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I am the main character. I am 18 years old. My sister is Sally. She is younger than me but also 18 years old. We are both of the age to legal consent. Even though incest is still illegal anyway. Deeeerp. Now I tells story…

“You’re too old for this.”

Sometimes it was Mom or Dad telling me, but today it was myself. I rolled out of bed. This was no age to play hooky. I stumble between the bathroom and my bedroom, forcing myself to get ready for the day.

There were about a million assignments I hadn’t done yet. I was in 4 honors classes this year. Though the workload was heavy, it would be manageable if I didn’t procrastinate so much. I was a Super Nintendo junkie. Sure I owned some newer consoles, but it was hard to beat the sentimental value of Link to the Past or Final Fantasy 6.

Sally went to school with her friend this morning– I just remembered. Most of the time we rode together. Sometimes it was still hard to believe my little sister was in high school. We hardly talked much anymore. She had her own group of friends to hang out with. I was quiet and shy, never really made more than friendly acquaintances at school. The teachers seemed to like me more than anyone else did.

I went through the shameful ritual of checking in at the office. It was lunch time, so at least I didn’t have to walk late into a class. I wait in line to get my tray, then survey the cafeteria for a nice corner to isolate myself in. I am surprised to see Sally sitting alone, facing the wall.

Not sure what to do, I approach slowly. “What’s up Sal?”

She glances back at me and then looks down at the table, arms wrapped around herself. “It’s fine,” she mutters. It looked like tear marks had smudged her eyeliner.

I sat down next to her. The rest of the lunchroom droned on like static, leaving us alone on our little island. “Want to talk about it?”

She shook her head no. Then, “Boys are so mean!” and she leaned on me. Tears fell in my lap.

I put a hand on her shoulder, trying to comfort. “Hey,” I said. “Hey,” and she looked at me. I didn’t know what I was going to say next, but what I did say next was, “You’re very beautiful.” And looking into her bright blue eyes, I really meant it.

I stayed there until the bell rang and lunch ended. She stopped crying and we just sat there in silence.

It was okay to do that with Sal, just sit and not talk. We were both from a former life, playing pretend in the basement. “I’ll be Locke and you be Celes.” We’d set up Kefka’s tower with building blocks and go on a quest to knock it down. It wasn’t something you could just talk about in a world of cheerleading squads and algebra tests, but it was still there.

I went on through tests and lectures, horrifying realizations at the amount of work I was going to have to do tonight. Plus it was only Tuesday.

I drove home by myself. Sally went out with some girl friends, probably so they could man-hate with her and comfort her for getting rejected. I was glad there were people who cared about her.

There was a note on the kitchen table. “Aunt Beth having problems. Staying with her tonight. There are leftovers in the fridge. Love, Mom.” Dad was gone too, on a business trip. Still, I holed myself up in my room. It was my habit to go to my room to be alone, whether to work or escape to the World of Balance.

I got started on chemistry. It was a difficult lesson and I wasn’t fully awake when it was being taught. It was difficult to tune out my own thoughts sometimes. For hours I struggled, resisting the urge to switch on the SNES. Everything made much more sense in 16 bits. I wanted to cry.

At 8:30 I decided to give it a rest. Perhaps going to bed early was all I needed. Just needed the energy to put up with it. I slung my pants over the back of a chair before hitting the lights and crawling under the comforter.

* * * *

I hear the door to my room creak open and the silhouette of Sally stands against the light of the hall. She is in a nightgown and flannel socks. I can tell she isn’t wearing a bra. Softly she tiptoes into the room, closing the door after. I pretend to be asleep as she crawls into bed next to me.

When we were younger she’d do this sometimes, come in and stay the night. She was afraid of the dark and though she’s mostly stopped coming, every now and then she’ll see a scary movie and need someone else there to feel safe.

She is warm against me. The skin on her legs is soft and smooth, and I like the way it feels against my own legs. Her smaller figure is facing away, so I’m spooning her. I feel her sigh.

