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Not your Uncle Frank

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It was one of those days where you just wanted to go out and get yourself laid. My name is Gus Roberts, 32 years old, and it’s been in a while since I’ve had a steady relationship. I’m kinda on the stocky side, a little under 6 feet tall, and short brown hair. I was wearing a classy black shirt and matching slacks, flashing some cash, buying women drinks and trying to get some at a local singles bar.

I would usually get lucky with a decent one night stand but tonight I kept on swingin and kept on missin. After striking out with this total babe with long dark hair, a smoking rack and legs from here to Jupiter, it was time to call it a night.

I finished my drink, my third beer of the night, and headed for my car.

“Stupid slut. Thinks she’s too good for me. Maybe if I was a big time exec… I bet she bangs her boss.” I was in the mood where I didn’t want to blame myself. I got into my suburban van and made sure I was alright to drive. It seems I was ok, so I was ready to go home and just sleep the rest of the night away. This is when I got a call from my good buddy Frank.

“Hey Gus, where are you man? I kinda need your help.”

Frank is my long time friend. We used to work together fixing satellite dishes until he got himself promoted and I decided to give being an electrician a shot. We grew up together and went to the same high school, and man, we always had each others’ backs. I’d do anything for the guy. “Sure buddy, what’s up?”

“It’s the girls man. They’re at a party without a ride home. They called me but I’m too buzzed to drive right now. Can you go get ’em please?”

I sighed, “Let me guess… Chloe’s parents don’t know she went to that party, right?”

Chloe was Frank’s niece, and she was 19 or 20 I think, but still very irresponsible. She was a good kid, always studying hard and all that until she hit her late teens and became friends with Nicole. I swear Nicole has no parents the way she’s always out all night, partying without a care in the world.

For whatever reason, Chloe cares a lot about what Nicole thinks of her, like she wants to be as cool as her or something, so they’re always getting into trouble.

If you ask Chloe’s parents, or her uncle Frank though, she can do no wrong and is still their little angel. If my guess is right, Nicole got too wasted to drive home and they’re stuck there. And I bet Chloe’s parents think she’s at someone else’s house studying for her exams. Frank would do anything for his niece, and whenever I can, I would help him out too.

“Yeah, Gus. Nicole got kinda… messed up and she can’t drive home. They need someone to drive them back, but I had a bit too much to drink myself. Sorry man, but I didn’t really intend on going back out after work then Chloe suddenly called me up.

What did I tell ya? I sighed and said, “Yeah sure. They’re lucky I didn’t get drunk tonight or they would have ended up either walking home or having to tell their parents. Tell me where they are and I’ll go get ’em.”

Frank gave me the address and I went over to pick them. The house was kinda hard to miss, you could hear the music blasting away all the way down the block. Sure enough Chloe was standing outside holding onto Nicole. Chloe recognized my car and waved me over.

Chloe was a cute perky blonde with short hair that covered one of her ears. She was around 5’7 and was wearing a black rocker shirt, grey groove pants and dark-colored boots. She sure grew up over the years, turning from a goodie-good to a hot party girl, showing off her curves. And man, did she have amazing curves. Her shirt was loose but you could still see her tits bouncing through, she had to be at least a 32D. And even though her pants were a bit loose on the legs, they were nice and tight on her butt which was so nicely rounded.

Nicole was quite a hottie herself.Sporting long dark hair to her shoulders, she was wearing a low cut white blouse that showed off her 34Ds and a tight red mini skirt that nicely traced her tight round ass. She was a tad shorter than Chloe and a tad thicker, but still nicely toned. I heard she was a bit of a tough girl, but she was still very popular which was why Chloe looked up to her so damn much.

I opened the door for them they both hopped in, Nicole sitting next to me while her friend sat by the window. Chloe smiled, “Thanks Uncle Gus, you got us out of a jam.” I wasn’t her uncle, but they both called me that since I’ve known them for so long.

Nicole said, “Yeah, thanks Uncle Gus. I got sooo wasted, I didn’t wanna risk fuckin up the car. My parents would have killed me.”

The girls knew and trusted me so they both talked freely around me and Frank. They knew we would never tell their parents what they were really up to, and they would come to us for advice when it was something too personal to tell their parents. I started up the engine and we drove off. Nicole lived the closest but it was still a good half hour away.

“So what are you gonna do about the car? Are you just gonna leave it at Tori’s house like that?” I asked them.

Nicole said, “Oh she’s cool. She’ll bring it over in the morning before my parents find out. I trust her. But things were getting kinda crazy…. It was time to go.”

Chloe said, “Yeah… you got really fucked up Nicole and that guy was kept creepin on you.”

I raised a brow as I kept my eye on the road, “Guy? What guy?”

