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The Day After Tomorrow

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With my husband out of my life, it was sad yet exciting knowing my youngest son finally had himself a flat of his own. He was happy when his brother was here with us yet lately I could feel an atmosphere whenever he brought his friends around to unwind in the garden and conservatory. Seeing him out one day, he was looking in an estate agents shop window and deciding to go over I noticed him looking at a place I knew would be ideal for him.

Only a five minute walk from our house I knew he couldn’t afford it so telling him I would be glad to help I felt good seeing his face burst out into an uncontrollable smile.

He could not get in there quick enough, his own place, a place where I felt sorry for his neighbours yet yearned the peace and tranquillity beckoning my house. It was however, a poignant day in my life, a house that had produced my two sons and gave me the best years of my life watching them grow in to young men would now fall silent once more. Those first few weeks I seemed to see more of him than when he was living here. As long as he had his music and a bed then that was all that mattered in his eyes, practical things like cutlery and plates were not thought of. Finally though, he was becoming increasingly organised and apart from seeing him drop in most evenings at around dinnertime then the rest of the time he would phone before coming around.

This suited me as even closer to my house lived Dave, a married man whose marriage I was told was all but over. He was a handsome man, over ten years my junior and with an over active sex gene inside him made me feel wanted whenever we met. They were rare occasions though; a cheap hotel close by, had the proprietor knowing me by name, all be it a false one, whenever I signed in there.

With him being married then I was never able to wake up the next morning with his arms around me. He always left before midnight and had me creeping out, feeling dirty, used yet satisfied in the small hours. Darren, my son knew I was dating a man; he knew Dave and would have hated to know what our affair entailed. To him it was just a casual fling with someone living in our city and nothing for him to get excited about.

Lying in this dirty hotel room, Dave had gone home as I laid there, thoroughly exhausted, at peace with the world however, wondering to myself why should we be in that dirty hotel. I have a perfectly respectful house that he is welcome to come to now, with no interruptions then everything seemed ideal.

Arranging with him on his mobile phone he felt it a good idea also and for a tester told me to expect him after he had finished work that particular evening. To him it was only going to be a quickie, his wife did not even need to know he was going to be late home. Leaving work an hour early I would hate to think what he thought of me as I answered the door in nothing but a long silken negligee. It had taken me all afternoon to get ready for him, laying in the bath and douching myself. Looking in the mirror, I had gone overboard to look my best for him, yet when that doorbell rung I became a quivering wreck. The bed was old, some ten years in fact, yet it had never had a man on it in all that time. As soon as my ex went and slept in his own room then the first thing I did was to destroy the old mattress.

It had been a warm day; Dave looked as though he had had an exhausting day at work also. His tie undone and as we kissed in the passageway, I could smell the day’s aromas on his body. At the hotel we would both have showered beforehand, no time for that this day however as we locked our lips together in the quiet of the hallway. My knees, unashamedly open and hugging his as we kissed, I had never worried myself so much as I did that day when taking his hand and guiding him to the bedroom.

Sex was better than ever that evening, he wanted me badly and I wanted him, it was over in minutes however, I laid there with his cock throbbing inside me as I felt the last of his come empty into my satisfied insides. He was biting hard at my neck as my nails gripped tightly into his firm buttocks before I felt his tension relax from his perspiring body. Lying there so contented, I suddenly froze as I heard a key open the front door. Darren wasn’t expected as I told him I was busy and to stay away however hearing him call up the stairs had me thinking what to do next. Being a friend of Dave’s and knowing he was married would have put me in a complicated mess with my son.

Quickly I put on a gown then slowly trying to compose myself went down the stairs to greet him. He had put the kettle on and without a care in the world asked me whether I wanted a cuppa. My hair was matted, I had beads of perspiration running down my forehead and worse still, I could feel Dave seeping from my body as breathlessly I asked him why he had come around. Looking at me strangely for the first time, his first words to me was to ask whether I had a man upstairs. A bad liar at the best of times I tried to tell him I had not and was relieved when knowing I was lying he put down the teacups and told me that he had better leave. A filthy look into my eyes as he passed by and a deliberate shout of goodbye as he slammed the door shut behind him.

I felt used and annoyed, this was my house and yet my son thought it bad that I should have my boyfriend around, even though he had no idea he was a friend of his. My libido was at an all-time low as I gingerly went up the stairs and glad in a way that Dave had quietly dressed and ready to go.

It took time to get over the embarrassing situation that I had put myself in, he had phoned me a few times and was more than willing to try it one more time. I wasn’t though, however, one lunchtime when he did ring I suggested that we meet up at our hotel the way we used to. He didn’t like the idea however was easily coaxed into agreeing to that. So, spending the afternoon preparing myself once more I had already phoned the hotel and ordered our room once more.

Luckily, I wasn’t dressed up when I arrived early at the hotel, parking my car discreetly out of sight I timidly looked around before entering into the hotel foyer. The girl on the reception knew me well by now, Dave and I had used it on a number of occasions before. It used to be very secretive in the early days however talking to her now she at least let on that she understood my situation with him. As we were talking this time, however I was startled hearing the hotel revolving door click into action. It was my other son and his wife, they had seen me enter into the hotel and told me that their curiosity made them come and see what was up.

The expertise of the receptionist was quick in answering for me, telling them I was an old friend and that I was just passing by. I knew straightaway by their eyes that they believed her and relieved when they told me they were in town doing some shopping and wondered whether I would care to join them. I couldn’t have said no knowing that shopping was my favourite pastime. Before I could say yes though, the receptionist butted in to tell them they were too late, as she had already arranged a date with me. Staying silent, she went on to explain that she was off duty in ten minutes and we were going to have a meal together. As she was speaking, I looked beyond them and could see Dave looking into the foyer very confused. He knew my eldest also and thinking something was wrong again quickly walked on by.

After a short conversation, my son and his wife bid me farewell telling me where they would be if I had time later. I hoped not, I thought to myself as alone once more I thanked the receptionist, took my key and went up to our room. It had been almost a month since I had seen him last; I wanted him so much and laid on the bed with a large bath towel around me waiting for his arrival. It didn’t come, instead after an hour or more I heard my mobile bleep telling me I had a message. My son and daughter in law had seen him also and after talking together, he decided it was too risky to go back to the hotel.

I lay alone under the towel for hours, reliving my existence; I was single once more, my two sons had grown up and left me yet still they ruled me. I didn’t answer Dave; if I had then it would have been a short goodbye message. It wasn’t his fault really, just my complicated lifestyle.

Knowing he wasn’t going to be the one for me, still happily married and never getting in touch I simply put that down to a nice experience, while it lasted. I was happy to hear from him though again, even though it had been a while. A short message again telling me he had to go to Spain on business and had a spare seat on the aeroplane. I replied to that, all be it a simple answer; yes!

