbed hold of his hair and moaned, “Oh, you do that so well. I just love what your tongue is doing to me.”

John stopped and said, “Come on then my little slut. I knew I could stop you going. Get on the bed and spread your legs wide.”

Brenda did as she was told. He was right; she must be turning into a whore because all she wanted right now was his cock. But he made her wait; going down on her with his mouth again. With her legs so far apart he was able to use his fingers while his tongue and lips concentrated on her clitoris. Her back arched raising her ass off of the bed as she came. She had long since lost count of just how many orgasms she had experienced in the last twelve hours. It was probably more than in the last twelve years.

John kissed all the way up her body until he reached her lips and while his tongue invaded her mouth, his penis slipped into her pussy. He stroked long and hard. He kept going for a long time and only let go when Brenda was ready to topple over the edge again.


Brenda left the hotel tired and more than a little sore from her evening. She had never realised that sex could be so good, or that a partner was capable of satisfying her over and over again. Indeed, she hadn’t realised her own capacity for orgasms.

She found it difficult to concentrate on the work that she had to prepare for the next day. Her mind kept wandering, wondering, would she ever experience anything like this ever again?

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