Nicole said, “This guy.. his name was Trevor. I think he put something in my drink…. Totally wanted to fuck …. But I’m not that stupid. I didn’t drink all of it.”

I teased, “And here I though you wanted to get some at that party.”

Nicole elbowed me in the side teasingly. “Asshole. Not that way. That’s like… date rape. He wasn’t that cute and he’s kinda creepy.”

I continued to tease, “Ohhhhh he’s creepy.”

Nicole said, “Not funny Uncle Gus. You know what I mean. This is serious. He just gave off a weird vibe, ok? Like, I don’t trust myself alone with him.”

I nodded, “Yeah, I know, I know. So what about you Chloe? You didn’t run into any creepy guys?”

Chloe shook her head, “Not really….”

She wasn’t as open as Nicole was. In a way we grew up together since I used to drive her to and from school whenever Frank wasn’t available back when she was a kid. Unlike Nicole who knew me for about 2 years, Chloe knew me all her life, and she still felt weird talking about personal things to me so blatantly.

Nicole smiled, “Oh come on Chloe.. what about that guy you gave head to last week? What was his name? Josh? Joshua?”

Chloe blushed and elbowed her in the ribs, “Shut up Nicole! Not in front of Uncle Gus! Geez, what’s wrong with you?”

Nicole laughed it off, “Oh come on. Your Uncle Gus is as cool as Uncle Frank. They know about the stuff we do.”

Chloe blushed and I decided to ask her, “So, is this a new boyfriend?”

She shook her head, “Not really… we kinda mess around a little… but like, it’s nothing serious yet.”

“Oh, so do you like him?”

My friend’s niece shrugged, “I don’t know… I guess…”

I laughed, “Well I bet he sure likes you after you have him head. You know, when I was your age we used to do that kinda thing when we were getting serious.”

Nicole made a smartass face and said, “Yeah, well back in your day you guys didn’t fuck until you were married. You know, when dinosaurs still roamed the Earth. Besides, we’re almost 21 so it’s not like we’re stupid kids ya know.”

I teased her, “I guess, but I still liked to wait a little longer. At least know the girl’s name that I’m gonna be having sex with.”

Nicole remarked with, “Oh, so you weren’t out looking to get laid at one of those bars again?”

That shut me up. Touche you little bitch. After some silence Nicole said, “Yeah, uncle Frank told me you do that sometimes. But like, it’s ok. I mean you’re not married like he is.”

All the sex talk gave me an idea. Maybe it was the booze I had. Maybe it was how hot they looked, or all the things coming out of Nicole’s fresh mouth, but I was getting hard like hell. Whatever the case, I wanted to do something about Nicole’s fresh mouth. As we kept the conversation going, I took a small detour and hoping they wouldn’t notice.

“So I guess you’re no stranger to giving head, am I right Nicole?” I teased as I kept focus on where I was going.

Nicole answered, “Well… yeah… I mean, who do you think taught Chloe how to?” The girl in question would blush and look away. She then noticed something wrong as she looked out the window.

“When’s the last time you did that anyway?”

Nicole thought to herself, “I don’t know… last boyfriend maybe? Don’t think just cause I have fun sometimes I’m like a slut ok? I didn’t do any of that since I last broke up with Kevin… and there’s nothing wrong with looking for some fun at a party.”

She crossed her arms and looked offended, “If I was I would have did it with that creepy Trevor guy. I’m not some easy girl, Uncle Gus.”

I nodded, “Never said that you were Nicole. And hey, it’s been a while for me too, so I know what you mean.” Just then Chloe finally voiced her concerns.

“Um.. where are we Uncle Gus…? This doesn’t look like the way home…”

I finally stopped the vehicle. We were a few miles off the road now in a completely deserted area just outside of town. There were a few houses there but they were demolished due to a fire a few years back and they were just now starting to rebuild them. I knew the girls have never been there before, so as far as they knew they were lost.

“Just a little detour Chloe. Engine was overheating so I decided we can chill here while it cools down.” Part of me felt bad for doing this in front of Chloe, but I could barely take it anymore. I’ve heard them talk about their little sexual escapades long enough while I kept coming up empty. It was time to get some action of my own.

Nicole was still relatively calm, but I could see some worry starting to show in her eyes, “Um.. so I guess we just chill for a while… how long are we gonna be here?”

“That depends on you Nicole.”

“On me.. what do you mean Uncle Gus…?”

It was now or never. I felt nervous even saying it, but I knew I’d regret it if I didn’t make a move tonight. I reached out and started to rub her thigh, which made her jump, “Well… all this talk about blowing this guy and not blowing that guy… I was hoping you’d show me just how good you really are at giving head Nicole.”

