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Vacation to Heaven

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. All characters are the work of the author’s imagination and any similarity to actual persons or places is coincidental or used fictitiously. This is a copyrighted work which may not be reproduced in part or in whole without the author’s permission. All characters are 18 years of age or more.


School break lay only a week away and I was looking forward to it immensely. The end of the term fell right before a two-week vacation, the time everyone’s family took a vacation. But this year my dad had to work, so I was stuck in New York.

My dad is an investment banker and he has to work all the time. I never get to do much of anything.

“Sucks, man. That we don’t get to do anything while everyone else is off in the tropics somewhere.” The speaker was my friend Jack. He stood at a tall six feet and had the body of a Greek god. Well-defined pecs, a great six-pack—the whole bit. I had even seen his dick in the locker room. It was a well-shaped five inches, soft.

I’m bisexual and I knew it, but it was imperative that nobody else did. If the people at my school caught wind of something like that, I’d never hear the end of it. So I just stuck to having girlfriends: I had never had an experience with a guy.

“I know. You’re not doing anything over break either?”

“No—the folks are going to Canada and they want to leave me here with the bitch.” The bitch was his sister, Sue Ellen. She treated him like she was his nanny.

I remembered the ranch in a burst of brilliance. My dad had, on impulse, bought a huge ranch out in Kentucky only a month ago. He had never been to Kentucky and still hasn’t; we aren’t country people and we won’t become country people, but my dad doesn’t seem to realize that. Still, it might be a nice getaway.

“Why not come to that new place my dad bought in Kentucky? Get David on board. He’s not doing anything.” So it was set. David, Jack and I comprised a clique and we were great friends. This would be a killer break. We were eighteen-year-old high school seniors and we could do anything.

My dad was only too eager to let us have the place. Our goodbyes and have-funs and be-goods over with, we took off for Cincinnati. After a harrowing flight and an endless drive out to the middle of nowhere, the car slowed to turn into a large, opening gate.

My friends and I gazed at this alien scene. There were horses grazing in the large field and cattle off in the distance. Not a skyscraper in sight. We were fast approaching the oversized house and stopped abruptly. The inside was not unlike any house back home, so upon claiming our rooms and hastily dropping our luggage on the beds we dashed outside with the urgency of a medical crew on the call. We just had to see a landscape.

To the left of the house was a big open field that went on for miles, with cattle and horses and goats scattered about. Since nobody took care of them, they lived as in the wild, returning to one of the shelters at night of their own accord. It seemed an appealing, if simple, lifestyle. To the right stood a forest. It was open and inviting, with a path leading right into it. The three of us lingered a while, and finally sauntered back inside with growing anticipation. We would have admired the grounds longer but dusk was setting in and spoiling the image. The cheery forest became a foreboding jungle and the field of natural placidity filled with creeping shadows. The day was gone.

We hung around for a bit; I checked Facebook relentlessly, as usual. Our thoughts were on tomorrow: we would head out into the forest first thing in the morning.

First thing in the morning came and went. Since I’m always the early riser, my ceaseless boredom at last came to an end when Jack stumbled into the kitchen around ten. I showed him the bowl of cereal I had poured earlier for him, now a pile of mush in lukewarm milk. Chuckling, he dumped it in the sink.

“That shit reeks, dude.”

“Tell me about it.” This seemed more of a riposte in my head.

“Point taken, but not everybody’s some kind of freak who wakes up at six. We’ll go just as soon as I have breakfast.”

I waited further and we departed. (David claims to have woken up as soon as we left: “If you’d only given me more time,” was his excuse.)

Jack and I set out to go exploring on the trail through the woods. He moved quickly and I struggled to keep up. Calling from the top of a ridge, he shouted, “There’s a pool here, I can see it just a ways below. I’ll meet you there.”

I would have been content to stay and bathe in my own sweat if only I could sit down a moment, but I pressed on so as not to lose face. Besides, the cool water would feel great in this dry heat.

It’s not that I’m out of shape, I just don’t handle heat well. I work hard on my abs and, while they may not be as great as Jack’s, they’re something to be proud of. I’m five-foot-eight with a skinny build.

When I arrived at the embankment, I saw Jack in the pool below. I hurried over and noticed his clothes tossed casually on the rocks. The pool was little more than a slow spot in a stream, which was perfect because it kept the water fresh and clean. I rid myself of my sticky clothes and walked, naked, to the water, unsure of whether or not to just ignore my rather large, swinging cock. I chose to ignore it as best I could.

The water was warmer than I expected and I got right in. Right away Jack asked me if I was still hurting over my recent breakup with a girlfriend. I really didn’t care and said as much.

