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Two Years of Sin Ch. 02

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Notes from Penny

The next morning Penny came to my bed and shook me awake. She was already dressed, ready to go to work. I looked over toward the nightstand. The alarm clock said 6:10 AM. I sat up and swung my feet to the floor. Penny handed me a stack of five porn DVDs.

“Here, watch these while I’m gone. Watch them in order, the top one first, then the second and so on. I left a note with each one to read before you watch. And Bobby, do me a favor, don’t jack off when you watch them.”

I really didn’t answer her. I was too groggy. I didn’t even notice her leave. I sat there on the edge of the bed with the five cases clutched in my hands. After a minute my mind cleared and I read the title on the front of the top case. First Time Cuntsuckers #8 was the title and printed in yellow NO DICKS HERE. The two girls embracing on the cover were not as cute as Penny. One of the the girls in fact looked quite old. I flipped the case over. On the back side there were several postage stamp sized photos of the girls who were supposedly in the movie. I recognized one in the lower left corner as Penny. It was a head shot of her with her face in a state of arousal. I set the cases on the nightstand and noticed a card I had tossed there the night before. It was the card Synn gave me while I had been waiting for Penny. I picked up the card. It was a glossy black with red lettering. In the center of the card in bold letters was SYNN SIN. Below her name in smaller type LET SIN TEMPT YOU ON YOUR LIFE’S JOURNEY. In the upper right corner was her phone number. I set the card back down on the nightstand. I would give her a call, but first I needed use the bathroom to pee and take a shower.

Penny had left the bathroom a mess. She had always been a slob. Her messy habits were probably the only major bones of irritation between us growing up. There came a point somewhere along the line that I just gave up complaining about her messes and began cleaning up after her. She had been a model citizen in her owe place during the few weeks I had been there, but when I entered the bathroom I could see the cease fire was over. I must interject here to say there is nothing wrong with Penny’s personal Hygiene. She keeps her own person immaculate. There is also a limit to her messiness. Its just that when it comes to cleaning up after herself she has a ‘I will get to it later’ attitude. Penny had definitely left her mark this time. Toothpaste she had spit into the sink still sat there drying. Half of a smoked joint sat on the edge of the sink. Water from when got out of the tub lay on the floor along with a pair of her panties. The shower curtain was pulled back and in the soap dish was another half smoked joint. A used disposable douche bottle lay on the floor of the tub. There were two items that did give me a shock despite the fact that before she left she gave me a stack of porn starring her and an admonishment not to masturbate to it. I was shocked despite the fact that the day before we tag teamed fucking another girl together on camera. I was shocked despite the fact that the day before she had shared a load of my cum with another girl and swallowed it. After all this I should not have been shocked by such a small thing. On the bathroom floor lay was the first item, a hardcore porn magazine. The second item lay next to the empty douche bottle. It was a lifelike latex cock.

After everything that had happened since the day before, it was a small thing, but it struck me hard how much my life had changed. My sister and I may not be fucking, but we had surely crossed a line putting us at the threshold of sexual relationship. Leaving the dildo and magazine behind in the bathroom showed me how casual Penny had become about our changed relationship. There was one other thing that gnawed at me. Penny made a declaration to me in the driveway the day before, right after the shoot, about her being a nymphomaniac, about her being a slut. It seemed that to demonstrate the declaration, Penny, before leaving home to go suck off ten guys, needed to look at a porn magazine and play with a dildo. Was she warming herself up to a prime state of sluttiness. I decided it wasn’t my business and tried to shrug it off.

I took a pee, lit the half joint on the sink, cleaned the bathroom. I brought the dildo and magazine into Penny’s bedroom and set them on her unmade bed. I tossed her panties into her clothes hamper. I went back to the bathroom and after smoking the half joint in that was in the soap dish I took a shower. I was pretty buzzed when I dried myself off and dressed. I sat on my bed stoned and looked on the nightstand at both the stack of porn and Synn’s calling card next to the porn. The clock now read 7:30 AM. I did not know if Synn was working a shoot, but it was too early, I thought, to call her. I picked up the stack of DVDs and went into the living room. I put the first disc into the player. Before hitting play on the remote I read Penny’s note for that scene.


