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Untamed Family Ch. 04

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I recommend that you read chapter 1, 2 and 3 before delving into chapter 4, but here is a quick recap reminder of what happened. Eighteen year old Kevin Lansing came home to find his older sister Hannah licking his twin sister Kristen’s hot pussy. He quickly stripped down and joined in on the filthy fun, where plenty of licking, sucking, tonguing and fucking took place. Later, their mother Krystal, a dominant mistress, and father Kevin, a submissive pet, came home and the fun continued.

After some punishment was served to Hannah, Krystal devised a blowjob contest between the sisters. The losers of the contest were placed into a diabolical bondage for the evening in a room called ‘the doghouse’, while the winners are about to enjoy the delights of victory.

Chapter 4 – It’s going to be a long night…

It was only a few minutes into Kevin and Kristen’s night in the doghouse, when Kristen realized that she had made a bad mistake. As water from the enema bag flowed into her bowels, a new need suddenly made itself known. “Kevin?,” she called out.


“I can’t see your face, where is it?”

“Same place as always, attached to the front of my head,” he quipped wryly.

“No silly, I mean where about is your face? Are you right underneath my pussy?”

“Yeah sis, I can smell you, but I can’t-” he stuck his tongue out as far as he could and tried to lift his head, but only managed to barely touch the fleshy part of her labia with maximum stress. “Ahh, I just can’t reach you.”

“But you’re directly below me?”

“Yess,” he hissed, starting to become annoyed with her questions. He was also struggling to resist the steady pump of the machine on his cock. The need to cum was starting to build already.

“I think we may have a problem,” Kristen said in a low voice.

“What? Speak up, the machine is too loud.”

“I said, I think we may have a problem,” she repeated in a much louder voice.

“What problem?”

“I have to piss.”

“What!?!” Kevin snapped, suddenly very anxious. “Why didn’t you go after supper?”

“I went just before supper, and I didn’t have to go when we finished. I didn’t know that I was going to be suspended over your face Kevin. This stupid enema is filling my gut and putting so much pressure on my bladder, plus I drank two tall glasses of wine, and that’s not helping.”

“Well, you need to hold it sis. You can’t pee now, you’ll piss all over my face.”

“I know, but I can’t see how much more water is in the enema bag. It’s still running into me though, and it doesn’t feel like it’s slowing down. There’s no way I’m going to be able to hold it much longer.”

“Shit!” Kevin cussed, then yelled, “Hey…Mom, Dad, Kristen’s gotta piss!”

“They’re not gonna hear you Kevin.”

“I know,” he grumbled, “Damn it Kris, I can’t believe this.”

“Hey, some people like to get pissed on. Maybe you’ll like it too,” Kristen reasoned.

Kevin sighed loudly. The machine had picked up speed and his orgasm was approaching faster than he wanted it to. For some unknown reason, the talk about him getting pissed on was somehow making him even hornier. Why, he didn’t know, but he wasn’t about to admit it.

Kristen held out for another few minutes. As the bag emptied the last of its contents down the hose and into her bowels, a new surprise awaited Kristen. “Unnahh oh shit, it’s vibrating!”

“What’s vibrating?”

“Ohhh ffuuck, the dildo in my ass just started buzzing away. I’m so fucking full, and now this thing is… oohhh sshhiittt, I’m cramping again. I’m gonna pee Kevin!”

“Kris, it’s okay. I forgive-” Kevin began, but was interrupted by his sister’s frantic wail.

“Ahhh I can’t hold it anymore,” she said, gritting her teeth as another cramp started, “I’m sorry Kevin.”

Staring up into his twin sister’s sexy bald pussy, Kevin saw the first few dribbles of yellow liquid leak out from her feminine folds and drip down onto his lips. The smell of her urine was strong, and he squinted his eyes as a larger squirt come out with more force. He licked his lips, tasting the stinging bitterness, and was surprised that it wasn’t as bad as he thought it would be.

“Ahhhhh!” Kristen yelled as she finally gave out and released the flood.

The scalding hot spray blasted Kevin, and he closed his eyes tightly as his whole face was covered. Once Kristen started pissing, the relief was so great that she pushed forcefully to empty her bladder as quickly as possible. Kevin couldn’t believe how much piss was spraying out of his sister and how fast it was coming out.

