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Uncovering Emily

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I began working with Ms Blake about 18 months ago. It’s a fairly straightforward job, a little hectic at times, but what job isn’t? Not only did I work daily for her, but there were times when I went beyond the call of duty, not that I minded that in the slightest!

She’s a thoughtful employer and paid me more than the going rate for any overtime that I did, and it wasn’t as if she didn’t appreciate the effort I put in – I knew that she did by the small gifts of flowers, chocolates or CDs that she would occasionally present to me all expensively wrapped!

She is a busy single mother working in her father’s global haulage, removal and storage business and switched from being at the headquarters to working from home whenever she felt like it. Basically she has free reign in the hours she works. I guess I’m probably her personal assistant, but as I haven’t any qualifications or had the experience of working for anyone else in that way, the title of P.A. was not officially given to me. Sometimes though, when she introduced me to clients she would refer to me as being her ‘right-hand’ girl. I would inwardly smile whenever I heard her say it, and I think she knew that too because her eyes would glance over at me with a twinkle.

I’ve worked a few jobs before and when Ms Blake first spoke to me I was on one of the many reception desks at the business. I guess in a way she had poached me from her father! She overheard me talking to one of my colleagues as I wrote a scribbled note onto a pile of papers. I was telling them that I loved the job, but wished there was more to it than just sitting behind the desk. I wanted something that incorporated a change of scenery now and then. I’d only been there 8 months and already felt the signs of tedium working their way through me.

When I grabbed the papers and stood up, Ms Blake was standing on the other side of the counter smiling. I went to apologise to her, knowing that she was the boss’s daughter, although I wasn’t sure why I felt the need to apologise, after all, it wasn’t her I worked for, but she interrupted me thank god! I knew that if she hadn’t I would have just stammered and beamed a shade of crimson. She simply said, “I’ll see what I can do…”

And here I was, 18 months later, working alongside her, and it was definitely a change of scenery!

Ms Blake was 43, although to look at her you’d never have thought it. She had flawless skin that required only minimal make-up and her hair was a mass of dark spirally curls that bounced over her shoulders and swayed from left to right as she walked. She was about 5ft 9 in her black patent heels and when she wore her black skirts she always accompanied them with stockings that had the black seam running down the back of her legs.

She mainly wore knee length skirts, but sometimes she wore skirts that were a little higher, and on those occasions I’ve noticed her lace stocking tops show as she sat down, crossed legged, on her big soft-cushioned leather chair! She wears a variety of colours where her fitted shirts are concerned and she seems to like having her cleavage teasingly noticeable. Her blouses are never buttoned above where her two soft and abundant mounds sumptuously meet! When you’re relatively close to her you can practically see the swell of those luscious fleshy breasts.

She separated from her husband when their daughter, Harriett, was 6 years old. Harriett is now 15 and regularly goes to stay with her dad at weekends or during the school holidays. She loves going to visit him as he spoils her rotten. It’s all shopping, parties and sleepovers, but when she’s at home with her mum there is more of a routine, with her education being the priority over the shopping etc! I tend to be her chauffeur when she goes to her friends or wants to go shopping. It’s not unusual for me to be seen in Ms Blake’s luxurious Mercedes ferrying half a dozen gossiping, giggling teenagers to and fro their shopping haunts and each other’s houses for weekend sleepovers!

I had just turned 27 when I began to work for Ms Blake, and at 28 now, I’m also single, and have been for a while now. My life probably revolves around Ms Blake 24/7, and you can bet your life that any free time I do have will more than likely end up with her calling me up on my mobile if she can’t reach me at home. I’m basically on call, whatever time, day or night, but I like that. I don’t know what it is, and I wouldn’t do it for anyone else, but I enjoy being at her beck and call. My friends and family all sarcastically mention that I spend more time with Ms Blake than with them. And they’re not wrong!

I’ve always admired her. She’s strong, confident and assertive, without being aggressive or bolshy with it, and she has always been caring and considerate towards me – always likes to know what I’ve been up to on the rare days or nights that I’m not with her. The last couple of months though she has haunted my thoughts as I’ve slipped into bed — nothing major, but the first thing I see in my mind as I close my eyes is Ms Blake!

This is a fairly new thing for me as I’ve never been attracted to a woman before. I can appreciate their bodies, the curve of their hips, the shape of their breasts, and the roundness of their bottoms, but I’ve never thought about kissing or touching a woman. I’ve had boyfriends in the past, but the relationships amounted to nothing more than a year, and thinking back, they weren’t ‘that’ fulfilling, as if something was missing! The thoughts of her don’t scare or repulse me because I ashamedly get a certain pleasure from thinking about her – I become warm and tingly inside – so I guess it’s a fear of unknown territory that panics me a touch.

I have managed to push my thoughts aside when daylight comes around and I’m back in the real world, working alongside her… or at least I think I do!

Ms Blake, as far as I know, has only had a couple of liaisons with men since the break-up of her marriage, but I definitely know that she hasn’t had anyone since I began working for her, unless of course she brings them back here when I’m not around, or she goes to them on her occasional nights out. She certainly hasn’t given off the vibe that she is into women, although I probably wouldn’t notice that and she hasn’t given me any reason to think that anyway!

Her office in the house is situated on the ground floor and is quite a large room. It’s airy and light, with a heavy looking desk against the wall underneath the window. She loves to sit there and gaze out onto the gardens. I’m sometimes in her office and my desk is on the far wall and if I’m not there I can be found in the smaller room, just across the foyer of the house. This is where a few small-ish filing cabinets are, plus also a portable TV, stereo and a tiny kitchen area. On the small worktop sits a mini-bar, and limited space to make tea, coffee or whatever she wants and this room is sandwiched between a small bathroom and the games room.

