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Caught in Silkies

Category: Fetish
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Alone. I was off for the day, my wife was at work, and I had the house to myself and was going to be able to indulge in one of my favorite fetishes. My cock was already getting hard as I went into our bedroom and stood in front of her dresser. Opening the drawer, I selected the silky black thong she’d bought a few months prior. It had quickly become my favorite. Taking off my shorts and shirt, I eased the soft panties up my legs and over my now rock hard penis.

The sensation was incredible, the way they clung to my cock and balls. I reached down and caressed my erection through them. As much as I wanted to grasp my cock and masturbate until I shot off in them, I refrained. I had the entire day to myself. I could take my time with her panties. Something I hadn’t been able to do in quite a while.

I left the bedroom and lay down on the living room couch. Slowly I rubbed my hard on through the thong. Each time I rubbed myself, the strap would gently press against my ass, heightening the pleasure. My cock could no longer be contained by their silky confines and started to poke out the waistband. I pulled them down a little further, so they were cupping my balls and started to slowly stroke my cock. It felt so good. The better it felt the faster I started to pump. I closed my eyes and thought about the times she would wear them to bed. I would have her keep them on, pulling the crotch aside when we fucked, feeling the silky wetness of her pussy combined with the satiny smooth of the panties would always get me off in a huge way.

“I kind of figured this is what you’d be doing,” my wife’s voice shocked me back to reality. I opened my eyes to find my wife standing over me.

“I..I,” I tried to come up with something to say.

“Think carefully before you speak,” she told me. “And whatever you do don’t lie to me.”

“I like panties,” I said with a shrug. It was the best I could come up with on short notice.

“Very good,” she smiled. “Not about you raiding my panty drawer, but at least you’re telling the truth. How long have you been doing this?”

“Since we first moved in together,” I answered.

While I had heard of guys sniffing women’s underwear, I had never done it myself. Just never thought about it when the opportunity was there I guess. That was until Rachel and I moved in together.

It was a Wednesday, laundry day and my turn to do it. I made my way towards the laundry room with a big pile of clothes in my arms. Sitting right on the top was the panties Rach had worn the day before. Her scent radiated off of them. My cock started to stir in my shorts as I pushed the pile of clothes into the washing machine. Taking them from the top, I held them closer to my nose and inhaled. They smelled wonderful, that perfect mix of pussy juices and sweat. My cock was soon rock hard and pushing a huge tent in the front of my shorts. I unzipped them and pulled my cock out. Rachel was out shopping so I wasn’t worried about her ever knowing I’d whacked off with her panties.

I held them to my nose while stroking my cock. I could tell from the beginning that it wasn’t going to take long. As I got close to cumming, I took the panties from my nose and wrapped them around my cock. My first thought was only to use them to catch the load I was ready to shoot. The added bonus was they felt incredible against my cock. I was soon soaking the pretty pink bikinis with shot after shot of cum.

“What can I say,” I finished telling her the story with a shrug. “I’ve been hooked ever since.”

“That night… Wasn’t that the first time you had me wear panties while we had sex?”


“You’re not gay?”


“Not planning to do the whole make up, heels and dresses thing are you?” she asked.

“Not a chance,” I assured her.

“I guess I’m cool with it. I mean it’s a pretty harmless fetish,” she said slowly. Then continued with a glance down to my still panty clad crotch. “It really seems to turn you on.”

I started to ask what she meant, when she stopped me.

“Even though you totally just got busted, your cock never got soft. You have been hard this entire time and quite frankly it’s starting to turn me on.”

With that she reached under her skirt and slid the panties she was wearing down her legs and tossed them my way.

“Show me what you do with my panties when I’m not around.”

The light blue thong was soaked. Obviously this situation was turning her on, almost as much as me.

As I was already in a pair, reached down and briefly stroked them against my cock, which was still poking out of the waistband. Gliding them up my body to my face, I pressed the very damp crotch to my nose and sniffed. I glanced over at Rachel, who was now facing me; her legs splayed roughly rubbing two fingers against her clit.

I started stroking again. With the entire added sensory bonus’s I knew I would be cumming in just a few seconds. Inhaling her musky scent from the panties she had been wearing. The soft strap of the thong rubbed against my ass. The front of the thong cupped and caressed my balls each time I pulled on my cock. My orgasm started to really build. I knew this would be a good one.