Again, nothing else was said between us, he was a man of his word though and I got excited when plane tickets arrived on my doorstep via my postman one morning. A short sarcastic note followed the next day however about me travelling alone to the resort in case any of my sons happened to be at the airport at the departure time. As it so happened there was, as my son Darren drove me the short journey and hoped I would have a lovely time as he promised to be at the airport awaiting my arrival back here in two weeks time.

This was to be a first for me, I had travelled to Spain three or four times, each time however was with my growing sons. I remember looking back at the evenings when lovers walked down the promenade holding hands and cuddling up while I sat above them on my balcony babysitting my two boys.

Life was lovely then, men did not contribute in our lives as I gave them my full attention. Having them worn out and yawning at midnight I would happily sit out on the balcony completely in love with the world as I sipped on my warm glass or two of red Spanish wine.

This holiday was going to be so different though, I had only ever had Dave alone for a whole night once, which was in that hotel while his wife was in hospital overnight once. He had to leave in the morning and I had to make a feeble excuse that I will get up as I have all day to kill. Truth of the matter was I was so shattered that I felt paralysed to the bed for half the day. Fourteen days of that made the hairs on my neck stick up as I felt my insides tingle with anticipation.

I waited for his arrival, nothing then remembering I had turned my phone off I had one text massaged. ‘Wife not well, unable to come.’ I felt every bit of emotion drain out of my body at that time; there I was in the arrival part of the airport expecting two weeks of uncomplicated fun when those six little words shattered my nerves completely.

Going straight to the departure lounge I explained the situation to the person on the desk who told me the ticket I had wasn’t negotiable and to leave now would mean I needed to buy a one-way ticket back to England. The money meant nothing and so paid for the return journey and having time for a coffee I sat alone awaiting the announcer to call my flight number.

Already early evening it was going to be the early hours before I was to get home, then an announcement telling me the plane had been unexpectedly delayed made me start to feel suicidal. Almost in tears by now, I went up to the information desk to ask when the aeroplane was expected to be ready. I was left drained and speechless when told that there was a problem and that it could be hours before it was mended and ready for take off.

With no other aircraft taking off that night, I had taken enough for one day. Giving up, I went out to the taxi rank to ask whether anyone was available to drive me to my apartment. I sat alone in silence as the taxi driver loaded my cases into the car and I ignored his poor attempt to talk to me in his broken English. Realising I wasn’t happy then he finally gave up trying to hold a conversation and I was more than happy when finally the taxi entered into a brightly lit street. It must have been the small village we were both supposed to be staying in; within a few seconds I could smell the sea and then the reflection of the moon beating down on the vast open peaceful looking ocean.

Feeling bad now, as we pulled up to my block of apartments on the sandy promenade I realised my flat was on he second floor and speaking my first words to my driver asked him kindly whether he would mind helping me up with the cases. He gave me the silent treatment this time; although he huffed to himself, I gratefully held the door open for him as he followed me up the marble staircase. Thanking him then realised that I had no foreign money at all, a visa card waved in his face brought a strange expression from him, so all I had left was some English money. Giving him the choice then he closely inspected the notes before taking one of them, smiled at me and wished me a fond farewell.

The room was dark, lonely and strange, I really didn’t want to be here but another few hours at the departure lounge would have had my frustrations getting me into trouble. It was hot, a sultry heat making perspiration run down my painful face. Sitting quietly on the bed, I could here the distant music from the clubs and bars below. Every now and again a loud shout or scream from some drunken holidaymaker would startle me as I sat alone and peaceful on my unmade bed.

A while had passed as I tried to shake the loneliness out of me, I was dirty, needed a bath, hungry, needed to eat, so I tried to come to terms with my apartment and make friends with it for at least one night. It didn’t help me though, turning on the shower did nothing and the sticky door to my balcony had me almost in a panic as I tried hard to open it. Frustration got the better of me that night as I screamed and beat the glass door with my fists.

I must have looked as neurotic as I felt as I looked out onto the balcony to see two concerned faces from the next apartment looking alarmingly at me from their balcony. Realising I was stuck in there I watched on as the man climbed over from his balcony to mine and tried to help me with the door. It wouldn’t budge as the glass shook with the beating I was giving it. Waving his hands violently he jumped back over onto his side and with his wife trying to comfort me with her actions I noticed he had gone inside. Hopefully to get a hammer I thought, but no, he had come to my door and hearing him banging on it, I stopped my beating of the door and went to answer him.

He was Swedish, couldn’t speak a word of English, he was lovely though, wearing just a pair of shorts that revelled to me he had been having some intimate fun with his wife which I had no doubt interrupted. Without a word spoken, he fiddled with the key in the door and somehow had the patio door open for me. ‘OK’ was all he said as puzzled now I asked him what he had done? Showing me I realised the door was still locked while I tried my best to open it. He laughed, I did too and jumping back over to his side, I was waving my thanks to the both of them.

“You’re English,” I heard her say in a better accent than I could have said it myself.

“Yes,” I replied politely, while wishing them a pleasant evening and walking back into my room, not in any kind of mood for a conversation with them that evening. My shower still wouldn’t work though so hearing them out on their balcony a little later I timidly asked her whether her husband could come and fix it for me. I knew I was intruding and really did feel bad, I needed a shower more than anything though, and didn’t care that I was once again interrupting them.

He came over and showed me how the shower worked; it was again my lack of knowledge and nothing else. Leaving me, he looked frustrated as once more I thanked him knowing at least that I was able to have a shower now. My nerves were shattered after the day I had experienced, I felt clean though as I lay on my bed and tried to read a book. It had been a compelling read once although with all the interruptions I knew it was now a book I will never be able to enjoy.

Still wet from my shower I was laying on a towel with my balcony door open, a cooling wind helping to relax my taut body. Although I could still hear those two laughing at each other, the coolness of the night at least made things more comfortable for me now. I could not help but notice the silence next-door, as I was able to relax more now. Thinking they had gone to bed I undone my bathrobe to stretch out on the large cool double bed.

Within no time at all, I could faintly here a noise, startled I looked around the darkened room to see where it was coming from. Every few seconds now, this noise appeared and became increasingly louder. Realising it was the couple next door making love I immediately felt envious of them. A louder bang now made me jump up, as soon as I heard the telltale sighs though I imagined the bed moving across the floor as their excitement was obviously growing.

Thoughts of my hotel and David came flooding back as my mind tried to imagine what she was going through next door. My headboard should be keeping them awake I thought to myself as their sighs and moans became increasingly louder now. The sound of blatant sex should excite me as I lay now open legged and clasping at my pubic region. Feeling so sorry for myself however, I was unable to raise a spark in my body and quickly feeling chilled now I wrapped the robe back around me.

