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Little Red

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A shapely chestnut-haired girl frolicked through a meadow with careless ease, her long red hood trailing behind her as she carried a basket full of pastries on her way to her isolated grandmother’s house. Unbeknownst to her, exploring the deepest, most wooded areas of the forest, there was also a young man. A young man who suddenly came upon a path, which he followed to the very same meadow filled with tiny purple flowers.

The girl stopped instantly upon noticing him, cheeks hot with embarrassment, and she hoped he hadn’t seen her acting so silly. She noted that his dark blonde hair looked a little disheveled and his clothes dirty…. Perhaps he was lost? But he didn’t look like he was. For some reason he came off as if he knew exactly what he was doing…

He wasn’t really paying attention to her quite yet, instead enjoying the scenery of the warm summer evening, but he nearly ran into the girl with a bright red riding hood. Cautious but polite, she backed up a bit before addressing the stranger,

“Oh, hi…” she said a bit awkwardly, smiling at the tall boy. It wasn’t often you just ran into someone in the middle of a lush and uninhabited forest.

“Oh hey!” he said, stepping forward. “I’m Tabor! I live here,” he smiles, asking, “What’s youuur name?”

Glad to see that this boy around her age (perhaps 18 or 19, maybe even older) appeared to be fairly normal, she – still a bit apprehensively – introduced herself as well,

“I’m Autumn! You said you live out here? Where’s your family?”

“Well, I don’t have a family…” he began, picking one of the lavender flowers and smelling it, “I mean, I do, but… I left them a few months ago. They were all idiots.” And as he said that, he crushed it in his hand. “What about you?” He asked, finally looking at her. “I’m sure a happy-go-lucky girl like you has some great family…” And he trailed off.

The motion didn’t go unnoticed by Autumn, who repressed an instinctual flinch when he crushed the blossom.

“Oh… Well then. I didn’t know that I came off as happy-go-lucky. But yes, I really do have a great family. Although I can relate – the feeling of being surrounded by idiots.” She said.

Tabor’s eyes brightened as she said it.

“Oh yes, that’s why I’m out here. I love nature, so I thought I’d pull a Thoreau for a while…. But that must be great – having a family who cares for you.”

Feeling that she’d made some sort of connection with this stranger – this Tabor – she moved on to say,

“Ohh, a Thoreau! Oh that’s exactly what my grandmother is doing! Well… has been doing for half of her life, really! That’s – that’s who I’m going to see now!” and she gestured to her basket as she said it, “she lives not too far from here!”

Tabor leaned in closer as she spoke and replied enthusiastically, “Oh! That’s cooool! So you’re out here by yourself, going to visit her all alooone?”

Autumn paused for a moment as he emphasized the fact that no one else was around, but decidedly trusted him and said,

“Oh yes, but I do it all the time. Ten years since I was eight! It’s really not a problem…”

She began to sidestep him, saying, “Well, I should be going now…my grandmother’ll miss me. It was really nice meeting you, Tabor. Maybe I’ll see you aro-”

“No, wait!” he said, grabbing her wrist and sitting down, pulling her down with him. “Don’t go. Stay and talk with me for a while!”

Autumn was immediately made uncomfortable by his forcefulness, for he was larger and stronger than her… but he really did seem friendly… He probably hadn’t talked to a soul in weeks – months, even! She considered the idea of having no one to interact with for such a time. Taking pity, she complied with his request for conversation… It wouldn’t hurt to just chat for a bit, would it?

“Uh! O-Okay… But not for too long, my grandmother is expecting me within the half hour…”

“Oh, don’t worry.” He said, smiling warmly as if to assuage her concern, “I’m sure she won’t mind if you’re a little late…”

Autumn fished out one of the smaller pies she’d initially made for her grandmother and offered it to him, beginning to talk about his life in the forest, but time passed and soon she really needed to go. She stood up,

“Alright, I’ve probably spent too much time as it is… I should really get to seeing my grandmother now.”

Tabor quickly stood up as she did, reminding her of the several inches he had on her in size.

“Do you really have to? Wouldn’t you like to stay and talk with me for just a while more?”

She bent down to get her basket as she said, “I’m sorry! I can’t, not now. It was really nice talking to you though, and I’m sure I’ll see you around! Just some other time, Tabor.”

“Come now, you know I don’t find very many friends here, let alone ones as friendly or as lovely as you…” and he added with a growling tone – “Won’t you…” – he jerked the basket closer to himself – “play with me?”

Autumn became uncomfortable again and took a firm hold of her basket, tugging gently.

