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Using Kink to Seduce Aunt Karen Ch. 03

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This is the final episode of Hannah and her kinky relatives. The reader is encouraged to read the first two parts to fully understand the dynamic between Hannah, June and the rest of the interesting characters, some of which are based in true life! Have fun! Janey

The reader is encouraged to read parts 1 and 2 to fully understand the depravity of young Hannah, her new friends, and her budding relationship with her relatives! Now to part 3.


I drifted off to sleep after my long bike ride and a hot shower. It was the kind of refreshing nap that makes you feel energized and wonderful, the kind you get when you fall asleep in a hammock in the tropics. As I awoke and lazily climbed out of bed, I checked my phone for my texts and messages. Amongst the messages was a reply from June.

“Very hot, Hannah! You definitely have a future in cinematography! I’m so excited that your Uncle and Aunt are much like you! I will touch base with you later tonight about my new idea. Until then, I have emailed you the video from the second half of our wonderful day with Anita. Feel free to share with your Aunt and Uncle. I have a feeling I will be seeing you all very soon! Love, June.”

Really? She wants to meet Aunt Karen and Uncle Todd? I wondered just how June was going to manage this and I also became concerned that this was spiraling out of control. What if Uncle Todd and Aunt Karen freaked out? I mean, I knew they were closet sex freaks, but how did they feel about other people becoming involved? I didn’t know the answer to these questions but I figured that I had the power of youth, cunning and seduction on my side. I’d saved the video from June for later on in the evening. I knew it would be outrageous and it would go down even easier after a little red wine.

I overheard my Uncle talking downstairs about the Malones. Hmmm, I completely forgot that my Aunt and Uncle had friends coming over. What if they were swingers? What If they had group sex on their minds? What if they planned on seducing me? What if this nice little cottage style house was just a big facade for a sex palace? I would soon find out! I got cleaned up and figured I’d head down to help Aunt Karen with dinner preparations, but before I headed down the stairwell I quietly took a peek into my Aunt’s bedroom. I noticed that in the master bath, my bike shorts were laying on the floor, the bike shorts that I, purposefully, left on my bathroom floor. The same bike shorts that I had gushed pussy juice into while watching my Uncle spew his jizz onto the upstairs window. The same bike shorts that my Aunt was drooling over. And the shorts were turned inside out! Someone was being naughty! Just as I suspected. While I was sleeping, my Aunt probably sat on the floor in the bathroom, pulling on her jutting, brown nipples while she sucked the pussy juice out of the gusset of my shorts. Ha! What a slut she was. I was living with freaks!

“Aunt Karen, where are you?” I yelled as I descended the staircase. No answer. I proceeded out into the backyard. “Aunt Karen, you around?” I yelled again.

“Over here, Hannah. Picking lettuce. How was your nap?”

“Oh, Aunt Karen, it was the best nap, but I was wondering….where are the bike shorts that I wore today? I was going to wash them so I could wear them again tomorrow.” I wanted to see if I could perceive any guilt in her facial expression as she answered.

“Oh, they’re in the hamper in our bedroom. I picked them up already. Don’t worry about them,” she replied, without hesitation. “Why don’t you help me with the lettuce and the tomatoes?”

“Sure, okay, no problem,” I replied, and kneeled down by my Aunt to cut lettuce. As I was cutting the leaf lettuce beside my Aunt, the overpowering fragrance of sex consumed me. It was obvious that my Aunt hadn’t showered since she directed her squirting pussy into my Uncle’s mouth while watching the neighbor lady masturbate. The smell was intoxicating. I couldn’t concentrate on the conversation with my Aunt because the only thing that was on my mind was getting into her bald, fucking pussy! The smell of sex gave me a wicked idea.

“Aunt June, I’m going to go over and check to see if any cucumbers are ready. I’ll be right back.”

“Okay, take this bucket with you in case you see any that are ready.”

Little did she know the last thing I had on my mind was cucumbers. Actually, the smell of sex was the inspiration for what would be the next temptation I would throw my Aunt’s way. I kneeled down behind the cucumber trellis on the other side of the garden and undid the button on my shorts. I slid my right index finger down through the soft curls of my landing strip, past my clit and into my tight pussy. I initially worked 2 and then 3 fingers into my twat, getting juicier as I thought about what I was going to do to my Aunt. Pretty soon, I had a pool of juice in my palm. I took my other hand and spread the pungent fluid all over my inner wrist area. I then spit on my left middle finger and reached down between my legs and up to my anal rim. I worked the tip gently into my asshole, slowly advancing past my nail until I reached the middle knuckle. It felt so delicious and dirty. As my butt-hole loosened up, I plunged my finger in until it was buried. I wiggled the tip in my rectum for a few minutes until my pussy juice started to soak my shorts. As I withdrew my finger from my warm asshole, I could smell my pussy as it was clearly overheating. My finger was coated with ass-juice and I proceeded to rub it over my wrist that was already soaked with my pussy cream. When I had a good sample from both my ass and my pussy on the inside of my wrist, I pulled up my shorts and licked my fingers clean. “Ummm.” very nice, I thought to myself. “It will drive my Aunt crazy.”

“Hannah, did you find anything?” my Aunt yelled from across the garden.

“Yes I did!” I answered snidely, “just not big enough to pick!”

I walked over to the spot where my Aunt was now standing. She was carrying a large bowl full of lettuce and small cherry tomatoes. My face felt very flushed from my workout and Aunt Karen seemed to notice both my face and my khaki shorts.

“Are you okay, Hannah, you look flushed?”

“Oh yes, fine, fine.” Summoning up my courage as I walked, I took my right hand and lifted it up toward Aunt Karen’s face. “Aunt Karen, I’ve been meaning to ask you, what do you think of this new perfume I’m wearing? I really like it. What do you think?” Her hands were full, so she lowered her nose to my wrist, practically smearing her nose with the ass and pussy juice on my wrist. Her eyes widened as she took several deep, long sniffs.

“Mmmm, I really like that,” she said. “Where did you get that?”

“I’ll get you some…..I have a lot more,” I said softly, but inside I was screaming a loud victory cheer as I knew it was only a matter of time until I had her wearing my perfume all over her face.

“Maybe I should ask Uncle Todd whether he likes it,” I asked hesitantly.

“Oh, I think he would really love it,” Aunt Karen answered. “In fact, you should really smell some of his new cologne. He keeps it in the spare bedroom.”

Unbelievable. I couldn’t believe Aunt Karen was referring to Uncle Todd’s cum as his new cologne. We were talking dirty without really talking dirty. As we continued walking back toward the house, my confidence high, I just blurted out what I had wanted to say all week.

“Aunt Karen……about the video that you and Uncle Todd watched on my computer the other night?”

“Uhh, what video was that?” Aunt Karen replied cooly.

“You know, the video of my friend, June, pissing all over that horny, young girl’s asshole.”

“What! I have no idea!” she answered, obviously flustered and trying to act responsibly around her niece. She was getting defensive and I knew I might lose her for good, but there was no turning back now. I’d come too far.

“Oh you know, the one with the guy named Mike who had the great big, juicy cock. The cock which is even bigger than Uncle Todd’s. Don’t you remember watching Mike squeeze out those streams of cock cream onto Anita’s ass? Didn’t that have you creaming your pussy? Were you finger fucking yourself while you were watching it? I know i was fingering myself like crazy. How about when Mike licked up his wife’s piss? That was so-o-o-o hot!”

“I uh, umm, uh. I’m not really sure what to say, Hannah… I guess you caught us. But we’re really not interested in that kind of thing. We were just curious when we saw that on your computer. Your Uncle and I are not into those kind of things. We’re pretty conventional when it comes to our sex life.”

I saw an opportunity and jumped in, saying, “Oh, you mean conventional as in spying on the neighbor lady fucking herself with a black dildo while squirting your cum onto Uncle Todd’s wagging tongue?”

“Well, um, uhh.” Aunt Karen stammered.

