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Upside Down Ch. 05

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*This is the 5th chapter of a story I began a couple of years ago and it’s been over two years since I published the last chapter. Please let me know what you think and as always comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks and enjoy!*

Chapter 5 – Taming Sara

They were surprised to see the soft glow of television light coming from the living room. Usually Sara was an “early to bed, early to rise” prototype, even on weekends. The sisters walked quietly over to investigate and both stopped, stunned at the scene they found.

Playing on the TV repeatedly was the title screen of the lesbian porno. And lying on the couch, with an empty bottle of wine on the carpet where she had dropped it, was Sara; passed out and completely nude.

“Oh my God, look what we found.” Rachel said just above a whisper as the two girls, more than a little drunk themselves, stared down at Sara’s nude, unconscious form.

The series of moans and groans coming from the one-minute loop of the DVD’s audio served as an appropriate but somewhat surreal backdrop for the moment.

“Yeah, she looks so peaceful. Lying there … dreaming of pussy.” Trisha joked.

Rachel giggled before shooting right back.

“Yeah, this pussy.” The blonde girl placed her hand over her sister’s cunt as she spoke.

“Damn straight.” Trisha turned her face to Rachel’s with a sly smile and the two girls shared a long, slow kiss.

“Mmmmmm …. I think you need to get fucked, bitch.” Trisha purred.

“Oh fuck yes I do.” Rachel answered, her voice dripping with desire as she continued.

“What about Mom?”

“She needs it too, and she’ll get it. But not like this. I want her to want it even more; I want her to try and fight it first.”

Rachel just stared at Trisha lustily, appreciating her sister’s deviant sexual mastery and her part in it. The younger girl then broke the brief silence.

“Let’s clean this mess up a little so she doesn’t know we saw anything.”

Rachel turned the TV off and put the DVD case in the entertainment center as Trisha gently covered her naked mother with a blanket. Sara would probably be confused when she woke up but when the girls didn’t mention anything the next day she would have to come to the conclusion that she had cleaned up before she passed out.

The sisters then went down to the basement, where things got a little loud and a little rough. Trisha made Rachel eat her out for nearly an hour straight before pounding the blonde all over the room with her strap-on. At one point, she tied Rachel’s hands behind her back and fucked her senselessly doggy-style while holding her upper body up by her hair.

They didn’t worry much about the noise, which Rachel was making a lot of. Even if Sara woke up and “caught” them, Trisha figured she had more than enough ammunition to handle her mother.

After three hours of intense fucking, the girls made their way back upstairs. Both were nude and Trisha still had the mighty strap-on dangling between her legs. They peeked into the living room and found Sara just as they had left her, asleep on the couch.

Trisha slowly walked over to where their mother lay and stood directly over her head as she stared down at her. Rachel watched closely as her sister let the dildo hover just above the tip of Sara’s nose, it’s girth casting an ominous shadow on her pretty, serene face. The brunette thought for a moment how easy it would be to wake her mother with a crisp slap of the dildo on her face and then take her right then and there, but her desire to play with her prey some more won out in the end.

After a minute or two, the eighteen year-old stepped away from her prone mother and led her older sister upstairs. They stopped at Trisha’s bedroom door for a deep, loving goodnight kiss.

The next morning Trisha woke earlier than usual. After a few minutes she got out of bed and headed down to the kitchen, completely nude, to make a pot of coffee. The living room was empty and had been cleaned so she assumed that Sara had straightened up before heading up to her room for some more sleep.

The brunette smiled as she schemed of ways to further tease her vulnerable mother while she counted out the scoops of coffee. She then noticed movement out of the corner of her eye and turned her head to see Sara enter the kitchen noiselessly, in her nightgown. The mother stopped short and stared at her gorgeous, naked daughter for a moment before finding her voice.

“Trisha, what’s the idea of walking around the house nude?”

Trisha paused before dropping the last scoop into the coffee maker and closing the lid.

“I thought we went through this yesterday, Mom.” She spoke in a slightly irritated tone.

“Sunbathing topless is one thing, but running around the house nude …”

Trisha slowly flicked on the coffee maker as her mother struggled to finish her sentence. She then turned and faced the older woman, giving Sara her first view of her full nudity before answering.

“What is your hang-up with nudity, Mom? It’s just the female form.”

Trisha deliberately spun around, giving her anxious mother a good look at every inch of her magnificent body.

Sara knew right away that she was in trouble. She tried, but failed to keep her eyes from wandering all over her daughter’s body; even taking an obvious, extended peek at her thick, little patch of neatly shaven brown hair crested atop her pussy. After all, she had spent the better part of two hours the night before masturbating while fantasizing about both her hot daughters, so who could blame her reaction.

Even Trisha was surprised at the way her mother’s eyes scanned her nude form. In it however, she saw another opportunity and moved in on it like a shark that’s caught the scent of blood in the water.

“I know what might help, here …” she started as she stepped directly in front of her frozen mother.

Sara just stared like she’d been turned to stone as Trisha took an end of the satin belt of her nightgown and gave it a tug, opening it instantly. The young girl stared into her mother’s shocked eyes with an impish smile as the older woman quickly grasped her nightgown and covered herself up.

