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In the Meantime

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“Well Mrs. Davidson you husband has left you a sizable amount. However out of his millions, twenty-five has been left to his daughter. There is also a clause that is binding that may cause you some grief.” Mr. Goldblum looked over at the young lady across the table. This had all the makings of a bad detective movie he thought.

He didn’t like his client but his widow seemed genuinely upset that the old bastard had died. Jeffery M. Davidson the Third would cheat an orphan out of a penny. Still he had to admit that he had an eye for the beautiful and an even better eye for the eccentric. His wife was a black woman.

Margaret Davidson was also one of the most beautiful women he had every seen. She was tall, elegant and almost unreal in her beauty. Her eyes where pretty and a honey color when she wasn’t crying, full lips and long pretty hair. He clenched his teeth; she was also one of his richest clients, now being one of two sole heirs to the Davidson toy fortune of fifty million dollars. Twenty-five going to her and the other half going to his flighty daughter, Isabella. She was on all the reels nowadays; jet setting and yachting. He mentally groaned; the life of the young rich and idle. She was a year younger then Margaret at twenty four. She should be married but she wasn’t, instead she was as spoiled as they came. He remembered her at her first meeting. An eighteen year old debutante on the arms of some Spanish playboy named Arturo. God she was condescending and rude, more interested in the booze then in her father. He swore up and down that as long as he lived he would never under stand the young infatuation with the stuff.

He looked over at Margaret and patted her hand. He wondered what she had seen in the sixty year old tycoon. Maybe he should ask a different question, what did the tycoon see in her? Besides her beauty she had nothing else to offer. According to his investigators she was a cook’s daughter and she and Isabella had once been best friends, but something mysterious had severed that friendship. Probably her marrying Isabella’s father. That would do it. He closed his eyes and looked at her she was crying softly and he reached out to touch her. Whatever he was, the old recluse cared for her. “In order to gain you halve of the fortune you have to stay with you step daughter for one month in Jeffery’s county estate.”

She stiffened “But I hate her!”

Mr. Goldblum continued on as if he hadn’t been interrupted by the sudden outburst. “Food will be supplied weekly by his butler James and the house will be cleaned twice a week by Maria. Mr. Davidson also made allowances all clothes should be brought with you and you are not to leave the house for anything. Unless there is a death in your family or sickness. Even then you are to have supervised visits by Isabella. You are also not allowed to have any visitors family or otherwise.”

“But that is insane! I am perfectly capable of–”

“I assure you Mrs. Davidson, that your husband was legally sound when he constructed this will. He was coherent up until his death. I am sorry for this.” And he was genuinely. He knew how unstable Isabella was and how much grief Margaret was in. This was not going to be an easy condition. He sighed and patted her hand again “I am sorry for your lost.” He stood and packed up the legal papers and snapped shut his briefcase. Earlier that week he had broke the news of Jeffrey’s death to Isabella. She hadn’t smiled and she hadn’t cried, instead she just nodded and went back into her suite in the hotel she was staying in. Later that week he had heard that she didn’t attend the party she was throwing. Such a small show of emotion for such a generous man.

One week later.

I stood at the door waiting for my step I sneered the word mom. God Margaret had always been such a wet blanket. Punctual, polite and so damn nice that she could almost make bile rise. I sighed and adjusted my hat. I had finally got the look I wanted; my dress and my pearls had to be just right. She probably would be mad that in one of the suitcases I carried was full of gin and brandy instead of church clothes. Jeez, I needed a drink, ever since prohibition had come into this burg, twenty years ago; it was drier then the Sahara desert. I rang the door bell and thought what a sorry place this was. No pool boy and no man. What was a girl to do? I guess I had to make my self have fun, what a bore. To my annoyance Maria, that fifty year old biddy opened the door. She left as soon as I came in. She didn’t even bother to get my bags or tell me where my old playmate was. I figured she meant for me to search for her. I tried the office near the foyer. Why am I not surprised that she was setting there behind the desk. I walk over. “Isabella, have a seat.”

“Be glad to.” I walk over and flop on the cherry wood desk. I took out a cigarette and lit it. I didn’t care for them but anything to make her mad. “How are ya Marge?”