Then, to make matters worse, just when her spray got overwhelming, he started to cum.

“Mmmmhhh!” Kevin moaned, trying to turn his face away from the stinging hot spray, while his orgasm racked his body with spasms of pleasure. The sucking tube was relentless, still stroking at a high rate of speed because his semen hadn’t reached the reservoir yet. His body moved of its own accord attempting to thrust his cock forward, but the straps held him tightly. His sisters piss stream weakened about the same time that his cock became super sensitive. Luckily, his semen reached the resevior and the sensors dialed down the suction, slowing the tube and, at least momentarily giving him some minor relief.

As the last few drops of pee dripped from Kristen’s pussy onto Kevin’s lips, he heard her low voice call, “Kevin?”


“You alright?”

“Yeah… How about you?”

“I don’t have to pee anymore.”

Kevin chuckled and nodded, “That’s good.” He felt his cock starting to shrink in the tube, but before it was flaccid enough to fall out, the suction picked up, and soon he was fully erect all over again.

Hannah lounged in the center of the king sized bed, waiting for her mother and father to join her. David had turned on the TV and Hannah was surprised when the screen came on to a view of her brother and sister in the doghouse.

“Oh wow, I never knew that you had cameras in there,” she said, sitting up to watch.

“There’s more than cameras, I have a few surprises in store.”

Hannah was about to ask what he was talking about, when she heard her sister’s voice from the TV calling “Kevin?”. Kevin called back “What?”. David turned the volume up and the two listened until they heard Kristen say, “I think we have a problem.”. A moment later, Hannah gasped when Kristen said that she had to pee.

“Did you hear that? She’s gotta piss.” Hannah said as he father climbed onto the bed next to her.

From the bathroom doorway came Krystal saying, “Oh goodie, Kevin’s going to get a taste of watersports.” She rushed over to the far side of the bed and climbed on, sandwiching Hannah between her and her husband.

“You’re going to let her pee on him?” Hannah exclaimed.

“Well if Kevin is anything like your father, he’ll love getting pissed on. One time I made him be my urinal for an entire weekend. Every single time I had to piss, I made him lie on his back and I squatted over his mouth, and let ‘er rip. He had to swallow it all, or take a beating. When I was done, he cleaned my pussy with his tongue. It’s so nice to have a tongue clean your pussy after going pee.”

“Are you serious? You like that dad?”

“I don’t do it all the time, but I do enjoy water play occasionally.”

“Wow…I never knew that.”

On the screen they all heard Kristen say, “Oh shit, it’s vibrating.”

“Ha, she found the surprise.” David said with a laugh. “The vibrator was set to turn on when the bag emptied. She’s gonna have fun now.”

“A vibrator in the ass is so fucking hot. I’ll bet she hasn’t had too many anal orgasms yet,” Krystal said.

“Well she should have a few tonight,” David added.

“You guys are so bad,” Hannah said as Kristen yelled and started pissing.

“Thar she blows,” David joked.

Hannah watched in fascination as the scene on the screen played out, and when Kevin started cumming, she felt herself flush with excitement. “He’s cumming… I think he likes it,” she whispered.

“Of course he likes it, he’s just like your father,” Krystal pointed out. “Now, do you want to watch them all night long, or do you want to collect your reward?”

“I want my reward,” Hannah purred, the corners of her mouth curling up as her mother leaned in and kissed her on the lips. From the other side, David slid his hand up Hannah’s thigh and watched the passionate make out session unfold before him. Krystal reached up and grabbed a handful of her daughters breast, while she pushed her tongue deep into her mouth. Both women began to moan as the heated kiss grew in intensity.

Feeling a bit left out, David started kissing Hannah’s other tit. He sucked her nipple deep into his mouth and twirled his tongue around it until it became hard. Krystal broke the kiss and slid down to suck on Hannah’s other nipple.

“Ohhh, mmmmhhh,” Hannah moaned loudly as both her nipples were worked over together. Both Krystal and David pulled off their respective nipple with a loud suction smack and leaned in to kiss each other.