The house is spatial with plenty of rooms on the ground floor alone. As I said, it boasts a games room with a full size snooker table and dart-board and back across the foyer, adjacent to her large office is the room that I love. It has two huge plasma screens on the wall, each one wired up to speakers that connect through the house. Video games, DVDs and CDs line the shelves, and the two corner suites with oversized soft cuddly cushions make the room into one hell of a chill-out zone!

When Harriet is home, she and her friends tend to hang out in there, do their homework, or watch MTV and do whatever else teenage girls do — mainly shriek a lot, but when the room is vacant I occasionally relax in there with the lights dimmed and soft music all around me. Ms Blake will sometimes come in for a quick chat, but rarely stays longer than she has to.

Tonight was one of those nights. Harriet was at a friend’s house for the night. Apparently they had to finish a project off that had to be handed into school tomorrow. I’d spent the majority of the day in the office, and as the day wore on I longed to lounge in the tranquillity of that room for an hour before I would leave to go home.

I had just sat down when Ms Blake wandered in. I looked up, and was completely taken aback. She looked stunning – dressed in black leather trousers, black boots that were laced up at the front from her ankles to her knees, and she wore a soft leather corset-type garment which was laced at the front too. I had never seen her look so… captivating!

“What do you think, sexy or what?” She beamed a confident smile, whilst flicking her hair over her left shoulder.

I was speechless for a second or two, before I nervously stammered, “I’d go with… sexy… not that I’m attracted to women… but… yes, sexy!”

She raised an eyebrow and smiled, noticing my reaction. “Well, thank you Em, I’ll take that as a huge compliment coming from someone who isn’t attracted to women…” I fidgeted nervously on the sofa as a slight pause in conversation came between us, but as usual Ms Blake didn’t leave it lingering for long. Somehow she knew how uncomfortable I get when she flusters me and I usually shut down verbally. I’m sure she gets a cheap thrill from it though! “You can stay here in the chill-out. I might want a ride home later, but I’m not sure… can you leave your phone on, just in case?”

“Yeah, no problem, Ms Blake, anytime!” I immediately answered, totally forgetting that I was meant to meet friends later in the evening.

“You’re an angel!” She dazzled me another smile before turning on her heels and immediately left the house. I grabbed one of the large cushions and placed it on the arm of the sofa and rested my head on it, kicking my shoes off in the process. I watched countless music videos before eventually falling asleep.

I didn’t know how long I’d been asleep but I woke with a start when I heard footsteps crossing the hallway. I focussed in on the clock enough for me to work out it had just gone 3am. As I sat up I heard Ms Blake’s office door creak and then heard voices! One of them was definitely hers.

I slowly got up from the sofa, trying not to be heard, and wandered lazily into the hallway, deciding to go to the bathroom first before seeing if she was okay! I’m glad I did, because when I came out of there I was shocked at what I saw.

Ms Blake was kissing a woman!

I wiped my weary eyes, wondering if they were playing tricks on me as I still felt half asleep, but no amount of wiping was going to stop what was playing out before me. Ms Blake was facing a short-haired blonde woman who was wearing a mid-thigh black leather skirt and a loose white blouse. She wore black high heels, really high, like 4 or 5 inches and her legs were encased in black fishnet tights or stockings. Ms Blake’s hands were either side of the blonde woman’s face and their tongues were eagerly reaching out of their mouths, licking each other’s tongues and lips. Their soft groans grew louder as their passion rose.

The blonde’s hands travelled up and down the black leather trousers of Ms Blake before coming up to her soft leather corset-styled top where she tugged on the thin leather thong, untying the corset as she pulled. The corset opened up, and the hands of the blonde came up underneath it and seductively opened it right out, letting Ms Blake’s large breasts fall into her palms.

I froze in the hallway. If she knew I was watching I’d get fired from my job, yet if I moved now, she would still know I’d been voyeuristically spying on her. I watched a little more, and saw the blonde’s head bow down to Ms Blake’s heaving breasts. As she did that, my boss’s head flew back with a loud moan. I took that as my cue to leave and assumed she was far too caught up in the moment to notice me shuffling back into the chill-out room.

The soft panting noises that seeped through the walls kept me awake for another hour. I strained to hear what they were saying to each other, but other than a raspy ‘yes’ or ‘oh god’ I could barely make anything else out.

My pussy began to ache and it wasn’t long before my fingers slipped under my skirt and into my panties. I was surprised to find them sopping wet. I knew I was aroused at what I saw, but my panties were positively drenched. My lips were swollen and I could hear myself squelching as I entered my pussy with one finger, then two, feeling the tropical warmth suck me in delightfully. My other hand loosely gripped onto the over-stuffed cushion before lowering itself over my soft belly to join in the fluent ministrations in my panties. I toyed with my clit and it tingled pleasantly each time I stroked and flicked over it as the faint muffled moans from the next room enticed me further into my pleasure.

I withdrew my fingers from my pussy and brought them to my mouth. As I swirled my tongue around them, tasting and sucking on my own juices I quickened the pace on my clit, heightening the intense feeling that was building around my pussy. I covered my mouth with my hand, not wanting to erotically wail too loudly, but that only seemed to fuel the strength of my impending orgasm. With a few more hasty strokes over my clit I quivered in near silence to an impressive orgasm, and subsequently fell asleep.

I awoke just after 10am, and slowly shuffled myself across the hallway to the bathroom. I sheepishly looked over at Ms Blake’s office – the door was wide open and the room empty. As I reached the bathroom door she walked through the front door, dressed in her usual work attire, make-up exquisitely done and hair that looked like she’d just come out of the salon.

“Good morning Em, do you know what time it is?” she said quite cheerily.

