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Vampiric Seduction

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Jamie peered over the lip of his cup, the sweet taste of the mocha frappe still clinging to his own lips, as he scanned the sprinkling of customers that were scattered about in the small cafe. A boring pair reading their papers and magazines. Two others ensnared in a heated embrace. Another writing busily. All bored him. But there was one man, hunkered over his own cup, brow furrowed in concentration, who caught Jamie’s curiousity.

And as the man rose, a few token coins dropped casually on the table before he stepped out of the cafe, Jamie hastily swallowed the rest of his mocha, and began to slide out of his own booth to follow the intriguing man.

The cup remained untouched as Jackal decided it was a waste of his time and there was the smell he preferred hiding in the back alley, near the kitchen of the cafe. Rising, he dumped a few coins and then some and smiled at the waitress who bumbled and sidestepped to let the tall dark man pass. Jackal nodded and casually pushed open the back door where he spotted the middle aged manager squatted against the brick, slowly puffing at a joint in the shadows.

“Mike.” Jackal said softly. “This is a bit much, don’t you think? You’ve been bad too often lately.”

The other man only shrugged and sucked the joint hungrily, offering it to Jackal who shook his head and grabbed him by the neck instead. “You didn’t bring what I wanted, after this.” Jackal ripped the joint out of the man’s trembling hand and then bared his teeth. “Never mind. It seems I must do it myself yet again.” he said as he carefully bit into the neck of the man and watched as his eyes rolled back in dead faint. But oh the blood was precious and thick and rich and heady with the taste of the cannabis – it would give him a little high, but being who he was he wouldn’t be so affected.

Jackal didn’t notice the little redhead who followed him into the alley.

The door let out a ding-a-ling as the bell was rattled when the door closed, only serving to set Jamie’s nerves on edge and heighten the suspense. Following a mysterious stranger into an alleyway wasn’t normally one of Jamie’s past-times, and so already he was riding an adrenaline rush — one that caused him to jump when a low hiss was issued forth from the dark man, and the body of the other slumped with a dull thud against the wall.

Jamie found himself frozen with a mixture of fear and revulsion, and yet he felt a strange curiosity overcome him as he continued watching. He simply marveled at the way the taller man doubled over his prey, lapping at the wound he’d created with an almost erotic tenderness.

Only the tinkling of the bell caused Jackal to pause and he nearly dropped the unconscious man on the hard ground when he spotted the lone witness to the only act he was ever only a little ashamed of doing.

Wiping his mouth with the back of this sleeve, he looked almost threateningly at the skinny young man who stood rooted to his spot with the oddest look on his face. Most people would’ve screamed and ran and Jackal would have to hunt them down and do something about it…but this one only looked on with fascination. There was a long pause and Jackal let Mike down on the ground as carefully as he could. He hadn’t taken enough to really kill him, interrupted as he was. “Who are you?” He asked a little ruder then usual.

Tilting his head to the side, he blurted out his name, “Jamie” before he could really contemplate the risks associated with saying his name. Oops. “And you’re…?” Mentally the question was finished in Jamie’s mind — vampiric, bloodied, damn sexy when you lick your lips hungrily in that predatory fashion. …And then the stream of thoughts were brought to a halt too, because just what if this being could read thoughts like he could? Another oops.

And then it was Jackal’s turn to blink…he had been straightforward enough, he did have the means to force the information out of any individual but this one remained unafraid. A slight buzzing in the back of his head made him jerk back in alarm as he realized that this one was no ordinary human but possibly a mind-reader of sorts. Jackal quickly clouded his mind – precautions he had learned over hundreds of years of existence and stepped forward, out of the dark and toward Jamie. “I’m a vampire. As you so obviously saw…” He smiled and licked his lips again, reaching out to brush the hair of the shorter man, red like the blood he had just taken. “Jackal. You…are not scared?” He raised his eyebrow in amusement and laughed low in his throat.

As the other advanced toward him, reached out and stroked back stray strands of hair, Jamie found himself unable to move. He was helpless, as if he was caught under a bewitching spell.

