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Calling All Girls

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When I turned on my computer this morning, I had an e-mail from a woman with whom I went to college. The message included an invitation to come and spend a weekend in Atlanta. Fortunately, my husband would be in Europe the weekend she suggested. This would be perfect. New Orleans is only about a ten hour drive from Atlanta. And it had been a while since I’d seen the scenery along the way. A late spring drive would be just lovely. I e-mailed my travel plans and counted away two weeks.

I spotted her outside a rest station with her thumb out and a sign that read “Atlanta, please!” She looked young–19 or 20. Medium-tall, shapely in a pair of tight jeans with strategically placed rips, white t-shirt with no bra, dark sun glasses and a baseball cap hiding her hair and its color .She looked harmless. I could use the company, I mused.

“Hi. I’m going to Atlanta. Want a lift?”

“That would be great. I’ll be glad to repay you,” she answered, smiling.

“But, sweetheart, you’re hitching. If you could pay, you’d have another means of transportation.” I was a little puzzled at her statement. Am I doing the right thing here?

“Don’t worry, I’m very normal. What I am is a call girl who deals strictly with a female clientele. I would only accept a ride from a woman such as yourself. It would be my pleasure to repay you with my expertise–if you so desire.”

Pretty speech, I thought. “Get in.”

She dumped her gear in the back seat and bounced in next to me, sticking out her hand. “Hi, I’m Eve.”

“Hello. I’m Katharyn. Nice to meet you. Do you have friends in Atlanta?” I asked as I pulled off.

“No. I’m just looking for a different place to hang for a few weeks. I was bummed with New Orleans.

“We didn’t run out of women, did we? I’m from New Orleans.” I asked, laughing.

“No way. But one of my clients, a young lawyer, thinks I’m the only one left. She took me to Paris for a week. Man, we did it everywhere. But she wants me to quit my business and live with her. That is something I will never do. I’m letting her cool her heels for a while. So I dumped a few things in my duffel and on impulse decided to ride my thumb. I love an adventure.”

“So, Eve, I know what you do. But how did you get where you are?”

Well, it began three years ago when I’d barely turned 18. When I told my parents that I only thought I was a lesbian, they cut me off financially. I dropped out of college after my first freshman semester to support myself. There wasn’t enough money in the odd jobs that I did. A young woman propositioned me at closing time at a cafe where I worked. I’d never been with a woman–only lusted in my mind–and was nervous. She did me every night for the next week teaching me everything I now know. I walked away sexually satisfied for the first time in my life. Then I discreetly began to solicit women. My reputation grew by word of mouth. The rest is history.”

“That’s very interesting, Eve.”

“I meant what I said Katharyn. If you decide you want my services, I’d be more that happy to oblige. At no charge, of course. You wouldn’t believe the women out there, Katharyn, who want that softness and knowledge of sex that only one woman can give to another. I have had in my short time in the business young mothers with school-aged kids, bankers, librarians, college girls, socialites. You name it. One older lady once hired me to come out to her country home on a weekend. She never got undressed, but only wanted to raise my dress, put her hand in my panties and feel me up. I love what I do, I do it well and am paid handsomely. In my bag, I have a couple of little black cocktail dresses, high heels and discreet jewelry. And a few toys. I can sit at a bar, fend off men, travel to the ladies room several times and come out with client’s names in my purse. Women see me, know what I am, and want to fuck with me. I have had women in their expensive homes, on love boats to Bermuda, in dumpy motels, on secluded beaches and in the backs of vans. I give women what they want–the touch of their own.”

“Well Eve, let’s travel until nightfall. I’ll get us rooms and then I will decide.”


Heavens, I was getting all tingly. All this talk about women having sex with each other. Could I do this? I’m not bad looking, pretty actually. My body is strong and lightly muscular from daily swimming. I hide my 35 years well, if I do say so myself. My naturally dark red hair is medium length and stylish. But it has been a while since I had sex with my husband who is twenty years my senior. It takes him a week to get it up and five minutes to get it off.

We traveled in silence for a couple of hours. She dozed but awakened as I made an exit. I explained that I would be checking us into a hotel for the night. A parking attendant took my Lexus after a hotel employee removed our bags. I checked us into adjoining suites and signed the register naming her as my daughter.

Upstairs, we went to our separate rooms. I ordered room service for the two of us, then opened the inner door to our suites. We chatted as we ate, then separated again when the table was removed.

Images of women touching occupied my mind as I took a nice long shower, dried my hair and donned one of the terry courtesy robes. As I was about to belt it, Eve came into my room. She was dressed like me. Her hair was a thick, curly honey blonde. It was glorious atop a beautiful face flushed from the heat of her bath. She licked her rose-colored lips when she saw me.

“Katharyn, you are beautiful. I would love to have sex with you. You don’t have to do anything. I will give you all the pleasure you can imagine.”

I nodded. She slowly walked to me, pulled the robe from my shoulders and let it drift to the floor. She stood back and hers followed. Her body was “lush.” Orange-sized breasts with reddish-pink nipples, small waistline, wisps of blonde curls on a mostly shaved pussy with thick, full lips. God, looking at her made me hot.