99% percent of the time the premise for porn scenes are bullshit. This time the setup was at least partly true. This was my first porn scene and it was my first time having sex with a girl. After our own parents had a hand in running me out of town to get me away from pastor Fleming. I went out here to California instead of to Aunt Donna’s in Chicago. When I got here I answered an ad looking for models and actresses. I am not stupid. I knew what I was getting into answering the ad. I least I thought I knew. I was called in for an interview. The agency had a seedy little office in the valley. The only person I saw there was a receptionist. She was a chubby girl with more tattoos than I had ever seen on one person up to that time. She handed me an application and a questionnaire to fill out. The first question on the questionnaire was whether I was willing to model lingerie. I answered yes. The next question was about nude modeling and I answered no. The rest of the pertained to what sexual acts I would be willing to perform. The first sexual act was masturbation. Then it asked girl/girl, girl/boy, girl/girl/boy, and girl/boy/boy. From there it went to gang bang and asked if I was willing to perform anal sex. The questionnaire even asked about double penetration of the vagina. I admit that the questions turned me on and deep inside I wanted to answer yes to many of the questions. In the end, I was to embarrassed and afraid to give any more yes answers besides the modeling. I handed the completed application to the receptionist. She took from me the same documentation you had to bring to our shoot, birth certificate, drivers license, and social security card. She made copies and returned them. Before I left she had me stand in front of a sheet tacked to a wall and took a couple snapshots off me with a cheap digital camera. I was given an envelope to bring to a clinic for an AIMS test, being told that even though I had only answered yes to modeling lingerie, some girls change their minds. For this reason it was a requirement that all girls working for the agency take the test.

Well, I guess that sets the scene. I was called 2 weeks later for what I was told was a modeling job. The scene you are about to watch is what happened. Before shooting the scene my only sexual experience was the one time with pastor Fleming and even then we were caught before we really got started.

The woman in the scene with me is Leslie. We are still friends and I hope you to meet her someday. You would like her. She moved back home to Montana a few months ago. This scene is one of the few times the seduction is true. Well, not really true. You may notice after Leslie kisses me for the first time there is a cut in the film. What they didn’t show is that I was was going to walk out. Leslie talked me into staying. Enjoy the scene Bobby.


I hit the play button and kept hitting the skip button until I came to Penny’s scene. I could see that it was being shot in a clean, but cheap hotel room. The scene started with the ubiquitous before action interview. Penny was sitting on the foot of the bed smiling, but looking nervous.

“You do not mind if I film while we talk?,” asks a male voice from off camera.

“No, go ahead.”

“So, your name is Penny, right?”


“How old are you, Penny?”


“Are you ready to do some modeling?”

“Shouldn’t we be in a studio or someplace nice? This is kind of weird, modeling in a hotel room.”

“These are only test shots. It cuts down costs. Studio fees, you know. Look, ask my wife Leslie. Tell her, honey.”

The camera pans over to a chair where an attractive woman, perhaps in her mid thirties, maybe older, sits. She is wearing jeans and a long sleeve cotton pullover shirt. She smiles and waves to the camera.

“Everything is cool,” says Leslie.

“Why don’t you move over by Penny so I can get you both in the shot.”


Leslie gets up and walks over to the foot of the bed and sits down next to Penny. She reaches across her body and places a hand on Penny’s knee. With her other hand pushes some of Penny’s hair back away from her check. She leans in close to Penny.

“Don’t be nervous,” she says.

Leslie leans in even further and kisses Penny. Penny quickly recoils.

Two Years Earlier

“This is a mistake I got to go.”

Penny’s heart was racing. She got up from the bed and walked quickly over to her purse and picked it up.

“Wait, wait, wait. Don’t go yet. Lets talk for a minute,” Leslie gets up and moves hurriedly between the door and Penny, “No camera. We just over there by the table and talk for a minute. Then you can go. Nick will leave. Just me and you sit down and talk for a minute. Okay?”