“Jackal…” Jamie repeated his name, testing the way it sounded with his own voice, the way it fell from his lips. “Not afraid of you..” Quite the opposite — he found himself strangely allured, captivated by every action the taller man made. He ached to touch and kiss those blood-stained lips, but found no matter how much he willed his body to move, it wouldn’t.

Jackal chuckled. “I…see and so you followed me? Were you curious? Or are you…you can read my mind, can you not?” He leaned and wrapped long arms around the slender body and licked his lips again before touching his forehead to Jamie’s. “Here…tell me what you see.” Jackal carefully let out a stream of thoughts, utterly random but enough to heighten the senses. There was cool water and frenzied dancing around a fire and jungle cats prowling the night for unsuspecting prey.

Without removing his forehead from Jamie’s, he pushed the redhead to the wall and smiled as he could slightly read his thoughts, not something he was particularly good at but he managed it after a fashion. Laughing again, he drew back and smiled down at Jamie. “You are a talented one, are you.”

Jamie gasped as he felt the comforting support of the wall press against his back. Surrounded by Jackal, his senses were filled entirely by him — his touch, smooth and gentle, but with hidden strength accentuating every movement; his scent, unique and enthralling, with the smell of leather and blood and coffee intermingling; and those thoughts, a trickle of tantilizing and exotic images filling his mind.

Summoning his will and courage, Jamie barely managed a hoarse whisper to Jackal, “Let me.. Take..” Jamie whimpered softly, unable to finish either thought, so desperate was he to have and be had by this man.

“Let you…and I…?” Jackal trailed off, although he could see what the redhead meant without having to read his mind. “Eager, aren’t we?” He bent down and caught Jamie’s lips in his, teasing the little tongue and was pleasantly surprised at the responsiveness of the little mind-reader. Angling his head to cut Jamie’s bottom lip on a fang – just a teeny little mark – Jackal sucked at the tiny stream that flowed into his mouth, sweet…a little like the mocha frappe the redhead had had earlier but delicious. Would he mark this one as well? Jackal thought idly…well, no. He would see if the interest in him lasted longer then this momentary pleasure.

Tangling one hand in Jamie’s hair, Jackal let the other stray down to tease the sliver of skin peeking out between the waistband of his fitted shirt and his jeans. Jamie was a little cold, perhaps from the air-conditioning of the cafe and he, having just fed, was extremely warm. “What do you want, Red?” He asked softly.

Jamie swiped his tongue over Jackal’s lips, the coppery taste of himself tainting the flavour of Jackal. He shivered beneath the brief caress of a wandering hand, his body unabashedly arching into the touch, gravitating toward the body that pinned him against the wall. His own hands rose to grasp and claw at Jackal’s own clothes, the thin fabric of his shirt torn at with blunt fingernails.

“Too many..” Layers, he wanted to feel the heated flesh of Jackal brushing against him, he wanted to lose himself in the seemingly endless contact. “Give me you.” It was a shameless demand spoken in a breathless voice.

Jackal hissed as a stray nail caught contact with his skin but he gathered Jamie in his arms and dragged him deeper into the dark alley. Thankfully, it wasn’t your typical dirty, bum-filled alley – it was kept clean by the cafe and except for a lone dumpster recently cleared, only boxes were piled high against one part of the wall. But the redhead was making this harder and harder to resist.

Cradling Jamie against the wall once more, he deepened the kiss and shrugged off his coat off, discarding it haphazardly on the ground and returned his attention to Jamie, hiking the redhead’s shirt up and over his head, nuzzling and nibbling his neck. Oh god, he could smell the blood coursing through his veins and it was making him hungry again. But hungry he was for this as well, Jamie was…intoxicating and intriguingly responsive.

Ah…Jamie was warming up nicely now and Jackal could hardly wait to engulf himself in the heat of the feisty little one.

Jamie squeaked as Jackal gathered him close, effortlessly holding him as he took him into the abysmal darkness of the alley, away from the prying light of the streetlamps. Jamie coiled his way around Jackal, arms and legs wrapping around his shoulders and waist to cling tight. That kiss, those lips engulfing his again, tongue penetrating into his mouth — Jamie responded in kind, tongue curling beneath Jackal’s, entwining and tangling together in a most sensual dance. A soft whimper fell from swollen lips as they parted and his shirt was whipped off, exposed skin pebbling with goose bumps in a futile attempt to fend off the cold.

