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Red Heart Diary

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It was a shitty way to spend Valentine’s Day Jeff reflected as he tapped impatiently on the steering wheel, waiting for the traffic lights to change. The meeting had gone as well as could be expected under the circumstances but still, it was about as much fun as having all his teeth pulled with a pair of rusty pliers. It kind of gave a whole new meaning to the idea of the ‘Valentine’s Day Massacre.’

He glanced over at his soon-to-be ex-wife who was resting her head against the leather headrest, with her eyes closed. They had just endured the first of their meetings with the arbitrator and Jeff recalled the way Sharon’s icy blue eyes had glittered as she argued about some of the financial details. The settlement she was contemplating made him wince, but it could’ve been a hell of a lot worse if he were dealing with some barracuda divorce lawyer. Those bastards would be looking to clean him out for good. Thank God they had decided to end their 15 year mistake of a marriage as amicably as possible, he thought gratefully. The most important thing was that Sharon had finally agreed to joint custody of their seven year old daughter, Allison.

Kate, their regular babysitter uncurled herself off the couch as they walked into the house. She tugged at her close fitting shirt which had ridden high up her back while she was sleeping. Jeff caught a quick glimpse of her flat tanned belly before she smoothed it down and straightened her short denim skirt. She rubbed her dark eyes and smiled sleepily at them.

“Jeez I must have dozed off.”

“Sorry we’re this late,” Sharon said, “The arbitrator was caught up in another case and our meeting was delayed.”

“Oh, it’s not a problem. I didn’t have plans for tonight anyway,” Kate said running her fingers through the tousled raven curls that tumbled down her back “I’ll just get my stuff together, I won’t be long.”

“No plans?” Sharon said reaching into her purse to retrieve her car keys. “Well I hope you got a couple of Valentine cards at least.” She flashed Jeff a cold look. She couldn’t recall the last time they had exchanged romantic cards or gifts. God, how did people stay together so long when all the excitement and adventure of love was dead?

“Yeah a few cards, no one special though…” Kate said as she hastily gathered her study materials together in a haphazard fashion and pushed them into a faded denim bag.

Jeff tried not to pay too much attention to Kate but he was sure she’d gotten plenty of cards from horny college boys. Christ, they’d have to be blind not to notice how cute she was with her hard young body. He didn’t remember girls looking as good as Kate did when he was at college. Perhaps there was some kind of contrary phenomenon at work here; where he got older and the women who caught his attention got younger. Whatever the explanation, one thing was sure: Kate was one of his top-ten fantasy distractions and he’d ‘had’ her many times, in many different ways, even if only in his mind’s eye.

“Oh I mustn’t forget to give you these,” Kate said handing Sharon and Jeff each a colorfully decorated heart with the words, ‘I love you’ emblazoned across them in a childish scrawl. “Allie made them while you were out and I had strict instructions to give them to you the minute you got home.”


Jeff stood in the doorway of Allison’s room and watched her sleep. She was the one thing that turned out right between Sharon and him, and the love heart she had made for him had brought home the aching reality of how much he was going to miss being with her as she grew up. Joint custody would mean that she would live with Sharon and he would only spend time with her on weekends and holidays. His heart sank as he considered how quickly she would change in the coming years, how much of her life he would not be a part of and the time they would lose together in between.

“Shit, that’s enough depression for one day,” he muttered to himself as he made his way to the kitchen and grabbed himself a beer from the refrigerator. His muscles ached from tension and he decided that an orgasm would relax him and help him to sleep better. His sex life had been solo for the past eight months but he’d become adept at figuring out new and interesting imaginary situations to fill the void. His mind drifted to Kate. She had left a couple of minutes before with Sharon who was taking her back to her dorm, but the scent of her perfume still lingered in the air, and the memory of her narrow tapered waist and firm round ass were still etched in his mind. She filled out her clothes in a way that made Jeff rage with lust and for a petite girl, she had sizeable tits. They would probably lose the battle with gravity someday, Jeff thought fleetingly, but tonight they had stood firm and proud beneath the close fitting blue shirt that seemed pasted to her flat belly.

He took a long sip from the bottle and closed his eyes, letting the image of Kate nude from the waist down play in his head. Yeah, he’d have her tonight, still in that shirt, but with her bra gone, her heavy breasts jiggling above him as she rode his cock like a runaway train. Afterwards he’d take her on all fours, that firm ass sticking up in the air as he plunged into her sweet young pussy. His cock stirred in his pants and he made his way to the spare bedroom when something caught his attention.

