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Used For My Body

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For the past month or so, my wife Mary had gone out every Saturday night on a “girls night out” with a bunch of her friends. They would go to someone’s house for an evening of fun — laughing, drinking, gossiping, and just doing ‘girl stuff’ that she would not go into detail about.

The wife of a friend of mine from work had gone to a couple of these parties too.

He said that he had gone to pick her up from the party last week, and did not have much to report back on what all went on. The only thing that he said was bugging him was that he heard something in the house to make him think there was a male stripper there earlier that night putting on a show.

On Friday, Mary asked me at dinner “So do you mind if I go hang out with the girls tomorrow night? Last week someone came up with a silly game that turned out to be kind of, ummm, ahhh, different. We were going to play again, and I want in this time.”

“Um, well I guess so. But what kind of game is this anyway? Is is one that we can play at a party here too?”

She shifted in her chair, squirming uncomfortably until she found something on the table to stare at. “I don’t know if it’s one we can play here, it’s kind of specific to just a bunch of women.”

That made me think a bit. What kind of stuff was this? Was there really a stripper or something that was there? Was he involved with this ‘game’ somehow? Starting to get a little uneasy about this party now, I pressed her for more details.

“Hon, please, there was just a little naughtiness going on, but I didn’t feel comfortable getting into everything that the other girls were doing. Tell you what, let me make some calls, and I’ll get back to you later tonight. Don’t worry about me babe, you know I could never do anything to make you upset with me.”

Tonight was my turn to clean up after dinner since it was Mary’s turn to cook. As I started the cleanup, she walked away from the table and picked up the phone, disappearing into the bedroom. Doing cleanup sucks, but it gave me an opportunity to mull over what I knew about this party. I still wasn’t sure if I felt comfortable with her going. Nothing big had happened, but there were just a bunch of little clues that made me uneasy with the situation.

I knew I was starting over-analyze this. Dwelling on a sore topic is a sure way to get myself in trouble since it seems like I always come up with false positives. Changing thought topics worked, so my mind was occupied with some stuff I needed to do in the garage this weekend.

Late Saturday afternoon as I was getting changed to go clean up the garage, Mary stopped me before I could disappear for a few hours. “Babe, I am going to this party tonight, it’s no longer a question for you. BUT… But you are going too. You have to. You can’t tell ANYONE about this, OK? This is going to be kind of weird for both of us, but you have to promise to play along nicely.”

Now I was really confused. Just like the night before, she was acting nervous. She could not look me in the eye, and her hands were twitchy and busy. She was breathing fast, and I could even see a vein in her neck thumping like crazy. What on earth was going on with her? I don’t recall ever seeing her like this!

Stepping up to me, she closed her eyes and put both hands on my chest to keep me still. Visibly taking control of herself and calming down, she opened her eyes and said “OK, here’s the deal. You have to follow my orders because this is a big deal. Please don’t talk, I’m really nervous right now, and I don’t want to get distracted.”

“I got some things for you at the store, and they are in the bathroom. You will go shower using the new shampoo and body wash that I left on the counter. You need to shave, and use the new aftershave. As much as it hurts me to say it, you have to get rid of your mustache too. There is also new deodorant and cologne for you to use.”

She paused, staring at my feet. “Yes, I know this is weird, just trust me. And yes, I meant it — your mustache has to go too.”

I was completely non-plussed. Stunned. But we had been talking about doing something crazy and spur of the moment, so I figured this was a good a time as any.

“What the hell, why not?” I thought. Nervously laughing, I said “Come back in about a half hour and I will be all different for you.”

Closing the bathroom door I got to work. About twenty minutes later, as I got out of the shower, Mary was standing there waiting for me with a stack of clothes. My back was to her, and after hanging up the towel I turned around and her jaw dropped as her eyes dropped from my face to my waist. With all this ‘different’ talk, I decided to carry it a bit further. When I got rid of my mustache with the electric trimmer, I also trimmed removed the tiny bit of chest hair that was there. But I also tried a different manscaping look down below, removing most of the pubes I had, trying for the porn star trim.

Her eyes never leaving my crotch, she stammered out “Damn, you have to keep that look, baby. Even though your cock is perfect for me, that haircut makes him look at lot bigger!”

My cock is decently sized, but by no means huge. I never measured, but at somewhere around six inches, I think it’s just a bit above average. Mary says being uncut makes it look more ‘exotic’ or something. That’s fine, that part is not something that I’m looking to change.

