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Norse Myth Models

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“Don’t be such a prude Thor! Nudity is perfectly natural and doesn’t have to be about sex. In fact, they’d be more likely to think of our bodies in a sexual way if we wore G-strings or tight jeans.”

“Easy for you to say, you’re not likely to be ogled as the fresh meat.”

“For God’s sake stop with this nonsense already, Thor. They’re NOT interested in your body for sex.

I’ve modelled for five months, and none of them have ever hinted at wanting anything else but sketching me. And it’s only for this one session. You’ll probably never meet any of them afterwards, and they’ve already promised not to display their drawings without getting our permission.”

My best friend grinned and played his final card: “Plus it’s a thousand kroner tax free, with no questions asked. Not bad for two hours doing nothing much but standing, sitting and lying around.”

Sometimes I hate Loke, even if we’ve been friends for years and blood brothers since fifth grade. The last part was another of his harebrained ideas which seemed brilliant at the time, but got us into trouble. The scar in the center of my left thumb was a reminder of the screaming and stiches and endless weeks with no computer games. Of course Loke only made a small incision in his own thumb before mutilating mine. But we did manage to press our bleeding fingers together before I fainted from the pain. I still can’t bear the sight of my own blood.

Luckily our parents laughed rather than scolded about most of our misadventures. Now we’re both twenty and sharing a flat while studying at the same university three hours’ drive from home. A long distance in Denmark which is a good excuse to stay in town most weekends. Apart from computer games we only have one interest in common.

I’m a geek, who hates sports and likes books. Thanks to genetic luck I’m slim and good looking in the typical Nordic way with blond hair, blue eyes and a decent tan. I cycled to school from age twelve, and it’s still my main form of transportation. Like most Danes I spend time at the beach in summer and I enjoy swimming. Both types of exercise probably help me keep fit, but I’ve never wanted to compete or get serious about either. In addition, I’m introverted, though most people assume shyness is the reason I let Loke take the lead in most situations.

My best friend, whose real name isn’t Loke, but Thomas, is my complete opposite, except for us being the same height. He’s broad shouldered and muscular from working out. Not in any extreme way, but he enjoys sculpting his body to perfection. I guess this is a major reason why he got the job as a nude model for the local art college. But he’s extrovert and an exhibitionist so it suits him for those reasons too. He has long dark brown hair and a face which is all sharp angles and mischief. He’s sharp witted and has an almost cynical outlook as opposed to my trusting ways, but I enjoy his sardonic remarks about the folly of mankind.

The nickname Loke came from our first time celebrating Halloween three months after we’d met at the age of nine. The tradition was still new in Denmark and few people had heard of it in our local town. But Thomas had spent the past four years in the US, due to his dad working in Seattle, so he knew all about doing trick-or-treat. For some reason I wanted to dress up as the God Thor, complete with Mjølner (the hammer) and a tunic with lots of shoulder padding. Thomas read some Norse Mythology and decided to go along as Loki (in Danish Loke), since he often accompanied Thor on his travels. Probably Loki’s trickster nature also appealed to my friend.

After a whole night of calling him Loke, the name stuck and I kept using it. Since he disliked Thomas and hated Tom (which some of the kids in his US school called him), he soon had class mates and other friends use Loke too. By now only his grandparents call him Thomas — oh and his mum when she’s angry with him. Loke likes being outdoors, he was a boy scout, and went skiing in Austria or France with his parents every year. We couldn’t be more different if we tried.

In fact, our families often wondered why we became best friends, even if it was convenient, since Loke lived next door. But I guess you can say opposites attract, and we clicked as friends because we were fascinated by the differences. During our teens we discovered another major one: Loke is gay and I’m straight. Not surprisingly this was revealed during an episode of Baywatch. I expressed my feelings of lust towards one of the bikini clad girls, and Loke casually said “I prefer the hunky guys.” When I stared at him in surprise, he rolled his eyes and spelled it out: “I’m gay, Thor.” To my credit, my first reaction was along the lines of ‘Oh, OK’.

Naturally we subsequently had several long talks about gay versus straight, but there was no drama about Loke coming out, nor did it affect our friendship. His mother’s younger brother was gay and married to another man, and his parents took the news calmly. He kept quiet about it during high school, since we did live in a slightly less progressive part of Denmark. In fact, Loke didn’t start going out with guys until we moved to Aarhus two years ago. To be fair, my experiences with girls weren’t much beyond the kissing and groping-during-dancing stage either.

Sharing a flat with Loke is fun. We each have a small bedroom, but spend most of our time in the living room or the kitchen. Going out to the local bars and discoes is a blast, and the parties at college are even better. Loke is hit on by girls all the time, and he’s honest with them: “I’m sorry, but I’m gay.” If he thinks they’re nice, he’ll add “but my best friend Thor is sure to appreciate your charms.” Usually, they’ll give me a try, and by the end of our first year I’d had more pussy than I’d ever dreamt possible.

Interestingly, several of the girls were happy to point Loke out to any gay friends they knew, so he’d plenty of hot guys to keep him happy. One girl became our mutual friend and it was actually via her, I discovered one obsession Loke and I share. Marie is a couple of years older than us and a lot more experienced sexually. She taught me more about how to please a woman than all my previous partners together, and she introduced me to the freaky delights of anal sex. She began by letting me fuck her pussy after she’d inserted a dildo in her bottom. It made her feel much tighter, and she came several times.

The step to fucking her ass was easy to take, but I was unprepared for how much I enjoyed it. My cock is fairly average in girth but longer than normal at almost eight inches. Marie had voiced her appreciation of my equipment more than once, giving my self-confidence a much needed boost. However, she went almost berserk when I forced open her tight back door and slid into her hot depths. She’d already made herself come twice, as I fucked her from behind, and she came twice more while I worked myself into a mind-blowing ecstasy in her ass.