“Or conventional like licking up Uncle Todd’s thick, white spunk off the glass window upstairs? That is very conventional. I know most people do that in their daily lives! Oh, and how many women that are your age, Aunt Karen, shave their pussies completely smooth, huh? Is that the way that Uncle Todd likes it, that kinky fucker?”

Aunt Karen was stunned. She’d been discovered. She tried to disavow my accusations but in the end she knew that she’d been found out. “Well, Hannah, your Uncle and I do like to have an active and healthy sex life and I’m sorry that we borrowed your computer and I’m sorry that we snooped and I’m also sorry that you discovered us spying on the neighbor.”

“And what about sucking my pussy juice out of the bicycle shorts that you lent me?” I continued the horny, verbal onslaught. “Did you do that as well? Suck on the juice and frig your bald, squirting pussy while you fantasized about Mike’s big cock, huh? What did you do with those shorts that were on your bathroom floor?”

“I, I, did lick them a little,” Aunt Karen quietly admitted.

“Then what did you do with them?” I continued questioning.

“I, umm, masturbated while I sniffed and sucked on them.”

“Did you squirt? Did you squirt like you did onto Uncle Todd’s face? Did you make your quivering pussy hole squirt all your hot juice?”

“Yes! Yes, I did! I squirted like a fucking fire hose!” Aunt Karen squealed. “I couldn’t help it. Sometimes I just get carried away…..I’m just freaky, that’s all……please leave me alone now.”

I continued to press her, “Or were you fantasizing about licking Anita’s hot asshole……or, perhaps, were you dreaming about my hot asshole, hmmmm? After all, this is what it tastes like!”

And with that, I lifted my wrist to my Aunt’s face once more. “Aunt Karen, why don’t you go ahead and taste my sweet ass juice? It’s mixed with pussy juice as well…..2 for the price of one!”

Aunt Karen tentatively stuck her tongue out and, while staring into my lusting eyes, she tasted the tangy combination on the wrist in front of her.

“Lick it!” I said emphatically. “Really lick it. I worked my shithole hard behind the cucumber trellis for all that juice. Aunt Karen, how many times have you worked your holes with cucumbers behind that trellis, huh? Plenty, I bet. As kinky as you are. Speaking of ass, why don’t we go back and watch part 2 of the video that June sent me? I haven’t seen it yet. What do you think? Maybe you, me, Uncle Todd and your dinner friends all sit down tonight for a little home movie action, huh?”

Aunt Karen pleaded, “Oh my God! No, no, no! Hannah, we can’t. Not the Malones. Our reputation would be ruined. I’ll do anything you want, but we can’t say anything to the Malones. What do you want from me? What do you want me to do?”

I thought for a moment. I really wanted to see my Aunt squirm while her friends watched the video, but that might be pushing too far. After all, my Aunt did say she’d do anything as long as the Malones were left out of it.

“Okay, Aunt Karen. We’ll have dinner with the Malones and I’ll be on my best behavior, however, there will be some special accessories to your outfit for the evening. All you need to do this afternoon is to really clean yourself out well, if you know what I mean.”

” I’m not sure I understand, Hannah,” Aunt Karen replied, with a kind of concerned tone in her voice.

” Well, give yourself several enemas this afternoon until you are really clean. It will add to the fun tonight.”

Aunt Karen looked incredulously at me. “You can’t be serious, Hannah.”

“Well, I guess we could see what the Malones think of June’s movies,” I said with a mischievous grin. “Aunt Karen, do you think the Malones are into hot piss sex? I know that it turns you on. What do you think Karen and Anita will do in part 2? I can’t wait to see what the Malones think!”

“Okay, alright, enough!” Aunt Karen exclaimed. “I’ll do it. I’ll do the enemas. Now, what is the dress code for the evening, although, I”m afraid to ask?”

“Oh, just something casual. It will be what’s on the inside that will be my doing. You let me worry about that.”

With that, my Aunt and I went into the house. I told Aunt Karen to fill in Uncle Todd on the plans for the evening. We were to have a nice dinner with the Malones. The evening would progress to watching June’s movie after the Malones left. What happened after that was anyone’s guess, but I was over the top with excitement. I was planning on making one stop prior to dinner and that was at The Cupid’s Lingerie, an upscale adult store that I had seen on the outskirts of Little Rock while riding my bike. Aunt Karen and Uncle Todd would be so worked up by the end of dinner that they would be begging me for sexual relief!!

“Aunt Karen, I’m taking the bike out for a ride. Is that okay?”

“Yea, sure, dinner will be at 6. The Malones will be here by 5:30,” Aunt Karen replied. She wondered why Hannah was even asking for permission given the exchange they had just had. Her mind was so mixed up. She wondered how to break the news to her husband, but, secretly, she knew he would be excited.

After a nice, relaxing 3 mile ride to Cupid’s Lingerie, I was feeling proud and confident. I had my Aunt and Uncle just where I wanted them. In a few hours, they would all be sitting around the family room, letting the wine loosen up all the inhibitions of being relatives. I couldn’t wait until I had my Aunt begging for it. As I entered the adult store, I thought to myself,”Hmmm, very nice. Not seedy at all. Kind of upscale.” I headed toward the toy section when a beep on my phone startled me. A text from June.

“Hannah, Mike and I will be in Memphis next weekend. We have a suite in the Marriott. Any chance you and your Aunt and Uncle join us?” Love, June

“Hmmm, that sounds very promising,” I thought to myself as I smiled at my reflection in the full length mirror inside the shop. Memphis was only a couple of hours from Little Rock. I wasn’t sure whether my Aunt had any plans but that would be a fun send off for me. Jazz on Beale Street and June’s tongue in my hot pussy. Delightful!

“I don’t know if they have plans, but I’m sure they’ll let me borrow the car if they can’t make it. Looking forward to it!” Hannah texted back.

I perused the toy section of the adult store and found exactly what I was looking for. I methodically checked out all the butt plugs, finally settling on a nice, dark blue, medium sized glass plug. “Very smooooooth,” I whispered to myself. Next, I found a silicone prostate massager for Uncle Todd. It was about 4 inches long, battery operated, with a handle so that a partner could help! “Hmm, I wonder if I could make a living bringing pleasure to perverted people? I like this… gets my creative juices flowing!” I mused to myself as the checkout girl looked over my purchases.

“Anything else for you today?”

“Hmmm, maybe that porno magazine there as well,” I added as I threw it up on the counter.

“Need a bag for these, Ma’am?”

“Yep, they’ll be swinging from the handlebars of my bike,” I replied.

“Probably not all that’s going to be swinging tonight, huh?” the young lady queried.

“You got that right, sister!”

Meanwhile, Aunt Karen was furiously rubbing her dripping pussy as her husband squeezed the remainder of the third Fleets enema into her rectum. She was bending over the toilet as Uncle Todd continued squeezing the small plastic squeeze bottle behind her.

“That’s it baby. Take it all. We need to get you nice and clean. Hannah’s orders. Look at your hot puss, baby. It’s all swollen and dripping! I can’t believe you’re getting this turned on by getting an enema. Or is it that you can’t wait for this evening? Can you believe that little hussy, Hannah, is extorting us into having sex with her? ”

“I know, but right now I don’t care. I need to cummm! Oooohhhh, I’m cumming! Ohh God…..Ooooh God” And with that, Karen soaked her hand and the tile floor beneath the toilet with her clear cum juice. She leaned forward against the vanity in the bathroom, her legs quivering with orgasm. Todd hugged his wife and laid her down on the bathroom throw rug so she could recover After about 15 minutes of recovery, she confirmed that her bottom was, indeed, very clean and ready for whatever the evening’s activities happened to be.