Blinking quickly and shaking her head to re-focus, she held out the clothes to me without a word. Without being told, I knew these were new also. We didn’t have to say anything, she just handed them to me and on they went. Wasn’t really my style, but they were OK looking.

Dressed, I walked out into the bedroom where she was getting ready. She was dressed the same way she normally does for a girl’s night out, but she looked at me differently.

“It’s not a whole lot of things changed, but you totally look like a different man. The look, the smell, everything. This will work just fine.”

She smiled as she took my hand and led me out to the car. I went to the driver’s side to get in, but she stopped me. “Nope, not this time baby. My turn to drive. You can’t know where we are going.”

Still quite confused, I got in on the passenger side. She handed me some goofy looking wrap-around sunglasses, and told me to put them on. So I did.

“Leave those glasses on, I can’t have you see where we are going.”

I flopped back in the seat, crossing my arms. This was starting to get annoying.

“Honey please, don’t fight me. The less you know the better. Look, I know you like to know everything that is going on, but this time let me lead you around. This will be fun. Just go with the flow and see what happens, OK?”

No pun intended, but I don’t like being in the dark about what’s going on. I knew the area fairly well, so I tried to figure out where we were based on how many turns we made and how fast we were going. Before long, it was obvious it was a lost cause. I was clueless. Without a doubt she knew I would be trying to guess, so she was clearly being devious.

It seemed like we were driving forever, but suddenly we stopped. Apparently we were here now! I got ready to get out, and reached for the glasses, but my hand was quickly stopped, so I let them stay. The hand on mine stayed though. I jumped a bit when I heard Mary talking to someone about ten feet away. Who was this holding my hand then?

Jumping again, I heard Mary talk to me, but standing by my side. And she sounded different too!

“Here’s the deal slave. You will move only when told, and will not speak until told. Nod your head if you understand.”

Starting to get worried, I just nodded.

“OK, good. Now, you will be led to where you need to go. You will stay until you are told to move anywhere else. Leave the glasses on until someone takes them off for you.”

A voice that seemed to be attached to the hand holding mine said “Now you can get out of the car. There you go, stand up. Turn this way. OK. Now walk this way slave.”

With that, I walked into a house, occasionally stumbling since I could not see anything. Immediately after coming into the house, I was told to stop. My hands were put into my pants pockets, I felt something moving over my head. It felt like a piece of rope or something, there was something hard in the front of it. I realized what it was when a ball gag was moved into my mouth. I got worried then! It was like the ones from some porn movies! What the hell?

Next my glasses were removed. I was excited for half a second, until I realized that the two people in the room had on robes covering their whole bodies, and masks on their faces. The only thing that I could see was that they were women, and one of them had on a high-necked shirt that looked familiar.

Only seconds after the glasses were gone, a mask was put over my face also. But it had no eye-holes. Now I was sightless and speechless. At least I could hear. Well, that was until foam earplugs were put in. I could still hear, but not well. Voices were muffled, and telling sound directions was hazy. Overall my senses were shut down, basically leaving me with smell and touch. My hands were moved gently to my back, and a pair of handcuffs were quickly snapped on.

I was led to another room. I could tell there were many people in it based on the sounds, and now I was quite nervous. Someone was speaking, and the voice got closer. It was a woman. There were a few cheers when she was talking, and they got quieter when she neared me.

Faintly I heard “Let’s hear it for the new arrival, ladies!” followed by a smattering of applause and some whistles.

She proceeded to list a few statistics about me, then moved away. I heard what sounded to be another introduction just like the one I got. Sounds like there were a few other people in just the same situation as I was in.

There were many things running through my mind about why I was here, and what my role tonight would be. They ranged from the boring (a dishwashing slave) to the erotic (boy-toy for the night), to the macabre (dinner). Only by thinking of the fact that my wife had brought me here got me to relax a bit and try to enjoy the upcoming night.

I heard a voice to my side saying it was time to go get ready, so we walked to another room where I was made to sit down. My handcuffs were removed, but only to let one wrist be cuffed to something unmovable next to me. Hearing many female voices around me, I was hoping for the erotic role; it seemed to be a possibility as I felt several pairs of hands feeling me up, then removing my clothes. The clothes were replaced with only a snug pair of underwear. I swear it felt like a stripper’s thong. The girls must have liked the change based on their approving voices and hands. Maybe tonight wouldn’t be so bad after all…

My hands were re-cuffed behind me, and I was led back out by the arms, and went up a few steps before stopping. I felt a hand groping me through the new underwear, and a detached voice said “Now arriving, slave number 12. He’s the last one, so let’s begin the assignments.”

