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Married Man’s Night Out

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This is a true story.

Just a bit of background. I am married to a great woman. Have been for 15 years. Have three great kids. And have maintained my vows for the entire time. However when I was in College, I was quite a player. Including some bi action. Over the years I had never forgotten those times and action. I often caught myself thinking or even fantasizing about them. I am now 40. But I look a young 30. I have a cut and muscular but not a big massive body. Excellent looks, and still have a pretty full head of hair.

Over the past few months I had been spending more and more time on the net, not so much as looking over the porn as reading the stories of sex. I found myself totally captured by them. And I eventually made it to the bi and gay section. Reading about bookstore and theater encounters took me right back to my college days. I found myself getting further and further into them. Some time after I had been reading these stories, my sister in law had her baby, and my wife and kids flew down to Texas to see her for a few days. I stayed behind to work.

The evening my wife left, I did my usual screening of erotic stories. Except this time I just started and stayed in the bi/gay section. I loved the nameless encounters. The stories were so much like I remembered from my college days so many years ago. As I was sifting through the links I found a website advertising where many bookstores are located. That’s when I knew I’d be going on a road trip. The next day was Saturday, and I headed for Louisville early afternoon. I live in Indiana, but there was no way I was going to watch or do anything in my hometown, I worked a high profile job. Louisville it was. I was also telling myself I was only going to watch, not play. I was married, faithfully, to a great gal, and I didn’t want to risk loosing that or catching anything. And since the stories that seemed to make me the hottest were about white guys like me doing black guys, I decided my interests this evening would be to watch over the dark side of the force, so to speak. 

With my list of sites from the web page, I set out on my great adventure. I stopped at an adult theater with a bookstore in southern Indiana. Entering the place, the memories came flooding back. I had never even seen this place before, but the layout and contents seemed so like something I had seen a million times. I walked around and looked at the merchandise before getting up the nerve to buy a ticket for the theater. The theaters were divided up into a couples and a singles only place. I found myself wishing for a woman to check out the couples only theater. But into the single I headed. It seemed like an eternity before my vision adjusted. When it did, I saw the old familiar layout of an adult movie theater. There were about seven rows of seats, maybe eight or 10 across. 

The back row butted up to the back wall. That was different from the others I had been in years ago. But the web site confirmed this was a happening place. I settled into the back row and took in the flick and allowed my nerves and vision to settle in. Little by little I began to see the sign of sexual activity. A man over there jacking off. An older guy over there jacking off the guy next to him. And on the other side of the back row, someone blowing someone else. Yea, it was becoming something I remembered well. I could also feel my lust and desires building, despite my reservations. However, after about 20 minutes, I walked out of the theater, the movie sucked and the action didn’t keep my attention. The other side of the place had video booths. I figured I’d have a look over there. I bought $5 worth of tokens, again something else new to me, and headed in. 

The place was semi dark. I could see video cameras monitoring each hall. No public corner action here, something I remember enjoying well from my college days. In spite of the cameras the halls were somewhat crowded with men just standing around. Some talking to each other, some obviously looking for some action. I began to open doors and look inside the booths. About a third of them seemed to have glory holes in them. I stepped inside one and before I got my door closed I saw a very old and quite frankly very fat guy practically dive into the one next to me. I just turned and walked out. That too was as I remembered it from my younger days. Walking away chuckling to myself I told myself that I guess I still had something about me. 

At some point I had actually bought a box of condoms and lube from the front desk. Somewhat embarrassed by it because there was a stripper standing behind the counter talking on the phone when I did it. But I walked around the halls in the both area just looking over the people in the place. I was always a people watcher, so this fit me just fine, except now I was also beginning to wonder about the people in a different way. Along the back hall I encountered a black man just standing leaning against the wall watching the people go by. 

Well, my lusts cranked up another notch and I found myself making eye contact. It was only for a second, and then I stepped into a booth. Here was something else new to me. The booth took dollars as well as the tokens, and besides the main screen, four smaller screens constantly changed between the movies. I was enjoying the on screen action when the booth door opened and the black guy from the hall walked in. My heart jumped in my chest, I could feel my pulse quicken as I had a decision to make. Ask him to leave, or let him stay. Along with my heart, my lusts jumped up quite a bit also. We looked into each others eyes for a second or two, and the lust in my face had to have been obvious. He placed one hand around my neck and gently forced me to my knees.