I enjoyed the ride back to my Aunt’s house cruising along the oak-lined bike path. All the sexy bikers with their tight spandex were giving me whiplash as I strained to see the tight butts as they drove by. No sighting of the redheaded milf, but plenty of other eye-candy. I was already planning my final weekend in Memphis, hoping it would be a kinky sex-fest with June, Mike and, hopefully, my Aunt and Uncle. All the twisted possibilities. Fucking, sucking, pissing, cum swapping and maybe more! I was already outlining a blue print in my mind. I knew that wine was my Aunt and Uncle’s weakness, so we’d have to make sure that June had plenty enough to go around. The new sex toys were a definite. Maybe a video of the past weeks’ greatest hits as well! What a wild vacation this dreaded trip was turning into! Upon return to my Aunt’s house, I found my Aunt and Uncle sitting at the kitchen table. “Oh, Hi,” I cheerily greeted them as I bounded into the kitchen. “I have some lovely gifts to start the evening off just right. Aunt Karen, you’ll put this into your asshole before the guests arrive.” With notice being served, I removed the cobalt blue plug from it’s packaging and let my Aunt caress its’ entirety.

“Hannah, this is way too big for me. I have never done anything like this before. You can’t expect me to do these kinky things just because of your twisted ideas and fantasies.”

“Oh, Aunt Karen, don’t be so dramatic. Besides, you will find that orgasms are simply wonderful with your backside feeling all filled up. Besides, once we get you all relaxed, maybe I’ll feed Uncle Todd’s big fat cock into your hole until you gape like the closet freak you are!”

I then removed the toy for Uncle Todd from the nondescript paper bag. “And for you, Uncle Todd, a very interesting black prostate massager! You will also screw this up your butt-hole before dinner and let it gently massage that cum-gland so pre-cum just oozes continuously. What do you think of that, Aunt Karen? While we’re eating our steak and corn on the cob, Uncle Todd will be soaking his jockey shorts with dick-juice. Ummm, yummy! Believe me, prostate massage really gets men going. If you love his loads off the glass window, you’re really gonna love eating even bigger ones off of my pussy!”

Aunt Karen was so mortified and embarrassed by Hannah’s words that she turned a deep shade of crimson. Uncle Todd, likewise, seemed embarrassed by the fact that Hannah was openly discussing details about their sex lives. He just shook his head to Hannah’s amusement.

“Uncle Todd, come on. Why the long face? This is going to be fun. Down deep, you know you really want to do this, don’t you? Now, I’m going to go get ready for dinner. There will be anal inspection 15 minutes before the Malones are scheduled to arrive to make sure all appliances are in place. After the guests depart, it will be movie time for the three of us. I’ve burned June’s movie onto a dvd which we’ll watch on the TV. I’m sure it will be entertaining!. Can’t wait. Now, I’m off to the showers.” And with that pronouncement, I bounded up the staircase to my bedroom.

I spent an eternity in the shower preparing for the evening with my Aunt and Uncle. I trimmed my pussy hair very close to the skin so my lips practically jutted out in anticipation. I, likewise, gave myself 2 enemas and delighted in the fact I had convinced my Aunt to do the same earlier in the day. The fullness in my abdomen felt good as I wondered if Aunt Karen had felt similarly turned on. Little did I know my kinky Aunt masturbated while Uncle Todd giddily squeezed the Fleets into her welcoming shithole. After I dried off, while preening in front of the mirror, I placed a large hoop nipple ring into my left nipple which caused it to throb with desire. I gazed into the mirror, admiring the object of desire being reflected back to me. I finished toweling off and proceeded to dress for the evening. Very short denim shorts and a loose, blousy top that revealed just enough to grab the Malones’ attention. After all, they should get some enjoyment from this evening besides good conversation, good food and good drink and I was going to give it to them!

At 5:15, I slowly descended the stairs to help Aunt Karen with the last minute details. Uncle Todd was in the garden getting the grill fired up. “Anything I can help you with, Aunt Karen?”.

“I think you’ve done enough already,” she mumbled.

“I’m just getting started!” I quipped. “Uncle Todd, can you come in please?” I yelled out the kitchen window. “Aunt Karen, I think it’s time to see how my purchases are working out. What do you think?” My heart was racing in anticipation. Even though I had seen both Aunt Karen and Uncle Todd without their clothes on, I really hadn’t seen them with their knowledge.

When Uncle Todd came in, I motioned for him to join Aunt Karen by the sink. I stood in-between them by the counter, practically rubbing shoulders. I whispered to both of them, “Aunt Karen and Uncle Todd, you guys don’t know how horny you’ve made me. There is nothing hotter than that mature, bald pussy of yours, Aunt Karen, and those jutting nipples drive me crazy. I can’t wait to nibble on those pleasure knobs and swirl my tongue in that squirting pussy. And you, Uncle Todd, I bet that prostate massage is just causing you to leak all over the place, huh? I can’t wait to see that thick, heavy cock sliding into your wife’s welcoming butt-hole. I can’t wait to lick that dick as it slides out of her ass….mmm, I’m getting wet just thinking about it. You’d love to see that as well, huh, Aunt Karen? Hmmm, Aunt Karen, I see you have the salad ready……that gives me an idea….but, first, let me check out those fine derrieres you guys have.”

I ran my hand slowly down the back of Aunt Karen’s back and slid it into her skirt. “Undo your skirt,” I whispered to her. “I want to see your ass. Uncle Todd, get down here with me. I think you’d like to see this as well.” Aunt Karen, slowly did as she was asked and let her khaki skirt fall to the ground. She had a lovely light blue thong on which revealed the most delicious set of 50 year old ass cheeks. They were very age-defying. Uncle Todd gently placed his hands on her ass cheeks and slowly spread them. My eyes widened as I took in the beautiful sight. Under the thong was the flange and screw bottom of the butt-plug. I pulled her thong to the side revealing her hairless anal ring stretched tightly around the neck of the plug. “What do you think, Uncle Todd, looks delicious, doesn’t it?”. He didn’t answer, but the tent pole in his shorts gave me the answer I needed.

“Leave your skirt there for now, Aunt Karen, and help me get Uncle Todd’s shorts down. It may take two of us,” I laughed! We slid down his shorts revealing his dark blue boxer briefs. Aunt Karen gasped as she saw the large wet spot in front of his underwear.

“My goodness, Todd, what’s going on there?” Aunt Karen said, trying to hide her surprise, but obviously excited.

“Let’s see,” I chimed in. We each took one side of his boxers and slid them down. His thick prick bounced upward, sending pre-cum flying everywhere. The viscous pre-jizz continued to slowly leak out of his cock-head making both of us drool. I tried to hold back from taking a lick because I wanted to maximize the effect this was having on Aunt Karen. “Let’s see what’s behind all this,” I said as I motioned for Uncle Todd to turn around. As he bent over to show us, the end of the prostate massager pointed out at us, begging us to play with it.

“Aunt Karen, get the salad bowl and put it on the floor beneath Uncle Todd’s cock. Then stand directly across from him and start playing with your pussy.”

“Hannah, we can’t. The Malones will be here in 10 or 15 minutes. They’re never late,” Aunt Karen, expressed concernedly.

“Then you’ll have to be quick. Watch Uncle Todd’s prick drip his oil into the salad and then you’ll follow with some vinegar!” I grabbed the handle of the prostate toy and slowly began to work it in and out of Uncle Todd’s ass. After a minute of this playing he groaned aloud and the volume of the pre-cum intensified, flowing directly into the wooden salad bowl below. “Don’t cum, Uncle Todd, just let me get you close.” Aunt Karen was now feverishly working her hand into her juicy slot. “Aunt Karen, I want to see that pussy squirt into that salad bowl, do you hear me?”

“Yes, I hear you, you perverted slutty niece! You want my cum, I’ll give you my cum!!” The sloshing of her pussy and the buckling of her knees told me she was well on her way.