Soon all three were exploring each others bodies. Hands, tongues, and lips were rubbing, licking, and sucking. Hannah went down on her mother, while Krystal sucked David’s cock. They changed position and Krystal ate her daughter’s pussy while Hannah stroked and sucked her father. Hannah had her first orgasm performing a sixty-nine with her mother, while her father gently slid his cock part way into her ass. She wasn’t used to anal sex yet, but she was so turned on that she was able to enjoy it, and when she started to cum, her pussy squirted.

David pulled his cock out of Hannah’s ass and quickly moved up to her face while she was still catching her breath. Before she realized what was happening, he slid inside her mouth, and said, “Clean your ass off my dick.” By the time her brain registered what was happening, it was too late, and she realized that she was tasting her asshole on her own father’s cock. It was so depraved, so filthy to think about, and yet she loved it.

David pushed his cock all the way into Hannah’s throat, and pumped back and forth a few times before pulling out and moving down. While his daughter watched, he slid inside Krystal’s tight ass until he bottomed out. Seeing Hannah just staring while he slowly sodomized her mother, he pushed her head down into the sloppy pussy below. Soon Krystal was shouting and cumming as Hannah expertly sucked her clit and David drove his swollen cock deep into her rectum. The spasms shooting through her sphincter, caused David to lose control and shoot his load deep into her bowels.

When her parents calmed down, Hannah climbed off her mother, figuring that the fun was over, but David grabbed her and pulled her down to his cock. “Clean it,” he demanded, holding his shrinking cock by the base with one hand, and Hannah’s head with the other.

Krystal slid up next to her daughter and said, “Go on baby, do as daddy says.”

“But, it’s dirty,” she whimpered, thinking about where it had come from.

“Come on sweetie, just try it.”

Swallowing deeply, and furrowing her brow, Hannah looked at her mother with concern, but slowly nodded. She opened her mouth and took him inside, the taste very different smeared with his warm cum.

“Good girl,” Krystal commended.

After the initial feeling of revulsion, Hannah actually got into her task, and completed it with relish. The idea that the cock she was sucking had just fucked her mothers ass became a turn on. Krystal noticed her daughter’s reluctance disappear and be replaced with eagerness.

“I think she likes the taste of my ass on your cock David. Look at her go.”

“Yeah, she’s more wicked than I thought. Maybe you need to have her clean your ass next.”

“Ohh what a great idea,” Krystal approved, “You heard your father Hannah, my ass needs cleaning next.”

Maybe Hannah should have been disgusted by the idea, but ever since Kevin had rimmed her own ass earlier that afternoon, she had been anxious to try it. Pulling off her father’s semi-hard cock, she turned to look at her mother’s sexy ass. Krystal bent over and pulled apart her plump ass cheeks, exposing her puckered brown hole that was covered in creamy white cum. The sight made Hannah’s mouth water and her pussy clench in excitement.

As she leaned in close to her own mother’s cum covered ass, with the smell of sex heavy in the air, Hannah thought about how lucky she was to be part of this loving family. With her tongue extended, she slid it into the gooey mess and licked asshole for the first time in her life. The taste was not entirely agreeable, but Hannah was so turned on at that point that she eagerly licked and sucked all the cum on the outside, and even went so far as to wedge her tongue into the sphincter in an attempt to get more.

By the time she had finished cleaning all the cum from her mom’s ass, Hannah was ready to go again, but it was obvious that David was going to be sitting this one out. He had already shot two loads that she herself had seen, and that wasn’t counting how many times he had nutted during filming earlier. “I’m horny again mom, can we do something else?” she asked.

“There’s one more thing that I haven’t taught you yet, but it’s pretty intense. Not every woman can handle it.”

“You’re not going to tickle me are you?”

“No, not tonight dear. I was thinking about fisting you though.”

“Fisting? I don’t think I can do that mom,” Hannah said, shaking her head uneasily.

“Don’t knock it til you try it girl,” Krystal replied, “I’ve had some of the most intense and most draining orgasms from being properly fisted.”



“Well, if you put it like that, I guess I can try it.”

“Of course we could wait until Mistress Krystal needs to punish you,” Krystal warned.

“No… I’d like to try it tonight, just promise me that you’ll go very slow.”

