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Our Fetish, Our Pleasure

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“Squirt your semen on my belly until it covers my belly button, and runs down my sides.”

When my lover wants to have fun she strips down to black bikini bottoms, and entertains me with a seductive topless belly dance as a preliminary to our games. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen a woman do a good belly dance while fondling her erect nipples, but it’s a total thumbs up.

My love’s rolling belly maneuvers alone are the stuff of wet dreams. And she has an outie! Her natural tummy jewel never fails to thrill and delight. Her gorgeous body is accentuated by the fact that she’s actually shy. She loves to play the siren even though it often makes her blush like a little girl who is caught being naughty.

She absolutely loves flaunting her outie belly button and making it move all around with belly rolls. She likes to touch and fondle it for my viewing pleasure as well as her own enjoyment. This hadn’t always been the case. As a child she had been ashamed of it. Her sisters never missed a chance to tease and point out that she had a “funny button” that stuck out like a sore thumb. She felt humiliated by their taunts, and became inhibited. While growing up, she never wore a bikini or sported belly baring fashions. It was a source of shame for her to reveal her outie when we first began making love. That all changed after I confessed to having a navel fetish, and wanting to kiss, lick, fondle and worship her deliciously provocative outie belly button. What I didn’t know until then was how much she wanted to kiss, lick, fondle and worship my innie.

Isn’t love wonderful?

She’s the boss in bed. My job is to lay back, enjoy whatever she’s doing to get me aroused, and then follow her commands She’ll play with my bellybutton using different fingers and thumb. I’m normally very skittish, but a woman’s finger in my navel is next to bliss. She’ll occasionally kiss it, and say things such as “your belly button really turns me on….I really love putting my finger in your belly button…. (She’s very good at “belly button talk”.) I also like it when she punches me in the belly (not too hard; more like love punches), and dishes out some playful belly punishment. We both like a little pain with our pleasure. She also likes to lick and gently bite my nipples or run her fingernails back and forth across them which drives me crazy.

She then gets on her back, and I straddle her.

“You like my belly button, don’t you?”, she says coyly.

“I absolutely love it”, I respond.

“Put your penis on my belly button”, she commands. “I want to watch how much pleasure it gives you.”

This is one of our favorite love games. The head of my penis tentatively nuzzles her outie and automatically pulsates upward with excitement and then slowly descends back until it touches her belly button again and immediately bobs back up. This ritual is repeated over and over as we savor the effect. At some point I lean forward and kiss her nipples for awhile, and then sit back up straight and give her a good view of my torso and erection. She’ll reach forward and use her fore-fingers to pinch my nipples, and erotically sweeten the enjoyment. Then she does something really naughty with her fingernail on my penis hole which gets me even harder and teases out the first rich droplet of my excitement.

A nice layer of baby oil is applied to her tummy so I can slide my penis up and down her belly, making sure the head of my penis makes significant and deliberate contact slowly brushing back and forth across her erotic nub. She likes this a lot. Occasionally I’ll reach behind and play with her clitoris, and then rub pussy juice on her button. This is all part of my penis bumping her outie ritual. It makes her very wet.

As our excitement mounts I give her a big wet belly button kiss, lolling my tongue over every single crack and crevice. She arches her stomach to heighten the effect.

“Dig your fingernail into my belly button and make it nice and sore”, she begs.

“Now tease it…and lick it clean….”

“Don’t stop….”

“It feels so good when you nibble my belly button…..”

“Oh my god…..I’m in heaven….”

“I can feel your tongue in the crack….does my belly button taste good?”

“Does it taste and smell like my pussy?”

“………I’m so wet!”

I straddle her stomach again for the finale. She raptly watches as I prepare to take my pleasure all over her amazing tummy. My excitement is high, and her pleading voice cajoles my soon-to-be orgasm.

“Cum all over my belly. That’s right….you want to cum on my belly, don’t you. It gets you excited just thinking about it, doesn’t it?”

“Let me enjoy this…take your time. Your penis is so big. I can’t wait to see you ejaculate all over my belly.”

“Squirt your semen on my belly until it covers my belly button, and runs down my sides.”

“Yes, here it comes. Drench my tummy with your seed.”

“Make my button all slippery and wet.”

The first stream of ejaculate finds it’s mark and strafes across her belly button, settling into the crease of the button’s circumference and the slight crack running vertically down the middle. I use my finger to gently massage the rich liquid into her core. Within seconds she cries out,

“Oh god….oh god……I’m cumming!!!”

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