When I felt her anus contract around my shaft, I was sold. By her second orgasm I was close to coming and as she screamed and squeezed tight around the swollen head of my manhood, I went over the edge. I plunged in and filled the condom with a prolonged spurting, while thrusting hard into Marie’s luscious butt. It was easily the best sex of my life so far.

I stayed the night and the next morning when we had sex again, I begged her to let me finish in her ass. She complied after warning me that she wasn’t as ready for anal sex as last night. I’d no clue what she meant, but got an idea when she made me use lube and fingers to prepare her sphincter for penetration.

This time she was on her back, and after she’d come, I pulled out and moved my cock downwards. She accepted me easily, and as I was already excited by the idea of more anal sex, I came after only a dozen hard jabs. She giggled and kissed me fondly. “I guess you like fucking my ass, eh Thor.” I just nodded and panted hard into her neck. After a shower and breakfast I went home, and of course Loke wanted to know everything.

“Come on, Thor, I can tell you had a special night.”

“Uhm, yeah, Marie is pretty awesome in bed.” I blushed and he grinned knowingly.

“What did she do this time?”

“She… ehm she let me fuck her ass.” My voice was almost a whisper at the last word.

“Oh ho, you got to try anal sex.” He held his hand up and I high fived him. “How did my blood brother like getting some tight back entrance fun?” I couldn’t help the huge grin which spread over my face and Loke started laughing.

“Say no more, I can see you’re a fan.”

In case you’re wondering, Loke and I have never fooled around with each other. We’d discussed it, especially while we were waiting to get lucky about sex, but Loke was as repelled by the idea as I was. “Eeww, it would be like having sex with my brother.” Since neither of us have siblings, the comparison was inaccurate, but I knew exactly what he meant. However, we were able to discuss our separate sexual adventures in fairly frank terms.

“I guess I can finally see what you’ve been going on about ever since you sort of lost your virginity to Kasper.”

“He, he, I suppose he was my Marie, since he knew all about how to bottom for a guy with a big dick.”

“You may be thicker, but I’m longer.” This argument had gone on for years, but now I had the advantage. “Marie says my cock is perfect for anal sex. Thick enough to stretch and fulfill without hurting, and so long I could fuck her ass in any position.”

“Maybe we should have a threesome with her and let her judge who she prefers.”

“I thought you weren’t turned on by women. Or by me.”

“Well an ass is an ass.”

“Bullshit. I may be hooked on anal sex, but I’m not going to start fucking guys just because they have ass holes too.”

“How can you be sure? Let’s go check out some hot butts.”

So we spent the next hour surfing porn and discussing the pros and cons of male and female asses. In the end I conceded I might fuck a guy’s ass if I was blindfolded and thought it was a woman, but the concept of gay sex still didn’t appeal. Loke admitted he felt the same way concerning women, so we called it a truce. Both of us were able to drool over pert butts in tight jeans whether male or female, but I liked the more ample backsides of women better. Logical since I preferred voluptuous to slim women.

Our talk returned to my night and morning with Marie, and Loke was actually able to explain her comment about being prepared.

“Well, I haven’t got personal experience with this, since I don’t bottom. But from what I’ve read, the receiving part should clean up inside and out before sex. I like to take a shower with my partner before sex, and I don’t mind some fingering back there. Plus I enjoy rimming both ways, but only if we’re both clean.”

“What’s rimming?”

“Don’t you eat pussy? Lick the girls down there?”

“Yes, if they want me too. And especially if they’ll do a 69.”

“Well, rimming is licking the back hole of a man or a woman.”

“Eww. I can see why you want to be sure it’s clean.”

“You know some straight guys like to be rimmed and fingered. Only, not many girls will do it. Did Marie touch you back there?”

“No, and stop trying to sell the whole prostate massage deal. I don’t need a finger up my ass to have a great orgasm. Ramming my cock into a tight female tunnel will do the trick.”

“OK, OK, relax, but if you want to test whether a girl is up for anal play, I bet going down on her, and I mean all the way down, is probably a good strategy. Works with guys, anyway.”

“Hmm, I’ll let you know if it’s a success. Marie never asked me to lick her there.”

“Try surprising her next time, I suggest you take a bath together and go for it.”

“In the shower?”

“Or afterwards in bed. More comfortable for both of you. If she’s into anal, I bet she’ll love rimming.”

“She’s sure freaky enough. Just like you, by the way. She asked me if I was going to chase both male and female ass from now on. Including your ass. She seemed to like the idea.”

“Well, I’ve told you nothing turns women on like a little man-on-man sex. Gay porn is used equally by straight women and gay men.”

“Yeah, yeah I know you claim going around with you gets me extra pussy because the girls suspect pervy stuff, since we’re flat mates. When they can’t have you or us together, they settle for me. As if.” Another old argument.

“Never mind, what did you tell Marie?”

“Same thing I tell the gay boys who assume we’re lovers, when you drag me to those bars and LGBT functions.”

Loke rolled his eyes and laughed. He’d heard me explain how I was straight, but my friend was gay. With the addition: “It wouldn’t work with Loke anyway, since we’re both strict tops.” In the beginning I thought this would get rid of the tops and send the bottoms into Loke’s arms. But the myth of seducing straight guys who liked to top seemed to flourish, and I still got hit on regularly.

“Stop complaining. You do very well for yourself once the fag hags realize you’re the genuine straight friend of a gay man. They’re all over you after I tell them you’re shy but a great guy and sweet as can be.”

