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Sherilynn’s Final Stop

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“Sheri, wake up, baby.” Rebecca’s soft voice wakes me out of my confusing dream-nightmare of spinning trees and giants waving their arms. I struggle to open my eyes, and my right eye partially opens to see the bright sun shining directly into my eye. I’m immediately blinded, and scream from the pain, then it fades as the throbbing agony in my head registers on my dulled senses.

“Oh, geez, what did I drink last night?” I ask myself, mumbling incoherently. “My head….”

“Sheri, you’ve got to wake up, darling. It’s important,” Rebecca’s voice again.

“Oh, Rebecca, please, I’ve got such an awful headache. Can’t I just sleep a little longer? Can you snuggle me?” I plead. There’s no answer from my love. I try to open my eyes again, and still only the right eye opens, and only partially at that. My head shifts slightly, judging by the bolts of pain shooting through my head anyway. At least that keeps the sunlight from blinding me. I feel cold, but the sun is warm on my face.

“Darn strange,” I wonder. “My bedroom is heavily shaded. I mean, our bedroom, I think.” Rebecca. Rebecca means “our bedroom.” But, in my mind, I see a solitary bedroom, in an apartment with no shade or view at all. Confusion. Fog in my head. Why am I so slow today?

My eye begins to focus through the small slit available to it. I see a patch of blue, and red, with a black fuzzy circle on top of it, slumped over. It means, what? The buzzing in my head increases, and blackness overcomes me….

….”Sheri, baby, breakfast is ready. C’mon out, I made your favorites!” Rebecca’s voice sings to me, and I roll out of our bed, and pad over to the kitchen. Rebecca’s waiting for me, and gives me a gentle hug, and a warm kiss that rekindles memories of the pleasures we’d shared the night before. “God, I love you, Sheri! You are the most wonderful thing to ever hit my life. Dig in, you’re going to need as much energy as you can get!” I smile back at her, and feel a squeeze in my heart at the thought of how much I love my Rebecca. And a dull pain in my head. “Odd,” I think. The scene fades out to….

….Rebecca holding up the covers for me. “Sheri, it’s cold out! Get under the covers, hurry! I promise, I’LL keep you warm!” Her plain beauty, expressed in her words to me, and her ever ready smile, warms me, and I crawl under the covers quickly, pressing myself against her smallish breasts and too wide hips, absorbing her feminine warmth, and love. We cuddle, and kiss, and I feel myself wetting under her touch, my pussy lubricating madly under her familiar touch. I feel so safe, so warm, so loved within her strong arms. We push against each other, no clothing impeding us, her firm thigh between my legs, I press my sensitive clit against her, and ride her, higher and higher, until the lights behind my eyes flash so, so brightly, the pleasure so ultimate that I feel I must die, must die, collapse to sleep, awake minutes later within her arms. To ready myself to please her, to finish her cum, her completion with me.

She mounts me from above, her hips across mine, her wet, hair-covered cunt rubbing against my more sparsely covered little pussy, rubbing and rubbing, at first up and down, then later around, around, dizzyingly, until her mouth opens, and drool and words spill out on me. “Oh, baby, baby, my sweet Sheri, that’s so good, OH, push against me again, YES, you’re my lover, you’re so wet and so hard under me, I’m FUCKING you, I’m INSIDE you, your pussy, wet, I’m CUMMING, I’m in you again, your taste on me, CUM with me, cum my sweet lover, cum in my pussy, YES, YES, SHERI SWEET, CUM, CUM WITH ME, CUM, OH, OH, YES, YESSSSSS!” Her body covering me, warming me, loving me.

“Sheri, that was so good, you’re the most wonderful, Sheri, PLEASE, BABY, this is SO IMPORTANT, you’ve GOT to wake up, you’ve got something to do….”

I look around me with my one open eye, but Rebecca is gone. I see instead a man in a light blue windbreaker, blood on his face, his dark hair tousled, slumped forward, motionless. In a car seat. No, a, PLANE seat! In my 1975 Beechcraft Bonanza, the passenger seat. But why is he bloody, why is he slumped over, why am I in this place?

