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The Guy from the Internet

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“How long is it since you last had sex?” Sarah asked Rachel.

“Too long,” Rachel replied. “It’s a couple of years since I split up from my boyfriend, and I haven’t gone out with anyone since then for long enough to end up sleeping with them.”

“Well that’s not a problem,” Sarah said. “Just go out to a club, find a guy, take him home, let him fuck you. Easy.”

“I wouldn’t do that!” Rachel protested. “I’ve only slept with one guy before, my ex, and I only slept with him after we’d been going out for a year.”

“You need to loosen up,” Sarah insisted. “No strings sex is the best kind. You can do anything you like, then in the morning you say goodbye to the guy and never have to see him again. Hell, once I’ve got what I want out of a guy I’ve kicked him out of bed in the middle of the night before now!”

“I don’t know,” Rachel replied. “I mean, I’ve fantasised about it, and it has been way too long since I’ve had a cock inside me, but still, I just can’t bring myself to go out and pick up a guy like that.”

“Well find one on the internet then! There’s plenty of guys online who’d be happy to come round, fuck you, then leave without so much as exchanging names.”

“No, I couldn’t,” Rachel insisted. “I could end up with any kind of weirdo coming round. It wouldn’t be safe.”

“OK Rachel,” Sarah said patiently. “Tell you what I’ll do. I’ll go on a dating site I know, have a look around for you. I know what to look out for. I’ll find a guy for you, arrange a date and time. All you have to do is be at home, do exactly what he tells you, and enjoy yourself!”

Rachel’s mind started to wander. It was so forbidden, so against all of her principles. She had always been clear that she wouldn’t have sex on a first date: make the guy wait, earn it, prove he wanted her for more than her body. But this was different; this guy wasn’t going to be her boyfriend. He was just a random guy who would come in, have sex with her, then leave. She would finally break her drought, and have the thrill of fulfilling a fantasy too.

“Are you really sure about this?” she asked Sarah.

“Sure I’m sure,” Sarah said. “You’ll love it.”

“And I’ve got to do everything the guy asks?”

“That’s part of the fun; total submission to the guy. Sometimes they tell you in advance, build up the anticipation, other times you have no idea what to expect and only find out when they turn up.”

“Anything, though? What if I don’t want to do something?” Rachel asked nervously.

“Well, you can always say ‘no’,” Sarah reassured her. “The guys know the rules; they’re there because you’ve agreed, they’re not there to force themselves on you. You can always change your mind. But you should try to go along with everything. You never know whether you’ll like something ’til you try it.”

“And if I don’t fancy the guy?”

“That’s all part of the fun,” Sarah said. “Seen as I’m organising it, you’ll have no idea what the guy looks like ’til he turns up. You might think he’s irresistible, or you might think he’s a minger, you just don’t know. The rule is you fuck him anyway. That’s the risk you take.”

“Besides,” Sarah continued, sensing Rachel’s reluctance. “Sometimes the mingers are the best in bed. And this is all about stretching your horizons, doing things you wouldn’t otherwise do, fucking guys you wouldn’t otherwise fuck.

“It’s like roulette,” Sarah finished. “Sometimes you win and get amazing sex with a hot guy; sometimes you end up with a spotty minger who hasn’t got a clue what to do and a dick so small you can’t even feel it. That’s the fun of it.”

“Well, it sounds good, but I don’t think…” Rachel started to try to talk herself out of it.

“Rachel, this is exactly what you need,” Sarah insisted. “You’re way too picky when it comes to guys. Way too demanding. Just for once, let it go. No choosing, no finding reasons to reject him. Just you, a guy, and his cock. Inside you.”

Rachel hesitated for a second, thinking it over, imagining what it would be like. Every rational part of her said no, but something deep inside her, the instinctive, primitive part of her, made her say, “OK, find me a guy.”


Sarah gave her the phone number of the guy who she had found. That was all Rachel was allowed to know. She was to add him to her phone book, so that she knew the texts he sent her were genuinely from him, but was not to contact him unless he specifically asked her to. Her fingers trembled a little with nerves and excitement as she pressed the add symbol, then immediately she was faced with the question as to what to name the contact. “Random guy” she typed.

The first text came in later that afternoon. It was brief and to the point.

“I will fuck you at some point between 2pm and 7pm on Sunday.”

That was it. No name, no details, just a wide time range during which a random guy was going to fuck her.

Rachel checked the calendar on her phone. She’d scheduled lunch with her parents at 1pm. She’d better reschedule. She would want time to prepare herself for her first sexual encounter in over two years. She text her mum, trying to be as vague as possible: “sorry, something’s come up on Sunday, can we do next weekend instead?”

Deleting lunch with her parents from her calendar, she instead added a new item, running from 2 to 7: “sex”.

It was a couple of days before she heard from “random guy” again, a couple of days of nerves, of anticipation, of frequent fantasising about what was going to happen on Sunday.

On the Friday evening, Rachel had just finished washing up when she looked at her phone and noticed the message light was flashing. She checked her texts.

“Text me a photo of your tits before 9pm.”

Rachel glanced at the time at the top of the screen. It was 8:59. The text had only been sent 15 minutes ago.

She was caught by surprise. For the first time in a few days she hadn’t been thinking about the mystery guy or what was to happen on Sunday. And now she had a minute to text a photo of her tits to this guy she knew nothing about.

The clock ticked over to 9pm. Within seconds another message arrived.

“You missed the deadline. Photo of tits and cunt now. By 9:15.”

Rachel’s first thought was how unfair it was. She hadn’t deliberately missed the first text: she hadn’t been expecting it at all. And now she was being punished for it. The thought that this guy felt he had the right to treat her like this – well, she supposed he did. He wasn’t her boyfriend. He didn’t have to be nice to her. She’d agreed to these rules.