I hadn’t called her that and years and she shows no emotion. “Or should I call you ma?”

She scowled at me and color crept into her skin. I had no idea she could blush. “I guess that was warranted.”

I lifted a red eyebrow. “You think.”

“Isabella we have to talk.”

“Call me Belle I believe you were once an intimate.”

I could hear her teeth grinding. “Yes I believe we where. Well Belle, we are here under strange circumstances.”

“What’s so strange about it? You are here for money and I am here to make sure the old fucker’s dead.”

“You don’t have to be so rude.”

“And you don’t have to be such a prude Ma.”

“Please don’t call me that.”

“Why? You thought that the marriage to my father didn’t give me the right to call you mother, after all you are older then me.”

“There were circumstances to the marriage that you didn’t understand.”

I looked at her levelly and took a puff of my cigarette. “I understood it all very well. You needed his money. You didn’t even like him.”

“I cared for him a hell of a lot more then you did.”

My red head’s temper was showing. “I guess we will never know shall we.”

No I guess not. I saw that her blithe body was encased in very expensive clothes. I was not called The Toy princess for nothing. She looked nice and I remarked on it. “Being rich agrees with you.” She was in the process of getting up and stalled half way and gave me a quelling look. “Maybe it would be for the best if we avoided each other for the duration of our stay here.”

I tossed my hair and studied my nails looking for the entire world as a bored little rich girl, a picture of nonchalance. “Fine by me.”

The next morning I came down stairs simply in a t-shirt that I had gotten form my Austrian lover Petr and a sheer pair of panties. I padded down into the kitchen only to come face to face with my nemesis. She sat at the table in her pleated pants and sweater, reading a book. I looked at her and mentally congratulated my self. I had to get up three hours earlier then my usually twelve but it was worth it to annoy Margaret. She stiffened. “Don’t you have something better to wear?”

I smiled dimpling my cheeks. “Why, when it’s only you.” I walked over and sat on her lap and fondled her breasts. “What’s the matter ‘fraid you might get tempted?” She angrily pushed me off her lap and stalked from the table. My work was done. “Aw, it can’t be the bed head, or was it?” I called after her. I was greeted with a slammed door and my smile broadened

I looked into the hall mirror and glanced at the reflection. Curly red hair pulled into a tight ponytail with bangs, slashing brows over deep green eyes. My straight nose kept me from being too beautiful with it being a little long. Still it did not detract from a full mouth and perfect white teeth and not a freckle on me. One stunning face set atop one of the most perfect bodies Hugh Heffner had ever seen. That was what he told me. Still even I couldn’t hold a candle to Margaret who was almost perfect. Still almost but not quite was not good enough for my plan. History was going to repeat itself.

Margaret sat on her bed fuming wishing that she hadn’t got so turned on by that clearly obvious attempt. Fine, if it was a war she wanted it was a war she was going to get.

The days passed until one whole week had gone by and nothing had formed in Margaret’s mind to get back at Isabella. Then suddenly it struck her. She could use their past encounters just as well as she could. She went to the kitchen and waited for Maria. If she knew the woman then she knew that she was punctual and detail-oriented to a fault. She saw her and smiled but grabbed the cucumber that she requested and took it to her room. She wasn’t horny but she needed to be for her subtle revenge. An hour later she heard the closing of the door and knew that Maria had left for the evening. It was four thirty and she knew that Isabella would be coming from the pool around this time. She stripped down to just her panties opened the door and lay down on the bed. She pushed the small strip of cloth that covered her to the side and imagined Isabella coming from the pool in her tiny bikini, dripping wet and her nipples hardened from the cool air.

She inserted the vegetable into and groaned loudly. She was always noisy and knew that was such a turn on to Isabella. She moved the veggie in and out of her body slowly, stretching. “OOOoooohhhhh this feels so good. UUUuuuhhhhmmm!!!”