Krystal smiled warmly. “Oh don’t you worry baby, I plan on taking my sweet time with you.”

While Krystal, David, and their oldest daughter discovered new carnal desires, Kevin and Kristen remained locked in their own personal hell. They had been locked in the doghouse for over two hours and in that time, Kevin had suffered through three more orgasms and had only filled the cup about half full. The machine was still pumping away on him, drawing some animalistic grunts and moans from him. The urine had all but dried up, leaving him with an uncomfortable film coating his face, but the pussy hanging mere inches above his face was dripping clear, sweet fluid every so often.

Kristen was struggling through her own difficulties. The pain from her full enema had mostly gone away, but the annoying vibrations in her ass was causing a different problem. The buzzing had made her horny, so horny that her pussy was aching for the slightest touch. She could feel the breath from her brother on her lips, and wanted so badly for him to lick her, but he couldn’t.

“Kevin,” Kristen moaned, “I’m so horny. I need to cum so bad. This vibrator in my ass is driving me crazy.”

“What do you want me to do?” Kevin grunted. He had tried so hard to ignore the relentless sucking tube that was pleasuring and torturing his meat at the same time.

“I just need a tiny bit of pressure on my clit and I think I’ll burst. Can you try to reach it with your tongue again?”

Wanting to help his sister, Kevin tried reaching her, stretching his tongue and neck and managing to barely brush against her wet, puffy labia. It wasn’t nearly enough, and after only a few seconds, his strained neck was hurting to much and he dropped back. “I can’t reach sis, I’m sorry.”

Frustration overtook Kristen and she bucked her whole body by jerking her head up and down. After only a few seconds, the straps holding her up slipped, just a bit, dropping her ass down a little.

“Hey, do that again,” Kevin called.

Kristen bucked some more and slipped just a bit more, but it was enough to drop her pussy right on Kevin’s face. “OOoooohhhh!” she squealed as she felt the pressure on her pussy. He went right to work sucking on his sister’s soaking pussy. “Ooooohhhhh fuuuuck fuuuck don’t stop Kevin!” she begged.

There was so much cream coming from her pussy that Kevin worried he might drown, but he didn’t stop sucking and licking away. Within moments Kristen reached her peak and started cumming.

“AAAUUUUUGGHHHH FUUUCKK I’M CUMMMING KEVIN!” Kristen wailed as her long overdue orgasm rocketed through her mid section. Hot girl cum flowed into Kevin’s mouth and he swallowed it greedily as his own cock threatened to explode again as the sucking tube picked up speed.

“MMMmmmmmmppphhhh!” Kevin grunted as he tried to keep up with his bucking, cumming sister who was now feeling very heavy on his mouth. In fact, his mouth was being held open by her weight. He didn’t mind though, because he loved the taste of his sister’s pussy, and now he could eat it all he wanted.

As Kristen’s orgasm wound down and she struggled to catch her breath, she realized that she had to pee again. “Mmhm Kevin, I love you so much,” she said, still breathing hard. “I don’t know how to tell you this, but I kinda have to pee again.”

Unable to talk with his mouth being held open, Kevin shouted, “Hhuunnhh?”

“I’m going to try to hold it as long as I can, and maybe we’ll get released before I have to let it go, but I wanted to warn you.”

“Hhuuu mmmuuu pphh hhuuummmm” Kevin was going to cum again, there was no stopping it, even though his poor cock was feeling worn out.

“Are you going to cum again?”


From above, Kristen could hear and see more milky white cum being sucked up the tube as her brother’s body bucked and strained against the restraints.

“OOHH FUCK IT’S TOO BIG MOM!” Hannah screamed as her mother was trying to slide her fist inside her daughter. She had four fingers all the way inside, and her thumb was just past the first knuckle, but the widest part was still to come, and Hannah’s pussy was stretched taut already.

“Keep breathing honey, you’re almost there.”

“NO NO NO IT’S TOO MUCH, IT HURTS!” Hannah cried, reaching down to try to pull her mothers hand out.

“David, hold her,” Krystal ordered. He quickly grasped his daughters arms and pulled them over her head.


