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Tyler’s Spring Break in April

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Tyler let out a sigh of relief as he set down the last fully painted model of his Dark Angels’ army. He stood up and made his way across the room tiredly. He stopped abruptly in front of his full length mirror, taking a good look at himself. For an 18 year-old freshman in college he looked pretty damn good, he thought. Short brown hair, fairly tall, and very well toned.

A “hunk” his aunt April had called him once, but even that couldn’t make up for the fact that he was now in college and hadn’t gotten laid yet. In fact the farthest he’d gotten with the one girlfriend he did manage to get, was a half-ass blowjob before she left him for his friend Aaron. His thoughts were interrupted suddenly by the phone ringing on his night stand.

“Hi honey!” squeaked the voice of his mother on the line, “listen I have a favor to ask you son…”

“Yea what is it mom?” he said with a hint of skepticism.

“Well, you know how you’re having trouble paying your rent, and I was just thinking that since your aunt April has been all alone since your uncle Paul’s death,” his eyes had widened at the thought of his aunt April, “since she lives so close to your university, maybe you could move in with her; I mean you would have a free place to stay and you could keep her-”

“I’ll do it!” he blurted out, cutting off his mother.

“Great!” she said excitedly, “I’ll call her and tell her right away! You’re on spring break right sweety?”

“Yea…” he said, still having trouble believing what was happening.

“Good, then it will be the perfect chance for you to move in with her. Thanks so much honey, love you!” he heard the click on the other line before he could respond, then hung up the phone. He took a seat on the edge of his bed, contemplating what had just befallen.

April was his mother Linda’s only sibling, and had always been really close to his mother, as well as him. She was always much more blunt and open-minded than her more conservative younger sister. She never hesitated to curse or speak openly about sex in front of little Tyler, she would even ask him about his sex life and tell him all about how horny a woman she was, and all the desires she had, she was like his best friend. From the things she had told him, however, it seemed uncle Paul was never really enough to satisfy her, especially considering he was a devout business man who spent weeks at a time away from home, and his sexually frustrated wife.

Despite the fact that she was his best friend, he had always been attracted to her. To him, she was the most stunning thing on God’s green earth that he ever had the privilege to lay eyes upon. She was tall and voluptuous, with fiery red hair that completely contrasted her little sister’s dirty blond curls. She was a little on the big side, but in all the right places, with wide hips and a plump, yet firm ass that swayed seductively as she walked. Tyler, however, found himself most drawn to the large tits that always seemed to be spilling out of any top she wore. He remembered taking every chance he could to get glimpse of her cleavage when he was younger. He hadn’t seen her in a while though, so these new living arrangements would be the chance he’d been waiting for to catch up with her.

Tyler was packed and soon on his way to his aunt April’s house on the outskirts of town. He couldn’t believe his eyes when he drove up to the front gates, the place was near the size of a small mansion. He looked out his window and nervously pressed the button on the little machine outside the gate.

“Yea Tyler honey, I see you, let me open the gate for you.” he heard his aunt’s sultry voice say as the gate soon slid open for him. He pulled in and came to a stop near the front door of the house. As he stepped out of the car the door opened, and he was welcomed by the sight of his sexy aunt in a tight halter top and a pair of cut-off short shorts.

“How’s my little hunk?” she giggled, wrapping her arms about him in a tight embrace, “My my, you have certainly grown a lot more handsome since the last time I saw you…” he could have sworn he saw her lick her lips as she looked him up and down.

“Uhh…thanks aunty, you look…amazing!” he managed to say without losing control of his voice.

“Flatterer…” she giggled playfully, and hugged him tightly once more, speaking deeply as she caressed his back, “and please, call me April. MMM, it’ll be so nice to have a REAL man around the house for a change!” he blushed deeply as he felt her press her large chest against his.

“Well, we should…start taking my things in…” he coughed and smiled, trying to regain his composure as he pulled away from her. The rest of the afternoon was spent being shown around the house by April and unpacking. The house was two stories, with a small gym, which explained her firm and toned physique, a recreation room, an office, a library, a kitchen, a large guest living room, a den, 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms excluding the one in her master bedroom. She had a patio out back with a large pool and jacuzzi. When they were done and everything was set up in Tyler’s room, it was around 4 PM, the sun was still blazing, and they had worked up quite a sweat.