Still, she wasn’t going to send a photo of her actual private parts to a random guy. Who knows what he would do with the photos? Rachel quickly searched online for “boobs”. There were plenty of pairs to choose from. Checking the clock and seeing that a few minutes had already gone by she quickly picked a pair that she was happy to claim as her own and then copied and pasted them into an email that she sent to herself so she could pick it up on her phone.

Next “vagina”. It took Rachel a few precious minutes before she found what she was looking for. She’d never searched the internet for anything like this before and was surprised by how many results there were. Then she came across exactly what she wanted – a blog dedicated to women sending in photos of their lady parts. The great thing was that the photos were obviously not from porn, just normal girls taking photos on their mobile phones. Rachel didn’t particularly think any lady parts looked attractive, but she found a vulva that didn’t look totally disgusting to her, and sent it to her phone. Without typing a message, Rachel attached the boobs and vagina and pressed “send”.

As soon as she had sent the message, Rachel started to worry that the guy would be disappointed with her body. Her boobs were quite big, the left slightly bigger than the other, but her ex had always enjoyed them. Her ex had never had any complaints about her vagina either – suddenly she realised: she’d have to get it waxed before Sunday. She had always kept it completely free of pubes when she was sleeping with her ex – it just felt like the right thing to do when you were sleeping with a guy, and she knew her friends kept themselves hair free down there too. Without even thinking about it she’d sent the guy a photo of a hairless vagina, whereas hers was currently completely unkempt; she didn’t bother shaving when there was no one to see it.

Rachel sat down to watch some TV, wondering if the guy would get in touch again. Shortly afterwards, another text message arrived:

“I meant YOUR tits and cunt. You have one more chance. Tits, cunt and anus by 9:30. I’m going to see it all on Sunday anyway.”

Wow. How did he know? Was he just guessing? Had he done the same searches she had, found the same photos? What did he mean “one more chance”? What if she didn’t?

Rachel was about to ignore the text and turn her phone off. But then she thought about her conversations with Sarah, about her “stretching her horizons”, trying to go along with everything, not knowing what she liked ’til she tried it.

Fine. Boobs shouldn’t be too bad. She’d never texted a guy a photo of her boobs before, but hey, that just meant this was the first time. Standing alone in her living room she pulled off her top, then quickly undid her bra, mindful of her time limit. Choosing the camera option on her phone, she switched it to front facing, then framed her boobs on the screen. She could feel herself getting hot with embarrassment – or was it sexual excitement? Before she could change her mind she pressed the shutter button, her bare boobs frozen on the screen.

Right, now things get really embarrassing, Rachel thought. Unbuttoning her jeans she hitched her thumbs through the waistband of the jeans and her knickers, pulling them down to expose her hairy crotch. She let them drop to the floor, then stepped out of them, so that she was now standing there naked in the middle of her living room.

Even though she lived alone, she wouldn’t normally walk around her flat naked, so this felt really weird. Knowing that she was about to take photos of her most intimate parts for a stranger made it feel even stranger, but she could feel her body starting to tingle with excitement. She hated to admit it, but this was turning her on. Once she had got this photo taking out of the way, she would certainly be ready to play with herself. At least the guy wasn’t going to see that.

Rachel sat on her sofa, spreading her legs, feeling very exposed. She wished she’d had chance to shave before she took the photo, but there was no time. Doing her best to push her pubes out of the way with her fingers she positioned her phone to take the photo. It took her a couple of snaps to get it right, but then there it was, filling the screen, her genitals. And to her massive embarrassment, it was obvious from the photo how aroused she had become. The guy was going to think she was enjoying this, that she was such a slut.

Rachel checked the clock. 9:22. Eight more minutes. And now the most embarrassing part. Rachel had never even seen her anus herself, never mind let a guy see. But, she reminded herself, this was her fault. She had sent those fake photos. This was her punishment. And, she remembered, his text had said he would see it “all” on Sunday. What did that mean? He wasn’t seriously going to make her show him her anus, was he?

It’s not all that easy to photograph your anus, as Rachel was to find out. She tried various positions in front of the full length mirror in her bedroom, wincing at the embarrassment of having to hold her butt cheeks open with one hand whilst trying to snap a photo with her phone in her other. Eventually after accruing quite a number of photos of her backside on her phone, she obtained what she needed.

For the first time in her life she saw her own anus, right there in the centre of the screen. There was a kind of thrill in seeing such a forbidden area so closely, but she didn’t think it was in any way attractive. She didn’t know what a guy would see in it. She hated the fact that the photo captured clearly the hair running up the inside of her butt cheeks, but there was nothing she could do about it. She was sure that the guy would demand it be shaved by Sunday, but she was planning on doing that anyway.

So there they were on her screen: all of the most private parts of her body. Everything she’d usually keep hidden from guys. Things that only one guy had ever seen (and in the case of her anus, not even him). She looked at the clock again. 9:28. Two minutes to send or… what? She didn’t know, but she’d agreed with Sarah that she’d do as she was told. Rachel attached the photos to a message then as an afterthought added “sorry about the pubes: will wax before Sunday.” She pressed “send” as the clock ticked over to 9:29.

Rachel didn’t get dressed immediately, but instead sat on her sofa, watching the TV and waiting to hear back from the guy. As she waited, her hand kept finding its way between her legs. She knew that the guy was probably sitting there looking at the photos she had sent, masturbating over her private parts, enjoying the fact that he could make such a demand of a girl and she would comply, looking forward to Sunday when his cock would make a much closer acquaintance with her cunt.