Penny freezes. She doesn’t know what to do for a second.

“I can’t do this,” she finally says.

“You don’t have to do anything. I’m really sorry about this. There’s a misunderstanding,” Leslie looks over to her supposed husband, “Nick, why don’t you go get yourself some coffee somewhere. I’ll call you when I am done talking to Penny.”

“Yeah sure, everything is cool. I can go,” says Nick. Nick lifts a hand as if gesturing goodbye and leaves the room.

“Okay Penny, can we talk?”

Penny, her eyes staring at the floor nods yes. Leslie goes over to a table sitting next to the hotel windowand pulls a chair back for Penny. Leslie picks up her own purse and places it on the table while she herself sits down. She looks directly into Penny’s eyes and smiles.

“Just breath, come on, you are all tense, come on, in and out. Good that’s better.”

They just sit at the table saying nothing. Leslie sits looking at Penny and Penny sits staring at own hands clutched together on the table.

“Do you live with your parents, Penny?”


“Do you live by yourself?”

Penny still staring at her hands nods yes.

“Where are you from?”


“Do you have any brothers or sisters?”

“I have a brother, Robert, he’s sixteen and I have a sister Christina who’s fifteen.”

Leslie goes into her purse and pulls out a joint.

“Do you smoke weed?”

“No,” answers Penny.

“Have you ever tried it?”


“Smoke this with me. It will help you relax.”

Leslie lights the joint and takes a drag. She tilts her head back a bit and closes her eyes while holding the smoke in. She then blows the smoke out and opens her eyes. She then hands the joint over to Penny. She hesitantly takes it.

“Just take a drag and hold it in. Yes, that’s it”

They pass the joint between them, Leslie tilting her head back and closing her eyes each time she takes a drag, Penny begins replicating Leslie by also tilting her head back and closing her eyes. Penny starts to feel the drug’s effect for the first time and begins to feel the warm distortions of time.

“So, why did you leave home?”

“Eh?,” asks Penny trying to hold herself in the present.

“Why did you leave home?”

“I was caught in bed with my church’s pastor by his wife. She was supposed to be out of town.”

“Why did you leave and not the pastor?”

“She, the pastor’s wife, wanted to keep things quiet. She gave my parents money for me to go to my Aunt’s home in Chicago. I came here instead.”

“Why here?”

“I want to get into movies.”

Leslie pulls another joint out of her purse. She lights it, takes a drag and hands it over to Penny.

“Listen Penny, I ain’t going to bullshit you. We got you here today to do a girl girl scene and your agency that sent you fucking knows exactly what we wanted. You don’t have to do anything I’ll make sure you get paid.”

“Will that be okay with your husband?”

“Nick is not my husband, honey. That was all bullshit. I only like girls, I like to make girls feel good.”

Leslie smiles as Penny takes a drag. She reaches across the tables and places her hands on Penny’s.

“Have you ever been with a girl?”


“Have you ever thought about it?”

Penny thought. She looks down at Leslie hands resting on her own hands. She then turns one her hands palms up and wrapped her fingers around Leslie’s hand feeling the soft smooth skin. She thought about it, but could not answer. She knew the truth.

“You won’t be upset if I tell you something?,” Leslie asked.


“Let me whisper it,” said Leslie beckoning with a gesture of her head for Penny to lean forward so she could whisper in her ear. As Penny leaned and cocked her head presenting her ear, Leslie moved so that her mouth was just a fraction of an inch away.

“When I first saw you I wanted to fuck you really bad.”

Leslie leaned back and examined how her words affected Penny.

“Did I upset you?”

Penny, averting her eyes, shook her head no.

“I could make your pussy feel so good.”

“Could I have another drag?” asked Penny.

“Yes, but could you do me a favor?”


“Let me kiss you.”

