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Used for Their Pleasure

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“Let’s see what you got…” Rachel said from behind the camera.

Laurie was nervous. She was now a month behind on the rent and she knew that Rachel had become an expert in evictions. She stood for no nonsense at all; Laurie had seen tenants tossed from their homes after barely moving into the beaten-down apartment house she lived in. After the last falling out with her mother she knew she could not go back there; it would literally be living in the car.

She tried to smile and play to the camera. The apartment was hot; and not a nice hot like a summer’s day. It was the kind of hot that made you afraid your nose might bleed. The old building was always hotter than it was outside; you had to crank the air all the way up to try and counteract it. She wondered if Rachel preferred it hot; she certainly could afford to turn the air conditioning up if she wanted to.

“Enough of the beach blanket bingo routine.” Rachel commanded. “Let’s see those tits.”

Laurie started to unbutton her white shirt but stopped on the third button down. She had never done anything like this and could feel her face was red with shame. “This is…just for you right? You wouldn’t show it to anyone…” She trailed off, feeling ridiculous.

Rachel ignored the question. “Don’t be shy. Let’s see them.”

Laurie removed her shirt. The CD changer switched from the slow R&B to an obnoxious club song with a pounding beat.

“I don’t know what you’ve been blowing your rent money on but it’s sure not fancy underwear!” Rachel said, a mean edge in her voice. “What a plain bra she’s wearing, eh Tony?”

Rachel’s boyfriend Tony, sprawled out on the couch, grunted and laughed. Laurie had never liked him. Right now she could feel his leering gaze on her breasts, the same as when they passed each other in the hallway. He always wore shorts too big for him, cinched with a belt low on his waist so his boxers were exposed, and he favored wife beater t shirts. Perhaps he thought they showed off his muscles. Maybe he was handsome in a thuggish, lower class kind of way. But Laurie knew he was nothing but a sleaze.

She took the bra off, not even trying to be seductive. Maybe if she made it clear she was not at all into this her landlord would lose interest and let her leave, holding to her promise to forgive the backed rent. Her skin was pale; and her big, dark nipples stood out on that pale flesh. Rachel continued to say things to her from behind her video camera, sometimes lewd, sometimes just nasty.

“Look at those nice, big tits Tony. Much bigger than mine aren’t they? Now take off the skirt Laurie.”

Laurie slipped out of what remained of her waitress uniform. She had worn plain nylons and undies and this elicited more mocking from Rachel. She moved closer with her camera, and reached out to touch Laurie’s breast.

“That make you uncomfortable?” She whispered, fondling the nipple.

“Yes.” Laurie said, not able to make eye contact.

“Yeah, I under stand.” Rachel said, pinching. Laurie pulled back. “You’re not into girls, I get it. You like boys only. That’s fine. I got a boy right here. Come over here Tony…”

Tony approached. Laurie cringed.

“Kiss him Laurie. Give my boy friend a kiss.”

Laurie pecked Tony on the lips and Rachel snorted. “What was that, Laurie? That’s how you kiss your grandpa when you’re little. Kiss her Tony, how grown-ups kiss. She wants it…”

But Laurie really didn’t. Tony pulled her close and started kissing her. Again she just sat there, not reciprocating, as he kissed her all over her mouth, making advances with his tongue that she ignored. Maybe he would just stop if she made it clear she felt nothing from this. But he didn’t.

He pressed her close to him and she felt his muscles and hard dick through his clothes against her skin. Something in her stirred and she felt ugly inside from it…he was such a creep, she hated him….but the way he felt groping her made her feel a slight tingling in her nipples, wetness between her thighs.

Tony peeled off his wifebeater, displaying the muscles he carved at the gym. With a quick movement of his hand his belt was undone and his over sized pants dropped to the floor. He then freed his large erection form his boxers as well. He grabbed Laurie again, pawing her ass, her breasts.