Just as she thought Isabella stood at her door towel draped over her shoulder staring in idle fascination as she masturbated. Margaret’s hand went to her breast plucking the budding nipple. She pulled the cucumber out and gently pushed it back in her body. She saw Isabella lick her lips in appreciation as the green tube went in and out of her body. She thought she heard Isabella murmur, ‘Let me’ but she could have been wrong. Still even she couldn’t predict the effect of her watching her would be. She was so close to coming. Isabella’s hand strayed to her own breast as she watched Margaret take her own into her mouth and nip at the chocolate colored bud before she came, pushing and pulling the vegetable in and out of her body quicker and quicker. “Oh my GOD!!!” She screamed as she erupted. Still even that was only for a couple of seconds as she lifted heavy eyelids towards her open door. “Liked that didn’t you Isabella?” she smiled as she watch the tall red head stomp off.

The next day they declared a truce.

One week later

I cornered her in the kitchen it was about three in the morning and she was fixing a snack. I walked behind her and she jumped and turned around. “Oh Isabella, it’s you, what are you doing up?”

“I had a nightmare and went to the kitchen to get a snack. You know like we used to when we were girls.”

Her chest heaved she was still getting over her fright. She was so pretty in the moonlight. I ran my hand along the column of her neck and she stood still like a doe in the head lights of a car. “Do you remember what else we did when we were young?”

She shook her head. She knew but she hated to admit it. “I do.” I smiled my face close to hers. “We made a promise when I was eighteen to teach each other what we had learned. Remember that? Daddy had sent me off to school the year before and you wrote to me how lonely you were while I was out having the time of my life. I came back and gave you your first kiss.” I could smell her breath, it was sweet and heavy as if the memory alone unlocked doors for her. “You remember how my tongue felt in your mouth? Gentle at first, awkward but you liked it didn’t your Marge? Liked the pressure of my body on yours my mouth tasting you, my tongue filling some part of you. It felt so good didn’t it baby?” I kissed her slackened lips lightly, feeling her nod in agreement. “Do you remember what happened the month after our first kiss? You let me play with you again Marge. You went out to the glade and let me unbutton your blouse. I slipped it off and played with your beautiful breasts.” I slipped my hand inside of her nightgown, feeling the generous weight of her breast in my hand. I squeezed, massaging it to the fullness I knew it could be. “I sucked them until you quivered beneath me. I scraped my teeth along the sensitive skin, inhaled them, watched you as closed your eyes in ecstasy.” I kissed her again. Willing her mouth to open under mine, she complied so easily it was almost as if we were in the glade again. Me between her legs playing with her breasts, her hair entangled with grass and her body arching off the ground demanding that I gave her something. I succumbed to her, opening my mouth and letting her come inside. He tongue entangled with mine, pulling it into her mouth. I let her have her way. She reached for me demanded that I try to blend my body into hers. I scooted closer to her, pushed her against the refrigerator and lifted her so she could wrap her legs around my waist. I moved away from the fridge and took her to the counter and lifted her gown.

I rubbed the inside of her thighs loving the feel of them against my bare skin. She pushed my robe off my shoulders, I was nude underneath, and kissed my neck. I lifted it up for better access. I was having trouble removing the night gown so I tore the thin silk down the middle. I heard her sigh as her hot body came skin to skin with mine.

She looked at me her lips swollen and puffy, her eyes glazed. “I remember it all. I cried when you left that year. I wanted you so badly, you were mine but you kept leaving me. I wanted to give you something that was a part of me. I loved you so much.”

I was working her panties down her legs when I heard that. I wanted to sink my tongue inside her so bad but some of my instincts told me I had to hear this. “What are you talking about?”

“Do you remember what happened?”

I nodded how could I not? I closed my eyes and let memories assailed me. I was in the glade. I hiked her dress around her hips and smelt the clean scent that was Margaret. I looked at her in wonder. She was so different from how I was. Neat and trimmed and I was, well, a lot messier then. I kissed the inside of her thighs. I saw her hands clench in the grass. She was scared I knew that. But I was a dumb girl experiencing with some new type of sex and I was going to gorge my self on my best friend. I opened her legs and kissed her smooth thighs. Marveling at the difference in texture and taste. She was so sweet and I couldn’t resist. I licked her; she jumped and settled down soon enough. I found her lips, dewy and wet. I bent to taste and her deep groan of pleasure was pure music. I opened her and found her clitoris swollen and waiting for me. I latched on and teased her until I felt she was close to coming. I gently pushed one finger inside her. She cried out in delight. I moved it in and out adding fingers until she was grabbing at me with her hands. Forcing my tongue to probe harder, deeper. When she came I gulped down the liquids that gushed from her body. She screamed and bucked wildly against my face. I grabbed her and calmed her down. She quieted in my arms while I rubbed her back. I smiled at the memory.