Nicole’s eyes widened. She didn’t know wether to snap at me for caressing her leg or for saying such a lewd comment. Her hand pushed mine off her leg, “What the hell Uncle Gus… that isn’t funny..”

Chloe couldn’t believe what she heard either, “Uncle Gus???”

“Just relax girls. I’m being serious. You said so yourself Nicole, you haven’t had any in a while. Well neither have I. What’s the harm if we help each other out? Hell, I’ll eat you out if you suck my cock, what do you say?”

Nicole blushed probably for the first time ever, “Ewww no!! I can’t suck your cock! You’re… you’re Uncle Gus..”

Chloe said, “Are you drunk or something? This is so unlike you….” She reached for the door and tried to open it, but I auto locked the doors.

“There’s nothing wrong with me, Chloe. Come on, who can really look at you two and not get hard?”

I looked back at Nicole, who was now covering up her cleavage. “You don’t think I see you walking around in that tight little mini skirt without wanting to fuck you as badly as any other guy does?”

Nicole tried to get away from me but she was stuck tightly between me and Chloe, “This is fucked up… I’m not… I’m not gonna suck your cock…”

I twisted the car keys and shut the motor down. “Then I think we’re gonna have a problem. I’m the only one that knows how to get home from here. Even if you somehow run away or take my keys, you’ll only get more lost. And it’s 1 in the morning so it’s still gonna be dark for a long time.”

Nicole shook her head, “You’re fucked up…”

Chloe said, “This isn’t like you Uncle Gus.. snap out of it..”

I ignored Chloe and set my sights solely on her slutty friend, “I’m not kidding. We’re not going anywhere until you start sucking my cock. And worse off, tomorrow I’m gonna tell your parents all the stuff you’ve been up to at these parties. I think it’s time they wised up on what their little angels are really doing when they’re supposed to be studying.”

Chloe froze, “You wouldn’t dare….”

I looked at Chloe and said, “Try me. It’s all up to Nicole now.”

Nicole looked at me with eyes of hatred, “You asshole.. I thought you were cool… Uncle Frank would never do this kind of sick shit to us…”

“I’m not your Uncle Frank. I’m not your uncle at all.”

Nicole snarled, “Fuck you.”

“Last chance. If I get pissed as we drive home I’ll be having a talk with your parents tomorrow.”

Nicole snapped back, “Then we’ll tell him about you wanting us to suck your cock!”

“Leave Chloe outta this. It’s between you and me. Do you really wanna risk your parents finding out about everything you do?”

Nicole was silent. Unlike Chloe, her parents have caught her a few times and her chances were running out. Chloe can play the innocent card, but not her. Even if she tried to tell them what I was doing, she knew I could easily turn it all around and make her be the one that tried to seduce me. She was one strike away from being sent to an all-girl school.

The party girl finally looked down in defeat, “Fine… whatever…. But just for a while.. then you drive us home, ok?”

I stroked her thigh again and said, “Alright. But don’t look at me that way Nicole. We’ll be helping each other out. We’ll both get lucky tonight.”

She snapped at me, “Don’t touch me…”

“You’ll let me touch you wherever I want.” I let go of her leg and started to unzip my pants.

My cock was so hard right now, it was begging to tear its away out of my boxers. I could sense both girls’ eyes widened as I showed them my 8 inched thick hard cock. Chloe let out a small gasp and muttered “my god…”

“What do you think Nicole? Bigger than your last boyfriend?”

Nicole said, “Whatever… I don’t know…” but it was obvious she was impressed. She kept staring at it but was hesitant to follow up on it.

I set my hand on the back of her head, trying to push her down it, “C’mon Nicole, you said you would do it.”

She quickly moved her head out from under my hand and pushed my arm away, “Alright… alright.. I’m doing it… just don’t rush me…”

She leaned forward and took hold of my cock. I could feel myself get thicker in her grasp as I was growing eager to feel Nicole’s 20 year old mouth envelop my hard cock. “This is so fucked up… I can’t believe you’re making me do this..” she would mutter before she would finally slip my cock past her lips.

I groaned lightly and said, “That’s it….” which probably bothered her. The girl tried her best to ignore the circumstances and started sucking my cock, focusing mostly on the head. She rolled her tongue around the head and slowly started to stroke what wasn’t in her mouth. It was the thickest cock she ever had in her mouth and she was amazed she able to take it in.

“You already know what do, huh Nicole?” I teased as I started to stroke her long smooth hair. She looked up at me and pulled out say, “I just wanna get this over with….” She lowered down and took my cock back into her mouth as she finally started to bob her head up and down on me.

Chloe was blushing and speechless. Like train wreck, she couldn’t look away. Her eyes were glued to the sight of her best friend going down on her Uncle Gus’ cock. She was hoping this would end soon and that I would continue to leave her out of this.