As I slid down I could feel every bit of restraint and reservation disappear. I undid his jeans and pulled out a rock hard cock. He was about my size, seven inches or so, not overly thick, but his sack was huge, bigger than mine. I sucked on his cock head, but found myself drawn to his nuts. I licked them and one by one gently sucked them into my mouth. I could tell he was enjoying himself. His positioning of his hands on my head spoke volumes. Those college memories came flowing like a river. I always secretly loved being led, or semi-controlled. The feel of my partners hands on my head, directing me to what their needs and desires are were such a turn on for me. This was no exception. I suddenly discovered, not only was I no longer harboring any reservations, I was into it. Now I needed it. The floodgates had opened. I raised my mouth to his cock and swallowed him in one smooth motion. I always had the ability, given the chance, to deep throat most any cock I ever sucked. I think that ability, and the fact that in those days I loved doing it, always led me to wanting men that were hung. The bigger the better for sucking I always thought. A challenge. A desire. A need. It was all here again. I greedily sucked his cock. I began sucking up and down, going all the way to his cock base and tonguing his balls with him buried in my mouth. 

I couldn’t get over the size of his sac. Mine is nicely hung, and my wife always says how much she likes the feel of it smacking her as we fuck. I knew right then and there, I had to feel that sensation. I put a non-lubed condom on him and sucked him more as I prepared myself. It had been many years, so I made sure I was good and ready. I turned around and bent over the stool. Not a single word between us had been spoken and yet he knew what I desired. He slipped right up and began to work himself into me. I was tight. It had been many years, but I knew it was going to feel good again after a few minutes. He worked me slowly, but firmly, and after a few minutes, “was balls deep”, as it’s said. He began to stroke inside me. Sliding in, and then almost all the way out. A real fuck. None of this putting it in and pretending to move it around. He was hard, and was using it. 

As I relaxed more he began to push harder and faster. I was finally able to establish a rhythm to match his thrusts. I could tell he was beginning to get close. He was squeezing his cock inside me and I was squeezing back. He began moving faster. But even with the condom on I didn’t want him cumming inside me. I tried to time him, paying attention to his strokes. When I figured him pretty close I pulled off him, spun around dropped to my knees and offered him my face. He pulled the condom off and grabbed my forehead and shot a perfect arch of cum right onto my chin. I shut my eyes and just enjoyed the sensation of his hot load splattering on my face. 

When he finished I moved to take him into my mouth. Most of the men I remembered would pull away from that, not wanting any more contact on their sensitive head. In fact I was banking on him doing just that. But he surprised me, allowing me to take him in and suck on his sensitive head. I could taste his cum on the corners of my mouth and his cock. I sucked him until he completely lost his hardness. When I stood up, he wiped my face with a paper towel the management had seen fit to provide in each booth. I thanked him, speaking our first words, but he laughed and said, “no, thank you.” Then he turned and left the booth. And just like that, I had gone back 15 years. Back to the fun I used to have as a college athlete and student. It wasn’t about men, it was about sex. I loved performing oral sex. On women, and men. And I knew my night was only just beginning. 

Part two

After the booth encounter, I headed back to the theater to see if anything more exciting was going on. I was completely into the mood now. Looking for an encounter. Wanting very much to go at it again. I felt those old feelings rising to the surface after a 15 year hiatus. Settling back into the theater, I was disappointed to discover nothing new going on in here. The movie was still the same old stinker, and no new prospects seemed to have appeared. Once my eyes completely adjusted I was able to confirm my thoughts. “Nothing cooking in here.” I pulled out my sheet of locations and decided to drive the last couple of miles into Louisville. Two locations appeared to be close together, and I hit the first one about 15 minutes after leaving the theater in Indiana. This place was much seeder. Again, very much like I remembered some things. 

This place had about 15 booths or so, and was semi dark. The guy sitting at the desk was old and fat. Cameras were scattered around the area, however there were a few gaps and a couple of guys were standing around in these gaps. I went in to the first booth I encountered. It was very large. About four or five feet wide and at least ten feet long. Again, the doors were full length. I slid a dollar into the video screen and looked at a bench that was at least seven feet long itself. At the end closest to the door was a glory hole. It was in a perfect position to allow someone to lie on their back with their head hanging over the edge and have that hole perfectly positioned. It didn’t take long for the booth next to me to become occupied. I dropped down to peek through the hole. Excellent, a black guy. He didn’t even bother to drop any cash, just unzipped and walked up to the hole. He looked like he had a nice package. I found myself placing my mouth up against the hole, hoping he’d just slid right in. I was rewarded with just what I desired. In came a nice black cock. 