It took Sara about five agonizingly long seconds to somewhat recover her senses and in that time Trisha had started out of the room. She opened her mouth to speak but quickly realized there was nothing she could say. The only thing left clouding her eyes to her daughter’s overt advances was a simple but all-powerful denial. She illogically refused to believe what was quite plainly going on.

The flustered, forty-two year old beauty managed to collect herself enough to go meet a friend for lunch a few hours later, successfully avoiding any further interactions with her daughters.

Trisha meanwhile was in her glory, toying with her mother like a cat with a mouse. The outcome of this game appeared inevitable, leaving only one question remaining. When? It’s all Rachel wanted to know but her sister played her cards close to the vest and left her home while she ran “necessary errands”.

Sara and Trisha arrived home just short of five o’clock, and although Sara tried to avoid it, she quickly found herself in the close company of her sexy daughters.

“Hope you don’t have any plans tonight, Mommy.” Trisha stated in a curious tone as she plopped down playfully on her mother’s bed.

The younger girl shot Rachel a look that told the blonde to follow her lead.

“Oh? And what if I do?” the mother responded.

“Then you’ll have to break them, ’cause you have a date with your daughters.”

“Yeah Mom, Trisha and I are taking you out to dinner tonight.”

“Someplace nice too, so dress for it, OK?” Trisha added with an implied, demanding edge.

Rachel felt herself blush hotly as her mother managed to answer Trisha’s surprisingly condescending directive with a shaky “OK”. Sara then got up timidly and grabbed a towel before heading into the bathroom to shower.

The blonde stared at her younger sister in wonder. When had she developed this irresistible aura so powerful that she could literally seduce her whole family, and quite easily too? Had she always had it? How? Rachel didn’t spend much time on the question though, she was too excited about what the rest of the evening held for the three of them.

The sisters left their mother’s room moments later to begin getting ready themselves.

Sara was done before the girls and so waited anxiously in the living room for them to finish. She couldn’t believe how nervous she was. It really did almost feel like a date and she had, subconsciously maybe, gone out of her way to wear something that her daughter would approve of. A simple but sexy little black dress; a staple of every well-dressed woman’s wardrobe and Sara had always worn it particularly well. Tonight was no exception.

Rachel was the first to join her mother in the living room and the sight of her gorgeous, blonde daughter was almost enough to make the mother gasp. The nineteen-year-old had on a little yellow sundress that complimented her bronze skin and golden hair perfectly. Sara could tell immediately that her daughter was not wearing a bra and marveled at how perfect her small, firm tits looked without one. What she didn’t know was that Rachel, on Trisha’s command, was not wearing any panties either.

She was so tied up in her admiration of Rachel, that at first, Sara didn’t see her younger daughter enter the room. But once she did, a small sound did actually escape her lips. Trisha was wearing a tight, powder blue shirt, under which it was plain to see she had no bra on either. Her skirt was an extra short, plaid, schoolgirl style mini which barely covered her hot little ass. And the coup de grace of the young temptress’ outfit was a pair of knee-high black leather boots.

Sara swore she felt her legs wobble as Trisha flashed a subtle but fiery glance and strode closely by, snatching the keys to the Mercedes off the counter. The sexy, young brunette then paused for a moment at the garage door before turning half around and casting a sidelong glance in her mother and sister’s direction.

“Well … you guys coming tonight or what?”

It wasn’t lost on Rachel that her sister had gently overemphasized the word coming. The blonde just smiled as she and her mother quickly trailed Trisha to the car.

As they all got to the car Trisha didn’t even bother to ask if she could drive. She just helped herself to the driver’s seat. Rachel noted a slight hesitation in her mother, but it quickly passed as she got into the passenger’s seat.

“You’re driving tonight, huh?” Sara asked innocently enough.

Trisha turned her head to her mother with a confident, sinister smile as she put the car in reverse.

“All night, Mom.”

Trisha then turned around and started to back out of the garage. Rachel took one look at her younger sister and felt like she was going to come. Trisha’s eyes were trained directly on her slightly exposed pussy. The blonde immediately opened her legs a little wider giving her lover an infinitely better view. Trisha smiled self-assuredly and after a moment returned her eyes to Rachel’s face as she mouthed silently “good girl”.

The blonde could feel her pussy begin to trickle.

On the way to the restaurant Trisha adjusted the rearview mirror so that it afforded her a view of her sister. Rachel didn’t need to be told what to do and was quickly but quietly stroking her wet pussy for the younger girl.

During the whole ride Sara had been stealing brief glances at her hot, young daughter’s incredible body in spite of herself. She was enjoying one of these moments as they pulled into the parking lot of the restaurant; particularly eyeing Trisha’s nipples, which had suddenly hardened about halfway through the ride (thanks to Rachel’s secret show). Perhaps this time she stared just a little too long though as her focus was broken by Trisha’s voice.

“Mom, my eyes are up here.”

There was a painfully awkward moment of silence before Trisha looked back at Rachel, who had her middle finger buried inside her pussy and a shocked look on her face, and the two broke out in laughter. Sara joined in with a forced, nervous chuckle of her own as her face reddened comically.