Soon Rachel was rubbing herself furiously, even slipping a couple of fingers inside herself, something she hadn’t done for a long time. She lay on her back on her sofa, legs spread, really wet now, whole body tingling with excitement. She used her other hand to rub her boobs, which always got super sensitive when she was aroused. Rachel didn’t masturbate that often because it always got to a stage, this stage, where she desperately wanted a guy inside her. But tonight it was different. Two days and she would finally get what she’d been waiting for.

Rachel grabbed her phone and looked at the photo of her vagina. If only she had one of the guy’s cock. She wondered how big he was. She imagined her fingers were his cock, thrusting inside her, giving her wave after wave of pleasure, each thrust more intense than the last. She moaned, demanding the invisible guy take her harder, faster.

She knew it was coming, for the first time since she had spilt from her boyfriend it was coming and then – “yeah – yes!” – it was there, that ecstasy she had missed for so long, that total, unadulterated pleasure, that knowledge that everything was well with the world and nothing mattered but this moment.

As always, she desperately needed a cuddle afterwards, but there was no guy to deliver the necessary. She knew that there was no guarantee of a cuddle after sex on Sunday – the guy might take his cock out and walk out without even saying goodbye. It was probably better that way. Get the pleasure, move on, don’t make things complicated.


The guy text back on Saturday morning:

“Don’t wax, I like girls natural. What is your address?”

This was the last chance to back out. If he didn’t know her address, he couldn’t come round and nothing would happen. But then, didn’t she want it to happen? She text him her address.

He responded almost straight away.

“Be naked and showered by 2pm tomorrow. Leave your front door unlocked. I will not knock.”

Wow. So there was going to be no build up, no time even for introductions. He would see her naked the second he walked in. She’d never been naked in front of a guy before, not except for her ex. The idea both scared and excited her.

Leaving the door unlocked made her nervous too. What if a friend came round, or her parents? They would probably knock, sure, but what if they didn’t, and walked in to be confronted with a naked Rachel?

That day she did a thorough clean of the house. She always made sure that the place was clean before she had a visitor. It felt strange to be worrying about doing the dishes when the guy was just coming round for sex; he would be more bothered about seeing her body than her kitchen, but Rachel was houseproud.

She made an especial effort on the bedroom, making sure everything was tidy, hiding her soft toy collection in her drawers. She polished and dusted and cleaned everywhere, washed her bedding, vacuumed the carpet. No matter how busy she tried to keep herself though her mind kept wandering to tomorrow, to some random guy on top of her, fucking her. She really hoped she fancied him.

Her last task was a quick trip out to the local store to buy condoms – of course, she’d had no need for them since she’d split up with her boyfriend, and even then, she’d never had to walk into a shop and actually buy them – her boyfriend had always brought them. That was her rule.

Rachel spent ages trying to choose from the selection available, and her mind kept wandering, imagining handing the packet to the guy tomorrow. She eventually picked “large”, more in hope than expectation. She could feel herself blushing profusely as she went through the checkout, convincing herself that the fifty-something woman serving her knew exactly what she was going to be doing tomorrow and was giving her a disapproving look. Buying condoms – this was real. It was really happening.


Rachel was awake early on the Sunday, and couldn’t get back to sleep. Her hand kept finding itself between her legs, rubbing her moist pussy, exciting her further and making it harder to get back to sleep.

Rachel would have showered anyway, but the instructions made her particularly keen to make sure her body was completely clean for her mystery visitor. Before her shower she had a pee and a number two, deciding that it was best to do that now so that she could wash herself properly down there and make sure there were no embarrassing smells.

Rachel spent much longer in the shower than she otherwise would have done, concentrating particularly on the parts she knew the guy would take most interest in: boobs and lady bits, but also taking time to ensure that her behind was clean, knowing the guy would probably be checking her anus against the photo. She shampooed and conditioned her hair twice, and even shampooed and conditioned her pubes: if she had to keep them for him, she would at least make sure they were clean and well cared for.

After the shower Rachel dried herself clean, and was going to get dressed again like normal, but on checking the time noticed it was ten to two. No point. She had to be naked by two anyway.

Rachel went and unlocked the front door, then sat down and waited. As the clock approached 2 she knew that at any second the guy could walk in and immediately initiate sex with her. Where she was sitting was visible from the front door. The second he walked in he would see everything. She looked down at her exposed body. Her boobs looked OK. She hoped he liked them. She still wasn’t happy about having to keep the pubes, but if that’s what he wanted…

Quarter past 2 came, and Rachel started to get nervous. Was this all a big joke on Sarah’ part? Perhaps Rachel would just spend her entire Sunday sitting here naked, waiting for a guy who never came. But then, he’d never said he’d be here at 2. She had to be naked by 2, but he could come any time between 2 and 7.

Rachel decided that she should put the time to good use, getting herself ready, in case the guy didn’t want any foreplay. Spreading her legs she started to gently massage her clit, which easily warmed to her touch. She could feel herself getting turned on very quickly, her whole body starting to increase in sensitivity, her boobs begging to join the party. She knew the guy could walk in any second; she hoped that this was a scene he would enjoy walking into.

The beep from her phone made her jump. Annoyed at being interrupted, she half intended to ignore it, but she knew it could be instructions from the guy.

“I am sending a friend round to check you match your pictures and that you are ready for me. Stand facing your front door with your hands behind your head and legs apart. Do as you are told.”

For a second Rachel wondered what photos the guy was talking about. She hadn’t sent him a photo of her, and it wasn’t fair for Sarah to have sent him a picture when she hadn’t let Rachel see a picture of the guy. Then she realised. He meant the photos of her private parts she had sent him the other night. She couldn’t believe he had shared them with his friends – and now one of his friends was going to come round and check they matched! For some reason, the idea of the friend of a random guy she had never met looking at her lady parts seemed far more embarrassing than the random guy she had never met doing it!