“Yes Ms Blake, I’m sorry, I overslept…” I mean, what else could I say?

“Don’t worry. You were spread right out on that couch when I looked in at you just after five thirty… Anyone would think I worked you too hard!” She said playfully.

“What were you doing at that time of the morning?” I inquisitively asked, knowing full well what she’d been up to!

There was a definite glint in her eye. “Oh, I went out with a friend then foolishly we ended up in a club, which then led to…” She paused as she looked at her watch. “I have a meeting in thirty minutes!” I looked at her intently, wondering how the hell she looked like she’d just slept for 10 hours, when in reality she’d had considerably less than that. “What?” she enquired.

“Er, nothing, I’ll have a quick shower and I’ll be right with you!”

She looked me up and down. “You need more than that… Go home, have a long shower, get some different clothes on and then come back, is that okay?”

I nodded and ran to the bathroom before grabbing my shoes and running barefoot to my car.

When I returned, the office door was closed, so I knocked and waited for her to answer. “Come in…” I walked in and immediately came face to face with the blonde woman. She too was miraculously refreshed after only a few hours sleep. I stopped and became a little ruffled. “Em, are you alright?”

“Um, yeah, can I get you both something to drink?” I said, bringing myself out of my slight anxiousness.

The blonde woman stood up and offered me her hand. “Coffee please… milk, no sugar, thank you.”

I noticed that she too had an air of confidence about her, and her stance was forward and direct. Her facial features were slightly harsher than Ms Blake’s, and nowhere near as attractive, but she seemingly exuded warmth and friendliness! She had the same extraordinary knack as Ms Blake that when she spoke to you, it seemed like you were the only other person in the world!

“Okay, and you, Ms Blake?”

“Just a tea, please.”

Ms Blake looked me up and down with a smirk! And I knew why!

I fancied a change of outfit for today. I usually dress girly anyway, but today I decided to wear a 2inch heel instead of my flats, stockings in favour of tights and a blouse that was fitted which nipped in at my waist, yet flared our slightly at the hip. I also chose to wear a shorter skirt. My hair was tied up in a clip that allowed a few stray curls to drop just behind my ears. Ms Blake curled a smile, and so did the blonde.

I smiled to myself as I walked out of the office, and managed to not make it look so obvious by the time I returned with their drinks. I usually place the tray on the table near the cabinet when Ms Blake was in a meeting, but today she requested that I take them over to her desk. The blonde woman was sitting beside Ms Blake and I placed her coffee on the circular table-mat on the left hand side of the desk-top. Her hand came up and she lightly stroked my back, saying, “Thank you Emily!”

I was a little astounded to feel her touch me, and also to hear one of Ms Blake’s clients call me by my name. The male clients usually grunt, if that and they most definitely do not touch me. Not that I want them too anyway! Nevertheless, the single action of the blonde made me lower my head slightly before taking a step back.

I moved to the other end of the desk and Ms Blake held her hand out to take her tea. “That’ll be all for about an hour or so, but Harriett will be home shortly as school is closing early, so I’ll need you to take her to her dad’s just after lunch and if you can return here after that I’ll appreciate it!”

“Yeah, of course, Ms Blake.”

Both women smiled at me and before I turned to leave Ms Blake gave an effortless wink in my direction and said, “Good girl….”

I was stuck on the spot for what seemed like minutes, but what she said stirred something in me. Both of them looked curiously at me. I nervously smiled at her, then at the blonde, lowering my eyes slightly before mustering the strength to leave!

I felt their eyes on me as I closed the door behind me!

With an hour to kill I decided to head into town with some paperwork that needed to be dropped off at HQ, and also to nip into the bakery to get some lunch for Ms Blake, the blonde, and Harriet. I bought myself half a baguette and ate that as I drove back to the house.

I parked my MX-5 on the gravel outside and wiped down the crumbs that had messily scattered themselves over me as I drove home. I grabbed the lunch bags and placed them in the kitchen area before heading upstairs to see if Harriet was home yet and wondered if she had packed her case for her weekend away.

Outside her bedroom door stood her large shocking-pink suitcase. Jesus, you’d think she was going away for a month. It was near to bursting, and I’m surprised the zip hasn’t broken! I struggled as I picked it up and clumsily took it downstairs, half lifting it and half dragging it. As I passed the foyer Ms Blake came out of the bathroom. For some reason I became momentarily motionless.

“Em, you look different today… I like it!” She smiled at me and cocked an eyebrow.

“I, uh, fancied a change.” I mumbled nervously.

I couldn’t look her in the eyes any longer and forced myself to walk out into the bright sunshine, and nearly tripping over the threshold in the process. I thought mission accomplished as I began to thud the overly filled case down the 3 steps to the gravel, but as I got to the final step Ms Blake called me with a slightly raised voice.


I turned to face her, “Yes, Ms Blake?”

She was standing with her hands on her hips glaring at me with a smile that I can only describe as suggestive. “Oh, nothing…” She then went into her office, leaving me bewildered and teetering on the edge of the step!

I guessed Harriet would want the roof down as it was such a glorious day, so I sorted that out before putting her suitcase in the boot!

As I returned to the house and made my way to retrieve the lunches, Harriet bounded down the stairs and knocked on the office door, waiting impatiently for her mother to allow her to enter. Instead Ms Blake came to the door and embraced Harriet, wishing her a good weekend, and gave her a stern warning to stay out of trouble! At that point Harriet pulled herself away and sprinted to the car, leaving her mother somewhat bewildered that her daughter ran from her with such haste.

I walked towards Ms Blake with the lunches in hand.

“What you got there?” She enquired.

“I got you guys some lunch when I was out earlier!”