I watched Rachel alternating between rubbing her clit and slowly sliding two fingers inside of her smooth pussy (she had been getting Brazilian Waxes, for a few months.)

“I want to see you shoot,” she moaned as she hooked her fingers inside of her pussy and ground the heel of her hand against her clit. “Make your cock cum for me.”

I started feeling my balls tighten. By this time I had given up on sniffing her panties. With Rach’s pussy only three feet in front of me, I could smell her arousal from where I was sitting. I had the pair she’d just taken off wrapped loosely around the shaft of my cock, gliding up and down with every stroke. I could see tremors running through her body, signaling she was very close to cumming.

With a low, throaty moan, she started cumming. Looking down I could see juices streaming from her bald pussy to her ass. When her body stopped shaking and she’d caught her breath, she started talking to me.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned. “Looks like my hubby likes my silky panties. Your cock is so hard. Did you like smelling my wet pussy in them?”

A shaky yes was all I could muster.

“You like wearing them around the house?”

I nodded, getting closer and closer to cumming.

“Ever wear them under your clothes?”

I shook my head.

“But you’d like to?” she asked. “Walking around, feeling my silky’s rubbing your balls. Knowing you were hiding a sexy little secret from everyone?”

“Yessss,” I moaned.

“Which do you like better, thongs or bikinis?”

“Bikinis and Boy shorts,” I panted.

“MMMMMM, so my hubby likes not only having his balls cupped by my silky’s he likes to feel it on his ass too,” she smiled. “If you’re a good boy, maybe we’ll go shopping and I’ll pick you out a few pairs of your own.”

That was all my cock needed to get over the edge. It felt as if my balls had erupted. My cock exploded with a torrent of cum. I kept shooting and shooting, coating my chest and stomach. One blast even hit the underside of my chin.

“That was hot,” Rachel said as she reached over with her sexy foot and swirled her toes through the pool of cum coating my torso. “That was the first time I’ve ever seen a guy jack off. Thanks.”

“I should be thanking you,” I told her.

“Yes you should,” she grinned as she pinched the waistband of the thong I was wearing between her toes and pulled the panties back over my, now only semi hard, cock. She rubbed my panty-covered cock a few times with the ball of her foot.

“Why don’t you go in and take a shower,” she suggested. “While you’re in there, I want you to do something.”

“What’s that?”

“I want you to shave your cock and balls,” she smiled. “I want you totally smooth down there.”

“Sure,” I said. At that point there wasn’t a whole lot I could say no to.

“Trust me, you’ll love it,” she assured me. “Do you remember the first time I shaved my pussy for you?”

I nodded.

“That next day, the feeling of panties rubbing against my pussy drove me nuts at work. I masturbated twice that day, once in the ladies room and the second time I just reached under my skirt and fingered myself at my desk. Between the extra sensitivity of my pussy and the fact that anyone could have walked in a caught me playing with myself…got me off big time.”

My cock started getting hard again.

“Go-Shower-Shave,” she emphasized each word with a squeeze of her toes on my cock….

It took a while, but after about a half hour I emerged from the bathroom. Between the eroticism of not only getting caught but Rachel getting off on the idea of me wearing her panties and the new sensitivity of having no hair between my legs my cock was so hard it pointed almost straight up.

While I was showering, Rach had set out my clothes for me. Well, more a combination of hers and my clothes for me. Sitting on top of a pair of my jeans were the bright pink bikini panties I’d bought for her birthday.

My hands were shaking as I slid the silky fabric up my legs. The feeling of the panties cupping my newly shaven balls was almost electric. I momentarily chastised myself for not shaving sooner. I quickly pulled on my jeans and threw on the dress shirt Rach had set out and left the bedroom.

Rach was dressed in a fairly short white skirt and black tank top. Playing to my other favorite fetish, her gorgeous feet were clad in a pair of flip-flops.

“Ok here’s the deal,” she said as I walked into the living room. “I took a quick check in my panty drawer and counted 6 pairs of bikinis and boy-shorts, that you have bought me over the years. Being I prefer thongs, I can only assume you bought them for yourself and not for me.”

What could I say? She’d hit the nail on the head. All I could do was nod in agreement.