Margaret grabbed my face and pulled it close to hers. “Your father saw us that day. He married me to prevent a scandal. I went along to protect you. I know now that was foolish.”

It was considering that now I caused a scandal where ever I went. “I’m sorry I hurt you Marge.”

She nodded accepting it and my heart swelled. “I’m sorry that I could not return the favor to you that day.” She moved off the counter and gave a tug on my hand. I let her lead me to her bed room. I grabbed the whip cream that she was putting on her pound cake and walked beside her.

She led me to her bed where I laid down. My head had barely touched the pillow before she told me to get up. She stripped off the torn gown and I looked at her brown skin knowing the warmness that it held. I watched her lay on the bed and she beckoned to me with her finger I came to her. Crawled into her arms actually. She told me she wanted to taste me. I smiled as she arranged our bodies to where she was on the bottom and I was on the top facing in opposite directions. I felt her mouth on me and almost collapsed from the pleasure she gave me. She nibbled at me. He tongue pushing so deep into my body, that I forgot the plan, only thought to push my self deeper on her tongue. I grabbed the cucumber that I saw her use. It was long in thick. I opened her up and ran my finger across her opening. I shuddered, her tongue had found my ass and I couldn’t concentrate. It was pushing so earnestly into the tight hole while her fingers diligently worked my pussy. God, I was about to come, I could feel it building. I buried my mouth on her, using one hand to keep her open and the other to guide the vegetable in her. She tightened around it and I worked it in and out of her body. She tore it away to scream in protest. We both had a war going on with each other and I had just tipped the scales in my favor. I pulled out the cucumber and tasted her deeply with my tongue searching her valley almost to her very depths. She clasped her legs around my head about to burst. It was a game between us, the loser would shatter first. She pushed her tongue into me guiding the agile muscle so deep that I couldn’t think. I exploded grinding myself against her barely aware that she came with me. I drank in her explosion, hearing only our deep moanings and the slurping sounds of each of us trying to lick each other dry. I collapsed on top of her, my body heaving. It was so good that I shook. I didn’t want to talk, didn’t want her to see my weakness but she knew. Always had known that I loved her. I wanted to move away and hide my self. What was the point of knowing how I felt if I couldn’t express it? I felt her tug me closer. She pulled me up in the bed and took the cucumber from my hand. I had forgotten I still held it. She settled between my legs and leaned her head on my breast. I stroked her hair and she suckled at my breast pulling that soft areole into her mouth lavishing it with love. She moved against me stroking the other breast, rolling my nipple between her finger and thumb making it as hard as the one in her hot mouth. She openly toyed with both, making them hard, making me want to fuck her so good, that she came until she felt like she was about to die.

She guessed my intent and her agile body moved from my range and she grabbed my legs and entangled it with hers bringing our pussies together and me on top. I gasped at the heat radiating from her but she only smiled at me, as she took the cucumber and inserted half of the fat pole in me and the other half and her. She held the rod as her hips began to move. The pressure inside me demanded that I answer it. I rode the fleshy vegetable with her. My pussy devouring it until my lips touched hers she moved her hand and sought out my breasts as she bucked on it harder and harder until our breaths matched. I heard her gurgled laughter as she came squirting on me as our flavors blended. God it was so good. I exploded soon after, lying limp in the king sized bed with her legs around my hips and mine straddling hers. My breath hit her forehead and I stroked her shoulder while her hand idly played with the ridges on my back. ”

“Are we back again to the way things were before . . . you know?” I asked unsure of what the future held.

“No,” she said

My face fell. That was not the answer I was expecting. But then she kissed me our tongues mating blending all of the flavors that we had experienced just now. “It is better then before.”

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