Still, this was what the guy had asked, and this is what she needed to do if she wanted his cock inside her – which she really did. Rachel stood up, turned to directly face her front door, and put herself in that totally humiliating position he had asked for, presenting herself for inspection. For some reason, this position and the knowledge of what was about to happen made her even more excited, and she quickly realised that the worst thing about this position was not being able to touch herself.

Minutes passed by, Rachel’s eyes fixed on that door, waiting for it to open. Then, finally, it did.

There was no warning, no build up. The door was flung open, and then in the doorframe stood her inspector. Her natural instinct was to cover her naked body, and she had to fight really hard to keep her hands where they were supposed to be, behind her head. Though her feet were really not that far apart, and her pubes kept anything from showing, she still wished she could close her legs completely.

The guy was probably in his early 40s, and pretty average looking for a guy of that age. Oddly, he looked quite similar to Rachel’s boss, and this just added to the embarrassment. He stood there in the open doorway, his eyes appraising the naked flesh on display in front of him. There was nothing she could do but let him look. The feeling of powerlessness, of the guy exercising control over her even though he wasn’t here, sent a thrill through Rachel’s body. She would never ever have thought that she would be showing herself off to a strange guy, never mind one much older than her, like this.

The guy let the door close behind him, then slowly walked around Rachel’s body, appraising it from every angle. Rachel wondered if he could tell how aroused she was. He returned to stand in front of her, and pulled out his phone, making a big show of comparing the photo on the screen with her breasts.

Next he walked back behind her, then ordered “spread your legs wider”.

She couldn’t believe she was doing this. In a fantasy yes, but in real life?

She did as she was told.

“Good. Now, bend forward.”

Rachel knew full well the kind of view the guy would get if she did as she was instructed. She wondered if he had done a favour of this type for his friend before. Was inspecting women’s private parts a normal Sunday afternoon activity for him?

She did as she was told, and the guy crouched down to get a better look. Rachel wondered if he would touch her. She knew her lady parts would be grateful for the touch of any guy at the moment. But he didn’t touch, just looked.

“Spread your lips, please.” He was going to make her do all the work.

Leaving one hand behind her head, she reached behind her legs with her other hand, spreading herself open for him. He seemed to take forever, carefully comparing the photo of her lady bits on his phone to the intimate parts Rachel was holding open just in front of him, as if he was some kind of professional. Rachel knew that she was just as aroused now as she had been the other day when she had taken the photo, and desperately hoped that her vulva looked similar enough so she could pass the test.

Eventually the guy confirmed that he was satisfied the photo was indeed of her own vulva and made the dreaded request: now it was time for him to inspect her anus. Taking a photo of it was embarrassing enough; actually having a guy look at it close up was just too embarrassing. But her vagina was begging for cock, and the only way to get it was to do as she was asked. And after all, she reminded herself, the guy had already seen a photo of it.

Letting go of her lips Rachel placed her hands on her butt cheeks, spreading them as much as she could, just glad that she had washed herself carefully there. She hated the fact that she had pubes running up the inside of her cheeks, but given how closely she was being inspected she was glad she had not removed them, because she was certain that she would have failed the inspection if she had.

“Bend forward, please,” the guy instructed.

She tried to tell herself that this was just so that he could get a better look, but she was sure that this was intended to embarrass her further. Nevertheless she did as she was told, pushing her bottom and exposed anus towards the guy, whose face was surely only inches away. Her body flushed red hot; whether through arousal, embarrassment or both she wasn’t sure. All she knew was that she was standing naked in her apartment with her exposed anus thrust in a stranger’s face. She knew she should be hating this, but the reality was the exact opposite.

Finally the guy stood up and walked round to face Rachel. Having not been instructed otherwise she stayed bent forward with her cheeks still spread wide.

“OK, you’ve passed the inspection. The photos match, and all your bits are clean and healthy.”

Rachel wondered if this guy was a doctor, but was sure that a man of medicine would not participate in something like this.

“You have a nice body. He’ll like you very much. I kind of wish it was me fucking you today.”

At this moment, aroused as she was, Rachel would have happily let him fuck her. Even though he looked like her boss. Perhaps especially because he looked like her boss.

“Leave the door unlocked. Put your knickers on and lie on your front on your sofa. When he arrives, do exactly as he tells you. If you really need to stop at any time, say ‘red’ and he will stop. But if you do, it’s over and he will leave straight away.”

He turned to leave. Rachel let go of her butt cheeks and went to straighten up. Then he turned round. She was a bit uncertain as to whether she was supposed to get back into position, but he didn’t seem to mind.

“A couple more things,” he said. Putting his hand in his left pocket, he drew out a blindfold and handed it to Rachel.

“Once I’ve gone, put this on,” he said. “Keep it on until he tells you otherwise.”

He then reached into his right pocket, and took something out that Rachel didn’t recognise straight away.

“And put these on now,” he said, handing it to her.

It took her a second to work it out; she hadn’t ever actually seen a pair before. They were nipple clamps. They looked like they might hurt, so she paused for a few moments, hoping he would change his mind. But of course he didn’t. He had his instructions from the actual guy – the one who was going to fuck her. Rachel wondered why this guy didn’t put them on her himself, take the opportunity to cop a feel of her boobs. But she was beginning to understand that this was part of the ritual; this was to tease her, so that when the “real” guy turned up she would be desperate to be touched.

Her nipples were already erect, which made it much easier to clip the clamps on. She winced as she released the first one and it clamped hard onto her nipple. It was really tight. She certainly wasn’t going to forget it was there. It added an urgency to the situation, hoping the guy came soon, because her nipple would be extremely sore if she had to wear the clamp all afternoon. Determined to get it over with quickly, she clamped the other clip onto her right nipple, which had been enjoying a last few seconds of freedom. A chain dangled between the two, pulling gently on the clamps.