He wanted… Jamie hooked a finger into a tiny hole in Jackal’s shirt, twisting and dragging downward to rip the material, a well-defined chest revealed beneath parting cloth. Jamie succumbed to desire, palms brushing and gliding over dark pectoral muscles, fingers tracing nonsensical patterns before concentrating on Jackal’s nipples, thumb and forefinger gently rolling one before he bent down to close his lips over it, greedily drawing the budding flesh into his mouth

There was a little surprise on his part as Jamie managed to rip open his shirt and nip as his chest, it was a little chilly but he hardly felt, though he knew the little mundane could. Gently rubbing Jamie’s torso and letting his hot breath ghost his face, Jackal moved closer and ground against the tight figure, feeling hardness upon hardness and letting his hand inch downwards to tease at the zipper of Jamie’s pants. He would tease it down but by now he could hardly think, the little one had a mouth as lithe as his body and the tongue that darted out to lap at a chocolate brown nipple was short-circuiting his brain.

Growling, he lifted Jamie and knocked him against the wall, letting him wrap slim legs around his waist as he took his turn at laving his chest. “Jamie…” he rumbled the name, wrapping his age old accent around it like an old chant long forgotten. Massaging the goose bumps that peppered Jamie’s skin, he quickly – with the speed of those like him – quickly snatched his coat from the ground and wrapped it around the redhead. “…open up for me? But not here. Come.” and Jackal picked up him up and whisked him to a car that appeared out of nowhere. “Come to my lair…” his lips purred into the pink cold-nipped ear.

Sweet friction of shrouded engorged parts caused Jamie’s head to fall backward against the wall, a soft moan torn out from him. But before he could even begin to luxuriate in the sensations, Jackal had wrapped him up, shielding him from the cold, and lifted him into the sleek car. “I.. where?” Lair? “Drive fast.” Jamie ordered, as Jackal turned the key, the engine growling a deep throaty roar beneath the hood.

As the car pulled away, Jamie reached out to touch the tanned skin of Jackal, the darker tattoo’d patterns traced with inquisitive fingers. “What do these mean?” He followed the path the lines took, as they weaved and slid down over the contours of Jackal’s stomach. Fingers fumbled at the button and zip of Jackal’s pants, before Jamie dipped his head, tongue laving over the smooth velveteen length of Jackal’s cock.

It was hard enough to drive in his current state but Jamie going down on him like that was ah hot, but keep your mind on the road. He wouldn’t die but how would he save his little prize? Good thing the place wasn’t far and they were there in no time. Jackal was ripping Jamie from his lap and sharing a sweet kiss with him against the door of his car before tumbling out and then it was a tangle of arms and legs up against the wall of the secret elevator that led to his apartment.

Jackal hastily lead Jamie into his apartment, a sense of comfort immediately encompassing them both. Jamie’s eyes lit up involuntarily as his gaze rested upon the rug sprawled across the floor. The rug was thick and soft and would undoubtedly be ruined in the midst of their lovemaking.

But never mind that, Jackal fumbled for the scented oil that conveniently lay on the side table and poured some on Jamie’s chest and rubbed it in, his other hand fumbling at Jamie’s pants. “These…they have a story…shall I tell it to you?” He spoke into the crook of Jamie’s neck as his large, slightly callused hand found its way around Jamie’s hardening organ. “See…once upon a time, there was a slave….and he thought he could meddle in affairs bigger then himself…” Jackal turned, his eyes boring into Jamie’s hazy ones while he worked at the redhead’s erection.

Jamie simply melted beneath Jackal’s administrations, roughened hands massaging tenderly, gliding effortlessly over every inch of his torso to work away tension. He sighed, a breathy sigh of satisfaction as Jackal’s dark hand wrapped around his exposed length, a sharp contrast of colored flesh. Jamie’s own hands raised, one touching and adoring the toned contours of Jackal’s arm, the hardened lines of muscle followed. The other brushed idly over the smoothness of Jackal’s scalp, bare skin teased with butterfly-light caresses. “Tell me your story. Seduce me.” More demands that left no room for argument.