“Hey Tyler honey, you bring a swimsuit? Because I think we should really go for a dip, don’t you agree?” she smirked playfully, leaning against his arm.

“Umm, yea…I…we…” he began to stutter slightly, unable to tear his eyes away from her cleavage, but he managed to clear his throat, “I don’t have a swimsuit.” She smiled, reaching down to squeeze his upper thigh gently.

“Well you don’t really need one then, I don’t mind!” she giggled, turning and rushing upstairs, “I’ll just change and get a few things, you get undressed and hop in! I’ll be there in a few!” he saw her fabulous ass disappear at the top of the stairs. Tyler couldn’t believe what was happening, his favorite aunt had just told him he could swim nude right in front of her.

He took a deep breath and began to undress as he made his way out to the pool, deciding it couldn’t hurt, “besides she’s just my aunt,” he thought. The sun was still shining down on him as he neared the pool, slipping off his boxers he quickly diving into the deep end of the pool. He was relieved to see the high brick wall and trees surrounding her property, insuring their privacy. Tyler began to swim a few laps, trying to take his mind off of his aunt’s gorgeous body. He didn’t notice April was already pool side and watching him.

She giggled again, “That’s a great body you have there Tyler, you still work out?” he turned to see her standing there in a sling-shot style bright yellow swimsuit with two straps that barely covered her monstrous tits and came down in a V to her crotch.

“Uhhh, yea…I, I…mnn” his speech was inaudible as she turned to walk towards one of the long pool chairs, revealing the barely covered cheeks of her ass. He felt a stir beneath the water and blushed deeply, trying to hide it as he submerged himself below his chin. April laid back on the chair, slipping on some shades.

“How come you’ve stopped swimming dear? I hope my presence hasn’t made you…uncomfortable?” She looked at him from above her sunglasses with a sly look in her eye, and a smirk across her lips. Tyler snapped out of his trance and began to slowly swim again, his aunt watching him intently the entire time. After about 5 minutes of this, Tyler saw April turn over onto her front, her ass sticking out into the air.

“Tyler, be a dear and come put some tanning oil on my back will you?” She slipped the straps of her suit off of her shoulders and arms, her bare tits squished against the towel she was laying on.

“I…don’t know Aun- err, April…” he gulped, sinking in the water once more, as she turned her head to look at him, smiling warmly.

“If it makes you that uncomfortable…” his eyes nearly popped out of their sockets as she reached back and completely slipped the suit off of her body, tossing it aside, her ass bare for him to see in all its glory, “does that make you feel better?” she giggled lewdly as she saw him nod nervously, “Now get your ass over here before I start to burn!”

He hurriedly made his way out of the pool, his rigid cock bouncing as he scurried to her side. She chuckled slightly and handed him the bottle of oil.

“Start on my back and work your way down…” she said in an amused voice as he squirted some oil onto his hands and placed the bottle on the stand next to her chair. He very slowly began to rub the oil on April’s back, starting at her shoulder and rubbing it down to her mid-back. He felt her eyes move all over him, they were especially locked on the cock that was merely inches away from her face.

“MMM, that feels good babe, now move lower…” he shyly began to slide his hands to her lower back and waist, “good, a little lower…” she cooed to him as he rubbed her. It’s an open invitation, he thought, and slid his hands onto the firm, soft cheeks of her ass, “Oh yea, that’s the spot, rub my ass for me…” hearing her speak like this only pushed Tyler on more as he groped and kneaded the round cheeks. He hadn’t paid attention to the position he was in, and when he had reached to her ass, it had pushed his crotch even closer to her face.

“Does my ass feel good Tyler?” She said breathlessly as she firmly grasped his throbbing cock and began to apply oil all over it.

“Ohhh, yes aunty, it’s the best ass I’ve ever seen…” he said in a hoarse voice, “I’ve always loved your body!”

“That’s good to know,” she began to rub his throbbing cock with slow, deliberate strokes, “MMM, we don’t want this getting burned either…” she looked up to him with lust in her eyes, licking her lips slowly as she flipped over in the chair suddenly, exposing her large, succulent breasts as they swayed and settled on her chest, “Do the front now honey.” He froze as the objects that had fueled so many ejaculations were now finally revealed, and only inches away from him.