I handed over the bag as the blonde woman came to the office door, smiling. “Obedient isn’t she?”

Ms Blake grinned and looked directly at me whilst raising her hand to take the lunch. “Yes, she is… Don’t forget Emily, I want you back here!”

I blushed profusely at the ‘obedient’ statement, and it didn’t fade when Ms Blake agreed with the blonde! I was feeling things that I’d never felt before, or maybe they’ve always been there, but they’d never been recognised before now.

“I’ll come straight back!” I muttered, realising that her statement sounded more like an order than a simple request.

Thankfully loud music began to thump from my car which brought me out of the weirdness I was feeling. I said my goodbyes and made my way out. Again, I could feel their eyes on me as I reached the car. Harriet waved at her mum and we set off on our journey. I took one last look in the rear-view mirror as we headed off the gravel and I saw Ms Blake’s hand in the blonde woman’s hair. It looked like she was leaning in for a kiss!

I tensed my thighs together hoping to suppress the ache that had gradually been growing since I saw them both in her office after their night out! I remained fairly quiet throughout the journey, but Harriet didn’t seem to mind, or even notice and just sat there, jigging about in the seat and singing along.

Soon enough we were at her dad’s and I stayed in the car and waited ’til he answered the door that she urgently knocked on. I waved at them both as I pulled away. The music was turned down considerably on my way back, although I could still hear it comfortably. I kept thinking of how the day was turning out, and couldn’t make out why my body was reacting to the way Ms Blake and the blonde were looking at me and talking to me. I’d always been a little coy with people, but it never reduced me to acting in ‘this’ way. My curiosity was definitely on high alert!

Before I knew it I was soon turning into the long drive towards the house. Ms Blake was in her office, and came through to the hall to greet me. “As much as I love my daughter, it feels great to have the place to myself. How was your journey, not to strenuous I hope!”

I breathed a sigh of relief as there didn’t seem to be any sign of the blonde, and Ms Blake had seemingly reverted back to her former self. There were no vague smiles accompanied by ‘certain’ comments like ‘good girl’ or ‘obedient’. I noticed she had changed from her work attire, but still looked ‘dressed up’. She had on a pair of boots, a little like the ones she wore the night before. They must have had a 3inch heel with a zip that trailed up the inside from the ankle to her knee. They seemingly hugged her legs like a second skin. She wore a tight fitted black blouse and a short black skirt. Underneath I would have bet she wore stockings!

“Well I’ll be out of here once I’ve finished up with what you want me to do!” I reassured her.

I began to walk to the kitchen area to make some tea when Ms Blake spoke. “Emily, there is no work to be done.” I turned on my heels and faced her quizzically. “I simply wanted you to come back so we could have a bite to eat. We haven’t had dinner together for a while and now seems a good time… don’t you think? You must be hungry after that long journey, right?”

She stood in a confident way, not that that’s unusual, but her arms were folded, one foot was in front of the other and she slightly leant her head to one side. Those stirrings that had reduced considerably had now fired themselves back up with a rampant enthusiasm.

“Uh, yeah I am a bit… What are we having?”

“Chinese, we’ll order in… I’ll have the king prawns and… chicken and rice for you! That okay? Good!”

With that she turned and went into the office. I was a little flummoxed as to why I couldn’t choose what I wanted, but in a peculiar way I was glad she made the decision for me. I took a bottle of wine from the fridge and grabbed a couple of glasses from the shelf and took them into the chill-out room.

“Will be about 20 minutes!” She said, as she entered the room a few minutes later.

“Great, I didn’t realise how hungry I was until you mentioned Chinese…”

Ms Blake sat opposite me and poured out the wine for both of us. As she sat back and crossed her legs I saw the edging of her stocking tops. My eyes trailed over them and they slowly worked their way down to her knees and then those boots. She rubbed her leg against the other quite provocatively, causing me to involuntarily edge my tongue out to lick my lips!

“Kind of gets you like that… doesn’t it?” She flirtatiously said.

I was hurled from my reverie. “Uh, yes… it does!” I was now a little embarrassed at maybe being caught out!

Our eyes met. “What does?” She teasingly questioned with a wicked smile.

“Chinese Ms Blake, it makes me hungry just hearing the word…” I said with relief, hoping that I had averted more humiliation on myself!

She uncrossed her legs and leant forward, smiling. “So you were listening?”

I picked up my glass of wine and mumbled. “Yes… I was.” I took a huge gulp and felt the temperature in the room increase dramatically. It was outrageously obvious that I was distracted by her!

“Only half heartedly though, weren’t you? You seem preoccupied, Emily!”

Her leg repeated in rubbing itself against the other one, and I forced my eyes not to drop. I shivered as I heard her say my name. No one ever makes it sound as sexy as she does. I reached for the wine bottle and topped my glass up while she watched me. I attempted to change the course of the conversation in fear of losing any self-control I had!

“I’m just a little wasted I think, that journey is tiring… I love that car, but four hours in those bucket seats makes an uncomfortable ride…”

She giggled a little, “Yeah I know, that’s why I get you to do that journey!”

I laughed and relaxed a little. “It’s okay for you, your car is comfortable… it’s luxurious!”

“So when I ask you to go pick her up, are you going to say no?” She lowered her head a little but looked teasingly at me, seemingly fluttering her eyelashes!

I lifted my glass again, and spoke behind it, “no… I would still go Ms Blake!”

She sat back up and crossed her legs the other way, smoothing her skirt as she did so.

“Of course you would, Emily… I didn’t think you’d say no to me!”

There was a slight pause, and thankfully the doorbell rang!

“Dinner is here…” Ms Blake said. “As you’re such a good girl for me, you can go and get it…”

She gave me that look again, and my pussy tightened. I clenched my thighs together before getting off the sofa and wanted to turn around to see if she was watching me, but I didn’t dare. I had the feeling she was though as I went to collect our dinner!

