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Two Weeks with Lara Ch. 01

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It all started a few weeks into my second year of college. I happened to mention to my parents that my flat-mate had bailed and that I had a two bedroom apartment to myself on campus. My mom sent my older sister Lara to come stay with me and experience the college life before she considered applying for it the next year.

I hadn’t seen Lara since the previous Christmas and I was looking forward to her visit. My big sis was always fun to hang out with. We were pretty close growing up and had always been there for each other. I was going to play host, give her the full tour, and make her feel at home.

She arrived on a Sunday night. I was immediately struck by how much she had changed. She seemed to glow with confidence. She wore contacts and her clothes actually fit her. In fact, she was drop-dead gorgeous. She was in a really good space too. Funny, charming, and positive. I felt an immediate attraction to her as would any man.

That night we stayed in, had a few beers, and got caught up with each others lives. I learned that she had been working for a sports shop which she liked because she met a lot of friends that encouraged her to be more fit. She had joined a rowing club and was competing regularly.

It occurred to me that she really was fit. In fact the impressive size of her leg muscles and the way her firm ass joined with them was just the kind-of lady-shape that turned me on.

“Sam. Are you checking-out my legs?”, she asked with a smile.

“Yeah. I can tell you’ve been rowing, your thighs are finally thicker than your ankles.”


We always enjoyed teasing each other.

“You don’t look too bad yourself,” she said, “Seems you might actually have a dim chance of getting laid unlike in high-school when you broke both your arms doing a chin up.”

Creative teasing, but totally untrue. I took it as a compliment though that she wasn’t mocking my current physique. I had in fact been working-out quite a bit recently and I’m sure she had noticed. Nothing to tease me with there.

“Ha. I can get laid easily enough. It’s not going to be easy though with my sister hanging around. I guess the ladies will have to line-up outside for two weeks.”

“Why’s that? I’m not stopping you from entertaining your lady friends.”

“Well you’re room is just down the hall from mine. It would be a little… awkward.”

“Never stopped you back at mom and dad’s house. There were plenty of nights where I overheard you thumping around with some girl. To be honest it usually turned me on. ”

“Seriously? Because of what happened… you know… when we got… off together?”

Years ago Lara and I had kind-of experimented with each other. It started one night when we were sharing intimate secrets. We each got horny talking about sex and even hornier knowing the other was too. We allowed ourselves to explore each other’s bodies as a “learning experience” because at that point we had neither of us been with anyone else. We never actually had full-on sex but we fondled each other and came more or less at the same time.

We snuck into each others bed a couple of times after that. We’d touch each other and try to cum at the exact same time. I remember how she’d giggle and play with my semen. She’d rub it over her belly and nipples before sneaking back to her room. My sister being so naughty was quite a turn-on.

But I soon realized our sexual attraction was unhealthy. We both knew it was wrong what we were doing and decided that nothing good would come of it. Mutually we agreed to never let it happen again. After that we had a pretty normal brother/sister relationship. Probably a bit better than normal because we had been that intimate and were quite comfortable with each other.

“No. It just turned me on to hear the sound of people fucking. Nothing to do with you really. Don’t be so self-absorbed.”

A sly smile crossed her face,

“Sometimes I’d even do something about it. I’d go back to my room and take matters into my own hands if you know what I mean.”

The thought of my sister masturbating after hearing me have sex got me going. I felt my dick start to stretch my pants. My immediate reaction was to change the topic.

“It’s getting late we should clean-up and pack it in,” I said as I stood up from the couch with the intent to hide my forming erection in the kitchen.

“Oh he changes the subject. Did I make you uncomfortable?”

She was looking right at me intensely. Her smile and her gorgeous eyes captivated me. I couldn’t help but smile back at her. My eyes wandered to the rest of her body. The sight of her soft cleavage and warm smooth skin boosted my arousal. My penis jumped and her eyes darted downwards.

“Oh my god, you’ve got a hard-on. Did I just give you a hard-on? Holy shit the thought of me fingering myself really get’s you going doesn’t it?”

“Oh please! Don’t flatter yourself.”

The fact that she had just said the term “fingering myself” was not helping me control my lust. But I was embarrassed and had to play it down.

“Hey sometimes it just has a mind of its own. I could be focusing on macro economics and I could still get wood. Anyway, it’s not appropriate for us to discuss and I’m gonna head to bed.”

“Ha, and I know what you’re going to do there you sicko. Wouldn’t be the first time you came thinking about your sister would it?”

“Hey you were as much a ‘sicko’ as I was back then. Anyway, the past is the past and I’m not about to fantasize about a dorkette like you. G’night.”

I felt flustered as I rushed to my room and forgot about cleaning the kitchen. I was incredibly horny and I did relieve myself with thoughts of my sister in mind. I rolled over with a pool of cum on my belly and fell asleep.