A small charcoal book, with a tiny red heart that shimmered in the center of the cover, rested on the table in the dining room.

Curious, he made a detour and picked it up, thinking it was Sharon’s. But as soon as he flipped open the cover and saw the unfamiliar writing with long cursive strokes forming each letter, he knew it wasn’t hers. Each page was meticulously dated and neatly written in bright pink ink. It was the handwriting of a young girl. Damn, this was Kate’s diary, he thought as a small ripple of excitement raced through his belly. But why would she leave it here? Then he remembered how her school papers were spread across the table and floor when they came in and the haphazard way she had packed them away. The diary must have accidentally been left behind.

The stirring in his cock had intensified at his discovery and at what might be described within. He’d heard stories of wild dorm sex that took place and perhaps there was some undercurrent girl-girl curiosity that she’d finally found the courage to explore. Christ how lucky could he get on the crappiest Valentine’s night of his life. Considering his masturbation plans and her starring role in them, this was potentially better than the latest copy of Playboy. His conscience pricked momentarily; he knew that there were few things more personal than a diary, but his mind and body were already into heated overdrive, and anyway how the hell would she know that he had indulged his curiosity. Sooner or later she would miss the book, but by then he’d figure a way for Sharon to discover it, taking him out of the picture entirely.

The anticipation was burning as Jeff dropped down onto the nearest couch and inched open the cover. Entries spanning the first few pages were recaps of her first weeks away from home and how much she missed her family; the stress and excitement of being away at college and how much she hoped her studies would land her a career in the theatre. A few entries later she mentioned a drama professor who was ‘so damn hot’. A couple more ordinary happenings and then Jeff hit pay dirt:

16 January

I couldn’t help myself. Spending that brief time talking to him really got me worked up. It was difficult holding off touching myself until I got home. And when I did it was explosive. I used the lipstick vibrator. God what a handy and discreet thing that is, so compact, but the intensity of the orgasms, when I place it against my clit are mind blowing! I really would have liked to have got fucked though. Nothing beats the feeling of hot cock throbbing inside me.

Jeff gaped wide-eyed at the entry, the bulge in his pants threatening to burst through the tightly stretched fabric across his groin. He ran his hand over it and conjured up an image of Kate playing with herself, her sweet pussy climaxing, juice spilling from between her legs. He turned the page anxious to read more. He wondered if it was the ‘hot’ drama professor who had worked her up like that. A professor for Christ sake. In his day all college professors were much older men, but who knew, perhaps nowadays they were under thirty and hunky. Either way it was damn intriguing.

Unfortunately, beyond that one mention of unbridled academic lust the rest of her recorded events were pretty mundane, until he reached the last page. It was recorded with today’s date:

14 February,

Well, here it is, Valentine’s day and I am working another babysitting gig. Actually Allison is such a cute kid that it’s hard to call it work. We baked some sweetheart sandwich cookies together and then she spent the rest of the time drawing hearts, coloring them in and writing love messages to her parents. She even drew me a bright red heart with cupid’s arrow piercing the center and asked me what it’s like to be in love. I told her that I didn’t really know for sure, but I thought that it must be a wonderful feeling. Then she wanted a story so I gave her a very edited and child-friendly version of Romeo and Juliet. Shakespeare was probably turning in his grave since I had love conquering all and the families coming together instead of the real tragic ending. She’s seven years old for God’s sake and it is Valentine’s Day. I figured I was entitled to make some minor modifications. Eventually she fell asleep with a smile on her face.

Best of all, my car is still broken and I got to spend some time alone with Jeff. He picked me up at the dorm on his way back from his office. I tried to stay calm and make conversation during the drive but my heart was beating at a million miles an hour. I kept thinking to myself that he’s almost single and wondering if he is as attracted to me as I am to him. Sometimes I catch him looking but I doubt we have much in common. He seems more of the business type while I am probably destined to be a struggling artist.

Still, there’s something to be said for physical attraction and good ole lust. Who knows, maybe I’ll get lucky and he’ll be the one to take me home tonight. Nah, that’s never going to happen, who am I kidding? He picks me up and Sharon drives me home. Too bad I can’t figure out a way to change that arrangement.