Eve walked back to me, took my face in both hands, and fucked my mouth with her tongue. Her hands traveled to my butt, then up and down my back as she still ravished my mouth. I got wetter than wet when she reached between us to capture my pussy. I moaned loudly as her hand made contact and began to rub. Before I could cum on her hand, she removed it and pushed me on the bed. Eve did not take my pussy gently. Did she perceive my need to be taken hard and quickly before I could change my mind? She yanked my legs apart, dropped to her knees and drove her tongue into me. I came right away. I felt enormous amounts of juice flow from me. But she was there to lap it up on that magnificent tongue of hers. She tasted, sucked, licked, fucked and held my hips down as I came and came. When she eased away, she left me spread-eagled, sideways on the bed, pussy wide open. Did she say something about later tonight? God, I hope so.

Around midnight, Eve came back. She gently pulled at my covers and crawled into bed with me. Then she was on top of me, kissing me as before, devouring my mouth. I ran my hands through the golden curls, pulling her deeper in. At long last, she released my mouth, but did not stop her delicious assault on my body. My neck and shoulders were next. Then each of my breasts was taken into her mouth, the nipples teased and sucked to perfection. Her expert tongue traveled down my torso to my navel where it swirled wetly. I knew she would make contact with my pussy next. I could hardly wait. But she bypassed it and went down to my legs to my feet. Each toe was taken into her mouth and sucked, the soles of my feet licked. She made a wet trail back up to my left calf, then my right. Her explorations continued until she arrived at my wet pussy. Now, I thought, now! But no. She didn’t eat my pussy. Eve aligned her body with mine and lowered her thick wet pussy on to my wetter one. The mere sensation of touching this part of me to her nearly drove me mad. Eve, Eve, Eve was all I could think as we rotated our hips, melding ourselves together. After long, long moments, Eve whispered for me to cum with her. She slipped her tongue in my mouth again and I lost all sanity.

Eve removed herself, spread my legs and began sucking my pussy. As she did so, she slowly began to insert her thumb in to my anus. When I gently protested, she began licking my clit. As I enjoyed that sensation, she worked her thumb up to the hilt. I circled my hips as I enjoyed her moving thumb and warm tongue. As I was about to cum, she stopped both actions and told be to get some rest. I laid there, still wanting her, thinking about what I had let a her do to me and was pleased with my self. I soon fell asleep.

Three-thirty a.m., Eve came back to my bed. She now sported a 8-inch strap-on dick. “I think you need this, Katharyn,” she said, rubbing it. Was it possible for a girl to be so beautiful with a dick? Yes, it was! I was still wet from our last encounter when she drove it into me. This girl fucked me with an enthusiasm found only in the young. She lasted much, much longer than my husband’s five minutes and satisfied me totally.

When she pulled out of me, she asked me to grab some pillows and get on my hands and knees at the end of the bed. I did so. She spread my ass cheeks, entered my pussy from behind and fucked me until I came again. She pulled out and told me told me to hold my position. Presently, she rubbed a cool, mentholated substance at my asshole and aimed her same coated dick at the mark.

“Take it easy, Katharyn,” she said. “I want to get it all in. You need to experience this.” I gritted my teeth as she pushed her way in. She let it rest in me motionless for a minute or two. The feeling of fullness and heat from the dick and the contrasting coolness of the menthol were almost as exquisite as when Eve began to pump me again. I never thought I could cum without something in or on my pussy. But I was wrong. How could anything so forbidden feel so damn good? Eve drove it in and out of me and I all I could do was rest my head on the pillows and screw my ass as tears of joy spilled from my eyes.

I knocked on Eve’s door the next morning to announce a forthcoming breakfast. When she didn’t answer, I opened it and peered in. She was just coming out of her bath, shaking out her hair. I stood there mesmerized by this gorgeous young creature who just hours ago had given me the ultimate pleasure. My eyes dropped to her pussy.

“Would you like to taste me, Katharyn?”

“Yes, please.” I managed to get the words past my lips. She smiled and assumed a position at the end of a chaise lounge. I lowered myself to the floor, grabbed the tops of her hips and lit into her like a starved woman. Her wetness tasted of musk and cherries, the feel of her pussy velvet to my tongue. I tried to remember the things she had done to me, but mostly I was on my own doing what came naturally. I, simply for lack of better words, “ate” Eve’s pussy. My mouth brought her release as she pulled my head closer to her center. My pleasure was complete when I removed my wet face from her.

When she went back into the bathroom, I quickly went into my room and grabbed my purse. I removed five 100 dollar bills and one of my cards. On back I wrote, “For your working wardrobe. You’d also look beautiful in dark red.” I clipped the items together and slipped them into the bottom of her bag.

The next night my friend took me out to dinner at a nice, upscale restaurant. My eye caught the beautiful Eve elegantly sitting at the bar in one of her little dresses–a deep red one. Her hair was worn up with a few tendrils escaping. Apparently my friend also spotted her. When Eve left for the ladies room, she excused herself and went, too. As we waited for her car after dinner, she asked if she could meet me for brunch instead of breakfast because she’d forgotten an early “tennis lesson.” I smiled knowing that Eve would give her her money’s worth.

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