Continued silence next door, my eyes were refusing to close this particular evening and so in darkness, I went out on the balcony to look at the wonderful sights of the moon hitting the sea and the distant glow of nightlife in the town close by. A light next door startled me momentarily as they had finished and also not wanting to sleep. Finishing wrapping a silk throw around her body, I could practically see the contented smile on her face. Unaware she had kept me awake she too looked out into the sea and in English told me how lovely the view was. Starting a much-needed conversation with her, she asked whether I would like a glass of wine. I did not know what the time was, my watch was in English time still and I hadn’t a clue what it was here. I could not sleep and was glad of someone to talk to though, so gratefully accepted her offer.

Coming back out a minute or so later, she had two glasses and a full bottle of wine with her. Pouring me a glass, she introduced herself as Stephanie. Her husband of just thee days was Dan to me. Only arriving the day before she was curious straightaway as to why I was alone. Trying to tell her that my boyfriend’s mother was taken ill on the day of our departure then I thought rather than waste the tickets I thought I’d come anyway and hopefully he could follow when his mother feels better.

Why I was lying to a complete strange was a mystery however I suppose it was the safest answer I could have told her. At around the same time I noticed her look into her room and moments later a very tired looking Dan came strolling out. As Steph started to explain my situation in Swedish to him, I could tell I was a third party, which he didn’t really want around. He lovingly cuddled up to her and not showing the slightest bit of interest I realised it was time to leave them alone.

I tried hard to close my eyes; the pair of them didn’t help, as their laughter was only inches from where I tried to rest my head. Although warm and the few glasses of wine had at least relaxed me, I felt bad as I got up and closed the patio doors on them. I did eventually get some much-needed sleep although I knew I was woken by the sound of their bed hitting my wall at least once more during the course of the night.

Having a bad day and a late night I was awoken early once more by the endless crash of their headboard hitting my wall it was early morning and I knew then that the day had started and my short sleep had finished. In a worse mood than when I went to bed I wearily staggered around the apartment to see whether there were facilities to make a hot cup of tea. All I could find was a kettle, so not having anything to make tea or coffee with it put my mood even lower. I was saved however, when I could hear Steph calling through the patio doors, opening them she had a large silver pot filled to the brim with piping hot coffee.

They wasn’t that bad after all I thought to myself as I fetched an empty cup from my bare kitchen and went with it to the patio as though I was begging for something. I wanted to tell her about the noise and the headboard, this seemed an ideal opportunity as Dan seemed to be somewhere else. Delicately I put the subject to her and I could tell she was embarrassed by it. Apologising to me I tried to tell her there was no need it was just that it was keeping me awake as well as her, which wasn’t much fun for me.

We were laughing about it when Dan wearily came walking out onto the balcony, I envied Steph as I saw the worn-out look on his face. Not even acknowledging us, he reached over for the pot of coffee and poured himself a cup. Still not looking at us he calmly took it inside and left the two of us alone once more. I laughed for the first time I had been there as I told Steph that I thought he was looking very tired. Having an embarrassed look on her face, she looked into her room and then to me and held up three fingers. Needing to look shocked I wanted to add a few more but thought better of it as she started to tell me they were there on their honeymoon.

Asking whether Dave was going to come to see me I was unable to answer as I shrugged my shoulders to her. You must come with us today; the beaches are lovely but infested with single men she ordered. I was tired and really could have done with staying in my apartment most of the day, as I was still in two minds whether to call the holiday off and go back to the airport.

I didn’t and arranged to meet the two of them at a bistro situated just below our apartment block. Leaving her on their patio, I was hungry, dirty and needed to find something appropriate to wear, as I hadn’t even bothered to unpack.

After a lovely refreshing shower, I made up and with my bikini bought specially for Dave on under a thin dress I had eaten a breakfast and on my third cup of tea when the weary lovebirds appeared at the café door. They were an impressive pair standing looking around the tables, his reddening body looking powerful under an almost see through shirt. His tight swimming costume sent a pang of excitement through my body as it gripped tightly to an outline of a very impressive endowment he had tucked away. She was one of the lovely people though, a bikini I wouldn’t dare wear with just a throw of a light gauze made her long blonde hair look even brighter than it was as she recognised me in the deserted café even though Dan was left looking around.

Eating their breakfast we talked about what their day had to offer, she wanted to go sightseeing. Looking at Dan though he clasped his hands together and putting them to his face, it told me that he needed to sleep still. A stare at Steph and her embarrassment showed, smiling, she looked away from me, he obviously wasn’t aware we had talked of their exploits earlier.

Ready to go I had drunk enough tea and knowing we had decided on the beach together I needed a pee first. Telling me where they were going I eventually caught them up as she settled for a very secluded part of the beach hidden from everyone else by a succession of large boulders. Steph’s skin was already nicely tanned, Dan’s was turning crimson, away from their view, lifting my dress off I realised how white I was compared to them.

I tan easily though as Dan brought over three sun beds for us. As if he had something against me, he sat on one side while his wife sat in the middle. I felt a little unwanted by him; he hadn’t really acknowledged my presence all the time I was with them. Not complaining one bit though as it was becoming increasingly obvious he only had eyes for his bride. She quickly took her bikini top off and oiling herself also rolled her bottoms into a tight string that showed her labium to anyone who would walk by.

“Come Pat, get those milky breasts of yours tanned,” she said as she leaned over me to unhook the back of my top. Never having sunbathed topless except in my garden I felt a little awkward as for the first time I noticed Dan looking over at me. He even broke into a smile and for once paid me a compliment telling me how nice they were. Never shying off a compliment, Steph cupped them both in her hands, talking in her native tongue to Dan said something that made him laugh aloud. Explaining to me, she had told him that her small boobs always pleased him so why should mine please him also. Laughing she refused to tell me what his reply back to her was.

Feeling tired I ended the short conversation and lay back onto my sun bed. With my eyes closed against the rays of the sun, I was aware of them both talking and giggling to each other. Innocence though is always my first thought when I heard Steph ask me what the scar was on my hip as I felt her fingers trace around it. I wasn’t aware my panty line had dropped that low as in normal times I always buy bottoms that hide it. Feeling her tingling fingers tracing an outline I told her how as a kid I had to have an emergency appendix operation as they had burst causing septicaemia. With my eyes still closed, I could feel the hot sun now start to redden my body as she explained my scar to her husband.

