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Girl on a Raft

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I was swimming the day my chance came. It was a nice day, but for some reason there weren’t many people at the beach. I’d swum out to one of the rafts that the council provide and was just lying there, when she also swam out to the raft and hopped aboard. It was definitely my lucky day.

Denise. What can I say about Denise. She was our beautiful, virgin, bitch queen. That description isn’t a hundred percent accurate. She was definitely beautiful, and even more definitely a bitch.

She doesn’t know that I know it, but she is most definitely not a virgin. I stumbled across her boyfriend giving her a good service one afternoon, out in the woods. I had politely faded away without them knowing I’d been there.

Oh, yes. The queen bit in the description. She struts around giving out that she’s superior to us common plebes. She knows she’s beautiful and seemed to think this gives her privileges.

I suppose you want a physical description as well. She was about five foot six, with a sensational shape. Her breasts were a 36D and as far as we knew entirely natural. She had what my mother would call child bearing hips, so all in all she had what was known as an hourglass figure.

Platinum blonde, blue eyes, rich red lips and flawless creamy skin. I’m sure her hair colour is natural, too. Both her parents are blondes.

Personality wise she can be very nice, when she wants to be. Other times she can be an absolute bitch. For some reason, she had taken against me. Possibly because I didn’t fall down and worship her like most men did. This meant that she was a bitch to me on all occasions.

I had been waiting for a chance to get my own back and now was the time. We were essentially alone and neither of us was wearing much.

“Denise,” I said, acknowledging her presence.

“Uh. You. Why don’t you go elsewhere. I want to relax in the sun,” she replied.

Nice, don’t you think? She didn’t care that I’d been here first. She wanted the raft to herself, so would I go away? And no please, you may have noticed. Just a suggestion that I take myself off and not contaminate the scenery with my presence.

“Actually, I’m delighted you’ve come out to meet me,” I told her politely. “It looks I can finally get you naked and have a nice sex session with you.”

That got to her. This time she actually looked at me before she spoke.

“Fuck you?” she said. “It’ll never happen.”

I smiled at her. I’m not sure what she saw in my face, but she suddenly looked decidedly nervous.

“You appear to have misunderstood me,” I said. “I wasn’t suggesting that it would be nice if you let me have sex with you. I was telling you that I am going to have sex with you and you are going to co-operate while I do so. Like with the Godfather, I’m making you an offer you can’t refuse.”

“Watch me refuse it,” Denise snapped, turning and obviously intending to dive off the raft.

“I have a photo of you and Michael fucking in the forest,” I said.

She froze, and looked at me, horrified. Did I happen to mention that when I saw her and her boyfriend getting friendly in the woods, I also recognised her boyfriend? He’s married with a very nice wife and two children. If word got out of what he was doing with her, they’d both have their reputations and his marriage would be ruined.

I sat there smiling, waiting for her capitulation.

“You’re lying,” she said. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“You should think faster,” I replied. “If you honestly thought I was lying, or if you didn’t know what I was talking about, you’d be gone.”

Denise sat for a moment, glaring at me.

“What do you want?” she demanded.

“God, you’re slow at times,” I complained. “I’ve already told you what I want. I want to remove that bikini you’re almost wearing and then make passionate love to you.”

Make passionate love to you sounds so much nicer than saying I want to screw your arse off, doesn’t it. It almost sounds romantic.

“You don’t seriously expect me to have sex with you, do you?”

The contempt she oozed when she said with you, was quite hurtful. Still, the sex would assuage my hurt feelings.

“I certainly do, and you’ve stalled long enough,” I said crisply. “Now lie down on the raft. I want to kiss you.”

She was reluctant, very reluctant, but she didn’t resist when I placed my fingers at the top of her chest and pressed her lightly backwards, encouraging her to lie down.

“Just to make sure you understand,” I murmured, “as well as kissing you I’m going to take this off,” plucking lightly at her bikini top, “and play with your breasts, and I’m going to remove these,” this time plucking at her bikini bottom, “and stroke your pussy before plundering your body with my cock. Understand?”

Denise looked at me and then away, but nodded.

Reaching down I tilted Denise’s head so she was looking at me again. Then I leaned down and started kissing her. For someone who was reluctant, she certainly knew how to kiss. Heat seemed to explode between us. I had already been semi erect from the anticipation and teasing I’d been doing. Now I was at full attention. Seeing I was lying next to her, there was no way Denise missed that stirring down below.

We continue kissing for a few minutes. I suspect that Denise would have been perfectly happy to continue kissing, as while we were doing that we weren’t doing other things. I sat up, breathing hard. I reached for her bikini top and tweaked it lightly.