More cheers from the crowd of women again, and it seemed to be pointing to me, Mr. Number 12.

“Ladies, get out the raffle tickets you received when you arrived. First to be raffled off is the last arrival, number 12. Here we go…… OK, got it. Number 12 goes to ticket 348273. Please come on down and claim your prize!”

There was a pause while imagining someone coming to get me, then there was a pair of hands touching my chest, then one hand making it’s way south. Down the front of my shorts then went, and I was shocked to find a small cool hand holding my cock. She pulled it forward a bit, and when when I did not move, I heard a sweet voice say “Follow me, my prize!”

As she pulled my cock again, I walked in the direction the tugging told me to. In spite of my flash of fear, the excitement and physical contact started making my cock grow. We must have walked into another room, and we stopped. The ear plugs were removed, and the noise level increased dramatically. A door closed and most of the noise went away.

My new master’s hand never left my cock, and now that easy hearing was possible, she said “You are my prize, you had better learn the feel of my hand and the sound of my voice.”

Another voice sounded in from the other side. “My name is not important, but my role is. I am a staff member, and my job is to make sure you understand the rules of tonight. You are this woman’s new slave. She is your master. You will do anything and everything that she tells you to do. Period. No complaining, no delaying. She will be your master for the next hour, then you will come back to us for the next stage of the game. There are only a few other men here, but they are doing the same thing you are. Everyone else here is a woman. Do you have any questions?”

HELL YA, I had some questions! Trying to talk around the ball gag did not do much more than make me mumble, so there was a quick reply of “Well, I didn’t think so. OK, number 12, let’s get going. Slave master, here is another pair of earplugs. These don’t block out so much, now he will be able to hear a little better.”

The plugs were put in, and to test them out, I got my first order. “Slave, get your cock hard, I want to see what I’ve been holding.”

I have never been able to get an erection just by thinking about it, and this was no exception. Nope, it didn’t happen. Master’s hand was still on me, but it just wasn’t enough. I was a little hard from the walk over here, but it wouldn’t go any further.

“Slave, you disobeyed me. You will be punished.”

Suddenly worried, the small amount of growth in my cock went away.

Master’s hand let go of my dick but didn’t leave my underwear. It went to the waistband and pulled them down, landing on top of my feet. I almost screamed out in surprise as I felt a hand smack me on my naked ass. Anticipating the next few, I made no noise. I got five spankings, and could feel my left cheek stinging from the swats.

A little more roughly, two hands now grabbed my cock and balls. Squeezing gently and stroking softly, I felt myself responding properly to the order. As far as I knew, my Master and I were the only ones around, but that was proved wrong when I heard several people start clapping.

For the next half hour, my Master led me around the house. Naked except for the mask and ball gag, I was initially self-conscious about walking through a house full of women. Master must have realized this; she told me “Slave, stop worrying. Everything is going fine, and I order you to enjoy yourself as much as you can. And you might as well, since everyone else will be enjoying you too! You are a fine specimen, and I see some very good things in your future tonight.”

I was relieved some by this, but when Master grabbed my cock to lead me around, that relief changed into anticipation and worry. We stopped by a group of voices, and Master told me to stand still. Her hand left my cock, and she pushed me forward a few steps. I was instantly happy about the trips I make to the gym every day. Not three seconds after I moved forward, there had to have been 10 hands exploring every part of my body.

Only a few feet away, there was some nervous giggles coming from a few girls. I heard what sounded to be a dare, with some friendly banter as well. The voices stopped, and I could sense someone right in front of me. A different hand grabbed my cock and started to stroke it. This was weird and different, but there was no reason to NOT go with the flow. Almost instantly my cock was rock-hard.

I closed my eyes behind the mask and just concentrated on the feeling of an unknown woman giving me a hand job. Just then I felt a body behind me. She said something, I don’t know what, but I knew the voice from my side just moved behind me. My hands were pulled back and up a bit, and they stopped on something soft with the feel of fabric. Nice and round, hand sized, and firm. The feel told me that I was now forced to grab a woman’s breasts. No way was I complaining, it was just really different.