“You’re burning Pat,” Steph remarked and asked whether I needed some sun cream on. I didn’t under normal conditions although feeling tired and being as the sun was very hot I did tell her that I would love some. Thinking I was going to be given the container I was wrong as I felt the oil warm to the touch as it trickled from the bottle and every nerve end in my body seemed to tremor with the sensation of the oil dripping onto me. Feeling some snake down my sides I became aware that Steph was playing a game for Dan’s benefit now. I was not complaining and smiled, while keeping my eyes firmly closed as I felt her greasy hands provocatively massage the oil into my skin. Taking extra care around my breasts, I could imagine Dan looking on as keeping my eyes closed tightly I felt the uncomfortable reaction as my nipples started to harden beneath her touch.

The muscles in my stomach seemed to vibrate as she massaged the oil into me there; it was as if she knew touching my bellybutton triggered feelings inside me that I tried to hide from most people. Steph could not have realised what she was doing as her nails scooped excessive oil from my tiny bellybutton. I stayed silent throughout the experience however if she were looking at my face then my expression would have told her of my feelings.

Once more, I felt her fingering and examining my scar as she rolled my panty line down further. With no oil on my legs I was wondering just how far Steph was going to take me as I could feel my shaven mound exposed as her oily fingers danced over me.

Purring like a Cheshire cat to myself, I was suddenly left alone; trying to hide my disappointment Steph told me that I would need a top up in a few hours so if I fell asleep then she would wake me. I was tired out, although feeling on a high suddenly those feelings quickly passed, when feeling my eyelids grow heavier and soon I sensed I was sleeping alone once more.

Hearing distant voices Steph was telling me I had been asleep for over two hours and thought it time I took in some liquid and hid my body to the hot sun. Agreeing with her yet still so tired I reached for my beach towel and covered the whole of my body in it. I was soon asleep once more; I could feel my body burning even though I was a person who never burned.

Awaking with no idea of the time, I pulled the towel from my face and was comforted to know they were still with me. He was asleep also and she had moved her sun bed away from me and cuddling up lovingly with her husband. I was going to go home this day yet had spent the whole of it lying on the beach. I felt relaxed, I felt good as well I should, however I needed to make plans.

Trying to stay silent Dan looked up first and then Steph, so apologising for waking them I told them I needed to sort things for the evening. Leaving them on the beach, my body felt tight and burnt as wearily I walked to the small shopping arcade. A chemist first as I bought their entire stock of moisturising cream. Then I needed to eat something, being vegetarian proved difficult so going into a small store I picked out a basket of salad goods, together with a loaf of French bread I made my way over and buying some of their wine decided I’d stay in alone that evening.

Leaving the patio door closed I thought I could have had a peaceful night however hearing them next door it wasn’t long before I heard her calling out to me. Having just got out of the shower and in the middle of creaming my tender body she seemed impatient and so throwing a towel around me I went to see whether anything was wrong.

It wasn’t, they just wanted to know whether I had arrived home safely and what I had planned for dinner. With the rough fabric of the towel causing my tanned body pain, I told her I was going to stay home as I have bought some salad items so planned to laze around for the rest of the evening. Thinking they were off out somewhere, I had visions of sitting out on the balcony alone to feel the cooling breeze help sooth my sunburned body. Offering me a meal at their favourite tavern, I politely declined, leaving her alone on the patio as I wished them both a pleasant evening and went back to gently finishing off the first tube of soothing cream on my body.

My stomach was rumbling as I finally prepared my dinner, unable to find anything I had to tear off portions of the French bread while drinking my wine from the glass I cleaned my teeth in a while ago. It was supposed to be a luxury apartment, yet I had not found anything as yet in there that I would call luxury. Hearing the door of their apartment slam shut though, naked I rested a towel over the recliner and sat back into it with all my goodies within easy reach of myself.

It tasted lovely, the freshness of it all, together with the lovely large chunks of bread, washed down by my wine, although warm I was assured had been produced only a few miles from where I was sitting. The night air was cooling on my hot body as I sat completely relaxed listening to the distant sounds of the music from below. I missed Dave not being with me however, everything else was ideal. Thoughts of going home were becoming a far distant bad memory and having had this flat paid up for the two weeks then I thought I should make the most of it. There was no nightlife in the village, one reason we picked it, a taxi drive away though was a bubbling town full of nightlife as I imagined myself there looking tanned and available and a thousand miles from home.

Nicely fed for the first time I had to move to get another bottle of the wine that was so enjoyable, knowing I was going to regret opening another bottle I threw caution to the wind realising I wasn’t going anywhere and had no one to answer to either. Feeling a little cool, I opened my suitcase and searched for a silk kaftan I had brought especially to look something for Dave’s eyes. My body was heating up once more so before slipping it on I decided to use another tube of the after sun cream. Rubbing it over my body I suddenly felt pangs of pleasure engulf me, not realising how relaxed with the world I was I started to excite myself. Although I had stayed the day with my bottoms on the cream still felt soothing as I leaned against the bathroom wall and quietly inserted two nicely creamed fingers into myself.

I did not want to excite myself, I just wanted to feel a buzz, and when I needed to take a deep breath I thought it time to stop. A shiver went though my body as I finished another tube of the cream and getting the other bottle of wine and my kaftan I went boldly out onto the patio once more. Knowing their lovemaking wasn’t going to keep me awake either that night I merrily laid back and carried on with my wine.

Hearing my neighbours come in made me quickly adjust my clothing I had the robe open because feeling the slight breeze on my body felt ever so cooling. Hiding myself, it wasn’t long before Dan and Steph came out to greet me, even though I felt a little annoyed, the tranquillity had been broken, I was still glad to see them however.

Making myself decent for them, I noticed both were a little light-headed and full of happiness. I thought I would be in for a quiet night yet a bottle of the very same wine I had was soon put on show as Steph went to have her shower. I knew little Swedish and Dan knew little English so a few smiles were all that were exchanged between us.

He looked sexually turned on as I tried in vain to hide myself from him, my silk kaftan was almost see-through anyway and even then failed to cover one of my breasts that was looking out as if to see whether it was missing out on anything. He had seen them earlier anyhow; he had seen his wife massage them as well, so any sexual feelings should have been forgotten about as he tried in vain to strike up a conversation with me. I should have realised a pair of boobs on a sun drenched beach were different when clad in silk chiffon and laid out wanting in the half-light of my patio.

Having a small drape across my midriff at least kept my modesty intact as Dan light-heartedly told me how sexy I looked. He looked doubly so, crisp athletic face and I could see beneath his tight white shirt his tanned muscles. I shivered as my mind turned to dirty thoughts when for the first time I thought how I was missing Dave all of a sudden. The abundance of wine and with him staring at me made me mellow rather than feel uncomfortable.

With my head burning for more than one reason now I was glad when Steph came out on to her patio. Naked, she had done it before though, not with me here, as naked and ignoring Dan asked whether my evening had gone well. It had, I told her while waving the second empty bottle of wine in the air at her. She laughed and telling Dan to go get their wine I purposely let the towel drop onto the floor as I wearily raised myself from the low sun bed.