“So, I figure you owe me 6 pairs of thongs. Just so you don’t feel left out we’ll buy you a few new pairs, that way you’ll have at least a weeks worth of silkies to wear.”

As she said it, her eyes drifted down towards my crotch, as if to gauge my reaction to her idea. The way my cock was straining against the front of my jeans, it was obvious I liked her idea. I looked around and tentatively walked out of the house, the last thing I wanted was to have one of our neighbors happen by and force me to talk with them as the front of my pants were tenting.

The drive to the mall was fairly uneventful. Rachel sat in the passenger seat as always her feet on the dashboard, knowing that it turned me on to see her bare toes. Occasionally she would reach over and rest her hand on my crotch.

“Just checking to make sure you still liked wearing my underwear,” she told me at one point.

She directed me towards a parking spot a few hundred yards away from the mall entrance. I pulled into a spot fairly far from any other cars.

“I figured the walk would give you a chance to soften up,” she explained.

It took a few minutes, sitting in the car talking about the weather and our plans for the upcoming weekend for my cock to finally soften to a manageable state of semi-erect. Rachel noticed and announced that it was time to hit the stores.

I was mildly surprised that our first stop was a shoe store, as opposed to going straight to Victoria’s Secret.

“There’s a pair of shoes I’ve been wanting for a while,” Rachel explained, brushing her hand over my crotch. “And I didn’t think you would be in any condition to tell me no…Today.”

She had a point.

Rachel pointed out the black open toed pumps she had been eyeing as we walked into the store. As we wandered around the store for a few moments, she found some other selections she wanted to try on. With three other pairs in mind, she flagged down the salesman and asked him to get them in size 9. He came back with the boxes and like most shoe salespeople do nowadays, handed them to her.

My heart leapt and my cock started to stiffen as she sat down and tried on the first pair. Her knees parted slightly and revealed that she was totally bare underneath her skirt. Rachel never went anywhere without panties on.

“His loss,” she smiled and shrugged. Then continued in a voice just above a whisper. “I figured today was your panty day, so I decided to go without.”

Each time she tried on a pair, she would show me just a little bit more of her shaved pussy. Once, while buckling a pair with her right leg crossed over her left knee, I watched her glistening lips ever so slowly and gently part.

“So can I get them?” she asked coyly as I stared at her pussy.

“Of c-c-course,” I stammered.

“Which ones?”

“After that, all of them.”

“Oh why thank you, sir,” she said. “But I kind of figured you’d say that.”

She gave me and another customer one last long flash as she “struggled” to find and put on her flip-flops. She then gathered up the shoes and told me she’d go up and pay. Then instructed me to think less happy thoughts and try to get my cock to soften up before she got back.

“Can’t have you walking around the mall pointing at people with no hands. Can we?”

I had my cock under control by the time she came back with her purchases.

“Before we hit Victoria’s Secret and get you some silkies,” she started, just loud enough to be overheard by passers by. “I want to get something to drink at the food court.”

We headed over, got our Cokes and found a seat. The moment she sat down, Rachel kicked off her flip-flops and rested her bare feet on my chair, just below my crotch.

“That was so hot,” I told her.

“You liked it when I flashed you my pussy?” she grinned.

“Huge turn on.”

“Did that guy standing over by you see anything?”

“The way his jaw hung open,” I laughed. “I’m 99% sure he saw everything I did.”

“That turn you on having other guys see my pussy?” she asked, brushing her toes over my rock hard cock.

I nodded.

“It turns me on too,” she admitted. She then took a look over one shoulder then the other, to make sure no one was looking. Satisfied no one was watching she brought one knee up, reached under her skirt and slid her index and middle finger inside of her pussy. “I am soaked. Do you want a taste?”

“Yes,” I answered quickly.

She plunged her fingers in and out a couple of times, pulled them out and eased them into my mouth. She tasted fantastic.

“So big guy,” she said when I’d licked her fingers clean. “You ready to get yourself some new panties?”

I’d been in Victoria’s Secret quite a few times. Both shopping for and shopping with Rachel. I have to admit, I was nervous as hell. I had this irrational feeling that every woman in the store knew what we were there for and every person that looked our way knew what I had on under my pants.