As I closed the front door Ms Blake came out of the chill-out holding the wine and both glasses. “We’ll eat down here!” She didn’t wait for me to catch up with her, and I followed behind, watching and listening to her heels click on the floor. We entered the main kitchen/dining area which was at the rear of the house. She dimmed the lights slightly then placed the wine glasses and bottle on the large table and sat down while I put the food down in front of her and went to get us some cutlery.

“I just realised that I didn’t give you a chance if you wanted something different to eat. You didn’t mind that I made the decision for you, did you?”

I was just seating myself down when she asked.

“Funnily enough, I didn’t mind you making that decision for me. If it was anyone else I would have spoken up, but I didn’t want to, or feel the need to…”

My declaration hung in the air for moment.

Ms Blake poked her fork into a prawn and lifted it to her mouth. “Why did you feel like that, Em?” She looked directly at me, the prawn hanging precariously off her fork.

“I don’t know… It’s just been an odd day…” I nervously smiled.

After a little silence, we sat and ate our meal with a more relaxed feel to the conversation. We talked about music, films and of course our love lives. She didn’t mention the short-haired blonde woman, but she did mention a couple of guys she had one night stands with before I worked for her. I told her I hadn’t been with anyone for well over 2 years, and that I was quite happy with it staying that way.

She giggled a little and said, “It’s no wonder you haven’t found anyone as I have you running around after me practically all the time!”

I smiled at her. “I don’t mind that at all. It’s a pleasure working for you!”

She raised an eyebrow, and that grin appeared again, “a pleasure?”

“Yeah, plus all the perks I get…How can it not be a pleasure?”

She twisted on her chair and faced me, and her boot came into my view as she swung around.

“Don’t look at them as perks… look at them as rewards!”

I took a swig of my drink before I said anything else. I know what I was thinking, it was the good girl and obedient thing that sprung to my mind, but surely it wasn’t all connected, was it?

“Rewards?” My tone lowered a fraction.

“Well yes, you’re a good girl Emily, and I’ve always thought that you were fairly obedient, but until Anya mentioned it today I don’t think I ever realised the extent of it! When you’re good, it’s nice to be rewarded, don’t you think?”

“Well, yeah I guess… Anya? The blonde lady?”

“Yes, she was quite taken with you. We’ve had some lovely chats about… you!”

I could feel myself becoming anxious, but there was an excitement running through me that I didn’t quite understand.

Giggling nervously I picked both our trays up and took them to the bin, then went back to the table to retrieve the cutlery and the empty wine glasses and placed them by the sink. I stood there waiting for the sink to fill when I felt Ms Blake behind me. Her hand came around my arm and she turned the tap off first, and then pulled on the cord to the blind at the window, allowing what little light we had to seep onto the patio outside. She quietly lingered behind me as a weighted tension uncomfortably surrounded us!

Her fingers came up to my neck and I jolted from the touch. She swept some strands of hair from my neck and with tender strokes she caressed the back of it and occasionally teased a few more loose strands from my hair clip.

She stood close behind me and the swell of her breasts tantalisingly brushed against my back. Her expensive perfume clouded over me, hypnotising me. Her fingers whispered along my ear and I felt the warmth from her breath as she spoke. “I’ve noticed a change in you recently, especially today.”

I swallowed, and wanted to say something but it seemed such a struggle to get anything out so I remained silent. “You look lovely today by the way. I’m very impressed!”

Not sure why, but I felt a sense of pride when she said that. I mustered the strength to speak, albeit in a stuttering murmur. “Thank you Ms Blake!”

Her fingers dropped to my shoulder and they edged along the seam of my shirt. The eroticism of the moment felt like the stitching was just disappearing beneath her deft, but languid strokes!

“Why don’t you just call me Miss,” she whispered. “I like that!”

I nodded compliantly and softly moaned as her fingertips stroked along my skin where my shirt dips into the ‘V’ to my cleavage.

“You like that?”

“Mm, yes, Miss!” My legs began to tremble as her fingers edged into my shirt and her palm slid over my left breast whilst her left hand slid under my arm and slowly edged across my belly. It was so softly done that it barely touched me, yet it caused a trail of fire as it moved across me. She squeezed my breast and I was suddenly overwhelmed with confusion. “Ms Blake, I don’t think we should do this!”

She withdrew her hand from my breast and rested it on my arm that was against my belly. She took my wrist and pulled it to my side, totally ignoring what I had said. Both her hands were now at my shirt, and one by one the buttons came open. I stood still, rooted to the spot as her left hand edged along the waistband of my skirt. She unhurriedly stroked it back and forth, until I placed my hand directly on hers where I found myself softly petting her soft skin. She paused for a second then carried on with her explorative journey, slipping her hand inside my skirt. My hand remained on top of the material, but followed her hand as it crept between my thighs.

I felt warm and light headed and my heart pounded within me. I wondered why she hadn’t stopped when I told her we should but my body was betraying me over and over, conflicting with my mind that was screaming that this had gone far enough already.

With a sultry purr she spoke into my ear. “So you don’t think we should do this? But what about last night… you shouldn’t have been watching me, should you? But you were!”

I seemed to slump against her, defeated, caught out, whatever you want to call it, but my body began to tingle, and my resistance withered away.

“I’m sorry Miss, I shouldn’t have watched!” I lowered my head in shame and embarrassment.