Standing together Dan came out and filled our glasses, putting the bottle down I could make out the word shower as she talked to him in his language. Her towel was draped over her shoulders at the time, as she pulled hold of her husbands head and kissed him so passionately that I again felt I was intruding. He left us alone, knowing he was going to have a shower, she explained to me in her English in case I hadn’t understood their conversation.

With him gone she seemed to change, always a touchy person I could sense this time it was something more intimate that was on her mind. I was at ease with the world by this time anyway, knowing the only excitement I was going to get that night was to hear the headboard hitting the wall to Dan’s relentless rhythm.

Even I was able to read her sensuality this evening, unlike other times her touching was more gentle and even fingering my hair away from my face seemed to involve a sensual motion. She was talking to me about something completely different yet her hands were feeling ever so sensual on me. As if she had done wrong, she let out an exaggerated shiver as her gentle fingers left my hair and neck alone.

“I feel so horny Pat,” she said which had me speechless, as once more her body seemed to vibrate with excitement. I didn’t answer her for fear of saying the wrong thing and luckily kept my mouth closed as she cupped her small trimmed nest of fair hair in her hand while telling me how much she needed Dan.

Telling her what a gorgeous man he was I wished them all the happiness in the world, while a half-drunk Steph and I both took hold of our glasses and toasted him. With that he came back out, he hadn’t dressed for us but had a bath towel wrapped around his waist. His physic was lovely and knowing he could not understand me, I told Steph that. In a drunken sort of way, she wrapped her hand around my head and whispering in a giggle told me that he fucked lovely as well. I know I laughed, my poor wall had heard every bump and grind they did together.

Holding four fingers up she was trying to laugh and drink at the same time, as poor Dan didn’t have a clue what we were talking about. My imagination took over at that point, looking over towards him, I thought of him just going with his wife the three times as once with me would not have been asking that much.

He sat down on his sun lounger drinking a bottle of beer unaware that he was the focus of our conversation together. Leaving me, she walked over to him in a conceited sort of way, her naked hips swaying in an exaggerated way from side to side, as her hand reached out to put her glass of wine down on the table beside Dan. As if I didn’t exist she parted her legs around his and bent her body over him, I was able see between her wide open legs as their kiss quickly become very passionate. I left them in a hurry as she fumbled with the towel hiding his modesty and needing one last look I went into my apartment.

Purposely leaving the door open, I could sense Steph’s passion rise and felt for her as she gasped for breath. His sun bed was moving and banging loudly below them as I laughingly thought of the people underneath them now, not only did they keep me awake but kept them awake as well. If ever there was a time when I would have liked to have laid back on my bed and climax alone to those sexual sounds then it was then.

I doubt whether I would have had time anyway as their moans of passion quickly reached a peak and hearing Dan scream out I knew I would be getting a call any minute from Steph. With my glass still in my hand, it was longer than expected however, the call did come eventually. She had gone inside and was now decently dressed in a towelling robe. The lateness of the evening was now becoming more evident with the town falling silent and any lights around had now gone.

I wasn’t sure who wanted who more as Dan was still silent lying on his sun bed with his towel thrown over him to hide himself from me. Steph seemed so different also, no longer sexual as she was able to talk of the day behind us and the day ahead. I wasn’t aware that a nudist beach was on our part of the coastline and they were going to go there in the morning. Asking me whether I would come, I really did not want that and told Steph I had too much to do to lay on a beach all day.

Too much to do! I sat around the pool complex most of the day, the evening before had finally finished when we heard life emerge from the streets below. I had told her my life story during that night, said things I know given a clear head I would never have told her. She was on her second marriage and thought the world of Dan, I was full of praise for them both and could only advice them that the sex they had together should never dwindle and it was up to her to make that side of the relationship work. Nodding and agreeing with my every word, I felt my age as I told her not to end up like me, 56 and the thought of a romantic fortnight away with a married man was the highlight in life. I was happy though, as she realised, sex to me was always something others enjoyed and at my age was something that I had never let rule my life.

Hot and bored, my paperback finished, a cooling shower and a chance to catch up on my much-needed sleep was the plan for the sweltering afternoon. The hot sun gone, nowhere to go, feeling bad from the late night I needed to get some fresh food in so reluctantly went down to the small supermarket once more. Wearing a scarf and glasses I hadn’t even tided myself up as I looked for something to eat that night. I am a vegetarian however, with thoughts of Steph and Dan I could not resist a spit-roasted chicken that I knew they would love. That and more wine were the important things as I took some salad and bread for my easily pleased palate.

I wasn’t even sure whether they would come back to their apartment, their I was however, nervously preparing a banquet while waiting to hear the door to their apartment open. The hot sun had subsided when I finally heard their key open up the door. I felt a surge of excitement run through my body as both came directly out onto the patio. I was lying there, relaxed and mocking sleepiness as she wildly told me of there day. Telling me Dan’s cock stayed up all day was more of a reason that I should have gone with them as he stayed inside obviously showering before coming out after I had found out exactly what kind of day they had enjoyed.

When he did eventually come out, he whispered in his language something not for my ears. A little concerned Steph looked over to me telling how his cock was sore and burnt. Laughing I told her I have some good after sun cream if she wants to apply it to him. Pulling me close she was giggling also asking whether it had a nice taste or not. Looking over towards him, he wanted some of the cream and so I went in to get it for them. Coming back out I did not know where to look as Steph was handling her love toy and inspecting it for damage. Feeling a cold shiver arch my back, I stayed silent momentarily watching as it grew in her hand by the second. Giving out a false cough, she left it hanging there on his stomach and came to collect the tube of after sun. I knew I should have left them but my legs wouldn’t move, in a provocative way she dribbled the oil down around his groin region. I looked on mesmerised as she dribbled the oil from the bottle and called over to me as it trickled down his ever-hardening cock.

Trying hard to look inconspicuous the previous evening I noticed the edge of the brickwork jutting out and had thought then it was ideal to close my pussy up against it. Without looking obvious, I would be able to rub myself along the brickwork to produce a little friction there to excite me. Steph by now was deliberately adding more and more oil to his cock that was now fully erect. Her thoughts were with him as I felt out of place, however ever so excited watching her pleasing her husband that way. Positioning myself slowly and delicately on the corner I felt a spasm rock through me as my neglected body was finally being excited.