“Rebecca!” No answer. “Rebecca!” again. No answer. Why does she tease me so? She had left me, vague memory among the vivid dream of our lovemaking. Must wake up, eat breakfast? NO! Make decisions, choices, my job. My job, make decisions and choices. What is my job? Waitress, yes. No, did that in college, I know I’m older now. In the military, yes, yes, that’s it. I’m a pilot, Air Force trainer. NO, no more. Vague, too vague, the fog….

….”Hi, mind if I sit here, looks like the other seats are taken.” The voice coming from an attractive, but not really beautiful Captain.

“Yes, Ma’am, please feel free to grace our table, and give us the latest scuttlebutt, if you don’t mind,” I replied, a lieutenant and pilot, just back from training some Academy cadets. “Word has it that the Defense Department is looking to cut back on Air Force personnel.” I looked at the Captain with a firm, steady gaze, and couldn’t help but notice her attractive face and body, maybe not fold-out material, but with an intelligent, attractive face. She gazed back at me with a look that made me feel that she could see into my mind, and into my moistening panties, too.

“Lieutenant, you’re probably better off sticking to facts and things you know for certain, than asking strange Captains for gossip,” she replied thoughtfully, but then smiled to signal there were no hard feelings at my inquisitiveness and breach of decorum.

“Yes, ma’am,” I replied, chastened. I was at a loss as to what to say at that point, but then she continued.

“You’re Lieutenant Barber, originally stationed at Davis-Monthan AFB in Tucson, right?” She asked.

“Uhh, yes,” I confirmed. “Sherilynn Barber, ma’am, you can call me Sheri if you like.”

“Sheri, I’m Captain Tranghese, but please, call me Rebecca! I heard about that little adventure you had, pulling a trainee out of a burning T-34. It was a good day’s work, lieutenant,” she said, her eyes showing her recollection of the story. “I knew you were courageous, but I didn’t realize that you were so young, and, umm, attractive.”

“Thank you, Rebecca,” I said again, though I didn’t know if I was thanking her for the praise or the compliment on my looks. It’s true, I did get more than my share of compliments, mainly because of my long blonde hair (as long as regulations would permit, anyway), clear complexion and “girl next door looks,” plus a reasonably attractive ass and tits. I looked at the Captain again, and found myself wondering what she’d look like in mufti, and for that matter if I WOULD see her out of uniform. I hadn’t seen her in the girl bars outside the base (WAAY outside the base – I didn’t need ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ cutting my career short), but that didn’t mean anything. Her next words did, though.

“Sheri, would you like to come over to my apartment for dinner tonight? I’d love to hear about that story, and other things….” Rebecca said, and the implication hung between us in the air. I was being propositioned by an attractive Captain. Since the dykes I’d met so far around this base were too butch for me (I love a firm woman, but 5 o’clock shadow is too butch, if you know what I mean), this sounded like an intriguing proposition, and I jumped on it.

“Rebecca, I’d love to see your place, and eat.” A slightly unconventional verb to use in response to a request to dinner, but I wanted to make sure there wasn’t any misunderstanding.

“Yes, to eat,” Rebecca repeated, and smiled. I knew then that we were on for a fuckfest, and my pussy lubricated wildly at the thought. We agreed on a time, and Rebecca gave me directions. I found myself on her doorstep right on time, wearing a short slinky polyester dress that ended slightly above my knees, semi-high heels and my turquoise and silver pendant and earrings that an old girl friend had given me. I decided to forego bra and panties, just in case. Hey, life is short, right? I had a bottle of my favorite white, one that I loved to share with ‘special’ friends.

Rebecca welcomed me in, and as she complimented me on my dress, she brushed her fingers over my shoulders, causing me to shudder with the pleasure of another woman’s touch. She noticed the shudder, and the way my eyes softened under her touch, and gestured for me to sit next to her on the brocade loveseat.

She opened the wine, and poured for us both, handing me my drink. I took a sip, then checked out her outfit. Rebecca had worn a camel-colored cotton blouse, and a matching skirt, longer than mine, just below her knee. Her calves and ankles looked adorable, and I wondered if they’d be wrapped around my ass later. I hoped so, anyway.

