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My Trip to Colombia

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I had just graduated from high school, and I was expecting a lavish graduation present from my grandpa. I definitely would’ve taken my sister’s gift, an all-expenses paid trip to Europe. Instead, my grandpa announced that he was sending me on a tour of South America. He said that I needed to see other part of the world and experience new cultures. It consisted of a hike through the rainforests of Ecuador, then the Galapagos, then a long stay in Rio de Janeiro. Unfortunately for my well-being, Grandpa didn’t do enough research into the vacation package. The rainforest adventure was a little too close to the border with Colombia to be safe.

I arrived in Ecuador two weeks after graduation. I spent one night in Quito, and then headed off to meet my camping group on the edge of a wildlife preserve. As the trip began I was astounded by how lush and green everything was. The rainforest was beautiful. We came across a vast range of plants and animals. And true to the name, it rained about half the time. I was loving it. But there was an unseen danger that had been shadowing our path.

Two days into the journey our group was ambushed by two heavily-built Latinos with sub-machine guns. They were shirtless from the heat, and had red bandanas on their heads. The taller one seemed to be the leader, so he barked out orders in Spanish to the tour guide, who translated it. I assumed that they were Colombian rebels, on a mission to collect more money for their cause. I had seen a documentary on it back home, but now being there really sucked. After being forced into a prone position, they took our wallets, all the jewelry, and my watch. Then the shorter one started to point to one of the prisoners, an attractive young girl. I could tell that their intention was to take her as a hostage. She was terrified. When she caught my eye, I knew that I couldn’t let her be taken away. Being unarmed, I decided to offer myself in her stead. At first they refused and threatened to shoot me, until I told them that I was an American. Their eyes lit up and they grabbed me, dragging me off into the jungle.

It was then that I started to doubt the heroics of my decision. I spoke no Spanish, but I could understand their basic commands. We formed a column and began marching towards their encampment. The tall one walked in front, with me in the middle and the shorter prodding me along with the barrel of his gun. Eventually, through their talking back and forth, I figured out their names; the leader was Carlos, and his subordinate was Juan. It was extremely hot, and I joined them in being shirtless, putting it in my bag. The trail soon disappeared and Carlos resorted to hacking his way through the dense undergrowth. The march got even tougher as it began to rain again.

After an hour we reached the camp. It had a couple of boxes of supplies and ammunition, a campfire, and three hammocks with tarps hung a few feet over them as sleeping quarters. The hammocks were set up in a triangle, with everything else inside of it. Juan went about setting up a fire, and Carlos went off to hunt for food. I was told not to move. Finally Carlos returned with a sack full of food. I helped in the cooking. I was very cooperative, and after a while I think I developed a rapport with them. Dusk turned to darkness as we sat around the fire and ate. After eating miscellaneous rainforest creature kabob for dinner, they motioned for me to sleep. I faked it, and watched them discuss my fate. It appeared that they decided to not watch over me tonight, as I was a passive captive.

Juan doused the fire, and they both climbed into their beds. The rain now came back with a vengeance, raining much harder than before. I was amazed at how loud the rain was. If I had wanted, I could have sneaked off and the rain would’ve covered my escape. But I decided against it, seeing as I would be lost without food or shelter. I closed my eyes and listened to the rain for a bit. The sound helped to steady my nerves, although this was turning out to be a lot better than I would’ve guessed.

When I reopened my eyes I saw movement over by Carlos’ hammock. I turned my head to see him laying face up, naked, with his head thrown back, his eyes closed, and a smile on his face. When I looked towards the movement, I saw what is to date the biggest cock I have ever seen. It was standing straight up, and he was jacking off. I had never fooled around with another guy before, but the sight of his huge brown cock made me salivate. Very cautiously I got out of my hammock and crawled toward him. The rain covered me, and Juan did not wake up. Soon I was next to Carlos’ hammock, and I rose up on my knees to get level with his tool. For a second I just marveled at his hand running up and down the length of the cock, jacking himself off. He used the rain to lubricate it, and it glistened in the light. His cock was beautiful, with big veins and ridges crisscrossing the surface. The bulbous head flared each time his hand went over it. From this close (my head was less than a foot away) I could see that it was at least eight inches long and two inches wide.