Maybe seven to eight inches long. Semi thick. Straight, with almost no curve. It rolled right into my mouth. I opened up and allowed him to go as far as he was able. I began to slowly suck on it. It had a pleasant taste with a very definite after shave smell. I worked it slowly, playing with the head. Giving it a solid wetting with my saliva I sucked it in, putting pressure in the most sensitive of areas. I tongued up and down the sides. I found that I was completely lost in this. I was so enjoying myself. After a few minutes he pulled out, I thought he might be close, but he leaned down and told me he wanted to “fuck me.” “Come over here” he said. I opened up the door, and as I started to open the next one, he came out and motioned for me to follow him into the third booth. There were a few guys walking around and a couple of them watched us go into the booth. Well, I figured, this place must be pretty open and safe. We went in and locked the door behind us. I dropped to my knees and began to open his pants. 

I heard the door rattle as someone tried to open it up. Pulling out his cock, I immediately took over where I left off. I sucked his head into my mouth and put plenty of pressure on him, trying to draw him in with just my mouth, seeing if he would respond. He placed his hands around my head and slid himself completely inside my mouth. Letting out a small groan, he dropped his pants to the floor and pulled me up off my knees. I knew he wanted to fuck badly. I placed a condom over his cock, and sucked him a bit more while I started to lube his tool. He told me to lie on my back on the bench. He placed my legs over his shoulders and closed up to fuck me. The positioning wasn’t the best, but we made it work. He pushed himself inside me and inch by inch, he worked it in. His thickness was more than I anticipated. But after I got conformable with it, I began to try to move with him, enjoying this feeling. He was pulling my legs up and trying to drive deep inside me. I rose to meet him, squeezing him with my strong ass muscles. He was trying to ride me like a horse, the position was uncomfortable, but the feeling was wonderful. We fucked in this position for maybe ten minutes. 

He began to push harder and I knew he was getting close. I wanted very much to feel him cum inside me, but for safety, I was set against it. I pulled back and pushed him off me, and dropping to my knees, I once again pulled off a rubber, and covered a cock that had just been giving me an ass pounding, with my hot and ready mouth. He almost instantly began to unload in my mouth. Pulling off I allowed him to spurt all over my face. The one shot I had taken I forced out of the corners of my mouth. I could feel my face being covered by hot sticky goo. I was pulling on my cock, getting closer to getting off myself. As he finished unloading I relaxed and sank down completely to my knees. Running my hands over my face and mouth. I even found myself sucking my fingers clean. As I was still down low, he zipped up and just like that, walked out the door. I reached up to close it and lock it to clean up when another black guy walked right in. He startled me, and I began to cover up, but he was already waving a nice hard cock in my face even before the door closed completely. I closed my eyes and allowed him to have his way. He smacked my face a few times with his cock, and then started talking dirty to me. 

My cock twitched, I was going to enjoy this. He forcefully grabbed the back of my head and slid his cock in balls deep, not even giving me a chance to resist or prepare for him. “Suck it you bitch”, he said. “Swallow my cock”. I completely opened up and offered my mouth to him. He never let go of my head as he worked his cock into and out of my mouth. He was at least seven inches, average thickness. Balls drawn up tight, slapping against my chin. My spit was running out of the corners of my mouth. He pulled completely out and the spit was hanging off his cock and my mouth. I could feel the heaviness of the fluid I had generated with my mouth action. I tried to suck him back in, but he held my face away saying, “you want it don’t you baby?” “Yea, come for my cock, suck it down your hot mouth.” I reached forward with my mouth as he pushed straight in, all the way. I gagged. He didn’t even slow down. I thought just for a second I might loose my cookies. He backed up just enough to allow me to grab a breath. Then in it came again. As he reached full depth, I could feel his balls slapping my chin and lips. He wiggled his hips. Trying to rotate his cock around in my throat. He flexed dick muscle, and my eyes started to water. I just needed a few seconds to get prepared and to breathe. However it seemed he didn’t want that. He continued to flex inside my mouth until I started to force him away. He then withdrew and smacked my face with that rock hard black cock. 