Maybe honesty is the best policy. “Hey Sharon, mind if Jeff drives me home tonight? That way I can take him up to my dorm and fuck his brains out. That’ll be a valentine he won’t soon forget. Didn’t think you’d mind, since you two are almost divorced and all.”

Oh shit. Wait, strike that! I sound like a slut. Thank God nobody can hear my thoughts, but that’s why they make diaries, right? So a person can get to say whatever is going on in their heads and give vent to their desires without having to justify anything, or worry about what people will think. The truth is I’d never do the things I fantasize about with Jeff, but its fun to imagine.

It’s getting late and I have school work to finish. I’m convinced I’m going insane, maybe it’s just this pent up desire. More tomorrow.

Jeff sat with his eyes agape as he reread the last page. No! It couldn’t be him she was talking about, fantasizing about, who she wanted to drag back to her dorm and fuck! But it clearly was. There was no denying that; it was there in black and white, or rather pink and white. He shook his head trying to deal with the barrage of thoughts that were racing through his mind. Damn yes, he was flattered and excited by her words but Jesus, imagine how differently this could have worked out had he taken Kate home and Sharon found the diary. For that matter, how would it work out when he staged it so Sharon would be the one to ‘find’ it? It was doubtful that any wife, even a soon-to-be-ex-wife would find humor in the babysitter’s revelation about wanting to fuck her husband.

Suddenly there were all kinds of complications, questions that needed to be solved but Jeff didn’t have the time to consider them. From outside came the unexpected sound of Sharon’s car pulling into the driveway. She hadn’t been gone more that fifteen minutes and Jeff knew from personal experience that the college dormitory where Kate lived was at least twenty five minutes away if traffic was flowing well. His heart beat rapidly in his chest as he hurriedly replaced the book where he had found it before grabbing his beer and racing to the kitchen. He was almost there when the front door opened.

“Kate!” He said, trying to compose himself, “I thought you’d left.”

Her face snapped to attention when she saw Jeff. Her dark eyes were filled with panic. They darted all over the room “I did,” she said in a breathless voice, “But I forgot something.” She frantically scanned the floor where her school materials were first situated. “Did you find a book lying around here?”

Jeff watched her. She was out of breath and her cleavage rose and fell, lifting the bottom of her shirt in a way that teased him with glimpses of her pierced navel and her shiny belly ring.

“A book?” He asked innocently, raising his beer bottle to hide his half smile.

Kate ignored his question and continued searching, tossing the cushions on the sofa aside and looking under the coffee table. A small sound tore from her throat when she spotted the book on the dining room table next to the vase of flowers. With an unmistakable look of relief she grabbed it and held it to her heaving chest with both hands.

“Don’t worry, “she said her breathing returning to normal. “I found it.”

“Something important?” Jeff asked casually. His eyes locked with hers.

“You could say that,” she said softly, looking away from him.

Sharon appeared at the doorway, one hand resting firmly on her hip. She tried to hide her annoyance but it came through in the curt tone of her voice. “Find what you were looking for Kate?”

“Yeah thanks I’ve got it. I’m so sorry that we had to come all the way back. It must have slipped out when I was packing my bag…”

Jeff tipped back the rest of his beer. “Sharon, you look tired. It’s been a long day. Let me drive Kate back to the dorm.” He tried to detect a reaction from Kate. There was none, but Sharon didn’t hesitate.

‘Well if it’s okay with you to take her home, I’ll be grateful. I have a splitting headache.”

Jeff nodded. “You ready Kate? Got everything?”

“Yeah,” she said, a small smile playing around her lips. “I have everything now, we can go.”


Jeff walked behind Kate and watched the swing of her tight little ass under her denim skirt. It took her a minute or two to gather the rest of her things from Sharon’s car and load them into his car. He pulled out of the driveway and took a quick glance at her profile. His initial rush of confidence at grabbing the opportunity to drive her home was fading fast. The words in her diary kept taunting him and he wondered how he might respond if they arrived at her dorm and she invited him inside. The macho part of him that was connected directly to his cock screamed that he’d jump at the chance, but he knew that in reality it would probably be quite different. Fantasizing about crawling between those delicious thighs during solo masturbation fantasies was quite different to having to perform with someone half his age. Christ, he thought, he was feeling more than a little anxious. What the hell was wrong with him?