Moments later the three of them were on their way into the restaurant, each daughter taking one of their mother’s arms. The instant they stepped inside, the focus of the whole restaurant was on them, especially from the male perspective. And they all felt it.

Rachel and Trisha were exhilarated by all the heads turning their way but for Sara, it was just another factor contributing to the jellied mess that was her brain. How the hell had she ended up in the figurative “here”? One thing was certain, she no longer had any control of the situation, if she had ever had any to begin with.

They sat down and the conversation started off light. As the waitress approached to take their drink orders Trisha gave her mother a square look.

“Let’s start off with a nice bottle of white wine.”

Before Sara even fully registered her daughter’s not-too-subtle directive, she heard herself answering “OK”. Again, Rachel felt herself go flush as she watched her mother struggle under Trisha’s irresistible thumb.

That first bottle of wine was gone before the entrees ever reached the table and was soon followed by another that, by the end of the meal, met the same fate as its predecessor.

The meal itself was relatively uneventful, other than the fact that Trisha continued to further assert herself over her clearly bewildered mother. Sara’s struggles would have been evident to a child. A hazy confusion owned her eyes and her body language screamed submission. Rachel realized that the events of the rest of the evening were a foregone conclusion. “If” had left the building leaving only “when” as the final occupant.

That answer would come soon enough and as they left the restaurant, Trisha flipped her mother the keys and took Rachel’s hand. Rachel could feel her pussy practically vibrating in anticipation as she and her sister climbed into the backseat of the car. As soon as they pulled out of the parking lot Trisha was on her, kissing her hard and taking a tight hold, albeit momentarily, on her right breast.

Rachel knew immediately that her sister was through fucking around, the time was now. As she broke the kiss, the younger girl spoke firmly, Rachel’s small, pretty tit still in her grasp.

“Go find something on the radio.”

The blonde quickly leaned over the front seat and began to fiddle with the stations. She gasped as she suddenly felt Trisha’s hand on her bare, wet pussy. Within an instant Trisha had a middle finger gliding in and out of Rachel’s tight cunt as she squeezed her ass with her free hand. Rachel steadied herself with a hand on the leather dashboard as she literally bit her tongue in an effort to contain the moans attempting to escape her throat.

“How’s that radio coming?” Trisha asked sarcastically as she added a second finger.

At that Rachel did moan out, followed by a high-pitched, desperate inward hiss of a breath. Trisha kept pumping.

“Are you O.K. honey?” Sara asked in genuine alarm as she swerved a little.

“Mmmm…hmmmm” was all Rachel could muster until followed a moment later by an involuntary “Oh Fuck!!!”

Sara swerved again and pulled the car over to the side of the road as Rachel suddenly fell back into the backseat. Before the car was even completely stopped Trisha slid behind her mother’s seat and wrapped her arms around it. Sara jumped and screamed out in surprise as her daughter’s hands latched onto her tight, modest tits forcefully and pulled her hard into her seat.

At once Trisha’s mouth was by her ear and her voice carried a raspy, intimidating tone.

“I know what you fucking want, slut. I know what you’ve been fucking thinking about when you’re lying in bed, stroking your pussy.”

Sara moaned out again in fear, surprise and sudden lust as Trisha released her tits for a second only to grab them again even harder.

“Now drive us home you dirty slut and maybe I’ll let you watch.”

Rachel didn’t even have a moment to comprehend the scenario as Trisha immediately propped her feet up, one on each of the front seat’s headrests, and went right back to work on her hungry, exposed pussy.

The blonde caught her mother’s reflection in the rearview, her eyes smoldering lust as she watched her daughters unbelievingly. Rachel was completely in the moment and sensing her mother’s total vulnerability, she continued the inevitable course.

“Fucking drive already!!!”

Trisha paused for a moment and gave Rachel a lusty stare of approval before kissing her hard and resuming her powerful fingering as Sara jammed the car back in gear and took off.

Sara struggled to stay on the road with her eyes in the mirror watching the girls more than not. She’d actually gone off the shoulder once, not coincidentally as Rachel was coming the first time. When they finally pulled up the driveway she was watching Trisha jam one of her gorgeous tits in Rachel’s face to suck.

Sara parked the car in the garage and quickly followed her daughters, who were walking hand-in-hand, up into the house. They led her through the kitchen and into the living room and she followed dutifully, as if on some sort of psychological leash, ending up standing in the middle of the room as the girls sat down on the couch and lovingly kissed.

The mother stood sheepishly, awkwardly and stared at the surreal vision before her. She let a breathy gasp escape as Trisha smoothly removed Rachel’s sundress leaving the blonde completely nude except for her sandals. The sisters then suddenly stopped kissing and finally turned their attention to their unmoving mother with a mischievous, tandem giggle.

Sara felt totally numb except the liquid fire that was her pussy. She was vulnerability personified and her daughters were eyeing her like wolves would a cornered deer. And with a whisper and another giggle they moved in for the kill.

Rachel left the couch and smoothly slipped behind her mother who continued to face Trisha, seemingly frozen. The blonde then gently and deliberately began to unzip her mother’s dress, not stopping until the zipper reached its end. Then, being careful not to touch her mother’s skin, she slid the dress over Sara’s shoulders and let it fall gracefully to the floor.

