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Joanne was in a state of total arousal. Of course, she would never let Betty know this. But she’d come to look forward to Betty’s regular reports on her torrid fuck sessions with Bill with enormous anticipation.

As Betty recounted the events of her last tryst with Bill, Joanne’s mind wandered. Images of him swam in her head. Those images were clipped from afternoons he’d spent at her pool with Sarah, her daughter. Evenings he’d stayed for dinner. And then there were the memories of Sarah’s moans and cries as Bill fucked her senseless in her bedroom. The bedroom next to Joanne’s.

Joanne couldn’t hear every breath they took. But she heard enough to know that Bill was nearly insatiable. Bill had screwed her daughter three, four and as many as six times and more in that bedroom. And Joanne had listened with rapt attention to every bed creak, grunt and moan. More than once she’d gotten up to use the master bath that separated the two bedrooms, and lingered much longer than she needed to, listening.

Listening and touching herself; her hands roamed to her breasts, thighs or the flat of her stomach. Once in a while a finger would find her lips and she’d catch herself sucking on it thoughtfully, lost in her horny reverie. Usually this touching resulted in her having to relieve herself with those same fingers. And as she fingered her pussy, she dreamed that it was Bill’s long, thick cock and not her fingers that was pumping in and out of her steamy little cunt.

Sarah had been, and still was, smitten with Bill. She didn’t know, of course, that Bill had been seeing Betty on a regular basis. She was leaving for college in a couple of days and it was going to break her heart. It was obvious to Joanne, even before Betty, that Bill was just a young man enjoying the things that came to him as a result of being handsome and, well, gifted.

“……..three more times, Jo. In one day. Can you believe it? And hard as a rock every time.” Betty continued, unaware that Joanne’s mind was wandering.

“…..uh, No! no I can’t.” Joanne sputtered as she regained her thoughts.

“Five times in one day! And he lasted at least twenty minutes every time. Hell, the last time I thought i was going to have to make him stop. He fucked me for a solid hour!” Betty finished that last with a note of exasperation in her voice. It was meant to hide the relish she took in her conquest of Bill, but Joanne wasn’t fooled. She knew Betty too well.

The fact that Betty’s husband, Clark, had long ago stopped giving Betty the attention she needed had not ended her sex life. Betty was discrete, to be sure. But a woman with her lush figure and classic beauty had no trouble attracting the attention of a man. Her affairs had been few but well chosen and prolonged.

This last with Bill though was a departure. Bill had none of the sophistication that her other lovers had had. The boy was only eighteen. But he made up for it with raw talent. Her motives had been driven purely by lust. That lust was fueled by Bill’s easy manner and good looks. But more so by Joanne’s lurid accounts of all night fuck sessions with her daughter, Sarah.

“Clark called last night to let me know he’s coming down for two weeks.” confided Betty. “I don’t know if I can stand it. When Bill leaves I’m ready for him to go. Then I want him back. I’m worried about myself, Jo. Bill has shown me an itch that I didn’t know I needed to scratch. Now i want it scratched all the time.”

“I know what you mean, Betty.” Joanne took on a conspiratorial tone. “I haven’t had any in months now. My fingers smell like shrimp all the time.”

* * * * * * *

Bill had surprised Joanne by being a proper mixture of attentive and supportive as Sarah and he sat at her dinning table enjoying a last evening together before she went off to college.

The evening progressed, as these evenings usually did, with cocktails in the living room and lively conversation. Sarah did a good job of keeping her feelings in check. She, Joanne and Bill all had more than the usual number of cocktails. Joanne especially.

The result was that when it was time for bed, Joanne was more than ready. She went in to her room, closed the door and promptly passed out.

Around midnight Joanne was woken by a powerful urge to pee. The alcohol hadn’t worn off completely and the bathroom procedure took more than the usual effort. As she sat down she became aware of noises coming from Sarah’s bedroom.

Bill was treating Sarah to a goodbye fucking and by the sounds coming from her, she was enjoying it.

“Unnnh! huh huh your fucking cock’s so big! Give it to me! Huh huh, FUCK! Give it to me.” Apparently Bill didn’t need this last direction since Joanne could hear Sarah’s bed creaking in tempo. The bed creaks were punctuated by the slap, slap, slap of Bill burying his fabled cock into her daughter’s willing pussy.