” What do you think, Uncle Todd, pretty fucking hot, isn’t she,” I questioned him? ” Slutty bitch twatting herself off with a big, fat, fucking butt-plug in her asshole. He groaned more as I talked dirty to him and as I continued to work his ass toy, a large dollop of pre-cum exited his piss hole. “I’ll be right back,” and I walked to the living room table and fetched my phone. “Okay, let me get this on video,” I told them as I flipped my camera phone on. “Aunt Karen, wouldn’t you like some video of that cock spewing juice into the salad that you’re making for the Malones? And Uncle Todd, wouldn’t you love to see your sex fiend wife empty her pussy all over those greens, huh?” The clear pre-cum was oozing more heavily than ever as Aunt Karen began to shudder. Soon, several squirts of prime pussy juice filled the bowl.

“Aaaarggghhhh,” cried Aunt Karen. She finished her squirt and collapsed into the kitchen chair. I gave one more good tug to Uncle Todd’s toy and watched one more big drop of his cock juice fall onto the tomato in the bowl. “That looks delicious!” I just got the sentence out when the door bell rang. I quickly put my phone away and helped Aunt Karen with her skirt. As she was in no condition to answer the door, I helped out and handled the hostess duties.

“Mr. and Mrs. Malone, welcome, it is certainly my pleasure to meet you. I’m Hannah and my Mom is Aunt Karen’s sister. I have heard so much about you. Please step around to the deck out back. My Aunt and Uncle are just finishing getting ready upstairs. Can I offer anyone a glass of wine or a beer, maybe?”

“Please, Hannah, call me Judy, and a glass of white wine would be lovely, Hannah,” Mrs. Malone replied.

“I”m Pete and I’ll take a glass of red if you have one open,” Mr. Malone chimed in.

They were a very well kept couple. Slightly older, probably early 50’s, but Mrs. Malone had a very tight sleeveless top on which had me drooling. She had a bra underneath, but I could still make out some very pointed nipples underneath. I secretly wondered whether I could entice them into my web of desire! Mr. Malone was very talkative and handsome. Tall, lean, salt and pepper hair. I also wondered how my Aunt and Uncle were faring. Poor Uncle Todd! His balls must have been bluer than blue with that vibrating prostate toy still in his butt. And Aunt Karen….what a mess she probably was. But I knew they could rally! As I was pouring the wine, they descended the staircase together.

“Hi, Aunt Karen. I’m getting the wine. Why don’t you taste the salad and see if it meets to your liking. Personally, I think it’s delicious. I can’t wait to see what the Malones think of it,” I teased. “Have you regained your strength?”

” I feel very much alive, Hannah, thank you very much!”

“And how exactly is Uncle Todd doing,” I inquired?

“Well, I think you have him so worked up with that crazy toy, he’d fuck Mr. Malone if he had the chance,” Aunt Karen laughed wickedly.

Hmmm, I thought to myself. Man on man sex….that sounds kind of interesting. I’ll have to make a mental note of that. Maybe next week? A vision of Mike’s veiny, bulging dick squeezing into Uncle Todd’s anal ring popped into my head and had me breathing slightly harder than normal.

“Are you okay, Hannah?” asked my Aunt as she obviously noticed my sense of arousal.

“Oh yea, never better. Just had to shake some dirty thoughts out of my head.”

“Well, don’t shake them out until the night is over. I certainly thought you were crazy, trying to seduce us. After all, we are your Aunt and Uncle. But, after discussing it this afternoon while getting my enemas, we decided that you only live once. I just pray that no one ever finds out about this.”

“Wait…..You mean, Uncle Todd helped you with the enemas?” I asked.

“Oh, yea. He was very turned on by the whole thing. He’s dying to know what exactly you have in mind for this evening. And I must admit, the whole salad preparation really got me going. I’ve never seen my husband’s cock leak pre-cum like that. That was amazing. My pussy is soaking right now just thinking about it!”

“Well, I’m just going to wing it tonight. After all, I’m not the sexually experienced one here, just sexually adventurous!” I added. ” I would like to tease the Malones a little bit, however, with your permission, of course, Aunt Karen.”

Aunt Karen hesitantly responded, ” What do you have in mind? They are very good friends. I don’t want to offend them.”

“Well,” I added, “I do have an adult magazine that I could leave in the magazine rack in the bathroom. It will be hidden, but if the Malones are snoopers, they’ll find it. What do you think? I mean, you can’t offend them if they’re snooping and happen to find it, right? But if they do snoop and find it, then it will be fun to see their expression. C’mon Aunt Karen, it will be fun.”

She was unsure and inquired about the magazine, “Let me see this magazine. You mean it’s something like a Playboy or something?”

“Yea, something like that,” I giggled. I quickly retrieved the magazine from my bedroom and placed it on the kitchen table for Aunt Karen to thumb through. The cover shot was a beautiful photo of a hot young chick spreading the ass of another hot young thing. A butt plug was easily seen right in the middle of the cover. The butt plug was stamped with a ‘Made in the USA’ moniker. The issue was titled ‘Porn in the USA’. Aunt Karen’s eyes widened as she paged through the magazine. Clearly this wasn’t Playboy. The models were beautiful and hard-core and there were lots and lots of big, hard cocks. “Okay, Aunt Karen. I’ll place it under the top magazine with just a little bit sticking out. When the Malones go to the bathroom, if they’re snoopers, we’ll see it in their faces when they return. It’ll be a kick!”

“Okay, okay…..but this makes me a little nervous. I’ve never been this daring before, especially, with friends.”

I placed the magazine in it’s proper position and helped Aunt Karen set the outdoor table. The wine was freely flowing. The Malones and Uncle Todd were laughing about something. I grabbed the appetizers and the salad and headed for the table. Uncle Todd had me sit near the Malones outside where we engaged in small talk about college, boys, politics and Little Rock. After Mrs. Malone downed her second glass of wine, she commented, “Oh dear, this wine runs right through me. I must use the bathroom. I know where it is…..I’ll be right back.” I couldn’t contain my excitement. Would she or wouldn’t she? Mr. Malone, Uncle Todd and I continued to gab outside in the garden. Aunt Karen, eventually, joined us in the garden and immediately began looking around for Judy Malone.

“Where’s Judy?” she innocently asked.

“In the bathroom,” Pete answered. “I think she fell in. She’s been in there forever.”

“Ohh? Well, here……I’ll go open another bottle of wine and I’ll check on her,” Aunt Karen said as she scurried toward the house. Aunt Karen slyly winked at me as she strode toward the house. She quietly crept up on the bathroom door which was on the other side of the house. She tried to listen without being too obvious and heard a very soft voice coming from inside, but couldn’t make out what Judy was saying. As she put her ear up against the door, the voice became more legible.

“Look at that cock! I wish Pete was thick like that. Oh my, oh my, he’s fucking her asshole! Oh, look at that one……she’s eating cum!”

Aunt Karen could hear the pages of a magazine being turned. Obviously, not only was Judy snooping, she was enjoying! Aunt Karen quietly moved back to the kitchen and yelled for Judy, “Judy, are you okay?”

“Oh yea, okay,” Judy yelled back. “I’ll be out in a minute.”

Aunt Karen returned to the garden with an open bottle of wine. “Pete, Judy said she’d be out in a second. I think she was reading something in the the bathroom.” Aunt Karen then raised her eyebrows at me and I smiled back.

At this point I began to think that all 40 and 50 year old women were nymphomaniacs. June, Aunt Karen, the bike lady and now Judy. The future was certainly looking good for me! Aunt Karen suggested I help her finish setting the table and as we entered the kitchen, Judy came strolling through looking flustered and flushed.

“Oh, hi Judy,” Aunt Karen said to her. “Are you okay, you look flushed?”

“Oh, yea, I’m fine. What can I help you guys with? Here, let me take the salad out.” And with that pronouncement, Judy grabbed a slice of tomato from the salad bowl and tossed it in her mouth. “That is delicious dressing! What is that tangy flavor? Karen, you must tell me where you got that.”

” Oh, actually, Todd made that. He made it and then just kind of drizzled it on there. Good, huh?”

” I love it! Maybe he’ll give me his recipe.”