Poor Sally. I decide to soothe her. My arm curls around her chest. I am surprised to feel her breasts bunch up in my embrace. They were never this large. I loosen up a bit, but then I smell her scent on the back of her neck, and against my will I clutch them again.

Locke walks into Celes’s dressing chamber. Were you always that pretty?

She arches her back just slightly, surprised. Then she folds her arm over mine and holds it there.

That ribbon suits you.

I feel her totally pressed against me. I feel her breathing. I feel myself around her, she holding me there, wanting it. I don’t know what I’m doing. I press my lips to her skin. I am kissing her neck, smelling the way her hair smells against my nose. I am kissing her again and again, now tasting, now sucking. She is accepting me. I am accepting her. We are the only ones who know really know each other.

I’ll protect you!

She turns her lips to meet mine and her butt presses against my lap. I am taking her in, running my hands up and down her thigh, then up her shirt. I feel the hump of a young breast and then the nipple. I rub it with my finger until it sticks out, then I move on to the next one.

I can’t see but I know she’s blushing. Red flush over lightly freckled cheeks. My hand runs over the curve of her hip; then down her flat stomach through sparse curls of pubic hair and she lifts a leg when I caress her vulva. She doesn’t know how to handle it, but her body does. I run my hand in and out of her white panties, teasing. She lifts her hand and clasps the back of my neck as I let my thumb linger over her clit.

The juices from my sister’s pussy lubricate my fingers as I rub her. The sensation is electric. She closes her thighs, trapping my hand between. Her legs scissor back and forth against me as I continue to massage her into ecstasy.

My cock is aching, pressed up against her firm ass. I hook my thumb in the side of her panties and slide them down her smooth, silky legs. She helps me take them off, knowing she wants something but not sure what. I run my hand over the cheeks of her buttocks and make my way to her pussy again, this time from behind. She pulls at the edge of my boxer shorts, trying to shimmy them down. I help her take them off. She is tugging precum out onto her wrist, massaging my shaft back and forth like that. She is playing with mine and I am playing with hers.

I can’t take it anymore. I push my waist forward, going right up against her again. This time I feel her skin on mine. Gently, I lift her leg and feel the entrance to her hole. I prod there with my shaft, feeling how incredibly tight and wet it is. Her hymen is there, fresh.

Slowly, slowly I dip inside. I won’t hurt her. Easy. I hold her passionately, feeling quick breaths from inside. Just a little more.

She moans softly. I am inside. With one hand I am under her shirt again, then at her clit, then guiding her fingers to her own clit to say here, play with this. With my other hand I slide into the crevice of her ass and begin playing with her little asshole. Then I pull my cock out of her pussy just a little bit and go back in, making bigger and bigger motions. I am fucking my sister. I am fucking my little sister.

I want to cum but I don’t want it to stop. I want it to keep going, thrusting in and out, running my tongue between her lips, feeling every part of her and her wanting it all. She lifts her shirt and lets me suck on her young, developing nipples as I continue to thrust in again and again. This drives her mad and she gives into it completely.

I hear her stifle a cry as she comes to climax, and I let my orgasm run as deep into her as it will flow. The cum shoots out harder than it ever has before. I pump it into her virgin pussy, then more and more until I’m sure her uterus is full. I am forever truly inside of her now.

She tenses up, then is completely relaxed. I let my head fall down beside her on the pillow. It is so natural just to lie here next to her, my arm wrapped around hers.

“Sal…” I whisper.

I’ll never let go. I promise.

* * * *

We never talked about that night, nor ever repeated it. I continued to struggle on with schoolwork, but eventually found some friends to study with. Sally got a boyfriend and I was happy for her. Setzer, I nicknamed him. Sal thought this was funny.

I didn’t regret what happened, and it didn’t seem like she did either. It was good to have a secret, and there was always a tenderness between us. We were able to grow up, once the past was made safe. The silence between us took on a new meaning. It said, “I feel I have a lot to live for.”

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Fernando wrote

Really?? I am 18 and my little sister is 18 but younger than me? Stop there because is nonsense.