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Untamed Family Ch. 03

Category: Incest
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I recommend that you read chapter 1 and 2 before delving into chapter 3, but here is a quick recap reminder of what happened. Eighteen year old Kevin Lansing came home to find his older sister Hannah licking his twin sister Kristen’s hot pussy. He quickly stripped down and joined in on the filthy fun, where plenty of licking, sucking, tonguing and fucking took place. Later, their mother Krystal, a dominant mistress, and father Kevin, a submissive pet, came home and the fun continued. After some punishment was served to Hannah, Krystal devised a blowjob contest between the sisters.

Chapter 3, The Blowjob Contest

The contest was set up. David and Kevin were seated on opposite ends of the sofa. Kristen was kneeling in front of her father, while Hannah was in front of her brother.

“Okay ladies, your goal is to make the cock in front of you cum first. You can use your mouth and hands only to do whatever it takes. The winner gets to enjoy a hot and sensual evening with me, while the loser spends the evening in bondage in the doghouse. The first man to shoot his load will join the loser in the doghouse, the other will join myself and the winner. Any questions?”

Everyone shook their heads. The girls looked at each other, sizing each other up. Kristen was well aware that this was going to be a tough race. Hannah’s technique of cock sucking was second to none, but she was working on Kevin, who for some reason had enormous control when he wanted. Plus there was the fact that Kevin had recently cum, and Hannah had just moments ago nearly passed out from intense pleasure, moments after enduring fifty blistering spanks. If there was ever a time for Kristen to beat her sister at blowjobs, this was that time.

“Okay girls, on the count of three. One…two…three.”

Both girls lunged for the cocks in front of them. Hannah took her brother’s cock in her hands, her right hand sliding under to cup his balls, while her left hand gripped his shaft and began to stroke. She looked lovingly up into his eyes as she expertly worked him.

Meanwhile, Kristen wasted little time sucking her father deep into her mouth. He groaned as he felt the heat of her young mouth, the softness of her full lips, and her insistent tongue fluttering on the sensitive spot just below the helmet shaped head. What Kristen lacked in talent, she made up for in enthusiasm and quickness. Her desire to stay out of the doghouse was never in question.

Kevin was enjoying his older sister’s soft hands as she stroked him, and he desperately wanted to cum, but the thought of spending an entire evening chained up in the doghouse was not a fun thought. He had to hold out no matter what she did. As he watched though, she leaned forward until her mouth was over his shaft, then she released a large gob of saliva, which landed on the very tip and ran down to her clutching hand. “Oh shit!” he whispered, then grunted as her hand began sliding up and down his now slick shaft.

David was certainly enjoying his blowjob from his ‘little girl’, even though he had received hundreds of blowjobs that were immeasurably better. Kristen tried hard, but she had only been giving head for a little more than a year, and she still had a lot to learn. He made a mental note to have Hannah coach her sometime when Krystal wasn’t playing mistress, and he could actually talk. Glancing over at his son across the sofa told him all that he needed to know. Kevin was putting up a good internal fight to keep himself from cumming, but he was fighting a losing battle. He watched his eldest daughter’s loving hands glide up and down his son’s marble hard shaft, and he could see the writing on the wall. Hannah was giving Kevin a world class handjob, and would very soon be rewarded with copious amounts of sperm bursting forth from his swollen balls.

The entire contest lasted less than ten minutes, and during that time, David did get very close to cumming, but only because he began to picture Hannah sitting in front of him doing the things that she was doing to Kevin. She had primarily used her hands to stroke her brother’s cock and fondle his balls for nearly the entire time, but after about seven minutes of stroking, his cock began to leak copious amounts of pre-cum, and Hannah changed her tactics.

Removing both hands completely, Hannah leaned forward and blew cool air on the now purple head. Kevin cried out in agonizing pleasure as his member twitched as if it was being shocked. With a sly, sexy grin Hannah dropped down and swallowed his entire seven inches down her throat, until her plump, pink lips pressed tightly against his pubic bone. No one could see her working her tongue on the underside of Kevin’s cock, but he could certainly feel it. She would wrap her mouth muscle around his shaft and move it up and down, giving him a stroking effect deep inside her throat. Then, when she needed to take a breath, she sealed her lips around him and lifted up with building suction, her cheeks collapsing in, until just the head remained in her mouth, before plunging back down all the way.

“Ohh fuck Hannah. St-stop, you’re gonnna- gonna make me cum!” Kevin blurted, his face a mask of pleasure and strain. He was still fighting it, but she was winning. The slurping sounds coming from her mouth as she worked her magic, served to heighten his senses even more and push him that much closer to the point of no return.