“You’re a very strong kid, Matt,” he said. “Come here and give me a hug.” He grinned as though I should be in on some joke. I was not in on any joke.

Skeptical, I asked, “What are you, gay? Wouldn’t that be a bit awkward?”

“Only if you make it awkward.” What did he mean by that? “Come on.” I stood my ground. “Afraid?”

I was very afraid. I’d gotten pretty good at controlling boners in locker rooms and all, but this was different. But that one jibe was all it took for me to set aside my inhibitions and push the water aside as I went over for a hug. If I knew Jack, he had some ulterior motive for this, and I was better off just playing along.

The embrace was difficult in the water, but we managed. Too late I noticed the twinge. My uncontrollable urge kicked in and my penis was hardening. I pulled back just a moment too late. He had felt it. I was mortified.

But I felt something warm and firm on my leg. It was his erection. He was getting hard too.

I pulled back and looked at him in astonishment. He just smiled. “What do you want to do about that?” he teased coyly.

Catching his tone, I replied, “Maybe another hug.”

We held each other with less reserve this time and kissed, our hands exploring the other’s back, our tongues his mouth. Years of pent-up sexual tension came out all at once. He broke away and led me by the hand up to a wide, smooth rock on the shore. He gave me a peck on the lips and moved his attentions down my torso, pausing before he got to my cock. It was now at its full mast of 7.5 inches, with the head just past my belly button.

I ran my fingers through his damp, blonde hair. He placed his tongue delicately on my glans and looked at me with those deep blue eyes. I melted and precum oozed out, dripping onto my hairless stomach. I always keep my body hair to a minimum, save for the armpits and a patch near the base of my dick. I like to be smooth.

His talented tongue flicked under my cock head and lifted it up into his mouth. Now helping with his hand, he ran his lips back and forth over my ridge before establishing a pumping motion. This was a fabulous blowjob. I sat up as he sucked me deep and pleasured my head with his tongue and I felt his tan back all the way down to the ass.

His buttocks were firm globules of muscle and apparently he held the same beliefs as me regarding hair. His pubic hair was brown, even though the rest was blonde. He continued sucking me and took my full length into his mouth, my dick going all the way into his throat, and swallowed. He really knew how to use his mouth. A groan slipped out.

I spread his cheeks and pushed a finger into his ass as he squeezed my dick harder in his mouth. I began to finger him in rhythm with his sucking and gradually added more fingers, but I couldn’t take it any longer. I was going to cum if this kept up and it was way too early for that. So I pulled him off my dick despite his resistance and made my way toward his.

It was a magnificent sight. Beautifully proportioned and with a very defined head it stood at a proud eight inches. I rubbed my face in his rock-hard abs and took his cock into my mouth. I tried to fit it all in but couldn’t, even with all the saliva I could muster. I tried to make up the difference with my hand, stroking his shaft as I pleasured his tip. I glanced up to see him in bliss. Despite all the complaining girls do, a blowjob feels just as good from the other end: I just kept trying to feel his dick on every surface in my mouth.

I let go to focus briefly on his ballsack. I licked one giant testicle through the skin and toyed with the other using my hand. His prick rested on the tip of my nose. When I was through with that and returned to the cock, he helped me out a bit, pushing my head as far as it would go, so my nose was in his pubic hair and his cock rubbed my throat. It felt like its outline was visible on the back of my neck.

After some more pumping on his part and licking on mine, he tensed up and his cock bulged subtly, before jizz came spurting out. The first shot coated my mouth and subsequent cum spurted onto my face. Spent and softening, he helped me up and kissed me harder than before, tasting his cum in my mouth.

I knew what was to come next. I directed him to turn around and knelt, putting my face in his ass. The remaining cum on my face wiped onto his solid buttocks. I focused in and licked his hole as he bent over on all fours. It had the sweet taste of attraction. I licked and licked and inserted a finger here and there to help. When his hole was fully wet, I prepared my cock with a few strokes and pushed it in slowly. I went in and out a few times and started to speed up. I couldn’t see his expression but I could hear it. He groaned emphatically with each push and breathed as though his ass were directly connected to his lungs.

As I began to pump him harder, I flipped him over, his back on the warm rock, and fucked fast. I pushed my cock in and out. His tight asshole gave me immense pleasure. He smiled up at me and I returned the expression. We were both in heaven right now.

I bent over and kissed him; now the taste of his cum, mouth and ass were all mixed in one and it was all over both of us. As we made out I got closer to my own orgasm and put my hands behind his back to pull him tight as I spurted. The first one went deep in his ass, giving a warm feeling to us both. Then I pulled out and the remaining cum sprayed his cock and abs. I licked every last drop off and quickly sucked his cock, which was hardening once again. I then moved down to his ass and ate my cum directly from it.