Rachel led the way over to the huge tables where they both display and store panties. The first order of business was Rachel finding her 6 pairs of thongs to replace the bikinis and boy-shorts that I know owned. She quickly found the style she wanted and made her selections.

For my selections, she took her time. When she noticed I was hanging back a little bit, trying my best to project the look of a slightly disinterested husband. Of course, she was not going let me get away with it.

“Oh look at these Hon,” she called out, holding up a very satiny pair of deep purple bikinis. My testicles tightened as thoughts of how it would feel to wear them flowed through my mind. When I stepped over to Rach, she held them up in front of me at crotch level and teased; “These are going to look adorable on you.”

I was relived that no one was within earshot. However that relief was to be short lived.

“You guys finding everything alright?” a sales girl asked as she appeared out of nowhere. She was in her mid twenties, very cute and very blonde.

“I think we found the style,” Rachel answered. “Just trying to decide on colors.”

“That purple would very sexy on you,” she offered.

“Oh really,” Rachel said looking past the salesgirl, her eyes meeting mine. I knew it was coming, but I was powerless to do anything about it. “How do you think they’d look on him?”

Confusion flashed across the girls face for a moment, my stomach tightened for that same moment, then she smiled as she caught on.

“I think they will look great,” she answered, turning and eyeing me.

“Good we’ll get these and a pair of bright red…something about the shade of red his face is.”

The salesgirl laughed for a second and turned her attention to the table.

“What size are we looking for?” she asked me.

“Extra large,” I choked out an answer.

She quickly found a bright red pair and handed them to me. Obviously enjoying my trepidation, almost as much as my wife was. To make matters worse, the thought of wearing a pair of panties that the salesgirl picked out and my wife bought for me was causing my cock to stir in my pants.

“Anything else?”

I started to say no. But Rachel intervened.

“I think he needs one more pair.”

“What color would you like?” the girl asked. “Something cute? Or maybe something sexy?”

The tone in her voice put me over the edge any control I had over my cock was lost and it was pushing a huge tent in the front of my pants.

“Uh,” was all I could muster.

“Cats got his tongue,” Rachel joked. “Why don’t you choose?”

The girl pondered her task for a moment then walked over to one of the other displays. She quickly returned with a pair of bright pink with black polka dot bikinis.

“Here you go,” she smiled, handing them to me. Then asked, “Are you ready to check out?”

Rachel said yes and we headed up towards the cash register. I shoved my hands in my pockets, trying to camouflage my boner as best I could. Much to both my embarrassment and excitement, as we passed a couple of other shoppers, I found it didn’t work completely. We paid for our purchases and headed towards the parking garage.

“I can’t wait to see these on you,” Rachel said reaching down, running her hand over my now aching hard on, sending electric shocks through my body, as we neared the car.

“I can’t wait to have you see me in them,” I answered quickly.

Once at the car, I opened the passenger door for her and she got in.

“I want you to put the polka dot ones on now,” she told me. “The idea of seeing you in a pair of panties that another woman picked out is getting me hot. Or should I say hotter.” She grabbed my hand and pulled it underneath her skirt. She had gotten so wet; her juices had been literally running down her thighs.

“No problem,” I said eagerly and started to come around to the drivers’ side of the car. Figuring I would be able to wrestle my pants off and get the new panties on in the drivers seat.

“Not in the car,” she said, reaching out and wrapping her hand around my hard cock through my pants. She gave it a couple of strokes before continuing. “I want you to do it right here.”

I took a quick glance around. We were in a fairly deserted area of the parking garage. Yes there were cars around us, but it wasn’t as if there were hoards of people milling about.

“What if someone comes?” I asked, hoping to buy some time.

“Someone will come,” she smiled, continuing to run her hand over the front of my pants. “If you do what I say. Who knows, I might like having someone see my man in a pair of my panties, you seemed to like it when that guy saw my bare pussy earlier.”

The combination of the days adventures, her fingers massaging my aching cock and of course feeling the silky material rubbing on my smooth balls, I threw most of my caution to the wind. After another glance to see if anyone was near by, I quickly kicked off my sandals and started fumbling with the button on my pants. I pushed them off of my hips and let them puddle around my ankles. My cock was straining against the silky confines of Rachel’s panties. The cool breeze drifting through the garage chilled the huge wet spot on the front of the panties. They were so wet from precum that it looked as if I’d peed myself.