Joanne cupped her ample left breast with her left hand and caressed it gently. She could feel the familiar tingle of excitement growing between her legs. The cock she had fantasized about so many times. The huge prick that Betty had spoken of so often and in such detail was pumping a pussy just one room away, Never mind that it was her daughter’s pussy it was pumping. A moan escaped her lips as she pinched her nipple. She was seized by an uncontrollable urge.

She pulled on a thin silk robe and eased open the door to her bedroom. The door to Sarah’s bedroom was closed, but there was a waist high window to her bedroom at the back of the house. Joanne stepped through a sliding glass door into the moonlight. The South Florida night was cooler than usual and her nipples stiffened under the thin fabric of her robe.

The house was built in an L-shape, with a six foot high cinder block wall squaring it off. Turning, she walked to the end of the house and made her way through a side gate and along the side of the house and around the back. The grass was slightly damp from the dew and it muffled the sound of her bare feet. At the back of the house she passed the window to her own bedroom and, hugging the wall she eased up to look into Sarah’s room. The room was dimly lit by a night light that Sarah left on most nights.

Through the window Joanne could see that Bill was on his knees, fucking Sarah from behind. Sarah had her face buried in a pillow but Joanne could hear her inarticulate cries clearly through the open window. Joanne moved to the cover of a small tree that bordered the property.

“Ummph! Uh, uunnnnnh! Jeeszz oooooo, huh uh uh!” As Bill stuffed his cock into her with short chopping thrusts. A confident cocksman, his pace was unhurried. He knew Sarah had come several times and would come several times more.

He stopped thrusting for a moment and withdrew his prick slowly. Sarah’s pussy sloshed lewdly and farted as the head of his prick sucked free of her cunt. There, in the dim glow of the night light, Joanne got a near perfect view of Bill’s massive fuck tool. It glistened with the juices of her daughter’s cunt as he rubbed it on both cheeks of her ass.

Joanne’s knees nearly failed her and she had to reach out to hold on to a branch to steady herself. Her breath caught in her chest and her free hand went to cup one of her tits. She pinched a nipple hard and could feel her pussy gush as an orgasm swept through her.

She watched with morbid fascination as Bill lodged the tip of his cock in the entrance to Sarah’s twat and drove it in. “Huh!” Sarah sounded like she’d had the breath knocked out of her. Her tits were nearly as huge as her Mother’s and they jiggled and slapped together with each thrust.

Joanne was rooted to the spot as she watched her daughter taking the full length of Bill’s huge prick. Bill slowed his pace even more. He gently eased his full length out of Sarah’s pussy, leaving just the distended, purple head lodged in her slit. Then, slowly eased all the way back into her. Fully sheathed, he ground his hips from side to side, then in circles, probing Sarah’s depths.

Joanne was enthralled, riveted to the spot with morbid fascination at the scene playing out before her. Bill pulled out completely once more and laid his prick along the cheek of Sarah’s ass. The contrast of her white flesh and his reddened shaft silhouetted his massive length perfectly for Joanne.

He left it there for a moment and allowed it’s throbbing to subside. Then, grasping the shaft he guided himself along Sarah’s slit-up and down- teasing her to the point of distraction. “Fucking give it to me!” Sarah gritted. “You know that drives me crazy! Fuck me!” Her hips gyrated in an effort to catch his beloved fuck tool.

Bill obliged Sarah by finding her cuntal opening and thrusting all the way in and holding. He shoved her down on the bed. Bracing his hands on either side of Sarah he began jack hammering her pussy with hard, short strokes.

“This what you wanted?!” He panted into her ear as he pumped her pussy. “You want to be fucked, Sarah? Did you say you want some dick?” The night air was suffused with the syncopated sounds of their sex. The bed creaked, Sarah’s pussy sloshed and Sarah grunted unintelligibly to the rhythm of Bill’s pumping dick.

A pain shot through Joanne’s nipple and she realized that she was the one pinching it too hard. But as the pain subsided it warmed and felt good. They were almost done, she knew. She watched as Bill fucked Sarah to orgasm. Then she tore herself away and hurried back to the side door to the court yard.