Rachel then quietly returned to the couch and like some kind of sexual tag team, Trisha got up and approached her mother, stopping directly in front of her less than a foot away. Sara dropped her eyes from her younger daughter’s in an obvious show of shame and submission but Trisha would have none of it and lifted her mother’s beautiful face by her chin.

“It’s OK …” the young brunette purred. “Let it go.”

As she spoke, Trisha’s hands gently slid around Sara and effortlessly unclasped her bra. In an instant she pulled it off but her eyes remained fixed on her mother’s. Rachel leaned back and immediately began to stroke her soaked pussy as she watched the scene she’d been fantasizing about for months become reality.

Trisha then deftly slipped behind her mother and wrapped her arms around Sara’s flat belly, the older woman wobbling a bit at the mere touch of her daughter. Quickly they both focused their attention on Rachel, who had placed both feet up on the couch effectively opening her beautiful, little pussy wide for optimal viewing and stroking.

“She’s fucking hot, huh Mom?”

Sara’s head began to nod in dazed agreement when she suddenly moaned out weakly as Trisha started to massage her small, firm breasts.

“Tell her then.” Trisha rasped, bringing her face in against her mother’s neck.

Rachel was red hot, stroking her pussy feverishly and noting the sensation of her juices running down over her tiny asshole as she continued her performance.

“You’re so hot.” Sara managed, with much effort, to croak.

“You wanna see her come, bitch?” Trisha snapped without missing a beat as she suddenly grabbed hold of her mother’s panties from behind and pulled up hard.

“YES!!!” Sara squealed.

“Fucking TELL HER THEN!” Trisha’s voice rose sharply as her manipulations immediately got rougher.

Rachel nearly did come right then, watching her mother’s growing gyrations as Trisha yanked the panties up high between her swollen lips. For the first time Sara’s eyes met Rachel’s.

“Oh sweet baby please come for me … please, please, PLEASE let me see you come baby.” Sara’s voice literally quaked.

Rachel immediately looked to Trisha for an answer and got it as her sister dropped their mother to her knees right in front of her. The brunette then joined Rachel on the couch and kissed her deeply as she traced her hand down the blonde’s flat belly. The older girl took her hand from her drenched pussy as Trisha’s took it’s place. She moaned into her sister’s mouth as they continued to kiss lovingly before breaking and together shifting their eyes to their mother.

Sara was mesmerized, staring intently at Rachel’s beautiful little pussy as Trisha’s fingers rubbed and stroked it. The blonde then began to moan unsteadily as she neared orgasm, her narrow hips jerking spastically. It was only another minute until Rachel was blowing up, wailing like a banshee as her sister rubbed her cunt furiously.

Sara’s eyes followed her daughter’s gushing pussy as if it were a hypnotist’s watch, albeit an extremely erratic one. Rachel for her part didn’t even know anyone else was alive except for the three of them as the younger girl held her down and continued to stroke her. The blonde groaned softly as Trisha gently fingered her mouth fresh from her sister’s pussy before kissing her deeply.

The young brunette then finally turned her attention to her mother, who was still kneeling obediently, waiting. Trisha stood up about a foot from her desperate mother and with no particular display pulled her tight blouse off, freeing her spellbinding tits. Then, almost as quickly, she dropped her miniskirt leaving her nude save for her leather boots.

Trisha glared down at her mother disdainfully for a moment before sitting on the edge of the couch and leaning forward with her elbows on her knees. Rachel just sat still and watched Sara’s dazed and awed face, waiting for her sister to drop the inevitable hammer.

The brunette waited for a torturous minute before suddenly reaching out and grabbing the back of Sara’s head, pulling her for a powerful, sloppy kiss. The older woman whimpered audibly as her youngest daughter slid her tongue down her throat for a long moment before breaking the kiss abruptly.

Rachel’s hand shot right down to her still quivering pussy as she watched the scene unfold wide-eyed.

Trisha then leaned back and spoke firmly.

“You like my tits, Mommy? Do you wanna suck on them, and feel my hard nipples in your mouth … Mommy?”

“Yes baby … please …”

“Well … then what are you waiting for?”

Sara hesitated for only a split-second before lunging at her naked daughter only to be stopped just short of her destination.

“Don’t fucking disappoint me.”

Rachel felt a small, unexpected orgasm rumble through her pussy as the powerful words escaped her sister’s mouth. She watched as her mother then dropped her face between Trisha’s perfect breasts and kissed her chest as her hands ran up her torso and squeezed each sublime mound simultaneously.

The youngest girl watched, seemingly unimpressed, as her mother gently kissed and licked her chest and just the base of her tits as she began to pinch and roll her rock hard nipples between her thumb and forefinger. The first subtle show of approval was a soft sigh from Trisha as she leaned back a little while Sara kissed delicately around the outskirts of her quarter-sized areola.

Sara then knelt straight up, her hands never leaving Trisha’s tits, as she stared at her daughter with a more confident and thoroughly lust-laden gaze and began to massage them more forcefully. Trisha stared back with a sinister smile and nodded approvingly as she suddenly hooked her legs around her mother’s waist and began to grind her wet pussy into Sara’s flat, belly.