He said something like, “my black cock looks great against your white skin”. I almost came right then. He continued to smack my face and jack off at the same time. I was now trying to get him back into my mouth. The cum from my previous lover was drying on my face. I could feel it harden with every slap of this lovers cock on my lips and cheeks. I was still tying to get him into my mouth when he let out a small moan and pulled the back of my head to his rod. He began to shoot hot cum on my cheeks and mouth. I kept my mouth shut and allowed him to unload on me. He came and came. He must have had a gallons worth. I was covered. It felt like my entire face was just soaked in cum. I was on fire. I looked up into his eyes with a look that had to say thank you. He pulled away, wiped himself and zipping up went out the door. Although I was secretly hoping maybe someone else would walk in, I really wanted to clean my face up first. Using the paper towels that an obviously friendly management had provided, I used quite a few cleaning myself up. When I thought I was looking presentable, I walked out of the booth and headed for the restroom I saw to wash my face clean also. 

As I stepped out of the restroom I wondered what else this night might hold in store for me. Looking back to the first booth I had entered I saw the light on, indicating it was occupied. However the light in the adjoining booth was not lit. I walked in and dropped down to peek through the hole. I was rewarded by the site of a very young looking white guy with a huge cock getting sucked by yet another black guy. I stayed in this position until I saw what was obviously the white guy getting off. The black mouth seemed to savor every drop and I’m sure didn’t loose any of it as he swallowed. Afterwards, the black guy stuck his fingers through the hole. I knew his feelings well, but getting sucked was not what I wanted at this moment. I walked out into the hall area again, but all the booths seemed occupied and no one was standing around. Figuring I had gotten about as lucky as I was going to get, I pulled out my list and headed to my third stop of the evening. Taking stock of my situation, I had had quite a nights worth of activity by anyone’s standards, but true to that old college form, I found myself far from satisfied. 

Part three.

I headed south to the next location on my list. I was pleased to see it was only a few miles away on the same road. This place was by far the seediest. Not to mention the dirtiest. The booths were just off the main floor area. There were about 12 or so. No cameras were visible, and a few guys were hanging out in the hall. There were two black guys among them. I looked the better looking of the two of them right in the eye and stepped into the booth next to where he was standing. Bingo! There was a nice size hole in the booth to my left. I had not even settled in when the guy walked into the booth I was looking into. As he slid a dollar into the machine I stuck my tongue through the hole then withdrew to watch what he was going to do. He looked down and into the hole, I looked right into his eyes and then slid my lips up to the hole. I saw him reaching for his pants as I closed the gap. 

His cock slid into my mouth just like it was designed for it. This was a beauty. I had to pull back to look it over. Excellent. This was the cock I had secretly lusted for all night. Nine inches, and wonderfully thick, but with no real upward curve. The perfect sucking toy for my eager mouth. And I eagerly sucked it down. This was the kind of challenge I loved. Sucking a big cock deep into my throat. I began to work up a messy spit on his cock. Tonguing the shaft up and down the sides. Sucking on the head, then fucking his cock with my mouth, I began to take more and more into my throat with each down stroke. Finally after maybe 10 minutes of sucking, licking and playing with this magnificent cock I swallowed the whole thing. I heard him call out “oh yea!” And I sucked him harder. Allowing my throat muscles to constrict and expand on his long shaft. I knew tomorrow morning my mouth would be sore, but hell, that’s what cough drops are made for. I wanted this cock all night long. 

I also wanted to ride this monster. But I figured I’d just suck this guy off and enjoy this treat instead. I was on my knees to a faceless cock pumping in and out of a hole in a seedy little video booth, and I couldn’t get enough of it. After another few minutes, he pulled away and bent down and asked me if I “liked to get fucked.” I think I may have moaned aloud. He told me “to join him in the booth across from us.” I eagerly stepped out and he followed a few seconds later and led us into a different booth. The other black guy was still standing in the hall and watched us go into this booth. This booth had no holes in it, but it had a nice size bar type stool. Perfect to lean over and take this cock in my ass. I dropped back to my knees and pulled his tool out and began sucking it again. 