A laugh from Steph as Dan gave out a moan for all to hear as she stopped and applied more oil on his now very large and tasty looking cock. Talking fluent Swedish now and loosing me, I could sense her voice being very loving though towards him as he groaned once more, again and I could sense he was coming in front of me. Kissing, she held his cock lightly as I looked on; my body felt so hot and wished it could have gone on for longer. With his body convulsing, I could actually see his come explode from his body and dribble out and down her fingers. I really would have wanted to go and finish myself off alone at that moment, knowing they were aware of me watching though I had to simply grip hold of the rugged brickwork and stay frustrated as Steph gave out a noisy laugh.

I felt as though I should not have been there, it was a personal moment for them both. Wiping her soiled hands on his towel, she looked over to me and in a passive tone told me that the headboard would not be keeping me awake that night. I was still gooey eyed looking at his placid cock, as she seemed to discard him, wiping her hands clean on his towel she came over to find her glass of wine.

Again, she cupped her small bush of pubic hairs while telling me she felt so horny however, his cock was useless that night. Filling her half empty wine glass I told her there was more to life than sex, her husband was getting up, tired and ready for bed so she should be ready to go and follow him.

That was the first time she said anything that worried me, telling me she was horny and suggested we go out to the clubs and see whether we can find some men there. With her husband bidding us a goodnight, I began to feel sorry for him when she laughed aloud. Relieved and realising she had been joking I felt a great sigh of relief come over me as she asked whether she could come around, while Dan needed to sleep. Letting her in she had taken another bottle of wine from their room and brought it in with her.

We stayed out on the balcony, talking mainly, although I was beginning to feel a little light-headed with the amount of wine I had consumed myself. We started to talk of Dave and Dan and I stayed silent, as she seemed intent to tell me of their short life together. Coming across as a very insecure person, her life really did revolve around sex also, as I found out the sex industry as well. I was silenced as she told me how they had met, I knew he had a lovely physic but was open mouthed in amazement when she told me they had met on a film set of a dirty movie. Her company had financed this film and was given the opportunity to go see how the films were made. Dan was making his debut in the movie and that was how they met. Almost trying to play it down I was so fascinated now that she had to tell me more.

She met him at a function given in the evening by her firm, he was there with his wife and it was she who made a move to talk with her. Still silent I was all ears when she told how he wasn’t interested in normal sex anymore and needed group stuff at the very minimum. Without taking a breath, she continued to say that she agreed to go with them to their hotel for the evening.

Silence for the first time in ages, she took a large gulp of her drink; with the drink now beginning to relax us she rested her head on to my shoulder. She was asking for something, as the silence seemed to tell me. Opening my robe her hands once more traced my appendix scar, her nails were sending shivers inside me and with my stomach knotting and twisted I was aware she knew just what affect she was having on me. Deliberately pulling my robe aside, I did not flinch even though I knew she was lowering her fingers across my stomach. It felt so natural and I felt aroused as she gently reached over and kissed me.

As my thighs naturally parted for her our kisses became more frenzied as my hand instinctively gripped onto hers as I felt her fingers claw there way across my labium. Turning my head away, I took a deep breath and my hand that had been protecting myself slide aimlessly up her arm. Her lips joined mine once more, this time there was passion involved as I felt her long nails enter into my body.

They had excited me earlier and I knew I was moist to her touch, I gasped however, and feeling a stranger’s finger enter into me was such a loving feeling. I wanted to lie back and accept her; I knew I would feel guilty afterwards however that time was so special to me. Almost in a calculated fashion, she leaned beside me resting her chin in her hand as the other probed and caressed my insides. With my thighs parting more, I watched her eyes as they traced down my body. Being so much more beautiful than I am, I felt a little self-conscious as her fingers pulled and probed at the abundance of loose flesh around my extremely excited opening. Every now and again, a finger would slide into me to collect some more liquid that she would smear gently over my hardening clitoris.

Talking to me, her eyes now looking up into mine, her fingers seemed to start to probe increasingly faster in and out of me. Each time I tried to take in a deep breath, as they became louder and louder she asked whether I would prefer Dan’s cock to her fingers inside me. Even though she was pleasing me, I had to tell her that I would have loved to feel Dan’s cock inside me. With me so close to an orgasm she stopped, my hips had been inadvertently pushing down on her fingers as they also slowed to a standstill.

“If we go to the nudist beach tomorrow then by the evening he will be so horny that he will fuck the night away with us; would you like that Pat?” She asked. Her two fingers inside were by now making sounds of my wetness and I was powerless to say no. As though one or the other had planned it, Steph lowered herself down onto me, feeling her tongue opening my lips; we kissed passionately as her two fingers inside me didn’t stop this time. My hips were able to gyrate as she encouraged an almighty orgasm from my body. Carrying on while at the height of my orgasm she seemed to know exactly when I had had enough as her fingers slowed inside me. Closing my knees on her, I was speechless for a while, my breathing still heavy and irregular, my eyes, closed tightly thinking of Dan’s cock being masturbated by Steph earlier on.

The heat of the warm evening and of my excited body had me lying back on the duvet as she excitedly talked of our day ahead. I was tired; too much drink and she had satisfied me completely. Almost glad when leaving me alone and once again reminding me of tomorrow as she left me there alone. I was dying to pee, my legs wouldn’t allow me though as I cuddled up under the duvet and dreamed of tomorrow while drifting into a heavy sleep.

Having a small amount of growth, I reached for my razor in the refreshing shower the following morning. I had already heard them call through the open doors to tell me they were awake and looking forward to the day ahead. I was also, although those butterflies in my stomach had started earlier than usual this morning.

They were down in the restaurant and having their sugary Danish and coffee when I arrived. Feeling a little delicate I enjoyed a couple of cups of strong coffee while we talked, I seemed to feel as though the day was planned out already for me as she seemed to have the whole situation under control. Dan had a confident look on his face also as he seemed to know what Steph was saying as she gripped my wrist while asking whether I was still OK with the situation.

Realising this nudist beach was a long way from our hotel she told us to go outside while she went to search for a taxi. One was upon us almost immediately and the short drive along the coast had the driver pulling up close to this deserted beach. With no buildings overlooking the beach, I felt a little more relaxed and seeing what seemed like a completely deserted beach also made me feel better still. Walking along the warm golden sands though I was not aware of the hills, valleys, and dunes on it. I quickly felt embarrassed as my eyes gazed upon naked people seemingly hidden from passers by. I laughed to myself and saw Steph also smile as our presence must have interrupted a couple who were quick to try and hide their obvious aroused bodies to us as we slowly nodded and smiled to them wondering who was the more embarrassed.

We had walked along the shore for ages when rocks started to combine with the hot sand dunes. Walking on them was cooling and looking into the cliffs, I could see some very secluded places. All of us deciding it looked ideal Steph led the way, climbed up on to a large boulder, and pointed to us both to go over to another area. This looked ideal for me as I felt like the only person for a hundred miles as wearily we put down the seats and bags while Dan and Steph seemed to survey the area.