“That feels so good honey, you’re gonna make daddy shoot soon,” David said, worried that his youngest daughter’s feelings would be hurt if she didn’t make him cum. After many years in the business, he had the ability to shoot his load pretty much on demand and with very little physical stimulation. Krystal new that he could force himself to cum, and she knew that he wouldn’t have as much problem in the doghouse as Kevin would, but he wasn’t about to intentionally throw the contest and risk punishment, because he knew that Krystal would know if he did.

“I- I can’t hold it,” Kevin cried out in fevered passion as his sister slurped her way back to the very top and stopped for just a moment to dig the tip of her tongue into his pee hole, before once more dropping back down to the base, a low victory growl emanating from her chest as Kevin shouted, “Ahhhh fuuuuck I’mmmm cummmmingggg!”

Hannah gripped Kevin’s hips tightly and stayed down on him as his orgasm began. She felt his cock swelling even larger in her mouth, straining her jaw even more. The head of his cock was well past her gag reflex, something that she had long ago learned how to suppress, and when the first spurt of hot creamy cum fired out, she felt it coating her throat with a warm slipperiness as it slid right down into her belly.

“Right there, oh yeah, that’s it baby, here it comes,” David growled as he pushed himself to begin his orgasm. Kristen pulled her mouth off and gripped her father’s cock tightly as it began to release its seed. The first spurt oozed out and ran down the shaft, lubricating it. She continued to stroke it, as more and more cum came out, covering her hands. She looked over at her sister and twin brother and felt a twinge of jealousy. The look on Kevin’s face was pure bliss, and Hannah still had his cock all the way in her mouth. She wished that she could do the same for her brother, and vowed to herself that she would practice hard until she could do the same.

Kevin felt like he would never stop cumming, and Hannah would never stop sucking and swallowing, but all good things come to an end and this blowjob was one of them. As his orgasm wound down, his beautiful older sister finally released him from her mouth with a smacking sound. She looked up into his eyes and said, “Sorry Kevie, but I didn’t want to lose.”

“Shit sis, that was worth losing,” he replied with a chuckle.

“Wow, what a show!” Krystal said with a clap and a laugh, as her two daughters pulled away and stood up. “That was fucking sexy girls. Made my pussy wet. Well, we do have a winner, two winners actually. Hannah and David are the winners. That means that Kristen and Kevin are going to be roommates tonight in the doghouse. So, go get cleaned up for supper, and then we’ll go figure out how the losers are going to spend their evening.”

Two hours later, after everyone had showered and eaten, the family headed to the doghouse. Krystal had turned off ‘mistress mode’ and turned on ‘mom mode’ for supper, so everyone had let down their guard and, for a while anyway, they were just like any other family. They all talked and joked and enjoyed their time together in a non-sexual way. Even after everyone had finished eating, they had sat around for another twenty minutes, discussing all kinds of normal things and polishing off a bottle of wine.

Finally though, Krystal stood up and announced that it was time for the losers to pay the piper and the winners to reap the rewards. She led the way through the house to the door that led down to the basement, and then to a room with a painted wooden sign reading “The Doghouse”. Using a key, she unlocked the steel door, flipped on the light, and walked into the room.

The room glistened with shiny steel bondage equipment. One whole wall held various whips, chains, collars, buckles, and other implements. There was a bondage bed, a bondage cross, a steel cage, a queening chair, a pillory, a saw horse and a swing set around the room. Against another wall was a table filled with strap-ons, gags, mittens, clamps, clips, candles, hoods, arm binders and blindfolds.

“So what kind of punishment should we give to the losers?” Krystal asked, switching easily into mistress mode again. Her whole demeanor changed when she became Mistress Krystal, as did the rest of the family. “We could lock them together for the night, maybe in a sixty-nine position so Kristen would have time to learn how to properly suck a cock.”

“Whatever you decide dear,” David said.

“No, I’m thinking that perhaps we’ll go in another direction. Put Kevin on the table, face up, and hook him up to the machine.”

“Mom!,” Kevin began, before dropping his head and furrowing his brow, “I can’t…the machine is…it’s too much.”

Krystal walked over to her son and lifted his face with her hand on his chin. “Honey, you lost the contest, you don’t get a vote.” She caressed him softly before adding, “And you will survive the machine just fine, your father has done it several times overnight, and his teeny weenie still works just fine.”

“Where would you like Kristen?” David questioned.

“I want her hogtied and suspended. Let’s hang her above her brother just out of reach, so she can watch the machine work him over, but not get any pleasure.”

“Whoa, being hogtied all night is little extreme isn’t it?” Kristen barked. She knew that the doghouse was going to be tough, but she wasn’t expecting this.

“And since she wants to object, hook up the enema bag also.” Krystal added with a wink.

“What?!? You can’t be serious mom!”

“Oh I’m very serious dear. Would you like to add nipple clips as well?.”

Kristen knew that resisting her mother at a time like this was a waste of time, and would only lead to things being worse. “No ma’am” she hissed, her eyes casting down.