They stayed locked in that position for a good minute as Rachel repositioned herself on her back facing them as she rubbed her pussy with a renewed vigor before Sara finally broke down and dove into Trisha’s tits. The brunette kept her legs wrapped around the older woman’s waist and groaned as she felt her lips close around one aching nipple.

After about two minutes Trisha’s chest was heaving noticeably and her feet dropped back down to the floor as she cradled her mother’s head firmly. Sara was burning, sucking and squeezing her daughter’s magnificent tits with a reckless abandon she hadn’t dared dream.

As if on auto-pilot, subconsciously knowing the time was right, Sara dropped her right hand between Trisha’s legs and cupped her daughter’s burning pussy. Trisha writhed with growing intensity as Sara began to gently rub her swollen clit with the palm of her hand as she alternated sucking hard on both tits.

Rachel squirmed desperately, fingering and rubbing her smoking clit and moaning constantly as Trisha and Sara put on an unthinkably hot show for her.

Trisha then yanked her mother’s head up and held it tightly.

“Yeah …” she gasped. “I knew you’d be a hot fuck … a good little fucking slut.”

“Yes baby … whatever my baby wants.” Sara responded smoothly.

“Then stick your fucking fingers in me and fuck my puss…ooohhh fuck yeah!”

Trisha didn’t even have time to finish before Sara slid two fingers in deep and began to pump her needy cunt as she used her thumb to stroke her puffy clit. Rachel had been fucking Trisha long enough now to know when her sister was really hot and at that moment she’d never seen her hotter.

When enough time had passed for Rachel to count at least two orgasms from Trisha, her sister suddenly pushed her mother away firmly with her foot.

“Warm that fucking tongue up on my boots.”

Sara never hesitated and held a foot in each hand as she began to kiss and lick the black leather attentively.

Trisha then turned to Rachel.

“Come here baby.”

Rachel responded instantly and moaned softly as Trisha pulled her in for a passionate kiss.

“I want you to eat my pussy.”

The blonde almost laughed. There was nothing she wanted to do more and she instantly went to her task from all fours on the couch beside Trisha.

Rachel’s blue eyes immediately trained directly on her mother worshipping Trisha’s boots dutifully and found her mother staring intently back at her as she began to lap Trisha’s sweet, ripe pussy. Rachel then slipped her hand under Trisha’s ass until it was right by her pussy. She then spread her sister’s lips open wide as she suckled on her delicious clit, hoping to tease her mother just a little more.

The older sister then moaned suddenly as she felt Trisha’s hand slip deftly between her legs and start to gently stroke her sopping cunt. Rachel felt herself semi-consciously pick up the pace as she and her mother’s stare continued and Trisha’s free hand found the back of her head.

It was only a few minutes when Trisha again suddenly initiated a switch. She wordlessly put Rachel right where she had been and climbed over her. The brunette then turned back to her mother with that wicked grin.

“Kiss my ass, Mom.”

Sara couldn’t help but smile as she leaned in and kissed her youngest’s firm, baby-smooth ass cheeks, giving them a good squeeze to boot.

Trisha then turned back to Rachel and moved in close, letting her soft hair spill over her older sister’s beautiful face.

“I couldn’t have done this without you … wouldn’t even have wanted to.”

She then planted a loving peck on her lips and continued as Sara persistently kissed and massaged her ass cheeks tenderly.

“I love you more than I ever imagined I could love anyone and I want to be with you forever. Will you?”

Rachel felt her eyes well up instantly and as her first tear cascaded down her perfect cheek, she answered.


The two sisters then kissed a perfect, gentle, passionate kiss. Trisha gently wiped away Rachel’s tears and spoke once more.

“Now let’s have some fucking fun, lover.”

Rachel smiled broadly, ready, and moved her hands onto Trisha’s glistening ass, interrupting her mother without a word. Sara just stared intently at her daughter’s luscious pussy and beautiful, little asshole and waited until she was told. The older woman licked her lips as she watched Rachel’s middle finger begin to rub Trisha’s tiny, puckered anus. A moment later she pounced as Rachel pointed that same finger at her.

The blonde shuttered as she felt her mother take her finger into her mouth and suck on it purposefully. After only a moment she pulled her finger back out and resumed rubbing Trisha’s asshole and repeated the cycle a few more times. She then spread her lover’s ass wide for a full two seconds before squeezing it closed. Again and again she repeated it, raising Trisha’s desire and driving her mother to the brink of insanity.

She then stopped, holding those perfect cheeks wide before finally beckoning with both index fingers. Trisha moaned out as her mother’s mouth instantly assaulted her tight asshole. Rachel began to suck Trisha’s glorious tits as she kept one hand on her ass and started to stroke her sister’s clit again.

The eighteen year old was in heaven. She thrashed and moaned wildly as her lovers did everything in their power to please her; Sara tongue fucked her ass as if her life depended on it and if it had, she wouldn’t have had anything to worry about.

Ten minutes or so passed before she dictated another change. In an instant she had Sara on her back on the carpet, giving her mother a wicked kiss before kneeling directly over her face.

“Go ahead, eat your daughter’s pussy, slut.”