“Sam. Sam.”

It was two in the morning and my sister’s loud whispering woke me up. She was at the doorway to my bedroom.

“What is it?”

“Let’s talk.”

“Seriously? what time is it…”

Suddenly she slipped under the covers of my bed and I could feel the warmth of her body spread across mine. The sudden intimacy made my penis twitch.

“Lara, oh my god, are you… naked?”

“Yeah. Uh oh.. feels like you did bust-a-nut in here after all didn’t you?”

The semen on my sheets wasn’t dry yet and she’d obviously felt it on her skin. This unexpected visit felt like an embarrassing violation.

“What the hell are you doing here!? And that’s none of your business.”

“Your business is sticking to my abdomen. Do you think you’ve got enough juice to do it again?”

As she said that her hand drifted down and started to massage my balls.

“Jesus Christ!”, I sat up and shifted away from her, “I thought we agreed we’d never cross this line.”

She took a deep breath and said “I need you to fuck me Sam. I know you’re my brother and it’s wrong and it’s weird but right now that is exactly what turns me on.”

“I can’t believe this. Alright yes you turn me on and I have fantasized about you. But that doesn’t mean we should take it to the next level. If we do this there is no turning back. This is incest. That, and I’m afraid I’ll get really attached to you and after these two weeks you’ll be gone and I’ll have to get over you all over again. You have no right to…”

“Look. That was years ago. I think we can make it work now. We just have to keep romantic feelings out of it. When I go home you’ll be stuck here with a campus full of pretty girls and you’ll land on your feet. This is a one shot deal and no one will ever find out. Just think of me as your secret fuck-buddy or your cum-rag. What do you say brother?”

I was shocked and doubly aroused hearing my younger sister talk so nasty. It all but eroded my resolve against following-through with carnal incest. But I knew our relationship would never be the same and I told her that I’d feel guilty like I had letter down as a brother if I allowed it to happen.

She wrapped her fingers around my erection.

“Oh please. I’m not just your sister anymore anyway. I make my own decisions. Right now you’re not my brother but a rock-hard man who can spill his semen inside me as much as he likes because I’m on birth-control.”

With that she positioned herself so that she was straddling my waist with her thighs. I could feel the wisps of her pubic hair tickling my cock.

“It’s your decision Sam. Tell me you want to feel my wet pussy touch your penis for the first time. Tell me you want to fuck your own sister.”

I knew the right thing to do was to push her off and tell her to take a cold shower.

“I want to fuck my own sister. Fuck me.”

She was already sopping wet and she slid down my shaft smoothly as she sat. My penis throbbed against the walls of her vagina and I felt her give me a squeeze in return. She leaned forward and her nipples touched my chest as she stared into my eyes with a beaming beautiful smile.

My cock was buried inside my own flesh-and-blood sibling. This incestuous thought and her gentle vaginal squeezing put me right on edge. I didn’t want to ruin the whole experience by cumming so soon. My body stiffened and I held her hips in place to avoid any extra stimulation.

She sensed how close I was, put her lips close to my ear, kissed it gently, and whispered:

“Brother, we have two weeks to do this over and over again. Go ahead and fill me with your sperm right now.”

I lost control and waves of ecstasy washed over me as I felt each spurt of my seed fill my craven sister’s womb.

She rolled off me as she giggled.

“Oh my god Sam can you believe we just did that!? We’re so bad!”

Being bad is what excited her and her hand was already rubbing vigorously over her clit.

“Stop that!”, I said replacing her hand with my own, “It’s my turn to even the score.”

“Heh heh. Technically the score is even. You’re not the only one who got horny on the couch you know. I couldn’t sleep and brought myself off twice before I finally decided to knock on your door.”

I slid my finger inside her and felt my own cum as it mixed with hers.

“Wow sis, you have an impressive libido if that’s all it takes to get you so revved up.”

“It’s you Sam. I love you as a brother and all but just the fact that you are my brother makes me crazy with desire. I’ve got a sick need to break all the rules with you.”

I scooped up as much of my cum as I could from her pussy and started to rub it on her belly.

She laughed and said, “You remember don’t you. Years back after each time you came on me you know what I did when I was back in my own bed?”

It was a rhetorical question and my interest was piqued. She was taking some jiz from her belly and rubbing it into her nipples while staring at me with so much lust in her eyes.

“I’d play with your cum some more and even taste it. I rubbed it into my pussy until I came again.”

I could feel my hardness returning. I rolled in close to her and put my arm around the back of her neck. My hand began to push a firm circle into her well-lubricated button. She let out a sudden sigh and relaxed into the pleasure.

“Why didn’t you stay and share that with me?”

“I don’t know. Maybe I was insecure about just how much I lusted for you. I think part of me also liked having that nasty secret.”