Nicole went faster now, taking more of my cock into her mouth each time she bobbed down, making loud slurping noises every time she pulled back. I couldn’t help but grab onto the back of her head and thrusting back against her. I found myself fucking her sweet warm mouth, and she seemed to just go along with it, no longer resisting.

I turned my attention to Chloe now, “C’mere Chloe… let me kiss you.” She blushed even more so if possible.

“Uncle Gus… I can’t.. I mean…”

“Oh come now Chloe, it’s just a kiss compared to what Nicole is doing.” I reached out for her blouse and grabbed her by the cleavage. Before she could react, I pulled her over her friend, who was still hunched over on my cock, and forced my lips upon hers.

Chloe gasped as I kissed her deeply. When I broke the kiss, she whispered my name before I kissed her again. After the second kiss I said, “You don’t know how badly I want to fuck you Chloe. Both of you. I always held back… but not tonight…”

The blonde would say, “We shouldn’t…” but I interrupted her words with another kiss, this time fighting my tongue to slip past her lips. Soon my tongue met hers and she dropped her resistance. I breathed hard into her mouth as I could feel Nicole’s mouth work hard on my cock. She really seemed focused on it and showed no signs of wanting to stop.

I let go of Chloe and pulled Nicole off my cock, “Alright sweetheart… let me catch my breath there… man, you’re really good at suckin’ cock.” Nicole kept pumping my cock, loving how hard it felt in her hand.

“Oh god… you really are so fucking hard Uncle Gus… and big…” Nicole looked at me, “Don’t you fuckin tell anyone, but that really was the biggest cock I ever sucked on…”

“Don’t worry Nicole.. whatever happens in this van stays in this van. Now switch places with Chloe let her have a turn.”

Chloe looked at me, “Uncle Gus…?? NO… I mean.. I can’t…”

I said, “Yes you can, now come on, don’t ruin the mood. I already said I wanted both of you, now come on.”

Nicole didn’t say much, but it was obvious her mood has changed. She moved over and switched places with Chloe, which took a while due to the tight spacing. Chloe said, “What the fuck are you doing Nicole…?”

Her friend, who seemed a bit more eager and cooperative now, replied, “He’s got dirt on me Chloe. You have a perfect record, but I could be shipped off to lesbian school. We have to do what he says, ok?” That said, Chloe was now sitting next to me, nervous about what awaited her.

I took her hand and set it on my cock, now harder and eager to burst thanks to Nicole’s expert mouth. “C’mon Chloe, let’s not ruin the night. You don’t want me to get your buddy into trouble, do you?”

She looked at me with last hope that I would change my mind, but she knew what she had to do. “….I’ll do it for Nicole, Uncle Gus… I can’t believe you’re doing this to me…”

She slowly moved down and took my cock into her mouth and started to suck. Unlike Nicole, she took in half of it right away and started bobbing up and down the shaft, rather than just the head.

As Chloe sucked my cock, I pulled in Nicole to kiss her and saw no resistance. She smiled and kissed her intensely, wrapping her arms around me, “I guess it’s really not so bad, Uncle Gus.. just don’t tell anyone this happened, ok?”

“I already said whatever happens in the van stays in the van…” Nicole responded by shoving her tongue in my mouth as we started kissing intensely. Chloe kept sucking and slurping on my cock, also impressed by how hard and thick I was. Her mouth felt full and kept sliding her mouth over my throbbing shaft, going faster every time, mostly to get all of this over with.

My mind was going crazy, having one girl suck my cock while I was locking lips with another. I didn’t care anymore and lowered my hand to grasp onto Nicole’s 34D-sized tits. She moaned and deepened the kiss, letting me do what I wanted. I broke the kiss and gasped for breath as I felt myself ready to blow. “Oh fuck.. you’re gonna make me cum Chloe…”

Chloe heard this and started to pull away but Nicole suddenly grabbed her pushed her face down onto me, making her deepthroat my cock. “Don’t stop now Chloe!! Make him cum!!”

Chloe gagged and struggled with my cock, but Nicole kept her down on me as I started to fuck her mouth almost viciously. I couldn’t take it anymore and didn’t care who’s mouth my cock was in now, I just needed to cum so badly. I fucked the hell out of Chloe’s poor mouth until I finally felt myself shoot my load into her.

The poor girl pulled back and coughed as she was forced to swallow the load in her mouth. Nicole stared at my cock still dripping whatever wasn’t already in Chloe’s mouth, “Whoa Uncle Gus, you weren’t kiddin’. You really been holding it for a while huh?”

I looked at Nicole as Chloe was still coughing and trying to recover, “I’m still hard though. Let’s go to the back seat, Nicole.”