“Thank you… But, but come on, I’ll see you again!” she said while still trying to edge away.
“But why wait? Can’t we just stay here now? It’s so beautiful in this fielddd…” he drifted off, putting her off guard for what he did next: pulled hard on the basket in her hands; not letting go, the girl tumbled onto him.

“Tabor please!” She said, her voice a mixture of fright and strained politeness.

“Whaaat? What’s wrong?” he asked teasingly, winking.

She attempted to rise off of him, but he suddenly rolled over onto her, pinning the girl to the ground. Autumn pushed and squirmed under him as hard as she could, toppled basket forgotten as he pressed her into the thick, wildflower-dotted grass.

“Stop it! What are you doing??? Get off of me!!!”

But Tabor didn’t respond, only caught her hands, now holding her wrists firmly above her head, and easily stopped the rest of her struggles with his body pressing onto hers. He looked into her eyes for a moment, then leaned forward and nibbled on her ear, his hot breath washing over her before sinking his teeth into the side of her neck. She was stricken to silence by his wolfish gaze and shivered as he bit her, hard enough to feel as though he were going to break the skin.

“If – If you don’t get off and – and let me go… I’ll scream.” She said, her voice shaking uncontrollably.

“Please. We’re in the middle of the woods. Do you honestly expect anyone to hear you?” He snapped. He held both of her wrists in one of his hands, sat up, and began to unbutton his shirt. It felt as if Autumn’s heart was going to beat out of her chest as the fact she’d been trying to push out of her thoughts forced herself into her awareness. She looked into his eyes, searching for the humanity,

“Please don’t… Please… Just let me go…”

“I’m sorry love, but no. You’re going to stay here and play with me for a while, remember?”

“Are you fucking serious???” she shouted suddenly, “This – this isn’t playing! This is – this is rape!”

He finished unbuttoning his shirt, took it off, and moved to lift her dress, pushing her harder to the ground as she snapped at him. Then she froze, pleading again,

“I’ll – I’ll talk to you! We could talk more! Just don’t do thiiiss!”

“Why call it rape?” He asked, completely ignoring her second comment, “Doesn’t ‘playing’ just sound nicer?”

“Those are two completely different things!”

Autumn trembled violently as he undressed her, and let go of her arms so that he could pull the dress completely off of her, but with the release of her wrists, she landed a hard smack across his face, and then quickly retracted her hand, startled at what she’d done and the repercussions. As somewhat expected, he immediately smacked her across the face even harder in response. She choked back a sob as he pinned her arms again.

“No. Bad. You will not do that again.”

He seized her wrists again, this time digging his fingernails into them.

“Anyway, why does it matter what I call it? It’s still going to happen, so you might as well enjoy it.”

Autumn glared hatefully behind the tears in her eyes, but otherwise didn’t respond.

“I mean really,” he continued “you’re only making it worse for yourself.”

Tabor stood up, still holding her by the arm. “Take off my pants. I would do it myself, but you’d just run off when I got up,” he says.

“And if I refuse?” Autumn asked quietly, making direct eye contact and still sitting on the ground. He paused for a moment before answering,

“Then I’ll make this painful for you… Well… More painful.” He pulled her to her feet, but she said nothing, rising up as he pulled her, head down and trembling slightly as she unbuttoned his pants, masking her hesitation by wiping away a tear before tugging them down and quickly averting her gaze.

“Gooood. See, that wasn’t so bad, was it?” Tabor said, smiling again as he took off his boxers, turning her back to face him. “But what’s this? You’re still not naked.” He unclasped her bra, slipping it off her shoulders, and slid her panties down, both of which were just as red as her dress. She shuddered again, still trembling although the evening was warm, instinctively covering her body with her hands, hiding from his prying, lustful eyes. She closed her eyes as he ran the tips of his fingers over her smooth shoulders, moving down to her hands, which he took and moved away from her body. He seemed to approve of what he saw.

“Why – why can’t you just l-leave me alone? Please… just let me go… I’ll give you food – money – if you could find some use for it!”

“I think I can do well enough with regard to food on my own; you know as well as I that money is completely useless to me here.”

He pulled her close to him, to the point that their bodies touched as he murmured hotly in her ear, “Sorry, but you’re not going to get out of this.”

Autumn’s eyes widened at his words, and his scarily sizeable cock poking her lower belly. She eventually managed to whimper, “Please… Be… Don’t – just don’t make it hurt more than it has to. I’m still a… a v-virgin…”

“Oh, is that sooo?” he crooned, sounding sympathetic, “Don’t worry, it won’t hurt… much.”

Tears silently streamed down her face as she shut her eyes, waiting to get it over with. She tensed as she felt his hot fingertips on her chin, tilting her head up.

“Come on, why don’t you give me a kiss?” he asked gently. But when she forced her eyes open, looking into his rather attractive blue ones, all the anger had left, and all that remained was terror. She couldn’t move to follow his request.