“And they push their gay friends into your lap, so they have an excuse to sit next to me. Admit it Loke, you get a lot of boy pussy out of those deals too.” He was honest enough to acknowledge I was right.

Since then we’ve been on a joint quest for anal sex, and we soon discovered the advantage of sharing the obsession but not the targets. We point out attractive bottoms to each other and we don’t have to worry about competing for the same tight backsides.

However, Loke had it easier than me. He only had to reveal himself as an adamant top and the willing partners stayed to flirt. I had to go for women who attracted me without knowing whether they were amenable for anal play. Less than one in three let me fuck their asses, and rarely if they were virgins back there.

Loke occasionally tries to improve my chances. He’ll chat to girlfriends of gay guys (not all of them deserved the epithet fag hag) and try to hint at the one similarity we shared. The two times he’s hooked someone, I spent the next twenty hours in bliss, getting several rounds of oral, vaginal and anal sex. The last time Loke also managed to land the gay friend for himself, and from what he said later, the poor boy could hardly walk when he left. I’m glad the modest girth of my equipment rarely discourages girls. Or at least none of them has refused anal sex based on the size of my erect manhood.

Thus our friendship was firm, our sexual appetite regularly sated and life generally good on the day in early June where Loke broached the matter of me joining him at his job as a nude model for a group of art students. Ironically his Loki looks were the reason for the request. Apparently the theme for the advanced level’s next session was Norse mythology. The teacher had made a casual remark about his face being perfect for Loki and his body for Frey or even Thor. Naturally his wit came up with “Funny, ’cause my friend Thor has the face of the God, but the body type you’d need for Loki.”

I guess the next step was inevitable. On the way home Loke bought my favorite foods plus beer. Once I was in a mellow mood, he brought up the request, and the argument began. His assurance of the non-sexual nature of nude modelling was hard to believe and I tried once more to shoot holes in his spin.

“The only reason those girls aren’t hitting on you is because they know you’re gay. And you’d never pop a boner from being ogled by women, but I might.” In fact I was pretty sure I’d be so worried about being nude that my manhood was more likely to crawl into hiding. But any trick was worth employing to avoid the embarrassing job.

“For fuck’s sake, Thor. First of all, one third of the students are male and unless my gaydar has broken down completely, at least two of them are gay. However, none of them know I’m gay. It didn’t exactly come up at the job interview, and Marie said she never mentioned my sexual status. Nor has her friend asked her later on. Last of all, the teacher gave me a print with guidelines and one of the points was their firm policy on sexual harassment.”

He got up, went to his room and came back with a piece of paper. I took it and scanned down over the terse do’s and don’t list of nude modelling. One rule stated how the model should neither invite nor offer any hints of sexual attraction or behavior. The next asked the model to tell the teacher if any student (or a fellow model) behaved inappropriately or made the model feel uncomfortable, whether it was deliberate or not.

I sighed and gave in. “Fine, I admit my fears were unfounded and unfair.”

Loke grinned and pumped his fist. “So you’ll come with me next Thursday?”

“Yes, but if you embarrass me in any way, I’ll leave at once and never forgive you.”

“Deal.” He held his hand out and we shook on it. “Man, it’s gonna be awesome. Imagine your blond hero looks with my body, and my evil face with your graceful limbs and slim torso.”

“I’ve said yes, so you can stop flattering me in order to persuade me. Now get me another beer, Loke.”

“Yes, oh mighty God.”

“Shut up or I’ll get my hammer out.”

“Sure, Thor.” I sighed. Loke always has to have the last word.


All of the above serves to explain why I’m now standing in a large room next to my best friend in nothing but a white bath robe. There are large glass panes in the roof letting in natural light and the podium in front of us has two low couches covered with dark green cloth. Around the podium there’re at least twenty seats, some with easels in front of them. They’re empty at the moment, but the first session will begin in less than ten minutes.

The art teacher who is a grey haired woman with a no-nonsense attitude, is explaining what she wants from us. “We’re doing four different poses today; each lasting half an hour, with at least ten minutes breaks between every session. You’ll be sitting or standing or lying in identical positions in order to help the students draw the heads with alternate bodies. They each have to do one Loki and one Thor drawings, but are free to choose which ones. For the last tableau they must draw both together.”

She waves us on to the podium, and I walk up the two steps with shaking legs. Damn you, Loke, why did I agree to this? Being nude is no big deal in itself, but having people studying me and possibly with critical eyes is downright scary.

The teacher (whose name escapes me due to nerves) shows us the sitting pose she wants us to assume. “Thor, please sit down first, as Loke will be able to copy you, once you’re comfortably situated.”

I do my best not to blush, shed my robe and sit on the couch. Thanks to the teasing of Loke last summer and this spring, I’d done a fair bit of sun tanning in the nude to get rid of what he called ‘the white butt syndrome’. I teased him about perving on me (which I knew he wasn’t), but I’m grateful nonetheless. Since my tan is only a light bronze, getting it even didn’t take much, and now it looks like my natural skin color.

Adopting the right stance isn’t too hard. Loke helps move my limbs and turn my head, which is a lot better than having a stranger touch my nude body. Once I have the position right, I notice something interesting. There’re no seats in my direct line of sight.

“Thor, I want you to fix your eyes on the painting on the end wall.” No problem, since it’s a nice forest landscape in soothing greens below a blue sky. “Just relax and let your mind wander, as if you’re sitting under the trees, listening to music on your iPod or birds singing. Focus on pleasant memories or daydreams.” Her voice is calming me and my body loses the tense muscle tone which doesn’t belong to the first pose.