She looked at me, now with lust in her eyes. She wanted that inside her so badly but didn’t want to say it out loud, “Are you still gonna eat me out like you said?”

“You bet I will you sexy little vixen. But you two better not try anything funny while I roll down the backseats.”

Nicole shook her head, “No no, of course not.” I looked at Chloe.

“What about you…? Are you ok there Chloe? You’re not gonna do anything funny while I have some fun with Nicole?”

Chloe looked away from me and muttered, “Yeah… sure… go have fun.. I won’t cause any trouble…”

I was a bit worried about her, but I had Nicole right where I wanted. Maybe she was still buzzed, or she was really eager to get fucked… but this wasn’t something I was gonna pass up. I opened the door and slowly got out and took Nicole by the hand in case she would make a break for it. She was as eager as I was and soon joined me in the back as I laid the seats down so they would be flat like a bed.

Chloe just remained silent and wondered why she didn’t try to escape. She still felt some sort of loyalty still and didn’t want to get me in trouble, but was also confused because Nicole was now getting into it.

Nicole laid back and started pulling down her skirt, showing me her white panties. “Now you can show me how good YOU are at eating pussy. I bet you ate out a lot of girls in your lifetime, huh?”

I smiled and yanked her panties down, “Yeah, I’ll show you alright, you horny party girl.”

I spread her legs and took a second to admire her sweet little pussy, already wet, slightly trimmed, and eager to be tended to. I wasted no time and dove in, letting my tongue savour her sweet cooch.

Nicole moaned almost instantly and set her hands on my head, gripping me firmly. I was hers now and she took control.

I eagerly accepted this position and started to lick her sweet pussy like crazy. My tongue lashed in and out of hers and she squirmed in pleasure as I started to suck hard on her clit.

“Oh fuck…. Oh yeah Uncle Gus…. You know how hard… it is… to find a guy that eats out? They all want their cocks sucked but no one ever wants to repay the favor! Eat my pussy baby!! Do it!!!”

Chloe felt the need to peak from behind her seat as I was devouring her best friend’s pussy. She couldn’t stop looking and felt that all of this had to be some sort of weird dream. She checked her watch and noticed it was now 2 AM. She wondered how long all of this would go on.

Nicole moaned and groaned as she started to thrust against me. Now she was the one fucking my mouth with her tight hot pussy. “Aggghhh!!! Ahhhh!!! Fuck!!!! Don’t stop baby!!!”

I ravaged her sweet cunt with my tongue, loving the sounds of her lustful crazy moans for more. The wild and crazy college girl suddenly tensed up as she felt herself cum, digging her nails into the back of my head. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! OH FUCK!!!!” Chloe could only watch as her best friend let out a wild moan making it clear that she had just climaxed in my mouth.

Nicole laid there, panting hard and finally loosening her grip on me. I reached up to gasp for air, my face still stuffed with her sweet climaxed pussy. I knew at this time she was ready to let me fuck her.

Hell, I really wanted to fuck the daylights out of this horny little vixen. But I was greedy. I wanted them both. I called out for the one that trusted me throughout her childhood years, “Chloe, come to the backseat with us. It’s your turn, cutie.”

Chloe instantly shook her head, “No.. th-that’s alright…. You and Nicole go right on ahead… It seems you two are enjoying yourselves anyway…” I couldn’t tell if that was jealousy in her voice. After all, I’ve known her longer than her friend.

“No no, come on Chloe. I went ahead and made you suck my cock… and you even swallowed… so it’s only fair I get to eat you out too.”

She still shook her head wishing all of this would end. I did wish she would have been as cooperative as Nicole, but I really wanted to fuck both of them. “Remember what I said Chloe… we’re not going anywhere until we’re done here. Don’t make me tell your parents all the stuff you do…. Like where you really went tonight.”

Chloe shook her head and pleaded, “Please don’t make me do this Uncle Gus… this is so unlike you… I never thought you’d ever pull something like this… Are you drunk or something..?”

Nicole started to side with her now, “Yeah… don’t make her do it if she doesn’t want to Uncle Gus. We both sucked your cock already… you ate me out… and I mean, if you wanna do more, I’ll let you do it to me. Just leave Chloe alone.”

I shook my head, “Sorry Nicole, I want you both. Now I don’t want to get you into trouble with your parents either, Chloe. Don’t make it into such a big drama, just get over here. I’m gonna make you cum in my mouth and that’s all there is to it.”

Chloe looked down and slowly crawled through the empty space between the front seats. “Why are you making me do this…?”

I didn’t answer as she finally joined us on the back seat and sat next to her friend. I kept starting her, letting her know I wasn’t going to change my mind on this. She slowly unzipped her pants and pulled them down. It was at this time that she deeply regretted going along with all of Nicole’s crazy schemes.