Sara dove in like an animal as she reached up and grabbed a tight hold of Trisha’s tits. The younger girl quickly directed her sister to stand in front of her and pulled her pussy in close. Rachel’s knees buckled as Trisha started to lick her cunt expertly. The blonde stared down desperately as she held onto her sister’s head, mainly to keep from falling down, and in a few minutes her pussy was ready for eruption.

Trisha was struggling herself, Sara’s tongue-work was amazing, but with one concentrated burst of focused energy she cupped Rachel’s ass with both hands and mashed her open mouth into her lover’s twitching pussy. Moments later the older girl detonated, wailing madly as she seemingly attempted to pull Trisha’s whole head inside her.

When the orgasm finally passed, Rachel dropped to her knees in front of Trisha and kissed her as the brunette moaned.

“Oh fuck, she’s fucking good!” Trisha bellowed unsteadily.

She placed her hand on top of her mother’s head and began to grind her soaking pussy heavily on half her face, nearly suffocating the older woman. Sara never wavered though, flashing her tongue frenetically as her daughter’s fleshy pussy stroked from her chin nearly all the way up to her eyes with unbelievable speed and force.

With one more unearthly howl Trisha blew insanely, continuing to mash her mother’s pretty face as she drenched her further with her sweet, unending flood of pussy juice. When she finally dismounted, Sara’s face was soaked, her hair matted down, as if she had been caught in a delicious rain. She stared up at her daughters, panting, but with a look that announced she wasn’t nearly done.

Both girls pounced on their mother and kissed her simultaneously. Trisha pulled back for a second and stroked Sara’s messy hair.

“Good fucking work, Mom. I knew you had it in you.”

“Thank you baby, you taste so sweet. I want more… please.”

“Oh you’re gonna get more, we’re gonna see just how much you can take.”

Sara groaned an approval as she squirmed gently in anticipation.

“I wanna see you eat Rach out til she comes like I did.”

Sara then pulled Rachel over her face so forcefully that the blonde fell to all fours, nearly in a sixty-nine. Rachel moaned as her mother went hard after her clit. Trisha watched closely as her sister eyed the older woman’s dripping cunt with one intent. But before she could make her move, Trisha took her face in her hand.

“Not yet … just enjoy.”

Rachel dropped her head so she could watch Sara suck her pussy. Trisha was right, Mom could eat some serious pussy. The blonde panted and pumped her hips as Sara ate her like a woman possessed. It wasn’t long before she felt yet another orgasm building between her quaking legs. With a loud moan she knelt up suddenly and leaned back on Sara’s face. When she did, her eyes popped wide open, but not only because her climax was just beginning. Standing by the couch was Trisha, wearing a new and bigger strap-on. This one was a black one-piece, built in to the tight leather panties and it stood at a forty-five degree angle, permanently hard. It was downright imposing.

The blonde came hard as she stared at her sister, stroking the giant and before she climbed off their mother, Trisha moved around behind the sofa, hiding the strap-on from view. The brunette then directed Sara onto the couch and crawled around, careful to keep her surprise from view, until she was kneeling in front of her mother. The younger girl then motioned to Rachel to go behind the sofa as she kissed her mother softly.

“You having fun, yet?”

Sara attempted an answer but was cut off as Trisha kissed her forcefully again and took her firm tits tightly in her hands. The mother moaned as her daughter began to suck her nipples passionately, biting and pulling them roughly. She kept her body right on top of her mother’s so that the older woman had no hint of the black monster between her daughter’s legs.

Trisha giggled as she kissed her way down Sara’s flat stomach and heard Rachel gasp from behind the couch. She then pinned her mother’s knees up by her tits and ran her tongue in a broad stroke up the inside of Sara’s thigh, first one side, then the other, making sure not to actually contact any sensitive spots. Trisha’s eyes perked as she saw Rachel emerge from behind the couch, wearing the identical strap-on she had on.

The blonde then crawled around, carefully hiding her surprise, until she joined Trisha between Sara’s widespread legs.

Sara stared down at her girls’ beautiful faces, just inches from her vulnerable, exposed pussy. Closer than either had been since the day they were born.

“Look at what a bad girl she is …” Trisha teased, “letting her daughters see her little cunt so wet like this.”

“What do you think she wants us to do … this?” Rachel hissed as she opened her mouth and moved towards Sara’s cunt only to veer off at the last moment and give the inside of her leg a soft bite.

Sara groaned painfully at the tease.

“I don’t know, maybe she wants this.” Trisha continued and moved her hand close only to grab hold of the neat little tuft of hair crested atop her pussy, giving it a hard tug.

“Please …” the older woman moaned unsteadily.

“Nobody’s talking to you, you bad, little slut” Rachel snapped.

“Well I think she needs to be punished …” Trisha said as she stared with a faux angry pout, “like this …”

Sara then yelped and her hips jumped as Trisha suddenly gave her swollen pussy a crisp slap, just enough to shock, but not cause pain. It was immediately followed by a slap from Rachel.

“Oh Jesus … fuck!” Sara blurted as the girls began taking turns spanking their mother’s overly primed cunt.

The mental torture continued for nearly two full minutes before they finally stopped, leaving Sara panting and whimpering unintelligibly.

