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Unrestricted Cross Training

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This story takes place several weeks after Thomas and Barbara have returned from their ‘bonus’ vacation (as detailed in their last story).

As a matter of record, I have ‘trained’ more than one woman in the manner described. We both had a lot of fun and a lot of exercise was also accomplished.

The five minute ‘interlude’ is rather long but necessary for character development and other story devices.

However, the naughty bits start at the beginning of chapter two; about two thousand words down, so if that is your bent then ignore the top part and skip down to enjoy yourself.


The Plan (some weeks earlier)

Thomas was snuggling with his lover.

It was early Sunday morning and they lazed in bed as the fall sun fell through the window onto his bed.

“I’ve been giving some thought to our next ‘game’ Babe.” He began, “But I don’t want you to get this wrong, so I’m going to explain it from the top. No assumptions are going to be made here.”

“I saw somewhere and it’s been my experience that ‘assumptions are the mother of all fuck-ups’.” He continued calmly.

She turned in bed and beheld the man that stirred such wild desires in her. Never had she done the things she’s done or felt the sensations she had since she had been with him.

“I’m listening.” Was all she said.

“Well, it’s about your shape…” He began uncomfortably, “Not that you don’t have a good one right now.”

She smiled at that and let her gaze roam across his broad shoulders and powerfully muscled chest before he continued.

“Sometimes the best way to take care of a problem is to prevent it in the first place.” Thomas said carefully, “I care a great deal about you and I don’t want anything happening to you years down the road when a little preventive maintenance could go a long way toward stopping it.”

“What do you mean?” Barbara asked noncommittally.

“You eat poorly and at odd times and you don’t exercise at all. Right now you’re young enough to carry that off without too many side effects.” Thomas said evenly, as he warmed to his subject.

“However, eventually these things will catch up with you and you’ll be old before your time.” Thomas continued, “As I said, this is preventable but only if we act now.”

Barbara began to have that same bored feeling she used to get in high school when the gym teacher talked of proper diet and such. It was always a boring sleep fest for her and she mentioned as much to Thomas.

He laughed and said, “I’m not surprised. If you were at all interested in these things, you wouldn’t need me to bring them up for you.”

Barbara could feel her temper start to rise and she answered archly, “I don’t need you to tell me how to eat or what to do or even when to do it. You are not the boss of me!”

Thomas answered her with a smile.

“Of all man’s possessions, are women not the finest? And let’s face it; one should take care of one’s possessions.” He said with great finality.

Barbara reacted to his sexist statements. Her eyes went wide and her mouth dropped as she turned more fully to return his remarks with a scathing denouncement of his attitude.

Before she could say anything, she noticed his amused smirk and realized he was merely putting her on.

“I like to get a rise out of you Babe!” Thomas said with a voice full of amusement.

“In all seriousness though; I am concerned that you don’t take better care of yourself.” Thomas reiterated, “Doing so doesn’t really require that much of a change to your life style.”

“So you say.” Barbara retorted with more than a little rancour, “I have had a completely different set of experiences than you. Every single time I try to eat healthy and stick to a regimen; it interferes with my work and ends in disaster. So unless you are prepared to make my food for me; serve it to me when I need it and lead me carefully and by the hand through a sane and healthy exercise program; you can forget it!”

Thomas took her heated rebuff with good grace and smiled when he responded, “So if what I’m suggesting meets the requirements you just listed; you’d go along cheerfully?”

Barbara looked carefully at her lover before answering. She had the feeling he knew she was going to rebuff him and he had been ready for it.

None the less, she answered calmly, “Of course! Meet my requirements and I will meet you half way.”

Thomas smiled before he spoke, “I figured that a high powered executive like yourself would have the concerns you voiced.” He continued before she had time to express her surprise at his actions, “I took the time over the last couple of days to purchase healthy snacks for you to eat before meetings and when you need them. I packed them and put them in the fridge.”

“Here are the rules Babe.” Thomas said with finality, “Eat the food I prepare. Take the time to get to know what is on the menu at your favourite restaurants. I know that you frequently have to do business while eating and in your case, it’s all about portion control and healthy choices anyway.”

Thomas continued his mini lecture, “I’ll be there to help in whatever way I can and once you are into the habit of being healthy, this whole business will be just that much easier.”

Barbara thought about it for a moment. It didn’t seem to be that bad a plan, actually. With help and time, she could see putting this into action. Before she could speak, Thomas interrupted her yet again.