How did it get from cafe to alley to this? Jackal wondered idly but dipped his head to mutter into Jamie’s cheek. “…like I was saying, the slave served as best he could and walked right into his death…or rather my birth.” A look of pain flashed at the memory but he brushed it away and grabbed Jamie’s wandering hand, to help him trace over the tattoo that snaked down his chest. “This one means to never forget… and this one means forgive, they know not.” Jackal kissed the hand he held and laid it aside and then rolled them over so Jamie straddled him. “The rest we can save for later…hm?” His hands ran down the sides of the slim torso. “Ride me, Jamie,” Jackal let out hoarsely.

Jamie leaned forward, a tiny kiss brushed over Jackal’s lips. Sliding backward, Jamie pooled the massage oil into his palms before grasping Jackal’s erection and tugging upon him, his shaft soon covered in the slick liquid. A breath shuddered out of Jamie as he shifted, eyes falling closed as he concentrated, guiding Jackal to his entrance.

For a moment he teased both himself and his lover, barely touching the trembling head of Jackal against his warmth, before he pushed Jackal inside him, tip of his cock making its way past resisting circles of muscle as Jamie lowered himself downward, body engulfing Jackal’s length. When Jackal was completely sheathed inside Jamie, consumed to the hilt by tight muscles, Jamie opened his eyes, an expression of pure contentment evident.

Jackal gasped as Jamie lowered himself down onto him. He was tight and hot and gorgeous, Jackal couldn’t help but stare as Jamie keened back and forth as if in worship, pleasuring himself like that. His eyesight was heavy and his senses were thundering as only a bloodsucker like himself would, fully aware of every twitch of each muscle, every pump of the heart. He could practically see the blood coursing through Jamie’s body as he rocked back and forth and the smell – that was what was strongest. It was a heady scent and heightened by the subtle mist of the slick oil that coated their skin, making it shiny beyond belief and bright and hot like the desert.

Rolling them over so Jamie was on his back and his legs were wide and inviting, Jackal retracted only slightly before burying himself again deep. Brushing aside reddish bangs that fell into Jamie’s eyes, he continued to thrust bringing them nearer to their climax – yes, it would have to be together – but to prolong the pleasure, that would be best. Covering Jamie’s mouth in a kiss, he suckled the little hurt that he had caused earlier in the alley, the little nip on his small mouth where the tiny bit of blood that had burned into his body. It was body against body, moving and rolling over the coarse soft texture of the rug and Jackal was forgetting who began and ended where and he was getting hungry. Really hungry.

Jamie whimpered, the breath forced out of him with each thrust of Jackal’s hips into him, each collision of loins, each time Jamie was impaled by Jackal. Their bodies glided over one another easily, delicious friction minimized by the massaging oils that had found its way into every dip and hollow of them. So minimal in fact that it made Jamie growl low with the need for more of it, more heat and rubbing and rasping of their most sensitive parts.

Legs lifted upward to wrap around Jackal’s waist, a new brand of sensations washing over him with the different angle. When Jackal began nursing upon his lip, drawing a mere trickle of blood out from him, a sweet euphoria overcame him, near-orgasmic pleasure dancing along every nerve-ending in his body as his very life’s essence was taken into his lover.

Ah, the smell of sex and incense and the oil permeated Jackal and he drove into Jamie all the way to hilt. He wanted to nip harder at Jamie’s neck and suck hard at the blood and feel it burn down his throat. “Jamie…Jamie…” he spoke the young man’s name with every bite. “Gods…let me have you?” He nipped at the pale throat, a hint, if you must. To let him take a bit – just a tiny bit of Jamie. He was feeling greedy at the moment, not something he was used to…but something about Jamie made him want to take.

Jamie clutched at Jackal, arms wrapped around broad shoulders weakly, as if Jackal was anchoring Jamie to reality, the only thing preventing him from falling off the edge of a rapidly-approaching precipice that beseeched and tempted him.