“Oh look at that, do you think maybe we were a little too hard on her?” Rachel’s voice oozed false innocence.

“Yeah, maybe we were, do you think we should kiss it and make it feel better?” Trisha asked her sister deliberately.


Sara covered her mouth to keep from saying anything that might extend the torment. A moment later Trisha planted a gentle peck directly on her mother’s inflamed lips, followed quickly by Rachel. The younger girl then suddenly covered the older woman’s pussy fully with her mouth and began to wash her tongue powerfully over the ultra-sensitive flesh.

Sara instantaneously issued a rumbling, guttural moan that would have made a caveman proud as she watched Trisha kiss her pussy. It was a good thirty seconds before Trisha pulled her mouth from the beautiful cunt in front of her, replaced in a nanosecond by Rachel who slapped Sara’s juicy snatch while in one motion, spread her engorged labia and began flashing her tongue frantically on her mother’s bloated clit. It was only moments until Trisha joined her sister and the two began to savage Sara’s deprived, overdue pussy.

The forty-two year old beauty was in another world. Lost was any preexisting fear or question, there was only mind-shattering sensation; as if the sum of her life’s sexual pleasure had suddenly been concentrated in this one sublime event … then doubled.

Her moans were an aria, her writhing an exquisite ballet, performing together in perfect rhythm on a stage of transcendent surrealism.

She continued to stare down through glazed eyes as Trisha settled in on her sex and Rachel’s sweet mouth made love to her hyper-sensitive asshole. There weren’t orgasms, just orgasm; constant and fluid. The girls sometimes switched places, sometimes worked together but never stopped, not for a second. The insatiable teens ate their mother ceaselessly for over twenty minutes.

When they finally emerged from between Sara’s widespread legs, their beautiful faces were glistening with the proof of their mother’s approval. They both slid up Sara’s heaving, trembling body and kissed the older woman slowly and deeply before sharing their own.

Rachel stroked her mother’s flushed face sweetly as Trisha spoke just above a whisper.

“Close your eyes.”

Sara did so without even a fleeting thought of disobeying. The girls then stood up, each taking one of the older beauty’s hands, kneeling her down in the center of the room. They then stood directly in front of their prey, their hard, rubber cocks, just inches from her face.

“Okay … open them.” Trisha ordered gently.

Sara opened her eyes and wore the look of a child on Christmas morning. She needed no further instruction. She slid her hands slowly onto the base of each of her daughter’s shiny, black cocks as she stared up in lusty anticipation.

She began to stroke them gently, peeling her eyes away from her girls only to stare in awe at the stiff black rods in her hands, before planting a hot kiss at the bottom of Rachel’s. She then began to lap the underside of Trisha’s as her stroking increased.

Inside a minute she was alternating taking their strap-ons deep down her throat as Trisha laid a wicked kiss on her sister.

“We did it, baby.” The brunette purred softly.

“I love you so fucking much” answered the blonde.

The sisters held a lengthy stare, the only sounds in the room being their mother’s increasingly sloppy, frenetic blowjobs.

” … and I am so in love with you.” Trisha slowly answered.

The girls kissed again before turning their attention back to their mother who was still staring up at them with, at that moment, Rachel’s strap-on nearly swallowed to the hilt. They continued to let Sara go wild, intermittently yanking her head off one of their toys and jamming it back down on the other.

They stared down at Sara, drool pouring messily from her mouth; admiring, but not surprised at her ability to deep-throat such a monster. Rachel cooed and gripped her mother’s hair tightly as she fucked her mouth harder and harder until slowing, only for fear of hurting her. When she finally pulled the black rubber cock from Sara’s throat with a pop, the older woman gasped and panted as strings of sticky drool dripped off her chin.

“Let’s go …upstairs Mommy.” Trisha teased, emphasizing the “mommy”.

They then led her up into her and Dan’s bedroom.

“Up on the bed.” The younger girl said evenly, adding a condescending slap to her mother’s ass as she passed meekly by.

“Spread-eagle.” Rachel added.

The girls stood together a few feet from the bed and began to stroke each other’s toys as they watched Sara do exactly as ordered. The older woman stared longingly at her daughters as her hand went right to her drenched, hungry pussy. Sara had never been more ready to get fucked, her girls eyeing her like a piece of meat as they continued to play with each other’s rubber cocks.

“I’ve been thinking about it and well, do you want to fuck her first?” Trisha asked with a smile.

“Hell yes!” Rachel exclaimed. “But not as much as I want to watch you first.”

Rachel dropped to her knees and began to blow Trisha as she finished her sentence. The brunette grinned wickedly at her mother as her sister prepped her cock for duty. In less than a minute, Rachel had the dildo literally dripping.

Trisha climbed up onto the bed and crawled over her trembling mother, in one motion burying “her” cock deep inside her as she kissed her hard. Sara groaned into her daughter’s mouth as the girl instantly began to thrust in and out of her juicy cunt.

Rachel watched breathlessly, her hand motionless, gripping her hard rubber cock as her sister pumped her mother rhythmically, powerfully and passionately. The younger girl held Sara’s head in both hands, stroking her cheeks, staring into her soul and intermittently kissing her.