“Lay on your back Chloe.” I told her and she did. She continued to plead and hope that I would ‘snap out of it’, and part of her wished I would just fuck Nicole and be satisfied with that. I ignored her and pulled her panties down, exposing her blonde little bush. She looked away from both of us and begged one last time to leave her alone.

I moved in and spread her little cunt, driving my tongue inside her.

She was already wet due to everything she had seen tonight, and she instantly squirmed as she felt my warm tongue inside her. Unlike her friend, she has never been eaten out before, so everything I was doing to her was totally new. “Uncle Gus…. Ugghhh…. Please stop…. You don’t have to do this…. I promise I won’t tell anyone about tonight… please?”

I continued to lick her sweet pussy, using my thumb to tease her clit. Even through her begging, she couldn’t stop herself from gasping and moaning as her body started to betray her. Nicole just stared at us and tried to calm her down “Just let it happen Chloe… he’s still our uncle, he’s not gonna hurt us.”

Chloe gripped onto the seat cushioning as she felt her blonde cunt get wetter by the second. She felt the pleasure make her body squirm as I started to suck hard on her clit. My middle finger buried itself deep inside her as kept sucking and teasing her clit with my tongue. It felt more intense than any time she ever played with herself or let some guy feel her up. She stopped talking and just started breathing harder and moaning. “Uggghhh…. Oh fuck…… I never had anyone eat my pussy before…. Oh fuck… this is crazy…”

As she turned to see her friend, she was surprised to see her rubbing herself slowly. ‘is she getting off looking at him eat my pussy? What the fuck Nicole…’ she thought to herself. I pulled my finger out of her and started lashing my tongue into her now. My hands reached behind her and grabbed her nice tight ass, squeezing her cheeks hard as I continued to dive into her cunt. Chloe finally gave up and started thrusting along with me, feeling the desperate need to cum.

Chloe let out high pitched moans, sounding like she was going to lose her voice as she hit her climax hard. Her face showed shock and disbelief as how the pleasure seemed to have burst out of her, leaving her gasping for air as I continued to lick her. Nicole kept rubbing her own cunt, eager for some attention. I finally got up and said, “That wasn’t so bad, was it Chloe? Didn’t that feel good?”

She continued to breathe hard and looked at me, “Oh god…. Oh fuck…. Noone ever did that to me before… It’s like Nicole said, they always want you to…. Never mind…”

I looked at her, “It’s alright. You girls know there’s no secrets between us. You DID enjoy that, didn’t you Chloe?”

She looked away and replied, “Well… yeah… but it’s still weird because it was YOU who was doing it…”

I laughed a little,”Well, yeah… but I bet any of your friends from college wouldn’t have gone down on you like that. Well… now that you had your fun, it’s time for me to have my fun.”

Chloe was surprised and a little angry as she exclaimed, “But you already had your fun! We both sucked your cock already. You made me fuckin swallow all of it!”

Nicole added, “I think he means he wants to fuck us. Doncha Uncle Gus?” She smiled as she was already anticipating her turn. Chloe looked at me almost as if it to say ‘OH GOD NO’. Unfortunately for her, it was exactly what I wanted.

Nicole hugged me from behind and reached down, already stroking my hard thick cock, “Mmmm I have to be honest with you… I really love that big fat cock… I can’t wait to have it in me…” I smiled but had my sights set somewhere else.

“I’ll fuck you alright Nicole… after I’m done with Chloe.” The blonde’s eyes widened and she quickly reached down to cover her pussy.

“No Uncle Gus!! That’s taking it too far!” she would yell.

“Sorry, but like I said, I’m taking both of you. Now both of you spread your legs. You’re gonna get your turn, one by one.” I was so eager to take her then and there.

Chloe looked away, “You can’t… I mean… I never…”

Nicole sat up and looked at her, “Are you trying to say you’re a virgin? What about you and Josh?”

The college girl looked at her party partner, “I lied ok? We never… I mean.. we messed around, sure, but we never went all the way…. I didn’t want you to think I spazzed out…. I never really had sex, ok?”

“What? Why did you lie about something like that?” Nicole would ask.

“So you’d think I was cool, ok? Josh was bragging all over the place as if he fucked me anyways, cause he also didn’t want his friends to think he struck out… so I kinda went along with it. You saw the attention I got when they thought we did it…”

I interrupted their chatter by moving closer to Chloe, “Well don’t worry Chloe. You won’t be a virgin after tonight. And I bet you’ll get it way better than that Josh kid could have given you.”