“if you ask nice, I’m sure he’ll give it to you,” Aunt Karen replied, struggling to suppress her laughter.

Meanwhile, I noticed the purse that Judy was carrying. It seemed to be more full than it was when she arrived. Girls notice things like that. I wondered just what she stuffed in there that wasn’t there before. As Judy helped Aunt Karen, I casually strolled to the bathroom and peeked into the magazine rack. The porn magazine was gone. Thief! I couldn’t believe that Judy took our porn mag. She was going to go home and play with her beaver while daydreaming of the spewing cocks in the magazine. My magazine. That thing cost me 18 bucks! Slut! Well, I was a little bit pissed but I figured this may serve to help me at some point. I said nothing.

Dinner was actually very nice with the conversation bouncing from subject to subject. By the end of the evening, I was on my third glass of wine, while the adults were all on numbers 4 or 5. After my third glass, I had to use the bathroom and excused myself. On the way through the kitchen, I noticed Judy’s purse sitting on a dinner chair. I figured I’d confirm my hunch. I moved quickly and grabbed her purse and quickly yanked the zipper open. Yep, there it was. My magazine. Judy had stuffed it into her purse and it was still open to one of the layouts inside. I looked outside the kitchen window to make sure I wasn’t followed and then proceeded to remove the magazine. After all, I didn’t even get a chance to look at it! The layout that Judy was looking at was a mature woman with some young guy. A cougar. The layout consisted of multiple hardcore pictures, but the one that caught my eye was the full page spread of the cougar sucking on the stud’s balls. She had a finger on her other hand up his ass. “Wow, that is hot!” I said to myself softly. “I would have liked to have read this magazine. This thievery shall not go unanswered.” The Malones were collecting their things to leave when Judy came in to get her purse.

“Hannah, it was so very nice meeting you. You are a charming young lady. You must come back again. We would love to show around Little Rock some time.” There was no trace of guilt in her voice.

“It was very nice meeting you as well. It was a very nice night………but, I think it was even nicer for you, wasn’t it?” She looked at me, slightly confused. I then leaned in toward her and whispered, “Are you going to stick your finger up Pete’s asshole when you get home? Are you going to suck his nuts like that slut in the magazine? Are you going to drink his hot cum?”

To say that Judy was shocked into disbelief would be putting it very mildly! She turned 5 shades of red and stammered something about having to leave. I kind of giggled and followed her out of the kitchen into the garden. She walked even faster through the garden path, grabbing the arm of her husband, who immediately noticed her blushing and her hurried gait.

“Honey, are you okay?” Pete asked.

“No, I think I may have had too much wine. Can we please go? Todd, Karen….. we had a wonderful time, but I feel like I may get sick. I really need to go. Karen, thank you for the wonderful dinner and I simply must get that salad dressing recipe!”

“Okay, Okay… guys be careful on the way home,” my Aunt and Uncle chimed in as the Malones were getting into their car. “I wonder what got into them?” my Uncle asked.

“Aunt Karen, Uncle Todd, I need to tell you something.” I then explained the whole magazine episode. They couldn’t believe it. We all laughed so hard we were crying! We couldn’t believe that a mature woman would actually steal a porn magazine from someone’s house!

“Well, it sounds like Pete is going to get some tonight,” he laughed.

“I think you will as well,” I chimed in. And with that, I suggested we go inside, get more comfortable and begin our movie night. We cleared the dishes and the table and changed into our evening loungewear. I asked Uncle Todd and Aunt Karen if all of our ‘appliances’ were in place and they indicated that they, indeed, were. Aunt Karen noted that her plug was so comfortable that she forgot she had it in! Not so for Uncle Todd! He said he had to check his pants repeatedly throughout the evening because he was dripping so much! I went to my bedroom and retrieved the DVD and changed into some short shorts and a tank top, minus the bra. Aunt Karen changed into one of her loose blouses and some cotton shorts and Uncle Todd had a pair of pajama bottoms on and a loose button down top. We each got one more glass of wine and sat on the couch next to each other with me in the middle.

I could tell my Aunt and Uncle were a little bit nervous, but we were all excited as well. My Aunt kept taking deep breaths as if she was uneasy. I told her to relax and to just enjoy the show. It seemed funny that it was me, practically a kid, trying to calm down my Aunt! In any case, the movie started out with a camera angle taken from inside a car as it sped down a highway. The narration began with Mike speaking first.

“Hi Hannah, I hope you’re watching this with your Aunt and Uncle. We were out having dinner and some margaritas with Anita and we thought we would start part 2 of this movie in our car.” The camera was being held by Anita from the front seat passenger side of the car and she panned toward the back seat. There was June in the back seat of the big SUV. At first, she appeared normal. The view was just of her head. As Anita panned down, however, the view became much more interesting. June was naked from the waist down. There was a pussy pump attached to June’s pussy lips and the pump hose was being held by Anita’s left hand. ” I hope you don’t mind, Hannah, but it seems that tequila makes June’s clothes fall off! Anita here, is manning the camera and the pussy pump.”

“Hi Hannah, Hi Aunt Karen and Uncle Todd,” Anita spoke from behind the hand-held camera. “My job is give June’s pussy a pump every time we hit a red-light! We’ve hit 7 red lights so far!”

My Aunt was wide-eyed and didn’t know what to say at the mention of her name on this porn tape. She was slightly mortified, but at the same time she could not take her eyes off the swelling pussy and clitoris of June. As the pressure in the pump seemed to grow, I could see Uncle Todd’s cock starting to swell in the lap beside me.

“A pussy pump, what in the world is that?” my Aunt asked.

“I’ve seen them, but never tried one,” I answered, “but I’ve heard they’re marvelous at getting the blood to all the right places. Aunt Karen, why don’t you remove your shorts and lie face down on the floor. You should be able to see the TV fine from there and Uncle Todd and I should be able to see your lovely butt plug.”

Uncle Todd grunted at my suggestion and he shuffled to get more comfortable, his dripping prick obviously enlarging in his pants. Aunt Karen slowly slid her shorts off and laid down on the floor. She initially held her delicious buttocks closed but I figured that would change as the movie played on. We turned our attention back to the screen where Anita had shifted the camera direction to the lap of the driver, Mike. She talked slowly into the camera. “Hannah, look at Mr. Fisher, here. Look what’s happening to him!” she squealed. “I think every time I give his wife June a pump, he grows another inch!” At that point the massive 9 inch, veiny erection popped into view. ” I hope you don’t get pulled over by the police with that weapon in your pants, Mr. Fisher!” Anita giggled. Meanwhile June was moaning even louder in the backseat. At that point Mike steered the car into the Fisher driveway. Anita continued, “Okay, we’re going to get out now, in broad daylight, and walk into the house. Mr. Mike Fisher, sporting that outrageous cock and Mrs. June Fisher, sporting an attached pussy pump!

Uncle Todd was now leaning forward trying to get a better view as he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Here was an obvious upper middle class couple about to flash the neighborhood with their babysitter leading the way. Mike got out of the car first waving his hard-on proudly. Two Milfs were out walking their dogs and they were stunned at first, but then seemed to show their appreciation by giving a couple of claps. Anita had to put the camera away so we didn’t see the ladies’ reaction to the pussy pump. Too bad! Both Uncle Todd and I seemed to notice that Aunt Karen’s legs were spreading slightly. We could start to see the large blue glass flange of the butt-plug. With our eyes still on the screen, I reached over and unzipped Uncle Todd’s shorts. I fished through the opening and retrieved a shiny, swollen cock-head still dripping beautiful pre-cum.

My attention turned to the TV where Anita had placed the camera on a tripod and was still talking from somewhere in the kitchen. June and Mike were lying on the oversized couch in the family room. Anita’s voice echoed from the background, “Hannah, do you remember the special ice cubes that we made at the end of part one? You know the one made of Mike’s cum, June’s piss and my pussy juice? Well, we skipped dessert at the Mexican restaurant so we could have some at home!” Anita then appeared on-screen with her top off, wearing a leather cut out bra. She laid down between Mike and June and began to rub a cube on each of her huge, knobby nipples. “Mr. and Mrs. Fisher, dig in!” Anita exclaimed as the ice began to melt on her enlarging nipples. Mike and June each took a nipple in their mouths and began to lick and nibble each one.