“It isn’t like you have to lose a bunch of weight or make significant gains in your health. It’s more like maintaining your health and body the way it is…which is the way I like it anyway!” He said the last with a leer.

She smiled at him and lowered her eyes as she responded to his idea, “Okay stud. You talked me into it. I’ll go along, as long as it meets my requirements. After all, you’ve been right about ‘almost’ everything else we’ve tried.”

She couldn’t resist that last dig about how she hadn’t been bisexual. His only mistake in reading what she liked.

He laughed at her fire and bent forward to kiss her…

It was the next day and as she prepared for work.

Thomas was there to help her with her new diet. As he had said, he had prepackaged all her food and proceeded to tell her all about it.

She held up a hand part way through his speech and said, “Enough! I believe you. I have a full day ahead of me and I don’t really want to know right now.”

Barbara continued a bit condescendingly, “Maybe later you can tell me but just as I didn’t need to know what I was doing when I ate badly, I don’t need to know what I’ll be doing when I’m eating well. I trust you with this. Think of it as me delegating responsibility.”

She continued, “I’m doing this for you lover and not because I’m worried about my health.”

Thomas smiled and abruptly changed tactics.

Offended by her arrogance, he spoke with a too bright smile on his face, “Good Luck and have a Great Day Babe! I’ll see you at my place tonight.”

This last went over her head as she turned and spoke over her shoulder, “I’ll be late.”

Pausing momentarily, she turned back and warned him, “But I will be there!”

She started for the door before stopping once more; she turned to face him questioningly and commented, “You never said anything about exercise.”

He paused briefly before smiling meaningfully and answered, “No I didn’t but just as you didn’t need to know what you were doing when you exercised badly, you don’t need to know what you’ll be doing when you exercise well. Trust me with this! Maybe you should think of it as a delegated responsibility…Babe.”

He winked and her jaw dropped but before she could think of a suitable retort, he’d ushered her out the door and toward her car with the words, “Until tonight!”

Then he turned and walked briskly away. He did not look back.

Barbara stamped her foot at his back. She was filled with outrage at his arrogance and partly tempted to toss his carefully prepared food in the carelessly arranged garbage!

She held off though and silently vowed to do her part. Her pride at entering into this agreement was really the only thing that kept her in check though.

Unrestricted Cross Training

Prelude (to the naughty bits)

The intruders felt uncomfortable and Barbara was having an awful time not staring at herself in the mirror now that he had quit lashing her.

Walking back to the shelf, he reached down and picked up two things. Returning to Barbara’s side, he held up the two phallus shaped vibrators.

She cried out and shook her head ‘no’ but he just smiled and proceeded to insert both into their respective places in her vagina and her anus. He made sure both were turned on, high!

So there she stood, nude and bound spread-eagled on tip toe. She was gagged, whipped and very aroused. Her lover had just violated both her anus and her vagina with leather and vibrating plastic and there was nothing she could do about it.

She almost came where she was but what he said next gave her pause.

“There are just two more things to do before I can sit and enjoy the show.” He observed brightly.

Retrieving an electric wand from the shelf, he plugged it into a wall socket and squatted down in front of Barbara. It took only the work of a moment to attach the vibrating wand, head first, to her clitoris!

The wand was a heavy duty monster and the material in front of her clitoris was extra thin for this very purpose; it offered no protection.

He reached down the handle and turned it on.

Chapter One

A Woman of Action

Barbara had agreed to participate in the new diet and exercise regimen, as detailed by Thomas. Despite her misgivings, she had stuck to the food he had prepared. Contrary to her fears, both the taste and her subsequent energy levels were fine.

It was working!

She arrived late the first night of the new regimen to find Thomas greeting her at the front door in black muscle shirt, tight black exercise pants and black cross trainers.

He smiled as she came inside. Pulling her into his arms, he kissed her deeply before pulling her coat off and hanging it up.

Without a word, he led her to his main bedroom and pointed at the bed. There lay a black exercise top with built in bra. There were also pants, panties, socks and a jacket lay on the bed, as well, all in her size. On the floor, there was a pair of cross training shoes, also in her size.

She tried for humour when she spoke, “Going out to ‘use the night’, are we?”

Thomas simply looked at her and said flatly, “I know that you haven’t decompressed from work. None the less, I want you to get into these and come downstairs as soon as possible.”

He turned and left.