“Yes…” Rachel whispered. “Get down on your knees Laurie. ”

“Rachel I don’t think…Maybe there’s some other way I can pay…” She tried to push Tony away but held her wrists, pulled her back against him. His hard on was poking in her belly. She had seen bigger in the dirty movies her brother used to hide in the basement many years ago, but never in real life.

“You get down on those knees is you don’t want to be homeless. You owe me.”

“Rachel…” Laurie protested, holding back tears.

“You’re gonna suck my boyfriend’s dick. And you better make it good for the camera. Now get on those knees.”

Laurie got on her knees. Closing her eyes, she opened her mouth Tony stuck his big dick inside it. She tried to think of someone else but nothing came to mind; she was trapped in the moment. She did the things she had done for boyfriends in the past, she wrapped her lips around her teeth, bobbing and sucking on his tool.

“You like that Tony? Does that whore know how to suck dick?”

“Not bad baby. But she could learn more.”

“Well, you teach her how you like it. Make that fuckin’ whore work for it.”

Tony began sticking it into her throat, holding her by the hair, roughly fucking her mouth. Laurie couldn’t hold her breath any more, she coughed, gagged, but he didn’t slow down.

“Yes that’s it!” Rachel squealed. “Make that whore gag. Plug her nose if you have to. I want to hear it, hear that sound…”

Tony gripped the back of her skull, pushing his dick as far into her face as it would go. She choked and gagged. His cock was covered in her saliva, and it was now dripping down his balls. Finally he let her up for air. Gasping, as she pulled back a strand of drool stretched from the head of his dick to her lips. He continued to play with her long raven hair, using it as a handle to pull her back onto his rock hard tool.

“Let’s see…I think the whore is enjoying it. Let me just…” Rachel put her hand down the front of Laurie’s white panties. “I knew it!!! She’s all wet. She likes it Tony. She likes being treated like a cheap slut!”

Laurie could not quite place it but she was highly aroused. Something about the way Rachel was talking to her and the way Tony was manhandling her was making her wet. She felt lust and shame in equal proportion. Rachel began to rub Laurie’s clit with her free hand.

Tony’s hard dick was back in her throat. His hands roughly cupped her breasts, squeezing them. He pinched her nipples and there was pain, but the tingling shot through them down to her throbbing clit and a tiny moan escaped her. With the mouthful of dick she had it was more like a gurgle.

The heat of the room and the excitement had covered Tony’s body with a fine sheen of sweat. He had been drinking since he got home from work and he could hardly believe Rachel was going through with this after so many months of talking. He knew she was freaky and he was always eager to indulge her kinky streak, but he figured this one would never go beyond talking. Laurie was an incredibly hot piece of ass and he frankly could not understand how she did not have a rich boyfriend to indulge her every whim, let alone be on the verge of being kicked out of her ratty apartment. He continued to squeeze her big tits as she bobbed on his dong. Somewhere in the back of his mind he wondered if Rachel was jealous. Hers were barely a handful…

Laurie was beginning to breathe faster as Rachel rubbed her pussy and Tony fondled her breasts. She felt her orgasm come upon her suddenly, like electric current that started deep in her crotch and radiated all through the rest of her body. She gasped, and choked as cock filled her wind pipe.

Tony grunted “I’m gonna come!”

Rachel backed up “Not in her mouth! Like I said before!”

Tony nodded, remembering. He pulled his dick out and with seven expert strokes from his right hand he shot his load all over the glass coffee table. It was thick, not watery, so it stayed in a nice neat puddle. Rachel put the camera under the table facing up.

She got on her knees next to Rachel and resumed fingering her. Now she had a free hand so she cupped her breast. Tony sank on the couch beside them, watching transfixed.

Rachel leaned in and began kissing Laurie’s neck. She felt Laurie’s heart hammering through her jugular. She felt her body tense.