We talked about many things, and staff and officers we might have known in common, then she announced that dinner was ready. We both trooped out to the kitchen, and I helped her to plate out our meal, then we sat down to eat. Honestly, if I weren’t already a lesbian, I would have become one to get a chance at her cooking again! She had to be a world-class chef, and I surely don’t know how she did it, she never seemed to fuss much.

After dinner, we sat down to a zuppa inglese that just melted in the mouth. Yum! We talked a little more, then Rebecca brought up an officer friend of hers who’d been released due to being reported as a lesbian. Seems that she’s had an affair with an enlisted woman, and when the affair went bad, the enlistee reported her to senior staffers. Her mistake, of course, had been to have an affair out of ranks. That will get ANY officer discharged, male or female, homo or hetero.

I said then, “Between you and me, Rebecca, I’m afraid that persecution of gays is counter-productive. A lot of really good personnel live in fear due to that political mess. More than I can count.”

Rebecca said, “Yeah, I know a lot of lesbians, too….” I decided to take a chance, then. I leaned forward, as though I were going to whisper something. Her body language told me that I was doing the right thing, and she leaned forward, too. I kissed her then, and she returned my kiss warmly. Our bodies then, moved closer, and soon we had our arms around each other, passionately kissing and groping each other.

Her hand slipped down to my thighs. My legs were up on the loveseat, bent at the knees, so Rebecca found it easy to stroke my calves and thighs. Her hand eased up my skirt higher up my leg, and when Rebecca’s hand reached the point where she expected to find panties, and there were none, she gasped. I giggled, and we broke off our kiss.

“I was VERY attracted to you, Captain,” I said with a smile. “I came into this operation with high hopes.”

“Mission successful, Lieutenant,” Rebecca said with a grin, then spread my legs apart, which caused me to lay back on the armrest. She pushed her face down close to my wet pussy, and lightly petted my pink labia, and the few hairs growing around my small hole. She sniffed at my cunt, then dabbed at it with her tongue, eventually running her rough tongue along my lips, then circling it around my already stiff clit at the top of my cleft. She settled down to licking over and around my hot little nubbins, causing my ass to jump, and she began to finger fuck me with her middle finger, in time with her clit licking.

I was cumming in no time. “Oh, god, Rebecca, your tongue is SO HOT and HARD! I love feeling you lick and fuck me! Fuck my hot hole with your sweet finger, and lick my hard clit! OH! YES! YES! FUCK! LICK ME! LICK! UHH, UHH!!” I could feel my juices running out of my pussy, all over her finger, and onto her loveseat. I hoped it wouldn’t stain, but I was too weak to move.

After we had rested a few minutes, Rebecca began stripping me, removing my dress, then standing and stripping for me. I loved looking at her short, curly brown hair as it framed her face so nicely, and she first removed the cotton top, baring her small, conically shaped breasts, then shimmying the skirt off her hips, revealing tan silk panties, with a major wet spot right at her crotch. She got back onto the loveseat, and lay on top of me, with her hips at mine, our breasts and stiff nipples kissing, and our lips and mouths dancing together passionately. I loved the feel and the taste of her tongue, so recently in my pussy, now penetrating my eager and willing mouth.

I felt Rebecca’s urgency, as she pressed her silk covered mound against my naked, bare cunt, again and again. I slid my hands down inside the back of her panties, and rubbed and squeezed her smooth, full, warm buttocks, turning me on again. I really loved Rebecca’s sweet ass, and later, many was the night I would spend licking her hot bottom, and the delightful hole in its center.

That first night, after I pulled her panties down to mid thigh, she pressed her now exposed fur patch against my hole, and brought us both to cum after cum. I think I came at least a dozen times that night, and I fell in love with Rebecca, as she did with me. We decided to “share” a two bedroom apartment shortly after that, though one of the beds didn’t get much use!

About a year after we got together, the DOD (Department of Defense) had a RIF (Reduction in Force), and both Rebecca and I found ourselves out of the service. We weren’t too sad, because we knew that one of us would have been reassigned soon anyway, at which point we would have had to make a decision. A week after our RIF, Rebecca asked me to marry her, and I quickly said YES! Of course, as lesbians, it’s a little tough to get married per se, but we flew to Hawaii and were married by a Universal Life Church minister that Rebecca had known from a previous posting, and we enjoyed an idyllic week long honeymoon on the island beaches of Kaui.