Chloe shook her head and covered herself further, “No way!!! We can’t!!! I can’t have my first time with you!! It would be super weird! How will I even look at Uncle Frank the same way knowing I gave it up to his best friend! You had your fun with us, just take us home already!”

I moved in and spread her legs. She resisted but not too much, not wanting to fight back against one of her dearest friends. “I’ve been wanting to do this with you for the longest time Chloe. Both of you, but you mostly.”

Chloe looked me in the eye and saw desire mixed with lust, “Really…? But I… I dunno… this is still all so weird… Like we’re all drunk or fucked up or something…”

I moved in closer, holding my hard cock in my hand, eager to enter her before she would snap out of her state of confusion, “You know me Chloe, and you know I’d never hurt you in any way. Just let tonight happen sweetheart, and I’ll take you both home, like I promised so many times already. I just really need this tonight, and I know you do too.”

Chloe blushed and could only say, “Please don’t do this….. don’t…”

But it was too late. I pushed myself against her and soon felt the damp heat of her virgin pussy take my head. Chloe groaned as my thick shaft forced its way in, breaking her cherry at last. “Owwwww!!!! Uncle Gus!!! Don’t do this!!!! Aggghhh!!!!”

I pulled out of her, only to slide half of my rock-hard cock back inside the ravished blonde. She still meant a lot to me after all we’ve been through, so I gave her smooth slow thrusts, letting her take only half my length. She tried to push me off her, but all her attempts were ignored as I continued to fuck her.

The way her warm wet pussy seemed to suck and slurp my head each time I pulled out felt so good, I just couldn’t stop myself. All she could do was beg, cry and let out some gasping moans. Nicole was rubbing herself, eager for her turn and would be of no help to her.

“Uncle Gus!!! Please stop!!! Oh god…!!! I can’t believe this is happening!!!”

Her pleads turned into forced moans and groans as I started going faster now. Her pussy was feeling slicker each time I entered her as her body was enjoying mine against her will. She finally loosened her grip on me and let her arms down to her sides. As I bounced her body up and down with every thrust, she had finally submitted herself to what was happening.

“See? This isn’t so bad Chloe… I’ve been wanting to fuck you for such a long time, sweetheart. I actually feel honored to be your first. Don’t you feel how wet you’re getting? Just relax and enjoy it baby…”

She looked at me as I leaned in and kissed her intensely. I started thrusting harder against her as I forced her tongue to play with mine. My hands wandered and soon grabbed her luscious breasts. I pulled her shirt up and over her arms and yanked her bra, finally seeing her sexy pair as they jiggled with each thrust I gave her. I could hear her moan and breathe harder as I started to grip and squeeze them. As I looked back up to kiss her, she actually kissed back this time, her tongue now looking for my own. She was finally mine.

There no words, just heavy breathing and moaning as I continued to pump my hard cock inside her. She looked at me, almost ashamed of herself for enjoying this, but she would never say a word. I soon stopped and pulled out, not wanting to cum just yet. The girls made me shoot quite a load already and I wasn’t sure I could pull off a third one, so this one had to count. Chloe laid there, looking at me, still breathing heavily.

“It’s your friend’s turn now baby… let me give her some of this too.”

Nicole almost yelled as soon as she heard her name, “Oh hell yes! Fuck me with that big hard cock of yours Uncle Gus! Make me cum, you horny old bastard!”

I moved aside and got in front of her, already spread-eagled and anxious to fuck. I rammed my cock deep inside her, making the overzealous party girl take me full. She let out a loud scream as her tight trimmed cunt was forced to take the thickest cock it ever had all in one thrust. “AGGGGGGGHHH!!! OH FUCK!!!! You’re so hard…. So fuckin’ hard…”

I grabbed her hips and started to pound the hell out of her pussy. She looked like the kind that could take a good thrashing.

Nicole moaned and groaned in loud high pitched screams, trying to withstand the savage pleasure that was hitting her body. Her nails dug their way into my back and her legs wrapped themselves around me, holding me in her clutches.

Once again she had control over me as she pushed me into her lips. Our tongues went wild as she started to thrash her hips against mine, determined to make my cock sink as deep into her as she possibly could. Our muffled moans grew louder as we fucked the hell out of each other, rocking the car violently.

“Oh fuck Nicole… I just love how your little pussy feels… Oh god… you’re so fucking tight… Just wanna pound your pussy good and hard, you horny little bitch…”

“Oh my god… oh fuck, it feels so good!!! Pound that pussy, baby…. Oh FUCK!!! POUND THAT PUSSY, BABY!!! FUCK IT REAL GOOD!!!”

I was surprised how quick she got into this, but I was loving every second of it. Her cunt felt like a sweet velvet vice, rubbing, squeezing and massaging my cock as I ran it in and out of her. Any regret I felt about tonight vanished into her sweet little cooch, as I continued to fuck the lil’ cockslut for all she was worth.