Ms Blake’s hand reached into my panties. I could hear her throaty moan as she felt my wetness drench her fingers. “Don’t apologise, I liked you watching me, but obviously not as much as you liked watching me… You’ve soaked my palm.” Her voice took on a deep, sexy tone and I could feel myself crumbling with each word she spoke. She must have sensed my self control slipping away as her free hand came to my hair, tugging it slightly and lifting my head to rest on her. “Look at the window, see the reflection…”

I watched her peel off my shirt from my shoulder and noticed how delicate her fingers moved just under the material, watching how it effortlessly slipped off. I suddenly felt exposed and vulnerable. My breasts, although not as big as Ms Blake’s were rhythmically rising and falling with each of my heavy breaths.

“I don’t want you to speak… just watch…” she whispered, and continued to rub my pussy. I couldn’t see that in the reflection, but watching her arm movements alongside the reality of her actually being in my panties was enough to make me quiver all over! “Now listen to me… you don’t know how many times I’ve played with myself, thinking of this very moment. Don’t you ever notice that when I catch you ogling me, I always attempt to get your attention further?”

I didn’t answer her, but my eyes met hers in the reflection, and she continued. “I get off on you staring at my heels when they click click click through the hall…” My breath stopped momentarily and I trembled with excitement. “And then there’s my stockings, skirts and blouses… you like them too don’t you? And what about my breasts… sometimes you are so close to me Emily I can practically feel your hot breath slip into my blouse…” Her gaze never left mine as she spoke to me.

Her fingers slipped with ease along my engorged hot pussy lips. They burrowed between my inner labia and eased themselves into my pussy, delving curiously into it. I arched my back and leant further into Ms Blake’s shoulder, groaning as I did so.

“And last night, you dirty voyeuristic thing, standing in the hall, watching me and my friend. Which bit did it for you? Which part made you creep into that room and play with this steamy, hot pussy?” I couldn’t answer her, my legs were weakening and my pussy ached for her to take me just one step further. “Come on. Tell me which part got you all heated up?” I swallowed hard and whimpered. Ms Blake pressed her fingers over my clit and whispered my name. “Emily?”

I caught my breath. “I, uh, liked all what I saw, Miss…”

Her free hand now lowered itself to my breast and found its way inside my bra. She tweaked my nipple and I yelped with the pain. “Turn around, face me!” Her hand freed itself from my panties and I turned to face Ms Blake. Her fingers stroked the side of my face and I caught the smell of my pussy. She brushed my lips with them and I opened my mouth slightly only for her to teasingly pull away!

“Would you like a reward?” she seductively asked.

For a split second I wondered what my reward would be, but seeing as my body was ruling my every thought I meekly replied. “Yes, Miss. Please…”

No sooner had I drawn a breath Ms Blake’s lips were on mine. At first they were soft kisses, barely touching me. I’d never kissed a woman before and feeling her soft yielding lips on mine was a totally new experience. She kept pulling back as I became more eager, teasing me and making me want more. I edged my tongue out, wanting to feel it between her lips. She allowed me to do this for a while, just brushing it slowly across them or letting me ease it into her mouth before withdrawing again.

I could feel the intensity simmering and her hands came to my face, just like they did with Anya, the blonde. As soon as she did this, her lips crushed mine and our tongues danced. Our whimpers escalated into urgent moans. The heat that was between us was unbelievable. The kissing slowed, although the intensity of it didn’t fade. Our eyes locked and the kissing paused, as if we were waiting for the bell to sound for round two!

She pulled me and tugged me forward until she rested her bum on the corner of the dining table. She grabbed at the back of one of the dining chairs and placed it to the side of us and immediately lifted a stocking-clad leg onto it. Our eyes met again. I stayed still as I didn’t have the courage to make a move on her myself. Ms Blake began to slowly unbutton her blouse before tempting me with the vision of her breasts encased in a deep red lace bra.

I stared at them, silently stunned that my boss was perched on the table opposite me with her shirt wide open. Slowly she peeled one side of her shirt off her shoulder then trailed her fingers down the side of her breast and brushed the remainder of her blouse off her. Her hand went slightly lower and rested on her hip. My eyes followed around the curve of her breast, and I noticed how hard her nipple was. It strained against the lace, threatening to protrude right through it.

“Come closer Emily…”

I shifted forward placing my hand on the back of the chair, unsure as to how close she wanted me. She moved her leg, and despite the kitchen being in a relatively dim light, the zip from her boot caught the light above me and sparkled, catching my gaze. I looked down and felt my tongue edge out and I licked my lips before catching my bottom lip with my teeth.

“I think I’ve underestimated you…” Ms Blake said. I looked at her a little mystified. She continued. “I’ve seen the signs, but I didn’t realise how deep they ran in you!” Her hand caressed the top of her boot and worked its way down to the curve of her foot. She then traced one solitary fingernail up the length of the zip. The sound it made seemed louder than it was. It echoed through my ears as I watched her finger rise to the top before she flicked the top of the zip causing it to catch the light once again. “You’re dying to touch it, aren’t you?

Ms Blake was right. I was silently begging to run my fingers over it. Maybe she knew me better than myself, which wasn’t hard to comprehend considering I barely understood all what I’d felt over the last 18 hours or so.

I nodded and lowered my eyes then softly answered. “Yes, Miss…”

She ran her fingers down the side of my face and said, “Ask me… I want to hear you say it!”

I took a deep breath knowing that I was stepping into the unknown. It was way outside of my comfort zone to ask so blatantly. I hesitated.

“Emily…” Ms Blake’s voice was soft – it oozed through my senses and melted me. “Look at you… your shirt is hanging off you, your pussy is wet, your whole being is crawling with want and need. You’re glowing like never before… And you’re ready… Ask me!”

I nodded, feeling a little courageous, plus also wondering what I was ready for. “Can I touch your boots, please?” She smiled at me, but looked at me as if she was waiting for me to say something else. It took a moment for me to realise I hadn’t addressed her properly. I added a ‘Miss’ and she nodded her permission.