Rachel’s hand stopped me as I tried to quickly get the pink bikinis off of me.

“Slowly,” she whispered. “I am really enjoying this.”

I gently eased the waistband of the panties over my rigid cock and slid them down my legs. My body was so hyper-sensitive by that point, the feeling of the panties coming off felt almost as good as when I’d put them on. Once off, I placed them into Rachel’s out stretched hand. Much to my surprise, she swung her legs out of the car and slid the soaked panties on. My cock was so hard, when I straightened up, my cock was actually pressing against my belly. Rachel reached out with her bare toes and gently teased the head, then slid her foot down my shaft to my balls.

“I love the smooth look,” she purred. “I think you’re going to keep it for a while.”

She then reached into the Victoria’s Secret bag and pulled out my new polka dot bikinis. It felt like an eternity, standing in the parking lot, half nude with my cock pointing towards the ceiling. Part of me was praying that nobody would happen by, of course there was another part that thought the idea of getting caught in such a compromising situation was very appealing.

Once de-tagged, Rachel gave the panties a quick twirl on the end of her finger before tossing them to me. Heading her earlier request, I slowly eased the new panties up my legs. After getting them on and pulling the waistband over my hard on, I held up my hands in the classic ‘Ta-Da’ and presented myself for Rachel’s inspection.

Her fingertip brushed the head of my cock as she reached out to adjust the waistband. She slowly swirled it around the head before removing her finger and placing it into her mouth to lick the wetness off. Once she was finished, she motioned for me to turn around. Her hands caressed my panty-covered ass for a few moments before she spoke.

“I really love these on you. Next time we’re here, I want to get the thong version, so we can match.”

My cock throbbed at the thought.

“Decision time,” Rachel announced. “Are you going to wear pants home, or do you want to drive home in just your new panties.”

At that point, I would have probably agreed to walk home in them…I chose to keep that to myself. But I could tell which way she wanted me to go.

“Who needs pants?” I answered.

A slight moan escaped her throat. I knew I’d made the correct choice. Feeling incredibly brave, I took my time walking around the rear of the car, slowly opened the door and sat down in the drivers seat.

“So does my baby like wearing the panties that the cute blonde girl picked out for him?”

I nodded, and then moaned as she stroked my cock, gripping it so the panties were wrapped around it.

“Does my baby want to cum?”

I nodded again. Then let out the mother of all moans as she freed my cock from the panties, leaned over and licked the head of my cock.

“You like that baby?” she asked as she slowly stroked me. She leaned down and licked it again. “You like the feeling of your new panties and my tongue on you?”

“Yessss,” I hissed.

“You want me to suck it? Feel my mouth all over your cock?”

“Please,” I moaned.

She placed her lips on the head and paused. Her tongue swirled around as her hand continued to gently pump. As her tongue hit the sensitive spot underneath the head, she slowly lowered her lips until her nose came into contact with my stomach. She held it there for a moment, then even more slowly, raised her head and took my now slippery cock out of her mouth.

“Fuck you are hard,” she exclaimed, sliding her hand from my balls up to the tip of my cock. Each time she got to the top she would slide her palm up and over the head. “Shall I continue?”

I nodded.

Rachel held my cock and started licking up and down as if my cock was a Popsicle. My hips would involuntarily thrust forward each time she would stop to kiss and run her tongue over the head.

“You want me to get you off?” she asked, coming up for air. “You want to fill my mouth with your hot cum?”


As the word left my mouth, she dove back down and swallowed the entire length of my cock. She then started sliding both her mouth and hand up and down my shaft. It was too much to take when I looked down and saw that she was busy rubbing her pussy with the other hand.

With a final groan, my cock erupted down her throat. Spasm after spasm, my cock continued to squirt cum into her mouth. Just as I finished squirting, her body started to shake as her own orgasm washed over her body.

“That was intense,” she said as she caught her breath. “I didn’t think I’d be able to swallow it all.”

I could taste remnants of my cum on her tongue as she leaned over and kissed me.

“It was so hot watching you strip down and put those panties on,” she whispered in my ear. “It was like you didn’t give a shit about the security cameras. I really didn’t think you’d go for it.”

I was in total shock when she pointed out the camera, mounted high on the concrete pillar beside our care.

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