“So, how did the arbitration meeting go?” Kate asked, finally breaking the silence.

“Ok, I guess. It was actually surreal at times. Sharon was so stiff, so…professional, like a total stranger, weighing all her options, slow to give up anything. It was like she was a completely different person from the one I thought I knew…”

Kate was quiet, then finally asked, “So you still think it’s all for the best?”

“Oh yeah, that part I’m sure of but it’s still not great going through this. Hell, I’m no sappy romantic but having to spend Valentine’s Day bartering for personal belongings and shared custody with the same person I thought I’d spend the rest of my life with, was about as unromantic as it gets.”

Kate shot him a sideways glance. His whole upper body was taut like the string of a bow. Broad shoulders formed the platform for his neck, which in turn supported a fiercely intelligent face. She had been attracted to him from the first time she’d laid eyes on him, but there was more to this man than his craggy good looks, his sensuous mouth and the jutting angle of his jaw. He had a keen mind and she wondered what was going through that mind right now.

“I wonder what’s happening up ahead,” Jeff said breaking into her thoughts.

The traffic had slowed to a snails pace and as they approached the traffic light they saw a large white banner strung between two light posts in a nearby parking lot. ‘Lover’s Lane Classic and Vintage Car Show,’ was emblazoned on it in silvery red paint, and big red heart-shaped balloons billowed in the breeze alongside it. Some of the local car clubs had got together to display the ‘love of their lives’ on Valentine’s night and permission had been granted to use the large floodlit lot. Rows of vehicles lined the area, many of which had their hoods open to display modified engines that were showroom clean. Most were older makes that had been restored; Rods and Customs with spectacular paint jobs and Vintage cars represented vehicles of the 1920’s through ’50’s while Muscle Cars, Classics and Sports Cars from the 1960’s onwards were also on show.

“Oh wow, that car looks like it came straight out of The Great Gatsby,” Kate said pointing excitedly at an antique car in pristine condition that gleamed on the far side of the lot. “And the lilac one is really cool too.”

“Yeah, that’s a 57 Chevy,” Jeff laughed. “You want to stop and check them out?”

Kate’s eyes glittered with excitement. She wanted to spend more time with Jeff and if it meant ogling over cars then she would do it. “Yeah, sure let’s take a look.”

Jeff smiled as he pulled into a partially empty lot about a half block away. Kate certainly wasn’t in any hurry to get home and he was feeling a lot more comfortable as his earlier awkwardness began to fade. They made their way to the show and strolled along the makeshift aisles mingling with the gathering crowd. Love songs from the different decades drifted from the loudspeakers above, reminiscent of romance and passion through the century.

“Wow, this is like walking onto the set of American Graffiti with all these candy-colored cars,” Kate enthused grabbing Jeff’s arm. The heat of her touch sent a thrill though him as he tried to shrug off the feeling of eyes watching them. He was certain that they were drawing some attention. The difference in their ages would have been noticed but Jeff smiled indulgently at the obvious male envy that would also be following them. The atmosphere was electric, with no restricted access, people were able to get up close to the cars and see the beauties right in front of their eyes.

They stopped to look at the interior of a Corvette and Jeff leaned into Kate until their shoulders touched. As innocent as it was, when she didn’t pull away it felt like a first step confirmation. They moved from car to car, smiling as the flirtation built between them. Little touches, lingering looks and playful swats. While checking out one of the antique cars, Jeff casually pressed up against her body and brushed her thigh with his finger. She returned the pressure briefly before moving aside.

The vivid descriptions in the diary began to race through his mind again. He glanced at his watch. “I guess we should get you home, it’s getting kind of late.” Home, to her dorm, where they’d finally be alone Jeff thought, with a quiver of anticipation.

Kate flashed him a milk white smile. “Yeah I guess so,” she said, “But this was so cool. It was great to see boys with their toys.”

“Ahh so you have an interest in the things boys play with,” Jeff replied with a wink. “Somehow I’m more intrigued with what girls do to amuse themselves…”

His cock stirred as a lurid image flashed though his mind of Kate with a lipstick vibrator up against her swollen clit. Kate giggled at the innuendos and felt a fluttering rush through her belly as Jeff placed his hand on the small of her bare back, where her shirt had crept up, and guided her towards the path that would lead them back to the lot where his car was parked. The feeling of skin on skin as he touched her made her nipples harden. God his hands were so big, so warm, she thought as the wetness inside her panties began to seep.