From the corner of my eye I catch glimpses of Loke sitting down and hear the instructions to move his arm thus or tilt his head so. Silence for a minute or so and then low classical music starts to play, Mozart or maybe Strauss. Sounds of footsteps and rustling announce the arrival of the students, but no one speaks or asks questions. They’ve apparently been briefed of the assignment beforehand.

I wonder momentarily if the set-up is done in order to prevent me freaking out, but I recall Loke telling me once about music being played sometimes to create an atmosphere. I decide I don’t care. Ignoring the students seems to be an excellent strategy. Some of my calm also comes from the fact my intimate parts are hidden from view, at least at first glance. The soft green cloth bunched slightly between my legs as I shuffled into position and the folds more or less enclose my balls and limp manhood.

Before I know it the first half hour is done, the students get up and start to circulate. They look at and sometimes comment on other drawings. None of them pay any attention to Loke and me. We might as well be a couple of statues. Loke comes over and sits next to me. He rolls his shoulders and shakes his arms. In a low voice he advises me to get the kinks out of my back and legs, as the next pose will be a lot more demanding.

It certainly is and not just because we’re standing up in full view of everyone. We have to portray anger, our bodies tense and our faces grim. Loke’s body pose is that of a warrior and he curls his fingers around a short wooden baton obviously meant to be the shaft of Thor’s hammer. In contrast my arms are thrown wide as if Loki the trickster is cursing the whole world. Again the teacher has me focus on the far wall, telling me to imagine my worst enemy hiding behind a tree.

Having to maintain the pose and pretend hate and anger is so demanding I’ve no time to spare for worrying about my crotch being exposed. By the time the next break is announced, I’m almost shaking with fatigue. Loke is fine of course. Not only is he fitter than me, but he’s used to posing.

The students leave the room and the teacher informs us the break will be twenty minutes. We don our robes and drink some water. Walking to the small changing room at the back helps me relax, and I’m glad we can use the toilet there rather than go out amongst the students. Five minutes before the break ends, the teacher calls us back.

I’m grateful the next pose involves reclining on the couch and pretending to sleep. Even more when she gently drops a scarf across my loins. The students start to gather as she’s getting Loke ready, and this time they talk in low voices. I catch a phrase now and then, but it’s all technical about which pencil softness to use to get the best shading or how to make Thor seem fierce even at rest. Most of them appear to do the Loki combination, which is a relief until I realize my body goes with his face.

Strangely the thought doesn’t distress me, it’s like I’m in a trance, detached from the fact my nude body is on display. Soon the voices fade to a murmur and the next thing I know a hand touches my shoulder and Loke tells me to wake up. “Man, you’re surprisingly cool about this model job if you’re able to doze off half way through.”

I keep my eyes closed. “Did anyone notice?”

“Nah, I’m sure no one except me heard the snores. And you’re hardly drooling at all.”

“What?!” I sit up and met Loke’s greenish grey eyes with the hazel specks. The sparkle in them tells me he’s joking, and I breathe a sigh of relief.

“Don’t worry, you never moved or made a sound. I only realized you were half asleep when I got over here.”

“Jerk. So what’s next?”

“They want us to pretend Loki has been subdued by Thor after causing the death of Balder. We’ll have to change places half way through. First you get to kneel in front of me, while they sketch our bodies. When they’re done, I take your place and they fill in our heads. The difficult part is I have to change from sorrow and vengeance to defiance tinged with regret, and the reverse for you.”

“I can do defiance and regret easily, I just have to recall how I felt when you talked me into this. I’m sure I can think of something to prompt revenge and sadness too.”

“Bla, bla, bla, stop whining and do your job.”

Crouching down in front of my friend portraying the reviled trickster Loki is the easy part. His hand grips my shoulder and I let my whole body slump in defeat. It seems to take ages before the teacher tells us to shift. She uses a thin rope with regularly spaced knots to ensure our heads are in the correct relative positions, and our shoulders the right distance from the ground.

She also spends a couple of minutes evoking the facial expressions she requires, before letting the students begin. Most of them beg us to stay in position for an extra five minutes, which is OK with me, since I know their attention is from the neck up.

As soon as we’re done, I help Loke stand up, and we put on the robes and make our way to the changing room. I assume we’ll get paid and go as soon as we’re dressed. To my surprise Loke hurries back to the room and mingles with the students, who’re still milling around.

Their drawings are now displayed on boards along the side of the room and the teacher goes from one set to another to offer praise and critique in turn. Most students attend the small lectures but a couple are still busy with their last drawing and stay seated until she calls them over.

I hover at the back of the room, dithering between wanting to see the drawings and thinking I’d rather not know. I watch Loke move confidently amongst the art students who’re suddenly talking to him as if they’re friends or at least close acquaintances. But I guess he’s like this even with a bunch of strangers. Wish I had his easy manners.

“Thor. Would you like to see the drawings?” I almost jump and squeak at the unexpected question interrupting my musings, but control myself. I turn to find a tall brunette with warm brown eyes next to me. She smiles and speaks again, when I fail to respond. “Thor is your name, right? Or was your friend joking with us? I know Loke is his nick name, and I thought you might want to use a pseudonym too.” Her voice is nice, deep and almost sultry, unlike the high pitched squealing of teenage girls which annoys me completely.

“No, my name really is Thor. And Loke is more than a nick name, in fact I’ve no doubt he’ll change his first name officially at some point.”

“OK, good to know. So do you want to see the drawings?”

For some reason I find myself being honest with her. “I’m not sure. The whole idea of seeing my face with Loke’s body is rather weird. Especially in the nude.” I keep quiet about being even more freaked out about knowing she’s drawn my naked body at least twice.