“Umm, I got a good taste of your cum with that lick,” moaned June.

“Yeeahh, and I just got a nice mix of Anita’s cum and your piss with my lick!” grunted Mike.

The hot couple on the screen continued to work on Anita’s titties while I slowly stroked Uncle Todd’s beefy prick. Aunt Karen turned around to look when she heard the slurping sound of my hand jacking her husband’s dripping wet cock. “You like, Aunt Karen?” I questioned teasingly. The groan which escaped from her lips gave me the answer as she faced back toward the TV. Mike was now done with his ice cube and he moved up to straddle Anita’s face. Mike’s cock was a thing of beauty. Very thick, 9 inches long, veiny, big head, and capable of shooting thick loads.

June broke from her sucking of Anita’s nipples to talk to the camera. “Hannah, Mike has been taking pygeum and zinc supplements to increase his load size. You probably remember from part one of this movie what he is capable of shooting. What do you think Anita and I should do with his cum this time, hmmmm? ” At that point Mike straddled Anita’s face with his cock facing upward toward Anita’s firm breasts. Anita began to swirl her tongue around his puckered asshole. “Mmm, can you see that Hannah, can you see what our babysitter is doing to Mike. She’s cleaning his butt-hole with her tongue. What a naughty girl we found here!” Aunt Karen was mesmerized by the images and language coming from the screen. Her right hand had worked it’s way down to her shaven pussy and Hannah and her Uncle were witnessing her building orgasm from up on the couch.

“Aunt Karen, no! No masturbating! I want to see that squirting pussy. I don’t want it wasted on the carpet,” I yelled. “Now, watch Anita do her thing.” As we all continued to watch the hot threesome, Mike leaned forward over Anita so he could have easy access to her hot teenage pussy. As he did so, June instructed Anita to start fingering his ass.

“Now that you have him all cleaned up, Anita, start to finger his hole with your index finger. Nice and easy, that’s it,” June instructed. Anita slowly inserted her finger until it was buried in Mikes ass. “Hannah, you should do this to your Uncle. He would love it. Sounds like he’s kinky enough to try it!” June teased. Little did she know that Uncle Todd currently had a prostate massager working him up to a big cum. At least, that is what I was hoping for!

“Aunt Karen, get up on your hands and knees and, Uncle Todd, you get down there and start working that buttplug of hers out of her asshole. Give it to me once you get it out,” I commanded. Uncle Todd got in place beside his wife and started to work his fingers underneath the flange of the plug. I stood, retrieved my phone, and stepped out of my short shorts. My tightly trimmed pussy was now free for my Aunt and Uncle to see. I plopped back down on the couch and spread my legs wide. I figured I may as well enjoy the show, both the one on TV and the one at my feet! I began to gently work my clit with one hand and film the action with the other.

On the screen, Anita continued to work her finger in Mike’s asshole while he tongue-whipped her pussy. June had retrieved a large, black strap-on dildo and was getting it in place around her waist. Her pussy lips and clit still had not returned to their normal size from the aggressive pussy pumping she had received.

Both Aunt Karen and Uncle Todd were fixated on the screen, although, I was impressed with the show they were giving me! Uncle Todd was pulling on the buttplug and when he had Aunt Karen’s asshole maximally dilated, he’d let it plop back in, the vacuum effect on the plug being considerable. I got close with my phone to get a get a picture of my Aunt’s shapely ass being abused when I heard Anita moan loudly in orgasm on the television. Mike’s tongue had driven her to a major cum. June, meanwhile, was getting in place over Anita’s head getting ready to plunge the greased up strap-on into her husband’s prepped ass.

“You ready for it, big boy?” June asked Mike.

“You know I am, Honey!” Mike replied in earnest. With her husband’s okay, June, slowly eased the head of the black dildo into Mike’s relaxed asshole as Anita looked on approvingly from underneath Mike’s enormous nutsack. She watched his balls start to sway back and forth as June slid further in. Anita lifted her head to suck the cum-filled orbs in rhythm with the pegging that was taking place. “Ohh yeses, that is so-o-o good,” Mike groaned, “keep sucking them Anita, keep sucking them and I’ll give you your babysitting bonus!”

Diverting my eyes from the screen for a moment, I continued to give Uncle Todd direction. “Alright Uncle Todd, get that thing out of there. I think Aunt Karen wants a taste! After all, she clearly seemed to enjoy the taste I gave her out in the garden!” Uncle Todd slowly worked the plug from Aunt Karen’s pink, smooth, shaved asshole. As he slowly withdrew it, her anus remained slightly open. I put my phone down as the sight was too much not to take complete advantage of. “Aunt Karen, lick that plug clean while your niece cleans your gape!” I exclaimed. Uncle Todd teasingly swayed the plug in front of Aunt Karen’s wagging tongue while I probed her asshole deeply with my tongue. My mouth had formed a seal over her butt-hole as my tongue probed her hot, wet anal gape. After several minutes of my oral ministrations, I sensed my Aunt beginning to shake and tremble. I looked up and saw that she had caught and sucked the entire plug in her mouth and Uncle Todd was feeding it to her. She began to moan louder and louder as I heard the first of several squirts jet out of her pussy. I instinctively took my hand and jammed my thumb into her pussy to help intensify her orgasm. The squirts continued for about 15 seconds and, finally, after soaking my hands and the floor beneath her, she collapsed to the floor, still nursing on the butt-plug!

“Ohh my God, Hannah, you are so-o-o-o nasty! That felt so amazing. I want you to feel that as well. I need to see you fuck Todd’s cock! I need to see you take my husband’s fat prick in your ass and mouth! Todd, get over there and start eating her pussy. Eat my niece’s hot pussy! Eat it!”

To hear my Aunt talking like this drove me crazy with lust. I climbed back onto the couch and assumed the Hustler Beaver Hunt position. Uncle Todd climbed between my legs and peered into my wet pussy as he peeled the folds back exposing my very prominent clit. Aunt Karen looked on like a dog in heat. She was so horned up it was amazing. I loved seeing her this way! Uncle Todd started slowly licking my outer lips while gently pulling the hood back over my clit. His tongue swirled around my pussy diving in and then around. As he dove deeper and deeper, my cunt became juicier and juicier and I started to lose control. Watching my Uncle eat my pussy while my Aunt drooled was very empowering! I completely forgot about my Uncle’s ass toy until I saw my Aunt reach for it.

“That’s it, Aunt Karen, work it. Work it like I did this afternoon. Let’s get him flowing while he gets me flowing.” Aunt Karen then turned up the vibration speed on the prostate massager and began to slowly move the toy in and out, which immediately sent waves of pleasure through Uncle Todd’s body. While we were enjoying each other, we forgot about what was happening on the screen, until I heard June yell to Anita to open her mouth.

“Okay, Anita, open your mouth honey. Here comes that post-dinner drink you’ve been asking for!”

“Yeaaa, baby. That’s what she wants! Every good babysitter should get a nice after dinner drink! Squirt it, honey,” Mike exclaimed between grunts. As June continued to fuck Mike’s accepting asshole with the strap-on, she groaned and began to piss into Anita’s open mouth. The piss stream was forceful, clear and long lasting. “Babe, those margaritas must have gone right through you!” her husband laughed, “but Anita doesn’t seem to mind though!” Mike craned his neck around to see the young girl playing with the piss as it streamed down her face and breasts. “Oh, baby, I can’t take this anymore. That fullness in my ass, Anita’s licking of my balls and that incredibly sexy golden shower have me ready to blow!”