Hands on top of mine made me squeeze them more, and move around. I heard an “Ooooooh” behind me at about the same time I felt a pair of nipples perk up and poke into the palms of my hands. I had almost forgotten about the hand stroking my cock, but a pressure on my balls brought my attention back to the front. There was a hand on my cock, and one on my balls, both massaging and stroking.

The factors of danger, excitement, and newness made my cock get about as hard as it had ever been. Having two handfulls of breast didn’t hurt either. Moving my hands somewhat, I started moving them around on her breasts, every so often brushing just past where the nipple should be. Another hand appeared on my ass, holding tight to me. Incredibly turned on, I started thrusting my hips into the hand stroking me.

A body touched my on my side, and I could feel breasts pressing on either side of my arm. One of her hands was on my chest, the other on my ass. It was Master’s voice I heard next. “Calm down now, we can’t have you wasting that energy on the first handjob of the night. Girls, it’s time to leave him alone now, we need to move on.”

The stroking on my cock stopped, but the hand stayed. I heard the girls in front of me giggling a bit, and I caught the word “nice” a few times. Suddenly there was warm and wet touching the head of my cock. I gasped as the wet heat slowly moved further down the shaft of my cock. Apparently someone not wanting to let go got a bit more as a going away present. Someone had my cock in their mouth, but after just a moment, it was gone. All hands were now off of me, and Master grabbed ahold of my wet cock and pulled me away.

Over the course of what had to be 45 minutes, we walked around to different groups of women. Many times I was felt up, stroked, licked, and rubbed on. This was an intense feeling, but I was never allowed to cum. Master always stopped them when she could tell I was liking this too much.

I realized that not only was I here getting this attention from so many women that I had forgotten that my wife was here too! Was this what she was doing every weekend? Would she even be able to notice which slave was me? I knew that I had changed the way her eyes and nose would recognize me, and with my face covered up it could be hard to tell. As much as this bothered me, I canceled out that feeling knowing what kind of experience I was getting. Was she a master or in a group of girls playing? Could she tell if she got ahold of me at any time?

After leaving another group of women, Master took me to a quieter room. She stopped me, and she stood right in front of me. Her hand pushed my cock down and I could feel it rest against her. Open space down below, pressure on the sides, and heat above. Was it pushing on her bare pussy? Hands moved up my arms, to my shoulders, down my chest and to my stomach. They went around to my back and she pulled me close, her breasts pushed up against my chest, her lips slowly kissing a line up my neck. “Time is almost up, slave boy. I don’t want to waste this opportunity, so you will have to hurry.”

Not sure what to expect, I was still going over possibilities when Master’s hands slid back down to my hips and her body was instantly removed from me. Master touched the side of my cock with her lips, then instantly put her lips around the head of my cock, then she swallowed me up, hitting the back of her throat with my cock.

Minutes later, my resistance fading fast, I could feel the cum rising up in me. She was taking my cock as far into her mouth as she could, followed by some suction and a light scrape of her teeth. She grabbed my balls in one hand, and the other stroking my cock as she was sucking on me. I couldn’t talk, but my hips started moving in time with her sucking. I moaned through the gag as I bit down on it, and my blind eyes closed, rolleding back in their sockets. The only thing I could feel was my cock buried deep inside of her. Only the feelings of “tight, wet, and hot” were registering. My wrists were screaming in pain, but it was just ignored; they wanted to break out of the handcuffs to hold her head. They just opened and closed rapidly, wanting more.

She put my cock in as deep as she could and held it there. Her hands grabbed my ass as she pulled me closer and deeper into her. There was no way on earth I could move, even if I wanted to. Suddenly the feeling was gone. I could not feel her anywhere!

The soft sound of her voice came from by my shoulder. “No, you will have to wait slave, I can’t allow you to cum yet.”

In shock and disbelief, I could only stand still, trying to catch my breath. My cock was throbbing for release, my balls aching with need as the dreaded ‘blue balls’ started to set in. I finally noticed myself start to soften as I realized there was no way for me to finish what she started. “That was intense slave number 12, now it’s my turn.” Master said.

She pushed me backwards, knocking me down as a bed hit me behind the knees. My handcuffs were digging into my back, but I was trying to ignore it. She climbed up on the bed, and leaning close to me said “We are running out of time, but you need to please me. I will remove your gag, and if you want me to finish that blowjob, you will eat my pussy until I cum all over your face. Your performance got me so incredibly turned on!”