“One more deep breath sweetie, and one- more- push.” With a mighty shove, Krystal rammed her hand forward. Hannah screamed as her pussy stretched painfully over her mothers hand. “It’s all the way in,” Krystal called, her arm looking like it ended at her wrist, her whole hand now engulfed in her daughters soft clenching pussy.

Now that her pussy had closed over her mothers wrist, it didn’t hurt anymore, and she looked down to see the amazing sight between her legs. “It’s in… Oh my God it’s all the way in! I can’t believe it.”

“How does it feel now?”

“Uhm, it feels full. So fucking full.”

“Well now the fun starts. You ready?”

“I- I think so.”

“Hang on baby, and get ready for the ride of your life.” Krystal closed her hand into a fist and slowly began to fuck it in and out. The sounds Hannah’s pussy were making were obscene, squelching and squishing and then Hannah herself started making obscene sounds as the feeling grew in intensity. The good mother watched her daughter’s face turn from a look of strained pain, to a look of pure bliss. She began pushing her fist harder, hammering her arm deeper into her daughter’s womb, until half her forearm was buried.

“Oh shit! Oh fuck! Oh Mom… it feels so gooood. Mmmm” Hannah was mewling like a content cat as her overworked pussy clutched her mother’s arm. She could feel her pussy lips being pushed in as Krystal drove her arm forward, then reverse and pop back out as she pulled back. The pressure built with each thrust and withdrawal. Tears rolled down her face and her eyes rolled up in her head as she reached the pinnacle and started to cum. “AAAUUUUGGHHHHH AAAHHHHHHH!” she screamed, her whole body becoming one big orgasmic mass.

Krystal had all she could do to stay with her daughter as Hannah’s body went into convulsions from the insane pleasure. The tightness wrapped around her arm became even more pronounced, and she yanked her fist back and out. It came out with a pop, and a rocket of scalding hot female cum sprayed forth from the stretched hole. After the initial blast, Krystal drove her hand back inside, while her other hand rubbed Hannah’s swollen clitoris.

The whole time this was taking place, David was holding his daughters hands and watching. He knew better than to interrupt when Krystal was in the zone, and he could tell that she was now.

Now in all of Hannah’s twenty one years on the planet, she had experienced several hundred damn good orgasms with dozens of different people, but never in her life did she ever expect to have the kind of orgasm she was currently having. So intense was the pleasure, that she was losing control of her functions. Her arms and legs flopped like a fish out of water, her eyes rolled back in her head, her toes curled and her hands clenched into fists.

Krystal played her daughter like a maestro to draw out her orgasm as long as she could, and only stopped when Hannah finally went limp from total exhaustion. It was the first time that she had ever managed to make someone cum so hard that they passed out.

“She’s out!” David exclaimed with awe. “Holy shit, I’ve never seen anyone cum that hard.”

“I think we’ve found our idea for a movie with her in the lead. Imagine having her getting fisted until she passes out from pure pleasure. It’ll be a best seller.”

Kristen lasted better than an hour before she couldn’t hold her urine anymore. Kevin had entered a near sleep like state after his last orgasm. His cock had actually shrunk down to about half hard and remained that way despite the efforts of the sucking tube to keep it hard. He didn’t think that he could cum again anytime soon, as his body was exhausted. He was zoned out when he heard his sister’s hesitant voice call his name.


Snapping back into focus, Kevin took a deep breath through his nose, the heavy smell of Kristen’s sex reminding him of where he was. “Mmmphh?”

“I- I can’t wait any longer. I tried to hold it, but I- I have to pee.”

Feeling his cock surge, Kevin wondered if it was from the sucking hose, or from the knowledge that he was about to be forced to swallow his sister’s piss. “Hmmm.” He had made peace with the fact that he may have to drink pee, and had decided that his twin sister’s pee was the pee that he would be most okay with.

“I’m so sorry Kevin, I love you,” Kristen whispered as she let go.

It started as a trickle, slowly filling Kevin’s mouth, and he quickly realized that swallowing with his mouth wide open was going to be very hard. With no other choice, he relaxed his throat and let the warm liquid flow down like it was flowing down a tub drain. The spray intensified and his throat began to convulse as the stinging fluid coursed down his esophagus into his belly. It was as awful as it was wonderful, so wanton and wicked, so lewd and licentious, so carnal and corrupt. Another orgasm snuck up on him and his balls started pump, but there was nothing coming out since he had been drained dry already.