The guy gave a satisfied look. His job done, he left without another word. It felt strange knowing that this guy who had just examined her so intimately, who was the only guy in the world who had ever had a close up look at her anus, had just left and she would never see him again, never even know his name.

After the guy had left it felt weird, as if she could barely believe what had just happened, and what was about to happen. Only the tug on her nipples, the chain dangling from her boobs as she walked, proved that it was real. It was yet another aspect of his control over her, even though he wasn’t here yet, the dull pressure he was inflicting on her nipples.

As instructed, Rachel went to find a pair of knickers. She didn’t particularly have any sexy knickers, so she just picked a pair of plain black briefs. At least she didn’t have to worry about finding a matching bra: her boobs stayed as bare and exposed as they had all day, adorned only by the nipple clamps.

Doing as she was told, as the guy wanted, Rachel lay herself face down on her sofa, knowing that she was still in full view of the door, and put the blindfold on, completely blocking her vision.

She felt very vulnerable now, not able to see what was going on but in full view of anyone who walked in. Hopefully no one other than the guy was going to walk in.

As she lay there, gently rubbing her tender nipples against the fabric of the sofa, her mind started to wander again to the guy and what he was going to do to her. Would he take her straight away when he walked in? Would he tease her as he had been doing so far today, making her wait, long for his cock? Would he make her keep the blindfold on the whole time so she didn’t even see him? If she did see him, what would he look like? Would he be experienced, have an expert touch, know exactly what to do?

She started to fantasise about him holding her in his strong arms, thrusting his thick erect cock inside her, steady, sure strokes, his hands touching her where she knew she loved to be touched (but where her ex had never quite managed to locate). She imagined him telling her how beautiful she was, how fortunate he was to have been paired with her.

Without even thinking about it, her hand had found its way down her knickers and she was rubbing her clit furiously, her whole body tingling, her mind on nothing other than sex, than the imaginary guy, than how desperately she needed him inside her.

Her hand flew out of her knickers with a jolt as she heard the sound behind her. It sounded like something had been knocked on the floor. She couldn’t understand it at first, knowing she was the only one in the apartment. But… what if she wasn’t? Could it be possible that the guy had walked in and she hadn’t noticed? Was he standing there now, watching her furiously pleasure herself? Her whole body begged for more, for her to finish what she had started, but she couldn’t bring herself to start again whilst the stranger might be standing there.

She waited in silence for a few minutes, then her keenly tuned ears heard footsteps walking away, towards the kitchen. So he was in here. And he wasn’t going straight for it. He was making himself at home first. She desperately hoped that it wasn’t a burglar who had got lucky walking in.

Rachel could hear the hiss of the kettle. That was a good sign. Burglars probably didn’t make themselves hot drinks. Especially whilst the resident was at home. Rachel was desperate to take off the blindfold and see what the guy looked like, but she reminded herself to stick to the rules, no matter how much she wanted to break them.

After a few minutes Rachel heard footsteps again, then the sound of… yes, the guy was having a pee. He really was making himself at home. It was so weird knowing that this guy was having free rein over her apartment. The guy she was hoping would soon take free rein over her.

The footsteps moved again, towards her bedroom. It felt so strange knowing he was in her bedroom. She’d been prepared to text him a photo of her anus. She was prepared to lie in front of him in nothing more than a pair of knickers. But somehow the stranger walking into her bedroom unattended felt more wrong than any of that. She wondered what he was doing in there but couldn’t guess.

Eventually he came out again. Her body begged for him. Whoever he was, she needed him so badly.

“Good,” he said, his voice deeper than Rachel had expected.

“I like my girls to do as they are told.”

Silence. Rachel didn’t know if she was supposed to reply or not.

“When I came in, were you doing as you were told then?”

Rachel’s mind raced. What had she being doing wrong? All she could think was that he hadn’t liked the fact that she had been playing with herself.

“No,” she said meekly.

“What were you doing?” he asked. She loved his deep voice.

“I was… touching myself,” she said tentatively, hoping that she had correctly identified her misdeed.

“And?” he asked.

She wondered if there was something else. She couldn’t think of anything.

“And… I’m sorry.”

“You wanked without my permission,” he said sternly, as if he was genuinely annoyed. “So how do we deal with this?”

Rachel really hoped it wasn’t dealt with by him going away and refusing to have sex with her.

“You… punish me?” she asked, amazed that she sounded hopeful rather than fearful.

“That’s right. How are you normally punished?” the guy asked.

What a bizarre question. Normally she wasn’t punished. Nobody had punished her since she had been a child, and then it had been grounding or no TV, neither of which seemed appropriate here. But still, she had to give an answer.

“You could ground me,” she said, hoping it was the right answer but sure it wasn’t.

Now he really did laugh.

“I hope you haven’t confused me for your dad,” he said, still laughing.

Rachel was lying there on the sofa, practically naked, wearing nipple clamps and waiting to be fucked by him. She definitely hadn’t confused him with her dad.

“Move back so that your ass is over the arm of the chair,” he instructed in a tone that let he know this was not optional.

She knew immediately how she was going to be punished. She had never been spanked before. Her boyfriend had wanted to spank her once and she had told him that there was no way she was ever going to let a guy do that to her. It turned out she had been wrong.

Rachel did exactly as she was told, moving back, her feet down onto the floor and resting her crotch on the arm of the sofa, which pushed her bottom up into a perfect spanking position.

There was a pause for a few seconds as Rachel anticipated what would come next, then she felt him pulling her knickers down, just at the back, just to expose her bottom. The slight touch from his fingers on her extremely sensitive skin as he pulled the fabric out of the way sent a wave of pleasure and longing through her body. She needed so much more, so quickly.