I cautiously reached out to the top of her boot and ran the tip of my finger along the top until the zip caught on my nail. My fingers moved back and forth over her boot, slowly getting lower. I upturned my palm so the back of my fingers brushed against the black leather until they went to the back of her calf before my languid strokes returned sensually around the curve of her leg!

I was mesmerised by what I was doing and didn’t realise Ms Blake had shifted forward slightly until her hand came to my hair, bringing me out of the trance I was in! She removed the clip that had kept my hair up for most of the day. I tilted my head a little, enjoying the feel of her hand as it bunched my hair into her palm and loving the feeling of her boot beneath my fingers. I explored her boot a little more confidently, running my fingers around the ankle before slipping them around the back to caress the heel, then sliding back round to the front to stroke the pointed toe.

She increased her grasp in my hair and pulled me closer to her. The jolt of her tugging left me off-balance and I immediately withdrew my hand from her boot and put it on her knee to steady myself. I was sure that my weakened legs wouldn’t hold me. We held each other’s gaze, our chests rising and falling, seemingly in unison.

Her leg raised a little and then she kicked the chair from under her. It startled me and I stepped back. Her hand was still in my hair, and she pulled me down to my knees. She shuffled back on the kitchen table and crossed her legs right in front of her. One of her boots was directly at my eye level.

“I think I have myself a boot slut…” Her voice was tinged with ridicule, yet it still had that soft tone to it.

I blushed immediately at her words. I’d never considered myself to be a slut in any context and was unsure as to how she meant it. She smiled at me mockingly, waiting for my reaction. There was none, physically, apart from the tiniest whimper that escaped from my mouth, but my insides tightened like a coil!

“Lower the zip…” She said.

With a shaky hand I reached for the zip on her boot.

“No… Use your mouth!” She softly ordered.

I hung my head in some kind of delirious shame before edging myself forward. Her hand returned to my hair, and she clenched her fist tightly, pulling my head up close to her boot. The thought of lowering the zip with my mouth seemed easy, but as soon as I edged my tongue just underneath it I realised that it was going to be much harder than I thought.

I tried to trap the zip between my thin lips and hoped to easily pull it down, but it kept slipping from them. I struggled to balance it whilst attempting to grip it between my teeth which sounded horrible as it scraped across the enamel. It was awkward to position myself comfortably to do it with ease. I finally managed to hook the zip behind my teeth and it slowly began its seemingly noisy descent. A couple of times the zip slipped out and I fumbled awkwardly to get it back into position, before lowering it down to her ankle!

Her boot had opened slightly where the zip had lowered, and I could see her stocking through the gap. I shuffled back a little and caught the unmistakeable whiff of my arousal. I knew my panties were wet. They felt sticky when I moved backwards.

My shirt had fallen off one shoulder completely, and my skin had flushed up a rosy pinkness just across the top of my breasts. I looked totally dishevelled and my hair was untidy and unkempt. Ms Blake reached down and tugged the shirt off me completely and threw it onto the discarded chair.

“You want more, don’t you?” She questioned.

I was afraid to admit it, but there was no mistaking how I felt. I found a sudden strength in me that allowed me to look right at her, yet my tone had no authority to it at all. “Yes, I want more, Miss!”

“Good girl… Use your tongue too. I want to see you licking and kissing my boot!” She moved closer to the edge of the table, enabling her booted foot to fall a little lower. I positioned myself on all fours, a pose that she obviously liked to see. “I like you in that position…”

I gave a nervous smile and lowered my face to the toe of her boot and cautiously began to lick over it. I took a couple of deep breaths after the first few moist sways of my tongue, then lovingly kissed and licked around the creased leather at the ankle. Ms Blake lifted her foot slightly and I reached for the heel, swirling my tongue over it, before coming around to where the zip began. I closed my eyes and revelled in what I had obviously become — a boot slut!

My tongue teased the dangling zip and it swirled around the thin piece of metal! I shifted my head slightly and my nose fitted just inside the opening of her boot and rubbed over her stocking. I licked along the side of the zip and kept my nose just inside, feeling the nylon brush against my skin. The gap of her boot widened as I reached the top and I tenderly kissed the stocking, and began my ascent further, totally distracted from licking her boot!

My eyes travelled over her knee, up to the lace stocking top and beyond. I could see Ms Blake’s breasts heaving. My eyes fixated on them for a moment whilst I still lavished kisses to her stocking’d leg! Moments later our eyes made contact and everything seemed to stop for a split second until she uncrossed her legs and opened them slightly.

I retreated a little, but still remained on all fours, uncertain as to what she was going to do next. Ms Blake gracefully inched her skirt over her thighs, and with ease managed to slip it under her derrière until it bunched around her hips. She wore a pair of claret coloured panties, lace and satin combined, which matched her bra, and just above her pussy sat a little black bow! The way the bow curled seemed to highlight the area below it, and my eyes watched intently as Ms Blake delicately caressed the bow’s edging, while her other hand rested on her bare upper thigh with her fingers just flirting with the lace trim of her stocking top!

Ms Blake must’ve noticed my eyes widen at the sight of her teasingly fiddling with the bow!

“You like what you see, don’t you, boot-slut?”

“Yes, Miss!” I whispered.

“Come here…”

I eagerly reached forward to kneel in front of her. As I moved closer, she edged further forward so her bottom was right on the edge of the kitchen table and she spread her legs wide. I was loosely sandwiched between them. Her hand came down to my face, before creeping above my ear and grasping a handful of my hair. She pulled me even closer as she bent forward and kissed me deeply. Her moist tongue dipped in and out of my mouth and my tongue danced with hers until she withdrew, causing a thin sliver of saliva to bridge the space between our lips for a moment.