Leaving them to it, I kicked off my hot plastic shoes and walked the short distance to the seashore. It had been the first experience of me getting my feet wet as I walked along the sea front kicking aside the small stones in the gentle cool waves. Having a loose blouse covering my bikini I looked back at the two of them and quickly felt overdressed, as Steph didn’t hesitate in taking her top and bottom off. Even Dan’s cock looked nice, well lovely, as I watched with a degree of anticipation as he unrolled his costume to reveal a cock that was tanned and already sending goose pimples down my spine.

Still watching them, kicking the water up in an uncaring way I felt even more relaxed when the middle sun bed was left vacant for me. Dan purposely put his hands above his head as I looked at him while unbuttoning the two buttons holding my blouse together. Off, I felt bad as the pair of them looked quietly on as I unhooked my top. A smile from Dan meant a lot to me, with one last look around the horizon, I tried discreetly to remove my bottoms with all of their eyes firmly glued on me.

Sexually I felt wonderful after the previous evening with Steph, trying to lie down on the sun bed was an achievement but once there we were all speechless as each of us seemed to look at each other and wondered what was to happen next. Steph had the best idea, handing me a chilled glass she poured some cooling wine into it. Some for Dan and herself then we were all able to relax a while as we all sipped on the chilled wine.

Steph seemed to be the one to start something sexual also, I watched her finger toying in her glass of wine, cooled, and she made my tummy muscles contract as she ran her finger over me. With Dan looking on, then deliberately I held my finger in my glass then encircled the coolness off it over Steph’s crimson nipple. A little red wine trickled from her nipple as an eager Dan quickly took advantage of the wasted wine and suckled on her proud nipple before any of it trickled wastefully away.

Even though the sun was hot by now, I still felt the blood in my head rise in temperature as Steph gave out a loving sigh to her husband. His eyes were on me also as I stared at him with her nipple firmly engulfed in his mouth. Hearing her beckon to Dan I felt her cold wine being dribbled onto my hot body, I shivered in anticipation as she delicately dribbled it onto my hardening nipples. Danny didn’t need asking twice, with his cock now looking harder he walked around to my side as I caught my breath with his lips clasping hold of my cool nipple.

Steph was playing now, laughing and enjoying the sideshow as she fingered a small amount of wine onto my other nipple and telling Dan to suck it dry. My glass was redundant in my hand as his lips and tongue had my mouth quickly drying up in the heat of the moment. My eyes were closed looking high into the hot sun, as I laid there relaxed with a glass in one hand while my other tried tenderly to hold onto Dan’s head.

It was he who was to trickle his glass of wine down my front. Making me jump at first the cold wine connected with my stomach and quickly pooled in a puddle between my crossed legs. Hearing Dan talk to Steph in his native tongue, I felt my legs being gently pulled apart by her and the offending wine trickle coolly to lubricate my labium.

Steph’s fingers were soon caressing me there as she held onto a calf and pulled my legs wider apart. Not resisting I was more conscious now of Steph, unable to see what was going on I could feel my thighs being parted and as the abundance of wine dribbled in and around my heated labia I jumped as she opened me up with her fingers. With her fingers toying with me now, I could hardly concentrate on Dan as she planted a delicate kiss on the most sensitive part of my body.

My useless glass of wine was discarded now as my hand gripped into Steph’s hair, feeling her lips kiss my excited opening. Dan’s sucking on my nipples was almost secondary as each kiss and probe of her tongue brought a deep sigh of satisfaction from my lips. Leaving me be, Dan was looking down on his wife also, and I could see her tongue lick at my opening and with her fingers holding me wide apart I shuddered as it slid lovingly over my protruding clitoris. Being high in the sun bed and able to look on made it all the more unreal for me, Dan though decided to change that, lifting me from it he adjusted the top and feeling with my head for the rest I was aware it was now lying flat.

No longer able to see Steph I was however able to see Dan’s cock at it’s most magnificent. Fully erect, although very red from his sunbathing it looked so lovely as it slid effortlessly between my open lips. I realised straightaway why he was a film star as his cock looked so nice. As I sucked and licked on it he seemed to be in complete control of his feelings, Dave however would have been pulling it away from my mouth by now. Dan though enjoyed the attention I was giving him as he gently pulled my hand from the base of his cock, putting his own hand around it I let out a muted cry as Steph’s lips were now sucking my swollen clitoris into her mouth. With some of her fingers sliding effortlessly in and out of me, Dan must have known I was no longer able to concentrate on his lovely cock. Thrashing my head back and forth, I felt myself lifting my body from the slatted bed, grinding my hips selfishly into her face I could feel my face overheat and contort in pleasure. Realising where I was at, Dan leant over me as I felt his face close in on mine, holding me steady he kissed me so passionately. Unable to withhold myself any longer I screamed out an orgasm that anyone on the beach would have heard.

Realising I was relaxing I twitched as she places one more kiss directly on my hardened clitoris before seeing her wet smiling face appear below me. Dan had been a mere spectator until then although holding on to his erection I was looking directly at it and wishing Steph was going to let me have him. He seemed to be more content on looking on though; wiping her wet face with her arm Steph looked directly into my eyes as she slowly rose from her knees.

In a clumsy way, she was suddenly half way up the sun bed, one foot resting in the sand below me while the other was bent with her foot resting on the bed besides my hips. One hand cupped one of her breasts as her eyes never left my stare, her other hand covered her tiny growth of pubic hair and watching her reactions as a finger slid between her open labium. Knowing exactly what she wanted I felt completely at ease and found myself holding the back of her thighs, willingly pulling her down on me. I had no idea where Dan was when Steph took some delicate steps forward until her open pussy was just inches from my face. With her clitoris glistening prominently, her shaved labia open and looking so inviting, I had no qualms about holding onto the flesh of her hips and pulling her down on to my open mouth. Pulling her tummy tight, her sex lips seemed to part for me as I pulled her down just that few inches closer. It was the first time I had seen Dan for a while as he came and bent forward while my fingers parted her labia and licked on the abundance of her juices. As I did so I was rewarded with a heavenly moan from her, each time seemed more intense and each time seemed to get an even louder response. Unlike me, she had a choice and as soon as my mouth encircled her clitoris then she simply held herself there for a few moments and gasping for breath then lifted herself from me.