Chloe could only watch as I fucked her friend senseless. Soon her grip on me tightened as she let out an intense moan into my mouth. Nicole’s body tensed up as I felt her climax hit her hard, probably the hardest orgasmic crash her body ever experienced. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! OH SHIT!!!! AGGHHHH!!!!” I didn’t stop, still slamming into her climaxing pussy as Nicole continued to whimper in pleasure.

I pulled out of her and moved over to Chloe again. My cock was now throbbing hard, eager to finish into Nicole, but I decided that if I was gonna cum tonight, it would be with my dear trusted Chloe. She looked surprised that she was going to be taken again, but I didn’t give her time to respond. I just spread her legs and forced myself into her, letting her feel all 8 thick hard inches inside her. She let out a loud gasp followed by whimpers as I started to thrust into her with the same intensity as her friend.

Chloe gripped onto the cushioned seats beneath her as I rocked her body with every thrust. She breathed hard and let out startled gasped each time I buried my full length inside her. “Oh fuck… you feel so good Chloe… I want to be the first man to make you cum…”

The blonde’s breathing was faster and more intense as she started to thrust her hips against me. She wrapped her arms around me as I continued to grind my cock into her. “I can feel it… oh god, Uncle Gus… I’m cumming…. I’m cumming…. You’re going to make me cum…”

I grunted and gasped for breath myself, feeling a bit worn out, but determined to make her cum all over my cock. I slammed into her relentlessly, shaking her body all over the place. All my focus was on pounding that pussy as her gasps and groans served to egg me on. Chloe finally felt her body rattle uncontrollably as she was hit by her very first orgasm that wasn’t caused by her own fingers. “OH GOD!!!! OOOOHHH!!! I’M CUMMING UNCLE GUS!!! CUMMING!!! OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!”

I couldn’t take it anymore. I quickly pulled out, frightened I might accidently explode and fill Chloe with my seed. I couldn’t think, I was so overcome with the pleasure both girls gave me tonight, all I could do was stroke my cock, hoping to end this by squirting all over her sweet little face. Nicole sat up and quickly took my cock into her mouth, not wanting to waste her chance. “Oh fuck… I’m gonna cum baby… don’t let up… you two got me so close…”

Nicole’s determination and savage lips only took her a few seconds to finally make me blow my load. I groaned almost in pain as I felt myself shoot my hot thick load into the hungry party girl’s sweet mouth. Feeling myself lose everything, I couldn’t stay on my knees any longer and just collapsed on my back.

All I could do is pant heavily as Nicole continued to suck and slurp on my dick, making sure she got the last drops of my climax. Her hands gripped and played with my balls as she continued to slurp on the head as my cock was finally worn out for the night.

Satisfied, Nicole wiped her mouth and leaned in to look at me, “I have to admit, tonight was a lot more fun than I would have thought. So does that mean you’re gonna drive us home now?”

After some time to recover, I finally sat up and started to pull up my pants. “Yeah, a deal’s a deal. I’ll take you both home. And if you girls keep what happened tonight a secret, I’ll also keep all of your partying and wild things a secret.”

We got dressed and got back into the front seat. Nicole made extra sure to sit next to me this time. We were all worn out and eager to get home for bed. As we drove towards Nicole’s house, she asked me a few times if I would keep all their things secret, even things they’ll do after tonight, and I agreed.

When we reached her house, she gave me a deep kiss on the lips and a cock-teasing little smile before heading for her front door, “Thanks for tonight, Uncle Gus.” She giggled and waved before entering her house.

The rest of the drive had a bit of an awkward silence, as I took Chloe home. “Chloe… listen…. Um… tonight…. I dunno…. I just…”

Chloe looked away from me, “You don’t have to say anything Uncle Gus…” We finally arrived at her house. I said “See you next time?” but she would ignore me and just go into her house. I felt like crap.

Things with Chloe were awkward since that day. I only had to pick her up twice from late night parties, but she would hardly speak to me and just give a small ‘thanks’ after dropping her off. It was awkward but she tried not to act as weird around Uncle Frank. If he ever asked her why she was cold around me, she wouldn’t know what to answer. Part of me felt horrible for what I did that night.

On the other hand… Nicole became my new lover. After this she started texted me constantly and we’d agree to meet for weekends of just savage lust. She made it clear she didn’t want a boyfriend. She just wanted to fuck, at least until whenever she would get serious with someone else.

We chose to keep it from Chloe since it would probably have bothered her even more. On that note, I came out on top, in spades. I stopped looking in singles bar and just focused on fucking Nicole whenever she asked. I knew it wouldn’t last, but I was sure to enjoy every second of it.

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