Unwilling to miss out on this, he picked his head up and kissed me, trying to salvage all the fluid he could from my mouth. When we’d finished, I knew it was my turn to be fucked.

I lay down and pulled my legs up to give him easy access to my ass. He tongued the orifice deep and it felt amazing. I thought there could be no feeling greater than a rimjob. He began to finger me and I clenched around his fingers. I was very tight, but he managed to loosen my hole enough to slip his cock in.

It filled me up in a way I cannot describe. He pushed deeper and each inch brought me closer to cumming again. He kept pushing until he was all the way in, then he slowly started pulling out. With gradually faster motions, he began fucking me. It felt great to allow him fully into my most private orifice and he continued thrusting in me for a while. Each time he went in his balls slapped on my ass, as if completing the maneuver.

From this position on my back I could see his body the best: his chiseled jaw and masculine chin offset by his boyish eyes, his broad shoulders and defined chest, each side topped with a nipple, sloping toward a narrow waist adorned with six distinct muscles. Near his groin I saw the muscles sloping inward, as if to showcase his penis, but the rest was obscured by my legs.

As his strokes increased in frequency and he began groaning with each, I felt him coming close again. In an unexpected burst he erupted deep inside me and pushed even farther than I thought possible. As he blasted in wave after wave he gently caressed my flaccid dick. I could never have been happier than at that moment, full of his cum, covered in his cum, with him still inside me.

As he pulled out and we both rinsed off in the pond, I said, “This is going to be a fun couple of weeks.”

He concurred and we headed off to the house to take a nap.

After much complaining, Jack and I took David out on the trail. We kept shooting each other glances as we approached and passed the place where we had sex. I couldn’t stop thinking about it as I admired his body from behind.

David knows how to cook, so he made us some dinner which we practically inhaled, concerned less with taste and more with our intense hunger. Then Jack said he would drive across the pasture to the other side of the stream for a quick swim in the Land Rover in the garage (it must have come with the house). I could tell he wanted to fuck again, so I quickly agreed to go with him. But David wouldn’t be left out and we couldn’t do anything in front of him, so we were stuck.

Back at the house idly browsing the web, I was surprised to see a text from Jack: “Meet me in my room tonight. 2:15 PM.” This time it couldn’t fail and I would finally get more of that delicious cock in me. I quickly deleted the text for fear of detection.

The evening wore on and my friends retired in succession. Jack went up first at 11:30 and David followed around midnight. I knew I couldn’t sleep if I tried, so my plan was to go to bed at 1:00 and wait an hour so as not to seem suspicious. Since there were only three of us and the bedrooms were so far apart in this spacious house I really didn’t need to be so discreet, but I was nervous.

When the time came, I walked slowly down the stairs to Jack’s bedroom on the second floor, pretending I was James Bond just for effect. When I got there, I opened the door, ensuring it wouldn’t squeak, and shut it again. Jack sat up in bed immediately.

“That you?” he whispered furtively.

“No, it’s the KGB. I’ve come to take you away.” I have a healthy sense of sarcasm. He interrupted me stifling a laugh at my own joke with a pillow that came out of nowhere. I crept over and lay down in bed with him.

“That sex was so hot today,” I said as casually as I could.

“I know. I’ve been wanting you for a while now.”

“Have you ever been with a guy before?” I hoped he was as inexperienced as me.

“No, it was my first time. Yours too?”

“Yep.” I grabbed his cock and changed my tone. “I want some more of this.”

“Don’t let me stop you,” he replied, bringing his body above the covers. He wasn’t wearing any pajamas.

I grasped the base of his dick with my left hand and placed my right on his stomach for support. The size of his meat awed me, even though I’d seen it only hours before. I started off with a big motion and took in almost his entire length. His manhood filled my mouth for a moment before retreating to my lips while I pleasured the head with everything I had. Simultaneously, my hand stroked his now-wet shaft.

Once I had sucked him for a minute or two, he began adjusting and turning as he placed his hands on his hips. He lifted me up and maneuvered my cock into his mouth, so now I was laying on top of him in the sixty-nine position. His warm mouth felt sensational on my already-hard member. I timed my downward motions to suck his dick with his upward motions on mine—from the side we must have looked like a see-saw.

“Hey, guys,” came a timid vocalization from the doorway. We both froze immediately and pulled away. It was David. How long had he been there?!