I’d like to say that our honeymoon was the happiest time of my life, but honestly, every day with Rebecca was like heaven for me. She was always so sweet to me…

We loved Hawaii so much, that we decided to form a small (1 plane) inter-island courier service with a small inheritance of Rebecca’s. With me as the pilot, and Rebecca as the business manager, we were moderately successful, and after 5 years of this, we’d both never been happier. That was when Rebecca got a diagnosis of breast cancer, metastasized to other parts of her body. In many ways we became even closer during this period, the illness forcing me to learn to do the things that I had depended on her for, and I was happy to do so. Anything I could do to help shoulder her load I would do. We knew, though, that we’d need a miracle for Rebecca to survive….

….PLEASE, PLEASE, SHERI! WAKE UP! YOU’VE GOT TO-” Rebecca’s familiar voice, tinged now with panic. My satellite phone? She’s not here, can’t be here. The pain, like lightning, shooting through my head again, and I’m back in the half fog, half dream-world nightmare. My focus is clearing, my memory, and I find I can move my head to look around. I’m in the cockpit, what’s left of it, of our single engine Bonanza. It comes back to me, I had been on a courier flight from the Big Island to Maui, carrying some medical material, accompanied by a paramedic.

I rub my hand on the left side of my head, and with my right eye, I see that it’s covered with blood. I try to move my legs, and realize there’s no feeling. Now I remember the sudden loss of power over Maui, miles from the airport in a remote area, the rapid, uncontrolled descent, the crash into dense growths of trees. No emergency message sent out, no time. My passenger, I reach over to him, feel for a pulse. Thready and faint, but he’s still alive, just barely. So sleepy, I just want to dream….

….”The doctor says there’s at least a chance, Rebecca,” I said.

“”Sheri, I love you SO much. You’re my whole life, I’d do anything to make you happy. But you don’t understand how bad the pain is”….”I love you, too, Rebecca. I want to do anything you want. Just don’t leave me”….”We don’t always have choices, Sheri, honey”….

Now, I only want to sleep, and dream. Dream of Rebecca. Where has she been so long? Drifting, drifting, into a deep black ocean of sleep, my center growing cold, numb….

….fighting now, fighting, must do, what? Rebecca wants me, wants me to do, what? Only one thing I can do. I can’t move, I think I’m dying. Oh God, dying. Now I lay me down to sleep….is that right?….confused, fog descending again, dreamy mist of Rebecca.

Now it comes clear. I must try to make contact, let them know where we are. Radio….working? Dials working. Good. Power to radio. “MAYDAY, MAYDAY, MAYDAY, this is Island Trans Flight 1. We have crashed, repeat, we have crashed on Maui, approximately 7 miles inland from Kipahulu on the South Shore. We are a “Medical Flight for Life” flight, repeat, “Medical Flight for Life,” carrying 2 human hearts for transplant at Maui Memorial Hospital. My paramedic passenger has unknown injuries, his pulse is thready and weak, my injuries are unknown at this time. Please hurry, Oh God, please hurry…”

Faintly, as I fade out I hear, “Island Trans Flight 1, we copy. We are scrambling Air-Sea Rescue on your behalf, ETA 10 minutes. Hold on tight, ma’am. Hold on tight.” I dream, and remember….

….”Sheri, we’re so sorry for your loss. I know that Rebecca was your life, but you’ve got to carry on in her absence. Others were depending on you, and you’ve got to take charge”….Two years now. Loneliness, missing my Rebecca. Keeping it together somehow….

The sound of helicopters overhead. Rescue! “Rebecca, Rebecca, where are you,” I yell, though it only comes out as a croak. “Rebecca….”

“I’m here, darling, I’ve been here all along.”

I’m dying, aren’t I?” I ask.


“Can I go with you now, Rebecca?” I ask.

“Yes, darling, it’s your time. You saved three people with that call, Sheri. The two children who needed those hearts, and the paramedic. It was a good day’s work, my love.”

I look beside me at Rebecca’s smiling, shining face, and beyond her, to a bright light beckoning us both home.

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