Trisha then paused with her strap-on buried to the hilt inside her mother and gave her a series of soft kisses before lifting her upper body off her mother and hooking the older woman’s knees behind her arms. She then presented her magnificent breasts and Sara immediately latched onto them with both hands and began to suck them madly. Trisha groaned, threw her head back and gave Rachel a look that about made the blonde cum.

Within seconds Trisha was pounding Sara, the mother hanging on to her daughter’s tits for dear life, moaning unevenly as she licked and sucked them hungrily. The brunette then forced her mother’s head back down onto the bed with a hand firmly around her throat, applying only enough pressure so that Sara knew it was there.

Rachel watched closely, her hand a blur as it pistoned up and down the length of her cock. Her eyes scanning; Trisha’s ass as it flexed with the finish of each thrust, Sara’s feet as they flopped around in the air, her sister’s primal grunts and her mother’s desperate whimpering moans.

Before long, Trisha flipped her mother over on all fours and began to ream her from behind. Sara’s strained face painted a sexually charged vision directly in line with Rachel’s tool as the blonde girl watched her mother’s body recoil violently from Trisha’s relentless pounding.

Rachel then stood up and grabbed a handful of her mother’s hair with her left hand as she began to slap and rub her pretty face with her dildo. Trisha held Sara’s hips firmly as she pounded away and watched her sister proudly.

“Yeah, you like that, bitch?” the blonde asked with razors in her voice.

“You fucking know I do.” Sara growled defiantly.

Rachel then sunk the dildo into her mother’s mouth. Sara responded with an initial gag but gamely accepted her daughter’s strap-on back down her throat. The girls bounced their mother back and forth ruthlessly, alternately impaling her on their toys and much to her delight.

Trisha then abruptly pulled out of Sara’s aching pussy. Rachel knew that her turn was finally at hand and quickly pulled her mother off the bed, slipping behind her effortlessly. In an instant she was pulling on one of the older woman’s nipples and stroking her swollen clit. She let her dildo slip between Sara’s legs and lodge up against her pussy lips and slowly started to pump her hips.

The blonde could feel her mother’s whole body trembling spastically and prized the woman’s whimpering groans as she began to kiss and lick her earlobe.

“You want it?” Rachel whispered.

“Oh baby, fuck me … please baby fuck me … please baby fuck me …” Sara repeated over and over and over again.

Rachel then bent her over the bed and as she slowly traced her fingers down the length of Sara’s back, slid her rubber cock inside her. As she quickly built up a rhythm she understood immediately why Trisha liked wearing the strap-on so much. It wasn’t long before she was fucking her mother hard, grasping her hips tightly to help her drive the cock in as deep as possible.

The blonde then laid down on the bed and watched lustily as her mother climbed atop her and slid herself down on the dildo. She squeezed Sara’s ass hard as the older woman began to ride her expertly, grinding her hips and thrusting herself down forcefully. Sara then collapsed down on top of her. Rachel loved the feeling of her mother’s hard nipples mashing into hers as she continued to fuck her.

Suddenly Trisha knelt behind Sara and pulled her head up by her hair as she started to rub her mother’s asshole. The older woman could tell right away what her younger daughter had in mind, feeling the cool lube being massaged against her ass. Rachel kept up her pumping of her mother’s pussy as Trisha sunk first one, then a second finger, rather easily, into Sara’s ass.

“Oh yeah … you like it in the ass don’t you?

“Oh fuck yeah!!!” the older woman nearly sang.

She then roared as Trisha suddenly and unceremoniously slipped her dildo up her firm ass. Both girls paused for a long moment, their strap-ons buried completely inside their quivering mother. Sara held a death-grip on the bed’s heavy headboard and whimpered as Trisha gently stroked her back and Rachel did the same to her twitching breasts.

The three Brooks’ women were, at that moment, one; on some level they would always be from then on. Their bodies joined together a human jigsaw puzzle, the three pieces fitting seamlessly, effortlessly. Their minds did the same, singularly focused on one another, completely existing in precisely the same, divine moment, happy and content.

The eye of the storm inevitably passed and the girls began to fuck their mother again, slowly at first, but quickly building up to a ferocious speed.

Sara wailed uncontrollably in total ecstasy, her moans nearing their fantastic crescendo as every muscle in her body tightened preparedly.

Release came with a simple flick of a finger. Trisha needed only to touch her mother’s swollen clit to trigger, no pun intended, the mother of all orgasms. Sara’s frantic climax served as an apt conclusion to the events of the evening; unbelievably intense and nearly mind-shattering.

They finally all collapsed together in a sweaty, panting mosaic of flesh. The girls ditched their strap-ons and the three of them lay on the bed together, gently kissing and stroking each other lovingly.

“You OK Mom?” Rachel and Trisha asked in unison as the blonde tenderly stroked Sara’s flushed face.

Sara was touched by her daughters’ genuine concern and responded sweetly to both girls.

“Oh yes my babies … I’m wonderful. I don’t think I’ve ever been better.”

The girls could tell she really was and they soon nestled in close on either side of her. It was only a minute or two before all three of them fell fast asleep.

The next morning Rachel awoke to strangely familiar sensation. When she opened her eyes, she was met by Sara’s gaze from between her legs …

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