“Take it off,” I told her.

Her eyes seemed to darken slightly as she hesitated, considering my request, then she reached around behind her and pulled the necktie loose. I brushed the bra component away from her breasts and sat for a moment, admiring them.

I rubbed my hands lightly across them, rolling the nipples in the palms of my hands, feeling her breasts swell and tighten, with the nipples now pointing sharply upwards. Bending I caught one nipple in my teeth, scraping it lightly while my hand played with her other breast.

I started rotating my touch, kissing her lips, first one breast and then the other and then back to her lips. Denise was definitely getting with the program now, pressing her breasts firmly into my hands and returning my kisses enthusiastically.

While Denise was restlessly moving under my administrations one of her hands brushed against the front of my bathers. She gave this little gasp and snatched it away again, but a little while later it returned, furtively brushing against my erection.

Sitting up again I tweaked her bikini bottom.

“Which of us takes these down?” I asked.

Denise swallowed, realising that things were advancing and going where I wanted them to, whether she wanted to or not.

“You,” she whispered.

That was OK by me. I made a production of it, tugging first one side down a little and then the other. Working slowly I eased them down until first her pubic mound started to show and then the top of her slit appeared.

Pausing, I rubbed my hand over her mound, hearing her gasp lightly as I pressed down. My finger darted under the bikini bottom just where her slit was peeping out. Pressing lightly between her lips, my finger edged them apart, sliding slowly into her.

Then I went back to lowering the bottoms, little by little pulling them down, until her entire pussy was exposed. Pausing again, I encouraged Denise to move her legs slightly further apart, then slipped my hand between them and cupped her mound, squeezing softly.

With Denise now fully exposed to my view, there was no longer any need to delay and I swiftly finished removing the bikini, tossing onto the raft next to us.

Lying down, I told Denise to sit up for a moment. She did, one hand reaching out to cover her breasts. Why do girls do that? I’d already seen, touched and tasted them. Why try to hide them now?

This time I plucked at my bathers, and Denise turned a little pale as she realised what I was insinuating. Nevertheless, I’ll have to admit she was game. She leaned over me and pulled them down, deliberately not looking at what she was exposing.

My erection was now ready and waiting, standing large and tall. I’d seen her boyfriend’s cock when he was taking her in the woods, and if that was the only one she’d ever experienced then she was in for a bit of a shock. In my opinion, Michael was under average, size wise. I wasn’t. I’m a big lad, and I mean I’m big all over.

I coaxed Denise back to a lying position, settling next to her. She had kept on pointedly not looking towards my erection, and still didn’t know what sort of present I had for her.

I resumed kissing her, but this time I didn’t limit my touches to lips and breasts. One hand would wander down and tease her with some pussy playing, stroking, massaging, slipping between her lips, and probing deeply into her.

I could feel the hand that she had used to stroke the front of my bathers fluttering around down near my groin, and eventually it moved closer and lightly touched my erection.

Denise’s fingers ran lightly up and down my cock, paused and then did the same again. She hesitated and then closed her hand around me. She held me for less than a second before snatching her hand away and jerking to a sitting position, eyes swivelling to take in just how big I was.

“Oh, my god,” she said, voice trembling slightly. “Please tell me you don’t intend to put that thing in me?”

Amused and flattered, I nodded.

“Don’t worry,” I told her. “You’ll find it’ll fit. It will just be a case of going in slowly while you adjust. You’ll probably find it’ll help if you get better acquainted with it. Seeing you’re already sitting up, why don’t you lean over and use your mouth?”

Denise looked appalled at the very thought of doing that, but when I reached over and put my hand on the back of her head she didn’t resist as I gently pushed her towards my erection.

Her mouth was hot and wet, an excellent precursor to the way I hoped her pussy would receive me. Denise may have been reluctant to take me orally, but once she started she demonstrated that she either had some decent experience or she had a wonderful natural talent.

While her head was slowly moving up and down on my cock, her tongue and teeth busy tantalising it, I adjusted her position slightly so that she was kneeling. This let me run my hand down over her bottom and round to her pussy, where I continued playing, stimulating her in time to her bobbing.

Knowing that if I let things go too far I’d blow before taking her, I called a halt.

“Lie down now,” I told her. “Time to play with the grownups.”

Denise settled back down, moving her legs apart as I nestled between them. I told her to spread her lips for me and she reached down, stretching her lips and then watching as I slowly moved towards her, pressing between her fingers and into her.