“Now lick it up.” Rachel said, loud enough for the camera to pick it up. “Lick my boyfriend’s come off the table like a good whore.” She pushed Laurie’s head forward, who offered no resistance to the motion.

She licked up the salty semen as Rachel rubbed her pussy and felt terribly dirty. She kept her eyes closed as she swallowed each drop before the camera eye.

“Now come!” Rachel commanded “You know a nasty whore like you is turned on by eating come!” She leaned closer, whispering in her ear “Come for me..”

Laurie cried out as the second orgasm of the night ripped through her. Rachel cooed encouragement.

The music on the stereo had changed to radio hits. The room was still hot but Laurie put on her shirt anyway. Rachel changed from pervert director to nice girl next door and offered her a drink. Laurie said whatever she had was fine.

Rachel mixed drinks and Laurie drank quickly. Laurie was glad she didn’t have much tolerance for alcohol because her nerves were frayed and it was good that not much was needed to calm them.

At first she had wanted to run home, to shower, to forget all of this had ever happened. But the mean Rachel was gone, replaced with the friendly girl she had met when she moved into her father’s building. The leering taunts were replaced with laughs and more booze served up. They continued to drink and to talk and Laurie began to feel better.

Tony texted and played on his phone as the girls talked, and everybody continued to drink. They talked into the night. Tony passed out on the couch.

Rachel apologized for saying such nasty things. It turned her on to call another woman those names she said, and to be called them herself sometimes. Laurie, now drunk, admitted that while she had never been talked to that way, there was something to it. A dirty thrill, she called it.

“Well I don’t know what it is,” Rachel said “But cocksucking turns me on. I like to do it. I like to see it. It’s hot.” She slipped Tony’s dick out of his boxers. It was much smaller and less impressive limp. He continued to snooze.

Rachel took it into her mouth and began to suck on it, making loud smacking noises with her lips. Tony shifted in his seat, groaned a little.

Rachel slipped out of her clothes. Laurie saw her body was fit and athletic, and she had no tan lines all over her golden skin. She grinned, brushing her blonde hair out of her eyes. “Let’s see if we can get him going again.”

She began sucking Tony again and his tool began to regain it’s big, impressive length and width. He groaned, his eyes opening half way.

“Come her Laurie ” Rachel said softly. Laurie knelled beside Rachel in front of Tony, who remained reclining on the couch.

“You can suck him some more,” She whispered, her nails raking sensuously across Laurie’s back. “I know you want to…”

Laurie did want to. She didn’t care this was so dirty, didn’t care what happened tomorrow, didn’t care didn’t care didn’t care…

She took him in her mouth and began to suck. It was rock hard again very quickly. She felt Rachel peeling her clothes off her as she worked him. Soon they were both naked. The she felt Rachel slip down beneath her legs and begin to lick her pussy. It began top throb with excitement.

Tony was awake now and wondering what go he should be thanking. Who knows where this would lead tomorrow but he was going to have his way with both these broads and then some. He pulled his hard cock out and slapped it between Laurie’s breasts. ‘Fucking those big tits’ he thought as he squeezed them together, rubbing his spit-covered prick between those big, soft globes. Laurie looked down and flicked at the thrusting head with her tongue.

He laid Laurie down on the couch and then guided Rachel on top of her in the 69 position. He entered Rachel from behind as she and Laurie licked each other. Rachel squealed when she came.

They took turns, moving around the couch. He would be in the pussy of one while the other licked the clit. They moved around the couch, naked and nasty, seeking each other’s pleasure. Finally, he could take it no more. With Laurie beneath him on the couch on her back, and Rachel kneeling over her, kissing her breasts, he felt the come rushing to the end of his dick and quickly pulled out, spraying it all over her belly.

“I got the first load” Laurie said to Rachel “Why don’t you lick up that one?” then with a smile “Whore.”

Rachel laughed and licked the jizz off her belly.

All this over rent money. Laurie wondered if it was too soon to ask them if she could move in with them…

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