* * * * * * *

Joanne was wide awake. She’d slipped back into her room quietly and tried for sleep. But it wouldn’t come. She felt electrically charged. She’d fingered herself to orgasm, of course. But that didn’t have it’s usual calming effect. Visions of Bill spearing her daughter with that beautiful cock were etched into her psyche. She was obsessing, and she knew it. But she didn’t care. She’d made a decision. She would seduce Bill as soon as the chance presented itself. With Sarah leaving for college and Betty occupied with her husband there was nothing in the way.

The problem was, now that she’d decided to go through with it, her whole being was charged with the prospect. It was two in the morning.

She decided that maybe another drink or two would calm her. She swung her legs over the edge of the bed and padded down the hall to the kitchen.

In the night filled kitchen, she found the liquor cabinet and found the bottle of Black Velvet, an inexpensive blended whiskey she referred to as “brown medicine”. She poured herself a healthy dose over ice and walked around to sit in one of the counter height stools on the far side of the kitchen island.

She was half way through her second drink when she heard the water running in the hall bath that joined the second and third bedrooms. The “brown” was having it’s effect. A warm, welcome glow was spreading through her.

She was formulating her plan to seduce Bill when she heard the bathroom door open and close in the hallway and someone’s bare feet padding toward the kitchen. In the dim light she could make out Bill’s form as he felt his way along. He knew her kitchen nearly as well as she did and he easily found a glass and filled with water. He gulped it down quickly and refilled it. Joanne reflected that all his hard work had made him thirsty. Bill’s back was to her and she was sure he hadn’t noticed her. In the shadows she could make out the smooth muscles of his back. She marveled at the way his shoulders tapered to a narrow waist and hips. Even the way he wore a pair of Sarah’s sweat pants was titillating to her as she imagined him standing before her as he eased them slowly down to reveal what she wanted so badly.

This dream was playing out for her when the ice in her glass cracked. Bill turned and said “Oh, hi Jo. I didn’t know you were there.”

“Um, couldn’t sleep. I’m having a toddy to calm my nerves. Care to join me?”

Bill reflected for a moment. “Yeah, I think I will.” and added some ice from the fridge and some “brown” from the bottle on the counter to his glass. He stepped around the island and took a stool next to Joanne.

They sipped quietly for a minute. Joanne broke the silence. “Are you going to miss my daughter when she’s gone?” It was a very direct question and it took Bill a little off guard.

“You know I will.” answered Bill a little defensively.

Joanne let this simmer for a minute, then changed tactics. “I talked to Betty today.”

Bill didn’t quite choke on his whiskey. “Oh, how’s she doing?”

“She’s doing fine. We had a long talk. As you know, we talk all the time, about all the things going on in our lives.” Another pause. “She speaks well of you.”

This time Bill did get a little whiskey up his nose. “Uh, she does?”

“Yes, Bill. She does.” Joanne was smiling now and half turned toward Bill. “We talk almost every day. And we tell each other everything.”

Bill was disarmed. ‘By everything she couldn’t’ mean Everything! Or did she?’

“Bill, listen to me.” her tone now softer, conciliatory. “I’ve known all along that you didn’t really have any deep feelings for Sarah.”

“Well, I..”

“It’s okay,” She touched his knee. “Young people have affairs like this. You’re a very handsome young man and it’s only natural for you to enjoy the attention of the women around you. Sarah is going to be hurt when she goes away. She knows too that you don’t have the feeling for her that she has for you. But she’s tough and she’ll get over it. A young man with your … gifts-will break a lot of hearts before it’s over.”

Bill took a moment to absorb this. Joanne’s use of the word ‘gifts’ wasn’t lost on him. She’d swiveled her stool to face him now and her hand rested on his thigh just above his knee. Thin clouds partially obscured the moon light that shone through the clerestory windows above where they sat. That light illuminated the lower half of Joanne’s face and her sumptuous cleavage where it was enfolded by her short robe.