She doesn’t scoff at my reluctance, but treats it seriously. “Try to pretend the portraits are of someone else. Which they in fact are. They’re pictures of two mythical beings that have nothing to do with you as a person.”

As we’re speaking, she takes me by the arm and leads me gently to the first set of drawings. Nobody else is looking at them, since the students are with the teacher at the other end of the exhibition. I almost gasp as I catch sight of the largest drawing, the one of Loki cursing the world. It’s magnificent, the anger and defiance and loneliness jumps at the spectator even though it’s a sketch, clearly not finished.

I look at the other drawings and even the one with my face and Loke’s reclining body doesn’t feel like me. The relief is so great I turn and smile happily at the girl next to me. “These are brilliant, and you’re absolutely right. They’re not drawings of me or Loke, but of the Norse God Thor and his companion Loki.”

Her brown eyes widen in surprise at my enthusiasm, but she soon regains her composure and leads me down the row of displays, offering a comment about the different styles now and then. I suddenly realize I don’t know her name or which set of drawings is hers.

“I’m impressed at how complex most of the sketches are, considering you only had half an hour for each session. But which ones are yours, ehm…?” I pause and look at her expectantly, clearly waiting for her to supply a name.

To my surprise she blushes slightly and hesitates. “Please don’t laugh. I know it’s silly.” I just keep staring at her. If there’s one thing I know how to do, it’s waiting patiently for the other shoe to drop. Being friends with Loke for more than ten years has honed my ability to face the unexpected with a calm face. “My name’s Freja.”

I bite my lip, but when she starts giggling, I can’t help myself and laugh at the absurd coincidence of her also being named for a Norse God. Especially Freya, the Goddess of Love. My chuckles end abruptly at the thought, and at the same time, Freja shakes her head with a mock pout: “At least it’s better than Sif. Otherwise the jokes would go on forever.”

If I didn’t know better, I’d assume she was flirting with me. My mouth calmly asks “So where are your drawings, Freja?” I look towards the displays we’ve yet to see, expecting her to point them out or lead me there. When I turn back to the girl at my side, my perception shifts as if a veil is ripped away.

I’m struck dumb by three major revelations at the same time, as my subconscious mind (and my cock) finally gets my attention.

1. Freja is absolutely stunning, with the kind of curves which normally has me drooling with lust.

2. I’m done with the role as model and therefore no longer out of bounds.

3. In Norse mythology Sif is the name of Thor’s wife.

I can’t help it, but turn bright red as I recall how she’s been looking at my naked body for the past two hours. Luckily Loke arrives at our side, his ability to sense when I’m in trouble or needs help, is uncanny but at least my best friend never lets me down.

Even better, he’s brought one of the other students who apparently knows Freja and engages her in a rapid discussion about the critical comments the teacher gave his efforts. He grabs the tall brunette by the arm and tries to tow her towards the display. The effort is comical since he’s a head shorter and definitely several kilos lighter. But she indulges him with a smile and a quick apologetic glance in my direction. As I watch two magnificent asses move away, I hear Loke’s voice.

“You know, it’s my last day of modelling, too.”

“Indeed.” For once I manage just the right sarcastic tone to make him cringe.

“With this group of students anyway. They’re graduating from Ann’s course next week.” Right, the teacher’s name is Ann. No surname given as being on first names with your teachers in college is normal for Denmark. I flick my eyes towards Loke and sure enough his gaze is locked on the pert butt of the guy walking next to Freja, talking and gesticulating heatedly.

I simply wait, knowing he’ll cave eventually. I can tell he’s hot for Freja’s friend, who’s so obviously gay he even pinges on my non-existing gaydar. Or can straight people have gaydar too? Anyway, the boy isn’t flaming or limp-wristed, nor quite deserving of the epithet twink, despite being relatively short, slim and definitely excitable. But he could be a poster boy for out, proud, and confidently gay.

He has a head full of blond curls, and together with the vibrant blue eyes and the general good looks I got a glimpse of, I know he presses every button Loke has. For my friend’s sake I hope the cutie takes it up the ass. For my sake I pray Freja does too.

I try not to get my hopes up, but the thought of plunging my cock into every hole of my own love goddess certainly pushes my buttons in a major way. Please let her be into my little fetish. Strange how the words mine and love aren’t scaring me, although I’ve no idea whether this girl is more than a sudden infatuation. Right now I don’t care, and finally Loke says the magic words.

“We could ask them out on a double date.” Hmm, sounds serious, maybe be even relationship potential. Neither of us have done the whole girlfriend / boyfriend routine, only one night stands and friends with benefits. But I’m willing to be persuaded.

“I guess we could. But please tell me his name isn’t Balder or Frey.”

“What? Why on earth are you worrying about his name? But it’s Alexander.”

“Fine. Her name is Freja. Do you want to suggest pizza at our place?” I can’t see our targets anymore and turn to smirk at Loke. I enjoy seeing him hover between a fit of laughter over names and horror at the idea of letting the blond hottie see his bedroom without preparation. We aren’t slobs and due to the smallness of the apartment we have to keep it tidy and clean. Nevertheless neither of us is in the habit of bringing partners home to fuck.

He rallies beautifully. “The reason I came over is to tell you the whole group is going out for a meal to celebrate completing the course. They want us to come with them.” I nod and agree and Loke’s eyes light up. Without hesitation he heads back to the main group of students and announce our intent to join the party. Wait a minute he never mentioned a party. Oh well I’ve no classes before lunch tomorrow.

I turn to the display of drawings intending to find Freja’s artwork but suddenly she’s next to me. Behind her the other students are getting ready to go and I’m not surprised to see Loke next to a certain blond guy. Suits me fine, as I want to get closer to my companion too.