He leaned against the wall and moaned, talking to me, calling me a little white bitch, (I’m 6′ tall), and a suck whore. I loved it. Finally he pulled me up and told me he was going to fuck my ass. Hell, everybody knows how it is when you’re wound up and hot. I wanted it. Right then and there, with no protection. But, I wasn’t willing to risk that, so on went the condom and some lube, and we finally got down to it. I wanted it hard and rough, and he was more than willing. I remember almost begging him to “fuck me, fuck me hard!” He pressed his dick head against my ass, and just for the briefest of moments, I realized this was going to hurt some. I tried to relax as best I could, wanting him to just run it home, all the way in the first push…

He tried to do just that, but I was too tight and him way to big. It took a few seconds and some serious pumping to work it all inside me. As he worked it I could feel ever inch of that cock. I had to be making noise cause it had a bite to it, and it was a bit sore. But I know I said “more” at least a dozen times. And oh how he was talking some sweet trash. He was pushing in to me hard enough that I was fighting to maintain my balance on the stool. I was pretty well impaled when he said something about opening the door to show anyone out there his black cock pounding my white ass. I fought down some serious panic but the truth was I wanted just that. To be seen as a slave to this massive black cock. Remember, for me it was all about the cock. And I was getting some serious stuff here. 

He pushed down on the middle of my back, like he was trying to pin me to the stool, and opened the door with his other hand. The door swung open and I turned my head to look up and I looked right into the face of some very old looking white guy. The dick in my ass was just absolutely pounding me with that guy standing there watching. He started to make a move into the booth but my cocksman just held up his hand and said no. The old guy backed away, and I was rammed again, causing me to let out some small grunts. He was really working me over now. I wasn’t sure I could take much more of this. As I looked up again, the other black guy was now standing in the door. This guy was a bit bold. He just unzipped his pants and pulled out a dick at least seven inches and offered it to my face. I looked into his face and opened my mouth, and he walked right in. 

He closed the door behind him and just stuffed my open mouth with is rock hard cock. I remember the guy fucking me talking very nasty about black cocks and such, but I was too into my double fucking. Between grunts and any other noises I was making as that nine inch cock ran all the way out then slammed into me I couldn’t really understand or hear him. Suddenly the cock in my mouth just exploded. No warning what so ever. I never knew it was about to happen. I pulled off his cock and allowed him to finish on my face. I could feel the cock in my ass quickening and I knew he was getting close, but I wasn’t done sucking the one I had in my face. As he finished shooting all over me, I grabbed his cock with my mouth and sucked him hard. Willing anything left to come out of his shaft. I felt the guy fucking me tense up, and I pulled off of him, and spun around to receive his cum. He pulled off the rubber and blasted all over my face. He was a shooter, and it went everywhere. 

It lasted forever also, but I wanted more of him when he was finished. I sucked him up into my mouth. The other guy walked around and offered me his still semi hard cock. I took it as an order and sucked both cocks at the same time. One then the other, then both in my mouth as best I could at once. My face was a cum mess. I was absolutely covered with it. I could feel it running down my chin and off on to the floor. After a few more minutes, they both cleaned themselves up and walked out. I sat on the stool just looking at the half closed door, almost wishing someone would just walk in and see me that way. After a few minutes I stepped out, and without cleaning up my face I walked boldly to the restroom. I walked in and looked right into the mirror.

I was indeed covered in creamy white cum. It was plainly visible to anyone who would have looked at my face. I stared into the mirror. Not really wanting to recognize the guy staring back, but the cum all over my mouth and chin was so fucking hot. I knew I had succumbed to by darkest most secret desires. I also knew I would most likely do it again. After all, my wife would be gone for seven more days.

This was a true story. It was also my first time ever to write any type of story. I am very open to comments or critiques that would help me make something like this more exciting to read. I also did go back again a few days later. If you’re interested in that evening’s fun, let me know that also.

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cabernet wrote

Wow. I loved this story of your experience. I would so love this to happen to. One of my greatest fantasies is to have my mouth used multiple times and my face sprayed with creamy cum. Being made to walk along a street to my car the cum drying in my face.

John wrote

What a great story. I wish to do the same and would love to hear about what happened when you went back!

Bikiniboy wrote

What a fantastic story !!!
You made me hard from the start. And jealous as well. I caged and so hard in my cock cage that it hurts and the tip of my cock is poking out the piss hole of my cock cage and its dripping pre-cum and I haven’t touch myself yet. It’s all from your story. Your story hits home with me because I’ve done the same thing you did but not quite to the extent you did.