There was silence for a good few seconds, Rachel’s anticipation of that first smack building and building, her attention increasingly focussed on her bare backside, feeling how sensitive it was, just like the rest of her body. The fact that she was deprived of sight just intensified the feeling even more. She so desperately wanted to take it off, look behind her, see the guy who was controlling her, but she knew that this would just lead to more punishment.

Just as she thought the guy had changed his mind, decided not to spank her after all, there was a hard SMACK right on her left butt cheek. The sound filled the otherwise empty room, the feeling filled her aroused body, radiating out, leaving a stinging feeling that wasn’t entirely unpleasant. Rachel’s first instinctive reaction was to jump up, get out of the way, but she calmed herself, told herself that today, for once, she was to do as she was told. Her body belonged to him. If he wanted to spank her bottom, she would lie there whilst he did it.

He made her wait, bottom exposed, totally under his control, knowing that the second smack was coming, but not where or when. Then a second SMACK. As she lay there, bottom smarting, mind racing, she realised she could take one thing from this. The guy was strong. He obviously worked out. If only she could see, touch his toned stomach, his muscles. The cavegirl part of her told her this was how it was supposed to be, her submitting to the strong caveman, the hunter, the provider. Provider of cock, hopefully. She almost giggled but stopped herself.

He made her wait, bottom still on offer to him, anticipating a third stroke of his powerful hand. He made her wait so long that her body was begging for it, demanding the physical contact, demanding something, anything.

But then he denied her even that.

“Stand up and face me,” he said, his voice booming out around the department.

Rachel did so, feeling sure she was blushing as he saw her body from the front. Saw those bare breasts, uncovered, just sitting there on her chest, waiting for him, nipples squeezed between the clamps he had insisted she wear. At least her crotch was still covered by the thin fabric of her knickers, which remained lowered only at the back, a reminder of the short but memorable spanking she had just endured.

What embarrassed her most though was that he could see her face, in some way knew her identity in the way she didn’t know his. He’d seen photos of all of her private parts, but they had just been in isolation, not paired with her face. If they ever saw each other in the street he’d know exactly who she was, what they’d done together, whereas she would know nothing.

She felt a tug on her nipples. For a second she didn’t know what was happening, but as the pull intensified, hurting her poor, sore nipples, she realised. He was leading her by the chain, by her nipples. She was supposed to follow. A feeling of humiliation welled up inside her, that he would lead her as if she was an animal, using her nipples to force her to comply.

Nevertheless, she followed meekly, trying to maintain the same pace as him, stop the chain from pulling too hard and stretching her nipples painfully away from her. At least when she realised where she was being led she felt a twinge of excitement; he was taking her to her bedroom.

Once in the bedroom he led her over to her bed then, letting go of the chain, he had her body gently round the sides, manoeuvring her so that she was facing away from the bed, then gently but firmly pressuring her to lower her body so that her bare bottom was sitting on her duvet. His hands felt great on her body, and she wanted them all over it.

Carefully, deliberately, teasingly keeping his hands away from her breasts, from her lady parts, even from her bare bottom, the guy positioned Rachel exactly how he wanted her: on her knees, bottom in the air, legs spread, resting on her elbows. She let him manipulate her exactly as he wanted her; this was the deal. She did exactly as she was told, and she got his cock inside her. She needed it so much now.

Then she felt his hands on her face, pulling, taking the blindfold off.

It took her eyes a few seconds to adjust to the light. The view at first was confusing; she knew what she should be seeing, but she wasn’t. As she analysed the feedback from her eyes, she realised that the guy had moved her bed back from the wall a bit and put her full length mirror in front.

Rachel could see her naked self looking back at her, her face red from arousal, her body supported by her arms, the top side of her boobs. She raised her eyes to see what was behind her. Despite the fact she of course knew there was a guy there, she still almost jumped out of her skin at the sight of the stranger in her mirror.

There, on his knees behind her, watching her watching him, was a dark skinned, naked guy. Well, almost naked. He still had a pair of boxer shorts on, with an obvious bulge in the front. She was amazed. He wasn’t the sort of guy she usually went for, but he was – well, really hot. His muscular body glistened with sweat, a body that he clearly owed to many hours in the gym. Rachel could have never imagined dating a guy like this, never mind having him kneeling behind her, almost naked, ready to fuck her. Her whole body begged to have him inside her.

The guy leaned forwards, taking a firm hold of her breasts, but massaging them tenderly. Having her boobs played with had never felt so good. The soreness in her nipples just intensified the feeling. He was totally forgiven for making her wear the nipple clamps. She’d forgive him anything.

He leaned forward further and whispered in her ear.

“Are you ready?”

She nodded.

“Have you ever taken it up your butt before?” he asked, his tone not wavering, as it this was a totally normal question.

Rachel almost asked him to repeat it – surely she hadn’t just heard what she thought she had heard. But, as his hands continued to send waves of pleasure up from her grateful chest, she heard herself breath “no”.

“OK, I’ll be gentle,” he said.

An alarm went off in Rachel’s brain. He hadn’t even asked. Just assumed she’d do it. Assumed he had some kind of right to shove his cock up her anus. Perhaps there had been some kind of misunderstanding. Perhaps Sarah had accidentally located a guy from some anal lovers’ site?

“No,” she said, hoping he’d realise the mistake.

“No – you don’t want me to be gentle?” he asked, his breath warm on her ear, his voice sounding confused.

“No – no!” Rachel said, quickly, wishing she wasn’t so distracted by his hands still playing with her boobs, by the burning desire between her legs.

“No – I don’t want anal,” she said.

“Ah,” the guy said, sounding disappointed. “Your friend said… she said I could do what I liked.”