“NNNNAAAAHHHHGGGGHH!” Kevin screamed as his overworked cock thrummed and squirted just a tiny bit of thick cream. It wasn’t a very pleasurable orgasm, and since there was so little cum, the pump didn’t slow down. Within seconds, the taste of piss was forgotten as the sensitivity in his shaft grew to painful new heights. “OOOHHHHHFFFFFFF MMM MMM MMM UNNNNHH!”

“Kevin? Are you alright?” Kristen asked as her pee stopped flowing.

“Mmmphhh, mmmphhh, mmmphhh,” came the sounds from from Kevin as he whimpered his distress into Kristen’s pussy.

It was bright and early when David, Krystal and Hannah made their way to the doghouse to release Kevin and Kristen. Hannah was walking somewhat bowlegged and looked a bit worse for the wear, but she was anxious to see how her brother and sister fared overnight. The room smelled strong of urine and cum, and the machine was still pumping away at Kevin’s cock. Krystal flipped the switch and the tube stopped pumping, drawing a heaving moan from Kevin. His eyes were closed to slits but it was obvious that he was still awake.

“I see that Kristen did some wiggling last night,” David remarked upon seeing where her pussy was now residing. “I wondered if she would figure out how to do that.”

A loud moan came from Kevin as his mother pulled his soft cock from the infernal tube. It was covered in slime and had a purple tint to it, but it would recover with time. “I’ll bet he won’t be using this thing for a few days,” Krystal joked, giving the abused member a quick stroke and causing Kevin to grunt.

David rolled the table out from under Kristen and let Hannah start to unstrap her brother while he began to lower Kristen.

“Kevin nearly filled the semen cup, but I think he ran dry,” Krystal said. “Too bad for him, if he had shot one more load, the machine would have shut down.”

“I- I peed on Kevin,” Kristen whimpered. “Twice…I feel so bad for him. I think he had to swallow it the second time.”

“It’s okay sweetie, I’ll bet that he loved it just as much as your father does.”

“What? Daddy…you drink pee?”

“Only your mothers baby,” he answered. “And only when she allows me.”

“But…Kevin had no choice. I tried to hold it back, but I couldn’t last.”

“Why don’t I allow you to use your father as a urinal for a few days, so you can see how enjoyable it is for him.”

“You’d let me do that?”

“Of course honey. I want my kids to experience everything fun about sex.”

As David released the binds holding Kristen in her uncomfortable position, he gently rubbed her muscles. Soon he was undoing her legs from the bar and she grunted in pain as he let them down. He massaged her calf and thighs, then as an after thought, he yanked the vibe from her ass.

“Auugh!” Kristen yelped as the plug came out, along with a spray of water. Not nearly as much came out as went in, but it was still embarrassing to her as she was unable to hold it in. Her sphincter just wouldn’t close after being vibrated and dilated for so many hours. Water flowed out and ran to the drain in the middle of the floor.

“David dear, I think the twins have had a rough night.”

Kevin was gingerly stepping down from the table he had spent the night on. “You could say that,” he mumbled. He had to hold his sister or else he would have fallen over.

“Well then, why don’t we all get in the shower and get cleaned up then. Hannah’s got a very busy day today, and I want Kevin and Kristen to get a few hours rest, your grandparents are coming over later this afternoon, and you two may have to entertain them if we are still filming.”

“Well that’s good,” Hannah said, “They can entertain them with the story of their long night.”

They all laughed as they walked together out of the doghouse, and closed the door.

The End

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Tony wrote

Nicely written

hamilton wrote

I truly enjoyed this story. I like how the characters hinted at what was to come. I wondered about the Dog House, or how the losers would spend their night. I will admit that I would have preferred if Kevin and Kristin were seventeen. Just a preference. It seems the family enjoy their time together. I wonder how different the story would have been if it were non-consensual, if mom enjoyed training her children, especially the twins who, in my world are a bit younger. All-in-all, a very erotic story. I hope I can find more stories by you.