In the mean time, I had lost sight of Dan once more when all of a sudden, I felt my hips rise from the sun bed and some towels put under my bum. Trying to please Steph above me was my main concern however, feeling him position my body I was soon aware of his large cock probing around my opening. His lovely cock teased at my open pussy for a few seconds, opening me wider I was able to feel his cock head gently rubbing at my excited clitoris before pushing effortlessly deeply into my body. Those feelings were second to none as I tried to please Steph, being aware of what I was feeling though must have made her realise my mind was somewhere else. My pussy gripped hold of him lovingly as I felt the sun bed move each time he forced every inch of himself into my eager body. With his cock embedded deeply inside me I was able to relax momentarily while he hooked both his hands under my knees and lifted my legs high and wide into the air. Still succeeding in having Steph shudder above me I could feel her excitement now beginning to taste on my drying tongue as I tried hard to please her. Seeming as though they were working together I again felt Dan start to slide effortlessly in and out of me. This time though he seemed to have more urgency about him, with the loud slap of his hot body on to mine each time when I felt the end of his cock exciting my insides. Although groaning aloud below Steph I still succeeded in satisfying her and knew by the way she was now controlling her hips above my eager face. Her hands had tightened around me, pulling my face into her body I was able to sense her reactions as she matched mine with the thrill of my orgasm racing through my body.

She had her labium locked onto my face, grinding down further on to me. Her sighs of satisfaction though must have been drowned out by mine as Dan sensing my climax began to ease down with his relentless thrashing of my satisfied body. Stationary, I could feel his cock twitching at every nerve end inside me as Steph relaxed her grip on me and pulled herself up from me. At the same time, my inners were grasping at air as Dan pulled his hard cock from me.

In the heat, I felt exhausted while Dan carefully lowered my legs back down on to the warm sand. I laid there a while contemplating nothing as I caught my breath and got the uncontrollable urge to wet my dry mouth. No luxuries of a glass Steph leant over to the cold box and holding the bottle of cool wine I drank some while most spilled down my hot body.

Knowing Dan was not finished I noticed Steph with a smile on her face trace her movements down the sun bed until she was above me. With one of her knees positioning itself between my open thighs my legs instinctively gripped her tightly. Holding my face in her hands we kissed, her lips were licking at the wet juices of the wine as well as tasting herself when I felt her reactions suddenly change. Stopping kissing I was able to practically feel Dan mount her as she sighed, her body arced forward and let out a scream of delight. Below them, I was open and in need also, yet felt privileged to be in their company. With each push from him, it sent a lurch forward from Steph as she seemed as one with her husband. Each time she was pushed forward by him had her screaming out to him as I was beginning to feel a little left out. My neglected pussy must have told Dan as he was suddenly searching for my opening with his erection once more. I was there waiting for him and loved every movement of him inside me and able to climax once more even though I became to realise Dan was nowhere near his ejaculation. I did not mind one bit, as I was left exhausted below Steph as she again took him in.

I was aching, hurting; my leg muscles were telling me we were a long way from home when the pair of them seemed to ignore me. I felt good though as Dan finally came deep inside his wife. She was use to his prowess, even so carefully manoeuvred herself back to her sun bed and gave me an exhausted sigh that told me she needed to relax. I did too and was glad in a way that Dan’s cock looked sore and was drooping down knowing he wasn’t in the mood to try again.

I was burnt horribly when finally the cooling winds awoke me, Dan and Steph were asleep still as my labia had been exposed to the sun for most of the day. I laid with a towel over me, shivering in the heat as stirrings from Steph finally meant I wasn’t alone. Smiling over at my head peeping from the towel she stood up and lifting me from my sun bed, we walked slowly in the hot sand out from our hiding place down to the cooling waters edge. People were scattered around, mainly single men, as I suddenly felt uneasy with their stares. Putting an arm around my waist she shrugged her shoulders in a couldn’t care less attitude as I tried to join her with the cooling water feeling lovely on my legs.

We walked in until her knees were hitting the small waves, watching her sit down in the water I joined her as she sighed while lapping up the coolness. I did also, although at first the saltiness of the water made me tense up as it lapped gently against my sore and open labium. Leaning back we both had our legs wide open and contented when we were suddenly joined by a tired looking Dan. Knelling by our side, he suggested we go as all of us had experienced a little too much sun for one day.

“Sun,” I said laughing at Steph. “Is that the Swedish word for cock?”

It was still very warm as we walked back to the place the taxi dropped us of earlier, hearing Steph phone them again on the way made me happy as my tired muscles couldn’t have taken much more.

I barely managed a shower back at my room and laid wet through on a towel as the wind from the open patio cooled my body. Drifting in and out of consciousness, I would have been just as happy if they had left me alone. With my legs wide apart however, I was suddenly greeted with a shadow over me. Steph had climbed over the dividing wall as Dan was asleep she wondered whether I needed some company. I didn’t, wouldn’t have told her that though so given a cold glass from my refrigerator she brought a cool bottle of wine also and poured me some. My legs refused to close as the sun had burnt my inner thighs, apologising to her she laughed as I leaned up to pile a couple of pillows under my back. Telling me Dan was asleep, she went on to tell me that it was the end of her sex-life that week as she had run out of birth pills and started her period. They were going home the day after tomorrow so I shrugged my shoulders as if to tell her that a few days will not matter.

It did to her though and asked if it came to it would I help satisfy Dan’s sexual needs. I was bemused by her request, however he was lovely and rather than say no then I casually told her I would with a wild giggle. I had wondered why she was dressed knowing we were not going anywhere and still lying with my labium apart I did not refuse an offer of some after sun cream on me.

Unlike me, she had no qualms about it, simply went to my dressing table, and brought the bottle of cream over to us. Putting some on her hands, she rubbed it firstly into my face and neck as I selfishly laid back for her. Tricking it over my chest and laughing as she made a round circle around both my boobs, I did enjoy the coldness of the cream as she applied it to my body. Dripping the contents over my stomach and watching with amusement as she delicately let dribbles of the cream drop down on to my pussy I took a deep breath as she started to rub it in. Knelling either side of my open legs, she delicately leaned over my body. Hardly touching me, she was able to rest an elbow by my head. Not talking I was feeling her other hand lightly rub in the cream around my body, as she lowered her face onto mine I inhaled a deep breath as her lips touched mine. At the same time I squirmed my hips while feeling some of her oily fingers insert into me. Her condition worried me, knowing my feelings at that time with her open crotch gyrating itself around my knee now. She was wild, although enjoying every second of her advances the delicacy was soon overtaken by roar passion as I screamed out an orgasm to her that must have had Dan hearing us. Not letting up I had to clasp her hand to tell her I needed to rest after the days events as well. Apologising she quickly stopped and reaching over me, passed me my much-needed glass of wine.

I was shocked, Steph was also as Dan was standing at the patio doors, completely naked, his erection looking hard and ready for someone. Standing there with a big grin on his face, one hand holding his beautiful weapon I knew Steph had told him of her situation. As he came towards the bed Steph thought it wise to leave us alone and as my open thighs awaited his muscular body I thought to myself what a shame it was that we were all going home the day after tomorrow.

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