Soon we’re at the pizza place. Freja and I blithely let our gay friends maneuver matters so the four of us end up sharing a table. We talk for hours and surprisingly I have a lot in common with Xander as Freja calls him. We’re both essentially trusting, positive, nerdy, bookish, and not good with strangers. The bright personae in the art room was caused by Xander feeling safe, appreciated and possibly a tiny bit infatuated with my friend.

At least some of Freja’s slightly sardonic comments pointed to her friend being unusually bubbly tonight. In a weird sort of symmetry Loke and she are kindred spirits, sharing the same cynical outlook on life, yet being protective of their friends and clever enough to understand how our attitude prevents them from becoming world weary and hard hearted.

The other students leave for the party, but we go to a coffee bar and indulge in ice cream and more talk. Before we part Loke and Xander have arranged for all four of us to get together over the weekend. Freja and I exchange indulgent smiles and agree, trying to be casual. I know I’m as excited over the prospect as our exuberant friends, and I have the feeling she is too. She lets me kiss her cheek and I get hugs from both her and Xander.

On the way home I get a hug from Loke too, when I happen to mention Xander’s obvious interest. “Fuck, Thor, you honestly think he’s attracted to me? Not just sexually, but more?” Of course Loke knows they’re hot for each other physically, but apparently he wants Xander as a boyfriend. I try to reassure him and in return he tries to sell me the idea of getting a girlfriend.

“I think she likes you, Thor.”


“Idiot. Admit you like her too. She’s good looking and intelligent and observant. Brilliant sense of humor too. Which she’ll need to deal with you as her boyfriend.”

“Very funny.”

“Go on, deny you find her sexy.” My silence is all he needs to start teasing.

“You know as different as she is from Xander they do have something in common. Something rather important.”

“Apart from being twenty two, art students, and attractive?”

“So you do admit she’s attractive.”

“Get to the point, Loke.”

“Well when we walked to the coffee bar, Xander and I had a little private talk.” I roll my eyes knowing exactly the sort of information Loke is after.

“Luckily Xander and I are compatible sexually, as far as he knows.” It takes me a second to get the implication. Fuck, I’d never have pegged Loke’s blond hottie as a virgin.

“Turns out he’s even discussed the issue with Freja a couple of times. She told him not to fuss, because anal intercourse takes a lot of trust. Xander hasn’t had enough confidence in any guy so far.” As much as I don’t want to be told private stuff which I’m sure my new gay friend doesn’t want me to know either, I listen avidly. Why would Freja have an opinion about anal sex unless she…?

“Apparently, Freja had a boyfriend a couple of years ago who wanted to go there. She refused and broke up with him.” My hopes are dashed. Fuck.

“No, listen Thor. She said, and Xander swore it was a direct quote, ‘I’m actually keen to try it, but not unless I love and trust the man.’ He thinks she used the butt sex issue to dump the guy.”

Oh. We walk along in silence as I try to absorb the information and how to deal with it. I end up deciding to ignore it for now. After all, I’m nowhere near getting Freja into bed or even becoming her boyfriend. Or so I think.

Most of Friday is spent in a frenzy of preparing for our double date, including cleaning our rooms and putting on new bed linen. Just in case. When we get home from uni, Loke hands me a small plastic bag and I notice he has one himself too. I look into mine and nearly choke over the contents. I’d never have been able to buy this stuff without dying from embarrassment. Condoms and lube are easily accepted but the box of ten disposable enemas and the sex toy labelled butt plug are scary. I didn’t even know special anal dildos existed.

“We’re the ones with experience. Even if the receiving part is only theory.” I can’t even look at my best friend as he attempts to explain.

“You can do what you like, Thor, but I’m going to try things out. Then I can help Xander with advice when we get to this part. I want him to be mine.”

I go into my room and put the bag away. Loke is standing in the same place when I get back. I give him a hug and his body loses the rigidity which tells me how upset he was.

“I’m going for a walk. I need a new shirt for tomorrow anyway. And the book store is open late. I’ll be back in an hour or two.” He nods and I leave with a parting tease: “Have fun.”

When I get back around seven, he’s shaken but composed and dressed for a trip to the gym, which will last two hours or so he informs me. I’m not telling you any details, but when Loke returns home, I’m sure we’re both adequately familiar with the mechanics of anal sex. In addition I’ve gained new respect for Marie and the few other girls who’ve gone to the trouble of letting me indulge my obsession. Never again will I take anal sex for granted or assume it can happen ‘spontaneously’ just like in porn.

The double date is a huge success and I advance from a peck on the cheek to holding hands and kisses. Lots of kisses and hugs and they evoke funny feelings in my gut. Within two weeks Xander and Freja are calling us boyfriends and people comment on our silly grins and distracted behavior.

The summer holidays begin and we’ve managed to borrow a vacation house on the west coast. A friend of our parents rents out two cottages and one of them is free for a week just after the junior schools go back in mid-August. Xander and Freja are happy to join us, even if it means meeting the parents for the first time. Loke and I have managed to avoid the ordeal so far, but I know we’ll have to soon.

The cottage is ideal for two couples with two master bedroom situated at either end of the building. Both are equipped with a luxurious bath room with showers large enough for two. I have the feeling Loke and I will go all the way with our sweethearts here. I’ve had sex with Freja and it is wonderful, the best ever. She likes oral and lets me fuck her pussy any way I want. However, to me the real test of our relationship has yet to come. I know we’re in love, but is it enough for her to trust me?