She stared intensely at me whilst still clutching my hair.

“You made good use of your tongue on my boots and stockings… Now use it… Here!”

She pulled me towards her crimson panties, but not enough for me to touch her. I could smell her arousal, and it smelt similar to my own, and where the cleft of her pussy was, there was a small dark damp patch. There was no doubt my panties would have the same, if not a larger moist spot! She left her hand on my head and continued to caress my hair.

“I get the feeling you’ve never been up close to someone’s pussy before…”

My eyes dropped to the floor.

“No, Miss I haven’t!” I mumbled weakly.

“But you’ve never licked boots or stockings either, have you?”

My eyes came back up to hers. “No, Miss…”

“Well, this shouldn’t be a problem then, should it?” She gave a sardonic smile before tugging me hard into her ruby covered pussy. “Lick it, kiss it… lick me through them…” She demanded.

I tentatively eased my tongue out and licked just under the black bow. The ribbon edging hung down temptingly and I played with it just like I did to the zip of her boot! I licked a little lower and felt the beginning of her slit through her panties.

Ms Blake groaned softly and I felt a tremendous amount of pleasure just hearing her.

The bow tickled my nose slightly so I licked a little further down until my nose nestled in at the start of her pussy! Her scent intoxicated me, and seemed to swim through me in a hypnotic aroma filled cloud!

Her taste was similar to mine, but a tad richer and I swirled my tongue on the damp patch on her panties, and then began to poke my tongue in slightly causing the material to press into her pussy. I then kissed along the swollen fringes of her labia, and occasionally brushed over her engorged clit that seemed to slightly protrude into the now moist material of her panties.

“Yes, you little bitch… right there…”

She directed my mouth back to her clit and tugged me left and right until it continually rubbed across her clit. She began to rock against the table top, and her knees squeezed me as they pressed hard onto me, trapping me completely.

I struggled to breathe as the air seemed to evaporate around me, and it became dark in the confines of her ever-tightening thighs that enclosed me. I moaned and gasped as her other hand came to my head and forced me harder into her. Her panties were now soaked and they uncomfortably stuck to my face as the friction intensified.

I could hear her muffled moans and strained words of encouragement mingled with my enthusiastic groaning as my lips and mouth distorted as they crushed against her. I kept my eyes closed but knew that Ms Blake was well on her way to a mighty orgasm — I didn’t need to see if she was nearly ‘there’, I already sensed that her head was tilted back and her back wonderfully arched so that her bum would balance precariously over the edge of the table causing her pussy to rub over me further.

Within moments, the grasps on my hair painfully increased as her body jerked forcefully into me and around me, squeezing me into her like her life depended on it. She wailed erotically, gasping and panting until she’d ridden the lustful wave of ecstasy!

With one hard pull of my hair she pushed me to the side where I knelt on all fours to catch my breath. My legs and arms were shaking, and I could feel myself sticky with Ms Blake’s juicy nectar.

“Well, well, well… Not only a boot-slut, but a pussy slut too…” She said breathlessly, as she lifted herself off the table and stood above me. I looked up at her, trying to gain a little self-control but it came to no avail as she casually lifted her foot to my hip and pushed me onto the floor! “Raise your skirt…”

I struggled to do it, but finally managed to get it around my hips.

Ms Blake grabbed the chair that she’d previously been resting her foot on causing my shirt to fall to the floor, and placed two legs of the chair between my thighs. The back of it was facing me, and she sat astride it, giving me another view of her sodden panties.

“Seeing as you love my boots so much….” she said as she edged the toe of her boot to my pussy and began to stroke it up and down.

I gasped at the feel of it. I’d never felt anything like it before. She pressed the sole of the boot onto me and rotated it a little, adding pressure as she did it. “Oh god, Miss… that feels… good!” I spluttered virtually incoherently.

My hips began to rise and fall, and now the point of her boot teased my clit. She flicked it, over and over until I could feel the unmistakeable build-up of my orgasm.

“Please Miss, don’t stop…” I begged.

“You have my permission this time, but don’t think that will happen all the time… Is that understood?”

I nodded impatiently.

“I can’t hear you! Is that understood, bitch?”

Ms Blake continued to rub my clit in a frenzied manner!

“Ohh god…Yes… Miss!”

My legs began to tense and my whole body trembled as the first flourishes of orgasm crept over me. I ground myself over the tip of her boot, feeling it dip into my pussy before catching it back on my inflamed clit where it seemingly exploded blissfully, making me writhe uncontrollably on the kitchen floor!

“Good girl…” Ms Blake praised me through my sighs and whimpers! “Now come here… You’ve dirtied my boot!”

I returned to being on all fours and lowered my head to her boot. I could see my juices glistening on it and didn’t waste time on licking them up. When I’d finished I sat back up on my knees, catching Ms Blake’s gaze. She leant forward and kissed me softly before looking at me with a contemplative stare.

“Consider yourself promoted to being my very personal P.A.”

I smiled at her excitedly, and she ran her fingers down the side of my face and again kissed me before standing up and placing the chair calmly back at the kitchen table!

I watched as she walked towards the kitchen door.

“Ms Blake?”

She turned around. “Yes…”

“Thank you…”

A warm smile appeared on her face. “Stay in the chill-out tonight, but I want you freshened up by 8am with clothes similar to what you wore today, okay? This is just the start! Do you understand?”

“Yes, Miss…”

“Good girl, see you in the morning!”

With that, she turned and switched the light off, leaving me with only the light that the hallway emitted! I stayed rooted to the spot, listening to the fading ‘clicks’ of her heels as a sudden clarity shrouded over me!

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