I reached out and touched it, and his reaction was to smile and let me take over. I gladly took his cock in my hand and started to jerk him off, meanwhile pushing my other hand under his bronzed leg. I used that position to pull him to the edge of the hammock. This weight shift caused the hammock to swing him so that his cock was pointing diagonally up at me, mere inches from my lips. I used the now free hand to cup and fondle his balls. My jacking hand now only kept it pointed at me, as I lowered my head towards it. I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue, then softly pressed it against the base of his penis. I slowly dragged my tongue up his long, hard shaft until I circled the rim of his head with it. I went back down and licked another side of him, finally getting to taste my first man. Then I wrapped my mouth around the head (barely) and began to lightly suck, rubbing my tongue against it. Meanwhile I started to jack him off into my mouth and continuing to massage his big, sweaty balls. He reached out with one hand and began to tease my nipple, then lightly pinching it. I moaned around his cock, and started to rub my hard-on through my jeans. Carlos began softly thrusting into my virgin mouth.

The rain beat down on my back and legs as continued to suck his big cock. Suddenly I felt a hand on my ass, and looked back to see Juan. He was naked, dripping wet, and his hard cock glistened in the moonlight. He was a little longer than Carlos was, but not as thick. I went back to my tonguing of Carlos. He knelt down behind me and I felt his hands softly caress my ass. He reached around and undid my jeans, pushing my hand away and replacing it with his own. He pulled them off, along with my boxers, until all three of us were naked. Meanwhile I was bobbing up and down on Carlos, kneading his balls with one hand and holding his shaft with the other. The hard rain soon had my ass drenched. Juan’s strong hands cupped my inner thighs, then pulled them apart until they were spread widely. He moved his knees up to mine, and then I felt his hot thighs against me. He rested his stiff cock between my ass cheeks, sliding its length up and down my crack.

Then he positioned it between my wet legs, slipping it down until my balls rested on the head, and it poked the base of my shaft. I felt his finger trace a line from my neck down the center of my back to my ass. He rubbed his finger in circles around my asshole, then slowly eased it inside. He pushed his finger all the way in, then pulled out and replaced it with two. I moaned around Carlos’ cock as he started to finger-fuck me. Carlos was thrusting up into my mouth and I sucked him harder and harder.

Juan pulled out his fingers, then spread my legs more widely with his hands. I could feel his cockhead twitch against my balls; he slowly pulled it back across them, and I felt it spring up behind me and come back down between my cheeks. I sucked harder, shaking with excitement and anxiousness as he positioned his cock against my virgin asshole. Juan then held my hip and began to nudge his big head at my opening. The pressure was building, and so was the pleasure; it felt so good having something so hard and hot up against me. I pushed back out towards his cock, trying to make it easier for him to enter. Gradually I felt his cockhead urge my anus open and slip inside.

I sighed around Carlos’ cock, and I heard him moan. As my ass adjusted to Juan’s Cock, Carlos and thrusted hurriedly into my waiting mouth. He groaned, and his cock swelled in my mouth, and I was blasted with the first shot of his cum. It quickly filled my mouth, and I began to swallow as fast as I could. He held my head in place and forced me to eat it all. Some cum escaped, seeping down my chin. Meanwhile, Juan was still back there, caressing my ass all over. When he was done, he let me go and I looked up at him. He nodded towards his cock, and I started cleaning it up, licking the cum off. He pulled it away from me, then sat up and suddenly kissed me. He held my head against his and searched my mouth with his tongue…this was another first. Carlos pulled away; content to lay back and watch me get fucked.