Penny closed eyes as she felt Leslie’s lips touch hers. She felt as if her bottom lip was melting into Leslie mouth. She could smell the scent of strawberries. She felt a hot wet tongue probing her mouth. Leslie stood up and came around behind Penny. She bent down an licked Penny’s ear. She whispered.

“We don’t need any cameras. Let me make you feel good. Can I make you feel good.”

“Yes,” Penny whispered.

Penny felt herself being guided to feet and by instinct lifted arms as her shirt came off over her head. She was in an embrace feeling her naked breasts pressing against another woman’s naked breasts. She realized she did not remember her bra coming off. She pushed her own tongue into Leslie’s mouth. Withdrawing her tongue, she nuzzled her cheek against her lover’s cheek. Lover. She spun the word over in her mind. Then she realized she was on her back on the bed. A tongue swirled around her nipple. Fingers were pinching her other nipple. She heard herself moaning. Unbelieving, she heard words coming out of her own mouth.

“I want to taste your pussy.”

“Oh, you little slut,” Leslie giggled.

Penny turned her head to the side and closed her eyes tight and felt a burning in her eyes as a tear escaped.

“Did the pastor’s bitch call you a slut when she caught you?”

Penny nodded.

“And your parents?”

“They said I was a whore.”

“I think being a slut and a whore is a good thing. Don’t be ashamed. Celebrate it. Its a fucking art form”

“Art form?,” Penny smiled as she quizzed.

“The fucking art of cunnilingus. Now, perform for me”

There it was, just inches from her face, a shaved pussy. She felt queer but overwhelmed with lust. Her lover’s hands behind her head gently coaxing her.

“Go ahead taste it.”

Penny stretched out her tongue until the tip of it touched Leslie’s clit. Like someone dipping a toe in a pool to test the waters before jumping in, Penny tested tongue tip then with a lustful moan began sucking pussy for the first time.

“Oh fuck yeah, you suck that fucking pussy good.,” cried Leslie.

Penny felt like a slut as her face became wet and sticky. She relished in the fact she was doing the forbidden. She soon found herself on her back receiving the same pleasures she had been dishing out. Her body shook as she experienced her first orgasm of the day.

Leslie cuddled up with Penny and gently kissed the back of her neck.

“Do you feel good?,” she asked Penny.


“Turn around and give me a hug.”

Penny flipped over, wrapped her arms around Leslie and nestled her head between Leslie’s soft breasts.

“Where are you staying, honey? Do you have an apartment?”

“I rent a motel room, by the week.”

“I don’t let girls move in with me, but you can come stay with me until you get a real place.”

“Are you sure?”

“As long as you can eat pussy like you just did I’m sure.”

Leslie kissed Penny’s forehead.

“You should dump that agency, sweetheart. They’re just using you. I can connect you with some people in the business if that’s what you want to do.”

“Okay,” replied Penny softly.

“You do know the modeling stuff is bullshit. There is no modeling.”

“Yes, I know.”

“I only make lesbian films, but I have a friend that does a handjob series, among other things. All you have to do is lube up the old hand and go to town. Easy money.”

“I’ll think about it. I don’t know if I can.”

“You’re gonna have to make some money somehow. You don’t want to be mopping floors and cooking french fries for shit money.”

“No I don’t.”

“Do you want to fuck some more?”


“Why don’t you let me call Nick and we can go ahead shoot the scene. Would you do that for me, honey?”

“Okay,” Penny nodded and held Leslie tighter.

Leslie return the embrace. She then got up out of the bed, went to purse and took her cell phone out. She got Nick on the line.

“Everything is cool. Come on back we’re doing the shoot.”

Leslie stopped talking for a few seconds, listening to something Nick was saying, something Penny could not hear. Suddenly Leslie giggled.

“Baby, we always do the shoot. I’ll talk to you when you get here.”

She put the phone back in her purse. She got back onto the bed and kissed Penny.

“Do you want to smoke another joint while we wait for Nick?”