Telling her to move her hands, she complied, and we both watched as her lips closed over my head, holding me lightly in place. Now I started pressing slowly but firmly into her, giving her time to adjust, but determined that she was going to take all of me.

Denise was breathing hard, biting her lip and watching as I slowly sank into her. She wriggled slightly a couple of time, and when she did I paused, letting her get more comfortable.

Finally I was fully home and I rested there, looking at Denise.

“When you’re ready, press up against me and we’ll have our fun,” I told her. “I’ll wait until you’re comfortable with it.”

We stayed like that for almost a minute, with me just holding her nailed against the raft and not moving. Then Denise gave a little gasp and pressed up, hard. I reciprocated, of course, pressing down so that our pubic regions mashed together, then I withdrew and thrust smoothly back into her.

For the initial movements I was just getting the feel for her, seeing how well she could handle me before I started to really nail her to the deck. It was pretty obvious from the word go that Denise knew what to do and how to do it. We accelerated steadily, both contributing as much as we could. Both of us were inspiring the other, inciting them to try harder and to take greater pleasure from each other.

“You were saying something about it never happening,” I gasped, as I drove steadily into her.

“Shut up and fuck me, you bastard,” was the reply, gasped out between little squeals of pleasure.

For once, I was quite happy to do what she said, and I drove merrily into her. Very soon we were approaching our climaxes, and that’s when I heard some splashing. How I managed to distract myself long enough to turn and look I’ll never know, but I did.

“Visitors coming,” I told Denise, still hammering her hard and fast.

“I don’t care,” she squealed back at. “Finish it or I’ll kill you.”

“They’ll see you naked and with a cock in you,” I pointed out.

“Fuck them. It’s your fault. You started this and you can damn well finish,” she gasped, thrusting herself hard against me.

I shrugged. Metaphorically, that is, as I was too busy pounding her pussy to do anything else.

And then I was climaxing and she was climaxing, and everything came to pieces around us.

Coming back to reality, the knowledge that we had visitors finally sank into Denise’s awareness. She turned bright red, swearing at them and telling them to go away.

The two young men were sitting either side of us laughing at her embarrassment. They couldn’t actually see anything as my body and hands effectively covered Denise’s privacy.

“That’s a very lovely girl you have there, mate,” said one of them. “Mind moving your hands so we can see her boobs?”

“Of course,” I said, to Denise’s shock, and pushed myself up and away from her, leaving her on display to a couple pairs of licentious eyes.

Almost in unison, they both reached over and flicked a breast, to Denise’s indignant squawk.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing,” she snapped. “Don’t you dare touch me.”

I reached for and started pulling on my bathers while Denise sat up, scrabbling for hers. To her indignation the two visitors reached out and touched her breasts again.

“She’s gorgeous, mate,” said the same one who had asked me to move my hands. “Any way we can take her for a ride?”

Denise’s furious “What?” was ignored by all three of us. I rubbed my chin and pretended to think.

“Let me consider that I said,” looking at Denise and remembering a thousand slights and insults. “What do you say, love,” I asked her.

She just stared at me, mute, not believing what was happening.

“She has certain standard,” I said. “How big are your erections?”

There were some wide grins as both men slid down their bathers, and Denise cringed away from them. They both had quite respectable erections, not as good as mine but definitely better than her asshole married boyfriend.

“It’s OK by me,” I said. “Denise will probably object, but ignore that. She loves to pretend she’s being raped. She also likes it doggy fashion, so if one of you would oblige?”

It was at that point that Denise’s nerve broke and she dived for the side, managing to push past the man next to her and hitting the water fast.

I laughed as she swam for the shore.

“Looks like she’s turning you down,” I said. “Sorry, mate.”

I dived of the raft, quickly overhauling Denise.

“Calm down,” I told her. “They were just teasing you. You are going to stop seeing Michael. I’ll be whispering in his ear as well, so he probably won’t be around to see you anyway. Seeing you now have no date for tonight, I’ll pick you up at eight.”

We had now reached water shallow enough to stand, and Denise did so.

“You will not pick me up at eight,” she snapped. “You’re a rotten swine and a rapist and I’m not going anywhere with you, ever.”

“I’ll give you a choice when I get to your place,” I told her. “You can come out with me or we can stay home and repeat this afternoon’s exercise. I’ll let you choose.”

I wasn’t worried. I figured that she’d concede to going out with me, thinking that would get her out of having to have sex with me. It wouldn’t, as I intended to take her again anyway, but I’d let the thought console her for a while.

You’re probably thinking that I’m an arrogant bastard. You’d be right, but I’ll still lay odds that Denise will be in my bed tonight.

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