“What girls do to amuse themselves,” Kate said breathlessly as they reached the car. “I don’t suppose shopping counts does it?”

Jeff opened the passenger door and glanced towards the car show in the distance. Anybody glancing in their direction wouldn’t see much more than the top of their heads.

“Well,” he said in a low growl, “It all depends on what you’re shopping for.” His cock throbbed painfully in the tight confines of his trousers. He could see the outline of her nipples, they were jutting out proudly and she was standing motionless against the car, making no move to get inside. Jeff took a deep breath and moved a flyaway piece of hair from her face before leaning in to kiss her. His heart hammered in his chest as he tried to wrap his head around what was happening. Up until now everything had been his wanting imagination at work. She might still push him away, shocked at his advances.

But she didn’t, instead she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him back urging his lips to part by pressing her tongue against them. He wanted to take more of her into his mouth but didn’t want to blow it by rushing things. Since she was so eager he let her warm tongue slide into his mouth and dance with his. He moved in closer until the swell of her breasts were pressing up against his chest and his groin was meshed up against hers. She squirmed a little against him teasing his stiff cock with her body while his hands roamed along her waist and up to her breast. God, he wanted to tear off her shirt and drag aside her bra to see her body, to drink in the form that he had fantasized about so often. She pulled her lips from him and sucked in a breath of air before latching onto his mouth again. The kiss that had started off tentatively had now become aggressive and passionate. His tongue speared her mouth possessively as his lust raged. Jeff pulled away from her breathing hard.

“How about we go to your dorm?” He asked, watching her intently to measure her reaction.

“Oh God, no we can’t,” she said sucking on her lower lip. “My roommate’s there and my boyfriend has a bad habit of dropping by unannounced. He was kind of mad at me working tonight.”

Jeff felt his stomach sink to his knees. Fuck, was she just a cock tease or what? That was the last thing he’d expected her to say.

“Roommate?” he spluttered, thinking back to her diary entry. “But I thought you said-”

Her dark eyes looked at him questioningly when he stopped in mid-sentence. “You thought I said what?”

Damn, that was a near-slip. Way to close for comfort. “Nothing,” Jeff shot back. “You’ve got a boyfriend?”

“Ex-boyfriend. I meant to say ex, it’s all over between us but he was kind of hoping that Valentine’s Day would rekindle things. That’s why I avoided him tonight. Still, it wouldn’t be a good idea for us to be seen together at the dorm. It could cause me problems on campus and with my scholarship. Please don’t… take it personally.”

So this was her idea of a polite dismissal. “I won’t.” Jeff replied moving to open the door for her.

She grabbed his hand and stared into his eyes. “You’re not mad at me are you?”

“Of course not,” Jeff said abruptly, cursing himself for having even assumed anything might happen. “Why would I be mad at you?”

“I don’t know,” Kate pouted, “Things were going so well between us, and now it feels… different. I just don’t want you to get into trouble with Sharon.”

“Sharon?” Jeff laughed cynically. “She’ll be fast asleep by the time I get home and probably won’t even hear me. Besides, we sleep in separate bedrooms now and quite frankly at this point, what I do is none of her business.”

He watched as the corners of Kate’s mouth arched into a wicked smile. “You’re sure?” she asked, her voice threaded with sultry promise.

“Yeah, I’m positive,” Jeff said grabbing her hand as it made its way to his deflating erection. “The question is what do you want Kate?” He fixed his brown eyes on her and she watched the emotions play across his face. There was lust there and longing, but also apprehension.

Kate angled her face to catch the moonlight and reached up for her breasts. She massaged them with both hands, kneading the already tense flesh. She took her nipples between thumb and forefinger and squeezed them beneath the blue cotton of her shirt.

“I want you to fuck me,” she said simply as she quickly unbuttoned the shirt and unsnapped the front clasp of her bra. Her tits sprung free, big round orbs with dark nipples that ached for his touch.

“Oh God…” Jeff groaned swallowing the dryness in his mouth as his heart thundered against his ribs. In all his life he had never seen anything as wonderful as the girl who was standing without inhibition, leaning against his car door. Kate’s long black hair cascaded across her shoulders and framed her features. Big dark nipples stretched toward him, begging to be caressed as her ribs rose and fell with her heavy breathing. Her left hand cupped one heavy breast, while her right hand reached for the hem of her skirt. She hooked her fingers beneath it and lifted it the millimeters that made the difference. Mesmerized, Jeff’s eyes followed her. They feasted hopelessly on the triangle of white panties, framed against the sculpture of her thighs.