He leaned forward and kissed her on the lips before slowly moving back again.

“Kiss me back.” He said, kissing her again, this time harder. Autumn was at least thankful for his close proximity as she reluctantly complied, pursing her lips ever so slightly, eyes squeezed shut.

“Theere we go.”

He released her arms from his grip, moving one hand to her sizable breast and the other to her round ass, giving each a squeeze before suddenly falling with her to the ground. Autumn cringed as he fell atop her, moreso at his cock pressing so eagerly against her nook than his weight. She couldn’t help but feel a familiar tingle upon contact though, and she flushed furiously at the thought of actually enjoying this.

“Ready?” he asked excitedly, but didn’t wait for an answer before repositioning himself for easier access to her tender regions, and began to press forward.

“Nnnnggghhh-!” she cried softly, writhing below him, then slowly louder, her vagina being opened by something much larger than her previously explorative fingers – “Oh gog, – this is really happening isn’t it?” She thought, eyes watering.

He suddenly pushed hard, his manhood sinking deep into her despite any resistance her virgin orifice gave. She burst into tears with a scream as her hymen ripped open, his cock completely inside of her.

“No! Nooo! Please just stop, just take it out!” she cried.

“Oh, okay!” He said, pulling out and sitting up. “Why didn’t you ask earlier?”

She panted, staring at him, “The f-fuck?” she sobbed, pulling her knees up to her chest, “You- you said that I had to do this!” she shook uncontrollably, attempting to rise to her feet and to get from under him.

“Oh. Well if you’re going to be like thaat…” He taunted, pushing her back to the ground and stretching her out again to reenter her.

“Nooo! No moore! P-please-”

She shrieked as he impaled her so suddenly, beginning to pump in and out yet again, but this time playing with her love nib. “You suuure?” he asked teasingly. She gasped, not realizing how engorged and ready her tiny clitoris had become.

“D-don’t…” she pleaded. He thrusted deeply, continuing to pleasure her with his finger, “Don’t whaaat?”

“D-… Ohh!” She snapped her eyes shut, her face suddenly hot with shameful embarrassment at the noise she’d just made. She didn’t finish though… At least it took her mind off the relentless stretching and splitting sensation that was being inflicted inside her tight canal.

“Ohoho, what’s that, you like this now?” he teased again, leaning forward and nibbling on her cheek a little. Autumn turned her head, biting back the retort that was on the tip of her tongue, not wanting to risk him losing his temper and fucking her harder; instead she let the pain take over again, suppressing the pleasure she felt. Oh she shouldn’t be liking this, she really shouldn’t… But it was near impossible to ignore the waves of pleasure that crashed upon her nerves.

Tabor again pressed his lips to hers, pushing his tongue into her mouth before withdrawing to speak,

“Oh fine, if you don’t want to get any enjoyment out of this, you don’t have to.” And with that, he removed his hand from between her legs. She lifted her head slightly, only to see the only source of pleasure given to her taken away before resuming her limpness, letting her head fall back to the ground. She shut her eyes, wincing with each tearing thrust. She could bear it. She could! It would all be over once he came, then…then if he didn’t kill her – and tears sprang out anew at the thought – she could go home, where it was safe.

“You’re no fun. Give me some reaction. Thrust back or something.” He said.

Once she gave no response, he began pumping faster, causing ever the more tearing. She cried out again, vision nearly failing as the agony suddenly fluctuated.

“Okay okay okay!!!” She yelped, and then whimpered, sighing with relief as his pace slowed. Cringing with every movement, she really wished he would tend to her again. But alas, he didn’t read minds, and probably wouldn’t comply anyway as punishment. So she just lay there, taking it repeatedly before she felt that she couldn’t handle it any longer.


He continued thrusting for some time before answering,


“Could… C-could you…?” and she motioned to the area that was being pounded away at, making a small, timid circular motions.

“Mmm, change your miiind, did you?” he purred. He slowed his fucking slightly, and began to make the same circular motions, smirking knowingly as she exhaled exasperatedly, eyes fluttering closed, this time in relief. He watched her like that for a moment, his smirk growing into a sadistic smile as he suddenly returned to his former pace – if not rougher – tearing into her. She inhaled sharply, crying out, pained tears rolling again.

“W-why… why would you doo that?” she sobbed brokenly.

“I like to see you in pain…” He said, winking.

“You’re… you’re terrible…” she choked, causing his eyes to narrow.

“If you really want me to be terrible…” he began, stopping the pleasuring with his fingers, and took a breath as he began to pound her harder than ever. Autumn suddenly went limp, her pelvis even relaxing, and he slowed to realize that she’d passed out from the pain. Sighing irritably, he withdrew.