Master wasted no time. The gag was yanked out of my mouth and it fell down to my neck As I took a deep breath and tried to stretch my sore jaw, I smelled the sweet scent of a wet pussy. It was right above my face. Without giving me time to relax my sore jaw, she pushed her pussy down onto my face. Her aim was good and I only needed to put out my tongue to find her clit waiting for me. Flicking it with my tongue I brought it into my mouth. She swallowed back a scream, and she grabbed a handful of my hair, pushing my face tighter against her.

Attacking her pussy recklessly, it wasn’t long before it felt like my tongue was in knots. My mouth wasn’t really needed, as soon as I stopped to take a breath, she just started fucking my face. She was so wet, the sweet juice from her pussy was running down her leg. I licked from her pussy lips down to her leg, but she realized I was slacking on the job. A handful of hair almost pulled out reminded me what I was ordered to do. I thought that the better I was with her pussy, the better chance I would have of her letting me cum.

Holding my head steady, she re-positioned herself. Riding my face like a saddle, her hand tangled up in my hair, and the opening to her pussy lined up directly with my tongue. My cock sprang to life as she grabbed it and started stroking. As my hips started to buck she stopped stroking and massaged my balls. After only a moment she squeezed the top of the sack right under my dick, ruining any hope I had of cumming.

She was moaning hard, and close to cumming, but was not close enough to just let it out. I put out my tongue to catch her clit as it went by, and try to slip it inside her on the way by. She was jerking randomly, and she started going farther than usual. She pushed her hips forward, hitting my chin with her clit, and I ended up licking her asshole. She froze, pulling me even closer, and her body locking up as she instantly started to cum. I wiggled my tongue a bit more to get her to cum again. Every time my tongue twitched, her hips lurched again, making her grunt and moan. She could take no more, shoving my head back. “Stop it dammit, I can’t breathe anymore” she panted at me, breathing heavy.

Exhausted, she slumped over my head, putting her pussy back in front of my mouth. Slowly and deliberately, I licked clean every spot of flesh I could reach. Every part of my face was covered in her cum, and the only thing I could smell was the sex.

After she caught her breath, she got off of me slowly. “Very very good, slave. Too bad I can’t take you home with me, you would be a very nice distraction. Now let’s get cleaned up, we have more to do still. Don’t move, I will take care of this.”

Only moving enough to release the pressure on my handcuffs, I waited for her to come back. The bed moved, announcing she was back, then I felt my face and neck being wiped down with a towel, then something I assumed was a baby wipe. She paused for a moment, then I felt her grab my limp cock. I had just gone soft again, my entire groin knotted up in pressure, begging for release. She just held it for a moment, then started to stroke it again.

Responding the only way it knew how, it sprang to life in her hand. Without any other warm-up, I felt my cock inside of her mouth again. Slowly sucking from the head then about halfway down the shaft, up and down, in and out. I was starting to get back into the groove of enjoying the blowjob when she suddenly stopped.

“Nope, no more for you yet. I just wanted him hard to make it easier to clean. I forgot to tell you, I am not allowed to let you cum.” She laughed in a dark evil voice. She sure was liking this more than me, the pain in my balls was just about as bad as the pain from the handcuffs.

I gasped and almost screamed as the cold baby wipe was rubbed all over my balls, but she giggled and wiped me down. “There, all good now. Get on your feet slave, it’s time to move on.”

Once on my feet, she put the ball gag back on me and pulled my cock again to lead me out of the room to my next task. It felt like we were walking through several different rooms and down hallways, all with varying amounts of women’s voices. There were several times that a woman would stop us so she could inspect me, mostly with her hands, but sometimes with her mouth, before letting us continue.

We finally stopped at a door. Master knocked on it, then went in a moment later. As she let go of my cock, she said “I leave you here slave, you may have a new master now. You were a good slave.” Then in a whisper “and thank you for the fun, sexy.”

Standing alone, I could not feel anyone around me. I jumped a bit when a pair of hands grabbed my ass.

“Calm down big boy, it’s time for a change of the game. Follow me.”

She grabbed my cock and led me just a few steps to the wall. My handcuffs were removed but before I could enjoy the freedom, each wrist was attached to a rope on either side of me. I was pushed down onto a chair, then my knees were stretched out. A new voice to my side said “Don’t move you legs, we need them just like that.”