“Okay then, make it be done,” Krystal said with a satisfied smirk. She sat down in the queening chair while she watched her husband and eldest daughter prepare the twins for a long night.

Hannah strapped Kevin down to the bondage table, using every available strap so that he was unable to move in the slightest. She then wheeled over the machine, and began to set it up.

The machine was basically a male masturbation device on steroids. A thick tube lined on the inside with super soft, gel filled nubs was connected to a hose that was attached to a pump. The tube was lubed and placed over the erect penis. When the pump was turned on, a vacuum of sorts was created, and the inside of the tube began a never ending cycle of suck and release, suck and release over and over. A sensor told the unit when lubrication was needed, and the proper amount would be automatically added from the reservoir. It was possible to dial the intensity and the speed of the suction manually, or set it on automatic, in which case the device would slowly, inexorably, pick up speed and intensity until sperm was released. A sensor in the sperm collection unit would automatically dial the intensity down as soon as it sensed sperm, and when the unit filled to the brim, it would automatically shut off.

While Hannah was setting Kevin up, David was locking his beautiful daughter up in chains. He had laid out a hammock like swing, which he then laid her on. Soft lined cuffs were locked on her wrists and ankles. Her ankles were then locked on either side of a steel bar, spreading them apart. She was lying face down on the floor, and the bar, locked to the back of her ankles, was then lifted and folded back until her feet were on either side of her ass. In the center of the bar, was another connector, and onto that connector was a thin dildo, with a hand pump. As the bar was folded over, David lubed the dildo, then slid it into her ass, causing Kristen to suck her breath in as it went in. Once it was firmly seated inside, he pumped the hand pump, inflating the dildo and effectively locking into her ass.

“Ahhhh, that’s enough, that’s enough!” she squealed as the cock expanded uncomfortably. David ignored her and pumped three more times until she yelled, “Unhh stop!” and he did.

“Need to make sure that you hold this enema dear. You don’t want to make a mess all over your brother,” David explained.

Kristen’s arms were then pulled back and connected to other rings set in the bar, effectively putting her into the classic “hogtie” position, but she was far from finished. David set about running straps around Kristen’s body so that she had very little movement whatsoever, then left her and began to let down the electric winch cable. He pulled up the ends of the hammock on both sides of her and hooked it onto the large hook attached to the end of the cable. Now he only needed to raise the winch, but before he did that, he went out of the room and readied the enema bag. Minutes later he reappeared, hung the enema bag from the cable above, and hooked the hose into the end of the dildo that was deep in her ass.

“There we go. Are you ready sweetie?” David whispered, his finger on the clip that would send the warm water through the hose and into her ass.

“I…I don’t think I can…” Kristen began, and David released the flow. “Ahh, nooo!” she groaned, feeling the warmth begin to to fill her tummy.

“Shhh, just take deep breaths baby, and relax.” David kissed her cheek and then went to the winch switch. Soon, Kristen was swaying six feet in the air, and David pulled the bondage bed containing his son underneath. He placed the bed so that Kevin was staring up at his sister’s pussy, and she was looking down at his cock.

Krystal stood up and came across the room to inspect things, as Hannah sucked Kevin’s flaccid cock into her mouth to coax it to hardness. Knowing what he was in for, he tried in vain to remain soft so she wouldn’t be able to attach the tube. Unfortunately for him, his cock had a mind of its own, and was soon standing at full attention again. The machine was switched on and a moment later it was placed on his shaft.

“Unhh!” Kevin exclaimed as the tube latched on and the powerful suction started to work it up and down his shaft. As his mother stepped up to his side, he begged her once more. “Mom, please don’t leave me like this all night. This thing’ll drive me crazy.”

“You’ll be just fine Kevin. Think of all the orgasms you’re going to have tonight.”

“I’ve already had two though, I can’t take many more.”

“Well, when you fill the jug, it’ll shut off. Now, I don’t want to hear anymore complaints, or I’m going to slide a penis gag in your mouth.”

Kevin sighed loudly and said, “Yes ma’am.”

“Good. David, will you be a dear and lower Kristen’s ass down. I want it to be right about here.” She held her hand about two inches over Kevin’s nose. “Close enough for him to smell her, but too far to taste.”

“Sure,” David agreed, and made the adjustment to tilt Kristen’s ass end down.

“Perfect,” Krystal said with a clap of her hands. She bent down next to Kevin’s face, and stuck her tongue into Kristen’s puffy pussy, eliciting a squeal from her daughter. “Mmmm, such sweet nectar,” she said as she stood back up straight. “It’s time for us to leave you two now. You both need to remember to relax.”

Hannah quickly kissed her brother on the cheek, and patted her sister’s ass, before turning and heading out with her father. A moment later, Krystal followed, shutting the heavy door behind her, leaving her two youngest to their misery.

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