“Well fuck.”

And he began to occupy himself by playing with her various jiggly parts until she awoke. After an unknown amount of time, Autumn surfaced from the forgiving, unfeeling blackness of unconsciousness, only to find Tabor seated atop her, squeezing and fondling her plump breasts.

“Noooo…” she cried quietly. He looked up, grinning, continuing the fondling.

“You’re awake! How was your little nap?”

“Are… are y-you done yet?”

Tabor’s smile disappeared, and he resumed a more predatory expression, squeezing her breast particularly hard as he continued just as giddily, “Well if you’d rather I start fucking you again, I’d be more than happy to do so.”

“N-no! I- I meant done with – with everything! With me! …You can’t keep me here forever…” she added quietly. He paused, his gaze never leaving her, “You know… that’s not a bad idea…”

Autumn felt absolutely numb. She had no idea why the thought of being this boy’s sex slave didn’t horrify her… Perhaps she had been reading too much smut, or was jaded by this inkling that only added to the list of impossible things she thought would never occur today. Her mind drifted to cases of Stockholm syndrome, but immediately repressed the thoughts of developing feelings of affection to this feral boy. She opened her eyes when she felt his hands beneath her arms, lifting her and turning her around before pushing her back down, this time onto her knees.

“Hmmm… you don’t seem to be too opposed to that.” He observed.

The girl didn’t even struggle anymore as he began to mount her. She spoke in an emotionless tone, “So if I’m being kidnapped as your fuck toy, what are you going to do when you grow bored of me?”

He suddenly plunged himself deep into her sex, causing her to gasp from the suddenness of it.

“Oh noo…” he says soothingly, stroking her hair softly, “I wouldn’t make you my fuck toy! We’re friends aren’t we? We’ll do all sorts of fun things! We can frolic in the meadows, explore the woods…” he suddenly grasped her roughly and thrusted in the same fashion as he added with his dominant tone, “But of course, yes, we will fuck.”

Autumn was surprised at how much less prominent the pain was the second time – not much, but a noticeable difference – for when she began to sob quite pitifully it was because of his words, “F-friends?” she asked quietly, brokenly, “Friends? That’s what you call this? Friends don’t ravish each other. Equals don’t ravish each other, Tabor!”

“What would you rather I call us – master and slave? I’ve already told you; I like the friendly words more.”

Thrust, thrust, thrust.

“It would at least be not as unpleasant if we considered ourselves friends, wouldn’t it?”

Autumn didn’t respond.

Fuck, fuck, fuck.

“Mmm… just stop resisting… Enjooy it… I know you want tooo…”

She had already been stifling herself since the position had changed and the pain lessened. She couldn’t do anything about it anyway… Maybe he was right… Maybe she should just give in… But before the thought was even finished, Autumn was already moaning.

“Yess, gooood. Let it out… embrace the pleasure.” He purred, fucking her faster and faster. Autumn was thankful he couldn’t see her face as she reached a sudden plateau of pleasure. Her cheeks grew hot and she screamed pleasurably. “Aaahhh!” she exclaimed, toes curling as she reached orgasm tinged with red-hot, bloodied pain. She could feel Tabor on her – in her – shuddering from the pleasure her swiftly undulating muscles caused him. He kept pounding her, each thrust becoming more and more erratic as the very same contractions drove him to climax as well as he spewed his hot seed into her.

She yelped in surprise as she felt the hot, sticky fluid jet into her, and she trembled as his deeper, climactic thrusts brush the magic spot in her nook’s wall. She shuddered violently as she rocketed to yet another orgasm, her body shaking with pleasure as he continued to plow into her. Exhausted, Tabor slowly stopped thrusting – except for a few blissful jerks – and pressed her down flat into the grass with his weight as he rested atop her. “W-wait! Please, please keep going – more, just – one… more,” she moaned, disbelieving the words that were leaving her mouth as the flexing of her second climax rolled through her, still squeezing him tightly.

“Wait, what…?” he exclaimed with surprise, but did grin a bit as he pressed himself as close to her as possible, then pumping his hips. That movement was all she needed, as she is reduced to a quivering form beneath him, spent beyond all endurance. As Tabor felt her come yet again, he collapsed onto her, holding her close in an embrace. She panted heavily beneath him, for a moment before her eyes snapped open, realizing what had just occurred, and scrambled from under him, desperate to get away, remembering that this was not initially her choice… She stopped about a meter from him, holding herself tightly with her legs to her chest, gazing at him from behind her knees.

Tabor simply looked up, but made no move to come after her.

“See? Being friends isn’t that bad after all, is it?”

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