“I saw what you were doing.” His words were accusing but his voice wasn’t. As I silently lamented my imminent ruin when he told our entire school we were gay, he continued. “I don’t want to stop you. I want to join.”

I was floored; this trip was beginning to sound like a porno. Without waiting for a reply, he came up and put his lips on my dick. His mouth was as warm as Jack’s, so he rubbed the inside of his cheeks more on the sides of my meaty cock. I helped him off with his clothes, and for the first time I noticed how attractive he was. He had short brown hair and a very masculine complexion with classic features; his strong chin only made this more evident. His body was thin but had appropriately-placed muscles. He looked like a statue from ancient Rome. Now he sucked me off passionately.

Jack, not about to be ignored, brought his head to mine and kissed deep. Our tongues intermingled as they had earlier today and he still tasted faintly of cum. Maybe it was from this morning, maybe it was from sucking my cock just now. I didn’t care. He adjusted, crouching over David with his ass tantalizingly close to the boy’s head. Nobody’s mouth was free to express our mutual satisfaction with but a nasal moan.

As we kissed, I stroked Jack’s dick slowly from the ridge to his pubes until I could take it no more and broke the connection of our lips to have him in my mouth again. He got on his side and took David into his mouth. It wasn’t long before we pleasured one another in perfect synchronization in our blowjob triangle: down all the way to the base of the dick, swallow once or twice, pull back up, lick the head and stroke the shaft. It was bliss for us all.

David was the first to break the rhythm. He rubbed my cock all over with his palms so I never knew where he would go next, heightening my excitement, while he licked each ball and fondled them together. Tingles ran down my spine when he abruptly shifted focus to my ass. Jack was now sitting and I got on all fours to allow David a better angle. He licked and fingered, fingered and licked. I was ready for his cock long before he was ready to put it in, and his fingers felt a poor substitute next to his significant length. I continued sucking Jack.

At long last David got on his knees and, with one final lick, shoved it in all at once. It came deep up inside me and I pushed back to meet him so I wouldn’t miss a millimeter. The eight inches up my ass felt like miles. He pulled out and pushed in again. It felt farther than before and I tried to suck in my breath sharply (in fact, Jack’s cock was in my mouth and my quick suction sent him to cloud nine). Without warning, David started fucking me hard and quick. I wanted him more with each stroke.

Jack sat up on his knees and took control of the blowjob. He held my head in place and pumped just as hard as David was pumping from the back. I was only too happy to oblige my holes to these two beautiful boys. They leaned in and kissed above me, and some excess saliva dropped onto my back. “There’s probably a name for this on Urban Dictionary,” I thought in a bout of euphoria-induced randomness.

As they spit-roasted me (that’s the name I was thinking of), I tried to clench my anus and throat at the same time, so I could bring both my friends to orgasm. Soon, though, Jack had finished with my mouth and hastened over behind David. He quickly primed David’s asshole and shoved in. Now as David pulled out of me with each stroke, he pushed Jack into him. Each direction brought him a different pleasure. To top things off, he reached around my leg to stroke my cock. This was the closest kind of threesome fucking.

David couldn’t last long like this, and, not wanting to end our fucking frenzy, he pulled out of me just in time not to go past the point of no return. I sat down on the bed and directed him to my lap. The entry was quick and easy thanks to Jack’s having been there already. I held him in the air and continued the pounding of his ass while Jack got right up to David and leaned forward. Their bodies pressed together and they made out and rubbed their cocks. I masturbated both dicks with one hand and caressed Jack’s back with the other.

With David in the middle of Jack’s and my embrace, none of us could hold back much longer. Jack was the first to cum, all over David’s cock and stomach. His semen coated the sun-bronzed skin. Then David added his spunk to the mix brewing on his body, just as I pulled out for good and gave my cock some final attention from my hand. I went all over David’s face, having laid him down on the bed. Now he was coated in all the cum that our amazing sex had produced.

No sooner had we jizzed on him than we started licking it up. I cleaned off his and Jack’s cocks quickly and licked the last drops from his abdomen. As I looked up, Jack was thoroughly cleaning David’s cum from his chest. As David basked in the spunk on his face, Jack and I came down and got it all up in one long three-way kiss. We licked one another’s faces and explored each other’s mouths with our tongues, determined not to let the tiniest amount of jizz go to waste.

Finally satisfied, with softening dicks, we lay down together, still naked and sticky from cum and saliva, in one big heap. I could tell this would be the best vacation ever.


Note: Thanks for reading my story. It’s the first erotic story I’ve every written—just something I did for fun over a couple of weekends. I’m happy to hear your feedback as I hope to become a better writer (but not a professional one, I’m afraid).

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