He tore his eyes from her for a second and scanned the area over the top of the car to see if anyone was approaching. It was all clear; the closest people were gathered across the field at the car show. His cock ached in the impossibly tight confines of his pants as he moved to unbuckle his belt and open his zipper. Kate slipped down her panties with the sinewy grace of a cat. She stepped out of them as she moved forward towards Jeff. They lay on the ground at his feet like the white flag of her surrender.

The combination of her delicate beauty and lascivious lust was too strong for him to endure. With a strangled cry he leaned in and took her nipple into his mouth sucking around the big areola while his hand snaked between her thighs. Kate shook with desire as Jeff touched her. The evidence of his arousal pressed into her; it was hard as steel against the pit of her stomach. Her hand brushed over it and slid inside his pants. The material was hot, radiating the fire below. She could tell he was big, bigger than she had ever had in her young life. Suddenly fear flew into the delicious mix of her emotions. Could she handle this? Could this be done?

“Oh God Kate, touch it, stroke it please,” Jeff groaned as he tore his mouth from her breast. He couldn’t take it any longer and he reached down to free himself. Kate gasped as it sprung at her hand and the burning heat seared her fingers. She could feel the blood coursing within him, the shining skin stretched tight as a drum around his passion. She reached down to the base of his cock, to the sweat soaked hairs and grasped him in her small hand before dropping to her knees and breathing in the musky scent of his maleness.

“Oh Jeff,” she murmured, hardly able to believe this was not some fevered dream. Her fingers traced the outline of his thickness, lingering on the taut veins, marveling at the steel of him, at the slipperiness of his tip. She laid her lips on him and Jeff’s hands moved to the back of her head, pleading silently for her to do thing he wanted so much. Kate took a deep breath and placed her tongue at the tip of his cock. She rested it there for a second, at the opening, not moving, just letting the wetness of her merge with the moisture of him. Jeff let out a shaky breath, she had him worked up like a burning furnace of lust. He wanted to force his cock past those glistening ruby lips and choke her with it. But then, her tongue began to move. It traced a small circle at the tip and licked at the helmet head. The taste of him drove her wild. She flattened her tongue against him and lapped thirstily, licking him first like a lady and then greedily, like the hungry child she was. She suckled the top of him, and then ran her tongue down the shaft, nibbling at the base before running up again to the peak with its tiny fountain of liquid desire. A groan rumbled from the back of his throat and she felt his hands tighten at the back of her head. She looked up at him as her tongue pleased him. His eyes locked with hers and she saw they had that dreamy look of abandonment.

“Is that good baby,” she asked letting her mouth slip from him but still working the skin of his shaft up and down with her hands.

“Fucking…unbelievable,” he groaned.

“Yeah,” she moaned, getting up, “You feel amazing; I want to feel you inside me now.”

As she spoke she stood on tiptoe, and with both hands she guided him to her pussy. For a long second he stayed there, staring into her dark eyes, throbbing against her wetness, nestling against the soft lips that guarded her entrance and then his powerful hips thrust forward, spearing his cock into her depths, lifting her up against the cold metal of the car. Kate’s mouth hung open in amazement and the wind whistled from her lungs at the force of his invasion. Her skirt was around her waist, her naked breasts crushed against his shirt. The heels of her shoes slid against the ground as she tried to steady herself for his onslaught.

Above her face, Jeff’s eyes were hooded with desire. He had become an animal, he was no longer Sharon’s husband and Allison’s dad, he was a virile stud and for this blissful moment he was free of all the ties that bound him, all the worries that plagued him. Kate was painted around him; he was alive inside her, gripped tight by her velvet walls, held captive by the body that he had fantasized about.

“Ooh, God.” Kate moaned, in unabashed pleasure as her hot ass, wet like a river from her juices slipped and slid against the car as Jeff reared inside her. She battled to make room for him but at the same time there was only the most glorious tightness and wet friction as she gave over the gift of her body to her older lover. She felt the approach of the sweet well-known feeling as her orgasm began to build. The sweat poured shamelessly between her breasts, the cleavage of her ass was drenched with it, and the scent from their fucking filled the air around them

The sound of distant voices coming closer broke through the lust induced fog in their fevered brains.