Tyler oiled up his hands and nervously placed them at her shoulders, rubbing slowly.

“Don’t beat around the bush hon,” she scolded, firmly squeezing his cock in her hand, “it’s obvious that you’ve wanted me for years, I couldn’t wait to get Paul out of my life, that limp-dick bastard wasted so much of my time, not now though, not now that I have you Tyler, why else do you think I told your mom to ask you to come live with me?. I’m yours now babe, so please don’t deny me what I’ve needed for soo long…” she whimpered as she stroked him again with much more fervor.

Tyler couldn’t believe what was happening. He was now living with the woman he had lusted for so long, and she had just confessed that she shared his feelings. With much excitement he reached forward and gently cupped the large mounds of her tit-flesh. Shivers shot from his spine and down to his cock as he firmly kneaded her breasts.

“MMM,” she cooed, “that’s much better sweety! Now tell me…” she pulled his cock closer to her face, “have you ever had this wonderful cock of yours sucked before?”

“Well…” he blushed deeply, gulping, “sort of, but it wasn’t very good…”

“Damn cock teasers…” she smiled wickedly, “how would you like me to suck it baby?” She teasingly flicked her tongue out at the tip of his cock-head.

“Ohh…aunty…p…please!” He continued to grope her tits as she slowly took the first few inches of his cock into her warm, wet mouth. She sucked in more and more until all 7 inches of Tyler’s cock was firmly lodged in April’s throat. He whimpered and moaned as she began to slide the length of his dick in and out of her loving mouth, running her tongue all over the top of his shaft. He soon felt the familiar presence of an oncoming orgasm.

“Aunty…A…April! I’m going to cum!” She took his cries as the cue to suck him harder, not letting up until a hot torrent of jism shot down her throat from his spasming cock. She did her best to swallow it all, anything she couldn’t take spilled out of the sides of her lips and onto her chin. He slowly pulled his cock out of her mouth and released her tits, taking in the rush he was feeling.

“Yummy!” she exclaimed as she licked her lips clean, “I love the taste of hot cum, especially from a stud like you!” she smirked, stroking his still hard dick. “MMM, I love young cocks, always nice and hard!” She spread her legs wide and spoke with a deep lust in her voice, “Now come over here and fuck your horny aunt!”

Her fingers were feverishly working her cunt as Tyler made his way in front of her, kneeling on the chair between her legs. “Umm…aunty, I’ve never done this before.” he said shyly.

“That’s okay,” she smiled lovingly, taking a grasp of his cock and guiding it to her slit, “just place your hands at my sides and start fucking me after I help you in.” Tyler pushed forward as she pulled him in. She was so wet that he had gone in to the hilt on the first thrust. He trembled at the new sensation and April moaned softly in pleasure. Tyler began to slowly thrust his hips, humping in and out of her gently.

He had a steady rhythm going when his aunt wrapped her arms and legs about him, pulling their bodies closer together. “Suck my tits baby, they haven’t had a man’s attention in so long!” He happily obliged, leaning down to take one of her protruding nipples into his mouth, suckling at it gently. “Ohh yes, that feels so good, you’re going to make me cum soon, baby!”

He began to shudder, feeling another orgasm on it’s way as well. He nibbled on her nipples and quickened his pace, wanting her to enjoy the climax with him.

“Ohhh!” She moaned loudly as the orgasm hit her, her pussy walls tightening, milking his cock as he also began to cum, shooting jet after jet of his seed into her hungry pussy. He pushed the last drops out as he stopped humping and slumped onto his still trembling aunt.

“Tyler honey, that was the best fuck I’ve ever had!” She stroked his hair lovingly, squeezing her pussy muscles around his already hardening cock, “MMM, and we’ve only just started…” Tyler closed his eyes and smiled, resting his head between her big, soft tits. He sighed happily, thinking to himself. He couldn’t wait to see what else this day would bring.

*This is my first story, and any feedback, comments, and questions are happily welcomed. I hope you liked it, there will be more to come, Happy Strokin!

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