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The Silk Rope

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Few things are as beautiful as the sight of you lying there on the bed, all naked, waiting for me . . . it is so exciting. I carress your body while you let your hand run up and down my hard penis, preparing it for your wet mound. . . . I give you a warm kiss, and let my erection touch your thigh . . . will you open your thighs for me, allow me in? I know you will, I think you want it as much as I do. Yes. . . .

But that would be too easy, wouldn’t it? Just an ordinary lay, if you pardon my French. Why do that, when we could make it so much more interesting with just a silk rope and a gag?

Are you surprised when I show you those toys? Perhaps, we have never talked about this before. But I demand that you let me tie your wrists together, and then I tie the other end of the rope to one of the bedpoles. Then, you are really mine.

I start carressing you again, taking extra interest in your nipples. I wonder, how would it feel if I pinched them a little? Would you like it, or wouldn’t you? I do it anyway, smiling as I look into your eyes. Then I bend down and lick them. . . .

I bet you will soon tell me to move further down, won’t you? Well, no use begging little girl, I will do exactly what I want to. Without answering I just place a finger over your lips, silence you. When you understand that there is no use begging I smile again, and slip my finger inside your mouth, telling you to show how good you are. Yes, I evaluate your technique, how well you use your lips, your tongue, grading sucktion and innovation. Sucking is an art I require that my little girl masters.

I knew you would pass, and I nod and tell you that your mouth will do.

Then I place a hand under your head and lift it up, and then I stand and bring my cock to your face.

“Now, if you suck this like a good girl I might give you a reward afterwards,” I say. And then I take my cock in my free hand, tell you to open wide, and enter you.

Yes . . . “Suck, my child”, I say, and then I watch you going into action. Ahh, to feel your soft lips around me, your tongue against my glance! I bet it’s a bit uncomfortable for you, you aren’t able to use your hands or pull away, you have to rely on me. The only way for you to get out of this is to do as I say and suck, for all you’re worth.

“That a girl” I say, watching your concentrated face as you serve me. I move my hips back and forth, making my stone hard cock penetrate your mouth again and again. I know that you want me to withdraw and come in your pussy, which is the very reason I won’t do that. Instead I just stay in your mouth until I come. The first cum hits the back of your throat as I thrust my cock a long way in, holding your head against me. Another push and I spray again, and again. Do you swallow it all for me? Of course you do.

Afterwards I finally pull out of you, and I bet you think it is over now, don’t you? You probably say something like: “Okay, let me loose,” planning to releave yourself with your fingers. But I just shake my head.

“No, little girl, we’re just getting started.”

“Oh, come on,” you say, and I reprimand you for talking back. You have to understand, that in this situation a man just has to show who is the boss. It is my duty to gag you, and it doesn’t help how much you protest. Once you are gagged I move away from the bed, watching you from a few feet away. I ignore your pleading eyes, and instead I stroke my chin and try to figure out what I should do with you.

Finally I say: “Okay, little girl, you have been naughty, but I forgive you — if you do as I say. Will you do that?” You don’t move, you just look at me. And then you resign and nod.

“Good. Now, here’s what I want you to do. Turn around so you stand on all four, and don’t make a sound. Do it now.” Again, your only option is to obey.

It is a bit difficult for you to turn around when your hands are tied, but you manage it. I move around the bed so I can watch you from behind.

“You have a very nice ass, kitten.” Pause.

“It would be a shame not to put it to use.” You turn your head to the side, try to look at me. I just smile.

“Remember to behave now, this is only what you deserve.” I climb onto the bed and stand behind you on my knees, already hard again. You can’t see me, don’t know what I’ll do. Therefore you shake when my finger touches your clit, and you moan a little. I don’t say anything, I just let my finger move up to your ass. I place my hands on your buttcheeks, carress them. You truly are magnificent, but I don’t tell you that.

I carress your back, your legs, and your ass again. Then I smack it gently, wondering what your reaction will be. There is none. Obviously you know the rules by now. This makes me smile broadly, and I smack you again, and again. I know how to do this without hurting you, that is not what I want. What I’m after is the sound of when my palm makes contact with your soft skin, and the feeling of control, to know that you are mine now.

You jerk a little when I hit you, but you don’t say anything or try to pull away. This makes me proud of you, I just have to lean down and kiss your buttocks where I hit you. “Good, little kitten, very good,” I whisper when I stand up on my knees again. You have deserved your pleasure now.

I carress your vagina again, softly, tenderly. First your inner thighs, then I move closer to the target. I run a finger over your lips, back and forth, and then between them, very tenderly.

You relax now when you understand my intentions, and a pleased groan slips through your gag. I smile softly and continue caressing you until you are ready for more. No need to rush this . . . we have all the time in the world.

I am pleased when you start moving in response to my carress, and I reach inside of you with a finger.

“Do you like this, my love?” You nod. I smile and let the first finger be followed by a second, move them rhythmically, exploring you. To feel your wet mound makes me so hard! I know what you want, and I want it too, so there is no need to wait anymore. I pull out of you and stroke my cock with my fingers, wetting it with your juices. Then I place my hands on your hips. You press your ass back against me, against my erected cock; I laugh a little and press back. Then I smack you once again for your mischief, and then, without further ado, I guide my cock to your pussy and enter you.

Oh, God! It’s like we are meant for each other, me inside of you, it’s a perfect match. You are so wet that there is no trouble at all, I could easily slip all the way in. But I don’t, I stay for a moment with just the glance inside of you. Then I slowly push farther inside, until I have entered you halfway. I start moving my hips, small motions back and forth, letting the other half of the penetration take its time, altering short motions with long ones, holding your hips in a firm grip so you won’t move back against me too early.

How can I describe the feeling of being inside of you? It is wonderful, relaxing, exciting, and much more. It’s a complete feeling, unlike anything else.

I move in and out, in and out, faster, harder, my motions getting longer, deeper. Every thrust is matched by your hips now, our motions get more and more aggressive, escalating into a mindless fucking. You fall forward and I fall on top of you, continuing to push inside of you as you spread your legs and lift your hips up against me. You groan loudly against your gag, and I manage to remove it with one hand, allowing you to scream out loud. You say something, I don’t hear what, I just continue to push, push like a hammer, until I scream and come, come while I’m still thrusting like mad, and then you come, your scream mixing with mine, your back bent in an arch under me. “Oh GOD!” In that moment it feels like the world twists and turns, like time stops in its tracks, and nothing else exists but us. . . .

We collapse, both sweaty, exhausted, but happy. I lean my forehead against your shoulder, panting, still inside of you.

“That was good. Very.” I wait a moment until my breathing calms down. “You did well, my love.”

“Thank you. Will you let me loose now?” you say. I smile, stand up on all four and untie your wrists, pulling out of you at the same time. You roll around and look at me, and I lean down and kiss you. Then I take one of your wrists in my hand and look at it.

“You got marks on it.”

“Never mind, it was worth it . . . as long as it pleased you, master.”

I laugh, realizing that you just managed to stay in character longer than I did. I kiss you again, and you wrap your arms around me. Then I roll over on my back with you on top of me. I stroke away streaks of hair from your face, follow your lines with my fingers, and continue to carress you as you fall asleep in my arms.

I stay awake for a while, just listening to your light breathing, holding you while I think of how lucky I am to have you here . . . and then I fall asleep too. . . .

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