I’ve not even dared to hint about anal sex. Loke is luckier, they both know sex will go there eventually. Hell, Xander has already told him he’s willing. All Loke has to do is be patient and careful. He’s a big boy after all, but Xander is no wimp. I’ve thought about asking Freja straight out, but it seems crude. So I’ve decided to take Loke’s advice from way back.

“If you want to test whether a girl is up for anal play, going all the way down on her is probably a good strategy.” Together with the shower ploy, I hope I’ve a viable plan. I’ve fucked my girlfriend from behind several times, we both enjoy it and she plays with her clit to get more than one orgasm. I love her ample but firm bottom, and she moans when I knead her cheeks as I take her.

The last time, which is two days ago, I pull her buttocks apart to expose the naughty hole I want to possess. The moment I see the puckered rose winking at me, I come. Hard. I don’t care about her not being a virgin in the conventional sense. But I’m going to be the only one to plunge my cock into Freja’s hot back tunnel, and hopefully she’ll let me come inside her ass. This will be a first for me too.

I’ve done the initial part and gotten tested. Actually, it’s the easiest way to force Loke to be responsible and make sure. He swears he’s been safe, and I believe him, but I’m adamant. The funny thing is Xander walks in on our argument and immediate declares he wants to get tested too. The sweet victory of seeing Loke speechless and embarrassed happens far too seldom and I relish the memory.

On the other hand I try to forget the visit to the clinic, and Loke and Xander show their worth as true friends by never mentioning it. Maybe I should have foreseen how turning up to get tested for STDs with two gay guys will automatically label me as bisexual or gay-in-denial. The doctor keeps questioning the information I’ve put on the papers as to my sexual habits and finally accuses me of lying about being straight. When I ask him why it matters if I’m clean as I expect, he looks down his nose at me.

“Homosexuals who pretend they’re straight, are a menace in relation to HIV. They have secret liaisons and unsafe sex in desperation and they pass on STDs to their unsuspecting wives and girlfriends.”

I’m appalled at the bullshit and so furious that I storm out in the waiting room where Loke and Xander sit. I drag my best friend into the consultation, and I’m sure half the clinic can hear me shouting. “Tell this arrogant prick of a doctor I’m bloody well straight and not in any fucking closet. Or going to cheat on my girlfriend with a guy.”

Loke gives his best evil glare and I’m almost surprised the idiot doctor doesn’t burst into flames. My friend is convincing in his fury. “I’m gay, I’m out, I’m his flat mate and best friend since we were nine. He’s 100% straight, though plenty of guys have tried to prove differently. He’d better be faithful to his new girlfriend or my boyfriend will gut him.”

I get a different doctor (or maybe the head nurse) who does the blood samples and the test kits. I’m so pissed I’m not even feeling embarrassed at having a stranger touch my penis. In spite of her being female and old enough to be my mother. We leave with a number to call and codes for our test results, and my friends take me out to get drunk. When I finally tell them what the doctor said, Loke wants to go back and punch him. But at least the tests came back clean.

I’ve not told Freja yet and we’re still using condoms. However, as we unpack in our room in the cottage, she shows me a tin foil strip with small white pills of which one third is gone. I look at her with hope and she nods. “I’m on the pill and we can forget about condoms.” I hug her and confess about being tested with good results. “I know. Xander told me. Well not the outcome, but I assumed as much. I went to my own doctor the same day and got the prescription together with tests.” I’m touched by her trust and it fuels my expectations.

We eat dinner together and even though we’re laughing and joking, the sexual tension runs below every look, move and touch. Loke pulls me aside in the kitchen and asks me if I want to take a walk with Freja for an hour or two, or he should go with Xander. I know what he means and tell him we’ll go. My girlfriend is happy to go on a sunset walk with me. “I adore Xander and Loke. They’re such a cute couple. But sometimes the non-stop talking wears me out.” I laugh and agree and we stroll along the beach holding hands and kissing now and then.

The cottage is quiet when we get back. The kitchen light is on, and we have a drink of water before going to bed. I’m content to make love to Freja the way we usually do, because the absence of condoms makes a huge difference. So much I come the moment I enter her wet pussy, but I stay hard and fuck her for a long time in several positions before I come again. As we lie together in the dark afterwards I tell her I love her more for every day. “I love you too Thor. I wanted you the moment I saw you sitting gloriously naked on the podium.”

The next morning Xander stays in bed till late morning. I notice he’s walking and sitting carefully when he does appear, but I pretend to be oblivious. Freja teases them about being distracted and unusually quiet, but I know she can see how they almost glow with love and satisfaction. After dinner Loke takes Xander to see a movie. We’ve not discussed this, but it’s his way of giving me the opportunity he had yesterday. I intend to make the most of it.

As we’re clearing up after our meal, I keep touching and kissing Freja. Nothing too blatantly sexual, just quick little kisses on the nape of her neck, her cheek, the sensual lips that I love to see wrapped around my cock. I nibble on her earlobes and caress her bare arms. I stand close enough to let my hard-on graze her lovely ass, not rubbing against her, but just letting her know how much she turns me on.

It’s hot and humid, so all we’re wearing are shorts and skimpy tops. Freja has her hair up in a ponytail to keep her cooler. I make most of the opportunity to lick her slightly sweaty skin and admire the graceful line of her long neck. Her breasts are the perfect size and shape in my opinion, though she sometimes complains of always having to wear a bra to support their weight. Not so much since her birthday last month, though. I’d asked Marie for advice, since she has the same assets. She gave me the name of a shop and I booked a session for Freja.