She did as he had directed and was soon facing him in his finished basement. There was a treadmill set up along one wall. A set of free weights sat on a bench in another brightly lit corner of the open room. A heavy bag hung from its stand a few feet away. There was several hundred square feet of carpeted area free of anything. Several black mats leaned against the wall. One whole wall was mirrored from top to bottom.

Thomas stood in the middle of the room. His very presence spelled command. In his hands he held a clipboard with a pen attached to it.

Barbara shivered a little to herself but vowed not to show him how she felt. After all, he might take advantage.

“Let’s start you off with an assessment of where you are now.” He said glibly.

She nodded but felt very much out of her element.

Thomas had her walk, then run on the treadmill. He walked her through a series of exercises with the free weights. She put on bag gloves and pounded the heavy bag. After every step, he’d take her pulse and write things down on the clipboard.

Barbara had the feeling most of this was just for show. She went along anyway and waited for the action to start.

She didn’t have long to wait.

Chapter Two

Fun and Games

Once she had worked up a good sweat, Thomas had her strip down. She smirked as he attached wrist cuffs and ankle cuffs that were lined with thick black fur.

“I rather like where this is headed now!” She commented.

Thomas said nothing. He went to the corner and pressed a button. The sound of a motor was quickly followed by the sight of ropes with hooks attached, being lowered from the ceiling.

“Oh My God!” Barbara exclaimed, “How long did this take to make?”

Again, Thomas said nothing. When the ropes were low enough, he had Barbara face the mirrors before he attached the hooks to her wrist cuffs and returned to the corner. Pressing another button had the effect of raising the ropes and drawing Barbara up onto tip toe.

Reaching down to the floor, Thomas grabbed a wide bar with hooks on either end and carefully attached her ankles to each side. This had the effect of forcing Barbara’s feet completely off the ground by a few inches.

“Now that is an effect I will really enjoy; once she is strong enough to endure it!” He though judiciously.

Then he lowered her feet down a few inches until her wide spread stance left her precariously balanced on tiptoe, again.

Retrieving a ball gag from the corner shelf, he inserted it into his lover’s mouth and buckled it into place. Her eyes went wide as she realized he was using a very large ball with which to gag her.

Thomas walked back to the corner and picked up two more items; a ball and a thick leather belt.

Putting the ball into her hands, Thomas stepped behind her before he spoke, “I’m going to whip you first. When you feel you cannot take anymore, drop the ball and we’ll proceed with the next phase.”

Barbara found her breath coming and going in short gasps and the pleasure beginning to build in her bare cunt. Her stomach filled with butterflies and she was definitely curious as to the ‘next phase’.

His belt landing on her posterior with a loud wet sound brought her back to the present. She gasped around the gag and flinched in mild surprise.

Thomas lashed out again and Barbara heard the belt sing through the air before it landed. He was starting off slowly and lightly. Later he’d go much faster.

She cried out its impact anyway but he could tell it was much more in surprise than pain.

“Take a breath Barbara. Steady yourself, you are going to be here for a while.” Thomas said to her back.

Barbara nodded to indicate that she had heard him and did as he had indicated.

He held off until she was exhaling before he lashed her again.

She grunted against the shock and grasped the ropes that held her wrist high and wide. Her shoulders rose slightly in pain and she lost her balance momentarily before her taut position and unyielding restraints forced her into a bold upright position, once more.

Thomas waited for her to regain her balance before letting the belt whip out and its end wrap around her side to slap loudly against her nude stomach.

The gag choked off her cry and he watched her clench against the pain of the blow.

Pleasure at her suffering was beginning to build in his loins and he knew that if he touched her between the legs; his hand would come away slick with passion.

It was much more that she was aroused by what he was doing than it was that he was doing anything at all.

He reached back and lashed her again. Her loud cry and futile thrashings were reward enough. So he did it again.

Pausing momentarily, he stepped close to her and spoke into her ear from behind.

“Now that you’re warmed up, we can really go to work!” He said with a leer.

“Oh Please!” She cried out through the gag, her breath coming in gasps.

Still, Thomas noted that in spite of her objections, she had not dropped the ball in her hand. This would have signalled an end or at least a pause in the proceedings while he ascertained whether she was all right.

He stepped back with a laugh loud enough for her to hear, then he began to whip her faster (but not as hard as) he had before.

The blows landed loudly and quickly. Barbara gasped and cried out.

Desperately, she twisted and turned as he tormented her nude and helplessly bound body for his own sexual gratification.