He watched as she licked her full lips. Joanne had married for status, position in the community and, well, money. The result of her marriage, Sarah was a mixture of her beauty and the strength, drive and intelligence of an otherwise unattractive man. Bill had always found Joanne much more attractive than her daughter. Now, with her frank talk and her hand on his leg, he felt a familiar stirring.

Over the last couple of weeks he’d had sex with Betty many times. He knew she enjoyed it and in fact, didn’t seem to be able to get enough. Then Beverly had all but raped him one day and he’d since had a couple of secret interludes with her. Bill was stunned by his good fortune with each of these very sexy women.

Now Joanne seemed to be taking an interest. His senses reeled. He’d thought, while he was fucking Sarah, that he’d seen someone under the tree outside her window. Someone in a short white robe just like the one Joanne was wearing right now. Caught up in the moment, he’d pulled his cock out of Sarah’s pussy and laid it along the cheek of her ass to give Joanne a good look. He hadn’t been able to see her face, but who else would be in their back yard in nothing but a white robe?

Bill turned toward Joanne. “So, Betty tells you everything?” He rested his hand on hers.

“Yes, everything.” she whispered through parted lips. She gently squeezed his thigh for effect.

“So, you know……..”

“Yes Bill, I know everything.” Her hand moved up his thigh a little more and she squeezed again.

Bill could hear her breathing. Could smell the whiskey on her. His gaze fell on her breasts. Her keeping a grip on his thigh was having the effect of pulling her robe open, revealing more of what was biggest pair of tits Bill would ever see. Joanne’s body was like a ripe peach-abundant, lush and inviting.

“The things she told you must have piqued your curiosity.” He paused for a moment. “Otherwise you wouldn’t have been outside Sarah’s window tonight. watching us.”


“Yes you were, Joanne. I saw you. Saw you under the tree, cupping your left breast while I fucked your daughter. You wanted to take her place, didn’t you?”

Nothing from Joanne but a sharp inhale.

“I pulled my cock out of her to show you. I knew you were there. I showed it to you, because I knew you wanted to see it. Now, seeing the look on your face. I know you want me the same way that Betty does.”

It was Joanne’s turn to be stunned. How had this teenaged boy gotten the upper hand? How did he know so well what she wanted. How……it didn’t matter. He was right. And the seduction she’d planned was happening sooner than she’d hoped. Except that he was the one doing the seducing.

Bill leaned in and kissed Joanne’s lips softly. “It’s okay, Jo. I want you too. Have wanted you since I started coming over here. Most of the reason I kept coming was so that I could see you. He kissed her again, still softly, once, twice. ”

Bill stood up at Joanne’s side. He ran his hand across her shoulders and down her back, caressing her. He leaned to kiss her, more deeply this time. “Tell me i’m right, Joanne. Tell me you want me too.” His right hand reached into her robe to squeeze one breast, then the other. “Tell me.”

“Yes.” was all she could manage.

“Yes what?” Joanne’s nipple pressed into the palm of his hand. it stood out stiffly three quarters of and inch. He kissed her again.

As Bill kissed her, Joanne’s hand went to his hip and slid around to caress the cheek of his ass. It was firm and muscular. She hooked her fingers in the waist band of his pants and tugged them down a few inches. Her breath became ragged as her fingers touched the flesh on his thigh.

Bill’s hand found her inner thigh and he trailed his fingers along it, nearly to her pussy and then back toward her knee. Joanne’s robe was open all the way now and Bill took full advantage, alternately fondling her thighs and breasts as he continued to kiss her lips, face and neck. “Tell me you want me, Jo. Tell me how you want me. Do you like the way I kiss you?”


“Do you like the way I touch you?”

“Yes, very much.”

“Do you want me to stop?”

“No please don’t stop.” and with that she shoved Bill’s sweats to the floor. Bill’s cock hung at her thigh. She reached out and grasped it, milking it as he kissed and fondled her. “I want this.”

“How do you want it, Jo? In your hand?”


“Do you want it anywhere else?”

“Yes. I want it inside me. Can I have it?”

“Of course Jo. You can have my cock any way you want it.”