I wasn’t sure what was to come next, and I wasn’t sure what to expect. Through the muffled sound the earplugs provided, I heard loud dance music. I felt bodies moving around me. Obviously, there must be some kind of dance, but what did that have to do with us man slaves?

Almost like someone was reading my mind, I felt a hand on my leg, moving quickly up to my manhood. With a bad case of the blue-balls, I started to get hard even before her hand grabbed me. She licked the side of my cock and it sprang to life. A different feeling. It took me a moment, but as the feeling moved down my cock, I realized it was a condom.

The condom all the way down, her lips followed it, taking all of me inside her mouth. I ached for the feeling of a good blowjob, but the condom stopped most of that feeling. After only a tease of a blowjob, her mouth left me. She pushed down my cock, and I felt her sit on my lap, and I felt skin. She was at least naked on the lower half. Her pussy right on top of my cock, sliding back and forth, I could feel her heat.

I tried to force my cock straight up, hoping she would let it inside of her, but she just stopped. All contact was broken, but only until her leg went over mine. Then the other leg. Then her tits against my face. Her leg movement told me she was sinking lower. She stopped to adjust a little, then slowly moved down again. Without warning, I felt my cock slide inside of her.

All the way down, she stopped, then wiggled her hips, pushing down, getting all of me she could. Moving back up, she reversed just short of me coming out of her, and went back down. I started moving with her. I wanted to cum so bad, I was begging for it.

Again, she moved back up, but all the way this time. My cock came out, bouncing a bit, trying to find the pussy that felt so good. Her legs left mine, and she was gone.

My breathing returned to normal, and my dick started to go soft again. A hand made me jump, but it wasn’t to help me out. The hand just removed the condom, then left again. Even the slight attention had made me start to get hard again.

After about 5 minutes, another hand touched me, and I almost screamed. My cock sprang to attention. It needed attention. I needed release before I went absolutely insane. The hands made me stand up. A soft voice to my right said “Get ready, but hold out as long as you can. I want to watch you cum hard.”

My hands were clenched into fists, trying to control the anticipation. At the same time, both my hands felt soft skin. Female hands opened my fists, and led my hands to hold a breast each. Another hand held my cock, slowly stroking it. I felt a mouth on me, kissing my stomach. Then two sets of lips, kissing randomly on my torso. Their hands wandered up and down my body, briefly pausing to grope. The lips moved upwards, stopping to lick my nipples at the same time. This was new to me, and uncomfortable as it was energizing.

My head rolled back, every part of my body was being touched. And fondled. And sucked. And licked. My hands massaged the breasts pushed into them. Different in size and firmness, but still the only thing I wanted in my hands right at that moment. I squeezed them and tweaked the nipples that were already hard against my palms.

Concentrating on my hands, I forgot my cock, but suddenly remembered as I felt a mouth engulf me. I screamed into the ball gag, biting down on it. This was it, I could handle no more. My hips started thrusting, and the mouth was suddenly gone from it. Hands took over. Two hands on my cock, and more massaging my balls. The hands jerking my off got faster and faster, timing themselves to my hip thrusts.

“Arrrrrrgh!” I yelled through my gag. Two hard thrusts with my hips, and I came so hard I almost fell over. It felt like my cum would go across the room. With every thrust, I shot another stream out. It felt like I went on forever. Several thrusts later, I was done. My energy gone, I fell back into the chair as my legs did not work any more. I couldn’t feel the rest of my body. I was drained. Finally gaining release, my brain did not work any more.

I think I heard someone say I won the contest. Something about “holding out longest” and “shooting the furthest” but I’m not really sure. I couldn’t care less at this point.

Eventually, I was led to a room and my clothes were put on me. I went to a car and was sat down. I passed out before the engine was started. I woke up as the car pulled into a driveway, and a willing pair of hands helped me up out of the car. They helped me walk into a house, and I was pushed into a bed. Again, I was passed out in moments.

The next day, my wife woke me up with a plate of food and a cup of coffee. “So did you enjoy yourself last night?” she asked. “I heard that you were the winner of the slave contest. I voted for you and didn’t even know it was you. How about that?”

“Babe, if all your ‘girls night out’ parties are like that, I don’t know if you will ever be allowed out alone again. But then again, I don’t know how many of those parties I can handle!”

She just laughed. “Don’t worry, I will make sure you win every one. I think we can start training tonight. Well, if you’re up to it so soon.”

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