She also knew with appalling certainty that she was even more aroused by what he was doing than he was.

Chapter Three

Next Phase

Without warning, he stopped whipping her and dropped the belt on the floor. Stepping close to her, he ran his hands over the reddened flesh of her back and then her front.

Barbara’s breath came in gasps and she shook slightly but the feeling of her lover’s hands on her nude and helpless body was very erotic.

He’d stop and play with her nipples for a few seconds before venturing south to more forbidden areas.

“Do you remember what I said of the ‘next phase’?” He finally asked her.

She tried to turn her head slightly and looked mutely at her tormentor.

Walking over to the corner, Thomas picked up a kind of leather panty-like contraption. He stepped back in front of his nude bound captive.

Indicating the leather, Thomas spoke clearly, “This is a custom device built to hold ‘things’ in place while I attend to other things.”

“What kind of things?” He asked the question she had refused to.

“Here…let me show you.” He said condescendingly, “First let’s get you ready!”

Taking a moment, he wrapped the leather around her nubile hips. It was like an ordinary pair of panties except for a few important exceptions.

It was of a very strong and sturdy construction. Once on, it wasn’t going anywhere or even coming loose.

Where the seams normally were, zippers now took their place, so one could place it on a bound (and possibly resistant) female. The zippers were lined with leather so they never touched the wearer, either. Saved a lot of nasty bruises and catching of flesh.

The whole thing looked like leather but was actually a combination of leather and spandex. It went on tight and it went on small only to stretch a bit so it fit like a glove.

There were also not one but two hollow leather phalluses built into the inside of the thing.

Thomas had lubricated both very well.

Barbara struggled helplessly as he began to put her into the device. She cried out through the gag and panted as he patiently but firmly insisted on sliding both intruders home.

The vaginal phallus went in quite easily, especially considering how wet she was.

The anal one took more time but eventually it, too, went where it was supposed to go. She did protest but it did little good.

He just shushed her gently and being careful of injury, made it happen.

Once safely inside, he did up the zippers and walked back to the shelf in the corner.

The intruders felt uncomfortable and Barbara was having an awful time not staring at herself in the mirror now that he had quit lashing her.

Walking back to the shelf, he reached down and picked up two things. Returning to Barbara’s side, he held up the two phallus shaped vibrators.

She cried out and shook her head ‘no’ but he just smiled and proceeded to insert both into their respective places in her vagina and her anus. He made sure both were turned on, high!

So there she stood, nude and bound spread-eagled on tip toe. She was gagged, whipped and very aroused. Her lover had just violated both her anus and her vagina with leather and vibrating plastic and there was nothing she could do about it.

She almost came where she was but what he said next gave her pause.

“There are just two more things to do before I can sit and enjoy the show.” He observed brightly.

Retrieving an electric wand from the shelf, he plugged it into a wall socket and squatted down in front of Barbara. It took only the work of a moment to attach the vibrating wand, head first, to her clitoris!

The wand was a heavy duty monster and the material in front of her clitoris was extra thin for this very purpose; it offered no protection.

He reached down the handle and turned it on.

The entire effect was very exciting and now Barbara did come for the first time.

She heaved and bucked in a most satisfying way. It felt so good to come like this, she realized.

Looking up, she suddenly knew that this was how Thomas felt when he watched her.

His eyes seemed to burrow into hers and she could see the bulge in his pants and hear his shallow breath as he panted while watching her thrash about.

She suddenly realized that she was well on her way to her second orgasm!

She looked at Thomas accusingly and he leered at her before speaking.

“Let me welcome you aboard the ‘Forced Orgasm Express’ Babe!” He said with feigned formality, “Our trip or rather, your trip; will be a long full one ‘filled’ with many twisted turns that I’m sure I’ll, I mean you, will enjoy!”

She growled around the gag and looked furiously at Thomas but short of using her safe words, there was nothing she could do.

“All a Broad Who is coming like a Broad!” Thomas said and deliberately mangled the phrase.

He retrieved the belt he had dropped and positioned himself behind her. Reaching back, he let fly and proceeded to whip her taut bound torso.

She cried out and pulled against her cruel restraints. The sensations of being whipped and masturbated at the same time were very nearly overwhelming.

Just as she would reach a climax, the pain of the belt would take it away. It was always just out of reach…just.

After what seemed like an eternity to her, he stopped lashing her and dropped the belt.

Thomas walked around his female and surveyed the scene. When he was directly in front of her, he stopped.