We all stopped what we were doing to watch the video. It was getting too kinky and hot for us to turn away, although, I didn’t want Uncle Todd to stop eating my pussy. He climbed up on the couch beside me, his cock at full attention and continuing to ooze pre-cum steadily. Aunt Karen leaned over and slurped up the stream over his piss-hole and then laid back down at the carpet at our feet.

“Baby, I want you to shoot all over my big, black cock while I feed it to this cheerleader slut,” June whispered to her husband. And with that, she slid the dildo out of Mike’s asshole, causing it to gape obscenely. The dildo plopped out and fell into Anita’s welcoming mouth. June maneuvered so she could fuck the young girl’s mouth with the ass-juice covered plastic cock. Mike slowly got up on his knees and turned toward the erotic scene behind him. He straddled Anita’s tits and his 9 inch pecker bobbed as he began to jack it over the dildo which was being hungrily devoured by Anita. His wife, June, fed the dildo to Anita and squeezed her large swollen nipples with her other hand. “Shooooot it baby, c’mon. I can’t wait to see your cock juice on my cock,” June sexily said to her husband as she stared into his eyes lustily. June then diverted her gaze to the camera and whispered, “I bet Aunt Karen is wishing she could be sucking this black cock, don’t you think? Sucking the ass juice off it, waiting anxiously for hot cum! Or maybe Uncle Todd is wishing he could have Mike’s fat prick buried deep in his ass, huh? Well, maybe some day that will happen, you never know!”

“Ohhh, there it is, there it is, yeaaah” Mike grunted, as very thick gobs of cum spewed out of his cock-head onto the head of the dildo as it slid into Anita’s mouth. The cum was so thick that it didn’t shoot as far as Mike was used to, but the volume of it clearly made up for distance. The cum just kept flowing as Mike’s piss-slit never got to close. Anita didn’t miss a beat, swallowing all of it as it ran down the dildo, with the remainder painting her chin and pooling between her flushed tits.

June removed her fake cock from Anita’s mouth and obscenely walked toward the camera. Cum, piss and ass juice still in plain view, dripping off of the dildo. June talked to the camera, but all that was in view was the dripping toy. “Hannah, we hope you enjoyed……I hope to see you soon. And that goes double for your Aunt and Uncle…..bye!” The film then faded to black and was replaced with a slideshow of digital stills of June’s vast array of sexual adventures. Most of the pictures being shown were not hardcore, just sexually very naughty and suggestive. There was silence in the room except for the heavy breathing of my Aunt and Uncle.

I glanced down at Uncle Todd’s cock, still standing at attention, and I decided to put it to good use. “Aunt Karen, remove that ass toy from Uncle Todd, I want to taste it.” Uncle Todd kneeled on the cushions facing the back of the couch. “That’s it, Uncle Todd, spread that ass for your kinky wife!” Aunt Karen knew that I spoke the truth and she climbed up behind her husband and reached for the ringed handle of the prostate toy. She began to tug gently, but the pull of his ass was too much to overcome by gentle pressure. “Lube it up with your tongue,” I encouraged her. Aunt Karen immediately dove in, pulling and licking until she overcame the resistance and the toy, forcefully, shot out of his asshole after a series of successive attempts. “Mmmm, now get in there and give him a good rimming…….before he plows my ass.”

“Yeaah, that’s what I want to see,” Aunt Karen quietly answered. “I want to see my husband fucking my niece up her dirty, young asshole.”

I watched from the opposite couch with my phone recording. My Aunt skillfully used her darting tongue to rim my Uncle. His asshole would alternately relax to the point of slightly opening before it would close up tightly as Aunt Karen rushed in with her tongue tip. His big balls and Aunt Karen’s head obscured his cock from my viewing angle but I could see the stream of pre-cum dripping between his legs. As much as I wanted his blue balls to empty deep in my ass, I also wanted to see him smother my nymphomaniac Aunt with spunk. Besides, it would make for a great highlight reel!

“Aunt Karen, suck on Uncle Todd’s cock and balls while I go get a wine glass. I have an idea.” I retrieved a champagne flute from the kitchen. Aunt Karen was now kneeling in front of a standing Uncle Todd, sucking on his turgid prick, her saliva and his pre-cum dripping from her mouth, her chin and cheeks shiny with sperm. “Aunt Karen, I would like to see you jack off Uncle Todd into this champagne glass. And Uncle Todd, I want it all in the glass. No messes,” I said as I handed the glass to Uncle Todd and then resumed filming. Uncle Todd was now jacking his cock firmly, stopping occasionally to bury its’ length in Aunt Karen’s throat. I zoomed in to film Aunt Karen’s face being fucked, her cheeks sucking in around the meat in her mouth.

I then whispered into the microphone on the phone, loud enough for my Aunt to hear, “We’re going to give Uncle Todd a taste of that creamy load after I paint your face with it. What do you think of that, Aunt Karen? He’s going to lick up that thick layer of love juice from your face and kiss you with it!”

“My God, Hannah, you are so perverted…..where do you think of this stuff?” The devilish smile on her face seemed to suggest, however, that she was all for it. She licked her lips as her husband tried to stuff the tip of his bulbous cock-head into the rim of the glass and groaned. I pushed my phone nearer to the glass, hoping for a good close-up. His ass cheeks clenched as a torrent of searing hot cum shot violently into the end of the glass. The initial burst was followed by 5 more long blasts, each lasting 2-3 seconds. After the spurting was finished, the cum continued to ooze for another 5-6 seconds, filling the glass nearly half way up.

“Oh my God, honey!” Aunt Karen exclaimed, “I’ve never seen you cum so much! Look at that tremendous load. Oh, Hannah, honey……do you see it?”

“Oh, I see it alright. Now, Aunt Karen, lay down on the ground.” I grabbed the glass from Uncle Todd who was obviously wiped out from his huge orgasm. Aunt Karen’s nipples were shooting straight up in the air, just begging to be covered with the jizz cocktail I held in my hand. I got Uncle Todd to video as I poured a few small drops of the hot wadd on my Aunt’s nips. “Umm, look at that! How sexy. Just begging to be licked off!” I looked at Uncle Todd, nudging him closer to Aunt Karen. “Go ahead, Uncle Todd, take a taste. Lick that load! Tell me what your man juice tastes like. Maybe if it’s good, I’ll feed some of it to my lovely Aunt!” My Uncle hesitantly handed the phone to me and lowered his head toward Aunt Karen’s bust. It just happened to coincide with a hot picture on the TV slideshow that was playing in the background. The image showed Mike and another man sitting around some resort pool. Mike was in the process of peeling down the man’s swimsuit! You could tell the man had a huge package because the bulges were very evident. Mike had a big cheshire cat smile on his face. It was a very hot and suggestive photo.

“Would you like that big cock, Aunt Karen?” I asked. ” I bet you would. It looks huge!. It would stretch your little pussy like it’s never been stretched before. Look at Mike getting ready to swallow that cock in public. Wouldn’t it be sexy to see Uncle Todd doing that?”

Uncle Todd’s gaze was, similarly, fixed on the screen as another image transitioned into view. This one revealed Mike sitting at the resort pool again. He was looking at his tablet computer. The picture on the tablet showed a fat, black cock being jacked. Mike was pretending to lick the computer screen! In public!! I hadn’t realized that Mike was bisexual, but it certainly didn’t surprise me. Nothing those two did would surprise me!

The next image looked like it was in some park somewhere. June was sitting on a park bench and she had two young girls in cheerleader uniforms sitting on each side of her. The uniforms looked real, with the high school logos and everything. Each girl was leaning over to lick June’s prominent nipples which were poking thru a very thin running top! Why didn’t that ever happen to me in a park? I noticed my Aunt starting to play with her pussy again while my Uncle began to slurp up the cum from her nipples. I also noticed that Uncle Todd’s thick meat was beginning to stiffen up again. Maybe the bisexual images were getting to him! I glanced away from the screen to continue my cum play with Uncle Todd and Aunt Karen. I told Aunt Karen to lay still and I slowly poured the thick, white cum onto her closed lips and cheeks. The cum was so thick that it barely moved, instead, it just laid on Aunt Karen’s face. She looked so incredibly hot and slutty! I had to take a picture! After I finished taking a couple of shots, I directed Uncle Todd to start licking up his own sticky cum!