Rachel felt a rush of anger towards Sarah – Sarah had tricked her. Then she realised she hadn’t. Rachel had indeed agreed to those rules. She had never even thought anal was an option, but that was her fault, not Sarah’ or the guy’s. The rule was “anything”, and the guy was taking full advantage.

“You can say the safe word,” he said, seemingly resigned to not getting what he had come for.

Rachel’s mind raced. Red. Red. That was it. Just say red, and her anus was safe. The guy would leave, and she could get dressed and carry on with her day. Red.

She didn’t say anything. The guy waited, hand still on her breasts. These were the rules, and she’d promised Sarah, promised herself, that she’d obey them. She’d wanted cock – wanted this guy’s cock so badly, and now she was going to get it – just somewhere slightly different to where she’d expected it.

Rachel shook her head slightly, hoping the guy would get the message. He didn’t need to worry about the safe word. He was going to get what he’d come here for. Some random guy, who she’d never met before, she’d never meet again, whose name she didn’t even know, was going to put his cock up her anus, and Rachel was going to let him.

In the mirror, she saw him smile. He straightened his body again, his body rising over hers emphasising her submissiveness to him, his total control. She realised that the position he had her in, she was practically presenting her back passage to him. It was just inches away from that bulge in his boxers.

The guy used his hands to spread her butt cheeks, looking down, appraising her, taking a good look at that most private part of her body. And she watched him look, kept her eyes on his eyes, knowing exactly where they were focussed, wondering how long she’d have to wait for the inevitable.

Now the guy reached down for something on the bed beside him. She couldn’t quite make out in the mirror what it was until he picked it up. A foil packet. A condom. In her surprise at the guy’s request, she’d totally forgotten the condoms she’d bought yesterday and shoved in her underwear drawer. This was in a different packet, so he’d obviously brought his own.

Finally his boxers were coming down. He didn’t take them off totally, just lowered them, as if readying himself for a quick getaway at the end. His erect cock sprung out of his boxers as he dropped them, coming into full view in the mirror in front of her. Somehow seeing what was happening play out in the mirror made it feel not quite real, though that cock was definitely real enough, and so close to its destination.

Rachel couldn’t help but staring at what was the first cock she’d seen in ages, only the second she’d ever seen in her life – seen for real, anyway, rather than just in porn or something. It was definitely bigger than her ex’s, surrounded by a thick black curly mass of pubes, his balls hanging loosely in his hairy sack. She desperately needed him inside her.

He pulled the condom on, then leant down again. Now he was holding a bottle of something, she wasn’t sure what. He squeezed it into his free hand then lathered it onto the condom. Lube. She’d never seen it before, but she could imagine what it was, and was so grateful to him for thinking of it.

He pushed his cock against her tight anal bud, and she felt the cool slimy lube against her, the pressure of his erect cock pushing gently. She felt herself tense up involuntarily.

“You need to relax,” he said: a statement, an order.

She knew she did, but it was so hard to, she was so nervous.

Then she felt his strong hand slipping into the gap between her legs, inside her knickers which still covered her at the front, onto her lady parts. With his sheathed cock still pressed against her back entry, he started to firmly but expertly rub her wet pussy lips between her fingers, sending waves of pleasure, feelings of well-being, up through her body.

He slipped a couple of fingers up inside her, in the front entrance, filling her up, the first boy inside there for so long, his rough fingers rubbing against the inside of her vagina, which were so tender now, so desperate for what he was giving her. She focussed entirely on this, on his welcome invasion, the press of his cock feeling not so alien any more, more normal, more like that’s where it should be.

She could feel her whole body relax to his touch, each thrust of his figures melting her further into him, making her give up any resistance she had. Sarah had been so right, so right. She watched him in the mirror, smiling at her, enjoying witnessing her pleasure which she could see was so evident from her face. She could hear herself moaning, letting him know he was getting it right, making her feel so good.

Then, naturally, so slowly it took her a few seconds to notice, his cock made its reverse entry, filling her from behind as his fingers filled her from the front. She had no desire to tense up; he was already inside her, there was no reason to resist. It felt so tight, his cock opening her up so slowly, her body unsure how to react to this new feeling.

And then his balls against her pussy told her that he was fully in, entirely accommodated by her anal passage. She looked in his eyes and saw an immense satisfaction, could just imagine how it must feel like for him, that tightness giving his cock such an intense squeeze. And to her surprise, it wasn’t unpleasant: weird, tight, maybe a little uncomfortable, but not painful. Rachel had a cock in her, and not just any cock, but the cock of an incredibly hot guy. Life was perfect.

As the guy started to thrust, strong, deliberate incursions, groans of pleasure escaping his lips, Rachel too started to enjoy it. She had surrendered herself totally to him now, given him what she never thought she would give to a guy. Her passage ached with the newness of it, but as she became accustomed to it rewarded her with a dull pleasure too. The feeling mixed and swirled with the tingling pleasure emitting from her vagina, which he continued to excite with his fingers.

It was a delicious cocktail of the new with the old, the familiar feel of a guy inside her pleasure passage with the totally unfamiliar feel of cock inside the forbidden entry. He continued to thrust, his face contorted with pleasure, his groans growing ever longer and louder, mixed with a colourful range of expletives. And Rachel could feel that warmth inside her, that arousal which had been building all day, reaching a fever pitch, desperate for release.

She was moaning too, eyes locked on his in the reflection, smelling their combined scents mingling in the air, feeling that whirl of sensations filling out her body, reminding herself that this was no fantasy: it was real, he was real, his body was real, his cock was real, he was really taking her from behind. Her anus was his, repurposed for his pleasure.

Then she came, her whole body a ball of ecstasy, her mind blank, frozen in this moment. She let out a shriek with no embarrassment, squeezed her eyes tight, focussing on enjoying every second of that pleasure, every bit, all over her body, from her breasts down to her pussy and right to the depths of her full anus. Everything that had built up inside her today was released.