Joanne changed her grip on Bill’s prick and laid it across her thigh. Even though it wasn’t fully erect it reached nearly all the way to her pussy. She tilted her hips up as Bill’s hand found her pussy and put her heels on the top rung of the stool, spreading her legs. She was soaked.

Bill’s finger slid into her easily. Their kisses became deeper, more passionate, their breathing uneven. Bill’s cock was fully erect now and she was jacking it with an underhand grip. “Bill, I want you to fuck me.”

“You want to be fucked, Jo?”

“Yes, I need a good fucking. I want you to give me this big beautiful cock. Shove it in me deep and make me cum. I want to cum all over it.”

She pushed Bill away, took his hand and led him to the living room. A big white sectional was the focal point of the room. “Lie down.” she said. Bill lay down with his legs out stretched and his cock jutting obscenely from his crotch. Joanne lay down on top of him, crushing her incredible tits into his chest. Her mouth found his and they made out while she ground her pussy along the length of his rigid pole.

Bill was in heaven. He couldn’t believe this incredible woman wanted him as much as he wanted her. She alternated between long deep kissing and arching up to hang her beautiful tits in his face for him to suck on. Her nipples were huge and very responsive. The harder he sucked the better she liked it. At one point she said, “Bite my nipples, Bill. They like it rough.” Bill did as he was told and she responded with a deep moan.

Joanne raised her hips and reached behind her to grasp Bill’s shaft, guiding it to her slit. “Oh God, Bill.” She moaned as she took the first few inches of his fat prick. “Oh, ummmm. it feels so good. God it feels good.” She began a rocking motion as Bill’s dick slid all the way into her. Her rocking became a gyrating rotation as she savored the sensation of being completely filled with dick. The gyrations slowed and she shut her eyes tightly and began to quiver. “Oh! Oh, Bill. I…I…I’m cuming.” Her voice was barely audible. Bill watched in awe as this beautiful woman came all over him.

Joanne slumped to Bill’s chest. “I needed that so bad. Thank you.”

“I can’t believe you’re thanking me.” said Bill. “That was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.” He rolled her on her side against the back cushions of the sectional. He slid his upper leg between her legs and with a tit in one hand and his mouth clamped over hers he began to slowly pump her with his cock. Tenderly, lovingly he eased his prick in and out of Joanne’s sweet little pussy. And she loved it. The more gently he kissed and caressed her, the more wet she became. During that time of gentle love making she had four more orgasms. Finally Joanne said “Honey, we have to finish up. What if Sarah needs a drink of water or something.”

“That would be bad.”

“Yes it would, for both of us. Now roll me over on my back and fuck me hard. I want to feel you come in me.” The couch was soft but not springy like a bed. The result was that as Bill pumped away it was like fucking Joanne on a velvet anvil. No bouncing around and loss of trajectory. Just deep fucking.

Bill braced himself and began thrusting his huge prick into Joanne’s willing pussy. As he did Joanne reached for a pillow to scream into. It had been a while for her and Bill’s cock was so big it was almost too much for her to bear. But she knew if she didn’t let him satisfy himself in her he may not want her again. So, her tits jiggles, her pussy slurped and Bill grunted as he repeatedly shoved his fat member into her.

They’d been at it long enough now and Bill knew she’d be happy for him to come. He altered his angle for maximum stimulation and began to fuck Joanne hard. Still he didn’t come.

Joanne reached behind Bill and began to fondle his balls. The feeling of her warm little hand on his nuts was wonderful, and that send him over the edge.

“Huh! Oh Joey that feels great. Oh, fuck! I’m gonna… Hnnnnn Uh Huh. Fuckfuckfuck, Oh Jesus!” Bill stopped thrusting and buried his prick in Joanne’s cunt, deep. He shot one, two, three volleys and then thrust frantically a couple more times. His whole body was on fire as he shot the last of his seed deep into her pussy.

He slumped on top of her, panting to regain his breath. Joanne kissed his neck and face. “That was wonderful, Bill. Every bit as wonderful as i needed it to be, and more.”

“But now we have to send you back to Sarah’s bed.”

“But I’ll smell like you.”

“That’s okay, just tell her we were up talking and having a drink. Just be sure you wash that big beautiful cock off in the bathroom first. That smell would be hard to explain.”

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