It cost me five times the money I made from the model job, but it was worth every cent. I picked her up afterwards and I tell you the kiss I got was X rated. Not to mention the sex we had, when we got home. She still likes to model the sexy and supportive bras she brought home from the shop. On occasion, she’ll even keep the white lace bra on, together with the matching suspenders and stockings, as she straddles me and rides my cock. She worries it makes her look like a porn actress and I don’t know whether to tell her she’s right and admit I love the kinky idea. So far I’ve kept to the truth about her looking stunningly beautiful and utterly sexy.

I can tell she’s wearing the black bra under her form fitting top. It’s another of my favorites, having the most push-up function of all her bras. Not to any extreme degree but enough to display Freja’s delicious attributes in wickedly provocative ways. I regularly indulge in little fantasies of kneading the double handfuls as I fuck her sweet ass from behind. I trail a finger along the hemline of her top which is only just higher than the bra. “You drive me crazy, Freja. I want you so bad.” I kiss her and let my finger circle gently on her nipple. It hardens and I relish her soft moan.

By the time we’re done with the washing up, we’re both frisky and my suggestion of a joint shower is met with enthusiasm. I let her wash me first and she finishes her exploration of my body with her mouth on my cock. I pull her off before she can get me too excited and begin soaping her luscious curves. I make sure I end up standing behind her with my cock nestled against the crevice of her ass, kneading her tits and kissing her neck. I love the fact she’s so tall we fit together perfectly.

I take an extra blob of liquid soap and slide sideways to get access to her hidden entrance. She gasps as my fingers find her anus and put pressure on the hole I want to fuck. To my surprise she yields immediately and before I know it, I have two fingers halfway into the hot channel. I twist them carefully, pull back a bit and push back in. At the same time I flex my hips so my erection moves against her buttock. The silent message is obvious and my girl is no fool.

“You… you want to take me like that, Thor?” She sounds curious rather than disgusted, a good sign.

“Yes, sweetheart, I very much want to do your naughty hole. Will you let me?”

“I… I’ve never done it before.”

“So you’re a virgin here, just like Xander was?” I keep up my gentle exploration of the outer part of her ass hole and her breath is getting heavy.

“Was? Oh, you mean…?”

“Yes. Xander gave his virginity to Loke yesterday, because they love each other. That’s why they were so happy today. Will you give me the same gift?” I know by now she probably will, but I have to ask and accept her answer.

“Yes, Thor, I’ll give you anything you want.”

The next part is a bit soppy, with kisses and mutual declarations of love. But soon I have to get practical about what we plan to do. Freja once again shows the no-nonsense, down-to-earth attitude which is part of why I love her. She laughs when I admit to Loke being the one to do the shopping and when asked, readily confesses to being turned on by the thought of him and Xander making love.

“Not that I want to watch them or anything, but visual in my head of the erotic beauty of their male bodies together is arousing. Makes me long for your hard cock in my naughty hole even more.”

Not long after this we’ve finished our shower and are in bed. I know I’ll get her ass cherry now but I follow my original plan. I go down on her and work my way from her clit to her pussy and further. I push her legs up and apart until I finally see her tan little pucker awaiting my pleasure. It’s already slick with the juices leaking from her pussy. Freja moans and rubs her clit harder as I flick the tip of my tongue against her tight back door and proceed with rimming her till she comes.

I open her further with my fingers and lube, and she comes again, as I fuck her pussy and her ass with two fingers in each hole and my mouth on her hard nipple. Finally, I turn her over and pull her hips up. She spreads her legs wantonly and arches her back, her long brown hair sweeping over her shoulder blades as she tilts her head and begs me to enter her. I’ve never withheld for this long, but I want her to be hungry for my cock, desperate to be fucked.

She is. I lube my cock and slide into her wet pussy for a few hard thrusts and Freja comes for the third time. Once her orgasm is over and she relaxes, I strike. Placing the head of my cock against her anus I push and she yields, letting me fill her in one slow penetration. Fuck she’s hot and tight and so willing to have her ass ravished by her man. The sight of my shaft dilating the sphincter as I possess her sexy butt is awesome.

I move in and out a couple of times, until I’m sure she’s ready to be fucked. Freja whimpers, as I grab her hips and pick up speed, but her hand is busy between her legs.

“Ahh Thor you’re so big. It hurts, but it feels so good too. Ohh, yes, yes, more. Mmn-ahhh.” It ends in a hoarse scream as the orgasm hits her. Suddenly her ring of muscles contracts around my cock, just behind the head. Fuck, it’s too much, I plunge in and my spunk begins the journey from my balls. Milliseconds later I come in Freja’s ass in several violent spurts.

We collapse slowly onto our sides and I manage to stay embedded in her still twitching ass hole. I’m not gonna leave Paradise until I have to. I caress her breast and whisper how much I enjoy her warm ass and how I’ll love her forever.

To my surprise I stay hard and after a short break I’m ready to fuck her again. Freja voices a token protest, but admits my cock still feels wonderful in her ass. She experiments with inserting fingers in her wet pussy and I promise her a dildo next time, if she wants to be filled in both holes. The kinky idea makes her come once more and I lie flush against her backside and relish the contractions of her anus around my hard cock.

More kisses on her neck and fondling of the lovely tits, but I can’t wait any longer. I withdraw, turn Freja onto her back and enter the wet back tunnel. She gasps and we look at each other while I hold myself up and fuck her hard. Hard and fast until I deposit my load in the ass I’ve lusted for since the day I watched my love goddess walk along the exhibition of nude drawings of Loki and Thor.

Freja fulfills every wish, fantasy and desire. In return I’m happy to indulge in any dream she has, including being her private model for various highly erotic portraits. I guess my best friend did us both a favor when he persuaded me to take on a nude model job.

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