A whimper was sobbed into the hollow of Jackal’s neck as Jamie replied to his question mentally, words burning like crackling electricity into his lovers mind, ‘Take me, brand me, own me,’ as they moved together. Jamie’s hips rose to meet Jackal every time he drove deeper into his body, their bodies moving to an instinctive rhythm that was so deeply ingrained it was beyond primal.

In anticipation Jamie tilted his head to the side, exposing a pattern of veins and arteries that were barely concealed by gossamer thin layers of skin. A single word fell from Jamie’s lips, imploring, begging, and demanding all at once, “Please.”

It was amazing how Jamie’s skin burned, when he had been so cold back at cafe. Amazing still how clear his mind broke into his sharply and the redhead’s chant mingled with the one he wasn’t aware he was saying. Lapping gently at the warm pulse, he bared his teeth and sank into the neck as gently as he could and wrapped his hand around Jamie’s cock to take his mind off his pain. Taking a sip, he nearly reeled at the salty sweet taste and lapped hungrily at the wound, making sure not to suck the life out of the redhead. Ah he was nearing the edge and so was Jamie, he could tell. Biting his tongue, Jackal spat out his own blood at the cut and watched as it closed itself and then turned to share the lingering taste of their joining with Jamie in a long kiss.

Jamie shivered beneath Jackal’s administrations, savouring the sensations his lover was giving selflessly — the feel of his moist tongue slithering over his flesh, the way his lips sealed around the wound, before he suckled greedily, drawing his life-giving fluid as if he was taking Jamie’s very soul into him.

With Jackal’s hand wrapped around his cock, pumping in time with his thrusts, and the coppery taste of himself seeping into his mouth, hot and fresh on Jackal’s warm lips and intrusive tongue. Jamie could no longer hold onto that thin thread of control. He felt a rush of warmth overcome him, sweeping down his body in a flush of heat, the scorching waves pooling in his groin before he felt his balls tighten and hot liquid splatter onto his chest as his cock twitched and trembled in the confines of Jackal’s dark hand.

Jamie was weak with the spasms that wracked his body as he came, entire form quivering and shaking under Jackal as he succumbed to the pleasure his lover had gifted him with.

With a rumbling sigh and a smile, Jackal veered over his own edge, to spill himself out deep within Jamie’s warmth. Gently removing himself, he lazily sucked a finger and then leaned over to kiss Jamie again. Shifting, Jackal reached over to the couch and tugged at the thick blanket to wrap it gently around the drowsy redhead who smiled at him and crooned his thanks through the thin thread that connected their minds.

Getting up, Jackal bundled up Jamie and took him to his rather dark bedroom and laid him on the bed before reaching for the bottle of rich red wine, pouring a little in – feh, how unelegant – a mug and offering Jamie a sip to dry his throat. “Sleep, Red.” He teased gently. “I will…see you in the morning?” He was offering to leave so that Jamie could sleep in peace.

Cradling the mug (a brief odd look was afforded to the slogan scrawled across it — ‘the less hair you have, the more head you get’), Jamie sipped at the wine, reveling in the way his cheeks flushed as warmth spread throughout him. Completely satisfied, warm and comfortable, sleep was going to come all too easily to him.

Jamie nodded in answer to Jackal’s question, but a tiny hint of a scowl touched his expression as he realised his dark lover was going to leave him. “One last kiss?” Jamie requested, reaching out to grab for Jackal’s hand, desperate to taste those lips just once more.

Smiling as he took the mug back and settled it back onto the side table, Jackal leaned down and gave Jamie a slow open-mouthed kiss. “I’m not going to leave. I’ll be back. Now sleep.” He leaned in to touch his forehead to Jamie’s and sent him one last memory – of a serene oasis with a crystal, clear waterfall.

Jackal slipped on a black, silk robe and left the room, leaving satiated little redhead to his dreams.

Jamie graced Jackal with a content smile before he rolled over, nestling down into the soft embrace of the pillows. Gently nuzzling the silken covers, he deeply inhaled the scent of Jackal that clung tediously to the material, as he began to drift off to sleep.

Just as the shroud of sleep was about to fall like a curtain over him, Jamie snapped open his eyes, widening them at the parting image Jackal had sent him — as if it had been a memory rather than a fantasy — “Waterfall sex?”

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