Standing he looked deep into Barbara’s eyes and said, “I’ll be back in a moment. Now that I’m sure you are warmed up; this will really provide the workout you need.”

He continued with a mean smile, “Think of my three vibrating associates as having been ‘delegated the responsibility’ of helping you work out.”

She chuffed through the gag in outrage but he simply turned and walked away, pausing only long enough at the doorway to momentarily admire her captive beauty.

She watched him leave with wide eyes and a series of unintelligible mumbles as the three vibrators worked their devastating magic upon her.

Then she was alone with these three terrible monsters working away at her most sensitive areas.

She could feel another climax building and it felt like a monster. She both feared it and secretly desired it at the same time.

Chapter Four

On and On

Suddenly, Thomas reappeared in the doorway. In his hands he held a folding chair in the upright position. Opening the chair; he placed it a few feet in front of her. Leaving the room again he reappeared with a small table that he placed to the right of the chair. One more trip saw him place a cup of something and…a book!

He sat down in front of her only to take a sip of the drink and then start reading!

Barbara chuffed through the gag in outraged disbelief. How could he read at a time like this?

Her passion cooled considerably and she seriously thought of using her ‘safe words’ to get out of this. She had definitely not signed on for humiliation and that is what this felt like.

It was only after a couple of minutes that she realized he wasn’t turning the pages that she knew he was merely playing at reading.

He seemed to continue to ignore her and concentrate on his book over the next five minutes. Barbara’s passion began to rise again even though she did not want it to.

As she approached her tremendous third climax, Thomas put down the book and quit his sham reading. It was obvious to her that his full concentration was on her, anyway.

The third time she came was enormous but not as powerful as it might have been, had it occurred a few minutes before.

Thomas got up and walked over until he was standing directly in front of her and only a few inches away. He cupped her face and gazed directly into her eyes with that smoky stare of his.

“I once saw a woman sexually tormented while her tormentor read, so I thought I’d give it a go and see if it turned either of us on. I didn’t mind it but I can see that you were offended.” He spoke to her softly but emphatically, “I won’t be doing it again, so I don’t want you to worry about it, again.”

Barbara felt her resentment evaporate. It was rather like a weight being lifted from her shoulders.

To make matters worse, she could feel Thomas’s three monsters working away at her self discipline again. He held her face and looked directly into her eyes as she came for the fourth time.

Being nude, bound, gagged and freshly whipped by the man who was continuing to torment her brought Barbara to a screaming climax for the fifth time. He looked directly at her and seemed to drink in her screams of passion from behind the gag as well as her futile struggles against the unyielding ropes.

That he was paying so much attention to her moods made for a much more intense experience than she was expecting.

The sixth and seventh climaxes were very much like the fifth, except that each was a little more powerful than the last.

Finally, she began to shake her head ‘no’ as she felt the beginning of the eighth.

“Would you like me to turn off my associates?” Thomas asked her with a smile (and somewhat rhetorically).

His condescending approach irritated her no end because she knew that he was very aware of her discomfort.

She had to choose between reiterating her plea or suffering and she had the distinct impression that he would make her suffer anyway.

Barbara chose and nodded ‘yes’ to his idea of turning off the vibrators. In mounting horror she realized that he would…but not until she had come again!

He smiled as he cupped her helpless face while she spiralled into her next forced orgasm.

Screaming and crying; her struggles only fueled his cruelty. Barbara found her dignity gone as she pleaded around the gag for him to ‘stop’.

Finally, he did. He turned off the wand first before removing it. After that he carefully removed the vibrators from her ass and her vagina.

The relief she felt was palatable. She would have collapsed but the ropes held her firmly in place.

Undoing her leather/spandex panties; he carefully took them off and withdrew the hollow phalluses from her. He did not however; untie her.

Positioning himself behind her; he picked up the belt and began to whip her again.

Tears finally sprung from her eyes and she sobbed into the gag as the belt sang and danced across her nude and helpless body. It wasn’t that she was in such pain; it was just the intensity of the experience was too much to bear stoically.

Thomas realized what was happening when she did not use her ‘safe word’. He realized that she was entering that peculiar mental place called ‘sub space’. Her dependence upon his good judgement was now more firmly entrenched than before.

Being a good top, he stopped tormenting her. Untying her, he picked her up in his arms and took her upstairs. She laid her head against his shoulder and listened/felt his heartbeat against her ear.

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