“Shit” Jeff cursed, “There’s someone coming.”

The voices got louder; there were definitely more than two of them. A woman’s laugh rang out and their words became more audible. The logical thing to do was to stop, but Kate’s cunt was clamped around him possessively, her nails dug into his ass to hold him there. His own body was ablaze with pleasure and the danger of being discovered suddenly pushed his passion up a notch.

“Don’t you dare stop fucking me,” Kate moaned. Her body began to tremble as she was swamped in waves of building excitement. “Oh Jeff, I’m going to come, Ooooh God,” she cried panting as she rushed towards her release.

Jeff grunted as he moved faster and faster to a furious rhythm. His stomach banged against hers, fearsome, ferocious as he headed to his own moment. He didn’t pause as he came. An animal growl exploded in the depths of his throat. It was the signal Kate needed. She clamped down over him and threw back her head as she exploded, her pussy muscles milking him of his boiling cum as the fountain of her passion seeped over him.

The sound of an engine starting up nearby brought them back to reality. A transmission engaged and a car drove away, passing within a stone’s throw of where they were standing.

“Fuck, that was close,” Jeff groaned, his heart still thudding in his chest.

“Fuck, that was good,” Kate said smiling mischievously.


Jeff drove up the familiar path in the dorm complex and stopped at the sidewalk that would lead to Kate’s unit. He remembered her earlier words about not wanting to cause problems on campus and he kept the engine running.

“I’ll let you walk in on your own, “he said. “That way if anyone asks questions, you can just say you were being dropped off.”

“Thanks,” she said smiling sultrily. “I had fun tonight.”

Jeff grinned, “I think I had the most fun I’ve had in a long time.”

Kate laughed. “You… you want to call me?”

It had been years since Jeff had been in a conversation like this. The realization struck him with a jolt. He had just had crazy wild sex with a teenager and for a moment, he felt like he did when he was back in college; eager for another date, another wild night of passionate discovery. It was almost surreal, like he was in a dream.

“Yeah, I’d love to call you, but I don’t want to cause you problems. You know, with your roommate or the campus.”

“You can call me on my cell phone,” she said, reaching into her bag and bringing out a piece of paper and a pen. She scrawled her number in bright pink ink and then drew a heart next to it.

“Don’t lose it,” she whispered. “And if you like, you can leave some sexy messages on the voicemail. No body has access to it except me.” She looked around before leaning across the seat and kissing him quickly on the lips. Then she gathered her faded denim bag and bounced out of the car. Jeff watched the roll of her hips as she walked away. Suddenly she stopped, dug into her bag and walked back towards him. She slipped into the passenger seat again.

“You want to keep this?” she asked with a glint in her eye. “As a souvenir?”

“A souvenir? What do you mean,” Jeff said staring wide eyed at the charcoal diary in her hands. The little red heart shone luminously in the dim light of the car. “What’s this?”

“C’mon, you don’t have to pretend any more,” she said with a wicked grin on her face. “It did exactly what it was intended to do. I’m just going to throw it away now, unless you want to keep it.”

“Did what it was intended to do?” Jeff said stunned at her revelation.

She rolled her eyes. “Brought us together, silly! You found it, just as I hoped you would, and took the bait, otherwise you’d probably still be staring at me not making a move.”

Shit, this couldn’t be happening. “You’re kidding me. You planted the diary! So I would read it?”

A smug grin lit up her face. “Well a girl’s got to do what she can to get her Valentine, and when you finally got the hint, you just shot forward like an arrow into my quivering heart.”

Jeff stared out of the window trying to piece together what was unfolding. “But when you came back to get it, you were almost in a panic.”

Kate nodded confidently. “Was it convincing?”

“Hell yes,” Jeff said as he settled back into his seat.

She laughed, “Hey, I’m a Theatre Major, what can I say? Besides… they don’t call me a drama queen for nothing.”

Jeff shook his head slowly. Fuck, it was unbelievable, what a night it had been! “Ok,” he said finally, “I’ll call you.”

Kate leaned forward and smiled. “Thank you for the best Valentine’s Day of my life,” she said softly brushing a small wisp of hair from his forehead and kissing him tenderly. “And I promise you, it was no act.”


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