When the scene ended I felt more perverse than I had felt the day before doing a real live scene. I had not jerked off watching Penny having sex with this older woman. I had fondled myself through the cloth of my jeans, but as much as I wanted to jack off I refrained myself. I am two years younger than Penny so when she was eighteen I did not notice how young she looked. Seeing this scene shot two years ago she did not look eighteen. She barely looks eighteen at the age of twenty.

I picked up the next dvd case on the stack. It was called Handjob Havoc #18. Penny was on the front cover posing with a smile and a hard cock pressed against her cheek. I thought about unzipping and stroking myself a little as I could feel my cock swelling as I continued to fondle myself. I got up and walked back into my bedroom. The clock now said 8:05 AM.

“Fuck it,” I thought and picked up Synn’s calling card. I did not know whether she was shooting a scene or sleeping in, but I could leave a message. I punched in her number and on the forth ring she answered.

“What the fuck, do you know what time it is? Who the fuck is this?”

“Sorry, this is Robert, Penny’s brother.”

“Oh, Robert,” Synn’s voice changed from agitated to playful, “how’s my pretty cock doing?”

“Okay, I was just looking at your card and decided to give you a call.”

“Cool. Hey, did you and Penny fuck when you got home yesterday?”

I heard her ask it, but I had a hard time believing she asked the question.

“Excuse me?”

“Did you and Penny fuck? You guys are fucking, aren’t yo u?”

“No, we’re not.”

“Why not?”

I didn’t know how to answer. I could have said, “because she is my sister.” I remained silent.

“I see the cat got your tongue. I wish I was over there right now sucking on that pretty cock. I’d stick a finger way up your ass hole while I was sucking you. I’d make you tell me all your dark dirty little secrets, your dirty little perverted thoughts. You’d confess everything to me. You will confess to me.”

“My pussy is very wet right now, very wet. I want you to come and play with me tonight. It is time for us to explore. Will you come play with me tonight?”

She was panting. I could hear a rapid slapping sound. In a moment I realized the slapping was the sound of her playing with herself.

“I’ll play with you,” I answered.

“I’ll pick you up tonight at eight. Now, before I hang up tell me the truth. Do you want to fuck your sister?”


“I’ll see you tonight, Robert,” said Synn just before she hung up.

I went back into the living room and picked up Handjob Havoc. Inside the case along with the disc was another note from Penny.


This scene is the second one I did. For some reason I was more nervous doing this scene than I was for the first. I think it was because this time I knew I was going to perform in a porn scene. Now, giving someone a handjob on camera would be no big deal, but at that stage in my career I felt like a complete slut. I must also confess I was beginning to enjoy being a slut.


Penny rested her head on Leslie’s shoulder. The Mustang had just exited the San Diego Freeway and was headed down Roscoe Blvd. Penny lifted her head so Leslie could shift gears.

“Light up a joint,” Leslie says to Penny.

Penny opens the glove box and opens a Marlboro box. Inside the box are four rolled joints. She takes a joint out and closes the glove box. She lights up.

“Thanks,” says Penny. “I need this. I’m really nervous.”

“Its nothing. Its like I keep telling you. You just lube up your palm and start stroking. We’ll be out of there in less than an hour. Its an easy three hundred bucks.”

“Its just going to be weird. You know, jacking off some guy I never met before.”

“Just remember, I’ll be right there for you. Now remember, he likes to shoot two scenes, a handjob scene and a blow job scene. He will offer you some more money to do a blow job scene too. Don’t make any excuses. Just tell him no.”

The Mustang came to a stop at a light. Penny passed the joint to Leslie. Leslie took a long drag, handed the joint back and kissed Penny on the cheek.

“I want to take you to dinner tonight. Then we’ll go dancing. I want us to have a romantic evening together.”

The light turned green and Leslie made a right turn. They were in a light industrial area of nondescript warehouses. She finally turned the car into the parking lot of one of warehouses and parked next to a black Jaguar XK. Leslie seemed to examine the car sitting next to them. Suddenly she looked forward and slapped her steering wheel angrily.


“What?,” asked Penny.

“Fucking Lenny is here!”

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