“Hmmm. Now I’m starting to wonder what other nasty secrets you have. You definitely have a cum fetish. Do you like to play with and taste the cum of any man or is just your brothers seed you enjoy? I’ll bet when you’re with other men you’re pretending they’re me aren’t you?”

She didn’t confirm or deny. It seemed as though she was too wanton with lust to respond except with the increased rocking of her hips. She liked my pillow talk. I slowed the pace of my hand to a crawl. I wanted to make her cum with words.

“How much semen should I fill you with this morning? 2 ounces? 4? What about tomorrow? Are you going to fuck your brother on the couch? Suck his hard penis?”

I was surprised that that was all it took. She lurched her hips up into the air and cried out.

“Aaaahhh. Oh yeeeeeees. Oh.. Uh… Uh…”

As her orgasm continued to throb inside her she looked at me with a big grin.

“Oh Sam, that felt so good.”

Then we kissed for the first time. It felt so natural and right because we’d known and loved each other forever. It was also very incestuous and not right at all and that definitely added to the excitement. We breathed together, licked each others lips, and vollied between gentle and aggressive tongue play.

I felt her fingers caressing my back and squeezing my ass. When my hard-on was back and as strong as ever I told her to roll-over. She lay on her stomach with her legs spread wide as I lay myself down on top of her. We were cheek-to-cheek when she arched her ass upwards aching to receive me.

“Hurry up and fuck me again Sam. I want to feel you spill another load inside me. Don’t hold back at all. I need you to soak my pussy with your seed.”

She said this as my cock slipped inside her. I was trying to savour the moment with a slow entry but she was bucking her hips backwards to accelerate the thrust. The warmth of her pussy pulled me into her and the cheeks of her ass spread across my abdomen.

This deep intimacy included the sensual touch of her back against my chest, my arms wrapped around her shoulders, and our tongues wildly seeking each-other out. I pressed myself hard against her and my penis reach its maximum penetration. I kept it there letting it throb repeatedly on its own accord.

“Uh I’m so lucky to have a brother with such a perfect cock. It feels so good inside me. I take back what I said, don’t cum just yet… let me savour this.”

She started to use her pussy muscles. My penis, still engulfed at its base, would throb involuntarily with each squeeze. We played like this for a while until I slowly pulled out and let the head of my dick throb just at her entrance.

When she couldn’t stand the tease any longer I slowly sunk back into her so she could feel my full hardness. I repeated this and gradually picked up the pace. Before long I was rocking my cock all the way in and almost all the way out at a rapid pace.

Sweat was beginning to form a layer between us and the smell of sex was intoxicating. I could feel warm liquid on my ball-sack when I pressed into her. I thought it was just more sweat when I realized it was her juices mixed with the cum I’d filled her with earlier. This thought fuelled the feeling of lust and wild abandon.

Lara was panting and letting out little grunts and sighs in tempo with my thrusts. Rocking her hips she synchronized with my movements to maximize our pleasure. I could feel my excitement mounting and my cock felt about ready to burst.

I whispered in her ear.

“Here it comes sis.”

Her excitement seemed to double. She started to rock her hips with abandon. Her breathing was erratic and broken with loud moans.

I held back the first burst of semen as long as I could before the pleasure of its release took hold. The warm rush of fluid filled my sisters body. The second and third spurts seemed more powerful and pleasurable than the first.

As the rest of my orgasm gradually lost intensity I became more aware of just how much fluid had been created between the two of us. It was flowing out of her vagina and down my balls. The warmth of this and the heat of her body felt so comfortable and I let all my muscles relax. I dreaded having to leave this position.

“Oh thank you!” she said. She seemed very relaxed as well.

“Are you comfortable?” I asked, “I want to stay in this position forever.”

“Yeah go ahead as long as you don’t mind me falling asleep.”

It was 2:00am and we were both exhausted. My penis softened inside my sister’s sopping pussy as we just lay there falling asleep. I imagined getting hard again shortly and wanting to cum again without ever removing myself from her but I never got the chance.

I woke up in the morning by myself. Before I could panic and imagine it was all just a dream, Lara walked into my room wearing a very sexy light-blue satin robe.

“Rise and shine you dink. You’ve got a Psychology class in half-an-hour and you said you were going to let me sit-in on it with you.”

I got up and got ready still not quite believing what happend the night before. As we headed-out to class I noticed my sister had a distinct smell of sex on her.

“I didn’t shower cause I want to keep your semen on me as long as possible. Let me know when that becomes an issue for you.”

“You are one nasty lady sis. But I love you. I’ll let you know when its time to shower.”

I had a full day of classes but I couldn’t keep my mind off what was in store for that evening. This was going to be an amazing two weeks with my sister.

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