All of a sudden I felt Juan’s cock twitch, then slowly move forward. I shuddered and moaned, feeling the ridges of his cock slide deeper into me. I reached back with my hand, and felt that more than was still outside. I wrapped my hand around the thick shaft and began to jack him off into me. He held my hips and thrusted in, and a wave of pleasure resonated through my body; his big cockhead had just touched my prostate. He thrust again, and I started feeling very full…my mouth dropped open and I held my breath. Juan then thrust hard, and his balls slapped against mine as he bottomed out. I arched my back and let out a long sigh. Carlos chuckled his approval, then reached over and started pinching my nipples.

Juan flexed his cock, making me feel how deep he was inside me. He slowly pulled out, until only his cockhead was in, dragging my anus out a little. Then he thrust back in, and began to fuck me. The feeling of his thick cock sawing in and out of my hole was incredible; it was as if my entire consciousness was focused on his cock in my ass. I was supporting myself by holding onto Carlos’ muscular leg, arching my back even further and moaning as Juan fucked me harder.

It was now that I noticed how hard my own cock had become. It felt like if anything touched it, I would explode. Unfortunately, I needed both hands to support myself and thrust back onto his cock. As Juan’s hips slapped into my ass, I felt one hand slide down my ass and around to my stomach. He moved it back towards my cock, but bypassed it and cupped my balls. As he fucked me his two middle fingers pressed past my balls, and began massaging my cock’s foundation through the nutsack. I was puzzled, until he pressed harder and fucked faster. His balls slapped up against me as I realized that he was rubbing where my pussy would be, if I were a girl. They are fucking me as if I was one, using me for my ass and mouth. Normally this would weird me out, but having another man’s cock in my ass had skewed my outlook. If the want a girl, then they got one…

I started fucking back towards Juan, and moaning higher in pitch. He rubbed harder; I responded by kneeling upright and grabbing his asscheeks, pulling him deeper and faster. This set him off, as he buried himself balls-deep…I felt hot come shoot deep into my ass, filling me. This sensation, coupled with all the nipple pinching and ball-massaging, drove me over the edge. My penis twitched, and then burst…the shots made it all the way to the hammock. One even hit Carlos’ now hard cock. I fell forward onto my hands and knees, weak from the hard fuck. Juan’s sweaty body fell on mine, resting on me as his cock wilted inside my cum-filled ass. Eventually it slipped out, followed by a slosh of his cum. He got up and walked over to his hammock, done with me for now.

I looked up towards Carlos, and he again nodded to his cock. He had smeared my cum on it and was holding it pointing up. I stood up, climbed in the hammock on top of him, and straddled his hips. Reaching down between us, I now realized how much bigger his cock was than Juan’s…this was a massive, pulsating, veiny cock that was aimed directly at my dripping asshole. I lowered myself onto it, lodging it in my loosened hole. Placing my hands on his chest, I began to impale myself on his penis. My anus gave way once more, and his hot massive throbbing cockhead slipped in. I moaned, and sunk lower on him. He took my hips in his hands and pushed me down faster. I groaned, and almost gagged when he was balls-deep…so full of cock.

I sat there a second, impaled on his cock, clenching my ass around him. He cupped my asscheeks, then pulled me off his cock. Again, I reached down, placing it between my cheeks. Again, his hot spongy head parted my anus and I sank down onto it. This time I rose back up, and began fucking him. Carlos thrusted up into me, sending shockwaves through me as I fucked faster. Soon my thighs began to burn, however, so he again cupped my ass. Up and down, he was using my body and I was loving it. He brought a hand forward, and like Juan, rubbed and massaged my balls. I was his woman, the one he had wanted in the first place… This was really stimulating, and I bounced harder and faster on his hot cock. I leaned down and kissed him hard…he thrust urgently into me. I pulled away and arched back as his penis bottomed out in me and shot his massive load in my ass. I reached down and jerked my cock to orgasm. My cum splattered all over his chest.

I was so exhausted that I laid down on top of him, still impaled by his hot tool. I could feel his cum seeping out around his cock as I feel asleep in his strong Colombian arms…

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