The thrusting continued, his body obviously aching for a similar resolution, each groan guttural, instinctive. Then she felt a twitch, the proof that he too had been overcome by pleasure, and his cock eased to a stop inside her, still filling her, still reminding her who was in charge, who had mastery over her body.

As the feeling subsided, leaving just a tingly remnant behind, a trace all over her body of the ecstasy which had just subsumed it, she looked again at the guy, running her eyes up his bare torso, realising it could be the last time she ever saw it, covered in sweat, trying to remember every inch of it.

Then up to his face, his handsome, post orgasm face, a look of total satisfaction on it. He too was appraising her body, what he could see of it, her bottom and her back, her face and her breasts reflected in the mirror.

Despite the rather unconventional nature of the coitus they had just engaged in, Rachel still felt that girly desire for a cuddle envelope her body, a new desperation to replace the one the guy had just satisfied. She knew she couldn’t ask, but desperately hoped he’d offer. Why did her body betray her like this?

She felt his cock, already starting to soften, slip out of her, and saw him take the condom off, tying it, dropping it in the bin at the side of her bed.

“OK, clean up,” he said, looking down at his cock.

Rachel looked at him, confused.

“Lick me clean,” he clarified, as if it should have been obvious, pointing at his cock.

Rachel couldn’t believe what he was asking. How dare he? But then she remembered that he had just had his cock up her butt: he was in charge, and she was to do whatever he told her, she’d promised that.

Turning herself round, she allowed herself a glance at the rest of his body, seeing it directly rather than in the mirror for the first time. It suddenly hit her that she had just had anal sex for the first time with a guy she hadn’t even seen properly. Still, seeing him in the flesh, she wasn’t disappointed. Close up she got an even better view of him, and every inch of him was perfect.

His cock was almost entirely flaccid now, just the slightest swelling indicating that a few minutes ago it had been fully to attention and in action. Rachel tried not to think about where it had just been, reminding herself that it had been fully sheathed in a condom. It was a simple job: lick it clean.

Rachel lowered her head down to the guy’s crotch, aware that this was the second sexually submissive position he had put her in – third if you counted the spanking. The pungent scent of his post orgasm genitals filled her nose: his cum, his sweat. Rachel wondered if he’d washed it as carefully as she washed her lady parts prior to sex. It didn’t seem like it from the smell. Normally she would have refused to put her mouth anywhere near it, but today she knew that this wasn’t a boyfriend whose job it was to please her; this was a guy who had the right to issue any order he wished.

Pulling back his foreskin with her hand, Rachel could see that the head of his cock still glistened with the remnants of his cum. Here she was, about to lick a guy’s cock, and she didn’t even know his name, knew nothing about him. For some reason her mind told her to savour this moment, take a mental photograph of the cock in her hand, the exposed head, the cum that had been spilt because of her, save it up for her fantasies.

Her tongue made contact with the moist head of his cock, feeling the texture of a cock on her tongue for the first time in so long, tasting its saltiness. She ran her tongue round the top of his penis, gathering the remnants of his cum on her tongue. Rachel had never really been into giving guys oral, but somehow the taste, the smell, the feeling of submission, sent a thrill through her still sensitive body.

Finally she sunk his penis an inch or so into her mouth then, sucking her lips together, gently dragged it out, cleaning the last remnants of boy juice from it, then swallowing a few times to clear her mouth. Finally she looked up at him: she could barely believe this, but she was looking up at him for approval. When he nodded: just slightly, but he definitely nodded, she felt so pleased with herself.

With her face still in close proximity to his cock, he pulled his boxers back up from their convenient position around his thighs, then stood up and started to get dressed. Rachel stayed sat on the bed, naked except for her knickers which had been pulled down her legs slightly in the heat of the action, meaning they didn’t really cover anything any more, and the clamps that still squeezed on her nipples.

The guy left without even saying goodbye, and Rachel felt used, but weirdly it wasn’t a feeling that upset her: there were no strings, no complications. She’d never see the guy again. Knew nothing about him. And that had given her licence to do something she would never, ever do with a guy she knew, had feelings for, would have to see again tomorrow. It wasn’t a problem with the guy. She’d loved it, and now it was over, just like that.

Rachel took her knickers off, and released the clamps, wincing as the blood flowed back into them, giving a sharp twinge of pain. As the excitement and pleasure subsided, she could feel her back passage was sore now, not terribly so, just enough to remind her what had just happened. Finally she locked the door.

As promised, she called Sarah to confirm that she had done the deed and was OK and safe, but she didn’t provide any details. In a way she felt ashamed at what she had just done – well, not necessarily ashamed she had done it, but ashamed she had enjoyed it. It was crazy – it was her backside, and she’d done it willingly, but still. The magic of it was that nobody had to know.

After what she had just done – shown everything, absolutely everything – to a guy she didn’t know, Rachel didn’t feel at all weird about being naked around her flat. She had the whole conversation with Sarah without a stitch on and didn’t even think about it. At one point, catching her hairy crotch in his eye line she absent-mindedly wondered whether to shave it or get a wax, but decided against it. The guy had liked it – why shouldn’t she keep it? She ran a hand through her pubes and carried on chatting to Sarah as the conversation moved on to television.

As she finished the call and headed for the shower she noticed the clock. It was 6pm, only the start of the evening, and what a day she’d had. She’d been intimately inspected by a stranger who looked like her boss, then taken anally by a complete stranger. She’d had other new experiences too – she’d been spanked, had her nipples clamped. Not a bad afternoon really. Better than just watching TV, which is what she’d have done otherwise.

Rachel retrieved her phone and sent a short text to Sarah: “can u find me a guy for nxt Sunday ;-)”.

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