“Lick up your load, stud!” Aunt Karen growled sexily. Uncle Todd kneeled by Aunt Karen and kissed her, slurping a long string of cum up when he withdrew. Next, he licked the majority of cum up off of her face before swirling the remainder with his finger. He placed his finger into his wife’s mouth. “Mmmm,” she cooed, “I would like to see you do that with some other bitch and another man’s big, bulging cock!”

“Aunt Karen, I think Uncle Todd is really a secret semen slurper. Look at his cock!” Uncle Todd’s erection was now at full staff. Aunt Karen, was similarly turned on, vigorously rubbing her cunt, while talking dirty to her cum lapping husband.

“Okay, Uncle Todd, it looks like you’re ready for me,” I said as I got down on my hands and knees and reached around to pull my ass cheeks open.

“Oh, Honey, look at her beautiful asshole, it’s perfect” my Aunt whispered to Uncle Todd. “Let me lube it up for you. Get your cock ready.”

Aunt Karen reached up and placed her hands on my buttocks, eventually grabbing a handful of my firm flesh with each hand. I relaxed my sphincter as she spread my cheeks. A shiver ran thru me as I felt her cool, wet tongue gain entrance to my back door. She was like a dog with a bone! She licked, groaned and talked dirty as she alternated plugging my anus with her tongue and her finger. Uncle Todd laid down underneath me with his cock at the level of my face. Aunt Karen barked out orders.

“Suck his balls, Hannah. Roll them in your mouth. Get his cum boiling again. I want him to shoot in you. Deep inside you. In your ass!”

I took my Uncle’s large nut sack in my mouth. He groaned as I exerted gentle suction on his balls. I worked my tongue down to his ass and back again. Aunt Karen had a finger buried in my ass. She wiggled it around deep inside. It felt wonderful and very, very naughty. I could hear her slurping on her finger each time she would remove it from my butthole. This was as taboo as it gets. I shuddered and dribbled pussy juice as I felt a powerful orgasm wash over me. I couldn’t believe I was cumming just from having my ass played with! Although I didn’t squirt like my Aunt, I did soak the carpet and my Aunt’s hand. Unfortunately, I had to lay down for a minute to catch my breath. I needed a break, but the same could not be said for my Aunt and Uncle. They were all revved up!

As I recovered on the we carpet, I watched the TV and my Aunt and Uncle having fun with my camera phone. They were taking selfies of each other doing naughty things. Aunt Karen with a cock in her mouth. Uncle Todd jacking his cock. Aunt Karen fingering her ass! I couldn’t believe my prim and proper relatives were taking sexual selfies! With my phone! After about 15 minutes, Aunt Karen looked at me seductively and asked me whether I was ready to go, yet. I nodded affirmatively as I pointed to the image on the TV. It was a picture of June sitting on the edge of very nice pool beside a well built black man. The black man had on a thin, tight fitting white speedo bathing suit. His cock appeared to be huge, erect and constrained by the thin material. June had a devilish smile on her face as her hand draped over the man’s leg, inches from his swelling rod. The adventures this woman lived! But I needed to finish this adventure with my Uncle and Aunt!

I got back up on my hands and knees and Uncle Todd wagged his fat cock in my face. A long stream of his pre-cum dripped enticingly. I opened up and took him into my wet mouth. The pre-cum was so sweet! He fucked my face roughly for a minute or two before he scampered around behind me. With my Aunt’s hands spreading my buttocks again, I felt the head of his cock slide effortlessly into my pussy. I was so wet that he easily buried his fat dick.

“Wow, that looks amazing!” Aunt Karen exclaimed. “Hannah, this is so sexy looking. You have the most beautiful pussy. It’s just swallowing Todd’s cock. Give me a taste, honey, give me a taste of that cock with Hannah’s juice all over it.”

Uncle Todd pumped me for another minute before pulling out and feeding Aunt Karen. “Ummmmm, delicious” she groaned. “Now for some ass juice!”

Uncle Todd slowly placed his erect prick against my rosebud as Aunt Karen gasped. “Get it in there you dirty fucker,” she said as she looked at her husband. “Fuck her dirty asshole, fuck your niece’s filthy asshole.”

I took a deep breath as the wide head slid past my sphincter. The initial pain gave rise to intense pleasure and his cock nestled into place. Although I couldn’t see her, I pictured my Aunt’s face, eyes wide, delirious with lust as she watched my assfucking. I had seen lots of porn movies with attractive mature ladies watching anal and I figured my Aunt looked even better! After about one minute of intense anal, my Uncle announced he was getting close.

“No!! Not yet!” my Aunt countered. ” I want to taste your ass first!”

“Yea, Aunt Karen……get a good taste. Take your husband’s dirty prick out of my ass and put it into your mouth. Suck all of my ass juice off.” Again, my mind filled with images from porn movies where some mature slut does ass-to-mouth with some young babe. I felt a pop as my Uncle slid out of my butt. Immediately, I heard Aunt Karen sucking his juice covered schlong. How fucking dirty she is, I thought to myself.

After a full minute of sucking cock, Aunt Karen mumbled, “Okay, now cum in her asshole!”

My Uncle filled me up again, this time pistoning much faster and harder. I squeezed my rectum around his cock as hard as I could as I heard his groans becoming louder and louder. I was squeezing so hard I really thought that I could just pull the cum right out of his cock. I must have been right because after about 1 minute of fucking my ass, he groaned loudly.

“Ohh, yeahhh. Here it comes. Yea, there it is,” my Uncle cried out.

“Deep in her ass, Todd. That’s where she needs it. That’s what I really want to see. I want to see this young slut niece of mine squirt that load out baby. Empty your balls. Those balls that have been teased all day. Fill her to the brim……squeeeeze it into her!”

I couldn’t believe my Aunt was so fucking filthy! I could hear and feel the volumes of semen filling up my bowels as my Uncle grunted and groaned. The sloshing in my butthole as he slowly slid his fat prick in and out told me there was quite a bit of his juice in there. As my Uncle slowed down and withdrew his slimy dick, my Aunt was waiting with an open mouth to clean. She cleaned his spent rod enthusiastically for a minute or so before my Uncle fell to the floor in a heap.

“Aunt Karen….I have an idea,” I said to her as I stayed fairly motionless on my hands and knees. “Give the phone to Uncle Todd. I want you to climb over my back and spread my cheeks wide. When I start to squirt cum out of my asshole, get him take a picture of your face and my ass. What do you think?”

“I think it will be a keeper!” she said as she laughed and stepped over a nearly comatose Uncle Todd to get the camera phone. She aroused him enough to get the picture and as he fumbled with the screen, I began to push. I could feel Aunt Karen’s hands spreading my cheeks. “Oh yea, Hannah, you can do it. Push hard. Let me see some of that wonderful cum! There it is! There it is! Todd, take the picture!”

I could hear the gurgling sounds as the cum bubbled out of my ass. Uncle Todd was flashing away as Aunt Karen got her smiling face as close as she could to my spewing anus. It was all so devilishly delightful! So dirty and yet it seemed so perfectly natural. We were having dirty, filthy sex, incest actually, but we were all happy and joyful.

My Aunt and Uncle and I curled up in a blanket on the floor to review the day’s activities. It had been such a fun day full of debauchery! Butt plugs, prostate toys, porn stores, porn mags, friend voyeurs, cum salad dressing and now wonderful sex with my relatives. Could it get any better? As we all drifted off to sleep, I looked up to see the final slide on the TV screen. It was June and Mike embraced in a gentle, harmless kiss with the caption, “See You in Memphis!”.

We would see…..

Stay tuned for a new series, new situations and some characters that you already know! Love, Janey!

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